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(OOC: It is an incomplete news... And I posted it. Not incomplete rather I don't know what else to add in.)

Новините - Информационна агенция София
13 юни 2019 г.


Automotive manufacturer BULAVTO has recently acquired through sale the Bahovitsa Manufacturing Plant from previous owners, Litex Motors and Chinese company Great Wall Motors, as it's first dedicated manufacturing base in Bulgaria. The plant previously produced Great Wall models for the sale in the European market, but failed to make profit due to the strong competition from European manufacturers. BULAVTO owner Anton Nikolov stated, "The factory will be our primary manufacturing base for the new series of personal and commercial vehicles that we intend to sell across the European market. We hope that this will give us a chance to begin producing vehicles that we can begin exporting to neighbours and trade partners across the world." Currently, it has been stated that BULAVTO is in the process of designing a range of new vehicles, to begin with the production of a economic compact vehicle designed for the European Market. No current details are available at this time, but representatives have claimed that the first vehicles will be debuted later this year.


Following agreements signed with the United States, a deal has been struck to arm the Bulgarian Armoured Forces with a new main battle tanks. The deal was signed during a meeting at the embassy of the United States in Sofia, Bulgaria. The deal, the value of which is currently confidential, was drafted in March 2019, but finalised this month with an official signing ceremony at the Georgi Rakovski Officers Academy in Sofia. The deal has been hailed as "the start of the long road towards total modernisation of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, to put us on an equal technological level as our neighbours and our European allies. The vehicles, being the M1A2 with SEP additional package, will begin delivery by mid-July.

These states of the american union

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Россия сегодня - голос русского народа
1 июня 2019 г.


Military Engineers arrived today at Lubang Island, Luvindanao, to begin surveying and planning for the Russian Military Complex which will commence construction soon on the island. Following a deal signed with President Duterte, Russia was given access to the island as part of a comprehensive deal to strengthen the naval resolve of the nation, and to foster good faith between the two nations. According to rumours, the conplex will be built around the town of Calamias, with structures including a dock, barracks, and an airfield amongst others will be built. It has been also suggested that a deal has been struck to develop the islands tourism sector, which will help boost economic output in the region due to the high number of Russian service personnel which will be on the island. Regional authorities expressed concern to the MoD about local wildlife, particularly sea turtles, and have imposed environment terms to the contract which will assure their protection. Russian surveyors are now examining the area for the best building spot for the base, and are expected to finish in no more that 2 months.



US Secretary of State Michael Bloomberg arrived in Moscow for a meeting with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to discuss policy in the Middle East. The Kremlin has expressed concerns over events occuring in the region, and approached the United States with the interests of establishing a status over joint interests in the region. It is unclear of topics of which the two statesmen will discuss, as this information has been kept entirely confidential. Some political commentators in the nation believe that this may be an attempt by the Russian government to thaw relations with the United States, which were soured following the Russian annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014. Many are optimistic about the potential outcomes of the meeting.

In other news, President Vladimir Putin has announced an official state visit to Finland, to meet with President Susanna Korpela. Russia has expressed recently a desire to reestablish friendly relations with it's bordering nation, and hopes have been strengthened by this meeting. The Ministry of Trade have also stated the potential for economic cooperation, which would be able to benefit Russia's northern territories, and potentially allow for a boost in the newly invested Arctic tourism sector.

These states of the american union


The Ulyanovsk Aircraft Carrier has reportedly left it's basing in the Baltic for sea trials, officials state, The vessel is part of a revitalisation program started by the Russian MoD with interests in increasing the Russian navies blue water capabilities. The carrier is the first nuclear powered carrier developed by Russia, and is a continuation of an abandoned project during the time of the Soviet Union. It is expected to be able to carry 68 aircraft in total, including helicopters and AWACs aircaft. The Ulyanovsk has been touted for service in Russia's Baltic fleet, with rumours the the Kuznetsov carrier may be redeployed to the Pacific fleet, though currently there are no official statements. The Russian MoD have two more aircraft carrier models, including the Shtorm supercarrier, which are due for completion in the next few years. Personnel are already being extensively trained to crew the vessel, with training centres already operation in St. Petersburg. Recruits have supposedly been drawn from top classes at the Naval Academy.


Russian companies have begun the process of investment in Russia's Middle Eastern partners, notably Syria and the Arab Federation. It has been said that the companies have begun investment in hopes to expand the Russian market influence in the region, and provide jobs for the local population. Alfa-Bank announced on it's social media that it will be opening regional offices in the cities of Arbil and Kirkuk, Arab Federation, as well as opening branches to begin commerce and trading in the region. It is expected that the investment bank will be able to help fund regional projects such as energy and infrastructure, and hopefully move on to the rest of the country. Deals with Syria have also proven fruitful, with tariffs reportedly dropping and Russian companies planning investment in major cities such as Damascus and Aleppo.

The arab-federation

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    Repretel News
    National and international news

Central American Elections
Today sunday 16th of june, thousands of Central Americans across the country vote for their provincial governors, 22 seats of the 44 seats of the National Senate, and all 160 seats of the chamber of deputies, and local mayors.

