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TgCom24 News Agency Report

COVID-19 culls isolated politicians

After several prominent politicians from Lega Nord & Brothers of Italy were declared infected & quarantined recently, they were declared dead from COVID-19. Mussolini released several statements of support for the politicians & their families as they grieve. However, the bodies were not recovered. Being taken to an exclusive building that was dedicated to honoring the dead amidst COVID-19. When reached for comment, several doctors refused to respond. Some skeptics online have stated that these politicians were opposed to Mussolini & thus needed to be eliminated for him to enjoy major support in Parliament. However, many of these critics have been considered fringe & or unreliable.

Nonetheless, several politicians began vying for their positions. Many of these politicians seemed far eager to support & back Mussolini in any of his plans. Many have stated,

"We simply want what's best for Italia. Why is that a bad thing? Would the people rather have us lead Italia into chaos & suffering like the previous administration did?"


Chinese-Italian Agreement

In other news, Mussolini also recently released an infrastructure plan that was agreed to with China. The plan outlined the following:

  • Chinese company MTR would begin overseeing the construction of an intercity metro rail in Naples focused on linking up several towns

  • The rail would be extended to Arenaccia, Vasto, & Poggioreale

  • A separate line will run from Pozzuoli to Soccavo where it can then link up with the existing subway system.

  • The aforementioned line will also be expanded to Napoli Porta Nolana so as to link up with the existing rail system that goes to cities such as San Giorgio a Cremano & Torre del Greco

  • MTR agreed to focus on hiring locals for any & all of the projects. Bringing in only advisors to assist in the construction

  • MTR will be given a contract to operate the lines for 4 years upon which the contract will be reviewed & renewed. This condition is dependent on MTR utilizing the native workforce in such operations.

  • Chinese company MTR would begin overseeing the expansion of the internet infrastructure within Rome.

  • MTR would implement infrastructure capable of 5G internet services.

  • MTR would utilize the local workforce in this project, importing only advisors to assist in the construction

Mussolini released the following statement regarding the agreement,

"This project is a massive stepping stone in improving Italian-Sino relations. Through this project, our people can begin to transition back to work! In addition, Naples, a city that has traditionally been neglected in favor of the North, will see a massive revision to bring it up to speed quite literally with other cities such as Rome or Milan. No longer will Italy suffer a North-South divide! We are all Italians! Neglecting certain people only plays in the hand of foreign powers that wish to see Italia stay forever stagnant! Italia first means ALL Italians!

United we present a Nation capable of unlimited possibilities! We will show the world the might of Italy once more! But we must start with each other!

Furthermore, many people have often cited our lethargic internet connections as a viable pillar of criticism. Well no more! We will start in Rome & only continue to expand from there! Italy will enjoy greater internet speeds! It is time we stopped living in the past & join the modern age in all its grandeur!"

Several influential celebrities praised Mussolini's efforts. The following statements were given by various people:

"Awesome! Now I can tour Naples & not need to waste time taking several different rail lines!"

"Finally, I felt like a slug was faster than my internet speed at times! I pay top dollar, I should get quality connections!"

"My brother was out of work, I was trying to help him make ends meet. He was worried he wouldn't find employment for a long time. This opens up a pathway for him to get back to work! His family has something to look forward to in these trying times! Thank you Mussolini! Italia First!"

The contract is estimated to bring in much-needed revenue & economic action within Naples. A city that has been known to be infamously poor within not just Italy but all of Europe. An online poll was done afterwards & thousands of people voted in support of Mussolini. Only a dozen or so votes opposed him.

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Italy approves sale

The Italian Council of Defense, guiding the Minister of Defense, has approved a sale to both Siam & the Zhen Dynasty. For Siam, the Council approved a sale of the AgustaWestland AW149 & Agusta A129 Mangusta. 70 AW149 & 10 A129 units would be sold for a total of $1.21 bn USD. In addition, Siam would pay $605 million USD this year in monthly payments & pay the rest next year in monthly payments as well. The units would be delivered evenly upon each payment until the total is paid out the following year.

For the Zhen Dynasty, the Council approved the sale of 20 AgustaWestland CH-149 Cormorant helicopters for a total of $260 million USD.

The sale has been lauded by Italy. Once more providing not only critical revenue but a critical opportunity for manufacturing companies to hire workers to handle the large orders. Mussolini hailed the agreement as evidence of his much greater diplomatic skills than the previous administration.

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Mussolini's Get Back to Work Plan
Adding to the extensive reforms already made by Mussolini, he has recently announced a Plan to revitalize the economy & put the country on track to recover from COVID-19 & it's effects. The plan has been named the Get Back to Work plan. It outlines the following:

Phase 0:

  • The country will be surveyed to assess where the country is most vulnerable, what are considered hotspots, etc.

  • Depending on the survey, restrictions may be lifted or remain in certain parts of the country

  • Depending on the survey, more attention or assistance may be focused on in certain parts of the country that may necessitate such action

Phase 1:

  • Once having been surveyed, certain parts of the country may be given the go-ahead to begin transitioning back to daily life but with mandatory extensive sanitation practices

  • Equipment will be planned & procured for according to the survey & assessment of needs that will be delivered to critically hit parts of the country

  • Carabinieri & Army units may be recalled from certain locations & redirected to other locations that need greater assistance

Phase 2:

  • The country will be surveyed once more to re-determine the previous information & plan out the next steps

  • Depending on the survey, either more parts of the country or the country as a whole may be allowed to begin re-transitioning to daily life albeit with a focus on sanitation practices

  • Depending on the survey, Carabinieri or Army units may be recalled partially or completely to lift the quarantine & allow unrestricted travel

  • Depending on the survey, foreign aid may be determined satisfied & no longer needed

Phase 3:

  • At this time, the country has been determined as safe to return to daily life completely

  • Businesses will be allowed to operate under normal sanitation practices

  • Any & all Carabinieri or Army units deployed will be recalled fully to be focused elsewhere

  • Any & all foreign aid remaining will be deemed satisfied & allowed to be recalled

Mussolini aims to implement the plan within the following month to get Italy back to work as quickly as possible. Economic experts have noted that his reform plans seem to be hinging on the economy restarting & that this plan may need to be implemented quickly if the young regime does not wish to see many of its reforms flop.

