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We sold them to the impoverished nations of the region.

I was wondering how we managed to get some potatoes.

Well I couldn't buy any even if I wanted to, my economy is officially 'Imploded'...


*School bus stops near Kursodia*

Come on children, this is a the socialist nation of Kursodia. Unlike Tanashia, they don't believe in having a strong economy. Instead, they would rather protect trees and increase their unemployment rates. Don't laugh, not everyone can be great like Tanashia. Maybe they will smarten up one day and be almost as good as Tanashia. Almost.

What's a scubus?

Scubus? Sounds like scuba, but a succubus is a female demon that supposedly takes goof juice from a man in order to give it to the male counterpart (the incubus) who would put it in a woman.

Yay for economically sound countries... boo to hippie countries that would rather not create a sound economy.

Hooray for being extreme in my actions! Perhaps it was all the forced smiling? Or mind controlling? Nonetheless, everyone knows good ol' Emperor Doomfaceman is mentally unstable!

Happystania, have you thought about forcing people to add the word "Happy" into each sentence? I think that would make more of your citizens happy!

Hmm... No I had not, that is a good idea. Saying happiness does seem to breed happiness. Thanks Tanashia! I will get to forcing that on my citizens right away!

8th for the same thing again?

Tanashia is where you go when you want amazing ideas!

Adidas superstar

*school bus stops by Tanashia*

Well, here we are at our next stop. Welcome to Tanashia, children. Yes, please make sure your air filter masks are tightly fastened. The polluted air quality here is unbelievable, let me tell you. Maybe they should think about regulating industry while still encouraging economic growth. Oh, I'm getting ahead of myself, that's in next week's lesson. Anyway, we had an hour time slot in this state park, but it appears there are bulldozers on the site. Yes, just got the email that they're bulldozing the park, sorry for the inconvenience, blah blah blah. Ah well, back in the bus. Our next stop is Kursodia. At least you can breathe the air there. And don't make eye contact with those Tanashians. I hear they have violent tendencies, especially concerning the use of shotguns.

*bus loads and drives off*

Air quality is overrated! 75% of my citizens do not die (Most likely) from poor air quality! The other 25% has been wiped from the records, so 100% of my citizens do not die from air quality.

Happystania, you can't just, um, keep oppressing your people like that...

Nephthys isle

I think Adidas went to the wrong nation, since I don't have any state parks.

Nature gets in the way of skyscrapers.

The WA is like a retarded version of the UN, where people will vote for the most idiotic propositions with no thought given to the consequences.

Hey what happend to phantom he is in the Rejected Realms

Phantom had a disregard for the rules that came back to bite him in the arse.

Reality kinda sucks. That's why we have sports and video games.

Adidas superstar

I vote against every condemnation or commendation unless it is related to regional and interregional topics, not on their decisions on the daily issues they receive.

And every WA proposal that I think isn't bad, but is pretty pointless as well, like the current one, I just vote for.

South andrusia

Oh well, I may not have political rights or civil rights, BUT I DARN WELL HAVE FURNITURE RESTORATION.

Nephthys isle

Happystania, you should force your citizens to get a tattoo on each of their limbs with a smiley face or the word "Happy". I think your citizens will be able to surpass the 100% happy mark with that!

WA sucks, I left.

Pretty awesome persons

It does. I left the WA months ago.

The region contains 556 nations, and yet I'm still 560th on the list. I'm on to you, invisible nations.

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