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Mzeusia wrote:Get off me lawn!

Damn kids!

Only one more category to go...

Loftegen 2 enjoys a position of great respect and influence within Lazarus, partly because of the nation's long history of peace with its immediate neighbors, and partly because of its massive and dynamic economy. Loftegen 2 made goods are traded throughout the region, and a large amount of intracontinental trade passes through Loftegen 2 on its way to and from various other countries.

Of course, the nation's substantial military strength, especially in the areas of nuclear and chemical weaponry and warfare, don't hurt matters as much as they help. And there is Lady Zaharra. The mysterious, enigmatic, and often frightening resident of Castle Altenberg usually plays a small, subtle role in normal international relations, though she has a substantial impact on relations with certain countries.

One such is Guiness Freaks. Dear Leader is too drunk most of the time to be affected by the Lady's eerie presence, and there are rumors that the Lady did him a favor in a matter concerning his ex-wife, the result being very friendly relations between Loftegen 2 and Guiness Freaks.

Another is Treadwellia, whose good king Tubbius is both entirely immune to the Lady's presence, and happy to allow her to visit His family and give presents to His children. Rumors that the Lady sometimes spends hours playing with the Royal Brood cannot be confirmed.

Read factbook

Mzeusia, Fluffiness, and Guiness Freaks

Loftegen 2

2nd Lt. Beka Hamlin, Trenturio Marcus Tullius Höfner, and their people had barely left the helicopters for the roof of the Altenburg Grand when the plan changed.

Admiral I. Klasse Cornelia Rahlberg of the Leonism Imperiale Garde (and head of Emperor Leo's security team on this trip) was waiting for them, along with a senior agent of the Executive Protective Service.

"Wir bringen den Imperator Konsul an einen anderen Ort. Es besteht die Gefahr eines Orbitalschlags," Rahlberg said, addressing Marcus. "Übernehmen Sie die Begleitung."

"A what?!" Beka exclaimed.

"Orbital strike," the EPS agent said. "Rogue Imp's stole a spaceship armed with a powerful laser. It's no Death Star, but apparently it can hit surface targets from space and packs a punch like a five hundred pound bomb. The hotel is too vulnerable."

"What about civilians?" Beka asked.

"You and your people are going to help us evacuate them. We're emptying the building," the agent said.

"How much time do we have?" Beka demanded.

"Not enough," the agent answered.

"Then we'd better get started," Beka said grimly. "Take care of yourself, Marcus," she said to her companion. "And your Emperor, too, while you're at it," she added with a grin.

Marcus chuckled. The Imperator Konsul was already on the roof, heading to one of the Loftie helicopters. "I'll see what I can do," he promised. "Bis später, Beka. Lass das Hotel nicht auf dich fallen."

Your Imaginary Friend, Fluffiness, Hycronesia, and Leonism

Errrggg, I'm messing around with a song in Audacity (a sound editing program) and asked it to change something's speed by -99...

After staring at "Not Responding" for 5 minutes I finally force killed it and restarted. >.> Really annoying because I had done some cool stuff, but I guess I'll know to be more reasonable with my requests in the future. Lol.

Mzeusia, Fluffiness, Hycronesia, Guiness Freaks, and 1 otherLoftegen 2

Your Imaginary Friend wrote:Errrggg, I'm messing around with a song in Audacity (a sound editing program) and asked it to change something's speed by -99...

After staring at "Not Responding" for 5 minutes I finally force killed it and restarted. >.> Really annoying because I had done some cool stuff, but I guess I'll know to be more reasonable with my requests in the future. Lol.

Yeah, that doesn't sound nice. I was going to post an RP post and then did some stuff that meant I could get it back. Hope you can remember some of it.

Your Imaginary Friend, Hycronesia, and Loftegen 2

Mzeusia wrote:Get off me lawn!


The Austro Germanic Union wrote:nein

Hey, I sowed those grass seeds myself, so be careful.

Guiness Freaks and Loftegen 2

Guiness Freaks wrote:Good luck caybow


Grossadmiral der lowe


Loftegen 2

Grossadmiral der lowe

Your Imaginary Friend wrote:Errrggg, I'm messing around with a song in Audacity (a sound editing program) and asked it to change something's speed by -99...

After staring at "Not Responding" for 5 minutes I finally force killed it and restarted. >.> Really annoying because I had done some cool stuff, but I guess I'll know to be more reasonable with my requests in the future. Lol.

