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Witches prophesy the return of Abbadon in Haulbowline. This is mostly laughed off by the populous, and no action is taken.

*Oceanic sailors discover a dark island possibly inhabited by witches. However all their gear stopped working. Oceanic frigates are heading to investigate the island*

"So if we didn't really stop Gladius did you ever find out what powers you gained?" Jesse asked Jake as they entered Abbaddon's Tomb.

"Yea I actually found out with Alexis the night after your father gave us this mission. Turns out I am a dragon now like you and your family. " Jake said as he did a part transformation to show Jesse his red dragon tail and wings.

"You are married to my sister Jake so you are a part of our family. Anyways your dragon wings and tail are very nice." Jesse said with a smile.

"First time I have seen you smile in a while. Anyways what are you hoping we will find here?"

"It's not what we do find that concerns me." Jesse said as they pushed off the top of the stone sarcophagus.

They expected to find the bones of King Abbaddon at the very least but instead there was nothing in the stone sarcophagus at all.

"It's what we don't find that really worries me."

After that they left the tomb and planned what to do next. "So either the witches already raised him or they took his body so they can raise him somewhere else. Any idea where that would be?" Jake asked him.

"The message for help against the witches came from the Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire. Seems fair to continue our search for them there and see if they know where these witches would try to raise him."

"We still don't know why they want to raise him."

"As I said before Jake. We will find that out once we find them."

*the naval soldiers arrive and walk into the island. They find a stone that says*

"Our king shall rise. A child or two"

*The soldiers are confused and quickly walk back to the ships. Suddenly they are ambushed by terrifying looking beasts. Only a few make it back and quickly call for soldiers from the Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire*

*General Elias realizes what the "child or two" part means. A child would be needed to revive King Abbaddon as a sacrifice. Cut in half and finally bring the king to power. Quickly 2,000 soldiers are sent to the dark island*

*As soldiers explore the coasts of the island they begin to move deeper. They begin hearing short screams and what seems to be a ritual. They begin to move closer entering dark woods and caverns as they try to find where the screams are coming from. Suddenly they hear what seems to be a girl screaming and yelling in terror. General Nemo orders the soldiers to find the gathering*

In the Oceanic Capital.

Elias, "Elias to Nemo. Do you copy?"

Bzzzz-Bzzz No signal

All signals had been cut off with the forces on the Dark Island.

"Where were your forces heading when you lost contact with them?" Jesse asked the leader of the Oceanic Empire after Prince Jesse and Jake were able to get a meting with him/her.

"We understand that information is probably classified but those witches are much more powerful and dangerous than you can imagine. We are here to help you against them but first we need to know where they are."

Meanwhile as all of this was going on Prince Jesse's wife Adria (a former Draganisia soldier and one of the first to be changed by Gladius) was at their home in the Draganisia Royal Palace holding their recently born son David in her arms who had started crying for seemingly no reason. "It's ok David. You father is away right now helping the world against bad people like he always does but I promise he will be back soon."

She then saw a shadow move quickly in the room and knew they were not alone. She quietly put David back in his crib and changed into her full bright red dragon form. "Sneaking into the palace is not a smart move. As well as threatening a mother dragon." She said as one witch tried to strike her from behind but was easily able to catch her hand with her dragon claws before then crushing the hand.

With one hand out of the equation Adria was quickly able to gain the upper hand in a one on one fight against the witch. However what she didn't know was that one witch was a distraction as another witch took her son. As the other witch picked him up he stopped crying. As if the baby somehow knew what needed to happen. "You will be the one who will bring Abbaddon's power back into this world so that he can save us from the darkness that is coming. Only one like you born of dragonfire will be strong enough to shine the light which will destroy the darkness before it consumes us all."

Adria heard the other witch but she was too late. When she got to the other room the witch was gone and so was David. "NOOO!!!" she screamed as she gave out a loud dragon roar.

Royal Guards stormed into the room and Adria looked at them. "I need to see the Emperor right away. His grandson has been taken by those witches."

Kopmakia offers to aid in the search for David.


So does Epúcuɒtú.

Kopmakia requests an alliance with Epoecuatoe


We'll consider that. If it's not militaristic, we'll agree.

The Dentevi Powers is established by Kopmakia. It is a military alliance to ensure the safety of members and the end of war in St Abbaddon

Brother Bishop and Rowandale co-prosperity zone

who wants to join the DP?

In order to protect the world and St Abbaddon from the coming darkness Draganisia would join this alliance.

And for those wondering about Jesse's battle against his uncle Gladius and how it connects to what is going on here please read this :)


The part involving St Abbaddon starts here. Can ignore most of the stuff before this post.


I like keeping my character's stuff connected just like how all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are connected :)

Rowandale co-prosperity zone

Greater Kopmakia wrote:The Dentevi Powers is established by Kopmakia. It is a military alliance to ensure the safety of members and the end of war in St Abbaddon

The Rowandale Co-Prosperity Zone requests observer status within the Dentevi Powers.

Free meridia

Free Meridia scours their territory and beyond and imprisons all found wizards, witches and their followers. Supposedly the government performs experiments and interrogations upon them. All experiments, interrogations and results are highly classified and have maximum security. Free Meridia identifies these as Ďspecimensí and are government property.

United Stickin Federation is having problems with random groups causing havoc by crusading and burning anything related to magic. Government forces are trying to stop these extremists with varying degrees of success.

The DP grants The Rowandale Co-Prosperity Zone observer status.

*the Oceanic soldiers after several hours find the ritual but are ambushed by the monsters. They see a dragon child strapped onto a stone.*

General Elias, "I don't know. The sailors we're able to contact my soldiers and ask for help but the location was unknown."

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