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UwUsberg wrote:

The highly classified data publicly-available information I've gathered has actually given me a few ideas. Do y'all have any interest in doing an Among Us game night like TLA sometimes does?

This sounds quite fun!

UwUsberg wrote:Hi everyone! I guess right now might be a nice time for some good news regarding our foreign embassies. This month's Embassy Update for The Leftist Assembly is finished. The nefarious plot friendly international relations are going very well.

Hello again! This is the second update on my top-secret spy mission in The Leftist Assembly. As envoy, I've built a list of notable goings-on, grouped into four neat categories. It contains everything from memes to legal proceedings to murderous spacemen.

General Information About TLA:

Community Events

  • 11/11/2020: New Arkados becomes newest TLA Discord server admin

  • 11/12/2020: TLA Census closes, results to be published soon

  • 11/13/2020: TLA November 2020 Census results released. A Linkfull results presentation and Linkcensus history are also available

  • 11/21/2020: Game night - Among Us

  • 11/23/2020: Llorens distributes November 2020 Unity StatisticsTM poll on the performance of the current TLA cabinet

  • 11/25/2020: Kavagrad releases November 2020 State of the Assembly on RMB, along with Medal Ceremony

  • 11/25/2020: November 2020 Secretary Unity Statistics results released in RMB

  • 11/27/2020: Comrade Index and Young Comrade Index released by Unity Statistics

  • 11/23/2020:Llorens distributes November 2020 Unity StatisticsTM poll on the performance of the current TLA General Assembly

  • 11/30/2020: Kavagrad distributes pre-election poll to gauge support for all the December 2020 secretarial candidates

  • 11/30/2020: November 2020 GA Unity Statistics released in RMB



  • 11/12/2020: Kava Day! Kavagrad declares that “gnomes do not exist”, that he is “allowed to double-post on the RMB.” and that “There is no criticism of Kava in TLA on this wonderful Kava Day!”, finally concluding that he is “Nothing like Stalin at all”

  • 11/13/2020: Kava Day has ended. The gnomes lived, bitch.

Well, that's all for this month's update. I assure you that I am taking every precaution to avoid the Assemblians noticing my evil schemes. Soon, all of TLA will be under our thumb.

Solidarity Forever,

Read factbook

The highly classified data publicly-available information I've gathered has actually given me a few ideas. Do y'all have any interest in doing an Among Us game night like TLA sometimes does?

Oh my word, amazing. Thank you for this update. Your dispatch is now the 10th trending.

Refuge Isle wrote:Oh my word, amazing. Thank you for this update. Your dispatch is now the 10th trending.

And who, might I ask, is in first?

UwUsberg wrote:The highly classified data publicly-available information I've gathered has actually given me a few ideas. Do y'all have any interest in doing an Among Us game night like TLA sometimes does?

That sounds like fun as long as it's on a weekend, who knows what school will throw at me this week. Jk, I only have 2 projects for the next couple of weeks(if you don't count the DBQ I have to do tonight, my WHAP teachers' nice like that).

Here you go! Here is the November Issue of The Monthly Tabloid Newsletter! Don't forget to Upvote!

November 2020 || Issue V

The Monthly Tabloid

India Official Newsletter

Editor: Indusse
Writers: Whole India,Indusse.

Editor's Desk

Yes.. It's TMT again with another edition to downvote into devolution or maybe this time it's upvotes? Last Edition was the most read edition of the newsletter and the longest too, but for some reason it got downvoted into emptiness. Anyway we have tried our best again, but this time we will just have limited articles due to journalists being busy in RL. You'll also have a article by the Infamous Whole India which played a key role in the downvote process. Please note this isn't a Official statement and have a nice read.

Quick News
Hebitaka reached the finals of the first ever Nationstates Sepak Takraw World Cup, Congrats Hebi!
• India took part in the User Created Region Conference (UCRCON) edition three and the event was a great success.
• New Cabinet brought into power with Awell Islands as Prime Minister.

1. LinkNovember Mid Podcast
2. LinkNovember Podcast

The Politics of the Day: The Next NS Superpower
Part 2 of 2: Creating a sphere of influence

Written by Whole India

In the last volume, we saw a few regions which are considered as the next superpower and we saw their possibilities. Today we will see the Blocs of these regions means their sphere of influence and ranks. The Spheres of Influence also contribute a lot in making of regions. As few get the blessings while few lead the path. The larger the sphere the better, but a sphere without a leader is also not at the best position.