Parties such as the centre right Nuevas Ideas are expected to take majority of the seats since current president Nayib Bukele has the most approval ratings since the government of Alvaro Arzu due to his accomplishments of fighting corruption and crime, development of the country, along others.

Far right party "Valor" lead by Zury Ríos Sosa, daughter of General Efrain Ríos Montt is expected to take second on the most votes due to its support for the reinstatement of the death penalty, support for initiative 5727 (law against abortion and same sex marriage), development of towns near the Central American borders, and educational reforms.

Left to far left parties such as the FNL (national liberation front), URN (national revolutionary union), MLCA (Movement of Central American Liberation) have formed a coalition known as the URCA (Central American Revolutionary Union) which have criticized the government of Nayib Bukele for accusing the parties of corruption, money laundering and financially aiding the MS13.

Results are expected to be released at late night to early monday depending on the rate of the elections. Both military and police have been released to enforce peace and tranquility throughout the elections. President Nayib Bukele has asked the population to remain calm during elections and to avoid fights between supporters of parties participating in the elections.

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            Student Protest for Peace

Nearly two million people have taken part in a mass protests in Ratnapura against the current civil conflict, organisers say.

If confirmed, it would be the largest protest in Sri Lanka's history. Police said turnout was 338,000 at its peak.

The masses turned out despite the 'peaceful' split between Sinhali and Eelam on Monday.

Many protesters, who fear increased tensions throughout Sri Lanka, are calling on Nandasiri to resign.

They are also demanding that the divide be scrapped, and Sri Lanka reunited.

Meanwhile, supporters of Thirana Pinto- the student leader who became the face of Sri Lanka's "Students for Peace" democracy and pacifist protests five years ago - say he will be released from prison later on Tuesday.

"Today's march we had almost two million people," Jimmy Cooray, from the Civil Human Rights Front protest group, told reporters late on Sunday evening.

The protest was mainly peaceful, with police officers reportedly holding back to allow the throngs of people to slowly pass through the city. This contrasted to scenes at the last previous major demonstration on Wednesday, which saw clashes between protesters and police that injured dozens.

The demonstration began early in the afternoon in front of the Ratnapura government house, with many wearing black.

Many held white flowers to mourn a protester who fell to his death on Saturday from a ledge, where hours earlier he had unfurled an anti-war banner.

The progress of the march was slow, as the large numbers of people blocked many streets and crowded train stations.

As darkness fell, protesters started to take over major roads and crossings and surrounded the legislative council building.

They carried placards that read "The students did not riot", in response to police labelling last Wednesday's student protests a riot - an offence punishable by up to 10 years in jail.

There was also scepticism among some protesters about Chandranehru's decision to give independence to Eelam if they win the conflict.

"Chandranehru and Nandasiri have ignored the feelings of Sri Lankans," Mr Herath, a 67-year-old protester, told the BBC. He said Nadasiri had "acted like it was no big deal" after a reported million people marched last week.

"Secondly, we are marching for the students who were brutally treated by the police. We need to get justice for them."

Hansi Madugalle, 20, who had joined the protests for the first time, said: "If Asanka sees so many people come out, and still doesn't listen - he's being an autocrat who doesn't listen to people. Our people can't accept that."

For the chief executive, the demonstrations will have taken on a particularly personal bent, as protesters chanted "Nadasiri - resign!" throughout during the day.

The scenes are reminiscent of 2003 - when half a million people protested against proposed national security legislation. The unpopular chief executive at the time, Sahun Wickremasinghe, resigned months later.

But even if Nadasiri resigns, there's no guarantee that protesters will be satisfied with what happens next - especially as President Chandranehru has mentioned the posibility of giving independence to Eelam.

There were clashes and 22 police and 60 protesters were injured when Nandasiri claimed Presidency last week. Authorities say 11 people were arrested. The police have been accused by some rights groups of excessive force.

Much of the public anger has been directed at Nadasiri, the leader of MOSL - who has since taken over the southern and central part of the island.

Nadasiri remained hidden from public view for days, until his announcement on Saturday claiming that his rule was 'undisputed' and 'peace won't change anything.' But he stopped short of saying that his rule would be permanent.

There has been speculation among analysts about Nadasiri's future amid the continued protests, with Eelam and the United States planning an attack on Ratnapura on Wednesday. The students have been made aware of this and will not be in the city during the attacks.

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Great israel

Israel News!

