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US Embassy, Athens

Response to Prime Minster Mitsotakis

The 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, will not be traveling abroad at this time. However the Prime Minister is welcome to come to the US Embassy in Athens if you wish to meet with an American delegation.

Signed US Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Ross Pyatt

The zhongguo people republic

Chinese National News Media Broadcast
China Gains Access to the Mediterranean
Sino-Greek Friendship Expanded
Establishment of Medium-sized Naval Logistical Facility/Air Force Base on Andros Island

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The zhongguo people republic has firmly announced with much excitement and feeling of accomplishment that the People's Republic of China and National greece have been able to come to an agreement that solidifies a new era of cooperation between the two countries. Through a series of over the phone and satellite imagery conferences between Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of National greece and President Xi Jinping of The zhongguo people republic, it has been revealed that Beijing has been given the approval for a plot of land on Andros island in the South Aegean Sea for the construction of a medium-sized naval logistical facility, of which will have air force base installments and capabilities. President Xi Jinping has hailed this agreement as an important message that productive diplomacy and mutual understanding is the greatest form of peace and prosperity. The naval-air logistical facility firmly provides China with the opportunity to partake in the affairs of the Mediterranean Sea, including monitoring trade routes, shipping logistics, and observation of potential military vessels. The base will also be used to conduct military training within the Mediterranean in addition to operations of a miniature airport to bring in supplies, aid, and other equipment. This particular base has become solely owned by the Chinese government through the purchasing of a 99-year lease. The base shall be equipped with residential areas for those working on the base, telecommunication facility, radar facility, defenses, and logistical facilities. The establishment of the base has been declared another victory of diplomacy for President Xi Jinping, who has informed the press that he plans to meet with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of National greece in the coming future to further solidify the new Sino-Greek Friendship and commitment to greater prosperity. The base shall officially become one of the avenues and entry projection points of Chinese presence within the Mediterranean region.

      Nago TV
      News from All Haiti


        Showtime wins vs U.S-Born Squad

        Written by Ukichi Dez

        Temecula Pulled Pork fell to Showtime Baseball 11-10 on Monday on the final play of the game. The game was tied at ten with Showtime Baseball batting in the bottom of the seventh when Andreas O singled on a 1-1 count, scoring one run. Despite the loss, Temecula Pulled Pork did collect ten hits in the high-scoring affair. Unfortunately, Showtime Baseball had 15 hits on the way to victory.

        Temecula Pulled Pork got things moving in the first inning, when Afro Crivello hit a solo homer. Temecula Pulled Pork scored five runs in the third inning. Crivello, Dong-Jun Uh, Minjae T'Ae, and Billy Johnson all contributed in the big inning with RBIs. Bryan O earned the win for Showtime Baseball. He allowed two hits and two runs over three innings, striking out one and walking zero. Louis M and Olgues J entered the game out of the bullpen and helped to close out the game in relief.

        Publio Masi took the loss for Temecula Pulled Pork. He allowed ten hits and eight runs over one and one-third innings, striking out one and walking one. Ed Fitzgerald started the game for Temecula Pulled Pork. He lasted five innings, allowing five hits and three runs while striking out six and walking zero Griffin C started the game for Showtime Baseball. He lasted two and two-thirds innings, allowing seven hits and seven runs while striking out one and walking zero.

        Temecula Pulled Pork smacked nine home runs on the day. Johnson had a homer in the third and sixth innings. Young-Nam Cho went yard in the fifth inning. Uh had a homer in the first and third innings. T'Ae had a long ball in the third inning. Crivello had a four bagger in the first and third innings. Hiruma Tashiaki went yard in the second inning. Temecula Pulled Pork tallied ten hits in the game. Johnson, Uh, Cho, and Crivello all managed multiple hits for Temecula Pulled Pork. Crivello, Cho, Uh, and Johnson each collected two hits to lead Temecula Pulled Pork.

        Showtime Baseball racked up 15 hits. Torrico B, Andreas, Harold C, Juan P, and Johan G each had multiple hits for Showtime Baseball. Showtime Baseball didn't commit a single error in the field. Torrico had the most chances in the field with six.

            Poland First
            Warszawa, Masovian Voivodeship

The Duda-Morawiecki administration have led Poland to victory ever since they won the 2015 federal elections. Back in 2015, Morawiecki promised to "Make Poland Great" and to put "Poland first." He promised to make Poland "the power between the powers" and to be the most powerful Slavic nation, which, when not including Russia, has come true.

Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (Law and Justice, or PiS), the current leading party in Poland, has led the nation magnificently. The eurosceptic, nationalist, conservative, populist party has reinspired Polish patriotism, with the party beginning their early campaign for the November elections. Today in Warszawa, President Duda annouced the four main campaign slogans for Prawo i Sprawiedliwość;

                          Poland is Not Yet Lost || Jeszcze Polska Nie Zginęła

                              Poland First || Polska Pierwsza

        Poland needs Duda. Poland needs Morawiecki. Poland needs Law and Justice. || Polska potrzebuje Dudy. Polska potrzebuje Morawieckiego. Polska potrzebuje Prawa i


                          Making Poland Greater || Spraw, aby Polska była większa

"Poland is Not Yet Lost" is the title of the Polish National Anthem, which will be played at every PiS rally until the election. "Poland First" will serve as the second most used motto, being printed on hats and shirts and posters, as well as a large banner with "Polska Pierwsza" in bold letters raised on the PiS Head Offices. Today, Duda and Morawiecki took part in Poland's first "America-scale" campaign at the National Stadium in Warszawa. 71,680 people attended, almost filling out the stadium. President Andrzej Duda made the following speech at the Rally;