Many people were glad to see a plan to transition back to normal. Increasing unemployment was beginning to weigh down the Government budget as reported by an anonymous source. If action wasn't taken soon, many economic advisors predicted a complete collapse of the Italian economy or a full default on all debt held by Italy.

In addition to the aforementioned plan, Mussolini has also emphasized the importance of austerity measures to increase Government revenue to combat the ridiculously high GDP debt held by Italy. He has touted measures such as:

  • Reducing the salaries of politicians by 30-40%

  • His own salary would be reduced by 50-60%

  • Renting out several estates held by the Government to bring in as much revenue as possible

  • Closing tax loops that allow companies to pay little if any taxes, exceptions will be made on a case by case basis

  • Decreasing overall Government spending when & where possible

  • Introducing privatisation when & where it has been pre-determined to be more efficient or offer greater quality than Governmental care or oversight

  • Cutting any & all aid to illegal immigrants

The austerity measures were criticised by a larger group of people, notably politicians who believe the salary reduction would possibly introduce corruption & open possibilities to bribery by organized crime. Most noticeably the various syndicates or families that make up the Italian Mafia. However, Mussolini stated,

"If politicians wish to prioritize greed over Italia, then we will give them the same fate as traitors to the State! I wish to improve the lot of all my people! If any greedy pig wishes to think only for himself, then he is considered a traitor to Italia & her people!"

Overall, many have praised & agreed with Mussolini's extensive reforms & plans. His popularity has surged even higher, with some polls even accrediting him as one of the most popular starting Presidents in Italian history.


Italian Democratic Party releases statement of support for Serbian opposition
Recently, an interview was conducted with the Serbian opposition in which the SDP leader was criticised of being a hypocrite & released a controversial statement that Slobodan Milošević was never convicted as a war criminal due to his premature death. However, the Italian Democratric Party recently released a statement of support for the SDP as a whole. The statement goes as follows,

"The people blame the SDP for failing to condemn Milošević. However, why should they? It can be agreed that popular opinion has already done so. Why must the SDP repeat what is already said? We in Italy understand the failures & controversy of former dictator Mussolini. But does that mean we must eternally condemn him? No, he was a part of our history. That is an unchangeable fact. We will not apologize for that. However, moving forward we can enact change that IS NOT tied to the past. Moving forward we can construct a better future than the one before. But if we continue to focus on the past, as the Serbs are doing. We will not get anywhere. Stand strong SDP, we should not forever look back. We should always move forward & embrace change!"

Some condemned the PD for releasing such a statement. However, Italian President Mussolini decided to release a statement stating,

"In regards to the Serbs, I have no opinion as of yet. However, I can agree with the PD on one thing. I am not ashamed of my great-grandfathers legacy. While he did many controversial actions, he did one thing that I consider righteous. He improved Italy. Before him, our infrastructure was a mess. Truly a laughingstock. He laid down the foundation for our great system today. He tried doing what was best for Italia. Sure he made some costly mistakes. But will I ever be ashamed of him? Will I ever neuter my pride for my family name? NO! Every Nation on Earth has a dark past to recount, every Nation on earth has done something that i'm sure many would dislike. So why must we be the ones to be singled out?! That is nonsense & something I will not tolerate. Italia first!"

His statement generated controversy amongst the public, however many came to support him. Agreeing that Italy should not be singled out when every Nation has "skeletons" in their closets.

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The Grouch Pt 1

The Berlin City Palace resembled two things. A bygone era and Germany's attempts to mimic the self supposed successes of that era. For it was a building finished in the 18th Century, destroyed in the East German days and now finished as a rebuilt monument to Germany's "modern success". The man who sat at the table within the Stadtschloss and sipped his tea was no young man. His mustache remarked of an older, bygone era while his uniform of stark grey reminded Germans of the Iron Cross. He rarely ate breakfast in his military uniform, but today he felt the need to do so, he sipped his tea to completion and read his papers as he stood, Germany was a mighty nation perhaps, but the specter of defeat loomed. The Wehrmacht was meek and powerless, and Germany relied too heavily on the Americans for its national defense. The Americans, a gay sat as its President. The man shuddered at the thought, he took his spectacles off as he considered for a moment, his own country had legalized the right for such marriages, he remembered giving assent to the law that did it with a heavy heart.

Then there was NATO, Germany had become some beacon of globalism, with Damilier, a French-German being viewed as some savior of the 'European Project'.


He coughed heavily into his handkerchief, the blood that came out splattering all over as he stood, approaching the window. Looking out the window he looked at the glass dome atop the Reichstag. A reminder of the transparency of governance. He scoffed at the idea of it, it was all a communist project. All of it.

"Where is he?" he heard the voice of Doctor Grottinger approaching.

He turned to face the doors as Doctor Grottinger entered, "mein Kaiser!" the slender, tall doctor was almost surprised to find the man standing by the window, "I was very worried!"

The Kaiser waited. At first patiently, before calling in a steely, calm yet firm voice, "it is custom to bow and salute in the presence of the Kaiser if you're a man in uniform."

The doctor smiled a knowing yet condescending smile, his hand sloppily heading to his forehead after a shallow bow at the neck. He then stepped forward, "my Kaiser, may I take a urine sample?"

The Kaiser was aware of how this part went, he either said yes in which case slenderman with an accent would pump him full of water until he urinated or he'd say no, and slenderman with an accent would offer him the alternative of a stool examination. The cunning little shįt knew full well that the Kaiser had trouble excreting comfortably or normally out the rear end, and would use the opportunity to offer him laxatives that confined him to bed for hours. Oh, the joys of being old, the Kaiser considered. Once upon a time, a German Kaiser would point at the window, and whoever he wanted would go flying through it. Now, his doctor pointed at the bathroom and he went, like a toddler being trained.

"There's a sample from this morning by the nightstand in the Royal Suite. Use that," he replied dismissively, turning to face the window.
He heard the sly feet of the doctor get closer and he replied in a low voice, "come closer and I'll have you dangling by your testicles from the Siegessäule."

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South american argentina

A year of political turmoil comes to an end in Argentina!

