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Werstonal wrote:A bit busy actually, but overall a good one indeed!

It's nice!


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My nose is closed and I am remembering the sweet sweet moment where my nose wasn't closed, ༼;´༎ຶ..̸̸̨۝ ༎ຶ༽
Appreciate your nostrils while you can.

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Main Info

Republic of Slanska


Motto: "Fo Patria de Gvidanto!"

Population: 12.425.213
-Density: 76/km2

Capital: Bospono
Largest City: Bospono

Official Language: Slanskan
Demonym: Slan

Independence: 1979

GDP (nominal):173.534.626
GDP (nominal) per person: 12.042.

Currency: Kamen

Time Zone: UTC+3

Drives on the: right

Internet TLD: SL


Slanska officially the Republic of Slanska (Slanskan: Respublikso de Slanska) Is a nation that located in Refugia. Slans form the vast majority of the nation's population and Kuvanis are the largest minority. Bospono is Slanska's capital, its largest city and financial centre.


Slanska is dominated by a one-party regime. The person who is the head of the party is the head of state of Slanska. In addition, the party appoints ministers and deputies. There is an opposition group in the party that listens to the problems of the people and conveys them to the state. Problems and troubles gathered every month are discussed in the assembly, solutions are produced and implemented accordingly.Since 2015, the head of state is Hakem Hajarov. Executive and Legislative powers are in the hands of the People's Assembly. The voting age in the country is 18. At the age of 75, the right to vote and be elected is taken away from the person. In addition, the citizens who have this right should not have a problem in their mental health, and there should be no problem in their register. In addition, voters must be at least high school graduates, and candidates must be university graduates.

Human Rights

Human rights in Slanska have been subject to international condemnation and have led to various debates. Although the education and health needs are met free of charge and compulsory by the state, especially the freedom of the press has become a problem. With the "Media Law" that came into effect in 1996, only state-affiliated newspapers and TV channels emerged. There are 2 main newspapers. These are "Slanskan Official Gazette" and "Kuvani Nawapo". Kuvani Nawapo is specially translated for Kuvani minorities. No matter how much the law is implemented, there are many journalists who write newspapers illegally. These journalists are arrested by the state. For this reason, Slanska is especially criticized by the Western Nations. In addition, LGBT rights are also a matter of debate. Although it is legal to be an LGBT person, the public's view of LGBT individuals is not optimistic and counter-attacks are common. The state rarely makes anti-LGBT propaganda.

Read factbook

I added "Politics" category to my factbook. I don't understand so much from politics, I tried my best

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Aephony wrote:My nose is closed and I am remembering the sweet sweet moment where my nose wasn't closed, ༼;´༎ຶ..̸̸̨۝ ༎ຶ༽
Appreciate your nostrils while you can.

Thank you, I will let them know their value to me right now!

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Aephony wrote:My nose is closed and I am remembering the sweet sweet moment where my nose wasn't closed, ༼;´༎ຶ..̸̸̨۝ ༎ຶ༽
Appreciate your nostrils while you can.

Does your nose, I do suppose, smell the rose from the toes of Moses's garden prose?

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Aephony wrote:My nose is closed and I am remembering the sweet sweet moment where my nose wasn't closed, ༼;´༎ຶ..̸̸̨۝ ༎ຶ༽
Appreciate your nostrils while you can.

Ah, the agony of having a stuffed nose. Not an experience I would wish onto anyone.

Ahhh I just accidentally made immigration illegal

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The Land Named Bob wrote:Ahhh I just accidentally made immigration illegal

well, Ya a have nothing to say to that

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Avatar Webby wrote:Does your nose, I do suppose, smell the rose from the toes of Moses's garden prose?

Quite poetic.

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Writing factbooks with complex formatting is like HTML + nation building.


New Filippe wrote:Writing factbooks with complex formatting is like HTML + nation building.

Floofybit, Imperve, and Slanska

Heanam 2

The Land Named Bob wrote:Ahhh I just accidentally made immigration illegal


Werstonal wrote:Ah, the agony of having a stuffed nose. Not an experience I would wish onto anyone.

