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Congratulations On Being Featured wrote:Congratulations on being featured my friends!

Thank you very much!

So, I'm back after about 1-2 years, maybe some of you remember me, but hi again

Trinalone wrote:So, I'm back after about 1-2 years, maybe some of you remember me, but hi again

I’m probably new to you, but hello.

Trinalone wrote:So, I'm back after about 1-2 years, maybe some of you remember me, but hi again

I do remember you.

Trinalone wrote:So, I'm back after about 1-2 years, maybe some of you remember me, but hi again

Welcome back.

Aaaaaa wrote:Welcome back.

thank you.

Franconia Empire wrote:I’m probably new to you, but hello.


News: Hello, and welcome to FENN News.

Top Story: A recent poll shows that more and more young people are ready to vote. Already 4.1 million young people (18 to 27 year olds) are registered to vote with a bread middle split between FCP and FDP voters.

New Study: A new study shows that Franconian people are getting at least 4 to 5 hours of sleep at max. They are still trying to figure out why this is.

Hurricane Flora: Be prepared, City-States. Hurricane Flora is on its way to the coast. Hurricane watches and warnings are being issued for the third time this year on the West Coast and this will be a big one. A category 5. Evacuation plans are already set.

BREAKING: The FE is going to rely on local industry to build and arm some of the most superior fighter jets in the militia. Small businesses are now applauding Xemptoworth for this decision and now has most of the little/ big town vote.

Suburbs: Suburbs are now being abandoned for farming and cities. Cities now lead for most populous in where to live ever since a few years ago. Businesses, public transport, and the New Eco Deal are to thank for that.

Climate Change on Io: Climate change is now slowing down on Io. Scientists expect the atmosphere to be habitable and for natives to be back on their planet in the next decade.

Fashion News: IT IS NOW FALL FASHION WEEK! Turtlenecks and beanies are coming back, but now in peculiar ways. Beanies are now being worn as both arm warmers and headbands. High fashion boots with a “false gold” broach in women’s hair is the new thing. More styles and accessories to be released tomorrow, right here on the FE STYLE! Network.

Fall Fashion Week: Top designers from the world are premiering their new fashion lines with Franconian Fashion Week. This next season, see orange come back in style. Also new retro styles from 2019 are coming back. Expect hydroflasks, oversized t-shirts and fashionably light shoes to make a comeback. New from Luis Angel, a Filitopian designer/ model, hair bands, warm socks that never get wet from Autumn rains or snows, and jackets that readjust warmth for days like today in San Juarez, cool with a hint of breeze. More fashion news later.

Franconia surely is a nation of culture and style.

Justinian Kalominos wrote:Franconia surely is a nation of culture and style.

We honestly try to be, but this is the first time in about 5 years that fashion week has come back to the FE. What are your guys’s fashion like, and if you want to, you can feature it in San Juarez. Foreign styles are a new must have here in FE.

BREAKING!!!: Region at nuclear war. This begins our top story today as a minor slip up in language at another regional leaders’ residence is being acted as a count of terror by Empress Xemptoworth. Xemptoworth was at the residence of Gritzalgrogg’s Leader, Patricia Carbajal, and meant to say the words “Our friendship means longevity in our economy”, which in Groggian is “Letch been freuta longivivia”. The National Leader accidentally said “Our nations will have coitus”. The Empress’ Franconian accent is so thick that she would not be able to say stuff as well as some of her ambassadors from Greuten Hier do (Not RP: Let me know if you guys want in on this RP. War RPs are the only type that that make me use real time tech, I.e. 2019 and lower.)
We are now waiting for Regional leaders to respond to Xemptoworth’s actions.

The situation in Gritzalgrogg is getting a lot worse and the Empress is continuously apologizing to Queen Carbajal. Miss Carbajal is calling for Nuclear War with the Empire. Empress Xemptoworth is now calling for laybacks on the WMD International Policy that the FE has with surrounding nations. It is all up to the Parliament and the Three Branches (military) to give Empress Xemptoworth the go ahead. My name is Jo Polygon and this is FENN’s 24 hour coverage of a potential nuclear war between a supposed ally and this great nation. We have war analyst Susie Quilbro, alongside political analyst for the FDP, Mark Plyer. Now Mark, let’s start with you. What does this mean for Empress Xemptoworth in the Election?

