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National greece

      The Greek National

    New Government To Form

The elections have been called with the New Democracy Party winning the majority within Parliament. The party picked up 132 seats while the Syriza party lost 50 seats bringing their 144 to 94 seats losing the majority with the independents. Kyriakos Mitsotakis who is President of the New Democracy Party is the proclaimed Prime Minister, and will be sworn in as head of government by the President for 8 AM tomorrow morning. This sweeping victory came to a shock for the Syriza Party who openly admitted that they were completely unaware of the new wave of right wing conservatism to sweep through Greece. Prime Minister Elect Mitsotakis claims he will reunite Greece with all Greeks, and will begin domestic and foreign policy that will have a “Greece First” agenda. Many are curious to what this will mean moving forward, as the protests in the country come to slow down, many people who partaken in the protest wish for him to reclaim lost Greek territory for which it is rightfully theirs. Mitsotakis gave a statement that reads:

“The people took to the streets to protest, and went to the voting booth to vote for their true leader. They people want answers and want their culture back, and I shall answer that call by any means necessary. The people have put their faith in me and I shall never let them down.”

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            Sri Lankan Anarchy

After MOSL leader Asanka Nandasiri took over the nation yesterday, President Chandranehru and Prime Minister Anandasangaree have seeked refuge in Trincomalee. Tamil Sri Lankans and other Sri Lankan patriots and loyalists have fled to the nation's north and east, into the area known as Tamil Eelam. Although the region is not independent, it has been the unoffical safehaven for Sri Lankan loyalists and Tamils. Many sinhalese families have fled to Tamil Eelam, the least violent parts of Sri Lanka due to being under Sri Lankan Government and LTTE control.

Asanka commanded an air raid and invasion by MOSL and Sri Lankan Military forces, the first of it's type during the conflict. Sinhalese extremists and Government Loyalists agreed to the attack, which never occured, but around half of the military left, fleeing to join LTTE. Sri Lankan citizens, Tamil and Sinhalese alike, who have fleed to Tamil Eelam have been seen replacing the Sri Lankan flag with the Tamil Eelam (LTTE) flag.

The rest of Sri Lanka, now named Sinhali, who's capital is Ratnapura, has cut the orange and green stripes off it's flags, which represent Tamils and Moors (and Islam) respectively. Colombo is disputed territory. The parliament building was burnt overnight as Nandasiri fled to the nation's south.

The border between Eelam and Sinhali have been likened to 'the trenches of the second world war' (Anderson, CNN)

Green = Tamil Eelam
Grey = Sinhali

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    Amplifying Danish Current Events to the World

    Denmark Controls Her Seas

    The Royal Danish Air Force serves several functions under the big operational umbrella of 'protecting Danish airspace': air search and rescue, interception of hostile aircraft, defense from electronic attacks, and the crucial task of protecting Danish sea trade routes from pirates. However, with the ever-growing Air Force keeps on growing in terms of equipment and manpower, their operational jurisdiction is deemed to grow as well.

    The North Sea serves as Denmark's major sea route as it is the only body of water that connects Copenhagen to the Atlantic and beyond as well as its holdings in Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The security conditions in the area dictate the state of the nation's maritime industry which is a major factor to many of Denmark's industries which includes manufacturing as many of them are exported to nations across the sea and the Atlantic. Increasing reports of maritime incidents continue to become a major issue in the North Sea, with statistics suggesting that the North Sea is one of the world's most dangerous seas to traverse. While the effects of it may not be as impactful to the economy due to the utilization of air and land transport, Denmark in the risk of losing millions of dollars worth of goods when such accidents arise, a risk that not worth taking for a nation that is sensitive about its economy. Now with the introduction of the Kawasaki P-1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft to the Air Force from Japan (naru_japan), the maritime control capabilities of the RDAF that used to be solely handled by the Navy have greatly increased. In result, the seas can now be observed better from the skies and the personnel on board the plane can communicate with the crew on any ship, much like an air traffic controller in the sea. Eskadrille 748 of the Air Control Wing that houses all 6 of the RDAF's MPAs has been regularly conducting maritime control missions since June and has been consistent in sending at least two birds day and night. With such presence, seamen and the whole maritime industry as a whole will be better protected from unwanted accidents in hope of greatly decreasing the number of capsizing ships and maritime deaths in the North Sea.