OwO, I can’t find a good music editing program...I used to use one but then it came with like a bazillion pay walls

Loftegen 2

Grossadmiral der lowe

I finally get time to post a rp tomorrow

Loftegen 2

Fluffiness wrote:After having spent a long night totally drunk, Toroi Denkya wakes up feeling a bit dizzy. He reaches his phone. 125 notifications on the regional board. He then spends a dozen minutes to catch up with everything. It seems that there haven't been much important things hopefully. He then proceed to looking the current participation to Fluffiness Flag Poll. There have been six votes so far. This looks encouraging.

Now that this is done, he phones Diana Taeto. From her last messages, it looked like [nation]Leonism was in friendly terms, and had already drafted a few propositions.
"Hello Diana, here's Toroi, how are you ?"

Diana seems to have been awoken by the call. Of course, the jet lag ! "Mmmh hello Toroi. I'm jut barely awake, thank you. I suppose you're phoning me not just for the pleasure of disturbing my sleep, but to know more about our situation in Leonism ? Well, things aren't too bad. I've discussed with Prokonsul Jennifer Adler about the draft upon my arrival. I've told her that we couldn't agree with the prisoner exchange, but we would cooperate concerning any intelligence we have on the NLO. Concerning trade, I guess we'll reach agreements concerning literature and tourism. I've drafted something to sum up. Wait a minute, I'll send it to you..."

Soon, a new notification popped on Toroi's phone. He opened the document :

"Draft proposition for cooperation between Leonism and Fluffiness"

DISCLAIMER : This document is a work in progress. All information in it is subject to changes.

Acknowleding that both of Fluffiness and Leonism retains full sovereignty over their nation.

Noting the need for more cooperation between nations of the same region.

Hereby proposing the following agreements :

1. Terms of this treaty
1.a. This agreement can be modified if and only if the two nations, namely Fluffiness and Leonism, both agree on the new modifications.
1.b. Any party may leave this agreement, rendering it null. However, the leaving nation must inform the other at least one month prior.

2. New Light Order
All information concerning the New Light Order (NLO) that Fluffiness has in their possession must be shared to Leonism, who have no restriction concerning the use of these information.

3. Book industry
3.a. There can be no tax on books, ebooks, magazine and other such cultural coming from the other party.
3.b. Each nation must employ a group of between 10 and 20 translators, whose task will be to translate books between Fluffinesian and Deutsch.
3.c. The translators may also write translation to the different dialects of these regions : Frisian and Bavarian in Leonism, or Xianlu in Fluffiness for example.
3.d. These translators may be employed through private contractors.

4. Tourism
4.a. Tax on tourism services must be half of the standard tourism tax for citizen from Fluffiness in Leonism, and people from Leonism in Fluffiness.
4.b. Tourism guides for sites registered to the Fluffiness Monument Heritage must be written both in Fluffinesian and Deutsch.
4.c. Tourism guides for sites officially registered in Leonism must be written both in Deutsch and in Fluffinesian.

"Hmm, this seems good to me, said Toroi Denkya after a while. I guess you can send it to Jennifer Adler. Tell her that she can of course make a new draft if this one doesn't please her. This is only a draft after all. But if everything is fine for her, it's fine for us too !"

"I will send it to her right now then."

"Oh and by the way, Diana, err... Rachel told me that she'd be interested in any intelligence you have on Leonism military. Don't spy or whatever, just keep an eye open on their military. She may want to order some of their weapon also. It's true that our military equipment tends to be a little obsolete. Well, I guess we'll talk about it more later, when we'll make the review of military branch. Good night Diana, sleep well !"

"Good morning Toroi then !"

OOC : So Leonism, feel free to ratify or propose modification to the current treaty !

Imperial Foreign Ministry, Leestcheck, capital of the Imperium
Foreign Minister Vizekonsul Malte Lechner was sitting at the large meeting table in his office, together with his vice-foreign minister, Prokonsul II. Klasse Jennifer Adler. It was rare that the two of them had time to discuss policy together in person, but now was one of those times.