Mark: The Election is tight around the corner and this potential war is making all people, EVERYWHERE very uncomfortable with her. She is nervous that if she doesn’t bring tensions down, then that 78% vote might drop to a zero. The people are watching her and since the FE is currently and hasn’t been in a war for 30 years, she hasn’t found out how to quite handle a nuclear one. Remember, Xemptoworth was in the armed forces. She has fought in 4 different wars since she was 18. This may be her 5th and final war if she can’t lower tensions.

Jo: So you’re saying that the FE May have to attack first even though we have had a long-term diplomacy act internationally?

Mark: No. I’m saying that the Empress has to find a way to defuse tensions. This was all caused by her accent. If she has a diplomatic leader go to Gritzalgrogg’s Queen and have her translated, then she’ll be okay to meet with the leader again.

Jo: Mark, we’ll come back to you. Now, Susie, where on Earth would the FE have time to update the nuclear weapon supplies?

Susie: They have been for the last fifteen years. The FE is more than ready to fight if we have to. Now this leads us to talk about how the WMD ban works. So it isn’t a total ban, but more of a halt to using WMD like we did back in the East Pacific War of 2000. Emperor Franco just said that we need to be more diplomatic as a nation unless we are threatened ourselves. We’re being threatened by Gritzalgrogg’s Queen, who thinks lowly of the Empress. She had a reign of terror across the region and is now getting here to the eastern parts, where the region’s main economies are.

Jo: We’ll be back for more coverage.

Hello to all Selenids and visitors to the region!

As a Privy Councilor, if you have not heard, I would like to inform you all that Selene will be undergoing a reform of the regional roleplay. The reform will be carried out by Emperor Justinian, Parthenopias, and myself (also known as Sizhou), with feedback from the community when needed.

This will primarily involve Selene transitioning to a post modern-tech roleplay region, in a solar system with two habitable planets and three playable species! As such, all existing lore and history will be voided in favor of something new. We hope that this will allow us to become a more unique region with a more interesting and creative roleplay.

For more information, feel free to contact me here or on the discord along with reading the link below. Justinian and Parthenopias will also be available to help answer any questions if possible in the discord. Thankyou all for reading!


Regional Reform
Empire of Selene

Esteemed Selenids,

It has been over three years since our region was founded. Selene was an idea: a community where NationStates would remain, first and foremost, a game, where roleplaying would be a fun activity for all to share. Over the past couple of years, I cannot help but wonder if we have lost sight of that idea, and tried to become something that we are not.

We tried to become a standard Modern Tech region, but in so trying we stopped being fun, exciting and unique. What fun is there in roleplaying in a world much like our own, without added incentives, wiggle room for creativity or hardly anything to set us apart from others? We must be honest with ourselves and admit that there is much for improvement, but also much opportunity for renewal and future success.

I have consulted with the Prime Minister over the past few days, let alone few weeks, and we have come to the conclusion that profound change is needed, on a scale not seen since the first year of this region. To that effect, I would like to announce some changes:

  1. The Privy Council is dismissed. They have my deepest thanks for their long service to the region, and I hope they will remain in Selene and help in the work to remake it.

  2. Parthenopias and Sizhou are appointed Privy Councillors for Roleplay Reform, and will be tasked with the arduous work of remaking the region, though always with the input of its members.

  3. In the spirit of the change that will sweep the region, all letters patent are rescinded, with the exception of titles held by the Emperor or the Crown Prince.

  4. Corpus Juris will remain the law of the region, though some changes to its other chapters, especially Chapters IV and V, should be expected.

For a more formal version of these decisions, please refer to LinkRoyal Order 1901.

With that announcement out of the way, I would like to go into detail on the changes that we can all expect moving forwards:

  1. The Map of Artemia, and all accompanying history, will be voided.

  2. Selene will cease to be a Modern Tech region; instead we will transition to Post-Modern Tech.

  3. There will be two habitable planets. One planet will host the human species. The other planet will host three species, two of which will be playable.

Specifics on just how "post-modern" our tech level will be, how the solar system will work and which how participation and plots will work will be forthcoming. I hope we can, in due time, involve everyone in this discussion, but I also hope we all understand that some decisions will have to be made by the Privy Council, in order to ensure an orderly transition.

If all goes well, I would hope to enact these changes no later than December. Until then, please do share your thoughts on these proposed changes, and your ideas on how to make them work for the region in general, and for each of you in particular.