Netanyahu's new controversial policy hits the first page of the newspapers

It was not A long ago since he has announced his new foreign policy, embracing mass recognition of Jerusalem as the sole Capital city of Israel, and now Bibi has announced A new policy that might get slightly more support than the former, but still, be judged harshly. After the loud reactions from the international community, such as Afsharid Persia's complete support of the Palestinians, the office of Prime ministry has posted A reaction comment. it followed:

Lately, the international community has squeezed on Israel and as always, tried to applied pressure to take back our announcement. several things need to be cleared. The Prime Minister completely believes in Human and social rights for our citizens, no matter the race, gender, ethnicity or skin color, whatsoever, and Netanyahu would like to invite all of the Arabs who are not yet, to become citizens of Israel and have an Israeli passport, as our dear neighbors are always welcome to help our process of bringing REAL peace and prosperity to this holy land, and not only sign A peace 'treaty' that will surely cause more devastating wars than there already were. Our motive behind the decision, besides bringing peace and prosperity, is to break the Palestinian myth. The Oslo accords have made us recognize the Palestinian right of sovereignty, without the State of Israel being recognized as the sole Jewish state. furthermore, we would like the Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza to take an example from the Israeli Arabs, who work, live, eat and sleep together with Jews. Some of them recognize Israel as A state, some of them still wish for something we do not believe in called Free Palestine, but we do want real peace, and we will work towards the end for that. Thus, another policy that has disrupted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his deputy Moshe Feiglin, and changed was that, in any case of A war, terrorist attack or gunfight, instead of the original law of giving medical help to who is closer to losing his life first, from now on the immediate medical help will be given automatically to Israeli citizen or defense forces of any kind, whether its the police or the military. We have had enough of terrorists trying to murder, getting injured by our brave soldiers, and then given medical help first.
Thank you,
the office of Prime Minister of the State of Israel"

Left-wing protest in Tel Aviv against Netanyahu's policy

Following the rally of Netanyahu and his major policy change, A Left-wing protest took place in Tel Aviv, innovated by activists of Ha'Avoda (labor) party and Meretz, the only 2 Left-wing parties as of today in the Knesset. together with supporters of the Arab parties other activists of Left and Extreme Left-wing parties, as well as Arab students of Tel Aviv University, they all joined together to protest the new policy. their opinion was loud and clear, they opposed Netanyahu's moves as they get Israel further miles away from the 2 state solution and, according to their opinion, away from actual peace. Furthermore, they protested his reign as "undemocratic", as they believe his corruption charges are the truth, and he should step down immediately. It is yet to be seen whether he is guilty or clean of the charges, but we will have to wait until after the second elections to know.

Middle Eastern Prof. speaks.

We caught one of Israel's greatest experts in Middle Eastern culture and relations, professor Mordechai Cohen, to A minor conversation, to hear his opinions on the current situation.

On Bibi's alleged charges:

"It could be true, but I do not believe it, it is more likely A judicial coup is taking place. Remember, no matter how much he took for an alleged bribe, Peres and Rabin definitely surpassed him by far, we must fight the deep-state inside us."

On Israel's Left-wing decline:
"Definitely saddening Israel's left-wing is barely 15 seats in the Knesset out of 120. Israel had turned into A right-wing state only. The 2 State solution is not supported only by the left of course, but definitely not by majority. The Left will come back though. It only seems Israel's right-wing revolution is irreversible but it's not. The Right-wing is on the rise because of security and harsh retaliation. I can guarantee that if in 2005 when we withdrew from Gaza, the predictions would have been right and Gaza would be Middle Eastern Singapore rather than a humanitarian crisis, most of the Israelis would have turned Left and support 2 states."

On Israel's current system:
"Parliamentary rule is A failure. It funny to me how 5 seat-party can force A whole nation to go into elections yet again, 2 in the same year because of ego issues. In Israel, the Secular-Religious division, conservative or liberal, socialist or capitalist, they are all minor changes that can force each politician to establish his own party. Take A prime example at These states of the american union, A Right-Wing party can consist of progressive right, conservative, religious, secular, liberal, etc. Same about the Democrats.

On Palestinians:
I would really want to recognize their sovereignty wishes, but how can I believe they really identify themselves as one People if A father does not let his Hebronian daughter marry A Nablusi husband? And in Gaza, they hate the Bank's Palestinians. They need to make peace between themselves and get out of the old tribal primitive way, or else they will end up like Yemen and half of Africa. "

Middle Eastern tensions:
"Politically correct people try to make the Persian-Arabian conflict as A recent one for domination, it's more than that. They do not like to say it, but their rivalry goes A thousand years back. Whos side are we? none. It is definitely ironic that the Persians that are historically our allies see us as their greatest rival, but let them deal with the Arabs first. Persia as of now, rules by proxy an entire Arab nation in Yemen. Persia as of now occupies REAL Arab land that is Abu Musa and the Tunbs, and believe me it's more important than Judea and Samaria. We definitely should be open for every nation, to accept peace from everyone and not take pride too much, but not sacrifice too much. "

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    Repretel News
    National and international news

first openly gay deputy removed
Aldo Dávila, first openly gay deputy from the Winaq party elected in the capital district was removed from his position just hours after being elected.

Winaq's Aldo Dávila the first openly gay deputy elected in Central America was removed just hours after being elected in the capital district. The TSE (supreme electoral tribune) made this decision just 2 hours after his election and has not expressed its reason why Aldo Dávila was removed from his position as deputy of winaq to the capital district, although thee TSE has stated that his position will be taken by the second place candidate. The Central American LGBTQ community has criticized and questioned this decision and has stated the county and government as homophobic and blamed the recent initiative "initiative 5727" and the homophobia of the country, not many outside the LGBTQ community has questioned this decision and with few even agreeing with this decision made by the TSE. The Central American government has not made any statements about the decision of the TSE and is not expected to anytime soon.