    "In 2015, Law and Justice won the federal election with an overwhelming majority. Our brothers and sisters in the South-East were wht helped us through, but it would be silly not to thiank the whole country. Poland helped me, and I helped Poland. Poland, a forgotten country cramped between two former powers, was merely a piece of land with a sad history. The rest of the world took no notice to us, the world thought not of us but of Germany and of Russia. However, under my administration, Law and Justice made Poland great. We fixed what problems we had, and we made Poland the best country we could in the four years we were given.
    Poland is by far the greatest country in the history of the world. There is no country greater than Poland. No country has faced what we have faced and recovered. No country has been divided and torn apart, invaded, blown up, destroyed, seperated, like Poland. No country has recovered to become the largest and post powerful nation in it's respective corner like Poland. No country has progressed like Poland. There is no country like Poland.
    We have made and kept Poland. We have made and kept its greatness and prosperity, its indepedence and freedoms. We have made Poland great. Who privatised many businesses and saw them succeed more than they ever counld under a government? Who cut taxes and provided a universal health care? Who increased the infrastructure throughout Poland, rapidly increasing jobs? Who strenthed the Polish Armed Forces for when our enemies attack? Who ended conscrition so that our military is full of true patriots and true Poles? Who strenthed American-Polish relations more than any other party? Who promised a better life for Polish families? Who kept the evils of abortion and euthanasia out of our great country? Who protected Polish children from dangerous comprehensive sex education? Who kept Poland free of ungodly sexual impurities like homosexuality? Who reignited the spark for Polish nationalism and patriotism? Who kept Poland Polish? Poland has Law and Justice to thank for this. Poland has my good friend Mateusz Morawiecki, and I, Andrzej Duda, to thank for this.
    This continued victory and success is only guaranteed under Law and Justice. No other party will, or can, do what we will do. No other party is promising to cintinue Poland's glory, no other party is promising to keep Poland true to her religious roots. No other party is promising to further protect Poland from illegal immigrants and from our oppressive neighbours around us, especially Russia. Above all, no other party is promising to build a 1,283km barrier along Poland's eastern borders. This wall will be built to protect Poland from oppressive neighbours and will be a grand defence against the totalitarian republic that is Russia. Better yet, the barrier will protect us from illegal immigrants smuggled in from Russia and the Middle East. Poland will not accept one muslim immigrant, not one. Many terrorists come across from Chechnya in Russia, or from Iraq or Syria. For the critics, the wall will work. Look at Trump! He is a success! He is everything that America needs. He is the best President that his country has ever had. Poland needs this wall. When we are elected, Poland will build the wall, and we will be safe for many years to come. We will no longer have to live in the fear of something like 1939 ever again!
    Poland needs Duda. Poland needs Morawiecki. Poland needs Law and Justice. Only Law and Justice will put Poland first, and is that not what everyone wants? We will never fall to the European Union, who takes away a nations indepedence and instead enforces socalist ideals on unwilling citizens. The European Union is what Germany always wanted; a Fourth Reich. We will not let Poland loose its indepedence. No, we will protect Poland with everything we have. Poland is not yet lost. Thank you, and good night!"

    "W 2015 r. Prawo i Sprawiedliwość wygrało wybory federalne zdecydowaną większością głosów. Nasi bracia i siostry na południowym wschodzie pomogli nam, ale głupio byłoby nie mówić o całym kraju. Polska mi pomogła, a ja pomogłem Polsce. Polska, zapomniany kraj ciasny między dwoma dawnymi mocarstwami, była zaledwie kawałkiem ziemi o smutnej historii. Reszta świata nie zwracała na nas uwagi, świat nie myślał o nas, ale o Niemczech i Rosji. Jednak pod moją administracją Prawo i Sprawiedliwość uczyniło Polskę wielką. Naprawiliśmy problemy, które mieliśmy i sprawiliśmy, że Polska jest najlepszym krajem, jaki mogliśmy osiągnąć w ciągu czterech lat, które otrzymaliśmy.
    Polska jest zdecydowanie największym krajem w historii świata. Nie ma kraju większego niż Polska. Żaden kraj nie stanął w obliczu tego, z czym mieliśmy do czynienia i do którego doszło. Żaden kraj nie został podzielony i rozdarty, najechany, wysadzony w powietrze, zniszczony, oddzielony, jak Polska. Żaden kraj nie odzyskał sił, aby stać się największym i potężnym krajem w swoim odpowiednim zakątku, takim jak Polska. Żaden kraj nie poczynił postępów jak Polska. Nie ma takiego kraju jak Polska.
    Zrobiliśmy i utrzymaliśmy Polskę. Stworzyliśmy i zachowaliśmy jego wielkość i dobrobyt, jego niezależność i wolności. Sprawiliśmy, że Polska jest wspaniała. Kto sprywatyzował wiele firm i widział, że odnieśli sukces bardziej niż kiedykolwiek pod rządami? Kto obniża podatki i zapewnia powszechną opiekę zdrowotną? Kto zwiększył infrastrukturę w całej Polsce, szybko zwiększając liczbę miejsc pracy? Kto utrzymywał Polskie Siły Zbrojne, kiedy atakują nasi wrogowie? Kto zakończył przekonanie, aby nasza armia była pełna prawdziwych patriotów i prawdziwych Polaków? Kto stworzył amerykańsko-polskie stosunki bardziej niż jakakolwiek inna partia? Kto obiecał lepsze życie dla polskich rodzin? Kto powstrzymał zło aborcji i eutanazji od naszego wielkiego kraju? Kto chronił polskie dzieci przed niebezpieczną wszechstronną edukacją seksualną? Kto utrzymywał Polskę wolną od bezbożnych nieczystości seksualnych, takich jak homoseksualizm? Kto ożywił iskrę polskiego nacjonalizmu i patriotyzmu? Kto utrzymywał Polskę w Polsce? Polska ma za to prawo i sprawiedliwość. Polska ma mojego dobrego przyjaciela Mateusza Morawieckiego, a ja, Andrzej Duda, dziękuję za to.
    To ciągłe zwycięstwo i sukces jest zagwarantowane tylko w Prawie i Sprawiedliwości. Żadna inna strona nie zrobi lub nie może zrobić tego, co zrobimy. Żadna inna partia nie obiecuje, że będzie chwała w Polsce, żadna inna partia nie obiecuje, że Polska pozostanie wierna swoim religijnym korzeniom. Żadna inna partia nie obiecuje dalszej ochrony Polski przed nielegalnymi imigrantami i naszymi opresyjnymi sąsiadami wokół nas, zwłaszcza Rosji. Przede wszystkim żadna inna strona nie obiecuje zbudować bariery 1,283 km wzdłuż wschodnich granic Polski. Ten mur zostanie zbudowany, aby chronić Polskę przed uciskającymi sąsiadami i będzie wielką obroną przed republiką totalitarną, jaką jest Rosja. Co więcej, bariera ochroni nas przed nielegalnymi imigrantami przemyconymi z Rosji i Bliskiego Wschodu. Polska nie zaakceptuje jednego muzułmańskiego imigranta, ani jednego. Wielu terrorystów spotyka się z Czeczenii w Rosji lub z Iraku lub Syrii. Dla krytyków ściana będzie działać. Spójrz na Trumpa! On jest sukcesem! On jest wszystkim, czego potrzebuje Ameryka. Jest najlepszym prezydentem, jaki kiedykolwiek miał jego kraj. Polska potrzebuje tego muru. Kiedy zostaniemy wybrani, Polska zbuduje mur, a my będziemy bezpieczni przez wiele lat. Już nigdy więcej nie będziemy musieli żyć w strachu przed czymś takim jak 1939!
    Polska potrzebuje Dudy. Polska potrzebuje Morawieckiego. Polska potrzebuje Prawa i Sprawiedliwości. Tylko Prawo i Sprawiedliwość postawi Polskę na pierwszym miejscu i czy nie tego wszyscy chcą? Nigdy nie wpadniemy do Unii Europejskiej, która pozbawia narody niezależności i zamiast tego wymusza ideały socjalistyczne na niechętnych obywatelach. Unia Europejska jest tym, czego zawsze pragnęły Niemcy; Czwarta Rzesza. Nie pozwolimy Polsce stracić niezależności. Nie, będziemy chronić Polskę wszystkim, co mamy. Polska jeszcze nie przegrała. Dziękuję i dobranoc!"