Is it just a stuffy nose, or did you lose your sense of smell from COVID-19?

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Sorry I took so long on this, I’ve been a little behind on other things this week.

Welcome Mayveen, Berlando, Kistano, Araube, Duneraven, El obreros, The greenwich village, Gigastonks, Ametro, Sepai, Ventche, Wms, Hald mit, Grayk San, Dilso, Slanska, Nicole2, Fretic, Kestomarian, Werstonal, Alutagusemaa, Ethaquodiya, Planet Risa, Tomoka, Testnationv, and Stum atlen to Refugia!

We’re so happy to have you in the region with us! There’s a lot of great information in the welcome telegram you’ve already received, but I have a few things that might help settling into the region easier. Refugia is part of a larger community named Calamity Refuge, or CalRef. We have a discord here: and a forum here: Links for both are in the region description box at the top of this page. We host game nights and movie nights from the discord server, and have been recently making our way through the Studio Ghibli catalogue. On the forum we have RPs and spam games (not really related to NS). If you want a place to just chill and talk to friendly people, those are great spaces for that.

If you haven't already done so, please consider joining the World Assembly! Click the link to learn more information on what that means and how to do it. If you join the World Assembly, you can endorse other nations in the region (endorsing the delegate increases our regional vote) and get endorsed in return. You'll also become a Refugia Member State, which means you can vote in our elections and get a spot on our map of Refugia!

If you have any questions, please let us know. Everyone here is really friendly- I think we’ve only ever had one fatality from an introduction. If you prefer to read something pre-written over asking, however, check out this dispatch:



Primary Colour:


Secondary Colour:


Accent Colour:


Government Font:


Secondary Font:


Welcome to The Admin Tower, the central organisational point and directory to all of our associated offices, archives, and research material. In lore, the Admin Tower is the conduit by which internet magic is converted into administrative magic via its anchor stone. This magic forms the land of Refuge Isle, as well as its structure like the forum boards, wiki, lounge, and more. The collective body of which make up our IC and OOC community, Calamity Refuge.

Our NationStates presence is known as Refugia: a chill, left-leaning region that cares about the environment, human rights, and with a disproportionately large LGBT population. Notoriously independent and self-sufficient, by and large, Refugia rejects cumbersome diplomatic arrangements that infringe on our self-determination. Similarly, we develop and operate our own internal infrastructure, so as to never need to rely on third parties. As a result, this community is jarringly stable, having existed since 2008 and with every intention to keep being around.

In terms of regional government, Refugia is led by the Arch-Administrator and a democratically elected council who operate their respective areas as co-equals, unimpeded in their own domains. Our regional law, the Refugia Revised Statutes, is constructed from Member States' contributions. Proposed changes are voted on directly by all Member States at the time through a region-wide referendum on our secure off-site voting suite, LinkVote.CalRef.

Refugia is likely most notable for our contributions to the World Assembly. At the time of this writing, Refugi have brought about a total of twenty three resolutions (not counting co-authorships) to the voting floor. Nineteen of those were successfully passed into international law. Our semi-regular Green Week competitions champion our values as an eco region by challenging members to grow their eco-friendliness and environmental beauty in a two-tier approach that makes competition possible for both old and new nations.

We have also been through such adventures as to have twice survived zombie invasions without a single casualty. Similarly, were instrumental in the defence of Ba Sing Se, which was flawlessly shielded from all radiation damage during the nuclear assault of 2020. We also boast one of the highest International Artwork scores per capita, and are 9th in NationStates for most World Assembly endorsements. All of which can be attributed to the awesome people that live here.

Refugia's government is composed of five different Regional Councillors, as defined by law in the Refugia Revised Statutes. Four of the Councillors are elected directly by Member States in four month terms, and subject to recall votes by the same. Each of the four Councillors are, further, limited to be re-elected but once in a row. For every position, a Councillor is largely at liberty to decide the fate and direction of their office and how it wishes to conduct its business, unless specific power checks have been imposed on their functions by law. Certain substantial decisions about the regional direction require votes that original from Council members. All Councillors have equal political weight in these matters.

