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Ion incorporated

How odd.

The census report was generated at a time when there were 560 or more nations around. It only updates once a day.

Anyone familiar with REM's song It's the end of the world as we know it?

"That's great, it starts with an earthquake
Birds and snakes, an aeroplane
Lenny Bruce is not afraid"

Robert hawkins

Abanao is correct, the census is updated around 12am game time, so any Nations in this Region are included in the census. Of course, if during the course of the next 24 hours the Nation CTE, then they are still counted in the census.

@The Disputed Territories of HolyCrippleItsACrapple: Feck you, Now I have to dig that song out of my music folder and listen to it, :D

Adidas superstar

If China was an apple, I'd nuke it.

8 hours ago: The Holy Empire of Jerusalistofnotes ceased to exist.
8 hours ago: The Republic of The Great Corporation ceased to exist.
20 hours ago: The Republic of Krystal Novak ceased to exist.
20 hours ago: The Republic of Tresopolis ceased to exist.
20 hours ago: The Democratic Republic of Chris is Awesome ceased to exist.
20 hours ago: The Allied States of Plako ceased to exist.
20 hours ago: The Empire of Barcorav ceased to exist.
20 hours ago: The Empire of Garwolf ceased to exist.

We just got nailed..

It's been worse.

Die andreasland

Like the time Tze played wih TNT ;)

UHH..Has anyone been bored of this game after a while and just stopped playing it for like a week and you slowly forget about the game..


We should blow something up...

To the Chief Executive of The Armed Republic of Weapons Inc,
private enterprise is supposed to be illegal, yet 79% of your economy is devoted to the private sector.
How is this?
Regards, Steadfastness

@Steadfastness: meh, quirks like this come up all the time. Like, here in Litresha, I'm told that crime is unknown, but once I ranked very high on the Region's list of "Most Rebellious Youth."

@Renikov: Blowing something up might work but.. What to blow up..? H M M M..

I say France.

France is epic.

So I say drop a nuke on Turkey

To the Chief Executive of The Totally Awesome Socialists of Litresha,
thank you for this intel as my question has now been resolved thanks to your help.

Maybe the "Maintenance-and-Bug-Fixing March" will see a resolution to this unusual circumstance?
Regards, Steadfastness

The Turks haven't done anything worthy of being bombed, but the French have, goddamn socialistic egotistical homosexual snail eating cowards!

Did somebody say socialism? *pulls out a shotgun* I think I heard somebody say socialism!

The Turks killed off most of the Assyrians and did Inhumane things to them! T-T"!

The French was part of the Triple Entente which served well during the first World War if it weren't for them you capitalist pigs would be dead! RAWR!?

Adidas superstar

Blow up North Korea and Iran, who else? Nuke the hell out of them. China... Not yet. Chances are we'll be seeing them transitioning towards a democracy before the end of the century.

^Genocidal maniac. Nuclear weapons also tend to spread radiation across the globe, you'll know what I mean when those nuke plants in Japan blow and you get lung cancer three years from now.

@Tanashia: Um... my country is Socialist, but my region is Capitalist, and I'm willing to work with the corporates of society. So put that gun away or be drowned in gift baskets!

China is going to turn Capitalist?!

Democracy =/= Capitalism, look at Eurofailland.

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