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Political fights on the RMB? Just like old times


United Soviet States Of Russian Empire wrote:You meanwhile have been up until very recently that party which is in a coalition with CTZ for power and power only.

This is what happens when I leave


HELLLLL wrote:This is the most active the RMB has been in a long time

Elections do that

I say a new senate majority is needed this upcoming election. simple as that. No ands, if or buts about it!

Secular Soverign Republics wrote:And who proposed Bac and Benn not us. Bac was selected cause he was indepedent and won't side with majority but this backfired when he resigned. Benn,a CTZ loyalist took over and this whole process took more than a month.So this can't be our fault. Think before you speak.

You are a coalition partner, if you had no say in things then why the hell did you even bother to take that deal? It can so be your fault because you impowered this that to happen. While giving Benn control over the Senate is something you couldn't have seen coming, putting him as Deputy is something you had full power over and if you didn't then you shouldn't have taken that deal in the first place.

Slovaria wrote:Never bragged about that, USSR and Trist were the ones bringing it up, I don't consider it such an important matter.

Let me put this simply, your party proposes and passes the GR bill which removes useless laws. Then not that long afterwards your party puts forward the Starboard Act which is just a bunch of useless junk. That is my problem. It shows directly that even within a small group of people such are your parties Senators, the policy is no where close to the same and if you wanna blame this on your coalition partners and distance yourself as much as you can from it, then why did you even go into a coalition in the first place?

Also all arguments aside, Cabinet has decided to tackle all of the factbooks which are out of date and need fixing + some aesthetic changes too. Our first major attempt on this has been in the Senate's Passed Legislation Factbook. If you like the look of it please let us know and if not how we can improve it!


Imperial Senate of the New Western Empire

Standards of Legal Procedures and Crimes Act (L.R. 003) [*V.2]
Author: Mukolayiv, South-east antarctica
Sponsors: Mukolayiv, The Evile Empire, Marinne, Palancia

With the region starting afresh in virtually everything, it is imperative that a new code of standards of legal procedures and criminal punishments be formed.

Section 1. Government Legalities and Offenses

Preamble: An individual within the Court or Cabinet shall face moderate restrictions on what positions they can hold.

Section 1: Deputy Directors and rank-and-file department staff shall be considered sub-Cabinet offices.

Section 2: All Senate leadership positions shall be counted as extensions of the standard role of Senator rather than distinguished offices for the purpose of this Act.

Section 3: Justices, including the Chief Justice, may not serve within the Cabinet or the Senate.

Section 4: All Cabinet members shall be barred from holding any other position within the Cabinet beyond that of their incumbency.

Section 5: The Consul shall be disallowed to serve as a Senator.

Preamble: Any individual who is in a position of power in a certain government organ or belongs to it, associates with it, or is relative to it may not use their office, nor the office of another individual for personal and political gain.

Section 1: The following bodies and positions shall be defined as being or part of government organs:

  • The Office of Consul and their Deputy

  • The Office of Cabinet Directors, their Deputies, their Employees and their respective departments

  • The Office of Senate Chancellor

  • The Office of Senator

Section 2: Holders or members of the aforementioned organs cannot use their capacity in said institutions for political gain or personal gain.

Section 3: Aforementioned members of government organs are permitted to campaign, disseminate, and preach content for personal or political gain in the capacity of a private citizen.

Section 4: It shall be legal to mention exploits whilst in the office of a government institution for the purpose of personal or political campaigning or gain. Exploits shall be defined as achievements both on the domestic stage and on the foreign stage, however, it shall be illegal to make note of confidential information.

Section 5: Holders or Members of government offices and institutions cannot use said position for the following (but not limited) purposes:

  • Political agitation

  • Attempts or executions of illegal acts

  • Creation of political institutions centred or based upon the government office

  • Harmful conduct, spam

  • Sexual offences or conduct harmful to minors present

Section 6: The definition of a political institution centred or based upon the government office is any political party/organization that links itself, bases itself in or upon all or part of a government office, discord server, or dispatch.

Section 7: Breaking aforementioned clauses is grounds for the official in question to be presented articles of impeachment and held criminally liable.

Preamble: This article further expands the description of duties and stipulations of government officials created under the constitution.

Section 1: The Executive Branch shall consist of the Consul, the Deputy Consul, any Cabinet Directors the Monarch may create or has already created under the Constitution (at the time of passage: Director of the Interior, Director of Foreign Affairs, Director of Immigration and Director of Justice) and the Deputies to the mentioned Directors..

Section 2: The Consul will be responsible for overseeing the other members of the Executive Branch, making sure they perform their duties under this and other statutes.

Section 3: The Consul will also perform their constitutional duties.

Section 4: The Deputy Consul will have the duty of assuming the office of Consul as soon as possible if the need arises and casting tie-breaking votes in the Senate if the need arises to.

Section 5: The Director of Interior will be responsible for keeping the region informed and up to date regarding government and regional updates, via Telegram, organize regional events, and handle internal security.

Section 6: The Director of Foreign Affairs will be responsible for handling the region’s Diplomatic Affairs and Embassies

Section 7: The Director of Immigration will be responsible for recruiting nations to join the New Western Empire and promoting the region via recruitment.

Section 8: The Director of Justice will be responsible for prosecuting nations who violate the regional Law, and overseeing investigation in the aforementioned crimes.

Section 9: Any other office the Emperor may create will be responsible for performing the duties the Emperor assigns to them, and the Senate may amend this statute to include new offices or remove defunct ones.

Section 10: Deputies to the above posts will be responsible for assuming the Office they are Deputy to if the need arises to, as well as any Duties assigned to them by Directors.

Section 11: The Legislative Branch shall, according to the Constitution, consist of the Imperial Senate.

Section 12: The Chancellor of the Senate, selected by the process described in the Constitution, will be responsible for managing the Senate, putting bills up for debate and vote and keeping the legislative process flowing

Section 13: Posts inferior to the Chancellor, such as the Deputy Chancellor, will be responsible for assuming (temporarily or not) the office of Chancellor, if the need arises to.

Section 14: The exact specifics of these Offices are subject to definitions by the Chancellor.

Section 15: The Judicial Body of the New Western Empire will be the High Court.

