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Big Federal Republics wrote:I don't think it's possible currently. It's unfortunate, but I feel like the average price for common cards is rising, so junking these may be less useful.

Okay, thank you.

I'm selling a load of ex-nation cards for 0.01 if anyone wants to get them cheap!

Edit: I've decided to kick up the price to 0.04. If anyone wants any in particular, telegram me to arrange a price.

Imagine trading cards

Grossadmiral Der Lowe wrote:Imagine trading cards

You interested? ;)

Snoodum wrote:You interested? ;)

Nah, unless the card is my own, or a legendary. Hehehe

Grossadmiral Der Lowe wrote:Nah, unless the card is my own, or a legendary. Hehehe

I'll have a look.

Snoodum wrote:I'll have a look.

If you get any Xylosnow cards, junk them all, there shall be none!

Grossadmiral Der Lowe wrote:If you get any Xylosnow cards, junk them all, there shall be none!

Sure thing!

Also, you don't have a trading card.

This is official, I have completed the list of military equipment of Fluffiness. This is full of soviet materiel from the 60s-70s !

The military in Fluffiness is under the command of the Head of Military, Rachel Fergus.

It is a defense force. There are about 100,000 soldiers. There aren't any weapon making company, but the military operates a few plants to repair or modify the materiel which is purchased abroad.

Pirates operates freely, and may protect Fluffiness alongside the navy.


Most of the military equipment has been purchased to the Soviet Union.

Infantry armament

  • LinkPSM pistols

  • LinkAK-74, although the AK-74 is still used, it is being replaced by the AK-74M, using 5.45×39mm cartridge. Some are fitted with LinkGP-25 grenade launchers

  • LinkVityaz-SN submachine gun, based on the AK-74. This is the most recent purchase by the military.

  • LinkDragunov SVD-63, semi-automatic sniper rifle

  • LinkKSVK 12.7, anti-materiel sniper rifle. They were bought in 2001.

  • LinkRPK-74, light machine gun for the squad gunners using 5.45×39mm M74 cartridges

  • LinkPKM machine gun from the 60s

  • Link2B14 Podnos, light mortar

  • Link9K38 Igla, portable surface-to-air infrared missile

  • Link9M113 Konkurs, wired anti-tank missile, from the seventies

  • LinkRPG-7, the iconic unguided rocket launcher


  • LinkT-44, immediate post-WWII medium tank : 22

  • LinkT-55A, 60s medium tank/main battle tank : 87

  • LinkT-72A, 80s main battle tank : 48


Self-propelled gun

Multiple rocket launcher

  • LinkBM-21 Grad-1 36 rounds of 122 mm rockets, from the 60s : 67

Anti-air defenses

Armored Personal Carriers

  • LinkBTR-60 wheeled APC : 189

    • BTR-60PB, using a 14.5 mm machine gun : 86

    • BTR-60PA, using a 12.7 mm machine gun : 103

  • LinkMT-LBu tracked APC : 74

Armored cars

  • BRDM-2, amphibious scout car : 236



  • LinkTu-4 : 4

  • LinkIl-28 :

    • Il-28RTR, for reconnaissance purposes : 2

    • Il-28Sh, for ground attacks : 6

    • Il-28, standard bomber : 14


  • LinkAn-26 :

    • An-26ASLK, modern version of the An-26 : 4

    • An-26B, mobile hospital (used also during natural catastrophies) : 6

  • LinkAn-28TD : 12


  • LinkMil Mi-24, ground attack gunship : 24

  • LinkMil Mi-17 :

    • Mi-17-1VA, mobile hospital : 6

    • Mi-17-2, troop transport (30 troops) : 31





  • LinkType 062, from the People's Republic of China : 9

Read factbook

in NewLeaf we rfuse to have Military we are approaching the Bottom 10 of defense in the Region, we rather use Cupcakes for settling disagreements

Now, should I join the map

Newleaf wrote:in NewLeaf we rfuse to have Military we are approaching the Bottom 10 of defense in the Region, we rather use Cupcakes for settling disagreements

Fluffiness is a peaceful nation now, most of the equipment comes from an era when we had closer ties with the USSR. However, we still keep an army to defend ourselves against foreign aggressions. Not all the members of the Council feels the same way, but I'd like to modernize and improve our military. However, I admire nation like yours who manage to keep no military. If you were ever under attack, we would be glad to defend you. (Mostly because you worship Fluttershy and I can only agree with this.)

