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Prime Minister Mansur Yavaş holds military event at Anıtkabir

Today Prime Minister Mansur Yavaş, along with 15,000 members of the Turkish Armed Forces, 5,000 for each division of the army. He, along with the nations top generals first paid their respects to the Eternal President of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, afterwards the Prime Minister spoke from the steps of Anıtkabir. A massive Turkish flag was raised behind him as he spoke.

“Today we honour our Eternal President, today we think freely, live freely, and enjoy the basic rights of freedom thanks to his leadership. From the battlefields of Çanakkale, to the great assault during our war of independence, he never bowed his head to the evils of our enemies. Today Turks of all walks of life, regardless of where who their family are able to enjoy the same freedoms. We owe this to only one person, our leader, our Eternal President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. It is our duty to continue his dream, and that is a free, secular, and prosperous Turkey. We are all the soldiers of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and I ask for his soldiers to join me before his presence to pledge allegiance once more. Please repeat after me.”

Prime Minister Yavaş: “To protect our nation is our only duty!”

Soldiers in unison: “To protect our nation is our only duty!”

Prime Minister Yavaş: “The star and crescent flows through our veins!”

Soldiers in unison: “The star and crescent flows through our veins!”

Prime Minister Yavaş: “My mother raised me, sent me to the hands of the Republic!”

Soldiers in unison: “My mother raised me, sent me to the hands of the Republic!”

Prime Minister Yavaş: “She bestowed on me the star and crescent, an order from our Eternal President!”

Soldiers in unison: “She bestowed on me the star and crescent, an order from our Eternal President!”

Prime Minister Yavaş: “Before sending us off she said, serve the homeland!”

Soldiers in unison: “Before sending us off she said, serve the homeland!”

Prime Minister Yavaş: “My prayers are only with those who attack the enemy!”

Soldiers in unison: “My prayers are only with those who attack the enemy!”

Prime Minister Yavaş: “Move forward! Never turn back!”

Soldiers in unison: “Move forward! Never turn back!”

Prime Minister Yavaş: “The Turkish soldier will never return without victory!”

Soldiers in unison: “The Turkish soldier will never return without victory!”

Prime Minister Yavaş: “Let our pillow be the tombstone and the quilt be blood!”

Soldiers in unison: “Let our pillow be the tombstone and the quilt be blood!”

Prime Minister Yavaş: “What an honour to die for this beautiful homeland!”

Soldiers in unison: “What an honour to die for this beautiful homeland!”

Prime Minister Yavaş: “Burning heart with the love of the country!”

Soldiers in unison: “Burning heart with the love of the country!”

Prime Minister Yavaş: “Long live Mustafa Kemal Atatürk!”

Soldiers in unison: “Long live Mustafa Kemal Atatürk!”

“Thank you, my brothers and sisters. Thank you for your service. For the ultimate sacrifice you have made for the nation. Remember the echoes of freedom that we fight for, against those who wish to see our people brought down to its knees. Do not forget one truth, and that is that the Turks cannot be defeated! Everything you do is for children whose dream it is to wear that uniform, for our ancestors who wore that uniform. For our martyrs. We have come this far because of one great, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. We never turned back on his vision for the great Turkish people. Our eyes always looking forward towards the vision he set out for us. We promised from birth to serve your vision, and we have never turned back on that goal. We do this out of love, not because we have to. Everything we have done to keep our flag flying proudly over our land has been done in your vision. We thank you for everything you have done for this Republic, for our people. To be a Turk is the ultimate honour. An honour that was won fighting along our brothers in Korea thousands of years ago against the invading Chinese Dynasties. An honour that only got stronger when the great wall was built, that could not keep the Turks down. An honour built on the leadership of Attila the Hun whose armies showed the known world the might of the Turkish people. An honour that grew stronger as the Turkic armies marched alongside the armies of Genghis Khan. An honour that was raised up high by the Seljuks, and by the Oghuz Tribes as we entered Anatolia from Malazgirt. An honour that comes from the blood of our ancestors who claimed İstanbul for the Turks. An honour that was defended in Çanakkale, and shown to the world in the War of Independence. It is that honour that has made our flag the flag of strength across the world. It is why we cheer as our soldiers march into war, to defend our people. It is the Mehter that shook the very ground that our enemies called safe. To be a Turk is to not just fight our enemies, but to fight the world to protect our people! To be a Turk is to shout out as proud as we can! To say that I am a Turk, honest and hardworking. That our principle is to protect the younger, to respect the elder, to love my homeland and my nation more than myself. Our ideal is to rise, to progress. And to know with all our hearts that our existence shall be dedicated to the Turkish existence! To be a Turk is to die at the age of 15 in the battlefields of Çanakkale, it is to beg the medic on the battlefield to amputate our arms so we can return to the battlefield! To be a Turk is to love all our people. It is to follow in the footsteps of our Eternal President! To be a Turk is an honour built on millennia of victory, it is to look through the blue eyes of our Eternal President, and never turn back on the battlefield. To those in our nation who feel they are too weak, and cannot live up to these values. I say this, the strength you need is in the noble blood that flows through your veins. Our heart beats along our Eternal President, the love he bestowed on us. The dream he set out that we follow behind. The strength of the Turkish people raised us, and we will never turn our back on that! It is today's children, tomorrow's elders, who will lead us to greater heights than any of us could imagine. However there is one debt, that regardless of how hard our people try, we will never be able to pay.”

A siren starts playing, the soldiers in attendance removing their hats, placing it on their heart. The Prime Minister steps back from the podium, a tear running down his eye. As the siren comes to an end, he mouths the phrase ‘Thank you Atatürk.’

    TNCA | National News
    - Guatemala City

Armed forces purchase Australian ships
The Central American Armed Forces (FFAACA) have purchased 2 former ships of the Australian navy from the Australian department of defense in the total price of AUD $345,950,000. The purchase consists of the former Adelaide class "NSA Newcastle" and Invencible Class aircraft carrier "NSA Tasman" in which will be stationed at naval base of Puerto de La Union. The future names of both ships will be revealed at the inauguration ceremony which will be held once the ships reach the naval port. The purchases of both ships have made history in the navy as the country buys it's first frigate and aircraft carrier in it's naval history and making Central America the 2nd country in Latin America to operate an aircraft carrier and 3rd to own an aircraft carrier in Latin America. The purchase was seen as major improvement of the navy which has been denied for years by previous governments, President Bukele has called the "first step" of many that will be made to improve the armed forces.

            BREAKING NEWS: Race Riots in Lakemba
            Lakemba, Sydney, New South Wales

With India and Pakistan both celebrating their Independence days this week, national pride has been at an all-time high for many South-Asian communities. Although police were alerted that there may be some nationalist protests in the outer suburbs, nothing prepared them for what Seven News called "the worst display of racism since Cronulla."

Lakemba, a suburb in Sydney's south-west, is home to 17,000 people. Around 6% of the population were born in Pakistan, and a futher 5% born in India.

The riots begun shortly after 10:00am local time, when an Indian buskeer, a 10-year-old boy, preformed Led Zepplin's Kashmir with an Indian flag propped up behind him. It was only a matter of time before a Pakistani national, a 35-year-old man, attacked the boy, shouting at the boy in Urdu.