Section 16: The Justices to the High Court, appointed per Constitutional provisions, will be responsible for voting and delivering opinions in cases and matters before the Court, without bias or unnecessary delay.

Section 17: The Chief Justice of the High Court, appointed per Constitutional provisions, will have the additional duty of managing the agenda of the High Court and presenting their decisions.

Section 18: The Senior Justice of the High Court shall be the longest-serving incumbent Justice not being the Chief Justice, and they will be additionally responsible for temporarily assuming the Office of Chief Justice if the need to do so arises.

Section 19: The Imperial Supreme Court shall consist of His Imperial Majesty’s Right Honorable Lord of the Judiciary who shall head the Court along with two Lord Magistrates

Section 20: The Imperial Supreme Court shall operation Discord, or it's equivalent, where all arguments are to made orally and recorded or if impossible briefs shall be submitted in lieu of oral arguments and shall only hear appeals from the Imperial High Court on binding and final decisions in regards to a plain error of fact or a de novo legal review. This Court cannot directly rule on any matter as it can only hear appeals and it can only reverse, remand, vacate, affirm and their combinations the final orders of the Imperial High Court.

Section 21: The Imperial Supreme Court shall be the sole maker of its rules and procedures. All rulings and arguments of this Court must be accessible to the public.

Section 22: Members of the Imperial Supreme Court must have served previously as a Justice of the Imperial High Court, or the former New Western Atlantic High Court, for the period of 6 months. The members of the Court shall be appointed by the Emperor and confirmed by a majority vote from the citizens.

Section 23: Clarifications:

This in no way interdicts with the Emperor's ability to create new offices, or the Senate’s to create lower courts.

This also does not interfere with any other statute creating obligations for any government official.

Section 24: Failure to perform the duties outlined in this article will result in a civil case, brought up after a two-thirds consent of the Senate to do so in the High Court. The Justice Director will be representing the Government in such cases, unless they delegate that duty or are themselves the official taken to Court, in which case this duty falls to any Official appointed by the Senate.

Preamble: This article deals specifically with Telegrams sent to the whole region by Regional Offices who have Communications authority. Telegrams sent (by anyone) using private stamps are considered to be actions in the capacity of a private citizen and as such, are exempt from the following provisions.

Section 1: Regional Officer Communications Telegrams must contain one or more of the following:

  • Notice of Election: A message informing the citizens that an election is underway, or that an election is due in a short amount of time, notifying them about possible candidacy deadlines

  • Senate Notice: a message informing the region of the passage of a bill from the Senate, or other important Senate update.

  • High Court Notice: a message informing the region of a High Court ruling.

  • Consul Notice: any message sanctioned by the Consul containing official information, e.g. an appointment, a veto to a bill, a region-wide poll and others.

  • Region-wide event: Notice of a region-wide event, such as a poll.

Section 2: Other Government-sponsored messages: including but not limited to promotion of the Role-Play, an opinion poll held via telegram.

Section 2. Senate Activity

Preamble: Recognizing that inactivity of some Senators in the old Kingdom has often paralyzed the Senate, which with up to ⅓ of the seats inactive, impairing legislation which required ⅔ support. Further realizing that this degraded the regional democracy and weakened the quality of debated bills.

Section 1: Parties have a constitutional right to alter their senators at any time for any reason within the constraints of the mandate granted by the Emperor.

Section 2: A senator shall become eligible for impeachment once they miss 3 consecutive senate votes.

Section 3: Once impeached the senator holds no right to resume his term until the next election. A replacement shall fill in the seat until the next election is scheduled.

Section 1. There shall be no constraints or impairments in the process of replacement of the impeached/sacked senator.

Section 2. The inactive senator in question shall not be liable for court as inactivity is not a crime

Section 3. Crimes and Punishments

Section 1: Crime shall be defined as an action or omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law.

Section 2: The following crimes and their stipulated definitions shall be legally recognized within the New Western Empire:

  • Abuse of Power
    Abuse of Power shall be defined as the unlawful or illegal usage of powers granted to a government official or employee

  • Attempt.
    Attempt shall be defined as an individual who has specific intent to commit a crime, and takes direct action toward completion of the crime. A completed crime shall fall under respective provisions and this article shall not be charged with successful attempts at a crime.

  • Bribery
    Bribery shall be defined as the offer or acceptance of anything of value in exchange for influence on a government official or employee.

  • Conspiracy
    Conspiracy shall be defined as a criminal plot with two or more people agreeing to commit almost any unlawful act, then take some action toward its completion. The action taken need not itself be a crime, but it must indicate that those involved in the plot knew of the plan and intended to break the law. A person may be convicted of conspiracy even if the actual crime was never committed.

  • Corruption
    Corruption shall be defined as the receiving by an individual holding public office or a government position of unofficial benefits in exchange for favors via the use of their said post.

  • Criminal Contempt of the Court
    Criminal Contempt of the Court shall be defined as conduct that defies, disrespects, or insults the authority or dignity of a court. Often, contempt takes the form of actions that are seen as detrimental to the court's ability to administer justice.

  • Disorderly Conduct
    Disorderly Conduct shall be defined as the use of profane language in the presence of a minor, posting and disseminating harmful and explicit material, and being in a state of intoxication that causes disturbances

  • Disturbing the Peace
    Disturbing the Peace shall be defined as a criminal offence that occurs when a person engages in some form of unruly public behavior, such as fighting or spamming excessive words and messages. When a person's words or conduct jeopardizes another person's right to peace and tranquility, he or she may be charged with disturbing the peace.

  • Espionage
    Espionage shall be defined as the act of obtaining secret or confidential information without the permission of the holder of the information for the favor of a foreign source.

  • Fraud
    Fraud shall be defined as a purposeful misrepresentation of an important fact

  • Harassment
    Harassment shall be defined as aggressive pressure or intimidation with the intent to gain something of worth or moral satisfaction

  • Hate Crimes
    Hate Crimes shall be defined as the violence of intolerance and bigotry, intended to hurt and intimidate someone because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

  • Inciting Hatred
    Inciting hatred shall be defined as the call to violence against a certain group or individual based on their ethnicity, race, sex, sexual orientation, political orientation, political affiliation, religion, national origin and personal views.

