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Post self-deleted by Comte de Sade.

Post self-deleted by Comte de Sade.

            Global Strike 4 Climate: Tens of thousands rally around Australia
            By Rebecca Urban and Emily Ritchie, THE AUSTRALIAN

Large crowds are building in capital cities and more than 100 regional centres and towns, as thousands of young people skip school to protest against climate change.

Rallies in Sydney, Melbourne, Albury-Wodonga, Adelaide and Hobart have already kicked off and School Strike 4 Climate organisers are hoping for a 50 per cent increase on the March rallies, which garnered 150,000 protesters.

Students, many of which have defied the orders of their schools and education departments to remain in class, have made placards imploring the government to take more action on climate change, to exit coal and switch to renewable energy.

In Sydney, tens of thousands of people, striking from work and school alike, have converged on the Domain .

The Domain became so crowded just after midday that there was a line to get into the parklands.

Youth climate activist and Year 11 student Daisy Jeffrey MC’d the event, telling the crowd the world was in the grips of a “massive climate crisis”.

“The world is literally on fire,” Ms Jeffrey said, referencing the recent fires in the Amazon rainforest and the bushfires in NSW and Queensland despite it being “only the beginning of spring”.

She also launched criticism at Scott Morrison for visiting the US this week but avoiding the UN’s emergency climate summit in New York, a comment that was met with raucous ‘boos’ from the crowd.

Telsa Macewan, a 10-year-old student from Bexley North primary school, skipped the afternoon of classes with her classmates to attend the strike, which she described as an “important fight for climate change and my future”.

One group of activists in Melbourne have attracted attention by donning face masks depicting Greta Thunberg, the 15-year-old Swedish activist who started the global movement encouraging schoolchildren to strike.

Miss Thunberg, who is currently in the US to participate in the UN’s youth climate forum and address world leaders at the UN secretary-general’s climate summit, has herself acknowledged the local efforts on social media.

“Incredible pictures as Australia’s gathering for the #climatestrike ,” she tweeted alongside a photo of strikers gathering at Sydney’s Domain.

“Australia is setting the standard!”

Acting President Michael McCormack this morning denounced the climate protests, claiming that students would learn more at school than at a protest rally.

“I think these sorts of rallies should be held on a weekend where it doesn’t actually disrupt business, it doesn’t disrupt schools, it doesn’t disrupt universities,” Mr McCormack told reporters in Melbourne.

“I think it is just a disruption.”

Mr McCormack said the government was taking action to cut emissions and boost the use of renewable energy.

Schools have been mixed on the question of whether to support student protesters. The heads of several Sydney private schools, including Knox Grammar, Newington College and SCEGGS Darlinghurts, have provided permission to striking students, however the NSW Education Department does not support student absences for the purpose of striking.

NSW Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said on Thursday that she was not convinced that strikes could not take place outside of school hours.

Catholic Schools NSW issued a blunt warning to students: Skipping school doesn’t change the world”.

Universities have confirmed they will not penalise students for attending the rallies.

Organisers of the Global Strike 4 Climate are demanding government and business commit to a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2030. They are also campaigning for a transition to 100 per cent renewable energy. “Australia is already on the frontlines of the climate crisis. Prolonged drought. Flash flooding. Catastrophic bushfires, severe cyclones and heatwaves,” Australian strike organisers say on their Facebook event page. “But just at the time when we need to ramp up climate solutions, we have elected a government that wants to open the floodgates to new coal, oil and gas projects that put all of us at risk.”

The Australian Council of Trade Unions supported the strike. “One of the fundamentals of unionism is the power of people joining together to stand up for justice. We have and must take a stand for our future when our government will not,” the ACTU said in a statement.

The strike is the latest in a worldwide movement started in August 2018 when 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg began protesting outside Sweden’s parliament on school days.

Thunberg is currently in the US after taking a yacht across the Atlantic to prevent carbon emissions, and urged US politicians to “listen to the scientists”. A second global strike is scheduled for September 27.

Scientist Tim Flannery said on Friday that Australians desperate for climate change action are now in open rebellion against the federal government for failing them.

Professor Flannery, who led the Climate Commission before the Abbott government axed it six years ago, says Australians fuelled by a deep sense of betrayal are rising up in the same way gold miners did during the Eureka rebellion of 1854. “Civil society has been torn, like it was during the Eureka Stockade times,” he has told ABC radio.

“Rebellions happen when governments fail their people and that’s what we’re seeing right now — a rebellion because government has failed its people.”

            First Summit of The Pacific Alliance
            Dutton Park, Brisbane

The inner Brisbane suburb of Dutton Park has come home to the largest diplomatic event in Brisbane since the 2014 G20 summit, the First Summit of The Pacific Alliance.

The summit is expected to last a week, and will tackle a number of issues facing Pacific nations, such as terrorism and pollution. Topics like trade and infrastructure will be discussed after the openning of foreign trade sectors in Perth and Panama City. The summit will also talk about the successes of the Australia-China peace talks and the regions next move in the containment of Chinese influence.

The Summit will also talk about the structure of the TPA, discussing the future of the foundation. Australian, Central American, and Indonesian authorities will be in attendance.

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            Drought-affected farmers struggling to rebuild after fires in NSW
            By Michael Cavanagh and Luisa Rubbo, ABC News

    Key Points:
    More than 260 animals were lost in fires covering 95,000 hectares
    More than 1,000 bales of hay have been supplied to farmers
    Farmers are being forced to sell stock to conserve remaing fodder

Much-needed support is rolling in for drought-affected farmers hit by a massive bushfire burning in northern New South Wales.

Local Land Services General Manager Paul Hutchens said the Bee's Nest fire on the Dorrigo Plateau between Armidale and the Coffs Coast had a great impact on primary producers.