By 10:30, around 500 protesters had gathered at the Haldon street - The Boulevarde intersection. Although protesters originally attacked each other, the riot quickly turned against the community, with nationals hurling rocks at shop windows. The nearby Commonwealth Bank, owned by an Indian businessman, was torched by Pakistani opponents. The Indians retaliated by burning the cars of Pakistani protesters, one of which attempted to drive through the crowd.

Police arrived shortly after 10:30, but were greatly unprepared. For a crowd of 500, the 15 police officers were left powerless, and could only watch the riots unfold. One police car was overturned when it attempted to drive towards the intersection.

The Commonwealth Bank was eventually doused in gasoline and set alight. Firefighters who attempted to extinglish the blaze were met with stones and other debris being hurled at the trucks until they were forced to retreat. Riot police arrived at 11:00, three minutes ago, but show no sign of success. Indian and Pakistani nationals have armed themselves and have "become so fueled with anger that it may be impossible to contain them." (Nine News correspondent Laura Tunstall)

The riots are being called the worst riots since Cronulla, where, in 2005, violent riots broke out between the suburb's Lebonese and Caucausian youths. Race riots, assaults, vandalism, and arson spread from Cronulla to the nearby suburbs of Maroubra, Punchbowl, Lakemba, Arncliffe and Brighton-Le-Sands. 25 white youths and at least 4 arabs were injured.

More to come on the Lakemba riots soon.

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real life situation regarding said topics.

Central Military Commission offering Type 051G Destroyers for Sale

The Central Military Commission has offered 2 of its Type 051G Destroyers for sale.

Launched in 1990 and commissioned in 1991, the Type 051G is the latest and most modern variant of the Type 051 series of destroyers. The G-variant was an improved variant, wherein the vessels Zhanjiang and Zhuhai were built to. Both ships were equipped with Type 354 3-D G/H band air and surface search radar, four twin YJ-8 missile launchers, and a French DUBV-23 search sonar and DUBV-43 variable depth sonar.

The YJ-8 is either based on, or is a heavily modified copy of, the MM38 Exocet. Both missiles share virtually identical characteristics, and was a sea-skimming missile.

The previous 130 mm guns from earlier variants were replaced by 100 mm guns with autoloaders, and a HQ-7 SAM launcher replaced the X turret, as on the Type 051DT. The Type 051G was also the first Chinese ship to deploy the Yu-7 lightweight torpedo. The Yu-7 is a lightweight, fire-and-forget torpedo which locates the target by means of an acoustic seeker.

Zhanjiang and Zhuhai were equipped with the ZKG-4A and ZKG-4B combat data systems respectively.

Said ships have been put on sale for $400,000,000RMB, or $56,638,700 USD (each).

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real life situation regarding said topics.

Two Type 052D Destroyers Launched in Dalian Shipyard

Two new Type 052D guided-missile destroyers were launched at the Dalian shipyard in northeast China recently, state-run media reported. Currently, China has 20 Type 052Ds in service, and that 3 more were on their way to joining the ranks of the PLAN.

The Type 052D destroyer is about 154 metres long with a displacement of 7,500 tonnes, whereas the American Arleigh Burke class has a significantly bigger displacement of 9,800 tonnes. Both types of destroyers are equipped with the world’s most advanced systems, but the American ship is armed with 96 vertical launch systems, in contrast to the Chinese ship’s 64.

However, experts say that this could be easily offset by the fact that China’s radar and sensor systems have better immunity from interference and jamming, and a greater compatible ability to command different electronic systems. The Type 052D is equipped with Type 346A AESA and Type 518 L-band radar, as well as a variable depth (VDS) and linear towed array sonar. It is equipped with a newest data link system, which is designated as JSIDLS; the Chinese equivalent of the NATO Link 16.

The 64-cell vertical launching system (VLS) can fire the extended-range variant of the HHQ-9 surface-to-air missile, YJ-18 anti-ship cruise missiles, and CY-5 anti-submarine missiles. It is speculated that the two new Type 052D destroyers will be able to launch HQ-26 missiles, as well as TL-10 anti-ship missiles. The two new units also utilise a 11-barrelled Type 1130 CIWS.

The Dalian Shipyard, which is run by the state-owned China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, also built the Type 055 destroyers that have been hailed as the most advanced ships of their type in Asia. The Type 055 destroyers, the newest and most advanced vessels in the PLAN, are equipped with a total of 112 vertical launch cells that are capable of launching a variety of missiles, and fitted with a modern sensor suite that includes phased array radars. One Type 055, the Nanchang, was recently launched in 2017; recent satellite and aerial imagery show that 7 other Type 055s are in various states of construction and fitting out at two naval shipyards in Shanghai and Dalian.

The Navy's building programme had been accelerated thanks to the relatively low cost of raw materials such as steel. The Type 052C and Type 052D will become the mainstays of China’s destroyer fleet, as the PLAN plans to have over 30 Type 052Ds in service by the 2020s.

Photos and aerial imagery have indicated that 3 more Type 052Ds have been laid down across China, in Guangzhou, Foshan, and the Yantai CIMC Raffles Shipyard.

The Central Military Commission has stated while "there is a clear technological gap between Chinese and American vessels, we sincerely hope that we will not need to test it anytime soon. If the major powers of the West respect our territorial claims and sovereignty, we can significantly lessen the chance of conflict, be it diplomatically or militarily."

Shenzhen Ousts Hong Kong as the most 'Competitive City in China'

For the first time in a decade, Hong Kong has been unseated as the most competitive city in China, according to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, which placed Shenzhen in the top spot. Hong Kong had held first place since 2005 when it was first put on the list, which ranks 294 cities across China.

The newest survey placed Hong Kong in second place, citing Shenzhen's focus on innovation as the reason for its ascent, and said that Hong Kong relied too much on its core industries of finance, shipping, tourism and professional services. The city had failed to offer enough support for innovative and technology-based organisations, as well as small businesses and the problem of ever-increasing rent costs.

A member of the research team that conducted the study said that "Shenzhen was the most innovative city in the country and its efforts in helping grow emerging industries made it stand out. Its product output per land area is the highest in the country … It also has the best environment among cities at the sub-provincial level."

The study measures competitiveness based on multiple areas such as business environment, efficiency, suitability for living and sustainability, among other areas.

Shanghai ranked third in the survey, while Taipei came in fourth and Guangzhou fifth.

The report said Hong Kong continued lead in several sub-rankings such as those for knowledge-based economy, environment, culture and information. Even though Hong Kong had a clear edge over the mainland in these areas, the gap was closing and the Hong Kong government will need to grasp opportunities for cross-border collaboration to avoid being left behind by the new free-trade zones on the mainland.

            Socialist Scandal: Donations from China Sadly Send Shorten Skint
            Democratic Socialist Party Federal Head Offices, Wodonga

In direct contradiction of the Federation Electoral Act 1914 Part XX, Division 3, Subdivision B, paragraph 302E(1)(d) and paragraph 302G(1)(c), in accordance with paragrapghs 302E(5)(b) and 302E(4)(b), the federal Democratic Socialist Party and the Communist Party of China may be charged just over AUD$47 million each if the DSP is found guilty of accepting donations of AUD$15.69 million from the Chinese Government under the name "Australian Council of Trade Unions - Second Electoral Dispatch," and knowingly deceiving the Australian Electoral Commission.