    Prime Minister Tours Eastern Europe

      Prime Minister Kristian Dahl is set to have his first foreign visit as Prime Minister since the general elections, starting with Eastern Europe.

      The Prime Minister's Press Department announced yesterday that the Prime Minister will be visiting Ukraine (Cossacks ukraine) and Greece (National greece starting tomorrow until June 16 as he will spend a day or two on each country, depending on the laid out itinerary. Endorsement of business investments and intergovernmental cooperation will be the main agenda of Dahl's week-long visit in equipped with the ambition of expanding Danish business and diplomatic influence among 'partner' European countries.

        "I personally take this opportunity of meeting with the leaders of Ukraine and Greece with a goal to further strengthen Denmark's diplomatic and economic relations with our partner nations in the European Union as well as our partners in Ukraine in hope of creating a 'comfort zone' for Danish businesses to invest. I believe that each country may have something we can benefit from in the same view as we do to them and I am interested in that." [Prime Minister Kristian Dahl]

      Dahl will bring business representatives from Maersk, Therma A/S, Lego Group and IO Interactive with him in his visits aside from the standard diplomatic personnel that is always with the Prime Minister during foreign visits.

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Post self-deleted by Kieitai.

Beograd Danas


Famous Serbian tycoon, owner and CEO of Gamma Holding, Marko Goranovich yesterday received Man of the year award, given to him by the redaction of Belgrade Stock Market Magazine. He received the price in on a party organized at his Holding's headquarters, where he gave a speech in presence of his workers and business partners, as well as many politicians whose donator he is well-known to be. Among others, there were President of Serbia Lazar Jerkov (DS), SDP leader Igor Mittenovich and DHSS party whip Viktor Obradovich, as well as many other public faces, captured by journalists.
In his speech, "the richest man of Balkans", worth some $10 billions, said:

"Ladies and gentlemen - dear friends,

Everyone who knows me is familiar with the fact that I love athletics. From my youth, I did a racewalking. Many of you probably now asks themselves what does that has to do with my business success, but in fact it has quite a lot. Like in a racewalking, business has it's rules. You can walk as fast as possible, but if you start running, you would be disqualified. The same rule exists in our job - the market gives you the exact shape of what you're able to do. There's no magic in economy. If you do your job well, committed and patient all the time, you would be awarded, but if you think that you are smarter than the rest just because you are more innovative, then you'll end up swallowed by competition companies. So, this award makes me able to tell that the people of Gamma Holding did a great job in previous year. This is not just an award for me, but an award for entire team of wonderful people who work in four companies that constitutes our Holding. From those who work in our consulting and banking sector, to those who work in estate construction and trade, they all played according to rules and now awards start to come. Tonight, I want to thank them all for doing their best. Gamma Holding would not be what it is without those people.

On the other hand - and I would finish with this - I must say that I am really proud because I receive an award given to me by official magazine of Belgrade Stock Market. I was on BSM from it's first days on the beginning of 1990's and I know how large job we have done in order to create an liquid market, trusted all around the continent. So, I feel pretty emotionally about this award, for it comes from people with whom I work for almost 30 years. I thank them all for the trust they have not in me, but in Gamma Holding. Today, we build. We are currently in multiple projects, from stimulating the Serbian agricultural production, to building up our mountain tourism. Those are a capital projects, in which we are confident because we know each and every man of our Holding, and we know that we can trust him for doing his best and accelerating the progress. So, my last promise, to all of you present here tonight, whom I refer as honest friends of mine, that this acceleration is not going to end up in the following year, but to grow even larger and stronger. We are going to create more workplaces for young experts and leaders, because we believe that they are those who are capable to continue the work once our generation face the final passing. We invest in future, and that is where the secret of our success lays. Thank you."


Before a trip to USA, where he would meet with US President Biden and the rest of Balkan leaders in Camp David, Prime Minister Markovich addressed the press on Urosh Palovich airport. In a short comment he said:

"This is a great honor for me to meet with President Biden personally, less than a month after he took office. This meeting sends a clear message of importance that our region presents for USA, and I am heading to Camp David with confidence and optimism. I believe that this meeting would be productive, at first place in giving an exact return of US economic and diplomatic involvement in Balkan matters after a 30 years of almost complete absence from the region."