Rachel Fergus, Head of the Military

Can one withdraw from a sale once it's started?

Snoodum wrote:Can one withdraw from a sale once it's started?

I don't think so, I've lost some money yesterday because of this.

Big Federal Republics wrote:I don't think so, I've lost some money yesterday because of this.

Yeah, that's really annoying!

Fluffiness wrote:Fluffiness is a peaceful nation now, most of the equipment comes from an era when we had closer ties with the USSR. However, we still keep an army to defend ourselves against foreign aggressions. Not all the members of the Council feels the same way, but I'd like to modernize and improve our military. However, I admire nation like yours who manage to keep no military. If you were ever under attack, we would be glad to defend you. (Mostly because you worship Fluttershy and I can only agree with this.)

Rachel Fergus, Head of the Military

Not one has attacked us, since we engage in international trading and have an amazing landscape many come to visit , even those maxtopians so i guess New leeaf can be the relaxd bar where waring soldiers can hang out bevor its back to their own battlegrounds the next day.

Fluffiness wrote:But Toroi had concerning matters to tell Diana too. Early reports showed that there had been explosions, nuclear explosions, in Loftegen. The electro-magnetic impulsions had caused some electrical isssues in the east of Fluffiness. But worse, this meant that war was not so far. Toroi had planned to try tighten Fluffiness links with Loftegen, but this would have to be postponed. He had conducted a meeting with Rachel Fergus, they had decided to move troops to the Loftegen border. About two-thirds of the armed force would get there. Yet, they had no illusion, they would be crushed in the event of an invasion. So they had begun to implement insurgency tactics, in which Fluffiness wasn't so bad. But they needed more troops and more equipements. Almost everything in Fluffiness arsenal was obsolete (10 MiG-15 are still in use). Fluffiness couldn't resist an invasion by itself.

The government of Loftegen 2 wishes to assure Fluffiness that no quarrel lies between our two nations. We are engaged in defensive operations against terrorists, nothing more. Regarding EMP damage in Fluffiness, Loftegen 2 will happily offer compensation to those affected, and will enter discussions with Fluffiness to determine a just and equitable settlement.

Loftegen 2 wrote:The government of Loftegen 2 wishes to assure Fluffiness that no quarrel lies between our two nations. We are engaged in defensive operations against terrorists, nothing more. Regarding EMP damage in Fluffiness, Loftegen 2 will happily offer compensation to those affected, and will enter discussions with Fluffiness to determine a just and equitable settlement.

Thank you very much for your offer. We haven't suffered much, we don't need any compensation, but thank you for your kindness. We just didn't expect to detect nuclear explosions in a neighbouring country. We've alerted our troops, who will monitor the situation from our country. I hope the fight is over soon.

Kindest regards,
Toroi Denkya, Head of International Relations

Tubbius is hungry in Treadwellia. It has been a long, long hour since Fourth Breakfast as He awaits First Lunch.

Treadwellia wrote:Tubbius is hungry in Treadwellia. It has been a long, long hour since Fourth Breakfast as He awaits First Lunch.

Servant: Would you like a hot beef sandwich, a roast chicken, or a grilled trout, Sire?"
Tubbius: Yes.

Your Imaginary Friend wrote:*stares at Loftegen and blinks*

I haz somthin to announce...! I added a new landmass (or three) to the map to make things a little more roomy for new folks joining! ^-^

Map of Lazarus
map | nations | join | log


LinkWhat this looks like on a globe... (thank you Snoodum!)