Although foreign donations are allowed, they must be made known to the Australian Electoral Commission and not exceed AUD$10,000, and cannot be used for elective purposes.

The Australian Federal Police raid on the DSP's federal head offices in Wodonga found documents proving that, since Bill Shorten's second election loss in 2015, he and the Democratic Socialist Party have been receiving yearly payments of AUD$3.75 million payments to use for elections. It is reported that the money went towards media (Social and Newspaper), televised advertisement, billboards, and Shorten's trips around the country when he rallied support for the election. The Australian Federal Police also found that it may be possible that some of this money was spent on a trip he took to China in 2017. If this is found to involve taxpayer money, he may be personnally fined.

It is suspected that many, if not all, of the DSP and Union's high-position leaders knew about or benifited from this deal. It is also suspected that, had the Democratic Socialist Party succeeded in the election, the party would have given China a strong military hold on Australia and rely militarilitically on them instead of the United States, although the Australian Federal Police have found no proof of this.

The AFP raided the federal headquaters at 3:00am this morning, but tried to keep a relatively low profile, with the AFP not annoucing the raid until almost 12 hours later. The Australian has called it "the biggest scandal in Australian political history" and a scandal so big "it makes Watergate look like a joke."

Former Democratic Socialist leader Bill Shorten has refused to comment, and current Democratic Socialist Party leader Anthony Albanese has stated that "nothing has happened" and that the DSP has been "set up" by the current government. Australian President Scott Morrison said that he is "utterly disgraced" by the opposition, calling Australia's largest party "anti-Australian and anti-democratic."

The case will be heard in the High Court of Australia in Albury on the 21st of September. The case is offically named DSP v The Fed. [2018] HCA 420 (21 September 2018).

Nuevela wrote:Breaking News: Prime Minister Beauregard has collapsed.

The Premier of France has been found unconscious in his bedroom of the Élysée Palace. He is currently in an artificial coma to ensure more damage does not happen.

Breaking News: The PM has Woken

Today, at about 2:00 in the morning, Prime Minister Jasmin Beauregard, who had fallen 4 days ago, awoke from his induced coma and was given the permission to leave the hospital after a rapid medical examination. While leaving from the Paris General Hospital, he was greeted by a gigantic crowd of 13,000 Frenchmen and, of course, the media. He refused to talk with the press at first, then gave in and answered a few questions. After this, he was driven to the Élysée Palace by his chauffeur. M. Beauregard is expected to give a speech later today.

Here is the previously mentioned interview:

      Janey Dandlet, Press: "First of all, M. Prime Minister, How are you feeling?"

      PM Jasmin Beauregard: "Well, for one it's good to be back and walking again. I missed Paris and its people, even though I was stuck in a bed within that very city. But it's not the same, clearly."

      Janey Dandlet, Press: "Of course. As you might know, Libya is asking for the sanctions to be removed. What is your opinion on this matter?"

      PM Jasmin Beauregard: "Well, If I'm to be honest with you Janey I have no god damn clue of what you are talking about! (They Chuckle.) Frankly though, Since Gaddafi resigned, Libya has evolved so far from the nation we sanctioned it would make no sense to continue doing so. However I am already prepared to meet some thick-skulled MPs telling me otherwise."

      Janey Dandlet, Press: "And What about China, both in Europe and Australia?"

      PM Jasmin Beauregard: "Let's just say that they always had a knack for sticking their nose in other people's businesses and not venture further into this topic I am absolutely not rested enough to discuss."

      Janey Dandlet, Press: "Of course, everyone here is tired."

      PM Jasmin Beauregard: "Who wouldn't be tired at nearly 3:00 in the Morning?"

      Janey Dandlet, Press: "Fair point that you have here Jasmin. One last Question, What do you think of the Rhineish Republic's decision to close its borders?"

      PM Jasmin Beauregard: "It's...ridiculously stupid. Sure! I understand the reason of it, but seriously, that may possibly be the worse solution attempt to this type of problem, and there are simpler, more efficient and far less costly ways of solving this. Still, I respect that choice, and I'm fully in favor of a Rhine-Luxembourg Union. It would be simpler though to open the borders, let alone only with France."

      Janey Dandlet, Press: "Alright, Thank you M. Beauregard for your time, and Rest well. Tomorrow you'll need that for your Press Conference!

      PM Jasmin Beauregard: "I surely will!"

In Other News, The construction of French Carriers Marquis de Lafayette and Louis-Phillipe, both of the Charles de Gaulle-Class, has reached 50%. The 3rd Carrier, Napoléon Bonaparte, is lacking behind slightly, at 45% completion.

      الجماهيرية العربية الليبية الشعبية الاشتراكية

Peaceful Demonstration in Tripoli

    TRIPOLI, 22 AUG 2019 — As of 10.00 am yesterday, 21 August 2019, students from universities in Tripoli, most notably the University of Tripoli and the Higher Institute of Computer Technology, gathered outside the Presidential Palace and staged a demonstration, demanding that a presidential election be held "as soon as possible."

    There were over 2,000 protesters at most. The Police force was dispatched but did not interfere nor dismiss the crowd per the request of President Mustafa himself. There were no acts of violence during the protests.

    Two hours into the protest, by 12 o'clock, around 200 students had left the scene. At 5.15 pm, the last group of people left the area.

Week of 18 August, 2019

A Member of the Persian Media Bureau: In Service of the Iranian Nation

Vol. XXX Issue 3

هفته ۲۷ مرداد ۱۳۹۸

عضو دفتر رسانه های فارسی: در خدمت ملت ایران

۳ جلد ۳۰ نسخه

Arash Damavandi speaks at a rally. / MEHR


TEHRAN – The Pan-Iranist party gained an astonishing landslide victory in what is considered to be a major upset for the National Front.

The results of the elections had candidate Arash Damavandi defeat and replace former Prime Minister Alborz Nahavandi of the National Front Party. Yasaman Moradi of the Democratic Party came in third place.

Following the election announcement of the election results, people took the streets in various cities to celebrate the election of the new Prime Minister. Damavandi also came out among his supporters in his hometown of Shiraz and gave a rousing victory speech to the cheering crowd.

    "It gives me great joy to know that the people of Afsharid Persia have put their faith in me to guide this nation towards its future. I promise to take on this responsibility with the utmost care and responsibility, and ensure that the people of Persia are never unhappy. It also gives me great joy to see how the ideals of the Pan-Iranist Party, who had fallen into disregard for so long have now once again been revived among the people. For years we remained dormant, but ever alive, and we have risen again from our ashes, just like a phoenix. And I promise to you, that just as we have risen from our ashes, so too will the lost glory and splendor of Iranic people all around the world!

    However, I want to stress, that the concept of Iranic is more than just a people. The notion of Iran is more than just a country. Iran is an ideology, a tradition, a lifestyle, a culture spanning thousands of years! A culture and tradition that has survived despite all hardships. Alexander the Accursed may have burned Persepolis to the ground, but it was Iran that arose again from the ashes, while the Macedonian empire was forever killed with him. Even though we suffered a terrible defeat at the hands of the Arab armies, we gained a new religion. Though we suffered under the rule of the Caliphs, we learned honor from Imam Ali. We took their religion, but drove the Arabs out, surviving and retaining our Iranian identity. Our people saw the invasion of the savage and bloodthirsty Mongols. When they conquered Persia, a group rose among our people known as the Sarbedars (heads on gallows). Despite the name, it was the enemy whose heads were strung on the gallows! Though the Ottomans had their eyes on Tabriz, it was the Iranians who defeated them and took Baghdad instead. Saddam marched into Persia with the intentions of ripping away Persia's vein, Khuzestan, but it was his own country that was cut up, and his own army that was defeated.

