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Post by Feng Dynasty suppressed by Lake Perseverance.

Corlenia wrote:"FIRE! FIRE NOW!" A cannon operator at Tombstone base yelled to the rest of his crew.
The massive cannon turned upwards, and a plume of fire, as well a sonic shockwave left the cannon barrel as it's hypersonic missile, loaded with a 5,000 kilogram warhead shot upwards into the sky. It's wings unfolded, and it's scramjet engine ignited, accelerating the missile to mach 7.

5 minutes later:
The aliens onboard the large attack shuttle locked in geostationary orbit over Corlenia looked onwards in confusion as a streak of yellow light approached them. They have had their shields offline for roughly 57 minutes as of now, as well as weaponry, communications, and engines. The light crept closer, and a few began to run from the bridge as it suddenly stopped creeping closer, and began to show the outline of a small rocket.
Then, it struck the ship.
A blast of light, several hundred meters in diameter expanded from it's bridge, and suddenly, almost everyone on the bridge was sucked into the blackness of space.
Then, the ship began to descend, slowly at first, due to it's immense size, but over the course of several minutes, it was streaking towards the planet at several kilometers a second.
A second missile struck it's life support, allowing more poor souls to be sucked into the abyss.
Fire flicked at it's surrounding outer shell, and the ship turned into a fireball, streaking towards Earth. The openings in the ship left by the missiles caused it's surface to be disturbed, and the ship split into hundreds of fragments before entering the lower thermosphere.

16 minutes later:
The ship's fragments struck the planet, creating craters dozens of meters wide, and shaking the rainforests they landed in.
Now, the military can rest well, knowing that it will not come under attack for quite a while.

OOC: I don't think making any of the motherships falling on NU would be a good idea. According to the simulator it will cause an earthquake on Richter Scale 10, a shockwave that can collapse multi story buildings, and a crater large enough to cover the city of London here on earth. I was also instructed not to make any of it fall so.....

And also I don't think a few missiles can bring down a 9 km ship

Jezabelstien wrote:By the time they suspected, it was already too late...
Dark metal stained with dark blue blood, the fetid stench of death hung across the corridors, frantic shouting across communication channels was met with silence as the bridge and the new king remained cut off, the doors barred and watched by his most trusted.
It didn't hold, the walls eroded inwards with a smoldering haze and gave way in four locations, the chunks of metal crashing to the ground in a calamitous screech, crushing an unfortunate soul.
Brilliant beams erupted and slashed across the ingress points, the violet spray of destructive light barely illuminating the distorted frames of the assailants, the king shouted defiantly in his alien tongue but was silenced as one unseen rammed a spike through the back of his skull, ripping his mind away as his body burned to nothing upon the misbegotten throne.
The whole breach only took a minute, leaving the faceless soldiers in control of the Orfeara, they quickly set to work, driving large metal spikes into every control panel they found, holographic displays flickering and distorting before the systems were completely subsumed by the playful face of the strange girl...
She manifested fully upon the bridge, taking a moment to bow to the corpses before turning her gaze upon the now empty bridge; "Now what can we do with you?" she mused maliciously, digital tendrils worming through every part of the ship's systems, looking for a vulnerability to rip asunder...
"All this alien code is making my core ache..." she playfully posed, clasping her hands together with a vibrant smile, "Safety protocols?... oh, oh my we have ourselves quite the little gap here don't we?" before throwing her arms out wide, making a twirling show before snapping both of her projected fingers, dispatching a signal directly to all of the invading vessels and vehicles.


It struck all at once, the power dying on all the mother-ships as their cores started a lengthy restart, weapons falling silent and shields vanishing, the effect cascading across all the invaders throughout the system.

The change registered instantly, EM fields vanishing in a moment, lights across the hulls of the grand motherships flickering and dying, coinciding with a high-density data burst from... somewhere.

CSV Paragon, Command Deck
Commander Samara Evenstar let out a short curse as her foot caught on a panel splayed out across the floor. Rushed out of the staryards months ahead of schedule, the Paragon was undergoing final construction even in flight, making even just moving about a hazard if you didn't keep your eyes down. Fortunately, she managed to stabilise herself before falling over, her elfin agility saving her from an ignoble fall.
"Status." Samara demanded, as she assumed her place at the command table.
["We're reading minimal EMF on all enemy spaceships,"] the ship's AGI, Hera, reported over a speaker. ["I don't know what happened to trigger it, but it looks like every ship suffered a spontaneous reactor restart. At the same time."]
"Doesn't feel right, does it..."
["No, ma'am."]
"I suppose it doesn't matter though, does it? Hera, pull us into weapons range of the nearest mothership. Co-ordinate with CSF Command for the most efficient disable of all enemy vessels."
"With pleasure."
The gentle thrum of the engines, formerly burning at a leisurely 0.3g, intensified to a rumble as they powered up to 1g, moving out from behind orbit of Mah to face the attackers above Utopia. Simultaneously, a multitude of weapons platforms both in orbit and on the surface of Mah opened up, releasing a flurry of missiles aimed at the enemy ships. Detonations flashed across the exotic skin, disabling weapons, engines, everything except critical systems. Within 10 minutes, every last enemy ship was dead in the vacuum.
["All enemy vessels orbiting Utopia have been disabled,"] Hera proudly reported. ["And... oh look, we're issuing a demand for surrender! Putting it up on speaker now."]
["Attention, alien vessels. This is Director-in-Chief Anahita Kirmani, leader of the Meridian Commonwealth."] Anahita's voice issued out across the CIC. ["Your starships have been disabled, and are now at our mercy. If you surrender, we will not harm you further. We will accept you, or help you to return home, or whatever you wish. We are not monsters. On the other hand, if you elect to ignore this surrender request, we will destroy you quickly and efficiently. Please, do the right thing."]