Presently, the Regional Council is composed of the following members:

  • The Arch-Administrator, which is defined as Refuge Isle, the region's founder. Although there is no head of government, due to the council structure, the Arch-Administrator is often a figurehead for the region as head of state. The Arch-Admin's responsibilities are primarily to appoint and dismiss other fairly elected councillors into their offices, as well as maintaining regional records and historical notes.

  • The Councillor of Foreign Affairs, presently held by Sylh Alanor. The Foreign Affairs Councillor maintains relationships with Refugia's allies and is responsible for managing the diplomatic corps of the region, providing lines of communication and timely updates, as well as managing it's necessary staff. The Councillor provides regional advice for the opening and closure of embassies, which are carried out by regional referenda.

  • The Councillor of Culture, presently held by Tiralta. The Councillor is responsible for hosting regional events that develop regional engagement and cultural identity. By law, the Councillor must develop regular and updated Eco-Reports for the region, that describe Refugia's environmental goals and how members can help reach them.

  • The Operations Councillor, presently held by Chacapoya. Operations requires a general knowledge of the world of NationStates, as its role is to be on the look out for threats to the region from outside and from within. When global events spiral all of known creation into turmoil, it is the Councillor of Operations that will determine the region's plan of action to deal with it.

  • The Councillor of World Assembly Affairs, presently held by Minskievian Refugees. World Assembly Affairs is responsible for facilitating discussions on World Assembly resolutions-at-vote, developing dispatches with Information For Voters (IFV) on current resolutions at vote, and providing regional recommendations for votes to the World Assembly Delegate.

Visit a government office to learn more about their functions.

All of Refugia's regional law is currently contained within the Refugia Revised Statutes. Any legal member state is entitled to draft a proposal to amend the law, and all proposals are passed by a simple majority of member states within the region. In this regard, Refugia is one of the few regions of the world that practices a direct democracy style, instead of passing the right to legislate through a more exclusive body. The statutes were originally the charter which founded the region and previously called the Regional Organisation and Integration, which organised Refugi Member States to form a government from a previously disassociated collective.

There have, at this time, been approximately ten revisions to the Statutes, carried out by four different authors. There remains an entire world's worth of legislation has still to be created. All past referendums to modify the law are recorded for reference purposes here.

If you would like to get involved
in legislation, check out our
How Does: Regional Legislation page.

The Regional Map is available visually, in living colour, ever since the transition from cryptic telegram signals.

The Regional Map was first announced on September 24, 2019, though it was not put into an official dispatch until November 25th of that year. Any Member State within the region (a nation within Refugia that has enrolled in the World Assembly and been in the region for at least a week) can fill out the application in the dispatch and telegram it to Sylh Alanor. Once the completed application has been received, Sylh Alanor may reply with questions to better understand locations or specific details, and will then let the Member State know when they're in queue for the next map update. The application mostly consists of details about the nation that will be placed onto the map itself, and we highly recommend filling out all questions to the best of your ability.

The region of Refugia is a collection of variously-sized islands located on the divide between the Hipster Sea and the Sea of Art in the North Connection Ocean, granting the people that live there access not only to high quality coffee and bicycles, but also premium paints, pens, and musical instruments. The region famously sprung from the depths of the ocean on January 31, 2019 fully formed and ready to be populated, entirely unquestioning toward the things that may have existed in its place before, or how it got here. The secret annals hidden away on floor 16 of the Admin Tower suggest that Refugia is actually part of some strange multiverse, a liminal space between different dimensions and possibilities, but in all respects outside of metaphysics, life seems to progress entirely normally.

The countries that make up Refugia cross boundaries of many different species, culture groups, and religions, but everyone works together to ensure a brighter future. Simplebots depart the Admin Tower approximately once per month to take new surveys of Refugia, noting the types of people that live in our region and reporting back to the Office of Cultural Affairs, which prepares and updates the official map. Each Member State is given a gift basket upon springing from the earth, filled with essentials like chocolate, magic springs, and the dictionary of Travel Runes created within the Office of Foreign Affairs.