As Duda left the stage, the Polish national anthem played again. The rally, which started at 1500 hours, lasted until 2130. Polish news commented that Law and Justice are more powerful than ever before, and Poland should expect a landslid victory, if everything goes to plan.

In other news, National Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak annouced a zł3 billion ($555 million) military purchase from the United States of America. The order of fifteen hundred BAE Cougar 6x6 MRAPs and the same number of Oshkosh Alpha 4x4 MRAPs are expected to arrive early-mid August. Although it has not been made clear where these vehicles will end up, it is thought that they will most likely find themselves in Border Force, Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego (Internal Sercurity Agency), other law enforcement agencies, and/or the Polish Armed Forces.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Indonesian President Joko Widodo will meet in Warszawa in coming weeks to discuss Poland-Indonesia relations. This will be the first time an Indonesian President has been to Warszawa on a state visit.

      ...PT GRAMEDIA...


    The nations of the Asia-Pacific Agreement have granted Indonesia
    the title "dialogue partner," furthermore, the ability to participate ac-
    tively in the APA and to enjoy consultative relationship in agreed a-
    reas of common interest.

    The recently elected President Jokowi made a statement of Indo-
    nesia's newly granted title. "As the 15th largest economy and the
    4th most populous nation in the world, I am confident that Indo-
    nesia, as a dialogue partner, may provide major contributions to
    the APA," he said.

    Jokowi also expressed his optimism of the peace and coopera-
    tion between the nations of Asia and the Pacific.

            Australia needs to 'radically overhaul' its military, says Hugh White

      News Presenter Peter Hitchener: One of the country's most respected defence analysts has warned that Australia must radically overhaul its military and may need to develop military weapons. Hugh White has told 7 News that Morrison needs to throw out current plans and boost defence spending.
      News Presenter Tim Lester: For generations, they guaranteed our defence.
      Shadow Defence Penny Wong: The US alliance is an enduring pillar of Australian foreign policy
      Lester: Now, warns Hugh White, US dominance is not enduring .
      Defence Analyst Hugh White: We could be looking back on America's role in Asia as ancient history
      Lester: As a volotile mix of China, India, and Indonesia take over, the lead the lead author of a past defence White Paper says the current one belongs in the bin.
      White: I think it's very seriously out of date.
      Lester: So out of date, he sees a need to at least consider nuclear weapons
      White: That's a question that Australians will have to debate
      Lester: Especiall if other American allies make teh nuclear move
      White: Then I think it's going to be hard for us to resist the argument too
      Lester: The defence minister tells 7 News
        "Australia stands by its Non-Proliferation Treaty pledge, as a non-nuclear weapon state, not to aquire or develop nuclear weapons."

      Democrats and the Greens agree.
      Greens leader Richard Di Natale: Wrong way, go back
      Lester: Hugh White also wants our order of 12 French-designed submarines to be scrapped. Instead, build and deliver far faster at least 24 more modest subs. And, at a minimum, double our order of of the joint strike fighter aircraft. An extra cost; an eyewatering 30 billion a year. Tim Lester, 7 News

Defence Analyst Hugh White says that Australia must massively reorganise its military to maintain its place in the Asia-Pacific. White has claimed that Australia needs to invest in 24-36 submarines (as opposed to more surface ships) and increase it's purchase of strike aircraft.

In his new book, How to defend Australia, White argues that Australia may no longer be able to rely on the United States to come to its aid if it’s attacked and it must become much more self-reliant militarily.

He urges a major change of course that would reverse many of the decisions made over the past decade on equipment for the Australian Defence Force and require an increase in defence spending from just under 2% of GDP to around 3.5%.

Although he isn't specifically campaigning for nuclear deterants, White says that, if Australia does take this path, Australia should aim on getting defence to 4% of the GDP. He says that for too long Australia has assumed that, if ever in trouble, the United States would back Australia military-wise, but White believes that America's stance on the Pacific is shrinking, and that Australia would not be able to rely on the US alone, but instead needs to radically increase its power, size, and strength.

White says things have changed and we are less sure now that America will remain the primary power in Asia, or that it will retain any major strategic role in the region at all. ‘We have been very fortunate to live under America’s protection for so long and we will sorely miss it when it has gone.’

The reality is that containing China’s ambitions in East Asia is going to be very expensive and very dangerous and, for a range of reasons, the US will probably not prevail, White says.

‘The shift is the direct result of the biggest change in the global distribution of wealth and power in 200 years which has brought to a close the era of Western domination of East Asia which began with Britain’s industrial revolution—and will end with China’s’, he writes.

He warns 'the risk that Australian will find itself drawn into conflict with a major Asian power will rise' without American dominance, and that our attitude of 'America will help us' needs to change.

White says that because Australia has for so long assumed it can’t defend itself without US help, many here have long believed the only possible response to China’s growing power and America’s fading resolve is for us to build up our forces to support the US against China.

