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Greetings to my fellow Sal's Realm Members.

My country is one of determined and intense national pride. I plan to boast an extremely militaristic and industrious county full of athletic and healthy citizens. I don't care much for social politics, or civil rights, nor will I care if niceness and happiness fall by the wayside. Indeed, all I care about is making things and growing an army. The only caveat is that clothes are forbidden due to an accident in legislation wherein I.. well.. criminalized clothedness. However, the population seems to have really embraced it, and as long as the coal miners and steel mill workers are ok with the increased risk of bodily harm without proper PPE I see no reason to change it. In fact it is now officially part of the country's motto.

It will be nice getting to know you all.


Hi welcome!

Behold! Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, we have returned!

Collectivist comrade guitarguy

Greetings, comrades!

The People's Democratic Republic of the Comrade Guitarguy's Collectivist Communes and Socialist Friends does well, although the international bureaucrats have truncated our beautiful name.

But no matter―as a community of centrists and moderate capitalists, the Republic shall adhere to the norms set forth by international law. Indeed, only by such reasonable measures may the proletariat thrive.

This worker hopes that the fellow members of Sal's Realm will shun the extremes of political ideology and embrace a future that is conducive to all our people's success, even if this success comes at a gradual pace.

Your tovarish,
Supreme Leader Guitarguy

Post self-deleted by Sarilian.

Good Lord, communists! Time to tighten the borders....<_<

I remade the old flag. Let us rejoice and make merry! ^_^

Sarilian is back!

Do you still have the old region map man? I need to write my geography section for the factbook.

Maybe, I don't have it in front of me though.

Can the new arrivals introduce themselves on the Sal's forum or something? We don't want this place to be raided like last time. 😜

Post self-deleted by Arkinesia.

There won't be an issue of raiding now. I'm the founder, so the region will stay safe :)

Also, I made it so the WA delegate doesn't have admin privileges. I can choose people to have admin privileges, though.


Hi welcome!
Thanks for the Region Flag!


Well now that I'm actually going to be here regularly, I swear we won't have anymore raider issues. That was a lot of mess to unmess. Anyway if you're new to the region, I know it looks cluttered and halfway finished but welcome!!