After A year of uncertainty in Argentina, A political victory was finally handed to Mauricio Macri and his Right-wing coalition against the Peronist bloc. 2015 was A revolutionary year, as Mauricio Macri, originally an engineer who managed to reign as Boca Juniors’ president, the mayor of Buenos Aires and A cabinet member, was elected for the first right-wing, democratically elected non-peronist president of the nation. During his reign (2015-2019) he liberated the planned economy and turned it into a Free market with lower taxes and major free trade agreements. He also strengthened the military and sent troops to fight the war on terror and aid the war on drugs. In 2019, another election took place. Where the neoliberal Right and the Peronist bloc got an exact tie, and A government couldn't be formed. After pressure from the general population, the blocs have made several attempts to form A National Unity government consisting of an equal number of ministers and A 2 year rotation of 2 different presidents, however every attempt has failed due to major ideological disagreements. Eventually, the 2 sides have made A decision to date A second election day in 2020.
And in these elections, there was no doubt, Macri won with A majority of 59%.
Macri delivered A speech with his supporters in A rally.

My dear brothers.
After A year long of Peronists, unwilling to acknowledge their ideology is gone, we finally marched through for A great victory, for true liberty, whether it's economic, or your own free will. The government’s theft is no more, this protection money for politicians called “taxes” will be lowered even more, to the moment we no longer fund TV channels, theaters, or take it to confirm major purchases, and only put the priority of our own people, first.
Argentina shares A lot with one of today’s greatest superpowers. We ran away from colonialist empires, welcomed massive immigration from Europe which shaped our own national pride, and we both believe in our freedom. When they had just developed. They shared their version of fighting against the evil of back then, with the Monroe doctrine, and after almost every national obstacle they faced, like their civil war, great depression, the business plot or the red scare, they prevailed, and only got much much more powerful. Even today, we share A lot. We are the most advanced nation in Latin America, with creating our own culture and liberating our continent from the pink tide, and I claim right now in front of you:
we will continue everything we did thus far, deter any leftist or socialist cause throughout Latin America directly, and support worldwide. we will continue our direct fight in the War on terror, and the War on drugs, and we will intervene in regional conflicts such as the middle eastern tensions, to promote peace, and fight back foreign neo-colonialist powers. We will guarantee to lower crime rate AND promote civic liberties at once with acts such as complete legalization of Cannabis and brothels, and of course, anyone will marry their love interests, no matter who.
We will create an Argentinian Sphere of influence throughout Latin America, but not through colonialist ideas, but through libertarian views.
If you leftist media people insist of A name, ill save you from your think tank,
Call this the Macri doctrine.



2017 was a record year for the Netherlands, electing in a Center-Right coalition spearheaded by the National Unionists. Combined "De Nederlanse Manier" Coalition has a combined 118 seats, nearly half of Parliament under their control. However, this has not stopped the Left from trying to retake the majority they had before. Recently the Socialist Party, which only won eight seats in the National House of Representatives, launched a slew of attacks against the National Unionists in particular, lambasting them for supposed racist remarks and according to Representative Kiel Williamson, "Fueling a culture of Racism and Xenophobia across the county." The National Unionists have yet to respond to the criticisms nor have the other parties mentioned including the Christian Democrats, Forum for Democracy, or the Party for Freedom. Across the County Pro-Socialist Groups held rallies and protests against the National Unionist controlled government, mainly in response to recent moves by Prime Minister Haarden to add further restrictions to welfare and forcing through policies to limit the amount of refugees allowed to enter the country, the move being ridiculed by Left Wing Advocacy groups as "Overtly Xenophobic." However, even with recent Parliamentary Tensions the nations support still remains behind The Dutch Way Coalition, currently projected to take an even bigger share of the Parliament come 2021. Even so though opposition still does remain against the majority coalition which should make for a very interesting election year.


Today in a speech before the Brussels National Unionists Commission, Prime Minister Hans Aarden blasted Social Republican Leadership for their "poor standing" whenit came to economic issues, calling them closeted socialists and cowards. The comments he made we're recieved by mass applause by the the BNUC though the commentary was lambasted across the nations left. The Social Republicans fired back earlier today:

"We are quite astonished by the Prime Minister's comments on our party earlier today. The fact is that we are not communists and wanting the equality of all people is not a communist message more than just one of human decency. That is all."

Aarden has yet to respond to the SRP Leadership.

Diario de Centroamérica

Government files complaint for attempted fraud
A criminal complaint against officials and former officials of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS) was made for alleged anomalies in the purchase of medicines, according to the head of the Presidential Commission Against Corruption (CPCC) Osac Dávila.

The head of the CPCC, Óscar Dávila delivered the complaint yesterday to the MP's Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office. This is the first complaint filed by the Commission, against 8 functionaries, six who still work in the institution, and two who were dismissed.

    "We received an alert for various purchase events for some medications such as Methylprednisolone Succinate and Ceftriaxone, which were not instructed by the government," explained Dávila.

The investigation began on March 16, after having received an alert for overvalued purchase of medicines through events NOG 12265764 and NOG 12265799, within the Centrocompras Portal, based on Government Decree 8-2020.

The Secretary of Social Communication of the Presidency, Carlos Sandoval, confirmed yesterday that Héctor Marroquín and Rodolfo Galdámez, who acted as Vice-Ministers of the administrative and technical areas, respectively, were to be investigated and dismissed for these indications.

Government initiative to reduce deforestation
In celebration of Earth Day, the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) presented a proposal to mitigate deforestation through the use of technology and spatial information generated through satellite images to the GEO-Google Earth Engine License Program.

The initiative was sent to the Secretariat of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) as part of a program to support 25 projects of member countries of this entity that use data from land analysis in conjunction with the GEE tool. The objective is to attack global problems related to climate change, sustainable development, disaster risk reduction, among others.

The Minister of Environment and Energy, Carlos Manuel Rodríguez, indicated that through the National Center for Geoenvironmental Information (CENIGA), the institution presented the proposal, framed in the activities carried out in the country in the construction of the National Monitoring System for Land Use and Coverage and Ecosystems (SIMOCUTE).

He explained that the proposal "Tackling deforestation and forest degradation in Central America using Google Earth Engine" is focused on improving the capacities of national institutions to estimate deforestation and forest degradation in Central America using satellite information and the image processing tool by Google Earth Engine.