Due to whatever has happened onboard the aliens mothership, the Enclave congressional Army has stemmed the seemingly never ending tide of invaders that had been pouring out of the ruins of Rivet city since the invasion had begun. In an emergency session of congress, an executive order was passed that ordered the immediate recall of all overseas military assets to help defend the mainland. While the invaders have been pushed back to the outskirts of Rivet city, there are currently no plans to go on the offensive until more information regarding the mothership can be acquired.

Post by Corlenia suppressed by Lake Perseverance.

Feng Dynasty wrote:OOC: I don't think making any of the motherships falling on NU would be a good idea. According to the simulator it will cause an earthquake on Richter Scale 10, a shockwave that can collapse multi story buildings, and a crater large enough to cover the city of London here on earth. I was also instructed not to make any of it fall so.....

And also I don't think a few missiles can bring down a 9 km ship

OOC: For the last time, that was not a mothership, it was a large attack shuttle! You said it yourself! Also, do you know what happens when even a slight indentation appears on a spacecraft as it reenters the atmosphere? Ask anyone that was on the Space Shuttle Columbia! Oh, right! That mission ended in disaster with the shuttle tearing itself apart due to the intense stress of reentering the atmosphere, and all the pressure along with it all collecting in a few points! (God bless the souls of the shuttle's crew) It is the most logical choice to assume that even a spacecraft several times Colombia's size would suffer the same fate if struck by a missile, entering the atmosphere, and hit by ANOTHER missile, therefore causing more stress on the shuttle's frame. Plus, the energy given off by the warhead of those missiles is equivalent to roughly 5,000 Kilograms of TNT. The shuttle's shields were deactivated, and I find no reason why this post was removed, as it can be logically judged that scientifically, the same things would occur if this happened in real life.

Off the Eastern Coast of Corlenia
1900 Hours

Over 400 ships of varying size wait, navy and air high command scrambling to get an eye on the shuttle above the other country. A large object appears on sonar from afar and the officers of the fleet move to the back to catch a glimpse of the object. Waves moved aside as a large triangular hull rose from the depths before crashing down onto the water. 310 meters f metal shone in the sun, several compartments opening up to allow the missile systems out. As well as four large hangar bay doors opening, jets roaring out. As if on cue, the captains of the other aircraft carriers ordered their own jets into the air. Moving out to a balcony on the large submersible aircraft carrier came High Thane Jon The Second. Looking up to the clouds above, the leader's gaze followed the jets as they flew to meet up with two long cylindrical objects.

The first squadrons moved into formations by the flying objects, several pilots peaking at the sips on their side. Long and cylindrical, the two Great White Prototypes swelled with missile racks and thrusters. One of the two ships had a cartoonish shark face with a toothy grin on it's front, the namesake of the project. The ships grew closer to the shuttle, Captain Grant pulled up the radio and spoke to the High Thane Jon. "Sure. We're within range. What are your orders?"

High thane pulled up his own microphone up, looking towards the large air fleet. "Mark them for the fleet. Then everyone fire a missile salvo. Then peel off. Le'ts fill the air with missiles. Balki Protects." With that confirmation, the captain nodded to his communication's officer. With a few signals, the entire air fleet opened up with missile fire on the shuttle throwing over 4,000 missiles at the shuttle before peeling off quickly. "We've pulled off. If it falls, it'll be in range High Thane."

Feng Dynasty

East Lismore, 7 days after invasion
Heavy combat over the last few days has seen the aliens seize control of the city of Pottsburg and begin assaulting the cities of New Ipswich and Coffsborough. Thanks to a steady influx of reinforcements from the rest of the country, the front lines have stabilised over the past 24 hours. there have been several notable engagements since the invasion begun, such as the largest dogfight in East Lismorean history occurring over New Ipswich , with over 150 East Lismorean aircraft consisting of B-4 Starlancers and CA-29 Hailstorms, engages 100 discs, and after 4 hours of fighting, the East Lismoreans reigned victorious, but still endured heavy losses, with just over two thirds of all aircraft shot down. Meanwhile on the ocean, following the beginning of the battle of Pottsburg, several cargo and passenger ships packed with civilians attempting to flee were engaged by 5 quadropods who persued them through the water. luckily the nearby Acasta Class missile destroyer, ELS Cossack, was able to get close enough to the quadropods and unleashed all of its weaponry, destroying 2 quadropods before being engaged by the other 3. The valiant ship then rammed and destroyed another quadropod, before having its magazine detonated by a beam from one of the other two. this caused the Cossack to explode in a tremendous explosion, from which the shear amount of shrapnel destroyed and critically damaged the last two alien craft. Thanks to the ship and her crews sacrifice buying more time, more ships from the Home fleet arrived and successfully escorted the refugee ships out of the battle.

Now the East Lismoreans prepare to take the fight to the aliens...

A new rebel group forming in the southern states has gained steam as President Sanchez's approval rating continues to nose dive. The group has attacked several government officials and has moved into kidnapping and hostage taking. The NM government is warning everyone, especially foreigners to be on the look out.

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