After that, he passed to the airplane doors, from where he waved to journalists with a optimistic smile on his face.

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These states of the american union

June 6, 2019
Bay of Bengal 1445 (2:45 PM local time)
Coordinates: 8.763626, 86.094562
361.12 miles East from Izham

The US 7th Fleet, under the command of Commander Phillip G. Sawyer, have arrived at the designated coordinates to initiate US intervention within Sri Lanka. Back in Washington DC, the Washingtonians with President Joe Biden sat in the Situation Room directly monitoring the situation and communicating with Phillip G. Sawyer to determine the best way to commence operations. After a few moments, the commencing of operations toward Sri Lanka would begin. Establishing a well-guarded parameter around the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) Aircraft Carrier with radar and detection systems and anti-air/missile systems activated and functional. To begin operations, the USS Antietam (CG-54) guided missile cruiser have been ordered to launch 3 x BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles toward the town of Ella to target specifically the Kital Ella Railway to incapacitate MOSL transportation capabilities. With the launching of the BGM-109 Tomahawks, 3 x F-35C Lightning II Carrier-based Fighter aircraft have been deployed from the aircraft carrier with the intentions of coordinated aerial assault on MOSL occupied areas, primarily in Ella, Tangalle, and Waskadura. The F-35C Lightning II Carrier-based Fighter aircraft would be equipped with AGM-158 JASSM for their initial strikes in the three heavily occupied MOSL towns. The priority of the United States, in addition to strategic cruise missile attacks within MOSL territory via the 7th fleet, is to establish air superiority over MOSL occupied parts of Sri Lanka.

From the USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG-54) Destroyer, 2 x BGM-109 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles have been launched toward Waskadura and 1 x BGM-109 Tomahawk Cruise Missile toward Tangalle. After 20 minutes, 10 x F-16 Fighting Falcon Fighter Aircraft and 5 x F/A-18D Hornet Multirole fighters have been deployed with the intentions to establish a tight US airspace control over MOSL-occupied lands. The United States has informed the Izham government of the beginning of US involvement within MOSL territory. The F-16 Fighting Falcon Fighter Aircraft would be equipped with 4 × AGM-88 HARMs and the F/A-18D Hornet Multirole fighters equipped with AGM-84H/K Standoff Land Attack Missile Expanded Range (SLAM-ER) to directly target areas of MOSL activity, transportation, weapon depots, transportation routes, and storage facilities. The USA will use GPS satellite for reconnaissance/intelligence operations to gather more layout of MOSL dominated areas of Sri Lanka. With aerial operations ongoing, the 7th fleet will continue on its course to get closer in order to deploy 2 NAVY Seal companies (300 soldiers) once the coast of Sri Lanka is visible, secured, and viable for safe landing of the soldiers. The intentions for the soldiers would be to coordinate with the Navy-Air Force and to directly combat MOSL forces with asymmetrical/guerrilla warfare training and tactics.

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    Nippon News Network
    June 10th, 2019

      Defense Minister Moves Ahead With Military Drills MOD responds to Sri Lanka

    Takeshi Iwaya, the Minister of Defense stated that the Japanese Naval Force or JNF for short will be conducting intensive military drills in the areas of Okinawa and in the international waters in the East China Sea. Mr. Iwaya went into detail explaining these drills stating that with the country moving forward with a full fledged defense force, the Japanese military must be ready to take defensive and offensive measures moving forward. Announced today as well IHI Corporation announced that the Japanese government have invested 2 trillion yen into building 2 new aircraft carriers built for carrying fighter jets, while some helicopter carriers can be used for fighter jets others cannot. The Minister of Defense stated this is a start of a new beginning for Japan and for the region as Japan can now involve itself in international disputes as it sees fit. During the press conference, Iwaya was asked on the current situation in Sri Lanka, were many foreign governments are involved including the United States. He stated:

      Japan is of course concerned with the current destabilization within a sovereign country in Sri Lanka. Japan is not going to engage as of yet however wishes to see a peaceful resolution due to the countries geographical location. We take note of the U.S. and their "audacious" military actions within the country by attacking the countries infrastructure and gaining swift air superiority. We also acknowledge that the legitimate government and it's leaders have been forced into hiding due to their military's failure to defeat the "MOSL" belligerents. Japan is involved various development projects in Sri Lanka and is a major source of low interest concessionary loans for Sri Lanka. With that being said Japan may look to intervene in the conflict to preserve our countries interests and theirs to help build a better and prosperous country.