As in the results of the 2019 central american elections, they have yet not been announced but are expected to be announced soon by the supreme electoral tribune.

The-peoples republic of china

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The maghreb union of tunisia and algeria

Algerian arms deal

The US military has agreed to sell the Maghreb Union several weapons being
25 General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon
25 Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II
50 TWQ-1 Avenger
This all for 1.5 billion dollars greatly improves the Unions Air strength and defense as well as hopefully improving future relations between The maghreb union of tunisia and algeria and These states of the american union.

Afsharid Persia, Trontasky, The Australis Republic, and Kieitai

Ship Deal between Australia and Luvindanao

Australias order of the two Formidable-class frigates, and two Victory-class corvettes are planned to be delivered by the end of the year, around November. The deal which was around $1.7 billion dollars has been reduced to $1.2 billion in exchange for the Durance-class tanker which the Australian navy was planning to decommission prior to the finalisation of the agreement just days ago.

The Australian Government has also made the Luvindanaon Navy aware of the ships history in South East Asia, with its crew vandalising several bars in Manila, and Singapore, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. Alongside what the ships authority described as a sex gambling game. Upon hearing of this, Defense Minister Miguel Ko joked that the ship was going to be cleansed upon arrival in Singapore. The 500 ft long ship is going to be receiving heavy modification and be repurposed as a multi-purpose amphibious transport dock.

Due to Luvindanao being spread over vast maritime territory the country is now investing more in its ability to move between Luvindanaos islands with ease. The Purchase of three aircraft carriers from the British earlier this year gave Luvindanao significant projection ability within its own vast territorial waters.

Luvindanao purchases Russian helicopters

Russia and Luvindanao has just signed a two year $1.94 billion dollar deal for the purchase of twenty Mi-17 and ten Mi-26 heavy duty utility helicopters, and a hundred 100 Mi-35VM attack helicopters. With the strengthening of Russian and Luvindanaon cooperation, there is fear that it is placing a strain on US-Luvindanao relations. Though the Foreign Ministry has stated that Luvindanao is absolutely transparent to the US in regards to its relationship with Russia. Foreign Minister Eko Ali said that he wrote to the American foreign ministry himself, writing that though Russia is a partner that Luvindanao values, US-Luvindanao relations has been no less invalidated by such developments.

    "We are completely open to the Americans, they are our oldest allies. But As I wrote to my American counterparts, the issues in Asia is extremely complex and volatile. In this modern world American interventionism is often seen to be something of negative effect, and in the current atmosphere of Asian politics, we're really trying to keep everyone happy. The Russians are a compromise, they don't anger the Chinese, and they are not as invested in Asian affairs as they are in European affairs which makes them less of an enemy to Asian countries. "

    Stated Foreign Minister Eko Ali, he then continued.

    "The sale of these helicopters are really to bolster Luvindanaos abilities to move from island to island. We're not a big country, but we are so spread out, being composed of thousands of islands sitting over dozens of small seas. We really are trying to invest in capability in this aspect. I spoke to Defense Minister Miguel Ko about this and he said he was happy with the development, he and I were both present during negotiations for these planes and we're really happy with what we're seeing."

The helicopters are expected to begin delivery in the next two weeks.

There is also a planned goodwill visit from the Russian navy, with the Slava-Class Cruiser Varyag and the Sovremenny Class Destroyer Bystryy touring Luvindanao for a month.

Response to Vietnamese and Chinese claims over the South China Sea

We are absolutely mortified upon hearing of the statement made by the Vietnamese prime minister, in how the "South China Sea is clearly, undoubtedly, and indubitably, Chinese and Vietnamese maritime territory". This has angered many Luvindanaons, and has now shifted the entire view on China within Luvindanao going from a rather popular image to levels that have not been seen since the Cold War. As Luvindanaon fears have come to fruition, Luvindanao is now attempting to find a way to react without provocation. Though the narrative of the statement is clear in how it is a provocation and an incitement of Luvindanaos sovereign rights.

Prime Minister Duterte who has been actively attempting to better relations with what were considered to be the traditional Western enemies such as Russia and China, is now considering rallying Luvindanao and its allies against this new Vietnamese and Chinese aggressions.

    "I have let the alliance between Vietnam and China pass as I understand the requirement for national security for both countries. But now to say that the South China Sea is theres completely and absolutely, now challenges our own national security. I have made it clear that we were not against this new alliance, but simply cautious of its ability to outnumber Luvindanao in the issue that is the South China Sea. But with this statement, our fears have come true. Vietnam and China are undermining our existence and security and have made the South China Sea their own, this is just frankly unacceptable. I did not want to anything that would cause Luvindanao harm, but it seems that by letting Vietnam and China pass is a mistake, and is harming Luvindanao."