Spheres of Influence [In Short]:-

1. World Assembly Legislative League [WALL]
WALL isn’t a military alliance, however, it is a type of alliance, and like its name suggests it is more indulged in the World Assembly’s Affairs. WALL is unofficially led by the North Pacific and is indeed their Sphere of Influence. Balder, Europeia, Europe, and the International Democratic Union [IDU] are a part of it.

2. The Consortium
The Consortium is a multi-lateral all aspect alliance. However, with the fall of TEP, it may be tedious to progress, but TEP is still leading this as their sphere of influence. The alliance’s foundation date is yet to be declared. Such slow progress in the alliance naturally makes an individual hinder the alliance. The East Pacific, The Free Nations Region, The Kingdom of Great Britain, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Force, Thaecia, Eientei Gensokyo are the members of the Consortium.

3. NSLeft
NSLeft is a leftist alliance led by the Communist Bloc. This region is a type of Comintern. This region’s aim is to promote Leftism in NS. The Communist Bloc, The Leftist Assembly, North Korea, Anarchy, Social Liberal Union, Mariner Trench. The Antifa also has an embassy with NSLeft.

3. Antifa
Antifa is another Sphere of Influence lead by the Communist Bloc, but this region only concentrates on Military warfare against Fascist regions. All Liberated and refounded former fascist regions have embassies with Antifa. Freedom and Justice Alliance, In the Flesh, Mariner Trench, North Korea, The Free Nations Region, The Internationale, The Kingdom of Great Britain, Wintercrest are members of Antifa.

4. United Regions Alliance [URA]
URA is also known as “United Regions Alliance”. It is led by the Conch Kingdom, though it’s a multilateral Alliance. 32 regions are part of it. Making it once of the biggest alliances in NS.

5. Assembly of Regions [AOR]
AOR which was once equivalent to URA is now on collapse as many regions are leaving it. It was founded by Dierexa or Wolf of Moonlight Battle Born and later the creator himself had left the union.

Ranks for the next potential superpower/s:-

1]The South Pacific [TSP] or The Rejected Releams [TRR]

2] Europeia or 10000 islands

3] The Pacific

4] The Communist Bloc

5] Forest or Europe

6] The East Pacific [TEP]

7] The West Pacific [TWP]
[sub] This isn't a official statement of the region of India

November Elections: Incumbents Again!

Written by Indusse

November saw the tri-monthly World Assembly Delegate Elections and Parliamentary speaker elections been conducted. The results of both the elections weren't unexpected says various nations and participants of the elections. The Speaker Elections saw incumbent Madhyarashtra been elected with a supreme majority as the speaker. Madhyarashtra was challenged by Indigrad and Rajput Great who are also fellow citizens to the post of speaker. The opposing candidates could only secure a single vote for them in the elections.

The elections for the biggest post, World Assembly Delegate was won by the incumbent Indusse with a clear majority and permanent votes from the Endorsees. The World Assembly Delegate candidates were Rajpore; who was a long time member of the region, Gadhavi; New but active member of the region and Indusse; the present delegate who had already been elected in the past to the office for five hundred and five days. The elections also saw the new nation, Gadhavi reaching second surpassing the old Rajpore. It was noted that only two nations shifted the endorsement towards Gadhavi and none shifted towards Rajpore. Indusse was unanimously elected and the new cabinet was appointed.

Have a taste of the Banhammer : Look out for them!
Please look out for these nations

Written by Indusse

It has been a while since bans and ejections left India. Bans and ejections were a frequent ceremony and was part of Indian Activity in the past terms. Ejections and Banishment were extensively practiced in the reign of Hindu Puri. Over a dozen of nations were ejected each month for trolling and spamming the RMB, this time it's something different. The latest banishment was of 'Mother China' , like the name suggests a Chinese themed nation who trolled,spammed and provoked fellow nations by talking against India and it's diverse citizens. Upon the request of the fellow nations the spammer was banejected from the region on thirtieth of November.