  • Identity Theft
    Identity Theft shall be defined as the fraudulent practise of using another person's name and information in order to obtain any bonuses in any form.

  • Obstruction of Justice
    Obstruction of Justice shall be defined as the act of willfully interfering with the process of justice and law especially by influencing, threatening, harming, or impeding a witness, potential witness, juror, or judicial or legal officer or by furnishing false information in or otherwise impeding an investigation or legal process, attempting to prevent access of investigators or sabotage of ongoing investigations.

  • Perjury
    Perjury shall be defined as to knowingly make misleading or false statements under oath or to sign a legal document one knows to be false or misleading.

  • Probation Violation
    Probation Violation shall be defined as an offence that occurs when one breaks the terms or conditions of their probation.

  • Revelation
    Revelation shall be defined as the illegal or un-consented exposing of personal or otherwise sensitive information that belongs to another individual or entity.

  • Sabotage
    Sabotage shall be defined as the act of deliberately destroying, damaging, or obstructing something, especially for political or military advantage.

  • Securities Fraud
    Securities Fraud shall be defined as knowingly making fraudulent or misleading statements about any private entity that lead to outsiders making incorrect assumptions based on such statements.

  • Stalking
    Stalking shall be defined as the unwanted pursuit of an individual for any given purpose

  • Theft
    Theft shall be defined as the taking of a person's property without their permission, or also with the intent to deprive them of said property permanently

  • Vandalism
    Vandalism shall be defined as the defacing or unwanted spam of an individual or group

  • Treason
    Treason shall be defined as the crime of betraying the region, especially by attempting to overthrow the sovereign or government, or exposing state secrets to outsiders.

Section 1: The following punishments shall be recognized as legal repercussions for any crime committed:

  • Probation.

  • Muting or suppression of speech for a given period of time.

  • Revocation of citizenship for a given period of time or indefinitely.

  • Ejection/Kicking from the region/discord.

  • Banishment for a given period of time or indefinitely.

Section 2: Unusual or lowly punishments that infringe on the convicted's dignity or honour are prohibited.

Section 3: The discord moderators have the right to issue on the spot punishment to outsiders or minor offenders without the consent of the court.

Section 4: Minor offenders are defined as those who commit petty crimes such as vandalism, or disturb the peace. Their muting done on the initiative of discord moderators does not inhibit the victims from lodging a court case.

Section 5: The court can overturn any of the disciplinary actions undertaken by Discord Moderators.

Section 6: Discord moderators are not mandated by this Bill to be government officials, and as such, while the NWE government has judicial jurisdiction over the Discord moderating service in the form of the Court, any other jurisdiction, whether it be executive or legislative is forbidden.

Section 7: Exceptions to Section 6 include government officials and the Emperor being given roles that correspond to their office and their respective profession.

Preamble: With the intention of easing access to the Criminal Code and appropriate punishments, this Article deals with provisions in the reproduction of unaltered copies of this Code for public distribution and Notice.

Section 1: The Criminal Code shall be defined as Articles 1 and 2 of Section 3. Concerning Defined Crimes and their appropriate punishments.

Section 2: The Justice Department, the High Court, and the Supreme Court are given the right to reproduce un-altered copies of this Code for providing a reference to both officials and citizens.

Section 3: Knowingly altering or changing the code in a copy document shall be illegal and fall under the definition of securities fraud.

*Note of the Clerk: L.R. 003 was amended on August 14th 2019, the original bill can still be found here.

The Reintroduction of Rights and Protections in Court Act (L.R. 005)
Author: Laurennia
Sponsors: Laurennia, The Evile Empire, Sainoland

Recognizing that with the new code of standards of legal procedures and criminal punishments formed, the rights of the citizens in court should be clarified and protected by law.

Recognizing this bill's roots in the New Western Atlantic, where it was written by The brotherhood of kyro, we recognize its value, and we wish to continue it in the New Western Empire.

Preamble: A nation who has already been to Court for a specific crime cannot be tried for the exact same crime in the New Western Empire.

Section 1: If a plurality of nations have been collectively prosecuted over an issue, an individual nation may not be prosecuted separately for the crime that they had committed alongside other nations, after charges have already been filed prior against the group of Nations including said Nation.

Section 2: If a nation would commit an act which would later become illegal under future legislation, they will be unable to be prosecuted for these acts.

Section 3: In the event of which the accused nation, whom have already undergone trial for a crime, or the prosecutor of that trial are revealed to have new evidence in the case which gives reasonable belief that the outcome of the trial may change as a result, the case will then be subject to a retrial.

Preamble: This Bill creates a Statute of Limitations where a nation cannot be prosecuted in court for a crime committed over the time span of 12 months after the crime had become made aware of.

Section 1: The phrase ‘Become made aware of’ shall include the general awareness that has been made to the New Western Empire. This shall also include a plurality of elected Officers in the New Western Empire.

Section 2: These elected Officers in which have become made aware of the crime cannot be those who have committed the crime themselves.

Section 3: If a nation were to Cease To Exist then this timespan shall be suspended until their return and continued at that point.

Preamble: Those prosecuting a nation shall be barred from looking for evidence or harassing people on sites outside of NationStates which are outside the jurisdiction of the law of New Western Empire. They shall however be allowed to correspond with Justice Services of other regions in the very pursuit of evidence.

Section 1: Nations who are potential witnesses are under the same protections as Article 3.

Section 2: Nations who are potential witnesses for a crime have the right to refuse to answer questions in the High Court, but must acknowledge them there.

The Justice Department Organisation Act (L.R. 006)
Author:New cesorion
Sponsors: Dependants

Seeking to define and set in stone the important and crucial duties of the Justice Department.

The Senate hereby enforces the Justice Department’s authority in the following:

The following Offices are established within the Department:

Section 1 - Director
The Justice Director is elected by the residents of the Region every six months, as per the Constitution, and is subject to all its provisions. He leads and directs all the activities of the Department. The Director appoints all Officers of the Department.

Section 2 - Deputy Director
The Deputy Director is the second highest-ranking Officer of the Department. They assist the Director in discharging the duties of leading and overseeing the Department, and shall assume the Office of Director if the incumbent is removed, resigns, or is otherwise unable to discharge their duties.

