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Just do issues and wait.

Endrose me, Endrose whoever, but please Endrose our Emperor and Minmin.

ya mum

Hello Embassy Partners! We here at Fylkirvegr are proud to announce the Fylkirvegr State of The Region Declaration Issue III! Where in a nutshell, we tell you all the various happenings around Fylkirvegr and beyond! We hope you enjoy this month's Gazette and learn more about being the best person you can be! This regional publication was brought to you by the Department of Communications! Sit back, relax with your hot cocoa and blanket and enjoy reading!


We would like to unveil our third State of The Region Declaration and we as a region are continuously striving for excellence and to grow our Regional Government and to fully use all the various things we can do herein Fylkirvegr! We have recently edited the legal code for the legislature of Fylkirvegr, mainly emphasizing the House of Commons and the House of Lords as well as the Regional Assembly and we have made our Legislation Proposal Standards and so much more!

How Does The Legislature Work Now?


  • The Speaker is elected every four months and is hosted by the Election Commission of Fylkirvegr

  • The Speaker must approve any newly submitted legislation to make sure it complies with the proposal standards whether it is State legislation, Regional Assembly legislation or Parliament legislation

  • The Speaker once elected, will receive Appearance, Border Control, Communications and Polls on the in-game Regional Administration

  • The Speaker hosts and oversees all legislation and legislation proposals in the Regional Assembly and Parliament

  • The Speaker may also propose new legislation in parliament

  • The Speaker will see members of parliament vote on a piece of legislation and see the majority vote and should the parliament agree, the Speaker will bring up the legislation to His Majesty King for approval

  • The Speaker will then put the legislation in the archives once approved by the King

  • The Deputy Speaker is appointed by the Speaker and may only have one deputy

  • The Speaker may use the Deputy Speaker in any of his duties and responsibilities without any permission whatsoever


Proposals that are brought before the Regional Assembly and Parliament are first checked by the Speaker or Deputy Speaker to ensure proper legislation and should the legislation be passed, will be beneficial and meaningful as well as detailed to people alike.

  • Proposals need to have operative clauses that usually start with verbs that have to have the “ing” suffix at the end such as “understanding”, “knowing” and “realizing” and end with a semi-colon

  • Proposals may not have any relation to real-life happenings, reality and past, future or present events and may only relate to NationStates and its trusted organization which is Discord and the Regional Forums

  • Proposals may not have any pronouns such as “we”, “I”, “me”, “you”, “their”, “yours” and so forth

  • Proposals may not be in anyway related to amending the constitution without approval from the Chief Justice during a debate and/or trial

  • A proposal’s last sentence does not end with a semi-colon and must end with a full stop or period

  • A proposal cannot have another language other than English

  • The proposal can not have over-complicated English that not many will understand

  • Proposals need to have basic English grammar and spelling throughout the whole piece of legislation

  • Proposals cannot “duplicate” or “relate” to any previously passed legislation in anyway

  • Proposals will not be accepted if plagiarism is seen and the person will be brought before the Supreme Court for trial

State Legislation

  • Governors may pass legislation without any permission nor do they need any majority voting to pass their own legislation, after review by Speaker or Deputy Speaker

  • Before legislation is official, it needs to be brought before the Speaker or Deputy Speaker for review

  • The legislation must, however, comply with all proposal requirement standards and will be checked of this by the Speaker or Deputy Speaker

  • The legislation may not change the classification in terms of its division such as provinces and territories

  • The legislation may not amend, abolish the rules of the constitution in anyway, and may only amend with the permission of the Chief Justice should they have sensible justifications, however, either way it will apply to all states and citizens

  • Legislation may not abolish or amend legislation passed by Parliament or the Regional Assembly and must submit a proposal to repeal that legislation to Parliament

  • The Governor may abolish or amend any legislation that was passed by its respective state in the past

The Regional Assembly

  • The Regional Assembly is the place where citizens of Fylkirvegr, may propose new legislation, amend passed legislation or repeal the legislation that will automatically be voted on by all citizens of the region, but must first be approved by the Speaker or Deputy Speaker to see whether the proposal is legal