By drawing these Travel Runes, any member of Refugia can travel to and communicated with the outside world.

How Does is a series of dispatches and Wiki.CalRef articles provided by the community of Refugia.

This program aims to provide helpful tutorials about all things NationStates through our membership's collective experience and know-how. Anyone is welcome to use this repository of knowledge, and we hope it serves to allow the reader to accomplish any of their goals. Should any dispatch here go missing, a backup will be available through the link in the far right side of the navigation bar, which will redirect you to to our off-site wiki.

If you are coming here from the wiki and notice that this article is out of date with the wiki's version, please contact the author of the dispatch in question, the Arch-Administrator, or the Councillor of Culture.

How Does Challenges

The minigame allows you to select another nation on the site, and challenge them according to the only variables that the game is able to comprehend: Stats. This page can be reached by travelling to the page of the nation you wish to challenge and pressing the targetting reticle, or by navigating directly to the Challenges homepage.

How Does Cards

NationStates Trading Cards are a unique trading card mechanic built inside NationStates. Cards are generated once a year (on average), and for every nation existent at that time, regardless of size, the game creates a card for that nation. Those cards are all split into rarities and each have their own number values and prices.

How Does World Assembly

The World Assembly (WA) is the international political centre of NationStates. Membership in the WA allows a nation to participate in areas of NationStates they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, such as raiding/defending gameplay and voting on General Assembly and Security Council resolutions.

How Does RRS

Although not strictly required, all of Refugia's regional law is currently located within the Refugia Revised Statutes. The guidelines are relatively lax, however previous revisions have taken place in the style of this tutorial.

LinkHow Does Dot

A 100% Refugi-coded chatbot, originally made for Refugia, now available anywhere. Her functions include providing member/server information, making NationStates API calls, and more. Type "I cast commands" for a list of commands.

The Refugia Tower Archives is an ongoing project overseen by the Arch-Admin to record various data and statistics for both the region of Refugia and the wider NationStates website.

Originally started as a series of disconnected dispatches to record Refugia's regional history as it was being made, the project has since expanded into a much larger, ongoing process. Our informational dispatches currently include Refugia's historical regional data such as Council history and delegate voting records for specific World Assembly resolutions. There are also a growing number of dispatches such as top regions by World Assembly members, World Assembly trends and history, and other NationStates statistical pieces which are accessible to anyone.

Any data or record errors should be reported to the local authority.

Refugia Council Records

The Regional Council, originally established by the Regional Organisation and Integration (ROI), dates back to our founding in early 2019. Since its inception, the Regional Council has added two offices and survived the jump to the Refugia Revised Statutes (RRS). This dispatch records the holder of each office and the delegacy each month from the beginning of Refugia to now.

Regions by WA Members

This dispatch was created to document the number of World Assembly members by region. Updated monthly, it reports the top 500 nations by World Assembly membership and shows the gains and losses those regions have seen over the previous month. It also denotes when a new top 500 region enters the scene.

NationStates Classifications

Many years ago, a government classification chart was created to record each of the 27 government types on NationStates's popularity by percentage. On October 13, 2020, Refuge Isle created a new one, and has periodically updated it since then. The chart shows the prevalence of each government type by all nations, as well as World Assembly nations, along with the graphs' source data.

Passed RRS Amendments

Refugia operates by a singular government document, the Revised Statutes. It has been amended more than a dozen times since its original creation. Whether setting new environmental goals, establishing new Council seats, or overhauling the entire RRS itself, every amendment proposed to our laws have been recorded and preserved in this dispatch.

Voting Record
(2019 - 2020)

A complete record of every vote by the Refugia World Assembly delegate for the years 2019 (Refuge Isle) and 2020 (Sylh Alanor). This dispatch also contains the name, date, and author of each resolution, as well as the stomping power that the delegate had at the time.

Voting Record
(2021 - 2022)

A complete record of every vote by the Refugia World Assembly delegate for the years 2021 and 2022 (Sylh Alanor). This dispatch also contains the name, date, and author (including links if the author was a Refugi) of each resolution, the number of votes the delegate had at the time.