    "This is the largest scale fireground and where the greatest livestock losses have been experienced."

It has been confirmed that 268 animals have been lost in the fire covering nearly 95,000 hectares north of Ebor. Seven animals had to be destroyed.

So far, more than 1,000 bales of hay have been supplied to farmers.

    Weekly tennis goes on

But farmers are not letting the fire interrupt a weekly ritual, with several of them venturing on to the tennis court even as they try and work out how to rebuild.

The floodlights had illuminated two courts in the tiny village of Hernani where the only other community structure is the small school.

Around 15 people were either out on the courts or sitting in the very basic clubhouse waiting their turn.

    'We will bounce back'

Scott MacDougall, whose family has farmed the area for generations, was determined to take up the racquet even as he faces the possibility of up to 200 dead cattle and kilometres of fencing to be replaced.

"There's not too many places left in rural places where you can play with around 15 people every single week."

"There's a lot of knowledge here. There are a number of gentlemen here that helps us out with different issues.

"People will bounce back.

    "It is great to get feedback from those around you."

For the young farmer — with a 14-month-old son and wife who works as a doctor in nearby Dorrigo — it is now a matter of working out exactly what needs to be done and ensure the stock still alive are taken care of after the blaze belted "Marengo".

"Our immediate concerns are just keeping our cattle fed.

Mr MacDougall said it was about keeping the cattle safe and getting rid of as many as possible so they could conserve the fodder that they had to keep the remaining cattle.

With so much pasture razed he has been forced to sell stock earlier than anticipated with many of them already gone to feedlots.

For those remaining the task of maintaining them has been helped by the efforts of the Local Land Services (LLS).

"They have given us a lot of emergency fodder which will keep us going for a couple of weeks, so we can get on top of our numbers and find all of our cattle after our fences have been destroyed."

    'We're in rebuild mode'

Not only does he farm his own land, but he has several forestry leases which were heavily wooded and only accessible by horseback due to the terrain.

"We've got rough numbers, but you really don't know till you have them all through the yards which are on the ground at the moment.

"We have a fair bit of work to get them back up and running.

"We still have a fair bit of country that we haven't seen or mustered.

"We've lost around 3,000 acres of grazing country," Mr MacDougall said.

Also on the court was Stuart Austin who manages Wilmot Station which was in the path of the blaze as the property is virtually next door to Guy Fawkes National Park where the fire started.

"We are in rebuild mode, that's for sure, trying to put it all back together."

    "We were pretty much in the line of fire and copped a direct hit as it came out of the park.

"There is only one place between us and the park," Mr Austin said.

    Offloading the herd

There were no stock losses at his place as the numbers were down and they were able to move them easily to safer ground.

Now, contractors with bulldozers are in clearing trees and putting up new fences.

"Having wiped out close to two and a half thousand acres, which is a bit over half our place here, it's meant we have effectively had to halve our stocking rate," Mr Austin said.

    "This will have a long-term impact on the farm's program," he said.

He said they had already decided to sell their breeding cows, which they had not long had.

"We are offloading them and keeping our trade cattle and they'll give us a better cash flow in the short term," Mr Austin said.

"When we need cows again we will work on that when we get to it."


National Socialist Emmerich Forster's Danzig Liberation Union (Związek Wyzwolenia Gdańska, or ZWG) has begun a harsh election campaign as the federal election nears this October 13th. The ZWG has started mass propaganda with posters, radio, and television adverts flooding the region. ZWG has also reverted to violence and intimidation to win votes, although the wider authorities have remained silent.

Posters with "Liberate Danzig" and "Screw the Jew" have been posted up throughout the region, with the party starting its own radio station and television channel. Oswobodzenie 101.1 and Channel Oswobodzenie are home to Forster and his delegation talking 24/7 on their views. Forster has held up Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kamf' has 'the book to place your faith in.'

Despite the hatred of the Nazi regime, Forster claims that a 'modifed version' that 'inhibits indisputable socialism' would be 'great for the free state' of Danzig. Below is an excerpt of Forster's radio show.

    "I think it is necessary for the people of Danzig that they realise that Poland has gone to great lengths to make the lastest invasion of Germany look evil. I think it is important to realise that this is a tool of the government, to overthink the effects of the second world war. It is insane to think that such a stubborn nation would seek the truth, so we must start small. Everyone and their mother knows that Danzig isn't Polish, and it's not German. It's free, it's independent. If you really loved Danzig, you'd vote for a party who really cares."

Forster has slammed President Andrjez Duda for being 'too Polish,' accusing him of 'running Poland into the ground' with his 'toxic capitalist ideals.' One policy of ZWG is to totally ban the private market, saying that mankind is fully incapable of running itself, and must be controlled by the State, run by people who 'know what they're doing.'

The Federal Government have still made no comment on the incident.

Post by East-Timor suppressed by The Australis Republic.

Hi everyone, I decided to move this nation here and join in your RP if I’m accepted. I have read the rules and made an application. I’m only moderately experienced, so I decided to use this nation and claim East Timor. Here’s my application:

SECTION I | Answer in your own words :
• What does "OOC" and "IC" mean, what are the differences ?

OOC means Out Of Character, and is how you talk and act when not role-playing;

IC means In Character, and is how your characters behave in the RP.

• How can a player such as yourself, prevent Meta-Gaming ?

Separate Out Of Character knowledge from RP at all times.

• How can a player such as yourself, prevent Power-Gaming ?

Report it if it happens, and also set a good example by remaining realistic and reasonable.