In addition, it seeks to attack the problem of deforestation by developing an early warning system that incorporates this technology , as well as improving estimates of forest restoration in the country and the carbon emissions related to these activities.

Rafael Monge, director of CENIGA explained that Central America has made important advances in the development of its National System for Monitoring Land Use and Coverage and Ecosystems (SIMOCUTE), which has allowed it to reach a level of specialization.

    "In that contact, the project aims to improve the methodologies available worldwide to detect deforestation and forest degradation using satellite images and different technological tools," said Monge.

He added that the initiative will generate better algorithms to make estimates of the change detection maps, proposing the development of an early warning system, which allows generating information that can be used to take rapid actions that contribute to stopping and preventing related illegal activities. deforestation.

Letter to President Robert Bowman of The United Provinces of America

    The government of Iraq is once again requesting that the United Provinces of America begins to withdraw their military forces from Iraq.

    Over two weeks ago, President Adil al-Farsi signed a resolution that, among other things, revokes the Iraqi government's request for military aid to combat the terrorist organization known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and nullifies the agreement. So legally speaking, the Americans are now an illegal occupying army. At this point, they have long outstayed their welcome and both the people and government of Iraq oppose their continued stay. ISIL is no longer a formidable threat to the Iraqi state, but a manageable group. No longer is their a pseudo-caliphate directly terrorizing half of Iraq, and indirectly terrorizing the rest. The Iraqi government can alone handle it, the Americans aren't needed anymore.

    We once again remind the Americans that they are legally an illegal occupying army now. If they do not withdraw soon, they will be treated accordingly. Furthermore, Iraq currently exports more than half a million barrels of oil to the United Provinces of America every day, and the government of Iraq would hate to have to exploit this fact.

    Adil al-Farsi, President of Iraq
    Najah al-Shammari, Minister of Defence of Iraq
    Falih Al-Fayyadh, Chairman of Popular Mobilization Committee

            Panic! At The Embassy (I)
            Manchus take on Wondonga
            April 23rd

The current events in China, along with the (covert) intensive background searches into those working in the Zhen Embassy in Wodonga, a small number of Manchu activists made their way into the embassy.

In a covert operation conducted by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, Australian Secret Intelligence Service, and Australian Federal Police, the taskforce had recently begun in depth investigations into each of the hundreds of people working in the Chinese Embassy, including Ambassador Han Guotong. The investigation takes place as all foreign diplomats and media were expelled into the country earlier this week, with the investigation itself taking place as 'a matter of national security.' It is unsure if the Manchus knew of the investigation, and if so, how.

At 11:00am on April the 23rd, 5 armed men disguised as federal agents entered the Chinese Embassy, ordering around 100 staff members to leave the building for the day while an investigation into the embassy is conducted. 30 people were told to stay, however. A sixth man arrived at 12:00, after all the staff had left, in a semitrailer. When he entered the building, the Embassy was fully locked down, and a number of men searched the building to ensure that it was in fact empty, before forcing the remaining 30 people into the lobby. The 30 people included Ambassador Guotong, 5 non-staff members, and one member of the Eastern Depot.

The officer was quickly able to alert the AFP and Beijing. Within a number of hours, the Australian Federal Police were on the scene and begun negotiating with the men inside. One man reportedly told Police that he is 'a Manchu and Beijing know what this is for.' No further information has been received, meaning the purpose of the siege is still unknown. The man told police that his only request is 'Beijing tell the world how they're ruining China,' and to 'admit to the evil' they are doing in the national capital.

Post self-deleted by Zhen Dynasty.

            Badly-Timed Deaths
            4 Victorian Police Officers killed in a booking gone wrong
            April 23rd

It's 4:50pm on Wednesday the 22nd of April, and 41-year-old mortgage broker Richard Pusey's black Porsche 911 was pulled over on the Eastern Freeway in Melbourne's northeast, between Chandler Highway and Burke Road exits in Kew. He was found to have clocked over 140km/h (87 mph) and to have tested positive to "some kind of drug." Police backup was requested.

Backup arrived, and by 5:40pm Leading Senior Constable Lynette Taylor, Constable Glen Humphris, Senior Constable Kevin King and Constable Josh Prestney were behind the Porsche talking to Pusey when a large refrigeration semi-trailer drifted across 3 lanes of traffic, crashing into the rear of the Porsche at around 100km/h (62 mph) and killing the four officers on impact. Pusey then took graphic photos of the incident before posting them on Facebook and fleeing the scene on foot. Photos of the scene are being used for the investigation, and have been removed from Facebook. One police car was hit with such force that it was thrown to the other side of the freeway, where it rested in the median strip. The rear of the vehicle has been pushed into the drivers seat.

The driver of the truck reportedly suffered a medical emergency immediately after the crash. His Cranbourne home was raided later that night. The driver is under active police guard in hospital. The driver of the Porsche was arrested later this evening in Collingwood. He has a long period of public nuisance, including verbal abuse of a cancer patient and ripping off tradies working on his Frankston home.

Leading Senior Constable Taylor, 60, served with Victoria Police for 31 years after joining the force in 1989. She leaves behind former Victoria Police officer Stuart Schultz, and their two sons, Nathan and Alexander. Senior Constable Kevin King, 50, was remembered as a "terrific bloke" who was passionate about road policing. He leaves behind wife Sharron Mackenzie and their three children William, James and Henry. Constable Glen Humphris was a carpenter, personal trainer, and sports scienctists before he left New South Wales to join the Victoria Police. He graduated top of his class, and leaves behind partner Todd. Constable Joshua Prestney, 28, was mourned as a "much loved and respected member of his squad," and only graduated from the Academy in December.

The Eastern Freeway crash is the largest and worst loss of police lives in a single incident in the state's history. Scott Morrison's response to the incident was made public as below:

"This is a terrible time, more broadly, but for these families and the Victorian Police family and police officers all over the country, and I know their families will be feeling the same way, this is just an awful tragedy. A terribly dark day for that police force and our prayers, our thoughts, our sympathies are there for all of them , but also our thanks to police officers all over the country. It's a dreadful and terrible reminder of the dangers that you face every single day, you step up every day, you stand between us and that danger every single day and we are deeply grateful for your service, deeply grateful for your sacrifice and to those families who are knowing nothing other than terrible grief today, we stand with you as much as we possibly can and we hope that provides at least some comfort to you. We extend also to the Victorian Government our appreciation for the work they are doing to support those families. It is a very, very sad day."