We don’t have much time, he says, because the force required to defend Australia independently would look quite different to that we’re building now. If we stick to our present plans, we won’t be able to defend ourselves in the decades to come.

The rapid growth of Asian economies also means that Australian resources are relatively shrinking when comapred with the strategic risks assosicated with rising tensions.

He makes clear that he does not believe China, India, or Indonesia to be a threat to Australia, but merely points out that, if that decision were to be made, Australia would not be able to defend itself. However, White points out that there could be two senarios in which a war breaks out. Either if Australia were to back the United States or Japan against China for strategic primacy in the Pacific, or if China acheived its goals of being the most dominant power in the Pacific.

White is quick to clarify that that doesn’t mean China would have any reason to launch such an attack but adds: ‘We can be sure that if China becomes the leading power in East Asia, and even if its power is exercised prudently and sparingly, the coercive power of its armed forces will always be there behind its diplomacy and soft power as it seeks to influence our decisions and actions. This is how hegemony works.’

A well-armed Australia could be, for instance, a more formidable adversary or a more valued ally for Indonesia or another regional power—or with the US if it did maintain a strategic role.

White's key argument is that Australia needs to shift to a stratagy of maritime denial, which would make Australia's fleet incredibly different to the one today, and the one being built in the future. White says Australia needs less 'very vunerable and very expensive' surface ships and more submarines.

The current focus on a strong surface fleet aims to control areas of ocean and project power, primarily, he says, in support of the US Navy and that makes no sense. What’s needed is a navy designed to operate independently and to deny the ocean to an attacker confronting Australia by an overriding focus on sinking the adversary’s ships.

White says ships like NSA Capital, NSA Adelaide, and NSA Carpentaria are a waste of money, and should be sold for smaller ships.

And while submarines are considered to be the most effective weapon against other submarines, White argues that shouldn’t be their function. The main targets of a new and much larger fleet of submarines will be an adversary’s surface ships approaching through the archipelago to Australia’s north. They would not then need the range to loiter off China’s submarine bases.

A fleet of 24 conventionally powered submarines, possibly updated versions of the existing Collins-class boats, would cost no more than the $50 billion to be spent on the 12 Attack-class submarines, which won’t all be operational until the mid-2050s.

Under such a plan, the navy could have 12 new boats by 2034 or 24 by 2046, White says.

As well as a fleet of submarines, the Australian Navy should also be composed of anti-ship missile systems on land or small ships, and sophisticated sea mines. Additionally, the Air Force should invest in double the number of strike aircraft, purchasing at least 200 F-35As. This would give Australia its best chance at protecting itself.

Australia needs to radically overhaul its military - particularly the Navy - if it wants to have any chance at protecting itself in the everchanging world, and Australia needs to open up to the idea of potentially develping nuclear deterents. It is the conversation Australians need to have.

Post by The zhongguo people republic suppressed by The Turkish-State.

The zhongguo people republic

Chinese National News Media Broadcast
Sino-Armenian Economic & Industrial Relations Enhanced!!
Chinese State-Owned Enterprises to Enter Armenia!

Returning to Beijing from his visit to Hzor Hayastan, President Xi Jinping was delighted to inform the government and the people of The zhongguo people republic that Armenia and China have been able to come to a consensus toward economic cooperation and development. According to President Xi Jinping, Armenia has allowed for the entry of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises into Armenia to assist with economic and infrastructural development. As part of the agreement, China has gained access to Armenian deposits of iron, copper, molybdenum, lead, zinc, gold, silver, antimony, and aluminum. It has been agreed upon to allow for Chinese SOEs to assist in the extraction of these resources and provide Armenia with employment & 95% of resources extracted and profits accumulated with the remaining 5% returned to China for refining and used for manufactured products to be sent back to Armenia in addition to the profits being used for reinvestment for better extraction technology, procedures, and better energy technology. China has also agreed to assisting the Armenian agricultural sector and infrastructure development such as residential housing modernization and water treatment facilities, especially near Sevana Lich. President Xi Jinping has declared that the friendship between Armenia and China shall be supported, cherished, and developed over time as these agreements have laid a foundation for future cooperation and trust.

National greece

      The Greek National

    Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis Boasts Relations With China

The Prime Minister have been in productive dialogue with the Chinese President Xi Jinping. Both countries have discussed in lengths about comprehensive economic growth, and as well as technological cooperation between the two countries. The Foreign Minister has also pointed out that both countries have agreed to military cooperation within the South Aegon Sea to ensure Greek national security. Both leaders are set to meet in person in Athens very soon. The Prime Minister was asked on why he refused to meet with the American ambassador in Athens after the American President outright denied to meet with the Prime Minister to discuss crucial military relations, and economic cooperation. He simply views the offer as a sign of disrespect from the United States as Greece is a very important ally to have in the Mediterranean Sea as it serves a strategic location for Americans interests in the Middle East. However the Prime Minister stated that he believes the country or Turkey will fill that void, as they are proclaimed to be the most powerful country in the Middle East, and as well a member of the European Union and other European affiliations.

    Turkish student found cut up and tossed in back alleys of Athens

Police have responded to a call from a local restaurant in Athens due to a horrible smell in one of the back alleys in Athens. Police set up an investigation and found a body in one of the dumpsters severely decapitated. Police IDed the victim as Esin Demir, a 22 year old exchange student from Thessaloniki, Turkey(?). He was attending National and Kapodistrian University of Athens where he was majoring in Law. The suspect turned himself in, a 30 year old woman named Alessandra Drakos. She was jailed and is now awaiting her sentenced. While she was being hauled away she shouted “The invaders must die!” Police have investigated and found she is part of an alt-right extreme nationalist group who’s name we cannot say, who express Anti Turkish views against its government and people. The Foreign Exchange students remains will be sent home, and many at the university and the family who hosted him mourn the loss of a smart, diligent young man who had ambitions to become a lawyer and fight for equal justice under the law.