Refer to the rules and FAQ for help with Section I

SECTION II | Fill out the information of your claim.
Name of your nation: Timor-Leste (inf. East Timor)

Location of your nation on the map: The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

Capital City: Díli

Demographics of your nation: many native ethnic groups and tribes, plus some Portuguese-native creoles; most people are Roman Catholic

Population of your nation: 1,296,311


Nominal GDP: $ 2,954,620,999.584
GDP Per Capita: $ 2,929

Leader of your nation: Prime Minister Taur Matan Rauk

Government type of your nation: Unitary Constitutional Republic

Brief history of your nation: Prior to colonialism, East Timor was settled by the Tetum-speaking Timorese people. The eastern half of the island of Timor, plus the islands and the exclave of was conquered by Portugal during its imperialist era, which led to the nationwide conversion to Catholicism and usage of the Portuguese language. Despite this, both Portuguese and Tetum people resented foreign domination, and people of both races desired independence. Increasing unrest followed the Second World War,
culminating in the East Timor Independence Movement. East Timor gained independence from Portugal in the year 1975, but was almost immediately invaded and annexed by Indonesia. The East Timorese people maintained a brave a fierce resistance, despite brutal tyranny and mass ethnic cleansing, until regaining independence in 1999 and full recognition in 2002. Today East Timor is friendly with Australia and cooperative with Indonesia and ASEAN.

Previous Roleplay Experience : Intermediate

Flag Link:

Read dispatch

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real life situation regarding said topics.

Visa policy to be changed

The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has announced that it will be updating its visa policy.

Currently, non-Chinese nationals are required to apply for a visa for entry into the country. Holders of passports issued by some countries (such as Boznia-Hersegovina, Dvaistic Republic of Serbia, etc.) can travel for tourism or business purposes for up to 90 days without having to obtain a visa. Some ports of entry, including international airports, allow nationals to transit to a third country, during which they are granted a visa-exemption period of 24-144 hours.

The MPS has made the following changes to the visa policy, in a bid to promote more open and transparent borders, and to further facilitate the exchange of people flowing in and out of the country.

Nationals from the following nations can visit the country for up to 20 days without a visa for tourism or business:

Holders of APEC Business Travel Cards* can visit the country visa-free for 30 days for business trips only.

In addition, businessmen from Central American Alliance, Praizalia, Rhineish Republic, Ostelbia, Krazhnoyevsk and Shafiriya can also enjoy this privilege.

Nationals from the following countries can enter the country visa-free, provided they do not overstay the designated time limit:

In addition, locals from the Hong Kong and Macau SARs can visit the Mainland visa-free for an indefinite period of time.

*Due to recent economic tensions with Japan, this privilege has been revoked for Japanese nationals.


National Reform & Development Commission

The National Reform and Development Commission has officially invited environmental advisors from the Central American Alliance, as it intends to lead a massive environmental transition project for environmental conservation purposes.

The Central American nation has been named the "UN Champion of the Earth" for its massive leaps in environmental protection and green sustainability. In 2017, the country ran for a record 300 days solely on renewable power, and is expected to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2030.

The NDRC's previous attempts, aimed at curbing carbon emissions and promoting green energy, are somewhat successful. Thousands of BYD electric buses have replaced their conventional counterparts, and the latest tariffs targeting Japanese automobiles has increased sales of homemade electric vehicles by over 20%. Still, monumental work remains to be done, as the NDRC begins plans for reforestation projects in the South and West, treatment of water pollution, and soil pollution; In total, nearly 16.1% of the country's soil was polluted.

That is not to say that progress has not been made. New air quality standards, circa 2015, has decreased PM 2.5 concentrations by 14.1% compared to levels in 2014, and is expected to drop more.

The Ministry of Natural Resources has also announced the entirety of Tibet to be a protected area, essentially making any exploitation of local natural resources illegal. Exemptions were given to pre-existing firms, which were required to abide by stringent disposal regulations, and had a 10-mile exemption radius around their facilities, in which they could freely use the land for commercial/industrial purposes only.

The construction of 2 prototypes of Molten Salt Reactors in Gansu has also been noted as a potential solution to the problems posed by preexisting nuclear reactors. Molten salt reactors can produce one-thousandth of their conventional counterpart's radioactive waste, and have designs that are foolproof against meltdowns.

"We wish to see what the Central American attache can do. Hopefully it will lead to tangible results," the government stated.

TNCA Centroamérica | National Headlines
- Guatemala City C.C, Centroamérica

President Bukele arrives in Brisbane
President Nayib Bukele along with Minister of Foriegn Affairs Alexandra Hill Tinoco and other representatives arrived at the Brisbane to attend the first summit of The Pacific Alliance in which Central American representatives will meet with their Australian and Indonesian counterparts to discuss and tackle numerous issues regarding the Pacific nations such as terrorism, pollution, trade and infrastructure.

    "We hope to reach great results that will benefit all of our countries in the alliance, we will give our part as will the others. We will work together to tackle problems in the Pacific aswell as setting great relations with our allies and hopefully start expanding this organization. " - Nayib Bukele

The summit is expected to last a whole week with important discussions regarding the organization will be made.

Central America "UN champion of the earth"
The Republic of Central American recieved the "UN champion of the earth", the UN's highest environmental honour, for its role in protecting nature and ambitious policies to fight climate change.

The country has drafted a detailed plan to decarbonize it's economy by 2050 and Hope's to provide a template for other nations to curb the deadly rapid emissions causing rapid disastrous climate change.

    "It fills me with pride and emotion on what Central America has achieved and what we can continue to achieve even more. About 50 years ago the country began to implement a series of innovative environmental policies because the model of a sustainable development and environment is very much in Central America's DNA. Our decarbonization plan consists of maintaining an upward curve in terms of economic and employment growth and a downward curve of fossil fuel usage at the same time in order to stop pollution. How do we do this? Through a clean public transport system, smart and resilient cities, sound waste management, sustainable agriculture, and improved logistics." - Felix Ulloa (VP)

While such excellent news was announced, the provincial government of Guatemala passed the Governmental 189-2019 law which prohibited the usage of single use plastic bags, disposable cups and plates, and straws which will take affect tomorrow. Guatemala becomes the 3rd province to prohibit plastic items, fallowing Panama and Costa Rica, it is hoped for the other provinces to take the same move in the next months.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Environment (MARN) and other Central American environmental advisors have agreed to support and join the Chinese in their efforts to maintain an environmental conservation seeing the importance of fighting climate change and pollution.