    Despite all the hardships, the Iranic people have always risen to the occasion, and have held onto the one thing that has made us so successful in all these struggles: our identity. I will ensure that this identity, this culture, is never forgotten or suppressed, not just in Iran, but anywhere in the world. A new Iran is coming my people, and it is, a glorious Iran!" said Damavandi.

The victory is set to be a turning point in Persian politics and foreign policy. This is the first time the Pan-Iranist Party has gained a majority in the Majles since the early 1960s. It comes as a major upset for Alborz Nahavandi and the National Front Party, who had held onto a majority in Parliament for many years.

The election also proved to be underwhelming for the Democratic Party, who despite having the third most seats in parliament, failed to make a huge impact, and lost seats to the Pan-Iranist party.

The other parties remained more or less the same in terms of parliamentary influence. The Constitutionalist Party retained its 15 seats, and the People's Voice Party gained 2 seats to have a total of 10 seats. The SUMKA party lost a seat and was reduced to a mere 2 seats, while the Tudeh Party remained at 3 seats. The Islamic Coalition Party remains the biggest party outside of the current big three, gaining 5 seats for a total of 32. The Green Party and the NDP remained unchanged.

It remains to be seen what this move will mean for Afsharid Persian foreign policy. It is expected that Persia will increase ties with countries such Basurwelat, Islamic State of Afghanistan, Tojikistan, and Kefqaziya.

However, many are skeptical as to what will happen to the ties between Persia's Arab neighbors such as The Federal Republic of Renolia or Suriah, and especially The Turkish-State. Persia and Turkey have long shared close diplomatic ties, especially under the rule of His Imperial Majesty Shahanshah Ardeshir Afshar, but the Pan-Iranist Party has long been a critic of the Turks and their oppression of the Kurdish minority in eastern Turkey.

Persian National Team to face Ostelbia in friendly match

National team players attend a training camp in Istanbul. / TV3

TEHRAN – The football federation of Afsharid Persia announced today that a deal has been reached with the Ostelbian football federation to play a friendly match between the two nations. This will be the first game in 10 years between the two sides, who last played in a friendly 2009.

"I think the game against Ostelbia will be very beneficial for both us and the Ostelbians. Ostelbia is a great team and we have a lot to learn from them. They are sure to test our defense." said national team manager Marc Wilmots.

The game is to serve as a preparation match for the upcoming 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, in which Persia has been drawn against Hong-Kong, Svarana, Mamlakat Al-Bahrayn and Renolia. The top spot in the group will qualify for the second round of Asian Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Dawlat Al-Qatar as well as gain automatic qualification to the 2023 Asian Cup in Zhonghua Minzu Gongheguo. Persia's first match in the qualifiers will be on September 10th away against Hong-Kong.

National team manager Marc Wilmots is to announce the 24 man squad for the camp in Tehran in the upcoming week, with the friendly match scheduled to be played on September 1st. The match will be played at Tehran's Azadi Stadium. Tickets can be bought online from through the football federation's website.

Due to safety concerns, the Persian football federation has submitted a letter to FIFA asking the location of both the away games against Hong-Kong and Renolia to be changed to neutral venues.

In other news, national team winger Alireza Jahanbakhsh has been linked with a move to Dutch side PSV. The winger spent last season at English side Brighton & Hove Albion, where he failed to make a major impact following a season riddled with injuries and international duty due to Persia's deep run at the 2019 Asian Cup. Jahanbakhsh was previously linked with Italian side Napoli and 2015/2016 EPL champions Leicester City before eventually making the move to Brighton.

Striker Kaveh Rezaei has also returned to training from a long injury and is set to feature for Club Brugge in their upcoming UEFA Champions League Qualifier against LASK of Austrian Habsburgs.

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"Whenever you can, act as a liberator. Freedom, dignity, wealth — these three together constitute the greatest happiness of humanity. If you bequeath all three to your people, their love for you will never die."
- Cyrus the Great

2019 General Elections

Afsharid Persian General Election Results, 2019
نتایج انتخابات عمومی ایران افشاری ، ۱۳۹۸





Arash Damavandi
آرش دماوندی


Alborz Nahavandi
البرز نهاوندی


Yasaman Moradi
یاسمن مرادی

Pan-Iranist Party
حزب پان-ایرانیست

National Front
جبهه ملی

Democratic Party
حزب مردم‌سالاری

Leader since
12 March 2010

Leader Since
28 June 1998

Leader Since
13 January 2015

Leader's seat

Leader's Seat

Leader's Seat

Last election
30 seats

Last election
120 seats

Last election
86 seats

Seats won

Seats won

Seats won

Seat change

Seat change

Seat change

Popular vote

Popular vote

Popular vote







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Caucasian News Agency / Azhans-e Khabargozarie Qafqaz / آژانس خبرگزاری قفقاز

21st August 2019
30th Mordad 1398

    Khayberbad Eyes Alternatives to Petroleum
    By Hamed Heydarpanah

    KHAYBERBAD, PAYETAKHT --- The Kefqaziyan economy has been dominated by the petroleum and gas industries ever since the first prospectors began the exploitation of oil and gas deposits in the area in the 1800s. However, surveys of the deposits in the 2000s and 2010s indicate that Kefqaziya might be running out of expoloitable deposits in around 30 years. This fact has startled the government into action, with President Farzad Taheri ordering the creation of the "Institute of Economic Reform" inside the Khayberbad University, as well as starting a "Committee for Economic Reform" in the Majlis.

    A number of projects have already been put underway to decrease Kefqaziya's dependence on the petroleum and gas industries, most notably the "Eslah" or "Reform" plan, which will is aiming to turn the Caucasian nation on the shores of the Caspian Sea into a "hub of hubs". Using the mountains of petrodollars it has amassed over the years, Kefqaziya has began building new highways, rail lines, airports, and sea ports across the country. Some of the projects started by this plan have already finished, like one of the largest air cargo terminals in the Commonwealth of Independent Nations (CIS).

    Another finished project is the first phase of the contruction of the new port of Khaybarbad in El-Kyat. President Farzad Taheri officially inaugurated and opened the port in early 2018, and it is forecasted to handle around 11 million tons of general cargo and TEU. This Caspian Sea port eventually aims to handle 25 million tons of general cargo and 1 million TEU per year, and will include a giant free trade zone where goods can be manufactured on-site and rapidly exported.

    Other plans for reforming the economy include increasing tourism to the country, which would see the reform of it's tedious, restrictive and costly visa regime. However, the plans are often cut short by the Party of National Salvation and President Farzad Taheri due to "security concerns. Tourism to the country is also likely affected by the ethnic tensions and ongoing conflicts with the Chechen and Kurdish rebels. Nevertheless, the country has already managed to sign a few tourism deals, and Qafqaz Airlines, the flag carrier of Kefqaziya, opening six new flight routes.