Afsharid Persia, The Australis Republic, and The zhongguo people republic

Japan National News

It is reported that the Prime Minister, Shinzō Abe will be traveling to Bejing to undergo a meeting with the The zhongguo people republic President, Xi Jinping, to jumpstart a foundation for a new relationship between Japan and China. Prime Minister Abe has been requested by Emperor Akihito to go on his behalf due to health complications. There are hopes that Prime Minister Abe brings back suitable news, that'll show promises that there could be a friendship between the two countries again. In other news, Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) is working on a blockchain-based data sharing system for the trade industry. NEDO, Japan’s largest public management organization that promotes research and deployment of industrial and energy technologies, is reportedly developing a blockchain-powered project to streamline the infrastructure for trade information sharing. The organization is operating under the instructions of its parent body, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). The project, dubbed “Development of Infrastructures for Creating New Industrial Models Taking Advantage of IoT” aims to establish an infrastructure system that will digitize and enhance the process of logistics data sharing between trade entities, such as shipping companies, brokerage operators, port authorities, banks and insurance companies. Specifically, the project intends to explore a more efficient and accurate system of sharing data by replacing the current processes that use paper-based media or PDF files. These processes require expensive and time-consuming manual work, such as checking for errors and redundant data inputs. The blockchain project by NEDO is a joint venture conducted in partnership with Japan’s NTT Data, one of the largest IT companies in the country. The company also plans to introduce social implementation of the new infrastructure platform in a couple of months, in order to boost the global supply chain.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Today, MHI has unveiled plans to launch their own Multi-Role Fighter Jet in coming months. So far only Prototypes have been produced, and very little information is known other than each prototype is using technology for other Fighter Jets to help better what would be best suited for the final product. By the end of July to mid August, MHI expects to have the first 12 planes built, and by September, MHI expects the plane to replace the F-4 Phantoms purchased from the United States.

Afsharid Persia, Trontasky, The Australis Republic, and The zhongguo people republic

The Australis Republic wrote:
      Australia needs to 'radically overhaul' its military, says Hugh White


    ". . . PT Pindad, as a defence industry, has a vision of becoming a
    leading defense equipment manufacturer in Asia, through product
    innovation and strategic partnerships. We have adequate profes-
    sional resources and continue to develop quality products . . ."
    ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ — Ir. Abraham Mose, MM, Chief Director of PT Pindad

    With the approval of the Government of Indonesia, we from PT
    Pindad would like to announce our willingness and openness to
    international cooperation in the development of our products, particularly with Australia and Luvindanao.

    Indonesia, Australia and Luvindanao are already diplomatically tied with one another, being members of the Asia-Pacific Agree-
    ment, so there's no bothering in extending our military coopera-

Austrian republic state

(OCC: This is my new AC, im Trontasky , but i'd decided to use the other one for NS Ranking, so i'll use this ac for rp, more rp coming soon on vacation rn.)

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Turkish Reactions to Athens attacks

Every political party in Turkey has sent their deepest prayers for a speedy recovery from Esin Demir of Selanik, with a massive rally being announced in the city that will for the first time ever see every parties leader attend in move of national unity in this incident. MHP Chairmen Sinan Oğan in an unpresident move called on the Bozkurts (Grey Wolves) to not seek the same violence that Greek extremists have been so willing to accept, but he made the following statement to TRT.

"What did we expect? When a government comes to power calling for the total death and destruction of the Turkish Race, and the Turkish Republic. When a fascist is elected into office, this is what happens. There government will do nothing about this, and will wait for us to strike back. There will be no striking back from the Nationalist Movement Party, however we strongly condemn the Greek government for their inability or prevent such an attack. And we are sure that Prime Minister Mitsotakis is nothing but overjoyed by this."

Similar responses were seen from other parties, excluding the CHP and IYI Party who saw a joint statement released when President Meral Akşener addressed the nation from Çankaya Mansion just hours after she signed the EuroCorp into law.

"We are saddened to see that a supposed follow European Union ally, and a country that has subscribed itself to the same binding principles of democracy and freedom that the rest of the European Union has done, has allowed for something like this to happen within its capital. We pray something is done by the government of Athens, but our hopes are not high. We are calling on the Athens government to take action to prevent such unnecessary bloodshed in the future, for not just Turks living in Greece but for all EU citizens. We strongly condemn this attacks, and call on our other European Allies to do the same."

In Taksim, many Turks from all parties have taken to the streets outside the Greek Embassy with chants of "Justice!" with many holding up pictures of Esin Demir prior to the barbaric attack seen from the Greeks. The protests went from 10pm down all the way to 3am as Turkish Flags, the İzmir Marşı blasting and chants of "Justice" echoing for across the city.

Beograd Danas
July 3rd, 2019.


This morning, Prime Minister Adam Marković officially condemned the attack on Turkish student that happened in Athens. On a regular press conference, scheduled in order to present a plans for further measures in process of energetic system reform, Prime Minister was asked to condemn attacks and he did so by saying:

"Of course that I condemn what has happened. I always stood on a principle that violence is out of political methods, and no one knows it better than us in Serbia, for we had a long history of similar violent actions trough our entire political history, up to the few decades ago. This was an attack performed by sick nationalist monster, and I herebly condemn it as it is. And while many are still blind to where does a grow of right-wing populist rhetorics lead, this is an brutally honest example for entire EU to see where does it leads. Populists play with deepest fears and emotions of our citizens and this is where it leads, when you have an emotionally unstable person faced with own hate towards other nationality. This is something that should always be punished and never tolerated, and we trust our Greek neighbors that their juridicary system is strong enough to deal with it.

But let us face the real point of what has happened. Once again, we heard a radical reaction from right-wing opposition parties in Turkey. They are blind to see where does the idea of right-wing Europe leads. Instead of condemning the nationalist ideology that caused the violence, which is by the way the very same ideology that's being cultivated among a different political elites on a Turkish political scene, what had they said? They once again sold their voters a cheap populist rethorics, saying that Greek Government should had done more. Well, I ask them, what could had been done? I simply reject an empty entity of "doing something more" driven by Turkish opposition, just to earn cheap votes, while everyone knows that Greek regime gave it's best and acted professionally, as it still acts, in this entire matter. This kind of rhetorics would also always be condemned by our Cabinet. Thank you."

            Most Staromiejski Attack
            Gorzów Wielkopolski, Lubusz Voivodeship

Fadhil Al-Harrabi, a 22 year-old immigrant from Mosul, has killed 14 people and injured 35. Al-Harrabi drove a Mitsubishi Rose minibus through the bridge walkway, crashing into the south side of the bridge. After the bus crashed, he remained in his vehicle as he shot at pedestrians and law enforcement after breaking a side window. Al-Harrabi used an FB Beryl during the attack, and shot at passers-by wildly for about half an hour. Once he ran out of bullets, Al-Harrabi set the bus alight and waved a Scimitar knife around while partially alight. He stabbed one man who later died in hospital, and was arrested shortly after. Below is the offical police report from Gorzów Wielkopolski Police.