    If we want to maintain a great environment for our future we have to start now. We see the huge importance of fighting pollution and climate change worldwide in order to maintain and keep a healthy environment. We are glad to see the Chinese put thier efforts to fight a major problem and we will gladly join their efforts to do so aswell." - MARN

TRT World

Prime Minister Devlet Bahçeli calls for the removal of President Meral Akşener

Today the Prime Minister held a special press conference after holding a meeting with MHP members from across Turkey, as well as leaders of the Grey Wolves from across the world, after those meetings he spoke to the press in which he had the following to say.

"We have oath to service, to country. For Turkey, a strong people whose will wont be halted. The time has come for the final change, the end of the IYI Era. They have lost the majority in the Grand National Assembly, their members are returning home in droves to the MHP. And it is time that President Meral Akşener either steps down, or we will remove her in the Grand National Assembly. The Nationalist Movement is at the will of the Turkish people, for them to stand together as one, under the same flag, under the same language, as the same race for the same goal. But that is not what the IYI stands for, they have lost the faith of the Turkish nation, and this was felt at the ballot box as they came crashing down, and the Nationalist Movement returned to its throne in an iron fist! To guide our people forward to an unstoppable future of progress, and greatness for the Turkish people. But that is only achievable when the office of the President is at the hands of a nationalist. Of a Grey Wolf, whose mission statement is simple. For the people, to strengthen the nation by all means and lead the Turkish State into a better future. I know who will become the next President when Akşener no longer occupies that office, the Nationalist Movement knows who the next President will be. And soon so will the Turkish nation."

End of Show 3 - Beijing 798 Art Show

"Let me tell you what I'd wish I'd known, when I was young and visioned honor. You have no control what is, what was, what is a goner!" the first initial actor sang into the mic. The French king actor came on the stage. "I'll give em this; they are a nation of pure resilience. I couldn't conquer em if I sought. And I sought and I failed," he said into the mic. "What is, what was, what is a goner!" the Ayisyen play company sang behind the actors.
"If you have a can have hope. And I have to say - this is a nation of hope and heartbeats,"
"What is, what was, what is a goner!"
"Every single nation has a story to be told, however not every nation has a history of gold!"
"And when you're down, who will pick people up? Who overcomes, what is a goner?"
"What is all gone, what is a goner?"

The stage then flashed lights around it. One actor stood above all the rest. The spotlight shined on him. The kid looked no older than fourteen or fifteen, but he was wearing clothes that were worn during any normal day instead of the special attire worn by the Ayisyen actors.
In the mix of the hurricane.
Took everything away. From me,
And everything that I can see
Left my friends under
And the mix of a broken land
People left, people fled
People made roooooooooom!" he sang,
"In the mix of a hurricane,
There's quiet
There's silent
There's something for me!"
The boy stepped off the platform and came back into the section with the musicians. "We built the way up. People doubted, people sounded, people screwed us up. When we get out, there is something for us to know..." The boy came back on the stage and took the hand of one of the actresses, "Economy! We are emerging from the ashes. Economy! We have a spectacular culture. We've seen it through history. Economy! And through its rage, I see myself! As a Haitian child, and when our time is up, what have we done? What is a goner?"
"I can't wait to head home, just to make a diiiiiiiiiiiifereeeence..."
"What is a goner?"
"What is, what was, what is a goner?"

The crowd roared. The actors all took their place on stage and individually, in groups of two, took bows before going behind the crowd to pack up. Louis looked at everything he possessed. He made sure to pack up before he made his way to their bus. He was a trombone player, yes, but he also had that last role. He smiled as he started to board the bus. "Excuse me?" he heard a female voice behind him. A girl, whom he had assumed was a local of Bejing, had tugged at his shirt. "Hello, miss," he said. The girl had a small blush on her face. "May we have a picture with you?" she asked. Louis nodded. The girls posed around him and one of the other actors took the picture with the girls' phones. When they were all done, they smiled and waved goodbye to him. Louis waited outside the bus for his girlfriend, June, the actress of Suzanne Sainité Belair. She came out in her regular clothes and she took Louis's hand. When they boarded the bus, she rested her head on his shoulder. "Nice singing, baby," she said. Louis smiled. "Thank you, June," he said. When the actors and manager, as well as the musical accompaniment, was all on board and instruments were stowed underneath, the bus roared to life and headed back to the Feitian Hotel Beijing.

OOC - This isn't so good again, I apologize. I'm exhausted, so this is the best I could come up with

Kunság celebrations
780 years since Cuman settlement in Hungary
Today the Cuman counties of Hungary's Jasz and Kunság autonomous regions have come together to celebrate the ancient treaty that binds the Cuman people to Hungary. Founded in the midst of the Mongol invasions of Europe, the Cumans in their traditional Pontic steppelands (now modern Cossacks Ukraine) had been all but destroyed in the first wave of Mongol invasions into Europe. Witnessing the utter destruction of their ancient enemies from across the mountains, King Béla IV of Hungary invited the fleeing survivors of the former Cuman tribes to settle in Hungary in return for military service. While the early years of the relationship were extremely tense, culminating in the Cuman exodus from Hungary only a short while after the first settlement, Cuman people eventually resettled and integrated into Hungary. Later years would prove the special place that Cumans had in Hungarian society with the crowning of King László IV, known as 'the Cuman'. In modern times Cuman cultural legacy is preserved and maintained in many ways from the regular county Cuman festivals, the annual Kurultáj festivals but most importantly, by the approximately 70,000 citizens claiming Cumans or Jassics descent residing in Hungary.