    ~ President Duterte

Luvindanao has now granted permission for Australian vessels to dock in Luvindanaon ports for support. Though there are no plans for engagements, though the military is on standby, but has made no significant actions or militarisation of the region. This is in efforts of allowing the Chinese and Vietnamese party space to evaluate the situation and to allow for the opening of a dialogue without bad blood.

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Great israel

Response from the office of Foreign Ministry regarding [nation]Central American Alliance.[/nation]
”Good afternoon.
After some pressure put on us by our LGBT community to share our take on Central American Alliance’s recent removal of an openly gay deputy. We know the fellow country, and we tend to believe their deicision is based solely on professional manners for the sake of their lovely country in the centre that connects the South and North of America into one flourishing continent. However, As the state that represents the Jewish people, we have proven time and time again we always fight for and preserve basic human rights, especially in the Gay parade we host in Tel Aviv and our lovely capital of Jerusalem. Assuming the decision of the removal have in fact been based on gender identity and free expression of different love interest than the majority, then we have to send our dear condemnation of the act. It is 2019, and we now understand that the LGBT is no different than any of us humans, and neglecting them from their rightfully deserved equality may indeed present A picture of an old minded, outdated and inhumane set of mind. We dearly hope we are correct and the nation’s administration can not dare to act on such A case as A respectable nation, however assuming it is true we would like to offer our help to all LGBT communities worldwide.
Thank you,
The office of Foreign ministry of the State of Israel.”

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    Amplifying Danish Current Events to the World

    Dahl Celebrates Kalmar Union Anniversary

      June 17 marked the 622nd anniversary of the foundation of the Kalmar Union⁠—named as Denmark's lost empireーand after almost 500 years since its cessation, the government decided to commemorate it.

      On a fairly sunny afternoon in Roskilde, Prime Minister Kristian Dahl and his cabinet, together with prominent members of the Royal Family and private individuals from the Danish Historical Society attended an elaborate, yet solemn service headed by Bishop Peter Fischer-Møller was held in the Roskilde Cathedral where lies Queen Margaret I, the founder of the Kalmar Union followed by a film viewing that was prepared by the Historical Department of the University of Copenhagen presenting the life of Queen Margaret I from her infancy to her reign as Denmark's monarch. To further commemorate the Queen's works, her sarcophagus was decorated with flowers and a large gold silk blanket was placed over her marble body like a blanket, symbolizing the rich history Denmark had under her reign. Other monarchs that are interred in the cathedral like the Christian IV, Denmark's longest-reigning monarch, and Frederick IX, the Queen's father, were also given special attention by having a frame of flowers installed on their sarcophagi.

      The Prime Minister soon gave a speech about the role of the monarchy in Denmark's nation-building. He emphasized the uniqueness of nations with rich and elaborate histories and tales brought by the presence of their respective monarchies that stood the test of time and subtlely shutting down famous Republican arguments by calling presidencies as "controlled dictatorships".

        "The modern Denmark we now know today only existed in the late 18th and early 19th century, yet the heritage that we so love have existed for over a millennia and that is all thanks to the ever-serving members of the monarchy that had persevered despite the challenges of the eras. The institution has remained loyal to its subjects just as how its subjects are loyal to the institution and it is my personal mandate to maintain, if not further develop, this relationship by 'emphasizing the monarchy in Denmark's national development'".

        "...the president is a controlled-dictator. All that is needed left is political support and the whole political landscape is changed to the preference of the president. It's unstable and is simply oriented to the individual, not to mandate and duty he or she swore to his or her constituents.

      Dahl's remarks, let alone the whole event, left everyone raising their eyebrows in surprise as no one ever thought of commemorating such event, even the Queen's Household never got the idea of doing such. Experts suggests it's the government's baby steps in asserting the monarchy through in a showcase of magnificent achievements made by past monarchs which led them to choose this day. For a royalist like Dahl, it's expected that this is only the beginning.

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Beograd Danas


President Lazar B. Jerkov this afternoon signed the Legislative Referendum Act, which was during the week passed by Skupština, and decided to hold a national address from his office in Palace of Serbia. Here is what he said:

"My fellow citizens,

About a year ago, you empowered me to lead our great nation into a prosperous future. An extraordinary year has passed behind us, and no matter the fact that my hair has gone more gray than what it was back a year ago, I must say that I am proud over the work that we have done together. I have always believed in a power of one man to change the society, as I believe in that ideal now. Ideal of an proud and responsible citizen is a key belief that constitutes our democracy and our way of life. At the end of the day, when we're all back to our families, the only thing that counts is have we changed our working place and living space in a better way, in order to step by step improve the entire society to make it easier for our beloved children. One year ago, you gave me your trust, and the time has come for me to return my trust to you. And that is the main reason why am I addressing you today.