Capital City

Nation Summary







Aigania is an efficient, environmentally stunning, cultured, genial, safe and socially progressive nation. Their citizens are vat-grown people and soft-spoken computers, with keen interest in outer space and irreverence towards religion. Aigania have a medium-sized government which is primarily concerned with Education and an industrial sector, which is quite specialized and mostly made up of the Information Technology industry.



Mano Zate






Caybow is a weird but accepting nation.




Cianlandia is a large and sprawling Empire of magnificent proportions.

Clanitatteropia (Sandwich Empire)


Saola District

Clanitatteropia, a nation known for its obsession with sandwiches!

Cossack Peoples


New Krasnoyarsk




God is a Custadian.

Dadaism Haters


Danwaria (People's Republic of Danwaria)


Capitolina Draco

Founded by pilgrims and migrants escaping persecution of their branch of Christianity, the nation of Danwaria has grown in power over the years into a nuclear-capable military powerhouse with a powerful socialistic economy and a powerful union of Church and State, along with an ambition to spread it's economic system and faith all across Lazarus.







Fluffiness is a peaceful nation, with a limited government with strong anarchist values, accepting everyone.



Glorious Society



Grossadmiral Der Lowe (Quadrant Alpha Beta)



The outpost was created after a science craft crashed into the atmosphere, with no signals except one last cry for help, a group of Kangun Imperial Guard where sent to locate and extract any survivors, and also learn about what happened, and the planet they are on.

Guiness Freaks


Jameson Whiskey

Guiness freaks, founded in 2001 by the glorious Dear Leader and his twin brother Beer leader to bring forth joy and drunkenness to the region.




Halliway is known for as the nation with a massive economy as well as its intellectual and scientific achievements.

Hickerbilly (The W.B.W.R.)



Perfect place to party, as long as you let us know your gonna be there. Mind our modified AK-40-12-Gauges.

Holler Town (The W.B.W.R.)



Holler Town, the homeland of the WBWR (Wild Band of Woodland Raiders), is a great ally, but a force to be reckoned with. They specialize in bows, so they don't need guns to excel in combat, but beware of their fondness of them!










Ireland Isles


Stag City




Kappan is a fanatical nation full of devoted, fundamentalist followers of Christianity. The law is constantly shifting, since laws are based on the bible, which happens to contradict itself quite often.

Killer Kitty


Krazy Kitty Military District

Kingdom of Napels


Lazarene Ryccia (Fornoire)






Leonism is an ancient Empire, formed in 2003 in RL, ruled by a military democracy (all citizens are also part of the military, but there are free and fair elections). The economy is a social market economy, with a heavily regulated capitalism at its core. Arms Manufacturing is the country's biggest industry, but the economy is diverse with Tourism and Book Publishing also being important. The government focuses on education, science and military. The standard of living is high, but so is the tax rate.

Loftegen 2 (Loftegen)



Loftegen is a representative democracy overseen by an absolute ruler.



Lugmelt City

The environmentally stunning Empire of Lugmeltistan is a successful, socialist nation of equitable equality, with technology and policies so progressive that they even allow for A.I. citizens to be amongst the ranks. Ruled by the charismatic and progressive Leader Lugard Melton, Lugmeltistan is understanding of situations life puts people in and helps everyone reach their full potential so that, together, all will live their best life (even though the infinite energy ran out).







Mzeusia is a democratic, environmentally friendly nation whose government is led by Sirakles Tylosis. The people in general, have a strong sense of national and cultural identity, and they still partake in customs dating back to ancient times.

New Rogernomics



New seatlantis


New vedan


Guana City

New Vedan was created by a expedition from Vedan that landed on this planet century's ago after losing contact with the home country.

New wolf nation


Wolf City

NoDrugCrimeTown (The Land of Monplus)


The Land of Monplus is a nation that changes too much often, sometimes deceiving. It is a nice an groovy nation though, with the best we could offer to the world. It's cultured and the people are well taken care of. Enjoy our weekly parties and visit our wondrous skylines.

Old Thiruvananthapuram


Old Thiruvananthapuram




Onofria is a highly cultured, technology advanced, and ethnicity homogeneous nation that is rich in trade, culture, and history. Always looking for new allies.