  • No person may not amend the constitution in anyway unless debated within the Constitutional Court of Fylkirvegr and has been backed by the Chief Justice of the Judiciary with reasonable justifications

  • Non-citizens may not propose new legislation whatsoever in anyway

  • Should the citizens of Fylkirvegr vote for the proposal on majority vote, the legislation will then be brought to parliament via the Speaker to be reviewed, discussed and voted on

  • Members of parliament may not approve nor vote on the proposal until the citizens have voted for the proposal by majority vote

  • Should the parliament agree on the legislation by majority vote, the legislation will then be brought before the King via the Speaker for approval

  • Legislation passed will does not have to comply to all states and of Fylkirvegr; the Governor of their respective State will determine whether they would like the legislation approved or not for their State


  • The parliament will consist of two bodies namely the House of Commons and the House of Lords
    Parliament will be managed by the Speaker who has complete jurisdiction over it

  • The parliament can propose legislation, amend legislation and repeal legislation within either the House of Commons or Lords and will be debated on and voted upon both the houses

  • The Speaker may vote as well on legislation affairs and the Speaker may also propose new legislation that he will bring before parliament and all procedures happen as normal

  • Any member of parliament may submit legislation for review by the rest of the parliament

  • If a member of the House of Commons proposes new legislation, it will then be introduced to the House of
    Lords for voting as well via the Speaker and vice versa

  • No person may not amend the constitution in anyway unless debated within the Constitutional Court of
    Fylkirvegr and has been backed by the Chief Justice of the Judiciary with reasonable justifications

  • No person may be both in the House of Commons and Lords

  • Sometimes depending on the legislation, the House of Commons will not need approval from the House of Lords

  • Should parliament agree to the legislation (both the House of Commons and Lords) by majority vote, it will then be brought before His Majesty King for approval via the Speaker

  • Legislation passed by Parliament will comply to all states and citizens of Fylkirvegr whether a Governor agrees with it or not

House of Commons

  • The House of Commons is in the lower part of parliament

  • Members of The House of Commons are elected by the Fylkirvegrian people and the majority of the people are led by the elected leader who is the Prime Minister

  • The House of Commons consist of the leading political party or the independent leader who is the Prime Minister, the other political parties and their respective members, the cabinet who are the Ministers of the seven Departments of Fylkirvegr and the nine Governors of the nine States of Fylkirvegr

  • The House of Commons may propose legislation that will be brought before the parliament for debate and discussion between them and the House of Lords

House of Lords

  • The House of Lords is situated on the upper part of parliament

  • The House consists of honorable people who have played a vital role in the Regional Government or the Role Play or even something else and have served the state with honor and in order to become part of the house, the person must be knighted by His Majesty King

  • The House of Lords may propose legislation and will be up for discussion between them and the House of Commons

The region has decreased slightly in population, however we have welcomed some newcomers and we are very excited they came and joined us in the Norse Revolution! The following are fairly new to Fylkirvegr and we wish them a good stay:

The Regional Government has been expanding and expanding at such a ever fast pace and we have introduced many people to another position in the Regional Government or it is their very first time! The following have joined or gotten another position in the Regional Government:

  • Brotnaland -A very good friend and has gotten the position as Governor of Aflheim and has been doing an excellent job and is the first Governor to promote activity and things to do within his State and is very great at being involved and engaged in the various happenings around NationStates

  • Anishopolis -This person has been very helpful to the Regional Goernment and has loads of NationStates experience which made him a powerful ally and he is currently within the Department of Defense and Military Veterans and as well as an Administrator and a Role Play Moderator and has done a spectacular job and is always keen in helping in anyway he can as well as giving fresh, new ideas to the table and is very good at what he does!