This morning, I was proud to sign an Act which would shape our democracy for the decades to come. Suggested by my fellow party colleagues, the Legislative Referendum Act passed the Skupština with large support of all MPs who want to see more democracy, not less. This Act made our system more direct, and citizens more able to participate in our political life. But, my fellow countrymen, this Act also requests more political responsibility from every single voter. I believe in Serbia. I believe that we can stabilize the system over this question, and that we would not turn it into the devastating measure which would end up in the large area of post-communist no-ones responsibility. From this morning, every citizen's motion that is able to collect 200 thousands of regularly registred signatures would be sent to the Constitutional Court, and if the Court find that it is not against our great Constitution, it would be sent into the public vote on referendum. That way, all the citizens and their motions, if they are in accordance with Constitution and gain requested support, would be able to create a subject for referendum and, if it pass, to create a law. I see no way more direct to have a system of stable democracy, but to make all our citizens capable to produce laws themselves. Those so-called "referendum laws" would not need the passing trough the Skupština, nor the President would be able to veto them because of the previous approval of the Constitutional Court. But, let me remind you, we need to look at this as a responsible duty, and not a game. Let us not end up in a populist wave of short-term irresistible but long-term destructive laws. To partly prevent this, and to overcome the absurdance, the constitutional changes would not be able to be proposed trough the referendum. Civil rights would never be a subject of a voting, even if majority, led by populistic reasons, would like to earse them. Also, changes of Constitution would not be a subjects of referendum, because Constitutional Court would de facto be forced to reject them as un-Constitutional. This is a hard part, but we had to made it that way, in order to protect the long-term stability of our democracy.

No matter that, I still believe that we have made a large job with this Act, as I am certain that we have done a great things in previous year. No matter the opposition towards many of mine proposals, my team has done a wonderful stuff regarding the welfare, education and housing problems. And we are going to continue to do that, with God's help and your support. As a leader responsible for unity of this wonderful nation, I would still give my best to preserve the mutual trust between myself and all of mine fellow citizens. To achieve that ideal, I need a help from all of you.

Thank you, and God bless you all!"

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These states of the american union

Statement from the Department of State & the Pentagon
Date: June 18, 2019
Topic: US-Luvindanao Security Relations Strengthened Amid Increased Tensions in South China Sea

      After continual communication between the Department of State and the Department of Defense with Luvindanao, President Joe Biden of These states of the american union have fully agreed to provide Prime Minister Rodrigo Roa Duterte the absolute support of the US military amid the aggressive actions and rising tensions stemming from the recent actions of The-peoples republic of china and Kieitai. The South China Sea is located within international waters and is a major trading hub and vital location for maritime industries for Asia-Pacific countries that have a coast on the South China Sea. Continual expansion of aggressive policies and harboring regional destabilizing intentions is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. The United States of America shall come to the aid of our strategic partners in the region to ensure the fullest of protection to their maritime waters and territorial sovereignty. This new initiative pertains to Luvindanao. Through transparency and successful diplomacy, a security agreement has been established with the following stipulations, of which will allow for further greater US presence and operations within the Asia-Pacific region:

  • The United States of America has been provided access to Luvindanao military facilities

  • The United States of America is receiving a new base in Northern Luzan, fully fitted to host a large runway

  • A new port shall be allocated exclusively for American ships

      President Joe Biden has fully accepted the offers granted to the United States to fully guarantee the sovereignty and national integrity of Luvindanao in addition to other Asia-Pacific countries that are paranoid and suspicious of continual encroachment and aggression being demonstrated by Beijing. The United States does not recognize the Vietnamese nor Chinese claims in the South China Sea and therefore, urges the international community to do the same. Per the security agreements with Luvindanao, the following reinstated naval ships located in Hawaii will be sent to Luvindanao in addition to the following aircraft:

  • USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63) Super Aircraft Carrier

  • USS Columbus Attack Submarine

  • USS Barry Destroyer

  • USS Shiloh Cruiser

  • USS John S. McCain Destroyer

  • USS Mississippi Attack Submarine

  • USS Henry M. Jackson Ballistic Missile Submarine

  • 8 x General Dynamics–Grumman EF-111A Raven Electronic Warfare Aircraft

  • 7 x Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler Electronic warfare/Attack Aircraft

  • 4 x Lockheed P-3 Orion/CP-140 Aurora/Arcturus maritime patrol Aircraft

  • 5 x Lockheed S-3 Viking anti-submarine aircraft

  • 3 x McDonnell Douglas A-12 Avenger II attack aircraft

  • 15 x McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet fighter/attack aircraft

  • 2 x Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit stealth bombers

  • 3 x Rockwell B-1 Lancer strategic bombers

  • 3 x Boeing B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers

  • 15 x F-15E Strike Eagle Multi-role Strike Fighter

  • 5 x F-22A Raptor Fighter Jet

  • 2 x E-3G Sentry Command and Control/Airborne Warning and Control Jet

  • 1 x RC-135S Cobra Ball Reconnaissance/Ballistic Missile Reconnaissance Aircraft

  • 2 x RC-135W Rivit Joint Reconnaissance/Signal and Electronic Intelligence Aircraft

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            Andrew's bill knocked down by Federal Government
            Melbourne, Victoria

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrew's bill that would have allowed parents to choose the gender of their child on their child's birth certificate has been rejected by the Federal government. Under the new bill, Victorians would no longer need surgery to change gender on their birth certificate, instead being able to pick male, female, or non-binary.