Section 3 - Head of Investigations
The Head of Investigations is appointed by the Director to lead and manage the affairs of the Information and Investigations Division

Section 4 - Head of Attorneys
The Head of Attorneys is selected by the Director from amongst the NWE Attorneys to lead the group.

Section 5 - Head Defender
The Head Defender is selected by the Director from amongst the NWE Public Defenders to lead the group.

Section 6 - Clarifications
The Director retains the ability to exercise in full all the duties that this Act delegates to other Officers. Authorisation from the Director to address the High Court on behalf of the Region is required.

The Information & Investigations Division is the main investigative & law enforcement organ of the NWE. They are responsible for assisting the Department in criminal investigations, offering advice and leadership and to protect the NWE from foreign influence/terrorism.

Section 1
The “NWE Attorney” shall be a team of employees of the Department of Justice, appointed by the Director of Justice.

They are eligible to represent the Government and the NWE in the High Court (New Western Atlantic V. Defendant). Prior public authorization by the Director is required to do so, and such authorization should be posted in the High Court/Courtroom RMB.

Section 2
Attorneys shall be selected by the Director, and the Director may establish certain reasonable criteria for the position.

Section 3
Attorneys, while in contact with the Department to properly carry out their duties, may learn classified information about ongoing investigations of the Department, or any other kind. They are required to keep any and all such information secret, unless under orders/authorization from the Justice Director to do otherwise.

Section 1
The “NWE Public Defence” shall be a group of Justice Department employees, selected with the same criteria as Attorneys.

Section 2
Defenders shall be the main pool from which Citizens may select legal advisers/lawyers to assist them with cases in the High Court.

Section 3
The Defenders shall be managed by the Head Defender, who is appointed by the Justice Director.

Section 4
Other than being appointed by the Director, Defenders retain more independence from the Department’s leadership than that of Attorneys.

Section 5
This Act does not infringe on the Citizens’ right to select a private attorney, or to not select one at all.

Senate and High Court RMB Regulations Act (L.R. 007)
Author: New Suternia, Trump and pence
Sponsors: The Evile Empire

Recognising a lack of established procedures for the usage of the Senate and High Court Regional Message Boards (RMB), this bill is hereby proposed with the intent of preventing spam on those RMBs by non-goverment officials, which can in turn disturb the duties of Senators and Justices.

Section I
The usage of the Senate Regional Message Board (RMB) and #Senate channel on the Official Discord Server shall be restricted to: Senators; the Consul; the Chief Justice; the Emperor; the Senate Clerk; authors of Bills and people sponsored to participate in a debate by a senator. The Consul, Chief Justice, Emperor, and Senate Clerk are discouraged from using their positions to actively debate in the official Senate channels; the Chancellor reserves the temporarily revoke non-Senators' privilege to speak in the Senate RMB or Discord channel if they are interfering too much with the process of the Senate. This may not apply if they are sponsored to speak by a Senator.

Section II
Senators may be allowed to sponsor citizens to participate in Senate debates, to do so the senator must announce who he is sponsoring on the RMB. A senator may only be allowed to sponsor one individual per debate. If the Chancellor of the Senate believes this system is being abused, he shall be allowed to revoke the right of a sponsored citizen to speak on the Senate's RMB.

Section III
The usage of the Senate RMB by individuals who do not fall into any of the categories listed above shall be declared illegal and punishable under the law.

Section I
The actions of: sending repeated messages, or messages of no value, or messages outside of permission in the High Court RMB or its Courtrooms, shall hereby be declared illegal and punishable under the law.

Section II
Permission to use the High Court RMB shall be defined as filing a valid or perceivably valid lawsuit or case and or being a party of a case and is required to speak in the RMB, and or is a Justice of the High Court.

Section III
It is hereby illegal to Telegram any High Court Justice any spamming messages, any threatening messages, and or any messages which attempts to change the Justice’s mindset on a case.

Section I
Should an individual without legal permission, as defined within articles I and II of this bill, decide to post on the Senate or High Court Regional Message Boards (RMB), the individual may he held in contempt by the regional High Court, which shall decide on an initial punishment raging from a 3 to 7 day RMB ban, depending on how much or how many times posts were made. During this time the individual will not be able to post messages in any regional RMBs until the ban is over. The duration of the RMB ban may be extended should the individual violate the guidelines of the bill once again, while being held in contempt by the High Court.

Discord Act (L.R. 008)
Author: The Evile Empire, South-east antarctica
Sponsors: The Evile Empire, Hidden the artic

Recognizing the importance of the NWE discord server as the main place of communication between many people.

Section 1 - The NWE discord server shall be recognized as an official entity of the region and will be subject to the same laws as the rest of the NWE.

Section 2 - All members of the server will be granted their constitutional rights. The right to free speech shall not be infringed upon. Kicks and bans may be distributed when necessary, however, the people who have been kicked or banned may appeal to the courts to have it revoked.

Section 3 - Should a resident of the NWE using the Discord Server feel that their rights have been grossly and unfairly infringed, they shall have the right to file a High Court case against the culprit.

Section 4 - The Moderation team will be able to create a set of rules for the server, albeit still respecting the rights of residents, not extending regulation past the Constitutional limit of protection from speech that could cause psychological distress, would call for psychological and physical damage or violence, is untruthful and defamatory or is spam.

Section 5 - In case of a post being deleted, a moderator must communicate to the offender what the message was and why it was deleted.

Section 1 - It is the duty of moderators to ensure that all people have the proper roles and that the code of conduct is followed. Failure to fulfill these duties may lead to their loss of moderator status.

Section 2 - Moderators may issue warning or mutes to misbehaving members of the server. Mutes should last for a reasonable amount of time given the situation.

Section 3 - Moderators may not use their position to unfairly punish members of the server or use it for personal or political gain.

Section 4 - Moderators may be stripped of their powers by the High Court if found guilty of abusing their abilities.

Referendum Act (L.R. 009)
Author: Sorrentopia, The Evile Empire
Sponsors: Sorrentopia, The Evile Empire

The Imperial Senate, recognizing the importance of the Citizenry in relation to the legislature and intending to allow for more involvement by the citizenry of the Empire:

Section One: The Senate establishes Official Referendums.