    Persian State Visit in Khayberbad Amid Qaqnus-ha Day Parade
    By Youssef Kashkouli

    KHAYBERBAD, PAYETAKHT --- President Farzad Taheri has received the newly elected Prime Minister of Afsharid Persia, Arash Damavandi of the Pan Iranist Party, in Khayberbad for a state visit. Damavandi arrived to the Khayberbad International Airport in Khayberbad, where President Farzad Taheri was waiting for him. After a short ceremony during which the anthems of both countries were played, their flags were raised up, and the Presidential Guard fired three celebratory shots in the air, the two leaders travelled to the central square of the capital to watch the Qaqnus-ha Day parade.

    Qaqnus-ha Day is celebrated on the day when the Provisional National Restoration Council, that the military coup in 1995 brought it power, relinquished control to President Farzad Taheri and his National Salvation Party. The day is like a second Independence Day for the Kefqaziyans, and it is celebrated heavily. Qaqnus-ha means "Phoenix" in Persian and it symbolizes how the new government has revitalized and brought prosperity to the country.

    In total around 5,000 soldiers took part in the parade, marching down the main street of the capital, passing by the Eslahtalaban Square, where the President and the Persian Prime Minister were watching, showcasing arms, vehicles, and equipment of the Kefqaziyan Armed Forces. Modern Garshasp tanks, just recently acquired from Afsharid Persia, were the center of attention for many in the parade. The parade ended with a flyover by five MiG-29s of the Kefqaziyan Aerospace Forces.

    After the parade President Farzad Taheri and Prime Minister Damavandi retired to the Presidential Palace to hold discussions behind closed doors. Damavandi has been very overt about his pan Iranist ideology, but it remains to be seen how President Taheri will respond to this. Likely topics of discussion between the two will be tourism and economic cooperation, with Persia more than likely trying to persuade Kefqaziya into the Shangai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the Eurasian political, economic, and security alliance.

NPO Nederland 1

Yesterday Rhineland has laid a rude and sudden claim on luxembourg while the BeNe Union have also had long talks already to make it a member of the Benelux United union again.

"The Benelux was created in 1944 to cooperate economic and progressively towards a better europe and since then talk about making it 1 nations had existed and since some time the BeNe Union already exists.
But we need luxembourg to achieve the mission are ancestors murdered by the germanics have given us.
Therefore we will issue a state of preparation.
We do not want a conflict but if they choose this way then so be it.
We also have asked the EU to ask Rhineland for a conversation about it first but if it escalates we shall be prepared for the use of weapons.
We will make therefore the needed preparations along the border with Luxembourg but we will not mobilize yet because we want to solve it peacefully."

Stef blok minister of foreign affairs of the BeNe Union.

dpa Intentional

First Muslim Chancellor Inaugurated!

The National Liberal Movements Leadership race has drawn to a close, with Ayşe Ölmez Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community securing the party Leadership, and thus the position as Federal Chancellor of the Rhineish Republic. Ölmez 41, won the leadership quite comfortable with 61 members of the Liberal Caucus supporting her, becoming the youngest Chancellor in Rhineish history and the first Muslim Chancellor. Her opponents in the race Henry Kaufmann and Jörg Holtz garnered support from 31 and 8 members of the caucus respectively.

But now we ask who is National Liberal Leader and Chancellor Ayşe Ölmez? Ölmez was born in Oldenburg, Hanover to two Turkish Immigrants to the Rhineland making her a second generation immigrant. Her father Trabzon an electrician, and mother Selanik and english teacher moved to the Rhineland to start a better life for themselves. Ölmez went on to study at the University of Bonn where she earned a BA in Political science and met her future wife Yu Yeon-Woo as Korean exchange student. After graduating from post-secondary education she went on to work for Federal Intelligence Service. She eventually marries Yu Yeon-Woo, now Yu Ölmez, and the couple adopt a son. Ölmez would go on to run for Federal Politics, she was first elected member of the Bundestag in 2008, and later served as Minister of Interior, Building and Community 2015 to 2019.

Shortly after her inauguration this morning Chancellor Ölmez delivered a speech from the Reichstag's steps where she pledged to do her upmost to ensure the vision of former Chancellor Recihart is implemented by the National Liberal Governing Coalition, reaffirming her commitment to smaller, more efficient, and people centered governance.

Chancellor Ölmez went on to say her first act as Chancellor will be to move forward on the Confederation votes, to unify the Rhineland and Luxembourg. "Now that out nation has an official leader we must move forward with a Luxembourgish Allies, just as we had negotiated. The Confederal Acts of Union are being sent to each of the State Landtags to be put to a vote, so that we may determin the future of the relationship between the people of Luxembourg and the Rhineland. I imagine that Prime Minister Karine Meyer will be moving forward on Luxembourg's Referendum now that both our nations are prepared to begin."

The White House

US Purchase of the Panama Canal

President Donald Trump and President Nayib Bukele have signed an agreement that will see the Untied States of America purchase the Panama Canal for a total sum of 5 Billion USD. The United States will also invest a further 15 billion USD in the Central American State. 25% of all profits from the Canal will be transferred to the government of Central America. US foreign aid to Central America will remain at 1 billion USD annually. Central Americans will be allowed free travel in the territory of the Panama Canal, and will be allowed to continue using their base at the Canal.

Post self-deleted by Quincie.

Zhonghua Minzu Gongheguo wrote:OOC: Don't worry about it; it's okay for me :)
Ministry of Culture and Tourism

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT) has provided all cast and crew members of "Ayisyen" a 120-day visa-free travel period to travel to China for participating in the show. The MCT is once again grateful and honoured to be able to host such a work of art, and allow China to be an outlet for Haitian drama.

The cast and crew will also be given a complimentary tour of their performance venue cities, courtesy of the MCT. It will include visits to local landmarks, opportunities to shop, and a good chance for everyone involved to relax and unwind.

A preliminary schedule can be provided below:

  • Concert Hall of National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing (Aug 30)

  • Beijing Film Academy, Beijing (Sep 7)

  • Beijing 798 Art Zone, Beijing (Sep 14)

  • Qingdao Dance Drama & Opera Theater, Qingdao (Sep 28)

  • Qingdao Music Hall, Qingdao (Oct 5)

  • Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center, Shanghai (Oct 13)

  • Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai (Oct 20)

  • Shanghai Opera Theater, Shanghai (Oct 27)

  • Ningbo Grand Theater, Ningbo (Nov 3)

  • Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou (Nov 17)

  • Guangzhou Da Ju Yuan, Guangzhou (Nov 24)

  • Shenzhen Grand Theatre, Shenzhen (Dec 1)

    Should the crew and cast find any of these preliminary schedule slots unsatisfactory, the MCT will be able to change them if needed.

  • Part 1 - Travel Day; Part I

    The cast for the premier play 'Ayisyen' waited at the line in the front desk of Port-au-Prince. Actors, company members, and the backstage crew alike had many looks of shock, excitement, and joy on their face. A lot of the cast had never been out of the country before today. A combined cast between the ages of 12-19 could put on a show really well. The youngest member of the cast were in the company section. The group of musicians held their instruments close to them as well as their bags and backpacks. They made their way to the Delta Air Lines line where everything would be checked in and ready to go. The clerk at the desk checked everything. "Let's see, Port-au-Prince to Miami and Miami to Los Angeles, and Los Angeles to Beijing. Approved," the clerk said. The cast members unleashed their baggage upon the carosele and they made their way with their backpacks and money to the security line.