Justinian Kalominos
Emperor of Selene

Read dispatch

Breaking News: Selene’s Council has made a very good decision today on a bill that came into law, effective date is unknown. Find it on the Selene Message Board.

Breaking!: The Emperial Parliament have passed the bill to make AI (Famazon Eco, Mimi, and Cortana) citizens. Already, 3,000,000 AI were added to the population. More later.

Proposition Electric: Franconia Emperial Gas & Electric is about to cost an arm and a leg next year due to the 20% increase in electric charges next year. They cannot maintain the grid anymore. To modernize the grid, vote “yes” on Prop Electric. Prop Electric will ensure that maintenance will be done on the grid to make power more accessible to people in rural areas. More and more people are switching to solar, which is horrible for the Franconian power grid making plant stations obsolete. Get jobs back by voting “yes” on Electric and no on Solar.

Alexa Amazonia Campaign Ad: Hello. I’m running for Empress to make sure Franconian lives have what they need. With the frequent power outages that we have been experiencing in the West, I declare that solar farms will be built in the desert south to power most Franconian homes. I don’t only want solar farms for you, but City-Farming integration, to make a more green looking tomorrow. I am also for the wooden skyscrapers they’re building in San Juarez. Wooden is the future. I’m Alexa Amazonia and I approve this message.

Breaking: Peace talks between Gritzalgrogg and the Franconia Empire have started. Franconia Empire has hired a translator for Empress Xemptoworth so no words are mispronounced. More on the closed door talks later.

Economic News: The FE is asking other governments to join them on a journey to develop a hyperloop system from the furthest west part of the region to the furthest East part of the region. The FE wants governments to sign this because economic booms can happen with this hyperloop. The hyperloop won’t only be for passengers. Cargo hyperloop already exist here in the FE, which made way for high speed trains to be the main source of passenger travel instead of the car. Hyperloop is making way here in the Central FE. Will other governments sign. Nobody knows for sure.

FENN This Morning: Good Morning FE, I'm Rachel Dundrough. A massive news day begins with the fall of the youngest independent nation the broke off from the Empire, Lexova. Lexova was only in independence for 14 years and had mass corruption and war, almost like how the USA ended up in war with themselves to make the FE from California. The now dissolved nation is starting yet another government. This new government will be called Bendallo, the Franconian word for "Peace". Bendallo will have free and open elections, capitalistic values, and will make sure to use their ports again after Dictator Fillip closed them four years ago. Xemptoworth has offered the new government one million astrons to get going. No word about the donation has came out yet, but more will be said later.

A new report shows that many people here in the Empire like paying high taxes because they are getting hat they need. Schooling, Education, Mass transit, and soon to be affordable housing. People who took this survey were in between the ages of 20 to 65.

A high speed rail line is under fire today as there was a crash at one of the stations. Burlington Northern: High Speed Division has been TwitSpaced at for the last 48 hours saying that safety standards should be regulated. BNHSD has admitted that their railcars were not put together in the correct way due to Human Error. They are going to be retraining and hiring people.

More than three thousand people woke up without power this morning. FEG&E is working on the situation. FEG&E has stated on InstaFace "The power grid is not able to support the rapidly growing Franconian population. Franconia Emperial Gas and Electric Company want to apologize for the massive amounts of power outages and is working with the Government to fix it."

There is a lot more news coming up as we just got a rush of breaking news. stick around

FENN This Morning: Good Morning San Juarez and around the FE. Let’s start off the day with some breaking election news. Empress Xemptoworth has lost the front runner spot to Jim Fontain. It may only be a few points, but the FE is not going to go into a leadership with Emperor Greene’s values. The situation involving multiple foreign nations is behind this. Most Franconian people are wondering how her polling numbers go so low. Election officials are searching for interference as we speak.

Are you interested in a job selling the rich, sweet, and delectable Franconian chocolate? FE Chocolate Co. is hiring 42,000 new people in San Juarez for the holiday season coming up. Dress to impress and bring a fresh resume. FEC Co. is also hiring in new factories that will produce the world’s first line of manufactured cannabis chocolate. Can’t wait to try it.

We’ll be back after the break.

Purge Holiday Commercial: Blue Orchids are half off at Michelle’s Floral. Michelle’s gives you all you need in floral for the annual purge on October 31st. Visit our sister store, Michelle’s Security Systems, for all the stuff you need to protect yourself.

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