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I heard. :(

Is Clover SunnyCorp?


I'm a democracy now.... How did it come to this?

Insufficient beatings?

Well, we've had to cut down on public beatings because of budget cuts, so we could increase the paychecks for all the politicians.

'Capetola XII was reclassified from Liberal Democratic Socialists to Democratic Socialists.'


Next up: Peoples Democratic Socialist Progressives


'When a blind man and his guide Deathcharger were recently refused service in Capetola City restaurant 'The Haute Potato', it started a heated debate that few had seen coming.'

This is why I picked the Deathcharger as my national animal - this is it:

Yeah, I'd refuse service to that.


S'gonna be great!

Hmm, should I become one with the horde this time?

Researchin' Cure!

Saint augustus

Hello o/

Well, I may as well make sure people know that I do actually check NS somewhat often.
I also got a job now, yay!

Yay job! I still poke in every day or so.

"The World Assembly extends its warm welcome to The Free Powerhouse of Capetola XII, new Delegate of Region Inc. Congratulations!"

wat? What does this entail?

Okay, so what's happened is someone entered the Region, endorsed me, then left, and now I'm the WA Delegate. I've endorsed Sunny to try to correct this.

I also broke the factbook entry in my confusion. Sorry.

Feel free to be delegate if you want. It's not like I'm ever here anymore.

I'm happy to give it a shot but I'm not sure what the position entails.

Sunnycorp wrote:Feel free to be delegate if you want. It's not like I'm ever here anymore.

Who is ever. lol

With Sunnycorp no longer existing, I'm taking over as WA delegate. I may or may not stage a total takeover and renovation of the region as time goes on. We shall see.

Go nuts, I have founder access, so no problems could possibly ever happen.

Democratic corporate enterprises


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