The ambassador from Fluffiness had sent Adler a proposal for a treaty on cooperation. Intelligence sharing regarding NLO activities was something both parties could agree on. The Fluffinessian side did not agree to prisoner exchanges though. "We will have to drop this matter", Lechner said. "It is purely hypothetical at this point anyway. Maybe Leo should consider ruling out prisoner exchanges with Loftegen 2 though, The Dark Witch in Altenburg seems to scare other nations in this regard." Adler nodded.

Lechner continued:
"We stand to gain something for our economy when it comes to the Book Publishing industry and Tourism through this treaty. I don't know how many tourists from Fluffiness will want to visit our country, but every single one is more than before. The backwater parts of South Frisia could use them especially, as they are falling behind Blaumeisehaven economically. But they have nice beaches. Does Fluffiness have nice beaches? I don't know. We simply need more intelligence about that country. Tell our newly appointed ambassador, Untergeneral Silke Kahrs, to travel the country. And send her more staff, the diplomatic service has plenty of bored new recruits. Remind them to leave their guns here, the people of Fluffiness don't allow open carry of guns. We will request that they allow us to station a company of Imperial Guard at the embassy compound, however."

"Ja, Vizekonsul. I will inform Diana Taeto that we agree with their draft text by and large. Ultimately the Reichstag will have to ratify the agreement", Adler noted. "I also don't think they will disagree with armed guards when those will remain strictly on the embassy grounds themselves."

"Alright then. Now let's focus on the NLO rebellion by Vizekonsul Schulte. We need to assure our foreign partners that we're not in a civil war, that the NLO has not taken over our armed forces and that we're very much in control. The Raumwaffe is loyal to the Imperium, only a handful of soldiers have chosen their loyalty to Schulte over their loyalty to the Imperium as a whole..."

Your Imaginary Friend, Hycronesia, and Loftegen 2

Grossadmiral der lowe


Your Imaginary Friend and Loftegen 2

Grossadmiral der lowe wrote:China

What about ceramic tableware?

Loftegen 2 wrote:"Imperial corvette Morgenröte, this is the Loftegen 2 West Regional Aerospace Defense Center. We are advised that your intentions are hostile. Alter course to avoid our airspace immediately, or we will fire on you."

Everyone the the WRADC control room was looking at the big board. The rogue Imp ship was highlighted in red, as was its projected orbit. There was no reply to the warning, and the ship held its course. (It would later be determined that the challenge, and indeed all transmissions from WRADC, were not heard by the Morgenröte, due to an insufficiently powerful transmitter.)

The brigader general in charge gave a three word order. "Launch warning shot."

At a nearby battery site, the local crew carried out the order. A silo cover popped open, and a single Spartan ABM leapt skyward on a pillar of flame, racing toward the heavens. Three minutes later, 200 nautical miles up and 450 nautical miles down range, a 5 megaton warhead detonated in a flash of visible light and an even brighter burst of x-rays.

"That was your first and only warning, Morgenröte. Alter course immediately or we fire for effect."

The answer came in the form of a perfectly straight lightning bolt that reached down from the heavens to strike the now empty silo. There was a flash and a boom, like a large conventional bomb going off, and then silence. For a few seconds, at least.

With time for just one more salvo before the enemy was overhead, WRADC sent two more Spartans up to say 'Hello!' to the Imp ship. As feared, the Morgenröte was able to use its engines to evade the warheads, though one detonated 'just' fifty miles away from the ship, close enough to give everyone on board the equivalent of a hundred or so chest x-rays worth of radiation. At that dose, a few of the crew might become slightly ill over the next twelve hours.

OOC remark: Of course it is unfair to be up against a medical doctor when making this kind of statement, but the dose equivalent of a hundred chest x-rays is about the dose you recieve in a single CT scan, and won't make you feel ill at all. What may happen is that you develop a tumor of some kind ten, maybe twenty or thirty years later that you wouldn't have developed otherwise :)

The Morgenröte rocked again. "This one hit closer to home", the first officer noted. "We better not let them get any closer". Vizekonsul Schulte agreed with that assessment. "Destroy the entire silo. We will have more time for our primary targets later", he ordered. "Herr Vizekonsul, we should watch our heat buildup though, we might have to keep waiting inbetween shots to-". Schulte cut him off "Just do it!".
Over the next three minutes, the corvette reduced the missile silos of WRADC to craters with a salvo of orbital laser fire. Most of the silos were empty now anyways, and for those that weren't the failsafe mechanisms prevented accidental nuclear explosions on the ground. Meanwhile, the onboard instruments showed heat building up in the corvettes laser system to sub-critical levels...