    At 15:17 CEST on Wednesday the 3rd of July, a Mitshubishi Rosa was identified to have travelled from Lodz to Gorzów Wielkopolski. The bus came from the north west, driveing southbound on Chrobrego. The bus then drove across Most Staromiejski, driving on the pavement and killing 3 in the process. Witnesses record the bus travelling at high speeds. 
    The bus crashed on the west side of rondo Świętego Jerzego, where the lone attacker broke the 3rd window down on the left side of the bus. The attacker then pulled out an FB Beryl and fired at passers-by and law enforcement. Police attempted to apprehend the attacker, but were forced to retreat after heavy gunshot wounds. Police and armoured vehicles attempted to shun the bus, but were forced again to retreat due to safety issues. Some citizens aided police by throwing rocks and debris at the bus, but to no avail.
    At 15:55, the attacker ran out of ammo. Police swarmed the bus, which was then set alight by the attacker. It is believed that gasoline was used as a fueling agent in the fire. The attacker came out of the bus partially alight with a 12-inch Scimitar knife. A rock thrown by a citizen disoriented the attacker for enough time for police to move in and taser the man. He was then handcuffed and the bus fire was put out. The bridge and roundabout remains closed for further investigation.
    The man who threw the rock was stabbed by the attacker, and later died. Two officers and eight citizens were shot and killed by the gunfire. The attacker has been identified as 22 year-old illegal immigrant Fadhil Al-Harrabi from Mosul, Iraq. Al-Harrabi is believed to have arrived in Poland in 2013, and became radicalised shortly after. Al-Harrabi stated that he was 'doing it for Allah' and wanted Poland to become a 'fundamentalist state.' Al-Harrabi is believed to be a lone attacker, and is currently undergoing psychological testing. More infomation is still to come.

A makeshift memorial has been made in front of the nearby NoVa Park shopping centre as the bridge remains a crime scene. 14 people, including two police officers, have died in the attack. President Duda has condemed the attack, warning Poland that immigration, particularly muslim and russian, will lead to evenst such as these becoming a daily occurance. Duda has already received critisism on his statement, with some Poles warning against Duda's use of the attack as campaign material, saying that it is 'disrespectful' and 'a fearmongering technique' that should not play a part in a clean campaign.

Al-Harrabi has been sent to a maximum sercurity prision in Poland's west after the Fiat Ducato almost crashed on two occasions due to Al-Harrabi's irratic behaviour and shoutings. Al-Harrabi would often throw himself against the walls of the van, kicking at the door, screaming, and cursing at officers. When he was carried into the prision, he became incredibly violent and aggitated. As he was taken through the prision, he was noted as telling the prisioners that he would 'show [them] the light.' Al-Harrabi often bit, spat on, and cursed police officers and other prisioners. He was sent to a padded cell and isolated from other prisoners. He will appear in court next month.

National greece

      The Greek National

    Anti Turkish Attacks Continues in Patras

Anti Turkish sentiments continue to unfold across Greece as another attack on Turkish citizens. A mob of Greek ult rights attack a Turkish mother and their 3 year old son on the street in Patras. The mob were no found but CCTV have captured them on video and have released the images of the 4 suspects. Police are currently looking for the suspects. As for the victims the mother and child both are suffering from a concussion, and the mother received a broken nose, jaw, and a damaged forearm. This act has been described as inhumane by the city mayor. The Prime Minister declined to involve himself in local matters but hopes to see those put in jail. As for the dead Turkish student that was reported yesterday, the suspect is in court and her verdict is expected to be released later this hour.

    Military activities in the Aegean Sea

The Defense Ministry has announced that they will conduct air training exercises to the wake of the countries continual military exercises in the Aegean Sea. Watchdog groups however claim that the Air Force is flying dangerously close to Turkish claims of Mikonos, Myrina, and Pefkochori. The Defense minister denied these claims, but has remained clear that his forces are ready to defend or conduct offensive measures if national security has been threatened.

The Australis Republic, The zhongguo people republic, and Kieitai

Statement from the Ministry of Defense (Highly Classified)

All Turkish military personal have been put on high alert in the Ege and in the Greater Selanik region with the increased hostility of our neighbour to the west, with an increased deployment of Turkish naval and air forces to the region with the recent close call where Turkish airspace was nearly violated. All personal have been instructed to take a defensive role, and to prevent any breach of Turkish sovereignty.

National greece

      The Greek National

    Turkish attacker acquitted

The suspect named Alessandra Drakos who was accused of murdering Esin Demir, a 22 year old exchange student from Thessaloniki, Turkey has been acquitted of all charges after the prosecutor has failed to provide substantial DNA evidence to charge the suspect with the crime. She was released from jail this afternoon. The prosecutor stated that yesterday the woman had chanted all invaders must die, but the defense has stated that the suspect was battling a mental illness called personality disorder and was not taking her medication during the time of her arrest and was confused on the situation, her turning herself in was part of the metal episode which was all confirmed by both a medical and psychiatric doctor. The Judge acquitted Ms. Drakos of all charges.

    Prime Minister Kyriakos Promises Fire and Blood to his enemies

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis held a Greek Unity Rally in Patras this afternoon. He spoke words of nationalism, patriotism and of course politics. He fueled the crowd by stating our history is our history, and we have been robbed by that history.

it’s damn time we take it back from those who have oppressed us, killed our people like animals, for years and hundreds of thousands of people died. They do not deserve our support they do not deserve us to act peaceful. Fire and blood is what we shall bring to their doorstep!

Pars News Agency - Athens

Persian Embassy in Athens Issues Warning to Greek Authorities

Following a string of killings in National greece against Turkish nationals, the Persian embassy has issued a warning to Greek authorities and to Persian citizens in the Aegean nation.

"We request Greek authorities to do more to protect foreign nationals in their country. As a country with deep investments into the Greek tourism sector, it saddens us to see this treatment of foreign nationals by Greek citizens, and the lack of response by Greek authorities. Racism and bigotry shall not be tolerated. We warn all Persian citizens to be cautious and steer clear of nationalist rallies and gatherings for their own safety." said the Persian ambassador Hashem Pashazadeh in an official statement.