TgCom24 News Agency Report

Italy's "Man of the People"

Italian President Mussolini recently embarked on a tour of several hospitals within Rome. Despite being cautioned against such a move due to the obvious health risks amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Mussolini was quoted as stating,

"I care not for this virus. I care for my people! I will visit those struggling & offer a ray of hope! Virus be damned! I cannot sit here & preach my values of great concern for the Italian people while they suffer alone! I will stand with my people! Any time, any where! No matter the risks!"

Mussolini visited several rooms. Talking to the patients within briefly, offering moral support & compassion for their struggles to fight the virus. Many thanked him for the visit & several medical staff were reported as saying,

"The entire tone of the place has changed massively. It feels like everyone went to a theme park or something. That visit definitely changed things for the better!"

Mussolini even made promises to personally see patients reunited with their families when the crisis was over. Several people cheered on the President online. Some statements going as follows:

"Thank you President Mussolini. A relative of mine is currently quarantined. I know seeing you there to support her would mean the world. Italia first!"

"A natural man of the people. I voted for Mussolini & i'd vote for him again! This is the man we need! Not sellouts or corrupt politicians simply profiting off the back of Italy! Italia first!"

"Mussolini = best prez in 4 eva. Italia 1st!"

After the tour, the hashtag 'Italia First!" retained its spot as the most trending tag on several social media sites as Italians swarmed sites to show their support for Mussolini. No matter what the opposition may say, Mussolini has got it down right.

While his support base may not be overly large, doubtless it may grow to overshadow several other parties at this rate if he continues to make moves such as this.


Political Scene - Italy

Italy's political scene has begun to ignite as Mussolini's support grows larger & larger. Several parties have reacted & begun to form their paths leading into the future. The first one, Alleanza Monarchica or Monarchist Alliance, is campaigning on the platform of restoring the former Italian Monarchy. Specifically the House of Savoy. They wish to transform Italy into a Constitutional Monarchy moving forward. Mussolini's background has influenced them in backing him in exchange for their platform being fulfilled. Often drawing on the example of the Fascist-Monarchy relationship during Italy's fascist era in the 20th Century. The Monarchist Alliance overall is a very small party, not even retaining a single seat in the Italian Parliament. However, their small support base is fierce in its loyalty & energy. Campaigning vigorously to restore their Royal House. Although a split exists in the party on whether to restore traditional heir Vittorio, or newly coined Amedeo. Many have chosen Amedeo as the presumptive heir due to the various controversial actions undertaken by Vittorio.

Mussolini has briefly engaged the party before. Stating,

"I wouldn't be closed to the idea of a restoration of the Monarchy. However, it must be backed by the will of the Italian people. I will not allow unpopular fools rule over Italy"

Thus the party has campaigned endlessly to revitalize the popularity of the Monarchy. So far the party hasn't gained much traction but it's support is growing even if very slowly.

Another party that has gotten active recently is the Italian Communist Party. They have begun to form a coalition that greatly opposes the rule of Mussolini & any right-wing party. The party reportedly retains over 3,000 members. A sizeable amount. The PC (Communist Party) has reached out to several other socialist parties in the hopes to unite them into a large Left coalition to begin combatting Mussolini wherever they can. The PC has promised to organize massive rallies when possible to illustrate that the working class of Italy will not stand for "Fascist" Mussolini ruling Italy once more.

Naturally, with the Communists resurging. The traditional Right of Italy has also rebounded.The most active Party thus far has been the Tricolour Flame. They have launched a vigorous campaign to shore up support for Mussolini in a hope to influence him towards more "Right-wing" & "Fascist" policies. In addition, the Party has stated it will protest & actively combat the Communists to ensure Italy is "never under the Red Menace".

All of these parties are launching large campaigns to draw up support to hopefully begin exerting influence on the current politicians in. This may mark a descent into more chaos rather than a path into peace & prosperity as Mussolini has constantly marketed. Nonetheless, Mussolini has denounced any parties taking to violence. Stating,

"We do not need more blood shed at this time. What we need is a productive, cooperative society. Division & partisan politics does nothing but weaken us. We should've learned that when we were separate Republics. When we united, we were able to take on the world!"

Many agreed with the President's statement & called for peaceful dialogue. However, it is doubtless the Communist or Fascist parties listened. Time will tell how the new President handles such a divisive situation. Especially given his family name.

Greater britanniya

BBC News, London, United Kingdom
11:52 GMT, 23/04/2020

Charlie Stayt: Good morning and welcome to BBC News. Our latest headlines from the United Kingdom and her colonies today are...


In the early hours of the morning 22nd April 2020, reports came of a major collision between a Royal Navy Bristol-class destroyer HMS Boadecia and an unnamed vessel, now identified as Russian Sovremenny-class destroyer Nastoychivy. Immediately after reports were confirmed by locals near the coast of Norway, the Royal Navy dispatched an immediate search and rescue operation to the region to find the damaged destroyer. HMS Boadecia was found in terrible condition, with large damage to the port side of the vessel, and have now reported a casualty figure of 154 British sailors deceased. The ship was towed back to port in Inverness, towed by vessels of the Royal Auxiliary fleet supported by HMS Howe, a King George V-class battleship, yesterday afternoon.

An emergency COBRA meeting was called between Prime Minister Cornwallis, members of the cabinet and top military officials to discuss the event. After nearly 7 hours in conference, the Prime Minister announced that a meeting of the House of Commons would occur on the morning of 23rd April 2020. The Prime Minister delivered a speech to Members of Parliament, a transcript of which is provided here;

"Ladies and gentlemen, the events that occurred yesterday off the coast of Norway are indeed the darkest in our recent memory for the Royal Navy. I'm sure you all join me in sharing a sentiment of deep regret and condolences to those b brave sailors we lost and their families. Many of these sailors, we've received reports, were young men with prospects of a future in the Royal Navy ahead of them. The government has authorised compensation for all of the families of those lost, and I'm sure we will have the oppositions support in these actions on the heavy day.

