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*The sailors with the soldiers backstab them. They realize they were the possessed soldiers that the witches captured had used!* Oceanic soldiers begin fighting back and try to call for help but all their signals and tech was broken. *The witches hold weapons on the soldiers and create a extremely powerful magic barrier* *They place the dragon child and begin to start the sacrifice on the stone of King Abbaddon*

Greater Kopmakia wrote:The Dentevi Powers is established by Kopmakia. It is a military alliance to ensure the safety of members and the end of war in St Abbaddon

United Stickin Federation would like to enter the DP in hopes of economic gain. They request for the status of an economic and trade partner.

General Nemo watches as the child is strapped in ropes screaming for help. He can do nothing but watch. His gun was broken and his weapons were all broken. The sacrifice begins. A witch holds a large sword and is ready to cut the child in half. Suddenly it starts. The child is drained of his power and the magical blade cuts his body in half. Then the child is thrown onto the stone. The witches begin saying stuff in Ancient Language. Nemo hears the statement of. "All hail! King Abbaddon!"

*Nemo and his men fight back and are able to break out. Many of the soldiers on the patrol are captured however Nemo and about 30 men quickly run through the island trying to find the coast where the ships are*

Post self-deleted by Free Meridia.

A Stickin War Ship on patrol notices the anomaly that was the island. Upon noticing the Oceanic ships they radio back up before pulling up to land.

General Nemo, "You need to get out of here!" Nemo tells the Stickin soldiers. "This island is about to enter chaos." Oceanic soldiers begin loading the ships and quickly evacuating.

The United Stickin Federation is allowed to join the Dentevi Powers.

Great Sand and Cuvco wrote:General Nemo, "You need to get out of here!" Nemo tells the Stickin soldiers. "This island is about to enter chaos." Oceanic soldiers begin loading the ships and quickly evacuating.

The captain just said, “What?” but he orders his ship to leave the island. A couple Stickin Soldiers man the weapons systems still uncertain of what was happening, but still being wary. He radios Nemo saying, “I radioed some back up? Should I tell them to turn back?”

I'll have to join the alliance. By the way, we've launched a space station into space.

"That will not work." Jesse would say to General Nemo.

"The witches have a protective barrier over the island. What you fire at it will just hit the barrier or worse. They could bounce back and hit your ships. You need to get your fleet out of here." Jesse said as his eyes glowed red. "We will deal with these witches."

The Freed Peoples is absorbed into the Dentevi Powers, and the alliance states that they will support Dentevi dominance and a new age of peace in St Abbaddon.

Greater Kopmakia wrote:The Freed Peoples is absorbed into the Dentevi Powers, and the alliance states that they will support Dentevi dominance and a new age of peace in St Abbaddon.

The Stickin Insurance Corporation, backed up by the United Stickin Federation, requests a ban on all of their rivals who may attempt to set up within any country of the Dentevi Powers.

The Dentevi hold a vote to see if they should begin an aggressive campaign to absorb the Oceanian nations.


We stand with Oceania and against King Abbaddon. For freedom!

Jesse and Jake would land on the island in a small boat after telling the Oceanic fleet be prepared to evacuate the area.

"So what is the plan?" Jake asked him.

"We find the witches and stop them from bringing back Abbaddon. If they won't stop peacefully we will make them wish they never existed." Jesse said as he transformed into his dragon form.

The Dragons, Werewolves, and other creatures on the island following the witches would let them pass since the witches told they were expecting to meet with them.

When they got to where the ritual was the baby was whole again as if he was never cut in half at all. Jesse then recognized that the baby was David and Jesse was about ready to kill the witches right then and there but David held him back. "Let's find out why they need him first before killing them. We have no idea what they did to him."

"I swear Jake if they hurt him..."

"We did not kill your son Prince Jesse." One of the witches told him. "In fact quite the opposite. We are making him more powerful so that he may face the coming darkness and survive."

"Really? All the other witches said you were bringing back King Abbaddon?"

"We are in a way. He has weakened too much for us to bring him back all the way but we are in the process of transferring his power to your son as well as his memories."

"Giving him power is one thing but I will not let Abbaddon take over him. Give David back now or you will wish you were never born !!!"

They then heard explosions as the Oceanic fleet began bombarding the barrier. "I thought I told those idiots to stand down?!"

"It is understandable why the Oceanic forces want us dead." the witch told them. "The barrier will not hold for long. We know you want to fight us but you have to understand that we are on your side even if you do not want to believe it."

"I'm taking David whether the ritual is done or not." Jesse said as he grabbed David who began crying some more as he heard the explosions. "Jake get back to the boat now! I'm right behind you."

"Go Dragon Prince! Prepare for the darkness that is coming! If your son cannot stop it than all will be lost !!!"

Jesse and Jake were able to get to their boat and to a safe distance as the barrier went down and the shells began destroying the island until there was almost nothing left.

"Jake. Remind me to kill whichever Naval General fired on the island while we were still on it !"

The Stickin Reinforcement Fleet, with General Renik in command, arrives not knowing any better they began bombarding the island with their cruiser fleet’s guns.

“Will somebody tell us what the hell is happening?” General Renik, Stickin Ships stopped bombarding and signaled for their Oceanic allies to stop firing, so that they could land on the island and investigate.

*Anarchist and Hard Coast aircraft get shot down by an unknown force*

General Elias, "Somebody tell me why I have rogue soldiers firing at the island!"

In a way Yes. His power and memories are in a new body now.

Might be a while until that really comes into play though.

Commander Leuthen, "My men were just shot down! What the heck!"

Yeh i agree.

General Elias, "Fall back. Head for the Imperi Gerald Island"

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