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Ohh thx m8

Now im reasearching a cure just to help our gtaf neighbors, well, at least the ones i know and like lol, zombrex aint free.

Seems that these cure missiles are capped at like, 5 million people. Which sucks balls for nations that have billions of citizens.

Post self-deleted by Corkhatastan.

I thinks it's to do with the number of people you have left uninfected - I was curing around 35 million per missile but now I've got Bugger all people left and I'm only curing 2 million or so per launch (and my cure missles have upgraded since then too)

I reckon we're better off targeting our defences at subterrania and San andreas rebulic as the two nations least infected and at Zyonia and Gustavograd as the two nations currently researching a cure with the highest numbers of people that haven't been infected yet. We here at corkhatastan are a fair way along our cure research (at 53% for mark Iv research) but fear we are already too overwhelmed and any resources sent to our nation may be a waste


We need help with the cure - as a region we've identified the mutation!

I new I should have stayed up last night. Ha.

Corkhatastan and Dudeville

I could use some cure bombs plz we're almost goners.

I've got no zombies left, maybe I'll switch to cure

Zyonia, The Otter Archipelago, Corkhatastan, and Dudeville

yeah I totally ignored this invasion event. busy with real life all weekend.
but it's nice to see that Sivis and Zyonia bombed the f/ck outta' my sh/t with curebombs. thanks bro's. stop by and chill on the Rug sometime, I'll make White Russians.

Subterannia, Zyonia, and Corkhatastan

Corkhatastan would also like to thank Subterannia, Gustavograd and especially Zyonia for their assistance in keeping Corkhatastan alive well after the point where we should have been long overrun

Subterannia and Zyonia

Corkhatastan wrote:...but fear we are already too overwhelmed and any resources sent to our nation may be a waste

Again, sorry for sending that horde to your country by mistake. Got distracted during the entirety of halloween and didnt do sh!t to help you in return.

No worries mate, the hoard button was easy enough to hit by accident


Dudeville would like to express it's sincere condolences for the loss of Bartaria :(

Raavistya and Metallozkiva

fudge. we just lost 2 more states.
did everybody stop playing lately? I blame Trump.

Raavistya, Corkhatastan, The new american century, and Metallozkiva

The new american century

Make GTAForums Great Again.

Corkhatastan, Dudeville, and Metallozkiva

Who died

I almost let my country die but i s'pose i care too much about my fake pixelated people lmao

Metallozkiva wrote:Who died
I almost let my country die but i s'pose i care too much about my fake pixelated people lmao

says the guy who is now dead.


Who is jufonce?

This should be him:


Yeah, that's me. Sorry for the late response haven't been all that active around the computer.


oh thank god we weren't invaded (again)

So, we're kinda shrinking, hey

Post self-deleted by Dudeville.

The Otter Archipelago wrote:So, we're kinda shrinking, hey

methinks most people simply forget to log in and their nation gets automatically binned.
some of them are asking for the password again lol. because it kicks you from the region if your nation goes on 'vacation.'

After a big event like a raid or some such; there is interest for maybe a week before the activity starts to dip again. You'd need some kind of sustained element of competition or something along those lines that keeps the thread on the forum active, and people coming back on here.


yeah but how do you think most people 'play' this game?
I login every day. but it's only because, when I open my browser, NationStates is one of several tabs that are setup to load in my list of favorites. then I can browse through them (or not, close em' all) and see everything at a glance. like my email and work drive and facebook and all these things load at once if I click through my favorite bookmarks/tabs. I don't see them all at once but they're loaded behind each other. same setup on my laptop as my desktop at home.

so it would take a real emergency for something to happen to Dudeville ;)


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