Patridam is a wealthy, vast nation of 43 million patriotic citizens. High economic freedom, rich natural resources, and a strategic location have turned Patridam into an economic powerhouse of cold-war tech. Limited government keeps civil liberties strong, income tax nonexistent, and foreign policy non-interventionist.



Pettos is a rich tropical island colony and a popular tourist attraction.



Imperial City

Perchan is a City State and Hinterland led by HM Grimald von Perchan.









Star City


Resident (changing soon!)

Significantly Sized Bricks (Theocracy of Bricks)


Foundry of Bricks



Snudgskooge's palace

Snoodum, formerly known as Galgaria was formally founded in 47 AFD (After Founder's Death). This sparked the long and bloody history of Galgaria, renamed after the current leader, God-Emperor Snudgeskooge. Many view the country as a hostile, corrupt cesspit of oppression and squalor. This of course is blasphemy!

Snoodum has prospered with every citizen living underground in mega-cities. Some may view the state's measures of control as excessive though this is purely so it can run and continue to be finely tuned to the nth degree so that life runs smoothly. The military control the surface cities, preserved, and in some places, rebuilt to display Snoodum's historic roots. Military installations dot the country and only those given special permits are allowed to the surface.

South seatlantis





Trash Island



The Citadel



The Copper States (The Mineral Triplets)



The Mineral Triplets is made up of three nations (The Copper, Silicon and Aluminium states) with a compact of free association that are bent on becoming the most intelligent and scientifically advanced in Lazarus (they have had little success so far, but they are resilient).

The Lesbian Sisterhood


Lesbos City

Beautiful women, no men, and total nature.

The New California Republic (The NCR)


Shady Sands

The New Earth Army (The W.B.W.R.)


Special forces psychic spy unit abandoned by the U.S. military, The New Earth Army left for a new home, and settled peacefully in Lazarus.

The Republic of Glasgow



An existential crisis.

The Sigometh Dynasty



The Sigometh Dynasty is a rich, environmentally stunning and safe tropical/mediterranean nation known for its keen interest in outer space, irreverence towards religion and a complete lack of prisons.

The Torrentin





Piggy Cliff

United Federal Directorate of the Vierre


Alphaeus zero deux


Foreign Diplomat (Osiris)


West Amerika


New Zelea

Your Imaginary Friend (Imaginary)



Imaginary is a dilapidated seashore country that likes to keep to itself, choosing to fish and farm in isolation rather than trading with other nations in Lazarus. This may be why the place is called Imaginary, for many are not even aware of its existence up in the far north-western reaches of the region.

Zetaopalatopia (ZSU)




To join the map, please copy, fill out and send the following application to me via telegram or to Sylven Razedusk#1404 on Discord.

Your nation on NationStates:

Nation name you would like displayed on map:

Place you would like your nation to be on map (please try to be as specific as you can be!!):

Place you would like your capital city to be on the map (only available if the capital city of your NS nation is unlocked):

Color you would like your nation to be on map:

Short nation summary (optional):

Status in Lazarus (resident, citizen, foreign diplomat):

You'll be notified once your nation has been added. If you aren't happy with how your nation looks or ever want to add something to it, please don't hesitate to reach out again! =)


Clicking on some of the following links may make something download onto your device. You probably don't want that.

3/31: research/experimentation

4/8 - 4/9: beta-testing (Aflana, Harm, Imki, KK, joW, NR, LD, Tubbius, Imaginary added)
4/9: dispatch created
4/9: Linkreleased to public
4/9: LinkAsta, Rach and Albhan added
4/10: LinkJado/USS added, Piggy Cliff moved
4/10: LinkMelons and Ryccia added
4/10: LinkRyccia enlarged, Catherine moved
4/14: LinkGuiness added
4/15: LinkWeirmach, Copper States, New California Republic, and Sockallama added
4/16: LinkRockina and North added
4/16: LinkAstalen added
4/16: LinkIreland Isles added
4/16: LinkHycronesia added
4/19: LinkHaviarda added
4/20: LinkAigan and Huanin added
4/22: LinkWashington coffee and B. Apalioto added
4/22: LinkPharcyde added
4/24: LinkCianlandia added
4/26: LinkKaskardia and MMMM added
4/29: LinkZeta, Torrentin and Bricks added
4/29: LinkLeonism added