As is tradition, the festival begins with traditional sports and activities customary to the Cumans and steppe nomads in general. A heavy cloud of dust hangs in the air as thousands of horses pound the earth with their hooves in the games of horsemanship, horse archery and a recent favourite, horseback acrobatics. At 3 PM the main event of the festival takes place. In his capacity as King of Hungary, King István IX of Hungary affixes his royal seal to the ancient document, pledging his support and renewal of the ancient rights held by the Cumans within Hungary. After this the King turns to accept the pledge of the Regimental Colonel of the 33rd Light Horse Armoured Brigade, the position of which carries also the traditional title of Cuman war chief as has been handed down through the ages and supported through the restructuring of the modern Hungarian army. The rest of the day and night passes in a celebration of epic proportions with food and drink running freely throughout.

Radio-Televisão Timor Leste
Nonprofit Organization Thanked For Athletic Contribution

The Government of East Timor has awarded a certificate and a $400 donation to Algarve Internacional (a private nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing children’s athletic clubs in Portuguese-speaking nations around the world) because of its recent distribution of eight hundred brand-new soccer balls to small villages throughout rural Timor-Leste. Soccer has been found to be beneficial for children’s social, mental and physical health. Thus it has been recognized that Algarve Int. has done East Timor a true service with this thoughtful contribution, as well as helping Timorese children lead more enjoyable, competitive and cooperative lives.

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real life situation regarding said topics.

Ministry of Commerce

The Ministry of Commerce has announced that effective from October 2019 onwards, selected fruit imports will be exempt from tariffs.

The following are the exemptions made:

Sorry this post took so long. Here is my latest update:

Alliance for Progress rally, Almaty

To the cheers and applause of the crowd, Zharmakhan Tuyakbay - Head of the Opposition and leader of the Alliance for Progress - climbs the stairs to the podium. Thousands of AFP supporters wave banners and flags, sporting slogans such as “Time for Change” and “Tuyakbay for President”. As he opens his mouth to speak, the room falls silent.

“From the dawn of civilisation, our world has been plagued by a fatal disease. Over the centuries, this cancer had spread across the globe, enveloping the nations in its deadly grasp. It is the disease of hatred; of prejudice; of racial and ethnic violence. Put simply, it is the plague of division.

We, the human race, have the infinite capability to destroy each other ten times over - and we have, I am sorry to say, used this to our advantage. Look at the countless wars and conflicts, the pogroms and genocides, the rapes and murders of our own dear brothers and sisters.

‘But Zharmakhan,’ you may say, ‘look how far we’ve come. These problems no longer exist in our modern, civilised planet.’ If only this was the case! If only we had the decency to regard each other, not as enemies, but equal citizens of Earth! Look at the rising Islamophobia and antisemitism across the world. Look at the ongoing discrimination against minorities of all kinds. These are the seeds of hatred that soon grow into saplings of violence. Who wants to join me in destroying these saplings while we still have the chance? [At this, the crowd breaks into rapturous applause, before quieting down once more.]

And it’s not just each other that we’re destroying. With each passing day, Mother Nature is suffering blow after blow, all at the hands of our reckless actions. With each passing day, our planet is getting hotter; the oceans are dying; the rainforests are burning. And yet we claim that it is our duty, since the beginning of time, to protect and serve the Earth that first gave birth to us. Who pledges to respect and uphold this inherent duty? [Again, Tuyakbay is greeted with rapturous applause, and a standing ovation from the crowd.]

My brothers and sisters, our world is our home. It is beautiful. And yet there are millions who cannot and, tragically, will not see this beauty within the course of their lives. And so, today, I swear in front of all of you, that, if elected, I will fight relentlessly for the rights of the 1 billion children living in poverty [The crowd begin yet another round of applause, before sustaining it as Tuyakbay continues to read through the list of statistics], the 815 million who regularly go to bed hungry [More applause], and the further millions who are slaves to modern human trafficking [More applause]. I will fight, and never stop fighting, for the orphan, the widow, the broken and vulnerable. And anybody [at which point he pauses] who dares threaten these fellow citizens of Planet Earth, will be brought immediately to justice. Now, who’s with me?”

Beograd Danas,
September 23rd, 2019.


General Nebojša Pavković, former leader of KPS (Conservative party of Serbia), one of parties which unified into ND (New Democracy), has died this morning at age of 73. His family released a statement that he died in sleep, probably due to consequences of third stroke he suffered in last two years. Pavković will be remembered as a hero of defeating the insurgency back in 2003 and controversial Prime Minister who served in authoritarian manner before being forced to resign by millions on protests in 2006. For leftist public, he is remembered as dictator who ruled a Government in a manner of ruling the Army. Right wing remembers him as a great patriot who saved nation from devastation by JSO insurgency in 2003, after Prime Minister Đinđić was assassinated by sniper and Operation Sablja started, in order to stop the organized crime in Serbia, which costed it's Prime Minister a head.

State funeral for former Prime Minister would take place tomorrow in 12 noon, at New Graveyard in Belgrade. Commemorative event will take place in 14pm, where ND leader David Bojičić and party spokesman Ivica Dačić are expected to address the friends, family and interested public. Due to his last wish, general Pavković will be farewelled by state choir, singing patriotic songs such as "Ovo je Srbija" and "Tamo daleko". At the moment, statements were published by his party, which confirmed that one of the greatest patriots Serbia ever had has left us, and other statement came from Association of Veterans who stated that he is now going to join all his troops that he once commanded while crushing down the insurgency.