Section Two: The Senate with, the consent of a majority as defined in Article Two of this bill may propose a referendum to be put to the Citizenry on matters of legislation. Additionally, any citizen may propose the referendum to the Senate.

Section Three: All referendums must be posed in a question in the vein of either a:
yes/no question or
a preferred stance question (i.e. Which would you rather the region did?)

Section Four: A referendum may include but is not limited to treaties or legislation.

Section One: The Senate establishes two types of referendum, defined as follows:
i) Non-binding - a question is posed to gauge the opinion of the region, but the Senators are not bound to vote a certain way by law.
ii) Binding - a question is posed to determine the preferred policy of the region, Senators are bound by law to act, or not take action, in accordance with the result of the referendum.

Section Two: Non-binding referendum proposals follow standard Senate voting procedures.

Section Three: Binding referendums require an outright majority of all voting citizens in order to be put into effect.

Section One: The Senate may not pose the same question in a referendum more than once in a Senatorial term or within the same month should the end and start of a new term fall in the middle of a month, excluding the reasons outlined in Section Two.

Section Two: A referendum on the same question may be held within the time limit of Section One if it is either a binding referendum following a non-binding referendum on the same matter or the resolution was compromised due to violations of law.

Section One: As stated in Article Two, Section One, Sub-section i, binding referendums bind Senators to the result of the Referendum

Section Two: A binding referendum requires a majority turnout in order to be officially verified.

Section Three: A binding referendum may set differing requirements for effects, but if not noted they default as such:
i) A yes/no referendum must-see a majority of votes cast in order for yes to win, 50% or less will be considered no.
ii) A Question with multiple answers, if a majority is not reached for any one answer, may go to a runoff between the two highest answers, if the Senate has already stated in the original referendum proposal that such is to occur.

Section Four: If the result calls for action to be taken the Senate and/or Government must take such action.

Section Five: Conversely, if the result calls for an action to not occur then the Senate and/or the Government may not do the denied action for a time as defined in the resolution.

Section Six: Senators found to be violating these requirements may face removal from the Senate for their actions.

Imperial Copyright Act (L.R. 011)
Author: South-east antarctica
Sponsors: South-east antarctica

Recognizing the positive effects of protecting the intellectual property of the Residents, worried by the possibility of long-term, degrading disputes regarding rights to intellectual work, the Senate hereby introduces these provisions.

Section I
All intellectual works intended for use by Imperial-affiliated entities shall be protected by statute. They shall be under the sole ownership of their author, or in case of multiple contributors, with all the creators with equal rights to ownership. Any disputes about ownership shall be settled by the High Court.

Section II
This includes newspaper articles, art belonging to newspaper entities, party manifestos, party art, Senate bills, documents of Government entities, Government art, and patents.

Section III
Anything not explicitly described in Section II shall be void of legal protection unless a patent is filed for it by a resident.

Section IV
The Director of Justice or his chosen representative shall be the recordkeeper for patents. He shall develop the process of accepting patents on his own accord. Patents may be appealed or reported as fabrications to the High Court, which shall have the power to nullify them.

Section I
Should the holder of the rights to intellectual property retract the rights of an entity to use his work, he shall give them no less than 3 days to remove them or modify them to suit his needs, after which if the query is unresponded, he shall be able to lodge a case to the High Court, which shall have the ability to introduce measures to suppress the infringing work.

Section II
Entities shall be able to use copyrighted work for nonpolitical and nonprofit purposes upon crediting the author.

Section III
This law shall take effect one week after its passage.

Promulgation Act (L.R. 013)
Author: Communaccord, Dependants
Sponsors: Communaccord, Hulldom, The Evile Empire

Recognizing the need for important events and proceedings of government that directly affect or require the participation of the public, this act sets forth to ensure that certain announcements are made via both Government Telegrams and Discord Announcement.

Section I
a. all announcements covered in Article II of this bill are to be made in the Regional Discord and through Government Administered Regional Telegrams. announcements on both platforms must be made within a period of no more than 24 hours apart from each other.

Section I
a. invoking of By-Election and Snap Elections shall require an announcement with the exact date the election is to be held and the duration for which the vote shall be open, in addition to a brief description of what position(s) the election is being held for.
b. Enactment of an official Treaty will require an announcement providing a copy of treaty and list of signatory regions and individuals.
c. Opening of Citizens vote on Constitutional Amendment, including the constitutional amendment in question.
d. Beginning of a candidacy period, alongside the exact date and duration of a normal election.
e. any other occurrence or governmental event that the appropriate authorities have reasonable cause to believe the populace would be negatively impacted by the lack of promotion.

Section I
a. Failure to comply with this act will result in a warning and/or temporary suspension of power.
b. Repeated offences despite previous court action, can be grounds for impeachment by the Senate.

Oversight Act (L.R. 019)
Author: Communaccord
Sponsor: Communaccord

The Following Act shall layout several methods by which the senate may provide investigative oversight into the performance of a department Director.

Section 1 - The Senate may mandate the production of Monthly Reports by a Director for their department, the requirement for reports being referred to as 'a Mandate' with the the monthly reports simply being 'Monthly Report' as to avoid confusion between the requirement imposed by the senate for the reports and the reports themselves.

Section 2 - The Senate shall also set the requirements and guidelines for the content and topics covered in the Monthly Reports ordered by the Mandate.

Section 3 - Mandates shall be passed with a simple majority vote, and may be deferred by Director they address with 7 days, or by the Consul. To override the deferment, the senate must vote with a two thirds majority

Section 4 - Mandates may only require Monthly Reports for a period of up to four months, and the Monthly Reports shall be made publicly available on the regional RMB and in the Senate.

Section 4 The senate may hold a monthly review of said reports, and during such reviews amend the guidelines and requirements by simple majority vote or decide to discontinue the Mandate.

Section 1 - The senate may call Directors in to clarify or answer questions on the content of the reports, however Directors maintain the right to refuse to attend a hearing, and hearings may last no longer than 48 hours. The Minister has the right to remain silent and may refuse to answer any question.

Section 2 - During hearings, any senator may ask questions, and questions submitted by citizens will be allowed during this time, however decorum is to be maintained and disorderly behavior may result in censure during the hearing by the Chancellor.

