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The-Crow wrote:Thanks, I was just waiting for an ambassador to cure my boredom by insulting me.
Does anyone have any opinions about Cadence of Hyrule? It has a free demo in case you want to try it.

I really liked Crypt of the NecroDancer, so of course I tried it. It’s pretty good.

I could probably get into it if I practiced more at it, but at its heart it is more Crypt than Zelda.
I did finally finish the Second Quest on the original Legend of Zelda, relying heavily on some very helpful online maps and the Switch's Rewind feature ;)
I'm about 2/3 through Link's Awakening (I hope). That Secret Seashell Detector is a lifesaver.
Also, I played a little more of Four Swords Adventures today, and got the Level 2 Pegasus Boots. You can run over holes!

I am at Turtle Rock, but after that I'm going to try to find all the Secret Seashells before I go to the egg.

whoops I ceased to exist again

The-Crow wrote:Yay, I finally got Link's Awakening for the Switch. I just got to the first dungeon in the hour that I played it so far, but that was mainly due to me being stupid in the Lost Woods. Aside from the obviously gorgeous new graphics, they made a lot of improvements to the gameplay, as well. The thing that stood out most to me was that the Magic Acorn/Piece of Power music isn't obnoxiously loud like it was on the Game Boy version.

We actually go Zelda games in at work. I was debating if I should buy it. But sounds like you're enjoying it. Maybe they'll make A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess for Switch? Or is that just me being greedy? xD.

There have actually been strong rumors about that; it is a possibility, along with a remake of Skyward Sword, and the Oracle series. I beat Link's Awakening. If you do buy it, you might enjoy it more if you just set it to Hero Mode right off the bat. That would make it more challenging. On regular mode you can usually kill bosses with about four hits.

Never saw we had An embassy with this region. Hello guys!

"starman deluxe was ranked top 10% in the world for most world assembly endorsements"

...excuse me?

I think that's for all time, not necessarily right now.
I didn't think I would use it much, but I have been spending a lot of time designing dungeons on Link's Awakening. There are a lot of challenges in it.

I finished all of Dampé's Dungeon Building challenges. If you own any amiibo (LoZ-related only, I think), you can save dungeons you have created to share with other Switches. Some day I'll start the main quest on Hero mode, after building the Labo Robot Kit and getting tired of Super Mario Maker 2.
A tip for the dungeons: if you use a Floormaster Effect tile, it will put Floormasters in any chamber where they are allowed, not just the one you choose.
Tip 2: Antagonize your friends by making it rain bombs in every chamber!

for those unaware, there is a big tournament happening right now and for the next several weeks for A Link to the Past Randomizer. It's all happening on and search "link to the past" matches are happening pretty much all the time. I'm in the tournament and have my first match on Thursday

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