    The breeze passed through them as they didn't have to wait in much of a line. The security guards waved them off and wished all of them luck on their journey to China. Many of the cast members looked at the planes. The two twelve-year-olds looked outside and were immediately mesmerized by the planes. Louis Metellus, the one with the lead role in the play, pulled on the boy's shirt. "Let's go, man," he said as the walked away. The cast met at the gate. They stood in the line ready to board the plane. The cast members looked at the plane as they boarded. Fans from all over greeted them as they boarded. Seats were found swiftly. The rest of the passengers bound for Houston boarded swiftly.

    "Welcome to Delta Air Lines flight 1289 to Houston. The flight duration will be around 7 hours, so get comfortable. Anyway, this is a Boeing 767-400. We are equipped with 6 flight attendants. The pilot and co-pilot for today are Erik Springer, and Kolby Jones. The 6 flight attendants for today are Hanna Eminski, Reya Thomas, Amanda Jones, Alyssa Tayfu, Jack Wagner, and Thaii Gondala. In the unlikely event of a water or emergency landing, please locate the nearest exits that the flight attendants are pointing out, and no, they aren't trying to make you tell them how good-looking they are. Please note that it may be behind you. Now, let's buckle those belts unless you are my ex-wife and her divorce attorney. If you are traveling with small children, we're sorry. If you are traveling with 2, pick the one that you think will have a more bright future. Remember to help yourself before anyone else in this unlikely event because we can be very selfish here. The lavatories are equipped with smoke detectors, so don’t smoke. Any tampering with the detectors will result in a fine adding on to your AirFare. Basically, do what we say and nobody gets hurt. Now, we are coming through the cabin serving pre-flight drinks, and towels. Please, switch your phone into airplane mode, and put away computers. Please stow your crack in the overhead compartment until we land in Houston. If you are on the connecting flight to Beijing will stay on this plane. I am Adam Wright, and if there is anything that we can do to help, please let us know... As soon as we reach Houston. Welcome aboard."

    The plane taxied to the runway, where it then took off. As soon as the plane was in the sky, a good portion of the cast fell asleep. The rest of the cast turned on movies that were on the small screens. The food service went around, but it started with just cookies and soda. However, it went into the full coursed meals. Eight hours later, the plane was about to land. The tray tables were put up, the people were ready for landing. Louis was ready for landing, but he was ready for China, too.

    "The fasten your seatbelt button is on. Please fasten your seatbelt, and prepare for landing. We hope you enjoyed your flight on Delta Air Lines, and remember to fly home, fly away, your way. We will see you on your next flight." the PA said. 15 minutes later, the plane touched down in Houston at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. When the plane taxied to Gate 9, the PA came back on one more time. "On behalf of our crew, we would like to say, welcome you to the United States. Welcome to Abuja. We hope you fly with us again, and please keep everything on until the plane goes into a complete stop and you exit the plane. Remember that if you are on the connecting flight to Beijing will stay on this plane" the PA shut off.

    OOC - I'm separating into two parts for travel day

    dpa International

    The States vs. The Rhineland

    Over the past 6 years the States of Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate, supported by Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Hanover launched a Constitutional Court case against the Confederal Government, claiming the Rhineish Federal Police Service violated the Rights of the Citizens of both States during a flood relief operation, where the Federal Police confiscated the firearms of numerous citizens in these States while their homes were vacant due to flooding.

    Today, at 2:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time, President of the Court Karla Körte announced the Constitutional Courts ruling on the case of "The States V. the Rhineland. The Constitutional Court found that the Federal Police and thus the Confederal Government of the Rhineland, has been found to have violated the Rights of Rhineish Citizens under Section 1(a) of the Rhineish Bill of Rights and Freedoms.

    The Court additionally ruled that it is their interpretation, that under Section 1(a) of the Bill of Rights that firearms ownership constitutes a lawful right to property, thus in addition to this ruling the Constitutional Court made Rhineish and Global history affirming the Rhineland as the only State in Europe to have a lawful right to own firearms.

    In conjunction with this decision, the Court has decided the Federal Police Service does not have the Legal authority to continue classifying firearms, or handling The Rhines Policies related to firearms.

    Given this decision, the Constitutional Court finds the Confederal Government should provide substantial compensation to those affected by the Federal Police Service Raids, and that the leadership involved in planning the raids as well as those who conducted them should be stripped of Rank and removed from the Federal Police Service.

    Bosnia Enters The European Union
    Sarajevo Times

      Bosnia has become the newest member of the European Union, with crowds celebrating in major cities and metropolitan areas. Fireworks lit the sky in Sarajevo as President Murat Selimovic announced the country's accession into the European Union in front of a massive crowd gathered. Selimovic declared this a historic event, and a great and joyful day for the nation. Bosnian officials then unveiled EU signs and removed customs posts at the borders with Serbia and Hungary.

      Two months ago, the Bosnian parliament passed sweeping reforms in hopes of entering the EU. Among these reforms were the introduction of more safeguards put in place to protect against corruption, the closure of a coal power plant and guaranteeing the employees jobs at a new hydroelectric plant, the restriction on restricting public demonstrations, and the cleaning of the Drina river, which has begun this week.

      Murat Selimovic also announced that Bosnia will attempt to enter the Eurozone.

    OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real life situation regarding said topics.

    An Update on African Swine Fever

    The African Swine Fever, which has struck the worldwide pork market since 2019, may be seeing an end, as the Chinese National Health Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs looks towards developing a vaccine.

    In infected pigs, the African Swine Fever may cause a high fever, followed by loss of appetites and rampant depression. Hemorrhages become apparent on the ears and abdomen, as within a few days of infection, the infected enter a comatose state and then die. With an almost 100% mortality rate for pigs, this has shown to be a global challenge towards the wellbeing of the world's hog population, as well as the livelihoods of hog farmers.

    The spread of the disease into Asia has intensified the search for other ways to deal with the problem, due to the prevalence of factory farming, which exacerbates transmission.

    Up to a third of pigs in China have been killed to stop the infection. By the end of 2018, the swine flu outbreaks had been reported in 23 provinces and municipalities across China

    Although swine flu does not sicken people, it is very contagious and deadly to pigs. The virus' very existence within Chinese soil is liable for huge losses for farmers, especially in China, which raises about 50% of the world’s pigs. According to government sources, China's pig farmers produced 24.7 million tonnes of pork in the first half of 2019, down 5.5% from a year earlier. It is thought the swine virus may have slashed pork production by 10 to 15%.

    Scientists are attempting to research and create a vaccine, which would be made from a weakened virus instead of a dead one. The Chinese government said scientists are working on a vaccine that genetically changes the virus. However, the vaccine created by researchers needs to be tested in large numbers of pigs before it is ready for approval. Such testing can take from two to five years, but the National Health Commission (NHC) is determined to rush the vaccine into production within three to four years "at all cost to protect our agricultural industry".