Section 1 - In the event that a Director is found to be criminally negligent in their duties, intentionally falsifies information on reports, and/or refuses to comply with the Mandate for monthly reports repeatedly, the senate may open up impeachment proceedings to remove said minister.

The Writs of Mandamus and Quo Warranto Act (L.R. 022)
Author: Trump and pence
Sponsor: Dependants

To provide a statutory framework for the High Court and the Citizens of the Region to petition for injunctions and Writs to protect them from harm done without said injunction or writ issued.

Section 1 - Preamble
The Writ of Mandamus shall be a Court Order mandating a government or state official to perform a function of their position. This procedure is one that would cut down on the time needed for relief without the conduct of a full trial.

Section 2 - Exceptions to the Consul
The Consul may be ordered to enforce the law or any of their functions outside that which are unofficial (meaning not described in statutory law or the Constitution) or the power to interdict bills passed by the Senate since this power shall be at the discretion of the Consul.

Section 3 - Exceptions to the Deputy Consul
The Deputy Consul, notwithstanding any administrative duties obligated by statute or the Constitution, cannot be a subject of a Writ of Mandamus due to their limited responsibilities.

Section 4 - Exceptions to the Ministers
The Ministers may be ordered to perform a task of their position, however, only official functions of that office can be ordered. All unofficial functions are not subject to a Writ of Mandamus. This is including but not limited to the advice they provide the Consul.

Section 5 - Exceptions to the Senate
As a whole, the Senate cannot be ordered to vote in any manner based on merit. A Writ of Mandamus can only be ordered against a specific officer or officers of the Senate relating to administrative duties such as record keeping or procedural matters. A Writ of Mandamus cannot be used to compel the removal of inactive Senators or trigger any impeachment proceedings based on merit.

Section 6 - Exceptions to the State
A Writ of Mandamus can only be successful against the Emperor if it relates to elections. All other matters are at the discretion of the Emperor, purely.

Section 7 - Procedures to file
The High Court shall be at liberty to describe the filing procedure as long as such procedure names the parties involved in a public manner. The one who filed the Writ of Mandamus shall be called the “Petitioner” while the party it is filed against shall be called the “Respondent.” The Respondent shall be given at least one chance to respond to the Petition.

Section 8 - Merits for a Writ of Mandamus
The Writ of Mandamus is an extreme Writ. It can only be successful if the Respondent has failed to conduct a function of their office which they are either:
Required to perform, either by statute or Constitutional provision and
They have not performed it and
It affects the Petitioner, giving them standing to sue and
The denial of relief brings damage is present before a remedy through means of a civil suit can be made.
The first requirement shall not apply if the Respondent, in their discretion, denies performing the function due to compelling reason. A compelling reason cannot be based on policial, religious, sexual or ethnic discrimination and it cannot be arbitrary and capricious.

Section 9 - Substances
All Writs of Mandamus are required to be substantive in evidence and in law. A Writ of Mandamus cannot be issued for a questionable point of law, notwithstanding an attached Declaratory Judgement. The High Court has full discretion on the procedures on any joint filing of a Declaratory Judgement and Writ of Mandamus.

Section 10 - Violations
Should any official violate a Writ of Mandamus they shall be subject to a suspension left up to High Court however no suspension shall affect those functions protected under an exception in this article and no suspension shall last longer than half a term of that official. Violating a Writ of Mandamus can be an impeachable offense.

Section 1 - Preamble
The Writ of Quo Warranto shall be a Court order mandating the end of the attempt to execute powers of office a person does not hold and or to invalidate a person from office.

Section 2 - Procedures to file
The High Court shall have the discretion to the procedures of filing a Writ of Quo Warranto as long as the parties involved at publically named and the filer is called the “Petitioner” while the person it is issued against is called the “Respondent.” The Respondent shall be given at least one chance to respond to the Petition.

Section 3 - Merits of a Writ of Quo Warranto
Because of the power of this Writ, for a petition to be successful the following criteria must be met.
1) A person is attempting to perform the functions of an office and
2) They are not the holders of that office.
And or
1) A person is a recognized holder of an office but
2) They are not able to hold that office due to either;
3) An invalid election,
4) Improper filing for an election,
5) Lack or Loss of Citizenship,
6) Violating L.R. 003 Section 1 Article 1 where the old office is superseded by the new office
7) Violating L.R. 003 Section 1 Article 5
1) All Petitioners must have the standing to sue and
2) The denial of relief brings damage before a remedy through the means of a civil suit can be made

Section 4 - Substances
All Writs of Quo Warranto require substantive evidence and in law. A Writ of Quo Warranto may not be granted for questionable points of law and in fact notwithstanding an attached Declaratory Judgement. The High Court shall have full discretion over any filings of a joint Writ of Quo Warranto and Declaratory Judgement.

Section 5 - Violations
Should any person violate a Writ of Quo Warranto they shall be subject to prosecution. The punishment for violating a Writ of Quo Warranto is at the discretion of the Court. There are no set limitations on the discretion of the Court in this statute however this statute does not nullify L.R. 003 Section 3 Article 2 Sub Section 2 or any other statute limiting punishments in general.

Section 1 - Residency requirements
All Writs aforementioned must be filed by Residents and or Citizens of the New Western Empire.

Fair Campaign Act (L.R. 026)
Author: Tavalo
Sponsors: Tavalo

Recognizing the need for campaign ads in both the regional discord server and Regional Message Board to be closely monitored and filtered to ensure inflammatory material does not make light in the region.

Section 1 - Campaign ads must either contain relevant material to an upcoming election or be a general post or announcement of a party. As per the Constitution, joke campaigns are allowed, as long as their content does not contain inappropriate material.

Section 2- Any inflammatory or inappropriate material of any kind will not be tolerated. If the ad’s author has any doubt that his/her campaign will be slightly offensive, they should consult with party management or regional officials.

Section 1- Campaign ads that serve solely as attack ads, or have elements of an attack ad, must remain civil. Attacks will only be made on candidate’s proposals and character (if relevant to the election). Vicious attacks that extend beyond normal mudslinging will be strictly prohibited, this includes attacks on candidate’s religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
Section 2- Spam ads will not be tolerated. Spam ads are classified as frequent ads (daily) that contain either inflammatory or insufficient information to the frustration of other members of the community.

