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I'm back from the dead... again. Looks more active here! :)

Okay, BAM -- which was inclined to favour the proposal, anyhows -- will vote 'For'.

'Monkey Island' is the home region of GA regular 'Mousebumples'. I have a puppet there (whose identity you should be able to guess if you look...), and some Antarctic Oasis nations might have puppets there too.


"Hrarroom!" ( = "Greetings!"), Malabra: Welcome home!

Oh, and 'The Pleiades' is Yelda's home region...

If we are going to start exchanging embassies with other regions again then we really need a Foreign Minister. Any volunteers?

If Embolalia moves to Dharma, I'll have TWO military bases in the region. Unibot doesn't know what he is getting himself in to XD

I won't be moving my main any time soon. Anyway, I'd volunteer for a Foreign Minister position. I don't have time to do any recruitment drives, but other than that, sure.

I didn't think you would. Anyway, I have requested an Embassy Exchange.

Embolalia as Foreign Minister? That’s okay be me, and okay IC by the Bears.

I suggest accepting embassy exchanges with those of the regions who've asked that some of us have reason to know about _ Eastern Islands of Dharma, Monkey Island, The Pleiades, and now Western Atlantic.... I've interacted with Nullarni in the GA a little bit, too, so maybe their request too?
Oh, and I also suggest offering embassy exhanges to Lavinium (home of The Altani Confederacy), Zhaucauozian Friendship (Ardchoille), Atlantian Oceania (lots of Sports RP nations), and Rushmore (ditto).

How do the rest of you feel about any of these ideas? Feel free to start a private thread in our forum if you’d rather not have your opinion of any other region made public in this RMB…

As nobody has objected during the last 3 days, I have named Embolalia as Foreign Minister.

I suppose that naming a Vice Delegate too would be a good idea. I know that customarily that job has gone to the runner-up from the election for Delegate, but Syvorjin's talk of establishing a dictatorship if elected makes me wary of letting them have the job: Can anybody remember whether appointing the runner-up (presuming that they want the post) is actually required under our constitution?


Now at vote, 'Repeal "On Cloning"': How do you want me to vote on this?

While technically correct, the difference is minor and insignificant. The only requirement the effects of which could be changed by this interpretation is that cloning be done by trained professionals. I would assume asexually reproducing organisms could be considered experts in their own reproduction. Really, it's not a problem big enough to warrant a repeal.

Unified western states

I have returned from what you might call and extended medical leave. I should be on with some more regularity now.

Oh my... I hope you're okay... Welcome back, though!

Welcome back, U.W.S., and I second the hope that you're okay now.

Embolalia: I've just posted in the map thread, with some thoughts about the questions that you asked.
Oh, and the Bears' publishing industry wants to know whether your recent change of favourite main course means that your shops would be interested in importing some appropriate cook-books?


American federalist

What happened to this place? You guys throw a party or something?

A mean old mouse

Question for the WA Delegate: Are non-WA member nations entitled to vote on how you will be casting your vote in the WA? Or are only the votes of WA member nations counted?

When last I heard it was "WA nations only" for the actual voting, but of course non-members can still campaign for or against proposals.
Damn, we need our Constitution back in the forum: Will somebody who knows how the forums work have a go at finding it, please?

Hmm. I don't see the constitution. I see an election charter, which doesn't seem to say either way. I guess my hunt isn't over yet...

It looks like the forums have disappeared it. I have no idea how, or if I might have somehow managed it accidentally, but all the forums that might possibly have it are visible, and I can't find it. It's also doing some weird things where it shows a slot for a forum, but with no links. I don't know what's going on there.

Unified western states

damn hackers.

Unified western states

Oh....April Fools on us.....haha Nation States.

"Max Berries are part of a balanced breakfast." Mmmm...

Post self-deleted by Eenen.

Well, that's certainly a valid point of view, and I appreciate you taking the time to address my points. But it doesn't alter the fundamental truth that any politico-economic structure that relies upon the inherent goodness of the populace is destined to inevitably collapse into a more stable, albeit possibly less noble, archetypal structure: namely, capitalism, or some minor variant thereof.

(This was the first of the joke posts that I saw when I logged in yesterday, and it actually fits this nation's typical viewpoint rather well...)


Don't worry; I didn't get ejected. Just helping someone out with an endorsement.

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