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Polish Prussian Commonwealth wrote:-snip-

I love Tolkien, but could you please put this in a spoiler? It's rather long.

Slavic lechia wrote:I have to tell you something. I will be leaving this place permanently. I will no longer ever talk to you and will not seek any other internet contact.

Am I mad? No. Do I not like you? I love you guys... What is the problem then? Well...

Lately I managed to see I see internet and my life in it as "the better life" and I started mostly ignoring real life completely or as much as possible to a point I decided not to sleep and eat unless nobody is online from my giant group of internet friends. I don't hate you, nor blame you. I have a mental illness... I will seek help and sorry you got taken into it...

Why am I writing this? Because of two reasons:

1 - I think you deserve to know... I just do because I saw you as one of the most important people in my life for a long time

2 - It helps me to feel better...

I am very sorry if you feel bad for me in any way or sad or angry at me. You are very rightfully angry sad or to have any other negative emotions towards me and I accept that. I am trying to get out of my safety bubble of internet where I usually am an admin or have other power and just feel safe and go to the real world and learn to accept having none of that at all under any circumstances...

I am not leaving immediatley and I am willing to explain more about it. I do not have professional help at the moment, just my friends and family. I am not asking for your help or support. I loved you all and I hope you the best life you can ever get.

Good luck on your journey and may God bless you.

United Massachusetts, a new monarch has taken the thrown of the RCS still bearing the name of their motherland.

The House of Rose (or House of Roses) was established after the fall of the dictator Francis Duke of Texoma and the reign of chancellors.

The Constituional Monarchy was established, under the leadership of King David of Ovybia. Under his leadership, he restored democracy and order to the country, returning it back to economic powerhouse it once was. Ever since King David the monarchy has been in place.

List of Monarchs of the RCS

1. King David of Ovybia
(Married Princess Azalea of Phydios)

2. Queen Charlotte of Ovybia
(Married Prince Philippe of United Massachusetts)

3. King Ovybia Rose of United Massachusetts
(Married Princess Isabella of Christian Democrats)

4. King Ovybia Rose II of United Massachusetts
(Married Princess Olivia of New Waldensia)

5. King Andrew Rose of United Massachusetts
(Married Princess Eva of New Waldensia)

Read dispatch

New Poll in Zentari, come and vote!



United Massachusetts, I think New Jakobly and I will probably submit a resolution to try and commend you soon. He approached me with helping him; so I revised some stuff but initial feedback on the forums is actually promising. Is there anything you would like to see included? I can send the draft via telegram if you would like.

First day of HS teaching tomorrow...pray (for my students!)

New Dolgaria wrote:


As a member of the Ordinariate I can say, while respecting his office, Archbishop Garcia-Siller isn't my favorite bishop.

I was just reading an old essay of Dawson's and was suprised/interested to see him using "racialist" (later shortened to racist) to designate those who sought to scientifically categorize humanity in a deterministic fashion. A very different meaning than today.

Slavic lechia

My Nation States countries are officially off of the vacation mode... Yeah... I loved you Slavic Lechia... Like if you remember me writing the constitution...

New poll in he FCN!

Voting Through the Ages: 1836

Dead RMB? Anyway Voting through the ages 1840 is here.


Furbish Islands wrote:Dead RMB? Anyway Voting through the ages 1840 is here.


The RMB goes through phases of activity lately. I'm sure summer doesn't help.

The Babylon Bee's getting spicy today.


Sorry for the delay. Here's voting through the ages 1844.

Phydios wrote:The Babylon Bee's getting spicy today.

Unfortunately, this is too accurate for me to be comfortable with. Or maybe I’m crediting Pope Francis with what Cardinal Cupich said.

In other news, is anyone else veeeeery suspicious of the claim that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide? I’m not going to say 100% that he didn’t, but... 99% I will.

I know I keep reviving, dying, reviving again, only to come crawling back here once again, but I swear, I will definitely be more consistent this time around. Sorry y'all. It's just been very hectic for me the past few months, although things appear to be smoothing out now that I've found a job and stuff.

Time for voting through the ages 1852.

Webster gang, assemble!


So Sodom, Ohio is a place

Interesting. I don't know why he felt the need to remove the "immigrants and refugees welcome" banner, though. That's unfortunate.

Phydios wrote:

Interesting. I don't know why he felt the need to remove the "immigrants and refugees welcome" banner, though. That's unfortunate.

It shouldn’t hang over a church like on the picture. On a billboard outside, sure.

I don’t know who let the Parish fall into the state where they wear rainbow vestments, but the priest is a brave man.

Edit: I do love how they’re protesting a Nigerian priest and told someone that they don’t belong there, while they hung a banner that says “immigrants and refugees welcome” and presumably talk about welcoming all people.

I already notified United Massachusets of my not compliance with reproductive freedoms but he still does not write my name on the oficial dispatch

Lincoln gang, assemble!


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