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Celestialer wrote:I don't want to spend a lot of time typing so bye
One reason is: "We are doing this for more people to come here", that is, they are just making embassies to get people out of here and go there

Lol he got your region too

What happened?

Menschenheim wrote:What happened?

Wechaiyae wrote:We did a coup and moved to a new region
and the people got there way,
and now KOE is the leader

can i claim liechtenstein if its all blank?

Menschenheim wrote:What happened?

Please move to Institute of Cellulose

I am tired of school make it stop

the old region is cool

Post self-deleted by Imperiya Snezhnaya.

Imperiya Snezhnaya wrote:

Bruh. You didn't notice that the whole region moved to another place.

Post self-deleted by Sarthale.

Imperiya Snezhnaya wrote:Hello, Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom.

After a long consideration process, we have deemed necessary the closure of all diplomatic ties between your region and our Region.
This is nothing personal against any particular member of your region, and it's just a decision we have taken based on the activity your region is involved in. Also worthy of note is that you are not the only region we are closing down embassies with, which should reinforce the message that it's nothing personal.

The Archon Empire of Imperiya Snezhnaya, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

And Wech, you didn't even explain that good, anyway, farewell

The greatest poll in NS and human recorded history is on going.


^Breakfast Battle.. Vote now! or someone will steal the door knobs from your house, damn knob nappers..

Dead, this place is.

The H Corporation wrote:I am tired of school make it stop

Same here...

This region may be revived and grown again.

Post self-deleted by New Ryansville.



Just a warning macula Offeret is changing name so we’re moving regions so i Krezenel give you embassy invite please accept


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