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Post by Harsfalld suppressed by Charlottetown.

Hey there %nation%!

Your inbox is probably full of telegrams to join a region. I know you may be wondering what here at Era we have to offer...

Well first of all Iím sorry to tell we are not very big. But you could help us grow into a powerful and influential region!

Now you will be one of the first to join and therefore will be my number one priority! So far we have several programs we are looking to expand:
First of all our military! We are not a scummy raider region! We are liberators! We answer any plea for help across the world!
And second, the Citizen Council as well as the Grand Council! As an early member you could be part of the creation of laws that could one day govern 100s of others!

Now that youíve heard all of this I have you decide to join this growing region! So if your interested just join Era!

recruiting in a player created region... :(

College of Piping is in PEI! The only year-round bagpiping school in North America!

Wondered if there was a bagpipe school. Nice to know that there is one just down the road. Actually, Summerside is the other end of the Island from my summer house.