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Farewell Nyksos!
I would love to stay longer, but I fear my tour would take too long otherwise!
It's been great, and if you have any questions, feel free to telegram me!


Howdy, neighbors!
A new poll is up authored by yours truly. Please take a look at it and give your vote.
In other news, we were visited by an emissary of The United States of Justopia who recently left.
That's about it for now.
Peace be with you,

Hello once more,

A new poll has been created in regards to furthering our relationship with The United Nations of Justopia so I ask that you check it out. Things hav been relatively peaceful in the recent days, just the way we like it here in Nyksos. As I hope you all agree, peace helps our region thrive. A way you can help maintain this peace is by endorsing me, your regional WA Delegate and our founding nation, Mesilla. Keep in mind this only applies if you are a member of the World Assembly. Endorsing these nations helps to secure our region from the constant threat of invasions by raiders, a wound our region once bore.

That's all for now,

I hope all is going well here!


Dear Nyksos,
Seventy years ago today ended the end of Nyksos War II and the reign of Nazi Tholden. Since then peace has been slowly beginning to start again. As the world changes so should peace. So I would like to thank the soldiers of Tableia, Mesilla, Merri,Tholden, and the former Egraamaa who died to establish this new peace. I hope the old nations of Nyksos and the new nations Of Nyksos can continue to hold up this peace. As my past rival and now new ally says...

Let The Peace Prevail
-King Hannibal Eatson of Tholden

Lower worlarius

Hello Comrades of Nyksos,
This is message from Supreme Leader Pzak of Lower Worlarius. (You may call me Bob you capitalist pigs.) I would just like to say that we are newcomers to your region and are not planning an armed uprising involving automatic rifles and an ungodly amount of vodka.
Thank you for your time.

An interesting little survey you can take:

Happy New Year's!!!

Hello Nyksos,
Tholden would like to be the first to announce the the first Queen to rise to power in Tholden! This is an astonishing milestone for Tholden and we would like to invite everyone to our Queen's inauguration on Friday, February 16th 2018!

Post self-deleted by Nyx and Nyx Territories.

Post self-deleted by Nyx and Nyx Territories.

I have joined,

The Confederacy Turkoia

Tholden and Pax et amandum

Merry Christmas from our region to yours!

**Sends a large tray of homemade Christmas cookies**