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Never thought anyone would be intersted in making any of this micro-regions their home.

Welcome to South Dakota.

Thank you, Buffalo Gap. In spite of the low population density of this region, our robotic orbs have reported that conditions for human organ harvest are ideal.

Now please hold still.

From the Oppozonia / Hekwona border:

Reports of troop buildup have been confirmed by Hekwona's top military officials. Hekwona seems ready to fulfil its promise to meet incursions of Oppozonian organ harvesting orbs with a military response. Our calls to the never seen Oppozonian overlords have gone unanswered, although this is perfectly consistent with what we know about Oppozonia's style of communication with the outside world; they only rarely participate in conversation with outside countries unless an Organ harvesting raid is imminent.

The lords of Oppozonia will not tolerate propogandists who spin lies about us to the rest of the world. All foreign journalists within our borders are hereby ordered to report for organ harvest! Those who do not report to the nearest organ harvesting center will be hunted down and harvested for organs while still alive without benefit of pain blocking technologies!

Must have harvested that one. lol

As a region, South Dakota is ranked 5,310th in the world for Highest Average Tax Rates.

As a region, South Dakota is ranked 5,995th in the world for Largest Public Sector (per capita).
Seems good to me. :)

Bob el builder

Are you from South Dakota?

Was stationed there at one time. In Michigan now.

Bob el builder

oh just was gonna say Im from South Dakota! Its great isnt it?

Password is only temporary for Zombie Day.

Seems to be quiet these days, which is good most of the time.

Just flying thru on our way south.

Any activity in a region without activity is good activity. But then, there is bad activity too. Welcome Migrating Geese. At least you are not an invader.

Looks like we made the featured region's list.

A Giant Meteor blazes through the sky overhead; leaving a trail of sparks in the sky above your region; those sparks seem to fall in a particular pattern, spelling out the words:


before the meteor vanishes over the horizon; leaving the sky dark and empty as it passes through.

Congratulations on being featured!

Lost pizza guy

Pizza here for the featured region, is this the right address?

Hey Hey! You're Featured Today! Congratulations My Friends!
\_O_/ Yay! :D

Beep beep! Congrats on being featured! Anyone for some cake?

Congratulations on being featured!

Must have been one of my OUT days. Thanks for being here.