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I have noticed this also.


Now we're down to 4...

Ack! Now two of us!

So alone.... So alone.

Fjord the amazing lamb

There are two again... too bad we are a nomadic people so we can not stay.

just passing through

Lightning corp

friendly wanderer here
dont mind me

Ellie anabel salvadore

Hiya! Be seeing you! Just wandering...

Folks, if you plan on staying, we need a delegate. I've been here since the start of this region, so I guess it should be me.

Is there any interest in rebuilding this region?

Well, will have to repair the world factbook entry again.

Heh. I wondered what all that meant. Is that left over from an invasion?

Thanks for electing me delegate! :) I fixed the RMB up some so we look like a proper region (removed all the narnia stuff...) and I've added a flag.

Unified northern states

Hello People!!!!!!!!

Hey! Welcome to the region! Glad to have you here.

Yeah, the worldbook entry was destroyed by some jerks. Wish I had the original still somewhere.

my thanks for the welcome here. -

His Majesty ,
Victor Leopolt III King of Ostrhiensberg.

Ugh, sorry about that random two day break, my laptop died. So I'm on a new one, but I'm not used to it yet! :/

We have a Sedge puppet! Now we are legit! :P

Well, if all goes according to plan my WA resolutions should go to vote tomorrow, so I should be able to focus on recruiting more than campaigning for them for a while.

Also, the forum server appears to be having problems, I hope they fix it soon! So don't be alarmed if the link appears broken. :/

The real templar knights

Hi there! So you are rebuilding huh?

Yep! Ideally my recruitment efforts will gain us some more WAs. We need higher endorsements to protect from raids.

My GA resolution went up to vote, my SC one will in 12 hours (most likely). :)

Due to the admittance of Gagnos15 that he wanted to attack the region in the post above, he has been permanently removed from this region.

Have a nice stay in The Rejected Realms, Gagnos! :)

But Big Brother is always watching...

And failing, in this case.

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