The ambassador has also requested a meeting with Greek authorities to inquire about the situation and ensure the safety of both Persian and Turkish nationals in the country. The Persian flag above the embassy has also been lowered to half mast in honor of the victims.

The Persian Student Union has also held a rally at the Athens University calling for justice for the victim, while holding banners with slogans like "Justice for Esin" or "No to Bigotry".

"There needs to be justice. As a Muslim, it saddens me to see that our brethren are being killed with little to no response by Greek authorities. We will not tolerate this. We will stand beside our Muslim brethren just as we stand by our Palestinian brethren against Great Israel. Justice must be served" said Amirhossein Qassemi, who is a member of both the Persian Student Union and the Muslim Student Association at the University of Athens.

Another student, who wished to remain anonymous, said he plans to go back to Persia for the summer, as he feels unsafe in the current environment.

"There are racists everywhere in this country, and the people in power are provoking them and empowering them. First, they go for the Turks, what's to stop them from killing Persians next? After all, we are Muslims too. Who knows, these sick neo-Nazis might still feel resentment towards our people for our ancestor King Xerxes the Great burning Athens to the ground. Who knows when they might retaliate against Persian citizens too." said the student.

The University of Athens has yet to issue a response on the death of Esin Demir.

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019 - Athens

Beograd Danas
July 3rd, 2019.


Right in the middle of the summer, when numerous Serbian tourists are enjoying their holidays with families on a beautiful Greek sea, the serious warning was published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aknowledging that Serbian embassy in Athens should be temporary closed starting from tomorrow, July 4th at 23:59. All Serbian tourists need to fullfil their services in next 24h, as it is also being suggested to them to leave the territory of National greece in a very same period.

Minister Lazar Hadži-Zdravković called for everyone to remain calm and to return to their homeland in a suggested period, in order to avoid any kind of terrible events that might occur. "After today's speech made by Greek Prime Minister" - said Minister Hadži-Zdravković - "we decided to evacuate our embassy and to call our citizens out of the Greece. His messages, no matter are they for internal or external political usage, are clear and we do not consider National greece to be a safe place anymore.". Furthermore, Minister said that he contacted Prime Minister, who during the day spoke with different diplomatic cores of those involved in this crisis, and suggested to him to call the rest of EU members to define their policy towards what is currently happening in National greece.

"I am afraid to say that this time, just a week before annual EU Council Summit in Paris, the peace on the continent is under the questionmark." - Prime Minister was cought saying.

TRT World

"Peace at Home, Peace in the World" -President Meral Akşener speaks out against Greek government

During a special broadcast from Çankaya Köşkü, President Akşener finally broke Turkey's long time silence on its neighbour to the west who has been throwing fires into the flames of war against Turkey. But the recent call for blood by Prime Minister Mitsotakis has finally warranted a response from the Turkish Government.

"Turkey, like the rest of the European Union has subscribed to the fundamental values are respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law. Something that every other country in the European Union has respected, and used when working with one another, regardless of race, religion or origin. But it is unfortunate that this has been nothing bun untrue for our neighbours to the west, who have not learned from the lessons of history. That peace, not fire and blood, is what makes a nation great, it is what makes the European Union great for all European citizens. Today we watch as a nation squeals for the total death and destruction of its own people by hanging onto its past failures as this justification. The failure of the Greek justice system and the speedy trial where the murderer of Esin Demir was acquitted only reinforces our belief that the fascist have only one wish, and that is to see another defeat at the hands of the Turks. However we will not give the far right the satisfaction of war, to watch as the children of both our nations lives are thrown away in this regime of evils attempt to bring fire and blood to Europe. The Turkish Republic hereby officially condemns and denounces the Mitsotakis regime, and is calling upon the rest of the European Union to do the same. However, I remind the enemies of the Republic that we do not seek conflict but we will not hide from it if it is brought to our doorstep, in the fire and blood that has been promised from Athens. As our founder and Eternal President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk once said 'Peace at Home, Peace in the World' this is still the ideology we are subscribed since the founding of Turkey. And we will not allow a regime of evil to drag our people down with it."

The Minister of Foreign Affairs also announced that all Turkish diplomatic missions will be withdrawn that are located within Greece, and all Greek diplomatic missions have been given 76 hours to withdraw as well. All Turks living within Greece have also been called on to return to Turkey as soon as they can as it has become apparently clear that the Greek government is nothing short of incapable when it comes to protecting foreigners within its borders.

National greece

      The Greek National

    Prime Minister Office releases statement

To my fellow Greeks and Greeks only. Today we have seen the response of the international community, some of whom who still think they have the audacity to impose their will on Greek internal affairs and I shall respond. The death of the Turkish student who were studying at a university in Athens was tragic, and we as a country mourn their loss. The trail for the suspect has been acquitted because they found no evidence to support that she has done it, so therefore the killer is still out there. We have suspicions to believe that the same person who has done this killing is also responsible for the beating of a Turkish mother and her 3 year old child along with the suspects already revealed. As I cannot comment further on a ongoing investigation, the Prime Ministers Office linked with the Department of Justice and local authorities of the Patras and Athens to find the suspect. These foreign people try to make us look like we have lost control of our country, but they are wrong. A country that invented the very democratic process they accuse us of not having is appalling and shame on them.

As you watch what’s going on in the news, you may be wondering why are the Greek people angry? The people of Greece have always been angry, our beloved culture destroyed by Turkish invaders, a smug and incoherent government with middle eastern and childlike qualities tries to teach us about peace,a profound European country of great importance of peace and wellbeing is laughable. I spit on the the Turkish wooden plaque of peace and their unwanted metal of Pro-Eurocentric values. My people, we will not waver and I shall speak bluntly and not cower away behind words when I say that I will bring fire and blood to my peoples enemies for I have been chosen to lead the Hellenic Republic to a higher standard. I hereby call all diplomats out of Turkey and to officially close all diplomatic channels between Greece and Turkey. You have 24 hours. I would call all Greeks to come home, but some are already home, Thessaloniki, Kavala, Edessa, Chania, Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos, Mikonos, Sirios, and many other Greek cities have been illegally taken away from us. It’s easier to look in and judge than actually understand what fuels our rage, our disappointment and hatred. What we have witnessed have been the calling of the people, and governments that ignore their people are doomed to fall, and for that reason alone we will take the necessary measures. God bless our republic and our people.

