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Post by West samaria suppressed by Sepehr heidari.

I support The Islamic Republic of Iran having an embassy here and us having one there. I believe they have been a friendly region to us for years.

(Previous post deleted because of a mistake in it.)

Post by Mister ahmadinejad suppressed by Sepehr heidari.

Mister ahmadinejad

Hello my countrymen!

Post by Ueff sucks suppressed by Sepehr heidari.

The regional flag is NOT the true Iranian flag. CHANGE IT!

Post by Taliban party suppressed by Sepehr heidari.

Greetings fellow governors!

Post by Kurmul suppressed by Sepehr heidari.

Allah-u-abha dear fellow leaders!

Post by Irish republican iraq suppressed by Sepehr heidari.

Irish republican iraq

I do not support The Islamic Republic of Iran having an embassy here.

Remember the Ayatollah and his radicals? If The IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) was a friendly region why did it support our enemies?

Iraq has repeatedly supported a democratic Iran free of Islamic tyranny. I will request the Ba'athist regime to construct embassies with Iran to solidify our enduring friendship.

The IRI's involvement in this region has been ambiguous and questionable.

The IRI was so embarassed it associated with the Islamic Revolution that it formulated the most unbelievable nonsense of Saddam and Khomeini being partners. By this despicable propaganda The IRI intended to kill 2 birds with 1 stone: let itself off the hook in regards with the Ayatollah, and at the same time damage the reputation of the genuine fighters against theocratic oppression, the courageous regime in Iraq.

It is my hope enough are left who remember The IRI's crimes. It is easy to see through their lies and to notice their hatred for Iraq. The Islamists screwed with Iran before, and by accepting embassies with them, Iran will be opening itself to be screwed again.

By the way, the regional flag was a real Iranian flag. It was the flag of a regime friendlier to Iraq, to the world, and to its own citizens than the present Islamic Republic.

Because of The IRI's relationship with OIN, that region should not be trusted either. It is as suspicious as these new WA fellows not endorsing the delegate.

Post by Shia islamic iran suppressed by Sepehr heidari.

Shia islamic iran

Would that be the 'Ayatollah Khomeini' who is 'Saddam Hussein Tikriti', who is the one and the same in NationStates controlled by the same player, who formented chaos in Iran and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and whomay well be the same player controlling you now, Irish Republican Iraq? Yes I thought so.

The IRI's crimes were in allowing 'Ayatollah Khomeini' to reside in the region who I in turn thoroughly denounced when I realised both they and 'Saddam Hussein of Iraq' were one and the same. Please feel free to read the IRI's RMB for further details how I uncovered this.

That still annoys you that I stopped your little game, does it not, Saddam Hussein Tikriti/Ayatollah Khomeini/Irish Republican Iraq?

I see that as an agent provocatuer of the region of Iraq, which is Baathist you are seeking to forment trouble and control Iran once more, tell them who they can and can not be friends with, under the guise no longer of 'Ayatollah Khomeini' ( which was I gather, in order to adopt an acceptable name to rule Iran with) or Saddam Hussein Tikriti (NOT an acceptable name in Iran) but of Irish Republican Iraq of all names.

You Baathists have no business in Iran's affairs. You have no business to tell them who and who they can not be friends with.

It still upsets you I uncovered Iraq's plot to control Iran through 'Ayatollah Khomeini' by Saddam Hussein, it still grates all this time on. Well that's just tough, so, so, unfair not to be ruling Iran, so, so, unfair not to be WA Delegate. How you must hate Carrhae Harran. How you must despise Iran.

You Baathists never got over the glorious Iranians defeating Saddam's war of aggression either, did you?

Saddam Baathists. Urgh!

A warm hello to West Samaria! I will make another embassy request, and I will also send a telegram to Carrhae Harran asking for an embassy.

I just wish to alert everybody to the fact that Irish Republican Iraq is a puppet agent provacateur of Iraq, which is controlled by Baathists. They mean nothing but harm and trouble as they did in real-life.

Saddam-loving Baathists. They are in NationStates as in real life. Aggressors!

Shia Islamic Iran,

Founder of The Islamic Republic of Iran

Post by Mister ahmadinejad suppressed by Sepehr heidari.

Mister ahmadinejad

I support the alliance with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Post by Mister ahmadinejad suppressed by Sepehr heidari.

Mister ahmadinejad

Wow a lot of new foreigners here! Anyway, I'm almost the most conservative nation here :)

Yes there is, time to expel a few I think :P

How is everyone going??



Perhaps some of the older posts should be suppressed

Sepehr heidari

I did suppress them, because I can and it is free. If you have any problem with it all I can say is: my head is a bird, therefore your argument is invalid.

Not arguing just saying that I can still see some of the older posts

Basically, you haven't gone back far enough! :P

Sepehr heidari

Oh man, I just went like three pages back! But I am starting to see whose posts I am suppressing next...

Don't you look at our posts like that!

Ignore my previous posts

What I meant to say is what a glorious delegate we have;)

*throws a cup of water at the delegate while he's not looking*

It was Liriam, I swear!

*stands there holding cup*

"You got to believe me they set me up. They set me up. I'm innocent. INNOCENT"

No he's not, I saw him! I watched him throw that water at you. I tried to stop him, but I didn't notice in time. I'm sorry. :(

Sepehr heidari

Why is my hair all wet? And what are you two bickering about? I am going to suppress both of your posts anyway.

Why? Please don't, Oh, Great One!

Sepehr heidari

I might reconsider, but just because I am in a great mood after managing to make the WFE look so good. I am such an artist...

It is the most beautiful WFE I've seen in quite a while

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