5/1: LinkHalliway and West Amerika added (faulty)
5/8: LinkCaybow and Holler T. added
5/9: Linkriver added to Holler T.
5/10: Linkmore rivers added to Holler T.
5/12: LinkGalfni added
5/13: LinkTCO, Kappan and TNEA added, Halliway and W. Amerika restored
5/14: LinkSunnyPhil and Perchan added
5/15: LinkMcChimp, Fluffiness and Hickerbilly added
5/17: Linkcontinents added, WBWR created
5/18: LinkHickerbilly changed, Loftegen added
5/20: LinkLoftegen changed, S. Seatlantis added

6/2: LinkHuanin and Weirmachs removed, Sinyal and oceans added
6/2: LinkSnoodum added
6/5: LinkSockallama removed, Patridam added
6/12: LinkSulfux added
6/16: LinkMap A changed LinkMap B created
6/20: LinkMap B: Lowe added
6/26: LinkMap A: Washington coffee, Rockina, MMMM, Boschetti A. and The Ceth Order removed

8/14: LinkMap A: Axixic added
8/15: LinkMap A: Glasgow added
8/17: LinkMap A: Mzeusia added
8/27: LinkMap A: Gianica added
8/31: LinkMap B: Imp. Sulfux added

9/17: LinkMap A: Seatl and S. Seatl capitals added LinkMap B: N. Seatl, Liriand and Austral Isle added
9/18: LinkMap A: Predora added
9/23: LinkMap A: Sandwich/Clanit added; Sheepshape, New Arm. and Pharcyde removed

10/2: LinkMap A: Lugmelt added
10/4: LinkMap A: Tanshia added
10/15: LinkMap B: Lesbian and Ono added
10/24: LinkMap B: Glorious Society, Eco Eur and Old Thiru added

11/5: LinkMap B: Eco Eur changed to Volf Nation and Vierre added
11/10: LinkMap B: Cozzack Peoplez and Kvuientez added; Auztral Izlez removed
11/23: LinkMap A: Flinkara and Andrellian added; Albhanaghan, Galfni, Fluffiness, Harm, Haviarda, Zulfux and the UZZ removed LinkMap B: Cozzack Peoplez' capitol added; Zigometh and Vedan added; Liriand and Imp. Zulfux removed
11/27: LinkMap B: Cozzack Peoplez edited; Danwaria added
11/28: LinkMap B: Pettos added
11/29: LinkMap A: Hraban added
11/29: LinkMap A: Luila added
11/30: LinkMap B: Monpluz added

12/3: LinkMap A: Fluffinezz added

Read factbook

Please check out the updated map, especially if you're Seatlantis, South seatlantis, Loftegen 2, Fluffiness, Ireland Isles, Boschettio apalioto, New Armenian Union, or The united syrian states (I stretched your nations a little bit - if you want them back how they were let me know... I may have been having too much fun messing around!)


Allllsssooo, do people bike in your nation? If so, are bikes used primarily for transport or recreation?


Leonism wrote:---
OOC remark: Of course it is unfair to be up against a medical doctor when making this kind of statement, but the dose equivalent of a hundred chest x-rays is about the dose you recieve in a single CT scan, and won't make you feel ill at all. What may happen is that you develop a tumor of some kind ten, maybe twenty or thirty years later that you wouldn't have developed otherwise :)

The Morgenröte rocked again. "This one hit closer to home", the first officer noted. "We better not let them get any closer". Vizekonsul Schulte agreed with that assessment. "Destroy the entire silo. We will have more time for our primary targets later", he ordered. "Herr Vizekonsul, we should watch our heat buildup though, we might have to keep waiting inbetween shots to-". Schulte cut him off "Just do it!".
Over the next three minutes, the corvette reduced the missile silos of WRADC to craters with a salvo of orbital laser fire. Most of the silos were empty now anyways, and for those that weren't the failsafe mechanisms prevented accidental nuclear explosions on the ground. Meanwhile, the onboard instruments showed heat building up in the corvettes laser system to sub-critical levels...

