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I leave my country to go on a 7-day cruise and come back to see EVERYBODY in my country on strike...

Might I interest your country in riot-suppressing shotguns? They have special bullets to prevent those rioting/striking from having kids ever again! That's the best way to prevent future riots/strikes!

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News flash, people. Racism and socialism are being replaced by capitalism. In several years it won't matter what the color of your skin is, only how much money you have in your Cayman Islands account.

That's ironic considering my cruise went to Cayman Islands.

Japan just doesn't have much luck with things that go nuclear.

We are witnessing the Chernobyl of our time.

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Robert hawkins

Might be the Chernobyl of your time, I was actually alive when the Chernobyl incident happened. This is certainly the worst thing that has happened nuclear power wise. I hope that they can get it sorted out quick. F*** knows what could happen to USA and UK if a nuclear disaster happens.

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Japanese nuclear reactors are pretty high tech (but not necessarily flawless). This isn't going to be another Chernobyl, really. The Chernobyl NPP used graphite control rods to moderate the chain reactions but these graphite rods burned so hot after they were exposed from the core, plumes of smoke actually spewed radioactive fallout into the atmosphere. Soviet reactors back then were pretty dirty and while efficient, are unsafe. Chernobyl resulted in an intertwining of human and design errors that resulted in its explosion only moments after a power surge had destabilized core temperatures such as how it took safety protocols minutes upon minutes (very absurdly long) before activating fully (such as to shoot the control rods back down among other things).

It's worth noting the Fukushima Dai-chi reactors have been running hot but took days (two or three by now?) before any such explosions happened, comparing to Chernobyl which only took hours to minutes.

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^Explosions are a bad. Especially inside nuclear reactors.

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Robert hawkins

Whatever the relevant merits and disadvantages over designs of nuclear power plants, it is still worrying that we could be in the middle of a nuclear fallout which has nothing to do with war.

I hope it gets resolved soon.

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But I got a helmet. :)

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For one though, the Chernobyl NPP actually had very little in the way of stopping radiation from flying right into the atmosphere from the plant. The incident there destroyed whatever reactor case was around, and a big gaping hole was in the roof of the neighboring turbine facility from which the radiated burning graphite smoke probably escaped from.

Fukushima still has all its reactor vessels intact inside their containment (I think) but one of the reactor buildings have had their roof blown off from that hydrogen thing. Whelp, I'm not a nuclear guy and all this is just web research so I'd rather not pretend to be a genius about this either but people are too panicky about the situation. Japanese residents were only asked to stay indoors to keep in contact with updates about the plant and if evacs are necessary, not so they'd be making some fallout shelter or something. (You'd need nice large blocks of gamma-impregnable lead to make one.)

Robert hawkins

Shareholders in the Region, please head to the Forums and vote in the Emergency Election for Director of Management. Voting closes March 18 so quick, get votes in.

Bawk, I don't think you know what's coming.

anyone got some pills?
i'd prefer plump orange ones.

Post self-deleted by Abanao.

"Many experts expect the outcome to be worse than the partial reactor meltdown at Three Mile Island in the United States in 1979, which caused no widespread health damage, but less severe than Chernobyl."

For the insistent, go buy yourselves some thick panels of lead and make yourselves an anti-radiation suit. *rolls eyes*

[Edit]Fixed typo.

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Let's vote, vote, vote!

*Obama out of office*

What did Obama do wrong now? lol

I heard he destroyed the global economy lol

He caused the earthquake obviously

He used HAARP lol

not to inturupt, but im back guys, ill be on the forums soon.

Die andreasland


In case of fallout, all you have to do is avoid direct exposure with the radioactive particles. So, you could just stay in your basement for a month or so until the radioactivity is down to acceptable levels out in the open.

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Obama was just drunk one day and accidentally pressed on the F*** S*** Up emergency button. Unfortunately, that idiot Bush had designed the button so that its commands were non-reversible.

I just read somewhere that TEPCO hid a lot of malpractices in their handling of the plants prior to the earthquake. (not surprising)

"In 1999, fuel-reprocessing workers were reported to be using stainless steel buckets to hand-mix uranium[...]"

Who knew a bucket-load of fissile, radioactive materials was dangerous!

@Crapple: That's a good way to start, but unless the flooring above you is made of elements with big atomic numbers, gamma radiation can just punch right through ordinary construction materials, won't it?

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