World Assembly Trends and History II

A series of graphs detailing the rise and falls of feeders, sinkers, and UCRs alike. Included among these are indications of power consolidation by the game created regions (specifically feeders), while the diversity of minor UCR delegates fall, but those who make it grow to be strong.

Read factbook

Hello everyone

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Parynome wrote:Hello everyone


I have collected 3 out of 328 Refugian cards!
(Araine, Chacapoya, and Refuge Isle)

Parynome wrote:Hello everyone


The Land Named Bob wrote:I have collected 3 out of 328 Refugian cards!
(Araine, Chacapoya, and Refuge Isle)

Ayyy nice. You might be surprised, but the Refugi card collection is actually pretty small, since S2 of cards came out in 2019. Because we were still pretty small at that time,there are only 53 cards, and you can find all of them in Luca's completed collection here: page=deck/collection=16699/nation=refuge_isle

Some might be for sale and you can pump up those numbers.

Sylh Alanor wrote:since S2 of cards came out in 2019.


oh my god

Typica, Sylh Alanor, Vikoland, and Imperve

Rights and Freedoms

The Bill of Rights is a document outlining the rights and privileges of every citizen.

Fundamental Rights of Beings

The Fundamental Rights of Beings is a document outlining broad statements of fundamental rights and freedoms of the citizens. The document is a basic summary of the "1624 Filippian Constitution".

1. Freedom of Expression
2. Freedom of Religion
3. Right of Passage to Justice
4. Free Education and Healthcare
5. Right of Travel
6. Separation of Church and State/State-enforced Secularism
7. Right to Privacy and Self-Property
8. Grant Asylum
9. Protection of Human Life
10. Freedom from Discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity
11. Free use of Public Spaces and Infrastructure
12. Respect to Individual Liberty and Identity

Marriage Equality

Since 2016, Same-sex marriage was legalized though out the entire 50 states. Since then, Americans and Europeans, both magical and non-magical, enjoys marriage equality and privileges under the new amendment. Sex-reassignment surgery is still necessary if a person wanted to change their gender yet, but the overall LGBTQ+ rights is astoundingly progressive and is the most liberal among the surviving Western countries.

Slavery and Forced Labor

Forced Labor and Slavery was constitutionally banned.


Abortion is decriminalized and permitted for twelve weeks for common reasons, up to twenty weeks for intercourse cases such as rape, incest, or from socioeconomical reasons, and more if the fetus is impaired or the fetus is directly harming the mother.

Gender Suffrages

Suffrages for both men and women, magical and non-magical are provided by the constitution as a state right of any citizen to vote without interverence, threat, and persuasion with intended harm. It is part of the voting rights regarded as one of the Fundamental rights of Beings because of its factor as a driving force of Democracy.


Divorce is included as a right of any married couple to terminate the marriage and sever the connection. Divorce has a definite lapse time between each divorce. It is outlined in the Constitution as one of the fundamental rights of every Individual. The assets would be divided between the two individuals regardless of what asset it its, and children over the age of 16 can choose where do they want to go. Children under the said age needs another relative or guardian to safeguard the growth of the child. Divorce also revokes their last name.


All citizens has the right for employment. Contractualization of a worker is definitely banned constitutionally. As such, the institution should give their workers the benefits and privileges as entitled by the Law. Workers also has the freedom to form organizations and councils to tackle their rights as citizens. Under the Law, the institution should provide equal compensation for everyone, free access to promotion and training opportunities, and provide equal opportunity for all.

Private Property

Citizens are allowed to have private properties and personal assets. They are entitled to the Private Property rights listed as one of the fundamental rights of Beings. Citizens have the right to utilize the land, own the resources within his property, and utilizing their assets for rent or sell as investments.

Death Penalty

Death Penalty is illegal as it infringes on one of the State's utmost duty: to protect and maintain the lives of its citizens. The sanctity of life should be followed regardless of crime commited. The mitigation of crime is the utmost priority to lessen the significance of the Death Penalty.