But now, we must turn to the matter at hand. The Russian Federation has crossed a serious line, one we have not seen crossed since the early days of the 20th century. We have received reports from the Ministry of Defence, from crew testimonials and the ships manifest, that the Russian destroyer in question forcibly and intentionally rammed HMS Boadecia in an attempt to make her change her course! What's more is that the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev, a lacky in the authoritarian gang of Vladimir Putin, claims that we are at fault! First the Shetlands incident and now this! When will it end? This event has implored us to make great changes to our foreign policy. No longer can we view Russia as a new nations, freed from the shackles of it's imperial past. It has been made clear here today that we must view Russia as a principle threat to this United Kingdom! If we do not act now, what's to say they may not become even bolder in their actions? What's to say our colonies will not be at risk? Nothing! I implore not only my party but the opposition also to take a stand today and to rise up to the Russian menace as we have done many times in the past!

Russia is not the first country to test the integrity of the United Kingdom, nor will it be the last, but the United Kingdom has stood firm against every one of our adversaries and triumphed. I implore this house in the name of Britain and in the name of Her Majesty, that we must act, and we must act now, to thwart the Russian threat before it's too late!"

The Ministry of Defence, supported by the government, has successfully petitioned for a build-up of military personnel, equipment and facilities in anticipation of further Russian aggression. Intelligence reports claim that the threat level from Russia is "very high" at this moment, and that the Russian government has been organising a mass military build-up for the last few years. With the recent launching of a third Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier, reports claim that the MoD has ordered a further 4 carriers to be built, along with the expedience of other projects in order to prepare the nation for the inevitable.


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate Middleton have departed on the first stop of their Royal Tour, flying to Gibraltar early this morning. This will be the first Royal Tour conducted by Her Majesty since 2015, and the first without Prince Philip, who has since retired from public life due to health concerns. At Gibraltar, it is expected that Her Majesty will inspect the guards, tour the islands and stay in the Royal accomodation on the territory for no more than 3 days before moving on to the next destination. Foreign nations have also expressed interest in the Royal Tour, including Italy, Confederate States of America, Mexico and Japan, which the Queen will visit in due course over the duration of her tour. Various itineraries have been planned, and government has expressed support for the tour as a method for improving attitudes and relations towards Britain amongst her allies and her colonies. It is confirmed that the Queen will visit all colonies of the United Kingdom with the exception of the British Antarctic Territory, as this risk to the health of the Royals has been judged too great. The first foreign visit of the Queen will be Italy, following visits to Gibraltar and Malta.


The Foreign Office of the United Kingdom has reported a rise in post-Brexit diplomatic relations with countries across the world, far greater than what was expected by opposition parties after the United Kingdom left the European Union. Agreements and deals with many countries across the world have given rise to new and exciting opportunities for British business and prospects, as trade figures are booming despite the COVID-19 outbreak in many countries. Recently, an agreement with Japan yielded new economic prospects of a lowered tariff regime and improved military co-operation between the JSDF and the Armed Forces. Further deals with Mexico saw the signings of free trade agreements and furthered British military assistance in the Carribbean and Latin America. Foreign Secretary Thomas Jones declared the missions a "great step forward in re-establishing British interests and business across the world". He also commented that the recent Royal Tour would indeed assist greatly in the continuation of these relations, and show the world that Britain is ready to step forward and rebuild.

Charlie Stayt: And now for news from the colonies...


Following recent events surrounding Siam and the Kra State, the local administration on the British territories of Ko Lun and Ko He, a few miles from the coast of Phuket, has asked for a increased military presence on the island to deter any would-be attackers from seizing the islands. The islands, which are already home to an RAF Operated Radar and Listening Post, have been judged to be "potentially at high risk" following recently military altercations in South East Asia. A dispatch of Royal Marine Commandos have been sent from the Maldives, which will be the first new troops to land on the territories since the relative withdrawal in 1987. The Ko Lon and Ko He islands are the last British territories in South East Asia, and are of great importance, both economically and strategically to the United Kingdom. The reaction of the MoD has been dubbed "the Falklands reaction", in that the United Kingdom will now prop up and defend it's overseas territories with great stress following the events of the Falklands War 1982. More news of the military build-up on the islands will follow in the next few weeks.


The Crown Prosecution Service has been sent to the British territory of Guyana following the arrest of a British homosexual couple by local Guyanan authorities who have held them on charges of "indecent exposure". Guyana has developed a reputation within the British colonies of large homophobic sentiments across the nation, despite homosexuality being legalised in 2005 after major pressure from the home government. The two individuals, who have remained anonymous, are being held at Her Majesties Prison Georgetown in the capital of British Guyana, and will be represented in court by a special team provided by the Crown Prosecution Service and Burges Salmon of Bristol. Richard Mayford, the barrister leading the case, has described the charges as "unlawful and deceitful", declaring the arrest an infringment of the law by the Guyanese authorities. The Foreign Office has also declared it's support for the young men in question, and have pledged to bring them home at all costs.

Afsharid Persia, Seri Sayam, The Australis Republic, Libyan Arab Republic, and 5 othersGreatest-Russia, Mexico republic, Greater-italia, The fifth french state, and The Congo Confederation

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Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has reached out to its Australian counterpart, QANTAS Air, to start the operation of a subsidiary airline.

The subsidiary airline, named "Bunnings Airlines", is run in collaboration with the Australian household hardware chain. Its main hub will be based out of Sydney Mascot Airport, and as of yet, it will operate 3 Airbus A320 aircraft.

Both QANTAS and Air New Zealand will heavily fund the new airline, and will be the primary shareholders. Air New Zealand has also made steps to re-introduce 1 Boeing 737-300 aircraft back into service from storage, wherein it will be transferred to Bunnings Airlines.