Johann Rettig rejoiced as the "Incoming Missile" warning on his panel ended. He had evaded the shoulder launched anti air missile. Time to give the ground troops more hassle. He swung his R44 "Würger" around for another strafing run. Two LBR55's air-to-ground missiles made their way from his craft to the ground within seconds. One Eciton[/u] armoured car got hit and turned on its side by the explosion, the other LBR55 detonated past its designated target, showering it in shrapnel without doing much lasting damage. "Take that you bastards", Johann muttered to himself as he held down the firing button for the UR50 unguided rockets. One of his rockets hit the hangar itself, which he was supposed to protect, but he couldn't see if any people inside got hit as he zoomed by the area. Speed was his best protection against return fire. What he did notice though was gas grenades being discharged into the hangar from one side, while a group of [i]Raumwaffe troops blasted their way out of the hangar to the opposite site. They were obviously trying to make a run for it. Johann decided to focus on their protection.

Tribun Lara Pfeilke was in her element now. The duel with the Loftegan interceptors was a free-wheeling dogfight of the classical kind, something she had long trained for. Lara was no Tanja Fassberg, but she had quite a reputation for being an excellent pilot. She would have made a great career in the Imperium. Would have, if Vizekonsul Schulte hadn't personally converted her to join the New Light Order.

Now all that counted was downing the forces of darkness. Just as she thought she would never get another shot in, one of the interceptors made a mistake and decided to change his turn direction right now. Lara wasted no second and poured her two 5 MW "Illuminator" class lasers into it from close range. First, it looked as if nothing happened, then one of the fuel tanks in the enemy's wings started being on fire. The fighter broke off for an emergency landing or ejection. Lara didn't care for which, because at the same time another fighter had got a lock on her in return.


Captain Lee Gwin took a deep breath. "I have you now", he muttered, pressing the fire button to unleash an air to air missile towards the engine section of the enemy R44 fighter. The ion engines of the strange craft did not emit as much heat as a jet engine, but the heat-seaking missile found its target nevertheless. Just as it was about to make contact, the enemy craft "jumped" forward at an amazing pace, outrunning the fireball.


Lara Pfeilke blacked out. As a last resort maneuver, she had simply slammed the throttle full forward. The enormous power of the R44 made it lunge forward at such acceleration that she lost conciousness due to the g-forces. The Emergency Flight Control System (Notfallflugkontrollsystem, NFKS) detected her loss of conciousness and automatically stabilized her flight path in a "straight and level" kind of way. Lara was out of the combat zone for now.

The 114. Raumwaffesicherungskorps, Vizekonsul Schulte's loyal detachment to Loftegen, was equipped with gas masks. While they hated wearing them, now was the time for this unloved piece of equipment to shine. As the paprika smell of the gas grenades began to fill the hangar along with the reddish vapor, most of the 114. put on their gas masks. The Luftwaffe personell inside the hangar were not so lucky. They weren't equipped for combat at all, they were engineers and logistics staff sent to repair the Konsul's F148 VIP airplane and support the Imperial mission to Loftegen. They were also loyal to their Imperator. And they had no clue what was going on. When Tribun Böttcher from the 114. asked their leader, Legat I. Klasse Conrad Kunkel, to come along, many followed him, not knowing that Böttchers order ultimately were to assassinate Lady Zaharra and Imperator Konsul Leo along with her.

The crew inside Hangar 415 got a respite from the gas attack when suddenly an air to ground rocket destroyed parts of the roof of the hangar, creating a "vent" for the gas to get out and fresh air to get in. Still, quite a few of the men and women stumbled outside towards the 1st Security Police Squadron, their arms held up high, noses and eyes itching and running uncontrollably. For them, this fight was over.