The Second and the most important one was the banejection of Rajpore, a well known member of the region and two time WAD candidate. The reason of the ban on Rajpore was the sudden, unexpected raid on the discord server of AoR Roleplay or former Assembly of Regions Roleplay. The discord server had more than 15 channels with vivid resources and information and over 80 members. The raiders who were more than 3, destroyed the server completely kicking majority of the server members and deleting all the channels. The raiders finally created two channels and mass pinged everyone in the server till someone banned one of the leaders who is said to be Rajpore from the server. The New AoR RP server is been set up with the help of Aav (Heartfelden Founder and Roleplayer in the server) and is currently closed to development. Some of the members of the roleplay server have stated Rajpore can be innocent and he will not be able to do this, still some proofs go against him and is currently teaching the conclusion that he is the Impostor (Raider). Various servers in which he was part of banejected him. It has been found he has Alternate accounts namely Rajpore and a one with the PF of Indonesian president Jokowidodo. The Username of the raider was 'Thanos,but destroys AoR#9317'. Please look out for these IDs and nations.

Time for Cricket: AICB Season 3

Written by Indusse

After the long pause of everything, India have revived sports Roleplaying again! After the All India Football Cup Season 2 hosted by Orissa Islands, The Sports Committee have introduced the signups for the third edition of the cricket tournament, All India Cricket Blast under the overseer of new sports minister Indigrad. It has been said that Indigrad will be posting a host bid for the third edition with this. The third edition has a speciality, it's the first time where India is allowing Diplomatic Puppets to take part in sports events and congratulations to Wisch from XKI, The XKI diplomat to India for being the first diplomat to take a spot in the event. The sign-up thread is currently open and is waiting for more diplomats and citizens to take part in the tourney. The Tournament have Indusse as the defending champions and is looking forward to know whether indusse will win again, Hebitaka who is a emerging sporting nation also has a chance to win the game. Recently,Hebitaka had reached the finals of the Sepak Takraw WorldCup.

Supreme Court of India: November
Whole India v Government of India

Written by Indusse

In the month of November, The Supreme Court adjourned for the hearing of the case presented by Whole India. The Case was a Appeal against the Administrative ban levied on Whole India long back. Whole India was subjected to a ban on taking any Admin position in India till April 2021. Whole India went to the supreme court and appealed against the Government of India. The Court adjourned and a stance was said within two days. The supreme court removed all the bans from Whole India and he's now free to be part of administration. The Judges Bench consisting of Hindu Ram Rajya,Gujarat Parma and Devraj saidAfter hearing the arguments made by Lawyer of Whole India and Indusse, we have come to a verdict.
Our first point is, the main allegation on which Whole India was banned is the allegation of that he was a Black Hawk agent which has been shown as false as testified.
Secondly, criticising the government is okay, but should be done so in a appropriate and constructive manner(constructive criticism).
Thirdly, the tenure of a punishment of a mistake which he didn't commit is long enough. He has served nearly double of his sentence.
So we judges, hereby acquit Whole India of all charges, and his ban will be lifted on 1st of December 2020, effectively.

There isn't any articles under FunBox this edition. Due to RL, Majority of the Journalist couldn't write any articles

TMT is looking for journalists interested to write articles and other features in the newsletter, Podcast Host Submissions are also invited. Contact the editor for more details

Read dispatch

Thanks for sending a diplomat!

Flohovistan wrote:You may view these things differently, but I view NS embassies as treasures, a sign of how influential and known you are. I personally believe people shouldn't get rid of embassies, but what's one vote against nine? I will vote against it nonetheless.

Respect your view but it is not the prevailing one amongst larger regions. More condensed lists of embassies generally signify that the region is discerning about who it establishes an embassy with - and suggests that they are more likely to make a sincere effort to build and maintain strong relationships with those they do hold embassies with. Closing an embassy with an inactive region means that the region can refocus its foreign affairs on the regions who reciprocate our efforts and/or gives us additional capacity to open new embassies with regions that might benefit us socially and politically.

Heya folks.

By popular request, the World Assembly Development Program for cards is back up and running for December, check it out:

Card Lottery!

Last Event's Winner

Heya Refugia!

It has been a slight momentito since the last card lottery was completed. These momentitos have been long and considerate due to the impending economic crises of those gosh darned 1%ers. A pox and tax will be applied to their lives and houses, surely. In the last competition over the blessings of the random number generator, Kallictora emerged successful and reigned supreme with the aquisition of a mint condition Luna Amore S2. Citizens from all of Refugia now travel to their museums to gush over such artwork.