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The Militant Order of the Sinhalese Lions
සිංහල සිංහයන්ගේ මිලිටරි නියෝගය

Also known as
    Sinhalese Lions


    Asanka Nandasiri


    Sinhalese Ultranationalism
    State Buddhism
    Left-wing populism
    Revolutionary Socialism


    Active since 23rd of April, 2019

The Militant Order of the Sinhalese Lions (සිංහල සිංහයන්ගේ මිලිටරි නියෝගය, or MOSL) are an extremist militant organisation founded in Galle on the 23rd of April 2019.

They were founded in responce to the Colombo church bombings two days prior, claiming that the attack would never have happened if Sri Lanka was purely Sinhalese. The group, who are now 5 million members strong, are set on the removal of non-Sinhalese citizens from Sri Lanka, and to enforce state Buddhism. The group's motto was said by it's leader, Asanka Nandasiri from Ratnapura, in its early weeks;

    "A strong Sri Lanka is a Pure and Buddhist Sri Lanka"

MOSL are known to use guerrilla warfare tactics to 'divide and conquer' their opponents. MOSL is thought to house some of the greast snipers in Sri Lanka, and it's many of its members (around 2 million) came from the Sri Lankan Armed Forces after it's collapse on the 9th of June 2019.

The group were originally based in Galle, but moved further inland after the Great Sri Lankan Divide to better safeguard itself from a naval attack from the south.

MOSL is known for its common use of suicide attacks, assassinations (include those of President Rajavarothiam Sampanthan and Prime Minister Appathurai Vinayagamoorthy and 98 other members of the Tamil National Alliance on the 10th of May 2019), attacks on civilians, ethnic cleasings, child soilders, executions of PoWs, and various other war crimes.

The group have been identified as a terrorist organisation by the legitamete Sri Lankan Government and Australia. They have been recognised as an illegitamete government by Japan, Denmark, Egypt, Australia, and the United States.

MOSL is identified by the symbol of a golden lion on a marron background. Marroon is thought to symbolise it's Buddhist population, but may also represent blood, power, and strength.

MOSL troops outside Padaviya, near
Sinhali's border with Tamil Eelam

MOSL-seized buffalos in Colombo

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
[தமிழீழ விடுதலைப் புலிகள்

Also known as
    Tamil Tigers


    Avira Thamotharampillai


    Tamil nationalism
    Revolutionary socialism


    5 May 1976 – 18 May 2009
    Active since 24th of April, 2019

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (தமிழீழ விடுதலைப் புலிகள், LTTE) is a Tamil militant and political organization that is based in northeastern Sri Lanka. Its aim was to secure an independent state of Tamil Eelam in the north and east in response to the state policies of successive Sri Lankan governments towards Tamils, and recently, to liberate minorities from MOSL rule.

Founded in May 1976 by Velupillai Prabhakaran, it was involved in armed clashes against the Sri Lankan state forces and by the late 1980s was the dominant Tamil militant group in Sri Lanka. The escalation of intermittent conflict into a full-scale nationalist insurgency however did not commence before the countrywide pogroms against Tamils.Since 1983, more than 80,000 have been killed in the civil war that lasted a decade, a large number of whom were Sri Lankan Tamil civilians.

The LTTE which started out as a guerrilla force, over time, increasingly came to resemble that of a conventional fighting force with a well-developed military wing that included a navy, an airborne unit, an intelligence wing, and a specialized suicide attack unit. It was designated as a terrorist organisation by 32 countries, including the European Union, Canada, the United States, and India. The Indian state's relationship with the LTTE in particular, was complex, as it went from initially supporting the organization to engaging it in direct combat through the Indian Peace Keeping Force, owing to changes in the former's foreign policy during the phase of the conflict.

It was known for using women and children in combat and is recognized for having carried out a number of high-profile assassinations, including Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa in 1993 and former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991.

