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BREAKING: We have a live satellite image of the newest addition to the 2419 hurricane season, Hurricane Bethany. Bethany is a category 2 storm with sustained winds of 105 miles per hour, pressure at 976.973 millibars, and is only intensifying as time continues. From what it looks like, it is headed for the west coast of the FE toward Zo Mivk territory, an island off the coast of Vexto Coty. More later

Top Story: The new Census Takers report that more and more people are starting to live off planet. Over 35% of the population now live on Luna and the sudden population increase has made the Franconian Government to ask citizens not to populate the Moon anymore because resources are still not as abundant as here on Earth or on Lenio (located in the C37 system). Franconia Empire Department of Planetary Immigration Services has stopped taking applications for people to move to the moon until 2443.

Breaking: Two Franconian colonies on Mars have declared war on each other. One says that the Empire is doing too much on the Red Planet and the other side is saying that the Empire is doing too little on the Red Planet. Riots and mass shootings are now a common thing as seen in these mobile videos. The Empress is calling for an increase of policing by the State and is declaring a State of Interplanetary Emergency. The Galactic Federation is also declaring a State of Emergency, but for the Galaxy saying that nobody in the GF should visit Mars until this dispute is over. President Poindexter Marntioni from Lemeri Is saying that Humans are starting to radicalize the Galaxy because we fight because of our emotions and not things of value (such as family). More later.

Blistering Heat: Temperatures in South Leonard, North Franconia were around 115 degrees today, breaking the record of only about 102. What caused it? Summer air moved in from the South End of the Nation and pushed the jet stream up into the extreme North, who also had no luck with cool temperatures. Weather patterns say that it will be at least 3 weeks until a HUUGE cool down makes its way back bring temperatures down into the 70s. More on weather, later.

Ladies and Gentlemen and all others, please welcome, your UPCOMING SECOND TERM EMPRESS!!!

(Crowd cheers)

Xemptoworth: HELLO! Hello, my wonderful nation! I am so glad to be in the breathtaking city of New Ordigräs! When I say breathtaking, I really mean it. I remember my father helping to build this city from the ground up. Now look at it... It is a Franconian hub for culture, economy, and social justice. Not to mention clean air. Because if you, you made this city powerful. But just recently, threats are becoming a main issue. A woman told me that she and her eight year old triplets are having issues sleeping at night because they do not know when the bombings can begin. I told her that she doesn’t have to worry. My next term will focus on terrorism, national security, and education with more funding for parks and recreation. Already, we have taken a landslide victory against the other two candidates. Over 85% of you say that I did a good job this term and am ready for another. I also say that.

(Crowd cheers)

Xemptoworth: I’m ready for new exploration of space. I’m ready to become a planetary leader for the undeveloped solar system, and I AM READY to give you what you deserve! More people have said that we are not going to win, but I say that they’re wrong. This is what is to come in the Empire. We are going to increase the fines for people who have guns. That gives us more revenue for taxes. We are going to give people a right to education. We are going to raise the minimum wage to 35 Astrons per hour, and we will house the homeless by building shelters in abandoned buildings. Water and air will be the cleanest on Earth by including new ways of water treatment. And we will also clean up IO!!! Ladies and gentlemen, male, female, all species around, we will win and we are doing it for Franconia. Good night!

Earthquake: The Early Earthquake Detection System has issued a moderate earthquake warning for the Southeastern part of Vexto. Seek shelter immediately. Magnitudes of 4.5 to 5.8 are expected. Light tremors were felt all day on June 26, 2419 and have been felt through the extreme early morning hours. Seek shelter immediately.

Astrons are Coming: July is near, and there are 10 days until UCB Credits become Astrons. Many people are appalled by this. One FENN viewer says that “People should keep UCB Credits. It’s like turning miles per hour into Blips per Blops”. A supporter is saying “It will be a great thing. Economic expansion can come from this not just here on Earth, but on Mars, Io, and the newest major colonies on Venus.” Chrp your answers to our question @FENNChrpOfficial.

Water Ice can now be formed on Mars: As we started to warm the atmosphere of Mars, we learned that in due time ice can appear sometime soon, but we did not expect this soon. The Sea of Plentitude in the South end of the planet has water ice and glaciers on the surface. Ever since the sea was formed, it is now come to fruition that Mars is now almost completely habitable without bubble colonies. The atmosphere shows 17% oxygen and 70% nitrogen with trace amounts of carbon dioxide. Water vapor will be introduced as a natural process when the Sun lets the water form clouds in the upper atmosphere as rain, also creating more oxygen in the atmosphere. At this rate, Mars will be almost completely terraformed by late 2454.

Heat: All across the nation, HEAT will have its toll on cities and countrysides. High pressure is rolling on in from the equator making it extremely hot. In the western City-States high temperatures will be in the 100’s throughout the week and into the Eighth of July. The hottest City-State will be Central Lopex with temperatures reaching 112 on the seventh, but dropping significantly down to 98 on Independence Day. Taking a look at the Mountainous West (Central, North, and South Central Empire) highs are expected to not be nearly as hot as the City-States, but pretty warm. Upper to mid 90’s expected with Angeloville to be the hottest in that region at 99 degrees on the eighth. Lastly, let’s look at the New East. 102 in North Coast, 107 in Newtonberg, 105 in New Fresno, and 110 in the capitol of San Juarez. That’s a look at your Eighth of July forecast. Stay tuned for more news.

