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Justinian Kalominos wrote:Of course not. We have a second, non-human planet in the Selenid System, full of sapient beings.

And we have quite a few colonies on Io (one of Jupiterís moons)

Must be quite a colourful experience to live there.

Justinian Kalominos wrote:Must be quite a colourful experience to live there.

Yes. Terraforming and trying to protect the species that live there is a massive battle.

Former Pirate joins Franconian Forces: Today, a former pirate by the name of Joshua Holt was sworn in as Franconian Navel Captain on the FAC (Franconian Aquatic Craft) Domingo. Holt says that he wanted to join the cause because three Franconian Army Soldiers saves his life back on Juniper Island during the Cosmic Sea Wars in 2404. He prays that the FE will help many more pirates like him and urges many more pirates to join the cause.

We will return with more news later. Youíre listening to FENN Radio 3.

==Sartorian News Service==
There is a rise in online searches for conspiracy theories surrounding the Northern Bay, following the disappearance of a small aircraft in the area. Known for its cold weather, the Northern Bay has been the side of several disappearances and other unexplained phenomena. The state government is leading search and rescue efforts.

Breaking: A Sartorian aircraft has disappeared from the Northern Bay in their Motherland. Citizens are questioning whether or not it was the weather. The FE is committed to helping investigators search for this aircraft, despite the bitter cold weather. More news later.

Breaking: Xemptoworth announced today that she will be enforcing a new law to cut the corruption from government. Government officials, whether it be the leader, governors, City-Statesmen(women), Territory leaders, etc., will live off of a fixed wage earned per hour. At the moment, the National minimum wage is 32 Astrons an hour. Leaders will be paid 5 Astrons per hour more than minimum. Doing this made it so that Politicians and leaders of the Nation can feel how hard it is to live in the working class. Empress Xemptoworth was in the working class also, from 2410 to 2415.

Breaking: 2420 Conservative Party Candidate, Jim Fontain, has been declared dead by injection through the hand. The substance was a poison known as Derapitone. It it a product of illegal substances and powdered bleach. Once injected, the substance goes directly to the heart and makes you perish. The nation is being respectful even though his policies were obsurd. Prayers to the Fontain Family.

Fontain Killing Investigation: Jim Fontain was a Conservative front runner for the 2420 election. He was a father, uncle, son, and brother. His life started on June 1, 2368, mothers Gloria and Father George. His life came tragically to an end after he was murdered by injection of Derapitone. This happened as Fontain was going to be interviewed with FENN just 1 hour later. Investigators are still trying to find out how mush Derapitone was injected into Fontainís hand and are still trying to find the suspects and murder weapon. More news as this investigation develops, Santiah Row, FENN.

How will the Conservative Party recover?

Oh, apparently I'm the WA Delegate now. So as WA Delegate of Selene I'd officially like to say hello.

Qastari wrote:Oh, apparently I'm the WA Delegate now. So as WA Delegate of Selene I'd officially like to say hello.


Fontain Investigation: Right where the incident happened, a bottle of Derapitone was kicked under a hedge. This may close the case, or extend it.

In other news, Justinian Kalominos and I are proud to re-release the Z-Day blog, back from 2016!

Record Breaking Heat making the Central Desert a horrible place to live at the moment. Here are some current temperatures. We have Gettysburg at 109, Fenlar at 113, Zendro is at 110, and Bestland, the lowest point in the desert, is getting cooked at 119.

We'd like to thank our sponsors, the King in Yellow, one bottle of Budweiser, and my patrons over at Patreon.

==Sartorian News Service==
President Scavino has begun hosting an online cooking show, part of an initiative to promote Sartorian cuisine both at home and abroad.

Shocking Evidence: At the Crime Scene, all you could see was the bottle of Derapitone used on Fontain. There was a shipping label attempted to be pulled off judging by the sticker residue. The label reads Horton Mae. Mae is being tried on July 3, 5 days before Franconian Independence Day.

==Sartorian News Service==
First Councillor Bergamaschi has departed Messelia to begin a 7-day tour to Sartoria's Antarctic bases.

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