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Nusantara Times

April 24th, 2020
Jakarta, Special Capital District of Jakarta

Defense Ministry bans the use of Zoom over security concerns

    | Jakarta - The Indonesian Defense Ministry, confirmed by its spokesman Brig. Gen. Totok Sugiharto, on Thursday, issued a circular that effectively bans its employees from using the video conference app Zoom. The circular was signed by the Defense Ministry’s secretary-general vice-admiral Agus Setiadji on Tuesday, April 21, which reads; “Addressed to the entire defense ministry environment to not utilize the Zoom app,” said Agus Setiadji. The ministry explained that the reason behind the ban is based on three considerations which include the lack of safety guarantees the Zoom app offers and the problem of traffic duplication which risks the security of its users. This decision is also heavily based on the decisions made by several studies and analysis stating that Zoom, which they also acknowledged, that the security breaches are “yet able to be correctly anticipated.” The Defense Ministry urged its employees to utilize video conference apps that have been coordinated with the ministry’s data and information center

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            Panic! At the Embassy (II)
            Day 2 of the siege
            April 24th

30 hours after the men arrived at the Chinese Embassy in Wodonga, and still no success. In Parliament today, the Republicans were successful in the House of Representatives as labeling the Manchu Society of Monarchical Constitutionalism as a terrorist organisation. The 6 men inside refused all communication with the outside, except for through an old phone in the lobby.

A lamb from the semitrailer was taken out this morning and slaughtered in front of the 30 captives. With it's blood, a Chinese flag was defaced to read "與北京地獄," or "To Hell With Beijing." None of the six men speak English, or, if they do, they are refusing to communicate in such. Negotiations so far have failed, with the men threatening to "bomb the f**k" out of the embassy if Police attempt to break into the Embassy.

Australia has considered the deployment of the 2nd Commando Regiment, but have chosen to keep that as a last resort. Today, however, Wodonga locals saw the Australian Army deployed to the scene, with 4 Australian Light Armoured Vehicles (ASLAVs) arriving at the Pacific Circuit address at around 3pm this afternoon. While Australia has requested information from Zhen China, Beijing has not provided adequate information in regards to the attack, nor made any offers of direct assistance.

The more sino-skeptic members of parliament have suggested that this is no more than a publicity stunt by the Zhen, although many have taken the far more logical route that there is something serious afoot in Beijing.

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            Opening of Kennett Airport
            A new domestic airport opens in Melbourne's Southeast
            April 24th

Having started construction in 2016, Koo Wee Rup Domestic Airport (Kennett Airport) has opened in the Southeastern suburb of Koo Wee Rup. 69km out from Melbourne, Koo Wee Rup Domestic Airport will serve as the domestic airport for eastern Melbourne. The current airport only has 1 terminal, although 2 are still under construction. Jetstar, QANTAS, Tiger air, and REX will function out of the airport. Also called 'Kennett Airport,' the airport was named after former Premier Jeff Kennett who, in his final year as premier in 1999, first brought up the idea of an eastern airport.

Consisting of 60 Beechcraft Super King Air light aircraft, Air Victoria has been formed by REX (Regional Express) to increase connection between Victorians. Air Victoria's main hub will be Koo Wee Rup (Kennett) Domestic Airport. Founder and CEO Reginald Griffiths has announced that it's important to 'keep the aviation industry alive and keep Victorians alive.' Air Victoria will fly regular commercial flights between the following 31 airports;

Bacchus Marsh Airfield (Shire of Moorabool), Bairnsdale Airport (Shire of East Gippsland), Ballarat Airport (City of Ballarat), Benalla Airport (Rural City of Benalla), Bendigo Airport (City of Greater Bendigo), Birchip Airport (Shire of Buloke), Corryong Airport (Shire of Towong), Echuca Airport (Shire of Campaspe), Essendon Fields Airport (City of Moonee Valley), Hamilton Airport (Shire of Southern Grampians), Horsham Airport (Rural City of Horsham), Kerang Airport (Shire of Gannawarra), Leongatha Airport (Shire of East Gippsland), Lethbridge Airport (Golden Plains Shire), Mallacoota Airport (Shire of East Gippsland), Mangalore Airport (Shire of Strathbogie), Maryborough Airport (Shire of Central Goldfields), Mildura Airport (Rural City of Mildura), Moorabbin Airport (City of Kingston), Latrobe Valley (Morwell) Airport (City of Latrobe), Portland Airport (Shire of Glenelg), Robinvale Airport (Rural City of Swan Hill), West Sale Airport (Shire of East Gippsland), Shepparton Airport (City of Greater Shepparton), Saint Arnaud Airport (Shire of Northern Grampiens), Tooradin Airfields (City of Casey), Tyabb Airport (Shire of Mornington Peninsula), Wangaratta Airport (Rural City of Wangaratta), Warracknabeal Airport (Shire of Yarriambiack), Warrnambool Airport (City of Warrnambool), Yarrawonga Airport (Shire of Moira).

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Amid COVID-19 pandemic, Andalusia offers reduced corporate tax rate

Despite the global pandemic and the situation in the Algarve, Prime Minister Abdul Rahman Farid announced that the nation would be reducing its corporate tax rate to 10% sometime in the future. This new change in policy is designed to make Al-Andalus look more appealing to larger foreign businesses. Currently, the nation's corporate tax rate is at 23% . It is unclear when this will take effect-- aside from, "the future"-- as Farid has stated that the COVID-19 pandemic must die down.

"With individuals reluctant to or restrained from traveling, I'd imagine we'd have a difficult time finding investors, and right now it is crucial we do what we can to flatten the curve."

That was Farid yesterday on the matter.

"Algarve Skyrocket" comes to a halt

The "Algarve Skyrocket" is a recently introduced nickname for the Algarve Situation, coined by political commenter Faisal Barakat. Like a rocket, tensions between certain religious groups in the Algarve were climbing higher and higher until recently. The Algarve is now home to a number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, among them a few members of the CFA, the Christian paramilitary group based out of the region. Medical and relief efforts have been underway for a little less than a month now, and what with quarantine and the worsening situation, most belligerents have decided to stay home rather than risk getting sick.

"On one hand, the region is certainly less on edge and doesn't have to worry about a bunch of militants duking it out with AKs, but on the other hand, everybody's worried about Corona," Said Karim al-Hazra, the man which the Crown has put in charge of overseeing that tensions don't explode into armed violence. "So is this pandemic a good thing or a bad thing? I honestly don't know where I stand. It's made my job here easier, I can tell you that much, but the citizens have really just traded one crisis for another. Which would you rather have? Corona or armed radicals? That's what it boils down to, I suppose."