Breaking News: Terror Attack: Empress Xemptoworth was placed in an undisclosed location today as the Residence of the Leader was breached with open gunfire killing 320 tourists, 12 National Security officials, 18 diplomats, and 2 Members of Parliament. Xemptoworth is safe. The group of terrorists were shot and killed by servicemen and women guarding the RotL. Nobody knows how it was that they were able to breach security with weapons, but investigation is underway. Live in San Juarez, FENN News

Election: Phase One of voting is going to be here before you know it. The Western City-States are almost ready. Over 6.9 billion Franconians are eligible come 2420 with voting bans lifted on Martians, Io Natives, Lunists, and Venusianson January 1. Phase One has changed and will now include the Mars Colonies, Western City-States, and most of Io. Phase One will begin on March 13.

BREAKING: Hello, and this is FENN Breaking News. Nine million residents without gas, power, and water after a water main ruptured from a 7.7 magnitude earthquake. The epicenter was Yankton Square in the Southeastern region of Vexto Coty. Already 7 severely hurt, but luckily there is nobody dead. We were getting chrps that the air was unusually calm with no birds chirping before the earthquake. Foreshocks reigned this morning with the strongest one being a 4.9 at 7 am rocking the people of the quiet suburb awake. Downtown Yankton Square was severely damaged because of the old infrastructure and architecture making the little town have some charm. Yankton Square Mayor Joseph Maskovitch says it was a shock. Again, nine million people affected. We’ll continue with the coverage later.

Development: The 7.7 quake have left millions in the dark and are now having people evacuate. Hundreds are dead and officials are still looking for survivors under the rubble. Xemptoworth is now issuing a state of emergency for this part of FE and is taking action on her campaign trail.

Xemptoworth: No Franconian should be left like that. I am donating some of my campaign funds to the people and the government of Yankton Square. Gas, power, and water should be fixed soon. I will be headed there to assess the damage.

Empress Xemptoworth is set to arrive in LPX on Saturday.

Early Earthquake Warning *fun chimes* This is an Early Earthquake Warning. Expect large tremors. *fun chimes* This is an Early Earthquake Warning. Expect large tremors. This Warning is for Town Park, Yankton Square, Maggie, Horse and Barrel, Vinceton, Loraine, Victoria, and Leopard. A 5.8 has just struck Downtown Yankton Square. Hide under sturdy furniture. No tsunami expected. Magnitudes of 5 to 6 are expected in the coming minutes. We already feel shaking in the FENN Studios in Westville. Evacuate only when told to. Seek shelter.

Quick Headlines: Nine hundred cities take to the streets to get solar power. Solar streets are now a thing and are costing less than asphalt roads.

Greenhouse gases are lower than ever on Venus as astronauts keep the planet cool from space. Solar shades and an artificial moon project are under way.

Io has a new look. Natives are being brought back on reserves by the Franconian Government. Xemptoworth is saying “Ionese people and Franconians can love side by side once Eco-bubbles are made.

Finally: 4 people made it back from the Virgo Supercluster severely hurt from being the first people to try a hyper jump. Astronomers are now taking a closer look. Only one astronaut is in critical condition.

Skylines amongst many cities here on Earth are becoming taller. 4.2 Billion humans now live in the Terra Sector of the Empire, and are now starting to demand highly of 4,000 foot towers in city centers. The government is making height limits so people can build on more land surrounding the suburbs, are filing for city governments to expand into Super Cities, and already are in the process of expanding Super Cities into City-States, thus making FE’s political climate very difficult to understand. Lawmakers everywhere are wondering what to do. Some suggest to buy islands and create new man made extensions (such as keys, barriers, and more segments along the coast that are habitable). Others are saying to move people up to Mars since the Moon is off limits temporarily. Xemptoworth has said many times that she is making sure that whether or not the new political climate and the new maps look like, the Empire still has a lot of people in it. New administration will not only provide new homes to citizens on Earth, but will also provide a new budget for housing elsewhere in the galaxy. More on this, later.

Is anyone else going to post, or am I the only one active here now?

Franconia Empire wrote:Is anyone else going to post, or am I the only one active here now?


You're not! Maybe it's time to actually roleplay amongst us here on the RMB?

Justinian Kalominos wrote:You're not! Maybe it's time to actually roleplay amongst us here on the RMB?

Here we go again... starting a revolution. Just kidding. 😂

I still exist! Granted I wasn't really here much to begin with..

How about we each post a brief summary of how our nations are? Let's make sure we're all roleplaying in the same universe and tech level, before we start anything.

Justinian Kalominos wrote:How about we each post a brief summary of how our nations are? Let's make sure we're all roleplaying in the same universe and tech level, before we start anything.

So my space exploration and 2419 calendar have to be gone?

Franconia Empire wrote:So my space exploration and 2419 calendar have to be gone?

Not necessarily. If we’re all willing to roleplay in future tech, we could roll with that.

Justinian Kalominos wrote:Not necessarily. If we’re all willing to roleplay in future tech, we could roll with that.

Can you make a regional poll

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