    The NHC has stated that the vaccine, which was in development since November of 2018, is "almost ready for testing, and due to be rolled out somewhat soon". It is stated that over 500,000 farmers, technicians, scientists, microbiologists and laboratory workers were being paid for hundreds of hours worth of overtime, as they fast-track the development of the vaccine. The vaccine development programme has been dubbed "Programme 268" by locals and netizens, wherein the numbers 2, 6, and 8 are said to be "lucky" numbers in Chinese culture.

    Even if vaccines become available, it is unclear if their coverage is universal. For example, vaccines developed for the virus in China may not be able to prevent infections for pigs in Russia, Europe or Africa, if the disease has mutated into different strains.

    "Upon completion, we will be happy to share technical specs and our research with scientists worldwide, so we may resolve this crisis easier in the future," a scientist working in the vaccine development programme said.

              Burza zabija pięć w Tatrach
              Storm kills five in the Tatra Mountains

    Lightning struck across the Tatra Mountains in southern Poland and neighboring Slovakia on Thursday, killing five people and injuring over 100 others in an area popular with hikers and families, authorities said.

    Witnesses said the thunderstorm came suddenly on a day that began with clear weather. The lightning strikes pummeled Poland’s Giewont peak, a trekking destination that is 1,894 meters (6,214 feet) high, as well as other locations across the Tatras.

    Four people were killed on the Polish side, including two children, a spokeswoman for the Polish air ambulance service, Kinga Czerwinska, told the news broadcaster TVN24.

    The Slovak rescue service said a Czech was killed after lightning knocked him off Banikov peak. The tourist fell hundreds of meters (yards) down the side of a mountain.

    Rescuers with the Polish Tatra emergency service, known as TOPR, said they believe the lightning probably hit some of the metal chains installed on Giewont peak to aid tourists in their climb.

    Some of the injured were brought by helicopter to a hospital in the Polish mountain resort of Zakopane and Krakow province governor Piotr Cwik told reporters that the death toll could certainly rise.

    Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who went to Zakopane, said some among the over 100 injured were in very serious condition with severe burns or head injuries, as they fell after the lightning strikes or were hit by falling rocks. He extended his sympathies to their relatives.

    The Tatras, part of the Carpathian mountain range, are the highest mountains in Poland and in Slovakia and attract tourists from near and far with scenic lakes and peaks that soar to 2,655 meters (8,710 feet).

    Thursday’s lightning strikes were the worst accident in the Tatras since August 1937, when lighting killed four people on Giewont.

    Footage on TVN24 showed rescuers racing to a helicopter to get to the peak in rainy, foggy weather and then a helicopter landing at the hospital in Zakopane with injured people.

    Rescue workers planned to keep checking the mountains for anyone else who might need help.

    Tourist Grzegorz Pyzel told TVN24 he was halfway up Giewont peak with his wife in clear weather when suddenly they heard thunder and thought it was a jet overhead.

    “But soon lightning struck and we turned back. Suddenly it started pouring and you could hear thunder roaring from every possible direction,” Pyzel said.

    The couple reached a shelter on Hala Kondratowa, at the foot of the mountain, and soon others started coming in, saying there were injured people further up the mountain, he said.

    In another rescue operation in the Tatra Mountains, TOPR emergency workers have been searching for two spelunkers who went missing in a cave on Saturday after being trapped by rising water. Rescuers used small amounts of explosives to widen passages in uncharted parts of the Wielka Sniezna cave, Poland’s deepest and longest, to look for the missing cavers.

    On Thursday, the body of one of the two was found, an official said.

    OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real life situation regarding said topics.

    World's Strictest Tobacco Control Law passed in National People's Congress

    The National People's Congress has recently passed a Plain Tobacco Packaging law. Plain tobacco packaging, also known as generic or neutral packaging, requires the removal of all branding, such as bright colours, corporate logos and imagery, and standardising the appearance of all tobacco packs. This law makes it mandatory for manufacturers to exclusively print the brand name in a predetermined size, font and place on the pack, in addition to the health warnings.

    The removal of branding on cigarette packaging aims to deter smoking by making packets look "more boring, monotonic and increases negative perceptions with regards to the consumption of tobacco". It also aims to remove an available avenue of brand advertising for cigarette companies, which significantly contributes to youth uptake. Evidence in the form of 24 studies in Australia has pointed that plain packaging is seen as less attractive by prospective buyers, and has a significant impact on driving down demand.

    The National People's Congress stated that "it was going to pass the law on May 31st, in remembrance of the WHO's World No Tobacco Day, but that would seem like a [dick] move on our part, and maybe we might be seen as rubbing it in a little."

    The State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, China's state-run monopoly-cum-government agency responsible for tobacco regulation, has stated it will comply with the new law.

    The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has set out new plain packaging requirements as follows, including additional provisions made during the course of legislation:

  • Each cigarette package is required to hold 25 cigarettes, an increase in capacity compared to the prior unofficial capacity of 20 cigarettes.

  • The price of all cigarette packets sold in China will be standardised at $50 RMB ($7.06 USD), approximately a sixfold increase in price in comparison with the average price of cigarettes sold in Shanghai (which was $7.5 RMB).

  • Out of the $50 RMB, $40 RMB of revenue will be taxed and go towards funding for a state-mandated tobacco cessation programme.

  • Shops are only permitted to sell a quota of 44 packs per day; and will be stocked as such.

  • All packages are to be printed in black colour, with a list of ingredients situated at the back, a graphic health warning on the front (covering at least 70% of the front side in colour), and the name of the cigarette brand and cigarette type (i.e: Marlboro Ice Blast, etc.) below the health warning.

  • The font size for all text at the front is to be size 14, of Arial typeset. Colour should be red.

  • The font size for all text at the back is to be size 10, of Arial typeset. Colour should be yellow.

  • The sales of all cigarettes must be supplemented by an ID check from the buyer.

  • A smoking age has been officially set to 25.

  • Tobacco products manufactured and imported from overseas are also subject to a levy of $10 RMB ($1.41USD) per pack imported.

  • It is forbidden to exhibit cigars in open containers. All containers for cigars are to remain closed fully, only to be opened by the final consumer.

  • It is forbidden to smoke in the aforementioned public places, including all educational institutions, government offices, all medical facilities, sport stadiums, public transit vehicles, restaurants, publicly accessible areas of hotels, Internet cafes, supermarkets, shopping malls, theatres and cinemas, and public sports facilities.

  • Businesses, companies, firms or shops violating any provision of the aforementioned law will be fined $250,000 USD for the first provision they violate. If multiple provisions are violated, the fines will accumulate by 1.5 times per provision violated. (i.e: if Company X violates 3 provisions of the law, they will be fined ($250,000 USD)x1.5x1.5x1.5, or $843,750 USD)

  • The attempted purchase or distribution of tobacco products to minors or those below the smoking age is punishable by 8 year long imprisonment, and 888 hours of community service.

  • Failure to properly extinguish cigarette butts may lead to public shaming via online means.

  • Manufacturers violating the plain packaging law are liable for criminal prosecution.

  • Individuals violating aforementioned provisions are liable to be imprisoned for 3 years, and perform 333 hours of community service.

  • Physicians caught smoking on the line of duty* are liable to have their medical license revoked, and their practice fined $50,000 USD for every cigarette they are caught to be in possession of.

  • Physicians also have a duty to inquire into smoking habits of patients who smoke, and refer them to quitting programmes voluntarily.