Loftegen 2 wrote:
"Return fire!" Major Kenn Whitworth of the 1st Security Police Squadron shouted into his radio. Most of the vehicles in the column he was leading were variants of the Eciton armored car: four, six, and eight wheeled types with a mix of weapons. Just about every one of them carried an M2 heavy machine gun for air defense as well as fire support, and all along the column muzzles lifted skyward, as the Imp plane swung around for another pass. The odds of actually hitting the Imp weren't all that great, but shooting back would be good for morale, and facing a blizzard of tracers might throw the Imp pilot's aim off. "And spread the <bleep> out!" he added. "Encircle that hanger!"

"Son of a motherless whore!" Airman 1st Class Dann Tanna exclaimed as the Imp casually evaded the shoulder launched, IR homing missile he'd sent its way. The missile, on losing its target, went ballistic, then self destructed. Yanking the fire control unit off the now empty disposable launch tube, he gestured for his assistant to hand him another missile.

Johann Rettig rejoiced as the "Incoming Missile" warning on his panel ended. He had evaded the shoulder launched anti air missile. Time to give the ground troops more hassle. He swung his R44 "Würger" around for another strafing run. Two LBR55's air-to-ground missiles made their way from his craft to the ground within seconds. One Eciton armoured car got hit and turned on its side by the explosion, the other LBR55 detonated past its designated target, showering it in shrapnel without doing much lasting damage. "Take that you bastards", Johann muttered to himself as he held down the firing button for the UR50 unguided rockets. One of his rockets hit the hangar itself, which he was supposed to protect, but he couldn't see if any people inside got hit as he zoomed by the area. Speed was his best protection against return fire. What he did notice though was gas grenades being discharged into the hangar from one side, while a group of Raumwaffe troops blasted their way out of the hangar to the opposite site. They were obviously trying to make a run for it. Johann decided to focus on their protection.

Loftegen 2 wrote:Captain Lee Gwin was swearing too. Strapped into the cockpit of his Rapier III I.6 interceptor, he was fighting for his life, in a plane that wasn't designed with dogfighting in mind. Unlike its F.6 half sisters (and they really shouldn't have given them the same name: it was confusing) the I.6 sacrificed manuverability for speed in a straight line. That made sense, given that its role was intercepting incoming bombers. Still, they outnumbered the Imp three to one, and even though they couldn't get a lock on the damn thing, it hadn't been able to get one on them either (at least not long enough to fire, so far). And, whether the Imp knew it or not, more Rapiers, proper F.6's, were on their way.

Tribun Lara Pfeilke was in her element now. The duel with the Loftegan interceptors was a free-wheeling dogfight of the classical kind, something she had long trained for. Lara was no Tanja Fassberg, but she had quite a reputation for being an excellent pilot. She would have made a great career in the Imperium. Would have, if Vizekonsul Schulte hadn't personally converted her to join the New Light Order.

Now all that counted was downing the forces of darkness. Just as she thought she would never get another shot in, one of the interceptors made a mistake and decided to change his turn direction right now. Lara wasted no second and poured her two 5 MW "Illuminator" class lasers into it from close range. First, it looked as if nothing happened, then one of the fuel tanks in the enemy's wings started being on fire. The fighter broke off for an emergency landing or ejection. Lara didn't care for which, because at the same time another fighter had got a lock on her in return.


Captain Lee Gwin took a deep breath. "I have you now", he muttered, pressing the fire button to unleash an air to air missile towards the engine section of the enemy R44 fighter. The ion engines of the strange craft did not emit as much heat as a jet engine, but the heat-seaking missile found its target nevertheless. Just as it was about to make contact, the enemy craft "jumped" forward at an amazing pace, outrunning the fireball.


Lara Pfeilke blacked out. As a last resort maneuver, she had simply slammed the throttle full forward. The enormous power of the R44 made it lunge forward at such acceleration that she lost conciousness due to the g-forces. The Emergency Flight Control System (Notfallflugkontrollsystem, NFKS) detected her loss of conciousness and automatically stabilized her flight path in a "straight and level" kind of way. Lara was out of the combat zone for now.