Smugglers arrested off the coast of Almariyyah Province

Police intercepted a small fishing vessel off the coast of Almariyyah on Tuesday. The boat, owned by Almariyyah resident Muhammed Marwan, contained a cargo of a little more than 1000 semi-automatic rifles. Police say they had reason to board the boat when an officer, who was examining Marwan's fishing license, noticed suspicious behavior from Marwan and his five other crew members. The crew of the vessel, Marwan included, have been detained and are currently going through interrogations.

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---/ North Trideshian Broadcasting Company /---

Headlines for 25th of April, 2020

Umm Hajer Liberated After a Nighttime Amphibious Operation

The green-white-gold flag of the Sultanate of North Trideshia flies over the small city of Umm Hajer, along the Tekeze river, after a successful nighttime amphibious operation managed to cut off the supply lines of the Ethiopian troops in the city and thus surround them. The 2nd Naval Infantry Company, under the cover of the night, crossed the Tekeze river from two positions using amphibious, Chinese manufactured, WZ-551 armored personnel carriers. After a successful landing, the forces moved into position to ambush the Ethiopian troops guarding the only nearby bridge crossing the river.

With the river secured, the soldiers hastily set up defensive fortifications to hold their positions against any counter-attacks. At the same time, the 12th Royal Infantry Division, set up in defensive positons on the hills overlooking the small city, began to advance on the Ethiopian troops inside the city. With clear pressure mounting on the city, the Ethiopian troops began to call for reinforcements and resupplies. However, these forces were repelled by the 2nd Naval Infantry Company as they were attempting to approach the bridge.

During the day, the situation began worsening for the Ethiopian troops in the city, with them now confined to a few blocks within the city center and the other end of the bridge. As the 2nd Naval Infantry Company began firing on their positions from the other side of the bridge, the Commander of the Ethiopian forces realized the gravity of the situation and decided to surrender the remainder of his forces to the 12th Royal Infantry Division.

The next morning, the Ethiopians attempted further incursions towards the city of Umm Hajer, but the 12th Royal Infantry Division alongside the 2nd Naval Infantry Company managed to repulse these attempts.


Locust Swarms Plague East Africa

Locust swarms, some the size of Moscow, have been lately plaguing not only North Trideshia, but the region of East Africa as a whole. In North Trideshia, some 500,000 people are currently in desperate need of emergency food aid, and hundreds of farmers have petitioned the government for economic aid. With new swarms in the horizon, the situation is looking grimmer than first thought.

Add into the mixture the currently ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the results may be deadly. Due to flight restrictions imposed by the United Nations, important pesticides and some foreign aid has not been able to be delivered, and with the economy slowing down significantly, economic aid from the government might be less than expected.

This infestation of desert locusts first arrived in East Africa last June, feeding on hundreds of thousands of hectares of crops and pastureland and chomping a path of destruction through much of the region. Scientists say these devastating insects never left East Africa: in fact, favorable wet conditions due to above average rainfall this season means they are likely to achieve two generations of new breeding by June this year, increasing their population size up to 400 times.

"This is very active, destructive and we are worried it has come at the time of lockdown. We are a bit overwhelmed. The moment they arrive in a place the first thing they do is to eat anything green. They have destroyed some fields of crops and vegetation", said Mohammed Fakhoury, the North Trideshian Minister of Agriculture.

The North Trideshian government has petitioned the United Nations to provide the Sultanate extra aid to better fight the upcoming situation, and Sultana Nadiyya has authorised the use of an emergency fund to provide assistance to hundreds of farmers currently bearing the brunt of the plague. However, only time will tell if such aid be given by the UN, and just how much it will manage to combat the locusts.


Sultana Nadiyya Hosts Ethiopian Rebel Leaders

With the border war between North Trideshia and Ethiopia continuing to escalate and worsen, Sultana Nadiyya has seen it fit to invite the leaders of the Tigray People's Liberation Front and the Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front to Tadjoura for a meeting. Both of the organisations have been fighting for the rights of their respective ethnic groups, the Tigray and the Afar: many of whom also live inside North Trideshia.

During the meeting, all parties affirmed their belief in allowing different ethnic groups self-determination if they so wished, clearly as a jab to the Ethiopian government and it's unwillingness to let some ethnic groups have their own federal state. Sultana Nadiyya also unveiled plans to allow both groups to open "honorary consulates" in Tadjoura. These consulates would be joined by other groups in the future, with the Amhara Liberation Movement being one of them.

Many of the groups mentioned have already been partaking in armed attacks against the Ethiopian military forces, and this move by Sultana Nadiyya is seen as a step to legitimise these groups and perhaps provide both military and economic assistance to their causes, which line up with the North Trideshians.

"Actually, these groups would try and fight the government in Addis Ababa whether or not the North Trideshians had reached out to them. There has been a long history of these self-determination issues with the numerous ethnic groups inside Ethiopia, so it's not very surprising. I am sure the Ethiopians have foreseen this as well, though maybe the support from North Trideshia will complicate things. However, this is a smart move by Sultana Nadiyya and her government, as this will make the situation on the ground easier for them to manage thanks to these links to many of the movements should they manage to hold on to Ethiopian land after some sort of peace comes to fruition", said Alice Heffron, a senior analyst for East Africa at the International Crisis Group.


Other headlines:

    ‣ Intense firefights continue around the Ethiopian cities of Abraha and Wiki. Both sides are claiming victories around small hamlets and villages dotting the valley leading to the large city of Mekelleh. Earlier today, pictures of a destroyed North Trideshian Challenger II tank were posted to social media, but the Ministry of Defence claimed they were fabrications.

    ‣ Early probes by the Afsharid Persian government for a cease fire and subsequent peace talks between the two warring sides have been declined by both sides. The Ethiopian government has claimed Afsharid Persia to be a belligerent in the situation and thus being unfit to lead any talks between the two nations.

    ‣ Sultan Mourad Specialist Hospital in Tadjoura has released it's last two COVID-19 patients. This makes the total confirmed ongoing cases in North Trideshia to be 0. Although this is seen as a victory by the government, the Ministry of Health is continuing their efforts to increase readiness in case the situation worsens, and has reached out to neighbouring nations offering to assist with their epidemics.

Tadjoura, Sultanate of North Trideshia

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