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Following what could have been the annihilation of our capital city by several nuclear weapons, St Abbaddon has banned the creation, storage and use of ALL thermonuclear weapon systems. Violators will be punished under the fullest extent of the law.

nukity nukity no longer existity


That's a good thing. We never nuked anyone. We don't have any nukes to begin with.

Well, I only ever used them once in a test.

The Attack

Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire had been shocked after the attacks of Rowandale. General Nemo had been part of a shootout in Rowandale and soon a great war would sweep the nation. Head General of the Stratocrats: Elias was sent to Rowandale will thousands of troops and vehicles to help secure the boats and diplomats in Rowandale. Tensions were rising in the nation after the attacks and soon rebels, militia, and terrorists attacked the empire of Oceania.

The Civil War

Huge numbers of rebels attacked the capital of Anarchist Oceania. Anarchia fell in a matter of days as Oceanic and Stratocratic soldiers arrived to challenge the large force of 1,340,800 rebels in Anarchia. The Oceanic forces launched a liberation of Anarchia but were pushed back by the Hybrid Powered Airships that the rebels had. The Oceanic forces were terrified. They were pushed back to the border of the Stratocrats and the Anarchists and a stalemate occurred. While in this stalemate battles took place in Rowandale between the allied forces of Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire United Stickin and Dragonisia and Haulbowline and Epoecuaotoe and minor allies like Hystaria, Kordesia and Brother Bishop.

The Siege
Finally the rebels launched a full scale attack on the coasts of Oceania. In the first 6 hours. Over 300,000 Oceanic soldiers were killed. Gas weapons were dropped on them blinding them from their command centers and making many of the soldiers captured. During this time heavy casualties occurred with the Oceanic forces in Rowandale. It is noted that about 2 WMDs had already been used in Oceania. Suddenly the Island of Imperi Oceania was attacked by huge numbers of rebels. Finally it fell to the rebels but a government-in-exile had been made and it fled to Rowandale.

The New Oceania
The government-in-exile came to Rowandale. After much peace talks with the council of St Abbaddon the war ended. However a land was created using the power of the great Maelstrom that he gained with all the radiation, chemicals, and energy he had. With this new land the nation of The Imperial Oceanic People would form. President Micheala Annalissa Simmons would later be kicked out of office. She would be replaced by the Oceanic House of Representatives and wait for awhile until Oceania can return to a rightful goverment

Read factbook

Why is Mohacian banned, he asked me?

I am unaware of any such ban, so I defer that to Topid and Niktobr

Maelstrom appeared surrounded by national press on the televisions across the tvs of the nations of St. Abaddon. "It appears some bipeds of this land have forgotten lessons from their wiser ancestors. And so.. I deliver to you the words of one of your own in the hopes you will listen to them."

"A true revolution of values will lay hands on the world order and say of war
This way of settling difference is, is not just
This business of burning human beings with napalm
Filling our nation's homes with orphans and widows
Of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into veins of peoples normally humane
Of sending men home from the dark and bloody battlefields
Physically handicapped and psychologically deranged
Cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice and love."

"Martin Luther King, Jr."

"This is all." The feed cut.

*The Oceanics on the island Maelstrom made for them blow up a giant hole in the middle of the island.*

*Looking inside they find a pure mine full of precious resources*

*The entire island is filled with resources like thorium, gold, silver, oil, and so much more*

"Of course it is.. it's from untouched sea floor."

The Imperial Oceanic People and Stratocratic-Anarchy Oceanic Empire race to mine the rescources on the new island

Free meridia

*Glares at everybody, especially the Stickin*
The Free Lands of Merida will not be accepting foreign embassies.

Kopmakia also rushes to the islands, leading to a few fights between some Kopmakaians and Oceanian settlers

the island was made for Oceania


Then, some of the remaining Epcuɒt soldiers drive off the Kopmakian troops.

Post self-deleted by Free meridia.

more kopmakians arrive, this time with artillery and weapons and gunboats

we want minerals. ..please


also your weapons are outdated

*The Anarchist airships arrive and shoot down the Kopmakian troops and drive them out*

don't mess with our tech

The entirety of the army and navy is sent, quickly overrunning the oceanians and causing tons of casualties.

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