Australia's right has called on the Federal government to rebuke the bill, calling it 'stupid' and 'a threat' to Australia's 'Christian democracy.' Australian President Scott Morrison, who is a Pentacostal Christian, has commented on the bill as 'senseless' and 'a scary awakening.'

"This bill, it makes no sense," says Rise Up Australia founder Danny Nalliah, "because the bill implies that the parents have more of a say in the child's gender than the child itself. This gives progressive parents the power to confuse and brainwash a potentially normal child into being something that they're not. When will Australia's radical left understand that gender isn't a choice? If you're born with male genitalia, you're a male. If not, you're a female. No chosing, no mix-and-match. Children are human beings made in God's image, not little frankensteins for progressive parents."

The National Republican Party has called the Democratic Socialist Party a 'genuine threat to logic and Christian values.'

Following these statements, activists vandalised St. Paul's Cathedral in Melbourne, claiming that the iconic building is 'for oppressors, by oppressors.'

            Australia's Newest Aircraft Carrier Fleet
            Adelaide, South Australia

Australia has been searching for a replacement for it's aging Invincible-class Aircraft carrier fleet [NSA Pacific and NSA Tasman] since 2014, when many countries (including the ship's home country, the United Kingdom) decommissioned their fleets.

In 2017, Australian shipbuilders in Adelaide begun the construction of Australia's first Avenger-class Aircraft Carrier, based of the Italian Cavour-class light carrier. Defence minister Linda Reynolds was present in Adelaide when NSA Carpentaria (II) was released, annoucing that the Morrison government will undersee a 'new age' for the Australian Navy, including the new Arafura-class offshore patrol vessels that will be released later this year, which are said to be best described as 'a scaled-down version of USS Independence.'

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            The Fall of MOSL
            Ratnapura, Sinhali

The nineteenth of June 2019. Today will be a lifechanging day for all of Sri Lanka and for the world.

Today, the several hundreds of thousands of MOSL troops and officals reigning over a large portion of the country all met in Ratnapura for the regime's first large meeting. Called the 'Ratnapura Rally,' it was a conference for the regime to annouce their plans for the region. The antisemetic, anti-Islamic, ultranationalist Marxist regime's plans for Sinhali would have devastated the region, including the invasion of Eelam and massacre of millions of minorities across the region. Asanka Nadasiri, leader of MOSL, commented that he would turn Sinhali into 'a buddhist rendition' of ISIK and Nazi Germany. He annouced plans to launch an authoritarian society which would 'spread Marxism to every last corner of earth,' calling the names of the Japanese Empire, China, USSR, Nazi Germany, and Vietnam as 'weak and pathetic,' demonstrating his plan for a more successful regime that included various assassinations of world leaders and opposition, even bringing up the idea of stealing nukes from India, China, and Pakistan.

At 1100 hours local time, a joint fleet of 18 American and Tamil jets attacked the city, with the Eelam jets carpet-bombing the city at 1100 and the American wave coming 10 minutes later. A small fleet Sinhalese BMP-3s were quickly armed as the city was carpet-bombed for about half an hour before land troops invaded the city. The battle of Ratnapura lasted several hours, with the entirety of the Eelam air fleet, aside from a single Chengdu F-7, where shot down. The death count reaches millions, with 70% of the city completely destroyed. Nandasiri was taken alive and sent to Tricomalee.

Eelam troops, with the help of America and Egypt, joined the seige on Colombo, with the rightful government of Sri Lanka expected to take back it's country late tonight or early in the morning. With the massacre of most of MOSL, many of it's supporters have surrendered and lost faith in MOSL.

LTTE leader Avira Thamotharampillai has stated that she expects to see stablility in Sri Lanka arise quickly, annoucing that the conflcit will finish as quickly as it begun.

4 x F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
1 x B-2 Spirit Stealth strategic heavy bomber
3 x Boeing F-15SE Silent Eagle Multi-role fighter/strike fighters

1x IAI Kfir
2x PAC JF-17 Thunder
3x Chengdu F-7
4x MiG-29

These states of the american union
The north african wattan
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    Repretel News
    National and international news