Section 1- As stated earlier, some campaign ads will be treated on a case-by-case scenario depending on the particular election and campaign individuals.
Section 2- Authors who feel their ad may be misconstrued in any way have the right to speak to party leadership or regional officials who can advise them on what information to put or strike from their ads.
Section 3- Authors who feel that their ads were pulled for unjust reasons have the right to state their case with regional officials, as long as their argument is fair and reasonable.
Section 4 - Upon their post being deleted, the moderator who deleted it must direct message the person in question what the message was and why it was deleted.

Foreign Assistance In Distress (Foreign A.I.D) (L.R 033)
Author: Notoria
Sponsors: Slovaria, Pollariaua

Recognizing the importance of humanitarian actions and assisting foreign Regions in distress, the New Western Empire hereby establishes Foreign A.I.D. legislation.

Section 1 - Refugee Nations may join The NWE without consequence, immediately receiving Resident status as defined by the Constitution.

Section 2 - Refugee Nations may reside in The NWE for as long as they deem necessary for their own safety and security.

Section 3 - The Director of Foreign Affairs and Director of Immigration shall keep and maintain an accurate census of all refugee Nations, their Region of origin, and their Region of final destination.

Section 4 - The NWE shall make available a dedicated Discord channel for refugee Nations to converse with each other, if the highest ranking government official of their home Region who has currently taken refuge in NWE so requests.

Section 5 - Refugee Nations shall obey all Imperial laws while residing in the NWE, and are subject to the same punishments for crimes as the NWE residents and citizens.

Revised Bill Format Act (L.R 034)
Author: South-east antartica
Sponsor: Pollariaua

Recognizing that a need exists to further develop the degree of professionalism and legislative vigor, as well as a need to review the vague guidelines of the Bill Format Act (L.R. 001), as a way to further the quality of Imperial governance, the Senate hereby enacts the following provisions.

Section 1:
Legislative Resolution 001, the Bill Format Act, is repealed.

Section 2:
All pieces of legislation enacted prior to the passage of this Legislative Resolution are exempt from the naming and styling guidelines enacted for the purposes of this law, but any future revisions of these must adhere to the format and introduce adequate changes to their structure.

Section 1:
Every Legislative Resolution shall receive a name, with the first letters of constituent words in uppercase, as well as a numerical designation according to the order of it being presented on the Senate floor. Every Legislative Resolution shall have their author and sponsor specified, unless the author wishes to remain anonymous, as per the provisions of the Author Anonymity Act (L.R. 004) noted. As such, the titling convention shall be as follows:

Bill name:

Section 2:
Legislative Resolutions shall be divided into the preamble and the articles. Articles shall be further divided into sections. The preamble opens the Resolution and explores the motivations and intents of the document. The preamble, articles, and sections shall start with an uppercase letter. Articles shall be numbered with Roman numerals, while sections shall be numbered with Arabic numerals. Each article and it is to be hidden under a spoiler button revealing it.

Section 1:
Legislative Resolutions shall follow the highest, formal standard of the English language, with the preference for the American regional variant.

Section 2:
Abbreviations and contractions in Legislative Resolutions are to be avoided. “NWE”, for example, is to be properly termed as “the New Western Empire”, and the figure of speech “can’t” is to be replaced with “cannot”.

Section 3:
Whereas it can be avoided, there shall be no meta-references in Legislative Resolutions to the fact that the Government of the New Western Empire is based online. Whereas impossible, such references, are to be supplanted by a language that sends the same message in a manner that does not break the in-character format of the Government of the New Western Empire.

Section 4:
Legislative Resolutions shall not contain slang, informal language, or derogatory terms.

Section 5:
Legislative Resolutions shall strive to be the world standard of quality in the finesse of their wording. An effort shall be made to ensure their compliance with the highest standards of legislative drafting.

Section 1
The Senate Chancellor, upon informing the author of a Legislative Resolution, if the author does not change the discrepancies themselves, is obliged to edit the document in order for it to comply with the standards of Article III of this law, as long as it does not change the legal consequences of the law.

Section 2
The Senate Chancellor can deny a Legislative Resolution from coming into vote if it fails to meet the prescribed standards and it can not be possibly reformed to comply with the regulation unless completely scrapped and redone.

Grand Repeal (L.R 035)
Author: Mukolayiv
Sponsor: Mukolayiv

The Grand Repeal, or GR, is a bill intending to remove bureaucratic constraints on the Empire and to cleanse the Legislative Resolution Registry of arbitrary and useless legislation.

Section 1
Legislative Resolutions numbered 04, 10, 23, 24, 27, 28, 32 shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Section 2
This Legislative Resolution goes into effect upon it's passage.

Sacrosanct Recognition of the Hanged Rat (L.R 036)
Author: Mukolayiv
Sponsors: Mukolayiv, Slovaria, Secular Soverign Republics, Palancia, Angea

Noting the abuse that followers of the Image of the Hanged Rat have experienced at the hands of the moderator team on the Regional Discord, this Bill shall respect their right to post, disseminate, and endorse the image.

Section 1 - The Image of the Hanged Rat shall be defined as the visual image of a ratatouille plushie being suspended by a laptop charger from the ceiling. For all intents and purposes, the following link is a representation of the Image of the Hanged Rat:

Section 2 - The display of the Image of the Hanged Rat shall be held sacrosanct in all regional outlets and it's use may not be infringed upon by Discord Custodians, any person on the Discord with power, or government officials.

Section 3 - Only the High Court shall have the right to restrict the usage of the Image of the Hanged Rat on an individual basis.

Executive Privilege Act (L.R 041)
Author: United Soviet States Of Russian Empire
Sponsor: Angea

In correspondence with a well used and effective power given to the Consul by L.R 28, Section 3, Article 1 which was repealed in full by the GR Act, this aims to restore a useful power.

Section 1:
The Chancellor shall be obligated to take up all business proclaimed as privileged business which falls under the correct formatting as outlined by the Senate.

Section 2:
Privileged Business shall be defined as any legislative resolutions, foreign treaties, government nominations, declarations of war or incapacity that are submitted and marked as such by the reigning Consul.

Section 3:
Privileged Business shall be placed as next business in the Senate unless a Constitutional Amendment occupies that position, in which case it shall be placed behind the amendment.