Böttcher's men meanwhile detonated a demolition charge at the opposite hangar wall and used the resulting hole to get out of the Hangar. Outside they were facing elements of the 1st SPS, who themselves had just survived an aerial attack by a R44 fighter. A short but intense firefight resulted in which the nearly 200 men of the 114. Raumwaffensicherungskorps ultimately emerged victorious, destryoing two more Ecitron tanks with their Panzerfaust anti-tank rockets and forced the remaining ones into retreat. The 114. had used an LL9 point-defense laser to shoot down any incoming grenades and smoke grenades to obscure their movement, resulting in only light casualties for themselves. Now they were pushing towards the airport buildings proper on foot.

All radio and television stations in the Altenburg Canton, simultaneously:

"There is a civil emergency. Terrorists disguised as members of the Leonism Raumwaffe, or Space Force, have infiltrated the country. They are believed to have arrived at Altenburg International Airport aboard hijacked or stolen Imperial aircraft. A confrontation with Air Force security police resulted in an unknown number of casaulties, and a number of prisoners taken, though word is that some of the 'prisoners' are actually friendly Imperial personnel who have been rescued by our forces."

"An unknown number of terrorists have escaped from the airport grounds, possibly aboard a Metro Transit Authority bus, though other vehicles may have been stolen as well. Citizens are urged to stay indoors, and get off the main roads. Air Force armored cars are attempting to pursue the terrorists, and civilians who stay on the highways may get caught in a cross fire."

"Report anyone wearing a Raumwaffe uniform to your local police. Do not approach or confront them. All such persons are to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Stay tuned to this station for further announcements."


Altenburg International Airport:

Major Kenn Whitworth considered his situation. A good third of his armored cars had been knocked out, their burning wrecks dotting the tarmac around Hanger 415. Dozens of his people had been killed or wounded, and a goodly number of terrorists had gotten away under cover of smoke. They also had some kind of point defense laser that could take out grenades, hand thrown ones at least.
On the plus side the hanger was now secure. The irritant gas fired into it was dispersing, and the people affected by it were getting treatment from his medics. The Imp (or rather, terrorist) fighter that had been strafing them had pulled back. He was either out of missiles, or thinking about following his comrades, or both. In any event, he wasn't shooting at Whitworth's command at the moment.
"Get the wounded into the hanger," he ordered his hastily summoned flight commanders. "Pull the surviving cars into a tight circle around it, in case that throttle jockey decides to start shooting again." Whitworth looked at the distant smoke plumes rising from the crash sites of the two Rapiers that had been shot down. "And hope none of that blows our way." Radiological containment teams were already heading out to deal with the nuclear warheads the downed planes had been carrying.

The Altenburg Grand Hotel:
"We don't have time to worry about your <censored> luggage!" 2nd Lt. Beka Hamlin shouted at a recalcitrant guest. "Those wackos could hit this place any moment! You wanna die for some clothes?" When the guest started to argue again, Beka poked at him with the bayonet attached to the muzzle of her weapon. The guest got the point, in more ways than one.

"Touristen, die Ihnen Probleme bereiten?" Beka about jumped out of her skin, then spun to face the source of the words.

"Marcus!" she exclaimed. "I thought you were going with the Emperor!"

Trenturio Marcus Höfner grinned. "Ich war es, aber die Admiralin entschied, dass sie diesen Ruhm für sich haben wollte."

"She seems like the type," Beka said, nodding. "Want to help me herd civilians?"

"That's why I'm here," Marcus answered.


Loftegen 2 Army SuperScarab 11-031249, now wearing the call sign Imperial One:

"Where are we going?" Leo asked.

"Government House," the Executive Protective Service agent answered. "The Prime Minister's Command Bunker is there. It's proof against anything short of a direct hit with a megaton range nuke. You'll be safe there."

"What about Lady Zaharra?" Leo said. "Her life is in danger!"

To Leo's consternation and amazement, the Lofties in the helicopter started laughing.

*sleeps and naps and such things because it feels like that kind of day to me*

Your Imaginary Friend wrote:*sleeps and naps and such things because it feels like that kind of day to me*

That’s my mood all day

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