  • Eleiterion -Was in the Regional Government for a long time, however, he recently won the Elections in August and now not only is the Minister of International Security, but he is now also the Minister of Defense and Military Veterans and he has been doing a great job and his campaign dispatch on getting another position, makes him well-deserved

  • Publien pruasa -Our new Minister of Home Affairs and Governor of the State of Jotunheim; he was very motivated to join the Government and he seemed like he would be a marvellous addition to the Cabinet

Commended Nation of The Month
The Republic of Brotnaland

Brotnaland ever since he arrived from the shores of Fylkirvegr, has been outstanding in the Regional Government as Governor of the State of Aflheim. He has been bringing glory and interest to the State he is managing, he is not hungry for power, he just does what he needs to do and that in itself not many can master and his calmness during his job is excellent and he always comes up with ideas that make us not a region, but a family and I appreciate his work and that the fact that he will always serve the Norse region of Fylkirvegr. Please may you all congratulate his hard work and contribution to Fylkirvegr, by sending him a Telegram just to acknowledge his great work. Congratulations to Brotnaland for becoming the Commended Nation of The Month!

Real Life Matters
The Best You Can Be

Along the journey that is achieving your goals and dreams, you have to try to be the best you. In fact, that is one of the most important things you can do in life.

You can’t always change the way another person thinks, and you can’t change the world; however, you can try to be the best you. It is okay to help others out. In fact, it is encouraged. But people cannot forget that it is important to be the best you, and we will give you three reasons why.

Why It Is Important To Be The Best You

  • Improvement And Confidence

  • You Will Never Think “What If”

  • That’s Just How You Achieve Your Goals And Dreams

Improvement And Confidence

If you try to be the best you, the self-improvement and confidence departments are going to get a serious boost. After all, if you are trying to be the best you, you are improving in some fashion, and this can really build one’s confidence.

You improve because you are learning new things, such as traits or knowledge in general. Along the way, your abilities get better and more diverse, and this is a real confidence booster

You Will Never Think “What If”

When you are trying to be the best you, you are typically chasing your goals and dreams in the process. As a result, you are doing what you want to do. Therefore, you will never think “what if” because you are actually in the process of being a doer.

One of the most important things in life is that you simply show up — that is half the battle. If you want to take things to the next level, then you have to try your best and learn from your experiences, whether if they lead to failure or glory.

That’s Just How You Achieve Your Goals And Dreams

You don’t achieve your goals and dreams by being a mediocre you. You achieve your goals and dreams by being the best you that you can possibly be. In life, it’s critical that you are giving everything your best shot. If you don’t, then how are you supposed to know what your best is? How are you supposed to know what you are capable of? How are you supposed to know what you are worth?

Trying to be the best you is going to take time, hard work and commitment, but it is so worth it once you reach the end of your journey.

Relations Portal
The United Regions Alliance (URA)

We here at Fylkirvegr have now allied with the United Regions Alliance (URA) and we are very happy with the new transition and we cannot wait to get the pedal up and start interacting, Ellenburg and Suvmia, were very friendly and gave us the opportunity to come to the Alliance and we think that even though URA is extremely huge, they are still a growing Alliance and we are happy we joined them, they also have a friendly dispatch for newcomers to get started or for interested regions to know more, we suggest you read it and if your region is interested, go join!


Closing Comments

Well that is all from us! We hoped you enjoyed reading the Fylkirvegr State of The Region Declaration and we hope you will think about being the best you can! If you have any questions, please Telegram me, Freedomanica, the Acting Prime Minister, Lycadia or Regional Nation, Fylkirvegr for any more questions!

Read dispatch

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Hello everyone, I'm new here and look forward to seeing how Nationstates works :D

wow, nice website

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Thanks! Nice to hear that. I made it :D


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Grand Opening of Bunicken University

You are formally invited to the Grand Opening of Bunicken University.
Date: Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020
Time: 7:00 EST

We will be having a chess competition. All who wish to join please notify either Kaiser Wilhelm von Wermarn-Arnburg at nation Selven or King of Prussia on discord or Kaiserin Lady Morrighan von Wermarn-Arnbug at nation LadyMorrighan or Sandraudiga on discord.

We will also be announcing the winner of the Bunicken Anthem Competition. The winner's choice will become the official National anthem of Bunicken.

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Great. Come join our discord. We are more active over there :)

Hey guys! Just wanted to say: h

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