            The Great Southern Land not so great when it comes to war crimes

With Scomo in the United States receiving a state dinner and travelling to meet Trump and Australian billionares, one would expect Australia be be sitting in a pretty good place. However, further investigation into the Afghan Files, illegally released by the ABC in 2017, have lead to some startling accusations.

The Afghan Files were released by ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Company) in 2017, and ABC head officers were raided by the Australian Federal Police early this year. The Australian Public were rightfully fearful of these events, but more so because of the threat to freedom of press than the actual events.

However, after confessions of a number of armed forces personnel, including various troops who gained medals of honour during deployment, it has been revealed that Australian commandos in Afghanistan in 2007-2012 saw a 'drift in values' and 'desensitisation' as a 'tribal culture' rose in the special forces.

Australia's most elite land troops, the Commandos, and the most elite Air troops, Special Air Services (SAS), have been revealed to have killed a significant number of innocent civilians.

"It became like a game, who could kill the most Afghans," one commando said, "They were all the same to us. It didn't matter who they were, as long as they were dead." The same commando, who wishes to remain anonymous, was deeply remorseful for what he had done. "I remember arresting a farmer once. I handcuffed him and took him to a cliff, where [I shot him] and he fell down the cliff face. It was terrible, what I did, what we did."

Since the end of the Second World War, the murder of innocent civilians in war has been labelled not only illegal but as an atrocity. Australian commandos and members of the SAS murdered dozens of unarmed, and in some cases handcuffed, civilans. They have been accused of turning the massacre of dozens of innocent civilians 'into a game' as the troops became dehumanised and turned into ruthless killers.

One such example of one of these war crimes took place in November 2012, when 5 Afghan men were shot by Commandos for refusing to give up their daughters. This took place only a few months after a 'My Lai' style massacre took place in the southern Afghan town of Khanashin, where a minimum of 150 Afghans were raped and/or killed.

Both the Australian Government and Australian Defence Force have denied such events.

Similarly, commandos involved in the alleged annexation of Nauru have also spoken up, saying that Nauru was not 'accepted into the Federation' but invaded by Australian forces last October. The story goes, according to reliable sources, that Australia prepared for the invasion of Nauru by telling the local government that they were oly coming to help close the detention centre on the island.

    "The Nauruvian government were told that there would be three Australian naval vessels approaching the Island to help in closing down the Nauru Regional Processing Centre, Australia's offshore detention centre for illegal immigrants. We only have one now, on Manus Island. The government said they would help close the camp down, but instead sent six ships and a large number of Commandos, SAS troops, and normal troops to bomb the Island. Similar to what we saw in Afghanistan, dozens of civilians were massacred. It was horrible, and we aren't allowed to talk about it."

A former commando on the mission recalled his experiences in Nauru, taking part in a channel 10 interview on their daily news programme 'The Project.' Below was the offical statement released by Tony Abbott on the 27th of October 2018;

    "At the beginning of this week, it came to our attention that a former Australian dependency, Nauru, was entering an anavoidable collapse, which the nation itself would not have been able to recover from. Australia met with Nauru at the beginning of the week to discuss plans reguarding Nauru, in which an agreement was met. In order to maintain Nauru's stability, Nauru is set to become a territory of Australia within the next few days. Meetings with former Nauruvian President have resulted in him being placed as Premier of the territory, and will maintain his current government if he wishes. In return for Australia's eternal protection and infrastructre improvements, among other things, the Territory of Nauru will no longer empose any overseas costs on the export of Nauruvian products to the mainland, Tasmania, and other territories. Australia ensures that the transition of leadership will be smooth. As the Territory of Nauru is sovereign Australian soil, all trade, relations, and international laws are now to comply with Australia's"

Former President Tony Abbott denies claims that Nauru was invaded, and could face serious penalties if he is found to have decieved the Australian public. Despite Australia's war crimes in Nauru and Afghanistan being released to the public, many SJW and Democrat politicans are inticing the Australian Public to start the conversation and to hold the Australian Government accountable (Despite war crimes in Afghanistan happenning under the Rudd-Gillard DSP government.)

All four of Australia's Presidents - Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, and Scott Morrison - have denied Australian war crimes in the 21st century. In Ohio, Morrison dimissed the claims as 'absolutely ludicrous.'

RTTL Economic
New Ministry of Tourism Staff Revamps Travel Industry

Francisco Kalbuady Lay, former Minister of Tourism as of yesterday, was reappointed to the position this morning by Prime Minister Taur Matan Rauk. In a statement released to the national media, the PM explained that he had been aware of “A noticeable loss in competitiveness and accommodating spirit among our travel businesses since Mr. Lay resigned the position. We are very glad to have him supporting our Tourism industry once again, and we hope that he shall remain with us for some time yet.”

Mr. Lay has also expressed his good will on the matter, and furthermore has unveiled an impressive new goal to increase Chinese tourism rates at least 25% by the end of the year. Two different plans have been started in order to meet this goal:

1) The Ministry of Tourism hopes to pair with Chinese tourist businesses in advertising East Timorese tourism in Chinese cities, and is offering a prize of $25,000 to every major company that contributes at least $4,000 a month to advertising Timorese travel in Chinese urban centers such as Shanghai and Beijing.

2) The Ministry of Tourism has also begun a policy of decreasing passport costs, flight costs, and customs rates for all Chinese residents who wish to visit Timor-Leste. Passport costs alone have been cut by some 35%, while private plane companies are being paid to lower their ticket prices by up to 12%.

It is hoped that these two measures will lead to a substantial rise in Chinese tourism in East Timor, bring these two great nations closer together, and contribute to economic growth and cooperation in both countries.

Zhonghua Minzu Gongheguo

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real life situation regarding said topics.