Post self-deleted by The Australis Republic.

            Poland reacts to recent events in National greece

Yesterday, on the same day as the Most Staromiejski Attacks, the body of Turkish exchange student Esin Demir was found decapitated in an Athens dumpster. Demir, who was killed by far right extremist Alessandra Drakos, who displayed strong anti-Turkish views was noted shouting "The invaders must die!"
The Polish government was appalled to find that not only did Drakos be released without charged, but the sitting Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis condoned the attack, stating that it was 'about damned time' and that they will bring 'blood and fire' to the Turks' doorstep. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki strongly condemned the attacks and the actions of the Greek government.

    "The Greeks are disgusting little pigs. They are the most foul swine, second only to the Russkis. An innocent Turk, a man from a country we call our ally, was slaughtered yesterday. The Greek courts released the murderer free of charge, and the nation heralded them a national hero. The Government of the Greeks applauded the attack, and said they will bring blood and fire to Turkish doorsteps.
    The Greeks are murderous monsters that do not deserve to be appreciated by anoyone more than the devil. First they bring in the communist plague to Europe, and then they massacre an innocent citizen of one of Poland’s allies! Greeks only screech in the language of hate and war. They are repulsive, and they will not be tolerated. You mess with the Turks and you mess with the Poles.
    To the Greek government; You disgust us, you feral pigs. You are a disappointment to all of Europe, you are extremist who are set on vengence and war. That is not the European way. Europeans are peaceful people, we have moved past our primative ways of being warmongering apes, and have moved into a future of development and peace. I understand a want to show nationalism and patrotism, that is understandable because us Poles too love our country, but not at the expense of senseless killings and irrational behaviour. I am glad that Poland is not part of the European Union, or we would be forced to work well with you and act like we care about you.
    To the Turkish government; Stay strong. We send our condolences to the Turkish people around the world. We hope that your government will remain strong, and that you will not act out of hate and anger but out of logic and reason - something that the Greeks clearly lack. The Turks have been, and always will be, close to Poland's heart. May this moment not be one that sets Ankara back, but one that you may learn from and help avoid in the future.
    To the Poles; May this be a lesson to the voters for what may happen uder the wrong leadership. If you have a party that is full of hate, you will find yourselves in the same predicament as the Greeks. You must be wise this November. Loving your country does not mean hating everyone else. As Poles, we must see what hate can do, and we must learn to accept every human on earth, even the terrorists like Al-Harrabi. The Greek government is corrupt, it is hypocritical, it is evil, it is everything wrong with mankind. Even a country as great as Poland will end up like that in the wrong hands. There must be a balance between love and hate, Patriotism does not mean war. You must love your country, but not at the expence of killing a foreigner. The Greeks have swooped down so low, they might hit the ground. Do not be foolish like the Greeks. Vote for someone who can keep this country on the right track, like Law and Justice.
    Effective immediately, the Greek embassy here in Warszawa has been closed. Those animals do not deserve to be helped. They must fend for themselves if they are to act savagely. I urge Poles in Greece to return home, before they turn on us. This speech is public, and there is not a doubt in my mind that the Greeks will direct hate at the Poles as well. Leave Greece, dear Poles, return home safely. The Polish embassy will only stay open one more week."

Morawiecki's speech has recieved mixed criticism, with many recognising the hypocracy throughout the speech with Morawiecki claiming that we must learn to love, while attacking the Russians and Greeks out of pure hatred and anger. Some have pointed out that the attack was condemned by the Greeks, who called the death of Demir 'tragic' and that Greece was 'mourn[ing] their death.' These calls have been drowned out by the Poles contiuned condemnation of the attack. Others have praised the speech, showing that Morawiecki is not only able to successfully lead his country, bt to give insight and willingness to assist the wider community.

President Duda refused to comment on the attack other than backing up what Morawiecki had said. The Greek embassy has been closed, and a memorial for Demir along the front of the Turkish embassy. The flags on the embassy and parliament building are being flown at half mast (Parliament flags are also half mast for the attacks in Poland's west as well). The Turkish memorial has candles, flowers, photos of Demir, and the flags of Poland and Turkey. Posters with #KochajNieNienawiść (Love not Hate) and #PolskaStoiPrzedTurcją (Poland stands by Turkey) written on them are also found at the memorial. A memorial at the scene of yesterday's terror attack in Gorzów Wielkopolski has doubled in size since the attack.

The Turkish-State
National greece

            Celebrating American Independence
            Sydney and Melbourne

Terri Irwin, Nicole Kidman, Oliver Wilson. These names and many more are well-known American Australians. With over 16000 Americans in Sydney and 11000 in Melbourne, as well as the tight relationship between the two nations, it seemed fitting that Australia partake in Independence Day celebrations. American parades and festivals celebrated the nations history and culture, and an exibit at the National Museum of Australia in Wodonga celebrated the 79 year old relationship between the two countries.

Federation Square in Melbourne hosted the first annual "American Indepedence Jamboree" with Australian bands like AC/DC and Midnight Oil playing American classics such as songs by Bruce Springsteen and Ray Charles. Tonight, Flinders Street station and the Sydney Opera House will be lit up in red, white, and blue.

Bosnia Comes Out Against Greece
Sarajevo Times

    Following the recent events in Greece, such as the dangerous military exercises, the acquittal of a man who murdered a Turkish student, and the description of the Turkish people as animals, Prime Minister Demirovic has condemned National greece and a travel advisory has been released, advising Bosnian tourists to exercise increased caution due to "terrorism against foreigners." Small-scale protests against the Greek government have also been noticed in Sarajevo.

    The Bosnian embassy to Athens also released a statement condemning Athens, and the government in Sarajevo announced the closure of the embassy with Greece, and gave Bosnian consular officers and ambassadors 2 days to leave Greece. Greek representatives and ambassadors were given until Sunday to leave Bosnia.

    Multiple members of the Bosnian parliament, most notably Edib Mitrović, have begun to push for an arrest warrant to be released against Prime Minister Kyriakos, but this movement isn't yet supported by the ruling party.

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