Over the course of the conflict, the Tamil Tigers frequently exchanged control of territory in the north-east with the Sri Lankan military, with the two sides engaging in intense military confrontations. It was involved in four unsuccessful rounds of peace talks with the Sri Lankan government and at its peak in 1990, the LTTE was in control of 76% of the landmass in the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. Prabhakaran headed the organisation from its inception until his death in 2009.

Since the civil war ended in 1993, LTTE has remained quiet, disbanding in 2009 after talks with the Sri Lankan Governmentand the death of Parabhakaran. It has since been refounded after the foundation of MOSL late April 2019, in which LTTE saw MOSL as a direct threat to Tamil sovereignty.

The Great Sri Lankan Divide
මහා ශ්රී ලාංකික බෙදීම් || 10th of June 2019 || பெரிய இலங்கை பிரிவினை
Sinhali (MOSL-led, Ratnapura de jure)


    Nortern Central:



      Nuwara Eliya






      Colombo District (Colombo City disputed)



Tamil Eelam (LTTE-led, Trincomalee de jure)






Orange = Tamil Eelam (LTTE) || Marroon = Sinhali (MOSL)

Read dispatch

(OOC: The groups and divide)


    Amplifying Danish Current Events to the World

    Operation Armored Flywings

      With the fall of Sri Lanka into anarchy following the capture of the Sri Lankan parliament MOSL and the evacuation of President Chandranehru and Prime Minister Anandasangaree, dire requests have been made by the members of Danish contingent asking the Defence Ministry supply them with armored vehicles and firearms.

      The report was disclosed by Defence Minister #stillaplaceholder# during Inquiry Wednesday where he read out the communication of request that was signed by Brigadgeneral Obersgaard, overall commander of the Danish contingent in Sri Lanka:

        "It has come to my attention that the situation in Sri Lanka is getting worse by the days as MOSL has succeeded in taking almost all of what remains of the legitimate Sri Lankan government and I personally believe that the conflict will get much worse before any real help arrives. Though it is understood by an agreement that the contingent must remain hands-free from any offensive equipment, I still cannot allow my personnel to continue their mission in such a vulnerable state. We send our own personnel near the frontlines without any armor to protect them from at least debris of collapsing buildings, what more to bullets and explosives? Therefore it is only rational that the contingent shall be reinforced with heavy armor and firearms for the purpose of personal defense and increased efficiency in our mission to reach out to far fetched places in the city due to fears of armed belligerents."

      In response to the Obersgaard's request, the Defense Ministry ordered the dispatch of a variety of armored personnel carriers, light armored vehicles, and motorcycles, as well as handguns and submachine guns from the Army, which were also disclosed before the Folketing. The same destroyers that transported the contingent will also be the ones who will transport the supplies to Colombo (HDMS Christian IX and HDMS Frederick VII).

        32 x Mowag Piranha III APC

        10 x M113/PMV APC

        6 x Supacat HMT 400

      A mechanical contingent of 30 men from the 3rd Maintenance Battalion, RDA will also be dispatched to maintain the operational quality of the vehicles. They will be then divided into the 5 operational stations in the city.

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Beograd Danas


After Skupština has passed the resolution regarding Serbian participation in EuroCorp less than a week ago, the parliamentary committee was elected to debate the size of Serbian participation in the project. Skupština resolution made it clear that size should be somewhere between 10% and 25%, and now committee has decided that total 20% of Serbian troops should be integrated into EuroCorp. That means that in total around 14 thousands of Serbian soldiers would now march under the flag of EU, if the conclusive act is to be accepted. Majority of that number are ground infantry forces, but it is also planned to involve motorized and tank brigades and maybe even some Air Forces with their equipment.

This conclusion act now passed to the Ministry of Defense, where Minister Ania Zloporubovich and her team met with the Chief of the General Staff of Serbian Army general Alexander Markovich and his team to discus how realistic this parliamentary proposal is. After a four hours of session, they wrote a requested opinion over the changes that should be made due to practical matters, regarding the choice of exact troops to be transformed based upon their geographic locations in Serbia. All in all, both Minister Zloporubovich and general Markovich were satisfied with previous proposals coming from Skupština, and all their comments are now being passed to the Constitutional Court.