Starboard Act (L.R 042)
Author: The Evile Empire
Sponsors: The Evile Empire, Corsoaua, Slovaria, Em-en-eye, Angea

As per L.R. 008, the Discord Act, which puts the regional discord under the laws of the Senate, and popular opinion, the creation of a starboard is mandated

Section 1 - A starboard shall be defined as a channel in which messages are placed by a bots when reaching the minimum amount of stars or other emoji reactions from members of the discord.

Section 2 - A channel named "#starboard," under the Information section of the New Western Empire discord, shall be created.

Section 3 - A bot, with the ability to fulfill the functions of a starboard, shall be utilized to carry out the definition of a starboard.

Section 4 - This channel must be created within 3 days of the passage of this legislation and may not be deleted or otherwise inhibited unless this Act is amended or repealed.

College of Arms Act (L.R 043)
Author: Mukolayiv
Sponsors: Em-en-eye

Noting the recent rise of an unofficial College of Arms in the New Western Empire, this bill will seek to give it the necessary status and recognize it as an official institution of the Empire.

Section 1:
The College of Arms shall be established as the sole and supreme heraldic and vexillological authority of the New Western Empire and it's constituent parts and any realms or territories under it's protection.

Section 2:
The College of Arms shall be led by the King of Arms.

Section 3:
The King of Arms shall be appointed by the Emperor. With majority consensus, The House of Nobility can appoint a King of Arms on behalf of the Emperor with full Royal Prerogatives, though the Emperor retains the right to a veto.

Section 4:
The King of Arms may be removed by the Emperor, should he be convicted of a crime. With majority consensus, The House of Nobility can dismiss a King of Arms on behalf of the Emperor with full Royal Prerogatives, though the Emperor retains the right to a veto.

Section 1:
The King of Arms shall be tasked with running the College of Arms, maintaining Rolls of Arms and issuing Grants of Arms.

Section 2:
The King of Arms, for aforementioned purpose may organize the College of Arms as he sees fit, and appoint officers to assist him in his tasks.

Section 3:
The King of Arms shall not be limited in the duration of his service.

Section 1:
The College of Arms shall compile a list of heraldic guidelines and rules for the general public.

Section 2:
Heraldic Fraud shall be made a criminal offense, and will be defined as the illegal or improper usage of one's arms, falling under the provision of LR3 as Fraud.

The Imperial Dispatch Office
Do not reproduce in whole or in part without the express permission of the government of the New Western Empire

Read factbook

(A Majority of these changes are done and designed by the Department of Interior, well done guys!)

So when and where do we vote? I want to learn how well this all goes along

Southern-Nordic States wrote:So when and where do we vote? I want to learn how well this all goes along

At some point today Emperor Joseph will send everyone a Telegram and ping on the Discord that voting will be open. When that happens, a link will be posted along with it (If you're on NS, you'll have to copy the link and paste it in your browser). It'll take you to a Google Form which will ask you some questions then give you a large list and instructions on how to vote then. Last time which I believe is still the same thing we're using right now is every voter has 10 points. You can assign a nation a maximum of 4 points and a minimum of 0. You then just choose which nations you wanna give points to and how many until all 10 points have been used. After that your vote will be counted so long as you're a citizen.

Balkan Vojvodina wrote:VOTE LADS


don't mind me, just making my bimonthly RMB post


Slovaria wrote:The Citizen's Party is superior and UPA are a bunch of communist scammers

THEY'RE COMMUNISTS? brb gonna join the upa

Turkmennoland wrote:THEY'RE COMMUNISTS? brb gonna join the upa

Well, do you want me to add you on the factbook?

Turkmennoland wrote:THEY'RE COMMUNISTS? brb gonna join the upa

I hope you know they're not actually communists...

Tristandecuhna wrote:Well, do you want me to add you on the factbook?


Turkmennoland wrote:yea


Corsoaua wrote:I hope you know they're not actually communists...

oh i know that i just wanted to make a joke

Corsoaua wrote:I hope you know they're not actually communists...

Durch das Reich geht ein tiefer Riss
Der spaltet die Region –
'Ne Neuheit ist das nicht, gewiss –
Doch von Interesse schon!
Das Beispiel "Joseph und Trist" klärt
Den wirklichen Verlauf
Der regional Spaltung – zugehört! –
Als Klassenfrage auf!

Denn Joseph ist unser Kaiser
Und Trist, eine bloße Bürger–
Das ist der Klassengegensatz
Den jedermann versteht!

Herr Joseph, der Boss das Region
Im Club der edelsten Herrn
Besitzt Leibeigene und Getreuen
Viel tausend Nationen!
Als einer von zig-tausend Nationen
Steht Trist hinter seiner Tastatur
Um ein kaputt region zu reparieren
Sein Danken: er hat kein

Denn Joseph ist unser Kaiser
Und Trist, eine bloße Bürger–
Das ist der Klassengegensatz
Den jedermann versteht!

Turkmennoland wrote:oh i know that i just wanted to make a joke

Also, except USSR who I suppose to be a social democrat, our party is mainly composed by far leftists

Tristandecuhna wrote:Also, except USSR who I suppose to be a social democrat, our party is mainly composed by far leftists

But don't forget we have some blanchists in the UPA to

Tristandecuhna wrote:Durch das Reich geht ein tiefer Riss
Der spaltet die Region –
'Ne Neuheit ist das nicht, gewiss –
Doch von Interesse schon!
Das Beispiel "Joseph und Trist" klärt
Den wirklichen Verlauf
Der regional Spaltung – zugehört! –
Als Klassenfrage auf!

Denn Joseph ist unser Kaiser
Und Trist, eine bloße Bürger–
Das ist der Klassengegensatz
Den jedermann versteht!

Herr Joseph, der Boss das Region
Im Club der edelsten Herrn
Besitzt Leibeigene und Getreuen
Viel tausend Nationen!
Als einer von zig-tausend Nationen
Steht Trist hinter seiner Tastatur
Um ein kaputt region zu reparieren
Sein Danken: er hat kein

Denn Joseph ist unser Kaiser
Und Trist, eine bloße Bürger–
Das ist der Klassengegensatz
Den jedermann versteht!

Good message, but why?
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