Loftegen 2 wrote:Legat I. Klasse Conrad Kunkel lay flat on the floor of Hanger 415, along with all of his people and the Loftegen 2 personnel who had been assisting them in their work. The sound of gunfire and explosions erupting outside the hanger was the more frightening than he'd ever imagined it would be. Worse yet, Tribun Böttcher was shouting orders and preparing to lead his people out into whatever was happening outside. Kunkel could hear bullets (and larger projectiles) hitting the hanger walls. Suddenly, most of the windows on the side of the hanger facing the noise shattered. Small cylinders landed on the concrete, spinning in place and discharging a reddish vapor that wasn't thick enough to be smoke. A smell like paprika became noticeable, and Kunkel felt his eyes and nose itch.

One of the Lofties cried out, "Gas!

"Scheisse!" Kunkel thought, as people began to cough and tear up. Just when he thought things couldn't get any worse, he heard Tribun Böttcher cry, "Folge mir!"

The 114. Raumwaffesicherungskorps, Vizekonsul Schulte's loyal detachment to Loftegen, was equipped with gas masks. While they hated wearing them, now was the time for this unloved piece of equipment to shine. As the paprika smell of the gas grenades began to fill the hangar along with the reddish vapor, most of the 114. put on their gas masks. The Luftwaffe personell inside the hangar were not so lucky. They weren't equipped for combat at all, they were engineers and logistics staff sent to repair the Konsul's F148 VIP airplane and support the Imperial mission to Loftegen. They were also loyal to their Imperator. And they had no clue what was going on. When Tribun Böttcher from the 114. asked their leader, Legat I. Klasse Conrad Kunkel, to come along, many followed him, not knowing that Böttchers order ultimately were to assassinate Lady Zaharra and Imperator Konsul Leo along with her.

The crew inside Hangar 415 got a respite from the gas attack when suddenly an air to ground rocket destroyed parts of the roof of the hangar, creating a "vent" for the gas to get out and fresh air to get in. Still, quite a few of the men and women stumbled outside towards the 1st Security Police Squadron, their arms held up high, noses and eyes itching and running uncontrollably. For them, this fight was over.

Böttcher's men meanwhile detonated a demolition charge at the opposite hangar wall and used the resulting hole to get out of the Hangar. Outside they were facing elements of the 1st SPS, who themselves had just survived an aerial attack by a R44 fighter. A short but intense firefight resulted in which the nearly 200 men of the 114. Raumwaffensicherungskorps ultimately emerged victorious, destryoing two more Ecitron tanks with their Panzerfaust anti-tank rockets and forced the remaining ones into retreat. The 114. had used an LL9 point-defense laser to shoot down any incoming grenades and smoke grenades to obscure their movement, resulting in only light casualties for themselves. Now they were pushing towards the airport buildings proper on foot.

Fluffiness, Hycronesia, and Loftegen 2

Grossadmiral der lowe

Loftegen 2 wrote:What about ceramic tableware?

I’m a porcelain person myself

Guiness Freaks and Loftegen 2

xD I've pretty much been excluded from the NLO roleplay...

Loftegen 2

Sinyal wrote:xD I've pretty much been excluded from the NLO roleplay...

yep I've been kicked to the curb

Grossadmiral der lowe

Sinyal wrote:yep I've been kicked to the curb

Well then, I will have to pick you up and make you better

Sinyal wrote:xD I've pretty much been excluded from the NLO roleplay...

In our defense we thought you were leaving for an extended period. :P

Loftegen 2 wrote:In our defense we thought you were leaving for an extended period. :P

ooo. sry bout' that. I'm not leavin' for a while so I'm tryna get as much nationstates time as possible.

Beer leader and the twins are playing the Oregon Trail card game. They all died of dysentary.

Hycronesia and Loftegen 2

Guiness Freaks wrote:Beer leader and the twins are playing the Oregon Trail card game. They all died of dysentary.

wouldn't dying of 'being drunk and doing something stupid' be better?

Loftegen 2

Sinyal wrote:wouldn't dying of 'being drunk and doing something stupid' be better?

Dear sweet sinyal. The game is pretend. not real life.

Your Imaginary Friend, Kappan, and Loftegen 2

Guiness Freaks wrote:Dear sweet sinyal. The game is pretend. not real life.

Yes I know, in real life I would like to die saving everyone on earth by sacrificing myself. (While drunk and saying yeet every second of course...)

Your Imaginary Friend and Loftegen 2

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