2019 Central American elections results
Due to disturbances during the elections throughout many parts of the country the results of the 2019 Central American elections have been delayed until now. Finally the Supreme Electoral Tribune has released the results of the Central American elections, as expected to many the centralist party "Nuevas Ideas" have swept both chamber of deputies and Senate by winning 55 seats in the chamber of deputies, 10 seats in the senate, provincial governor of El Salvador and Nicaragua, and multiple mayors elected. Far right party Valor won 45 seats in the chamber of deputies, 6 seats in the Senate, Zury Ríos declared president of the chamber, multiple mayors elected. The leftist coalition known as the Central American Revolutionary coalition (CCAR) only gained one seat in the chamber of deputies and none in the Senate.
Guatemala: Edmond Mulet [Humanista]
Belice: Francis Fonseca [independent]
El Salvador: Michelle Sol [Nuevas Ideas]
Honduras: Salvador Nasralla [PAC]
Nicaragua: Felix Maradiaga [Nuevas Ideas]
Costa Rica: Carlos Alvardo [Accíon Ciudadana]
Panama: Laurentino Cortizo [PRD]
Chamber of Deputies
Nuevas Ideas
Secretary General: Fedrico Gerardo Anliker
Seats won: 55
Secretary General: Ana Bernat Confiño
Seats won: 45
Secretary General:
Seats won: 26
Anti Curroption Party PAC
Secretary General: Marlene Alverenga
Seats won: 10
Secretary General: Armando Castillo
Seats won: 6
Secretary General: Samuel A. Perez Alvarez
Seats won: 6
Secretary General: Sonia Gonzales
Seats won: 6
Accion Ciudadana
Secretary General: Anthony Cascante Rodriguez
Seats won: 5
CCAR (coalition)
Sears won: 1
Total 160

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National greece

      The Greek National

    Greece Produces More than 20 Percent of Power from Renewables

Greece is one of nine countries around the world which produces more than 20 percent of its electric energy from solar and wind power. This surprising news is part of the newly-released “Renewables 2019 Global Status Report,” compiled by the organization called REN21. Although renewable energy sources are currently responsible for 26 percent of global electricity production, stronger policies are required in all sectors in order for energy systems to become sustainable, the report said.

The President of REN21, Arthouros Zervos, says in a statement “With countries having to set more ambitious climate goals in 2020, this report shows that there are several opportunities to boost action and improve people’s lives by expanding energy transition throughout the economy.” The release of the Renewables 2019 Global Status Report marks fifteen years since Bonn2004, the landmark international conference which gave rise to REN21. From the outset, REN21’s mandate has been to collect, consolidate and synthesize a vast body of renewable energy data across the globe to provide clear and reliable information on what is happening in real time. This mandate still holds true today and is more crucial than ever, as the world still depends so heavily on fossil fuels.

    PM Approves of Military Drills in the Mediterranean

The Hellenic Military will conduct offensive military training within the Mediterranean Sea starting at 12 AM tomorrow morning. The objective of these training is to prepare the Greek military for taking offensive measures if the country decided to go to war. The Hellenic Navy will train with all of it's accessible equipment and will go under tense military training for 2 weeks. The Prime Minister will oversee these drills along with the Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff.

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These states of the american union

Department of Defense
$750,000,000 Military Deal Confirmed
15 Boeing X-23 Stealth Joint Strike Fighter Sold to Australia

    The Department of Defense of These states of the american union has confirmed the approval of a $750,000,000 military deal with The Australis Republic. Per the deal, Australia has purchased 15 Boeing X-23 Stealth Joint Strike Fighters. The deal would be officially solidified with the United States taking ownership of the air field that was being constructed by The-peoples republic of china prior to being kicked out of West Australia. The airstrip is located approximately 49 miles south of Karratha and 18 miles inland from the Port of Cape Preston. With the acquiring of the airstrip, of which shall be called the US MacArthur Pacific Airfield & Logistics Base, the Department of Defense and State Department views this event as a major success in pushing back the encroaching presence of Beijing throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.

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    Visión Centroaméricano
    National and International News

troops sent to control migrant problem
1,000 troops will be sent to the northern border between Mexico and Central America to help control the migrant problem which have affected the national borders in the past week.

Currently hundreds of immigrants cross through Central America to reach their destination such as the United States or Mexico. The Federal government has taken this action in order to control the migrant problem which affect both borders. The government plans to achieve the reduction of illegal immigration, reduction of human and drug trafficking, etc.

Just recently 125 immigrants from Angola, Brasil and haití who's goal was to cross Mexico and reach the United states where captured in the northern province of Guatemala. Atleast 20 children have been affected with some having fevers and other transported to an emergency hospital due thier conditions such as pneumonia and diarrhea. Most have been transferred to detention centers in Honduras where they will be checked out for health problems and whether they will be deported or be given a visa.

Many hopeless immigrants have decided to give up and stayed in streets of Central America such as in Guatemala city where many can be seen laying in the streets waiting to be help by local and governmental organizations.

The province of Guatemala is not the only province heavily affected, the southern province of Panama have reported thousands of immigrants crossing through the dense jungles. The current governor of Panama Juan Carlos Varela has states that atleast 4 thousands immigrants are displaced in that zone. Currently talks are being talked on whether troops will be sent to panama to control the crisis in its southern border.

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National greece

      The Greek National

    Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis Invites Israeli Prime Minister to Athens

The Prime Minister's spokeswoman confirmed to the press this afternoon that Kyriakos Mitsotakis have extended an invitation to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Athens to speak historical and current relations. Both Israel and the Hellenic civilization have been natural allies for a thousand years. The Prime Minister boasted Israel calling them a country with rich history and contributed much to today's society. Its rumored the two leaders will talk about Israel's international standing and whether Greece will back them on a international level along with other things.

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