Agrarian Reform

Agrarian Reform is prioritized as the main production for the sustainability of the nation. The Law protects small farmers and provides them with incentives to stimulate productivity and growth. Easy transportation of crops and business subsidization is necessary to establish a continued chain of food prodcution. Farmers' freedom to pursue higher jobs is unrestricted as it respects the person's free will. The Law also guarantees strict maintenance and the responsibility for the quality of life of the workers.

Intellectual Property Rights

As the Internet remains unrestricted unless absolutely necessary, the IP rights governs the protection of a person's works (inventions, posters, paintings, artistic works, industrial designs, novels, music, etc.). The protected work could either be patented or not. Citizens are advised to patent their work through the Intellectual Property Office to obtain necessary documents that could prove that you're the creator/owner of your invention or work.


Women are allowed to keep their maiden's name as a request to the Statistics Office.

Child and Forced Marriages

Child and Forced Marriages, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity and sexuality, are constitutionally banned.

Penal Rights

Criminals are to be rehabilitated in specific rehabilitation zones. The State protects the privacy and identity of the criminal with proper psychological support in the absence of any penal colonies and institutions. The State should fiercely implement the rights of the criminal as they goes to rigorous rehabilitation processes.

Drug Rights

Cannabis can be purchased legally by the citizens. Marijuana is illegal for public use with exemption of medical research and medical drug use. The State enforces strict drug laws against most dangerous drugs for Level II drugs and higher. The regulation and public drug education for most citizens is important.

Sex Education and Contraception

Sex education became part of the National Curriculum starting at 10th grade. This will educate young people around the importance of protection, techniques for safe sex, and contraceptives. The State enforces Reproductive Health Rights among its citizens to help combat rising birth rates of the Filippians. Contraceptives are made available for every drug stores around the country.

Immigration Laws

The New Filippian Immigration Law of 2102 allows for any alien citizens to attain citizenship after living within the country for at least five years and passing the USNF Citizenship Test. The Immigration Law emphasizes the Jus Soli or "Rule of Soil", using birthright of the parents as a path for naturalization. But foreign aliens can take the long path of Test Naturalization as their process. The Immigration Agency would ask for your biometrics, name, country of origin, duration of residency, address of current residence, current job, knowledge of USNF government and history, and good moral character from the past country. The citizenship test is required to be taken before swearing the "Oath of Allegiance". The foreigner would then be officially naturalized as a citizen of New Filippe, granted the same rights and freedoms as everyone else and is listed as an urgent addition to the nation's census.

Voting Rights

Every citizen has the right to vote in equal representation. Therefore, active Suffrages and boulevard franchises are common during election years. The State uphelds the people's right to vote as the benchmark of democracy. Any actions and events supressing the voting power would be punished according to the law. Safeguarding ballot machines and establishing accessible voting points around the country would maximize the voting potential of every citizen. Both in-site voting process and Postal and Cellular Voting Process is allowed as to reach the cap of the voting population. Every citizen should vote accordingly to their desire and not to the threat of another.

Read factbook

Finally something productive. I just wanted to share this dispatch that describes more about social policies of this country that is poorly described by the NS policies tab.

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Refuge Isle wrote:oh

oh my god

There are roughly 353k unique cards in existence.

Typica, Refuge Isle, and Imperve

Avatar Webby wrote:There are roughly 353k unique cards in existence.

That one doesn't surprise me much. I've seen about all of them.

Typica, Chatula, Imperve, and Avatar Webby

Sorry I’ve been inactive for a while, real life got in the way and I wasn’t able to play. but I’m back!

Typica, Sylh Alanor, and Imperve

Everetunga-Hari wrote:Sorry I’ve been inactive for a while, real life got in the way and I wasn’t able to play. but I’m back!

Welcome back! I hope everything irl is going okay now.

Typica, Vikoland, Imperve, Everetunga-Hari, and 2 othersMoulk2, and The greenwich village

I appreciate the increase of activity on the RMB lately, bujt I somewhat miss the serious WA-proposals and SC-resolutions discussions.

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