    * = smoking in the workplace

    Currently, the Ministry of Health has set a goal that "by the year 2010, all health administration offices, both military and non-military, and at least 50% of all medical and health institutions should become smoke-free units, so that the goal of a total smoking ban in all health administration offices and medical and health institutions can be fulfilled by 2011."

    2007 polls show that there is widespread public approval of smoking bans, especially among residents of urban areas. In Shanghai, 93.5% of the 509 people they interviewed supported a smoking ban in a study conducted in 2010. In Beijing, a survey also showed that 81.6 percent of respondents were eager to stop smoking, or had heard of family members and friends who were considering kicking the habit.

    The government has injected over $3.6 billion RMB/$508 million USD towards the creation and funding of a state-mandated smoking cessation programme, which includes the subsidisation of medical equipment needed, prescription medications such as nicotine patches, gum, Bupropion, face-to-face counselling services, telephone helplines, and the public distribution of self-help guides and anti-smoking leaflets in government offices, medical institutions, and schools.

    This law will not prevent the export and continued manufacture of tobacco products by China Tobacco.

  • Tensions in Kurdistan
    This afternoon reports emerged of infantry units moving west to Dohuk. Eyewitnesses said they saw large numbers of tanks and supply vehicles, as well as troop-carrying vans, travelling on the main road from Erbil to Dohuk. The Ministry of Defence has declined to comment but leaked reports suggest this is not just a standard redeployment. The Peshmerga's forces have been building up on the Syrian border for weeks now, and large quantities of munitions were recently ordered from Persia.

    Relations between Basurwelat and Syria have been extremely shaky, as the Kurdish government pushes for the ceding of Rojava to Basurwelat. There have been protests in Erbil complaining that the government is not doing enough to "save the Syrian Kurds from Arab oppression". President Biryar Niyat is not a Kurdish internationalist, he is of the thought that the Kurdish government should focus on its own problems, but there are elements in his party, led by Vice President Dalia Mirzan, that think differently and have been putting pressure on Niyat for months to intervene.

    It is believed 5,000 troops have been moved to Dohuk pending the release of a government statement demanding the return of Rojava from Suriah.

    PFI, the Kurdish intelligence agency, has allegedly stepped up operations in Rojava to spread dissent, damage the defensive structure of the Syrian army in the area, and generally gather information.

    OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real life situation regarding said topics.

    China National Nuclear Corporation

    The China National Nuclear Corporation has been contracted by the government to construct an additional 5 nuclear reactors in Northwestern China, across the provinces of Qinghai, Gansu, and Xinjiang.

    The 5 reactors are located in the following locations:

    Qinghai-1 (37°04'39.7"N 92°37'32.4"E)
    Qinghai-2 (33°30'33.3"N 90°09'38.0"E)
    Qinghai-3 (33°30'47.9"N 91°56'44.5"E)
    Gaoshan-1 (39°47'15.2"N 95°21'45.9"E)
    Ruoqiang-1 (38°19'24.3"N 88°10'06.2"E)
    The CNNC has announced that Qinghai-1 through 3 will be DHR-400 pressurised water reactors, which roughly cost $230 million USD each and take three years to build. The Golmud City authorities have signed a cooperation agreement with the State Power Investment Corporation for the placement of the Qinghai-series reactors within the city's boundaries. The DHR-400 series reactors operate at low temperatures and low air pressure environments, making it easier and more cost efficient to have them placed in the Tibetan plateau, where low temperatures and air pressure appear to be the norm. Its power output is at 400MWt.

    Gaoshan-1 is planned to be a CPR-1000 Gen II+ pressurised water reactor, which would have a power output of 1,000 MWe and a 60-year design life. It was based on the French CP1 and CP2 designs.

    Ruoqiang-1, named after Ruoqiang town, a nearby human settlement, is planned to be of an Hualong One pressurised water reactor. Its power output is estimated to be around 1090 MWe with a 60-year design life, and it utilises a combination of passive and active safety systems to ensure relative safety for staff and locals. Said safety features include double containment to protect against external explosions, improved seismic capability to 0.3 g,increased core thermal margins, as well as improved operation systems. Combined with the Gaoshan-1, it will be able to generate around 2,090 MWe of energy.

    It is estimated that the total cost of the contract will $2.7 billion USD, and the reactors will finish construction within 5 years, and become operational within 7.

    Church to open overseas schools
    ~ The Vatican Times

    His Holiness Pope Adrian VII has said in a statement that the Church ought to focus a lot more on education of the younger generations. In particular, he said that religion should be taught in all secondary schools or equivalents. He also supported students who choose to read theology.

    His Holiness has agreed that, from henceforth, an annual meeting of bachelors of theology shall be organised. The first one is scheduled for next month. Interested scholars should write to the Curia, the household of the Pope. Requests shall be examined by a jury of three bishops. There will be a limited selection allowed to meet with His Holiness on this extraordinary occasion, a spokesman confirmed.

    Additionally, the Church will contact several nations, particularly those with a considerable following of the Catholic teachings, to see if the Church be allowed to open its own schools and colleges.

              Expansion of Crown Resorts
              Southbank, Melbourne

    Crown Resorts has confirmed the purchase of Event Hospitality & Entertainment Ltd, for almost AUD$700 million.

    Crown Resorts is the fourth largest resort (casino) company in the world (and largest outside the United States). It owns 100% of the holdings in Crown Melbourne, Crown Perth, Crown Sydney, Crown London, and half of Betfair. Casino Resorts, based in Melbourne Southbank, has purchased Sydney entertainment company EVENT.

    Crown Resorts has added $1bn in revenue for it's purchase of EVENT, which owns the following companies:

      Event Cinemas (and other trading names) (AU, NZ, FJ)
      CineStar (DE)
      Downtown Cinemas (AU. NZ)
      State Theatre (Sydney)
      Cinebuzz Rewards (AU)
      Priority Guest Rewards (AU)
      Atura Hotels (AU)
      QT Hotels & Resorts (AU, NZ)
      Rydges Hotels & Resorts (AU, NZ, UAE, ENG, FJ, QT)
      Thredbo Alpine Village (Thredbo)
      Edge Digital & Technology (AU)

    Crown Resorts has also recently opened 4 new complexes (Crown Hobart, Crown Adelaide, Crown Brisbane, and Crown Darwin), and hopes to expand overseas. Executive Chairman Robert Rankin announced today that locations in Hong Kong, Erbil, Amsterdam, and Antwerp will be open by the end of the year, and that the company hopes to expand throughout Eurasia, and hoefully eventually into the Americas.

    Putin talks of Brussels!

    After the EU's call to meet with President Putin, the nation of Rusikya look gladly upon their fellow European counterparts. Rarely had the EU ever tried to bring forth a normalization in relationships with Rusikya and any who tried valiantly were often looked down upon by their brethren. But today Council President Kristijan Konstantinović followed through on his promise and arranged a meeting with their mighty neighbor to the east.

    President Putin has many hopes for the upcoming meeting, one of which is at the very least bringing forth some form of normalcy to Rusikya and the EU's relationship. How this is done will, of course, be discussed during the meeting but many have high hopes for this. But as many expect, the result is up in the air given the EU and Rusikya's long-held relationship. Even if both sides hope to push for a better future, it's unknown just what either side will seek from each other.

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