East-Timor wrote:RTTL Economic
New Ministry of Tourism Staff Revamps Travel Industry

Mr. Lay has also expressed his good will on the matter, and furthermore has unveiled an impressive new goal to increase Chinese tourism rates at least 25% by the end of the year. Two different plans have been started in order to meet this goal:

1) The Ministry of Tourism hopes to pair with Chinese tourist businesses in advertising East Timorese tourism in Chinese cities, and is offering a prize of $25,000 to every major company that contributes at least $4,000 a month to advertising Timorese travel in Chinese urban centers such as Shanghai and Beijing.

2) The Ministry of Tourism has also begun a policy of decreasing passport costs, flight costs, and customs rates for all Chinese residents who wish to visit Timor-Leste. Passport costs alone have been cut by some 35%, while private plane companies are being paid to lower their ticket prices by up to 12%.

It is hoped that these two measures will lead to a substantial rise in Chinese tourism in East Timor, bring these two great nations closer together, and contribute to economic growth and cooperation in both countries.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is interested in pursuing further dialogue with the East Timorese government.

In collaboration with Air China, the airline wishes to open direct flights from Shanghai and Beijing to Dili. It is expected that 2 flights per week will operate, but more flights can be scheduled if air traffic outlook improves. Flights to Dili are said to cost only $2,350 RMB/$300 USD, artificially promoting it as a cheaper alternative to flights bound for other Pacific regions.

In addition, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has approved the dissemination of print ads and online ads for the East Timor tourism industry, with the newspaper China Daily reportedly leaving one page blank for the incorporation of Timorese ads.

"This is a good sign for us," a spokesperson from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. "We should aim to be better friends and partners with East Timor, and as a responsible government, we should at least try to play a role in ushering the tiny nation to its rightful position on the world stage."

Ministry of Public Security

All nationals bearing a passport from East-Timor is now eligible for visa-free travel within the country, provided they do not exceed 30 days of travel.

            God Bless Australia
            Sydney, New South Wales[/sup]

    Here in this God given land of ours, Australia
    This proud possession, our own piece of earth
    That was built by our fathers, who pioneered our heritage,
    Here in Australia, the land of our birth.

    God bless Australia, Our land Australia,
    Home of the Anzac, the strong and the free
    It's our homeland, our own land,
    To cherish for eternity,
    God bless Australia, The land of the free.

    Here in Australia, we treasure love and liberty,
    Our way of life, all for one, one for all
    We're a peace loving race, but should danger ever threaten us,
    Let the world know we will answer the call

    God bless Australia, Our land Australia,
    Home of the Anzac, the strong and the free
    It's our homeland, our own land,
    To cherish for eternity,
    God bless Australia, The land of the free.

    God bless Australia, Our land Australia,
    Home of the Anzac, the strong and the free
    It's our homeland, our own land,
    To cherish for eternity,
    God bless Australia, The land of the free.

GetUp!, an Australian left-wing political activist group, has called on Australians to rally behind a 'less offencive' national anthem. GetUp!, although claiming to be independent and non-biased towards any political party, have been warned by the Australian Electoral Commission for 'misleading' citizens to vote for the Democrats and Greens. GetUp! director Paul Oosting has torn apart current National Anthem 'God Bless Australia' for it's 'white supremist' lyrics.

    "Australia needs a new national anthem, one that is welcoming to all people of all walks of life. God Bless Australia is outdated, it supports a white supremist ideal. God Bless Australia? What about those who aren't Christians or Jews? The Judeo-Christian values forced by this song are old, we live in a day where everyone is treated equal. That means everyone should be able to sing the National Anthem. God represents the atrocities of white Europeans. We aren't European anymore, we are the most multicultural country in the world.
    Our own piece of land? This is not our land, and to assume so is evil. Australia was owned by thousands of Indigenous people who lived here thousands of years before white people arrived. When white people arrived, they changed everything, ruined lives, killed innocent people. Why are we glorifying these war crimes? I thought Australia was a fair country? And Australia was built by our fathers who pioneered our heritage? Not to mention that this 'heritage' was built over the corpses of Indigenous people, this lyric enforces a hetronormative idea and enforces toxic masculinity. I thought we were better than that?
    And that's only the first verse. These values are enforced in the chorus and second verse, which falsely calls us a 'peace loving race.' Firstly, Australia is not peace-loving, otherwise we would not have fought against our British friends in 1895, or against Europe in 1914 and 1939. What part of that is peaceful? Australia is a horrible nation, full of monsterous politicans who are sending off Australians to die and to kill others. Secondly, Australians aren't a race. I don't think that those oppressed by white males want to be told they are the same race, that's an insult to their history.
    The national anthem needs to be equal. Nothing about race, nothing to offend our indigenous people, nothing to offend those who don't fit the societal structures of gender or sexuality. We need a new song, a more tolerant song, that everyone feels safe to sing."

Oosting's accusation was slammed by independent conservative activist group Climax Australia, which was founded eariler this year. Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, a Persian-born Shia Imam who currently resides in Adelaide, rebutted Oosting's point;

    I'm a Muslim. I'm an immigrant. I used to be an extremist. I still sing 'God Bless Australia,' even though I don't belive in the God mentioned. Why? Because I love my country, and I'm proud of it. I'm sure there's plenty of people back in Persia that would love to be here, singing their hearts out for their new home."

God Bless Australia was written in 1961 to replace Advance Australia Fair after claims the former anthem 'was more a lullaby than a song to be remotely proud of' [The Guardian]. The song won the competition in 1961, beating The Song of Australia (1859), Advance Australia Fair (1878), and Waltzing Matilda (1895). God Bless Australia, written by Jack O'Hagan, was written to the tune of Waltzing Matilda.

