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Post self-deleted by Intelligenerian military 4.

Tzepam - so however hard I conquer the region you could just undo it? Neat, I can't go too mad with power.


We've been 'raided'. I've ejected and banned all offending parties with little effort, but they deleted our Factbook entry. D'ya wanna re-write it?

Nevermind; somebody kindly informed me that they are archived. Order has been restored.

I've undone pretty much all of the damage and banned who I thought were the offenders. If I've ejected anyone unjustly, do let me know. Tzepam, I've reinstated your CEO position. But you said you had founder powers anyway so.

Thanks, I literally can't believe I missed that o_o

Not that I really mind, but why the loss of my executive powers?

I revived the founder, which I noticed has CTE'd

Garden islands

Hello? Is anyone there?

Only corpses.

Garden islands

What happened? There used to be so much activity on the forums. Did everyone just CTE?

Basically, yeah.

Garden islands

Oh. :( I was hoping to do business here again after deciding to revive my nation, but I guess I'll have to find somewhere else.

Tzepam and I are probably the only ones still actually alive out here.


Garden islands

That was stupid of me. Next time. :(

Post by Milky way regime suppressed by a moderator.

Post self-deleted by Capetola XII.

Our WA delegate keeps switching back and forth because I only have one endorsement. Make sure you endorse me - this also discourages raiding.

Well, so long as I keep remembering to res the founder, nothing too bad should happen :x

but I'll keep my old WA puppet alive just in case.

Sorry for the dirt dive.

I'm impressed that Tez has still kept this "alive." If you can call it that.

More like a museum piece now.

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