For December, backed by popular demand as reported by The 2020 Refuge Census, the card lottery is returning post haste. This time, however, Refugia has grown substantially in size. With twice as many possible WA nations within the region, we're going to tilt the odds to be slightly better by trippling the possible rewards to be had, just for supporting Refugia's WA voting presence. As a result, for ever nation endorsing the delegate by Saturday, December 12th, 2020 their nation will be added to the available lottery pool. The prizes of this pool will be:

S2 Drasnia, the best highest prize and one of the best looking cards of Season 2, worth an incredible 200 bank, or 20,000 commons.
Helaw, one of only a few cards ever to have every major badge, and carrying a value of 84.00.
Bears Armed, legendary General Assembly Secretariat CTE'd for half the season, and also carrying a value of 84.00

So get qualified to win by endorsing the delegate!
A nation may only win once per event, the founder and delegate cannot participate for obvious reasons.

We will also be restarting the other event that's far less luck-oriented to benefit from, which is the...

Endotarting Competition!

What the heck does that mean?

Endotarting is when you, as a WA nation, go around to every other WA nation in the region and endorse them. This is great for other people's nations because it increases their endorsement census stat and gives them a warm fuzzy feeling. It's also great because every endorsement on a nation means that they gain +1 influence points twice a day, and can collectively build that stat as well. No one else can get native Refugia influence, it's all just for us.

Strategically, having influence in the region is a great boon for us all. Refugia is fantastic and wonderful, and I want it to last for ages. However, if something were to happen to me, the delegate seat would gain all of my powers. If that happens, dark forces from the great beyond could target Refugia and steal our kneecaps! The fact is, though, that if a bad actor gains control of the delegacy, they'll want to start banning nations, and the only thing that will protect us is the regional influence on all of our accounts. So when we all have a ton of endorsements on our nations, we slowly get stronger and safer.

Last time, we took Refugia from 85th in the world for endorsements up to an incredible 24th, and I think there's still some ways we can improve and earn rewards along the way. So I'm going to get the ball rolling by providing this list of Refugia WA nations that can be endorsed. And everyone should try to endorse everyone on this list, and check the regional census page periodically to see if you can find anyone new to endorse.

For the top fifteen people who have given out the most endorsements by Saturday December 19th, 2020, I will give out a Season 2 Ral Ixshida, and I expect a few more will be given out than that, too. So let's get those endos out there!

Read dispatch

Edit: Slightly unrelated, but whoever is the first Refugi to make a complete Season 3 Refugia Nations collection will get a free Season 3 Testlandia from me. That's a standing offer, as I will not be making that collection in the coming season.

I’m exciteddddddddd!!!! Also how are ya’ll? Hows ya days? We’re gettin into holiday season nowadays :333 Eeeee I’m excited!! Anyway have a great day folks ^-^

Indimu wrote:I’m exciteddddddddd!!!! Also how are ya’ll? Hows ya days? We’re gettin into holiday season nowadays :333 Eeeee I’m excited!! Anyway have a great day folks ^-^

I'm tired but good. Happy tired you could venture. I'm absolutely vibing with the Christmas spirit already. You have a great one too!

Just an announcement on the GA vote: Seeing the overwhelming amount of support this proposal has received from Refugi, plus the counterarguments given in the RMB when we discussed it, I've changed my vote to For. My previous against vote was shaky anyway and mostly based on some of Cretox's word choice habits :P

Welcome Melotzeli, Golialdwith, Isle Aurelia, Onaflz, Girls and the Gays, Tre Bia Land, Julance, Min Ruma, Lamberto, Browand, and Bipitybopity to Refugia! If you have any questions about how Nationstates or Refugia works, please feel free to ask either here or in our official discord server (linked at the top of the region page) ^-^ everyone here is super nice and helpful.

If you haven't already, please consider signing up for the World Assembly. If you become a WA nation, you'll be a Member State in Refugia, which will let you apply to be on our regional map and vote in our elections. But what's most important is that you just do what makes you feel comfortable. If all you're feeling up to at the moment is chilling and chatting with us while answering issues, that's totally cool.

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