God Bless Australia has been the National Anthem through Australia's efforts in the Vietnam War, Borneo Confrontation, Civil Conflict in the Philippines, Persia-Iraq war, Gulf War, Somali Civil War, War in Afghanistan, East Timorese Crisis, War on Terror, Operation Enduring Freedom, Iraq war, Northern Mali Conflict, and the Military Intervention against ISIL.

RUV - Reykjavik,
September 26th, 2019.


Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir met President Olafur Grimsson this morning and informed him that her Cabinet has voted to organize a referendum over the EU membership of Iceland. It is scheduled for October 1st, as small number of Icelandic citizens makes our democracy faster and more efficient. As her Government, composed of Left-Green Movement, Social Democratic Alliance and Reform party, has voted in support of the referendum, results will be questioned on a parliamentary vote in Althing, before October 8th.

After meeting, President Grimsson addressed the journalists on a press conferences in front of Hofdi house in Reykjavik, with following statements:

"I was informed this morning that Government of Iceland has voted for organizing the EU membership referendum. Although I doubt the possibility of passing of such a referendum on our island, I believe that there are good reasons for actually passing it. Our entire history and our present economic situation is strongly tied to the European Union. It is not my job to merge into daily politics, so I will use my authority over my people to come out in largest possible number and vote in accordance with their consciousness, and to give us a clear image of Icelandic view over the EU matter that way. Thank you and God bless Iceland."

DPRK Ministry of Agriculture

Juchean Korea is interested in livestock import, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un signed an order for immediate planning and preparation of large-scale animal import, to sufice the agricultural output on an annual basis. Here is the updated list of our purchasing interest:

- 25,000,000 chicken
- 10,000,000 sheep
- 5,000,000 pig
- 1,000,000 cow

By our calculations, this can be achieved within 5 year period. Any government interested in selling us this list, please contact our ministry of agriculture.

New interest in Drone technology?

Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un showed interest in drone technology, explaining how such small, light and unmanned aerial vehicle can do alot of damage and support our troops on the battlefield. Dear Leader order immediate research into this technology, new funds and facilities will be built for this project, Comrade Leader said.

          AFL Grand Final Public Holiday
          Melbourne, Victoria

Australia's biggest day in sport is only just around the corner, with Richmond Tigers and Greater Western Sydney Giants playing in the AFL Grand Final tomorrow. With Richmond winning their last Grand Final since 1974 two years ago. Greater Western Sydney, only playing their first AFL match in 2012, have never been in the Grand Finals before.

    [85] Richmond Tigers (12.13) vs. [66] Geelong Cats (9.12)
    Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
    RICH by 19

      FRIDAY 20th

      RICHMOND 3.3 4.5 9.7 12.13 (85)
      GEELONG 4.3 7.8 8.9 9.12 (66)

      Richmond's 12 goals were kicked by Lynch (5), Martin (2), Castagna (2), Prestia (2), Lambert (1)
      Geelong's 9 goals were kicked by Kelly (3_, Miers (2_, Ablet (1), Narkle (1), Dangerfield (1), Henderson (1)
      Richmond sustained two injuries; Graham (shoulder) and Broad (concussion).

      94,423 were at attendance at the MCG

    [52] Collingwood Magpies (7.10) vs [56] Greater Western Sydney Giants (8.8)
    Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
    GWS by 4

      SATURDAY 21st

      COLLINGWOOD 2.0 3.2 3.5 7.10 (52)
      GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY 1.3 2.5 7.7 8.8 (56)

      Collingwood's 7 goals were kicked by: Stephenson (2), Thomas (2), Reid (1), Elliott (1), Mayne (1)
      Greater Western's 8 goals were kicked by: Cameron (3), Finlayson (2), Taranto (1), Williams (1), Daniels (1)

      Giant's Davis was sent off with a calf injury

      77,828 were at attendance at the MCG for the Giant's four-point upset of the Pies

The Toyota AFL Grand Final Parade will take place today at midday, from Spring Street to the MCG, although the Grand Final won't be until tomorrow afternoon at the MCG, where it's been held since 1902. The state of Australia will have the public holiday, although this does not apply anywhere else in Australia.

The Australian Football League was founded as the Victorian Football League in 1897, and changed to Australian Football League in 1990 after South Melbourne Football Club went bankrupt and was froced to move to Sydney, where it became known as the Sydney Swans in 1982.


Around this time 40 years ago, the Communist Regime gave in to the demands of a collection of workers in a Gdansk shipyard; to allow free trade unions that could negociate wages and conditions. Around this time 30 years ago, the Communist Regime collapsed, and the very trade union those workers striked for led the nation to democracy. A worth cause for celebration.

Gdansk and Warszawa and other cities around Poland witnessed mass demonstrations around the country, with the Polish anthem sung on public transport and rallies held in city centres for Polish nationalism and patriotism. Various anti-communist and anti-European Union rallies were held, but were relatively tame compared to previous pro-Poland demonstrations.

"We're saving up for Independence Day," joked one Gdansk man, "We're preparing the world and Poland for what's still to come."

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, whowas helping his father promote the Solidarity movement and Anti-Communist movement when he was as young as twelve.

    "As a young child, I often found myself helping my father, who was an active member of Solidarity. When I was young, in my teenage years, I often found myself on strike, pasting up posters, leading rallies, and the like. That is, when I wasn't in jail or being bashed by the secret police because of my anti-communist beliefs. My father and I are still very much involved in the Solidarity movement today, although now it is called Polish Patriotism. Those beatings were worth living in the great free country we live in now. As my father said, 'Communism was so good, it had to be mandatory, but now we can choose the best option, Democracy."

President Andrzej Duda was seen with his wife in the Anti-EU rallies in the national capital. Current Solidarity leader Piotr Duda joked today that 'Poland is always in good hands if it's in the hands of a Duda.'

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