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Hi friends, I'm outlining two upcoming dispatches for the region and I want to hear from you all before I finalise them.

1. Have you experienced anything cool in your nation or in the wider aspects of Refugia and NS? Send me a telegram outlining what you've seen so I can report it in the upcoming cultural dispatch!

2. Any tips on how to help the environment, or interesting environmental stories you've come across online? Let me know for the upcoming eco report!

I'll be taking suggestions indefinitely; if your story or tip isn't featured in the next dispatch, it'll be saved for a future one. Thanks so much ❤️❤️ you're all amazing.

Also I wanted to let everyone know we received a heartfelt thank you from Devil Heart, the Minister of External Affairs of Canada:

"Hello Sylh Alanor,

I made a little visit to Refugia just now and wanted to ask if you could post from the Canadian region, our most warm and sincere thanks for your assistance during the most recent zombie crisis.

Many thanks,

Cheers from Matilda Love (Minister of External Affairs) from Devil Heart, Canada."

Sorry for spamming the boards (lol) but I've posted the Eco-Report for November here.

Internal vote count is now 1-2 against the GAR 472 repeal, so I have voted against to represent that regional sentiment. If things change later on, I will update that vote.

*swims around happily*

Hi friend! I've missed you ❤️

WA Information: The previous proposal at vote, which aimed to repeal Ban on Sterilisation of Minors Etc has been declared illegal by the General Secretariat for an Honest Mistake violation, misrepresenting the nature of the original proposal. Although it passed by votes, it has not gone into law and has been discarded.

For the current GA resolution at vote, I recommend a vote of against. My thoughts on the proposal are in the NS General Assembly board here viewtopic.php?p=36422230#p36422230

I also have an update in the wake of the previous Eco-Report. Ecosia has released a new blog post detailing some of the new things they're about to do. Their usage has skyrocketed, and 8.5 million people have switched to using their service as a full-time search alternative. Check out all the good news <3

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