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Founded: 2020.02.25
a QSA oracle region

Surprised to see someone here. LOL


John Graves Simcoe wrote:Surprised to see someone here. LOL

I saw the new region on the activity. Will Doug Ford be
Premier of Ontario lol

Post self-deleted by Bahamas2420.

Hello John Graves Simcoe I was wondering if I could run for the position of WA delegate

Thought that Doug Ford was premier. Mind I did not vote for him because I was away at the time.

As for delegate? I have no say towards that position.

I will be soon changing the type of this region from a Holding Embassy Oracle region to a Puppet Storage region, and eventually it will become an embassy matrix region.

Just a note about delegate in any of my regions: the office holds no powers.

See all Benevolent cards at Benevolent Lifeforms (S1) and Benevolent Universe (S2).

This region is getting prepared to switch from my (Embassy) Oracle List to my (Embassy) Matrix List. Only my Matrix regions accept embassy offers from outside regions, as my oracle regions only have two embassies that create a link in my embassy chain.

As for cards? All of that is handled by my main puppet nation, Chopaka, the founder of my Embassy Oracle Prime region Banana.

I will be converting nine regions at once from my oracle list to my matrix list. Some are new, and were never part of the Embassy Oracle List.

1. British North America
2. Compagnie
3. Europi
4. Houston
5. Memphis
6. Nashville
7. The Protector
8. the Southern Ocean
9. Province of Ontario

Before I get that started, I may find another region or two to add to the list.

Any embassy offer found will be accepted.