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Corkhatastan voices it support for The Otter Archipeligo's bid. It's a fine nation and would make a great addition to our regional leadership

The Otter Archipelago and Dudeville

Vote me for archduke president of the gtaf region or whatever you are talking of, my country is 6% cooler than Otterland.

you might be 6% cooler but Otter is at least 20% gayer.
Make GTAF Fabulous Again!

I'll print the hats.

Zyonia, The Otter Archipelago, Raavistya, Corkhatastan, and 1 otherMetallozkiva

I suppose we owe the delay to paperwork...

Raavistya and Corkhatastan

Regional Dispatch:

Three hurrays for our new Commissioner the esteemed Aquatic Weasels of The Otter Archipelago, whom together with our venerate partner and fellow regional Commissioner The Geniocracy of Zyonia will henceforth be leading the office of the Regional Commission.




We do extend our most sincere apologies for the delay in their instalment.

The Knightshall Times: Chancellor Alexander George Kensington - quote: "Bureaucracy is a bitch" end quote.

The Otter Archipelago, Corkhatastan, and Dudeville

Regional Dispatch:

Extra border control measures have been introduced due to heightened security concerns.


It didn't take them long to all start coming back once The 500 ceased to exist.
Any ideas about the leak?

I'd presume the one nation that was in here that doesn't have an account on the forum and somehow slipped through the cracks. The regional password hadn't been updated in many months, and due it being visible for everyone of the region it was more or less an open secret. Will keep it hidden now only available through request on the forum.

Speaking of, doing the list up on the forum of member states again, so we have a good overview. Now at the moment I know who's behind 14/15 nations in here, only one I'm not sure of is who's behind it is The Principality of Gustavograd.

better add another 10 feet to that border wall just to be safe.
and make Gustavograd pay for it, of course.

Corkhatastan and Metallozkiva

In fairly certain that Gustabograd is Tchuck

Raavistya and Dudeville

San andreas republic

Just to let you know, I'm actually Arkiasis. A long long time ago, back in the original thread several years ago I joined the original region. That nation has since left and is now apart of a much larger RP region. If you want to see how several years of worldbuilding has resulted in, just look through my iiwiki page.

Anyway, I've created numerous "puppets" as the term is here, and this is one of them. So I am on the forums, just not as my original nation I made years ago and certainly not as active. Just to be open about who I am and why I'm here.


Message from the office of arch-duke Vigo The Butch:

"On a mountain of skulls, in the castle of pain, I sat on a throne of blood! What was will be! What is will be no more! Now is the season of evil!

I, Vigo, the Scourge of Carpathia, the Sorrow of Moldavia, command you to visit Metallozkiva!



Wat! Yeah, I'm Tchuck.


I know this games gives some pretty extreme outcomes sometimes but I've somehow managed to go from having an employment rate in the bottom 1% of the world to the 2% in the world in one decision. I spose that's what I get for letting AI take over planning of the economy. Damn computer trying to make us all work.

San andreas republic and The new american century

I was like #600 in the world for employment then one decision dropped me to 8000 or something. There are a few capitalist/socialist issues that have far broader implications than they imply.


The Otter Archipelago wrote:There are a few capitalist/socialist issues that have far broader implications than they imply.

also keep in mind that thousands of other nations are all making daily decisions, and sometimes great trends can flow around your nation quickly. the closer I get to my ideal state, the tougher it is to make any decisions at all.


San andreas republic

For my main nation it's a tough job trying not to make tax rates ridiculous. Managed to get down to 44%, now I'm back up to 59%. And I'd like to have my economic freedom above 50%. A weird balancing act. Once you max your economy out (which isn't hard to do), things become easier though.

In lieu of the impending zombie crisi I move that we seal the borders. Our militaristic nations should begin anti-zombie strike team training and our scientifically enhanced nations (ourselves included) should begin researching the cure. When things are underway, feel free to telegram for help - we'll act if we're in the position to dos o.

Godspeed, GTAForums.

Subterannia, Zyonia, and Corkhatastan

I'm gonna build a wall so those brainless idiots cant get in my country.

Also, we need to deal with the zombies, any ideas how can i deal with that?


Gustavograd is researching a cure. You can't pray away the zombie; but you can cure it.

Corkhatastan is also assisting in efforts to cure. We are now ready to ready to produce cure rockets and will be doing our best to curb inflation infection rates around the Region

Metallozkiva wrote:I'm gonna build a wall so those brainless idiots cant get in my country.
Also, we need to deal with the zombies, any ideas how can i deal with that?

You can decide if you want to try fighting them off, researching a cure or embracing them. Once you've researched either option you can then launch super weapon attacks to try and cure/ kill/ infect negotiating countries.

San andreas republic

Considering our scientists think Gatorade should be used for growing crops. We probably can't research a cure. We'll do what we do best. Shooting them in the head. Just like how we do to tourists.

Ok guys im legit missing the fun i see the zombie stuff but i dont know what to do, where's the button to call Bruce Campbell or something?

From your nation page click on the red "biohazard" symbol. From there you will have options to begin researching cure, sending soldiers or embracing the zombies.

I've managed to do a bit of research on a cure and am now able to fire cure missiles by going to another GTA forums nation then clicking the fire super wrapn button.


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