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Oh, hey, and welcome back to Domnonia!

The Dutch Democratic Republic of Knootoss hopes to develop a working relationship with the Bears Armed, just as we had with the United Commonwealth.

How does teh region want Bear Armed mission to vote on 'Repeal "Universal Standard Time"'? Personally I'm inclined to support the repeal, on the basis that this UST is pointless...

(For future proposals I'll hold polls in our forum, but as this one's already part-way through the voting process I'm taking this more obvious approach about it instead...)

I want the repeal. It's frigging pointless and completely stupid. Lithatrius is supposed to be based on a seperate planet, with 928 days a year, and around about 45 hours a day. So UST makes things go completely tits up for us.

Just thought I would stop in and check to see how things are going here. Good job on the region. Take it easy

Any idea who ]i]that[/i] was??

Nope. I favor the repeal, personally.

Thanks Embolalia How's things IDU?

Now at vote: 'Repeal "Space Research Station Program"'.
I've started a poll in our forum to see how you want Bears Armed Mission to vote on this.

Fire horse kawaiians

Do non-WA nations get a voice? Our mother church thought it was a waste of money when it was proposed, and would vote for the repeal if we were still in the WA.

I think that it's supposed to be WA nations only, as far as actually voting in the poll goes, although I haven't seen our constitution since the forum was moved...
However other nations are certainly free to put forward arguments for or against the proposal.


The poll is currently 3:0 for the repeal.

In accordance with the region's expressed wishes, Bears Armed Mission has voted for the repeal.

The poll for the new proposal at vote, 'Consumer Product Safety', is now open.
There are 2 days & 13 hours to go until voting ends in the GA, but I'll need your decision a bit earlier than that: say 2 days & 2 hours, instead. Hokay?

A proposal by the title of Institutional Psychiatry Act is now at vote, and I have opened a poll in our forum so that you can tell me which side you want your Delegate to support.
Personally, although the proposal is undoubtedly well-meaning, I don’t see why it’s an “international” enough issue (or, although not "international", "fundamental" enough as a right) to be any of the WA’s business…

Might we have a better turn-out at the poll this time? For the last proposal, Consumer Product Safety, only one of you bothered to vote… and although we agreed quite a while ago that the Delegate wouldn’t be bound by any poll in which fewer than three votes (excluding their own) were cast it so happened that after reading the small print I did decide to vote in the way that that one person wanted — which was ‘Against’ the measure — anyway.

I'm a military base, so I'm not allowed to vote. :(

Ehh, sorry about that, Bears. I meant to vote. Really, I did. But then, I would've voted "Abstain" anyway, which isn't really voting.
I'm not sure how I'd want the region to vote on this one. More on this in the discussion thread...

The on our forums, that is.

Bears armed mission

Ended up abstaining.
It passed.

Just going to open a poll on the new proposal at vote.


This is another puppet (OOC) of Bears Armed, created specifically for use whenever I want to send a messenger temporarily into other regions.

Given the verrry low turnout at the poll (yet again), and our own government's uncertainty about the matter, Bears Armed Mission ended up abstaining in the GA vote on male circumcision.
How do people feel about the proposal that is now at vote, 'On Cloning'? As polls in the forum haven't got much response -- and as RMB contents are now being saved indefinitely -- I'll ask you to give your opinions about this proposal here instead...

Also, I've received a couple of requests about establishing embassies: I'll start a forum thread about this on Saturday, when I've got more time available.

Hello, I'm new to the region and wish to ask a question. Is IDU a Defender region? Or perhaps and Invader region?

Unless things have changed during my absence, the IDU as a region has never partipated in that aspect of NS; though individual member states are free to act as they wish.

Bears armed mission

Nobody has an opinion about the proposal on cloning? Hr'rmm...
How do you feel about the offers to open embassies?

I posted in the forums about the cloning proposal briefly. I didn't notice your post here. (I'm in favor.)

The only one of those embassy proposals I recognize is Dharma, mainly because Vyck island deployed some ships there recently. (And given my own nation's close diplomatic ties to Vyck Island and Knootoss, I have of course heard of it.) But also Unibot has been trying to get me to move there. (I've been refusing, of course.) Maybe an embassy would be sufficient.

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