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Blackeyed peas


Birdhouse in your soul

Hey just wandering

Make a little birdhouse in your soul

Post by Carrhae harran suppressed by Medil.

Carrhae harran

Good day to all. I received a message from one of our region's members:

"Hello, Carrhae Harran. Welcome back. I noticed our fellow Iranians in Persian Empire are recent victims of a hateful invasion. If you have any friends who can help please tell them."

Iran is an independent and neutral region. It is not aligned with other regions. Our region appreciates all nations and will not involve itself in foreign disputes.

Having said that, I understand where the concern is coming from. This is an Iranian region with Iranians and for Iranians.

Iran naturally disapproves of invasions against Iranian and Persian nations. Likewise, our region respects the aspirations of every region of a particular nationality to pursue self-determination as communities of free men.

Eranshahr iran

Iran is with our Persian brothers! Long live the Shah!

Post by Rubentus suppressed by Medil.

I noticed you were recent victims of a hateful invasion. If you have any friends who can help please don't tell them, it no use.

Post by Perishtopia suppressed by Medil.

You have been raided again! This time by The Black Hawks!

We're so fast that fendas were unable to protect you guys. Sorry :(

I missed all the fun then...

Post by Quds force suppressed by Medil.

Sellam Alekum to all Muslims,

Long Live the Islamic Republic of Iran!

Long Live Hezbollah!

Death to Israel!

Blackeyed peas

What's your problem?

Eranshahr iran

Death to The Greek Empire!

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick...


Post by Carrhae harran suppressed by Medil.

Carrhae harran

To invaders, please take your pursuits elsewhere.

Iran is an independent and neutral region.

Dr mahathir mohamad

Please endorse Carrhae Harran, the rightful delegate of Iran!

Hey, everybody! Persian Empire is under occupation by the Greeks! A region has been created as a temporary HQ for retaking what is rightfully ours: The Persian Alliance. Everyone should move there to plan the liberation of our brothers and sisters. If you want the password, just ask the founder.

Remember, the liberation and planning is just temporary! If most nations join in, we can retake Persian Empire in no more than a week.


I suppose the forces of Hidden Moon Base 3 have no choice but to retreat. It appears disasters at home led to the demise of our armies over seas.

We shall not make the same mistakes in the future, but then again, we probably wont be going after Iran in the future.

For now, Hidden Moon Base 3 surrenders, at least in Iran. I'm assuming you wont do a counter-invasion since our founder is active, though.

The Prophet ate pork with his left hand.

Post by Carrhae harran suppressed by Sepehr heidari.

Carrhae harran

Once again, our region is a peaceful one. Iran does not involve itself in the affairs of other regions.

Our community will always empathize with Iranians, but it will not endorse specific actions in regards to events outside this region.

Let us unite in sustaining an independent Iran our people and the world can all admire.

Post by Central iran suppressed by Sepehr heidari.

Hi, great finding a free Iran!

Post by Underground persia suppressed by Sepehr heidari.

Underground persia


Post by -cartavesqa- suppressed by Sepehr heidari.

Hello everybody :)

Post by West samaria suppressed by Sepehr heidari.

Great! West Samaria is ranked 1st in Iran and 5,205th in the world for Largest Cheese Export Sector. And it isnít even one of our top three industries!

Post by West samaria suppressed by Sepehr heidari.

Looks like we were invaded again! Does anyone know who by? Is it the Ten-thousand Islands Treaty Organization (TITO) who defended us?

Post by Dr mahathir mohamad suppressed by Sepehr heidari.

Dr mahathir mohamad

Looks like it

Post self-deleted by West samaria.

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