Due to the delicate matter of transforming a part of national Armed Forces into a EuroCorp troops, the opinion of Constitutional Court is needed about the legality of the matter. If the Court decide that everything is perfectly in accordance with the Third Constitution of the Republic, then President would be able to sign or veto the decision. But, if the Court decide that the transformation goes against the Constitution, the entire process of transformation would be voided. For now, it is highly unpredictable what the results would be, due to fact that judges are not present in media, and they do not often give a comments for press, so it is not known what their pre-positions over the matter are.

And from the Camp David, where he is currently attending a meeting between Balkan leaders and US President Biden, Prime Minister Markovich applauded the decision of Ministry and General Staff, calling it: "The large victory for European values in this year". He also called the Constitutional Court to analyze the legality of proposal carefully, due to the significance of the matter. Opposition leader Chaslav Krstich condemned this part of matter, as an example of political pressure on the work of independent institutions of Serbian justice system.


While holding a rally in a village near Kruševac, which has always been a hostile area for SDP, party leader Igor Mittenovich was attacked by unknown feminist activist, who threw a powder on him from the first raw of the auditorium. Mittenovich, who is known for his elegant lifestyle despite his self-promoted understanding for class struggle of proletariat, now found himself incapable to be protected by security guards who didn't knew what to do in the moment. Shorty after, she was arrested after trying to get closer to podium, because some time was needed unless police officers achieved to overstrengh her. During her arrest, she shouted: "Is this a pluralism of thinking you're promoting, you fake-socialist?" and "People are hungry of better living standard, and not of better political fairy tales!", while Mittenovich stood on podium covered in powder and looking into her shocked.

If there was no large applauds, he would probably stay in shock for next few minutes. He then asked for a pause, to go wash the powder from him. After pause ended up, he returned to podium, thanking the present fans for support and stating that SDP was always against any kind of political violence, even if it is as harmless as this incident was. No matter his good rhetoric after he came back to stage, his first-minutes shock and lack of any reactions sends a strong message to public about a party leader who seek a post of President of Serbia and still is unable to understand that there exist those who disagree with his policy up to the level of personal physical attacks.

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            Uber Air announces Melbourne as trial city for flying taxi service
            The Guardian Australia

Melbourne will be the first city outside the US to host trials of Uber Air, a service the company describes as “aerial ridesharing” that will shuttle people from rooftop to rooftop for the price of an UberX.

The company has flagged test flights will begin next year, with commercial operations to start in 2023.

Passengers will travel in “electric vertical take-off” contraptions.

The service will operate using the Uber app, allowing passengers to travel across a network of landing pads called “Skyports”.

Uber spokesman Eric Allison said the concept had the potential to reduce traffic congestion which costs the Australian economy an estimated $16.5bn a year.

“The 19km journey from the CBD to Melbourne airport can take anywhere from 25 minutes to around an hour by car in peak hour, but with Uber Air this will take around 10 minutes,” Allison said.

Dallas and Los Angeles in the US will also be pilot cities. Melbourne beat cities in Brazil, France, India and Japan.

The Victorian treasurer, Tim Pallas, said the announcement was testament to Melbourne’s record of innovation.

“Victorians have a can-do attitude and we hope Uber Air will give us the altitude to match it,” he told reporters in Melbourne on Wednesday.

Pallas said there had been no request from Uber for financing.

He said he wanted to put his hand up as the first customer.

“I’m Uber excited,” he joked.

RMIT University aerospace engineer expert Matthew Marino said the concept would potentially be safer than driverless cars.

“While a driverless car would be faced with obstacles on the road like pedestrians on their mobile phones or other vehicles like trams and buses, aerial autonomous vehicles don’t have these obstructions,” he said.

“We need to prove to people that this technology can be as safe as helicopters, which regularly fly in our cities. More research and development are needed in this area.”

Centre for Urban Research expert Chris De Gruyter was sceptical about whether Uber Air can can solve transport problems.

“These vehicles are very low capacity – similar to what a car could carry – while there are also questions about if these vehicles will create visual clutter in the sky and how environmentally friendly they are,” he said.

“Another risk is empty running, where there are no passengers, but the vehicle has to travel to pick people up from another location.”

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            China told to 'go home,' Australia redirects Sri Lankan funding
            Sydney, New South Wales

Three Chinese naval ships, which were supposed to go back to The-peoples republic of china yesterday, have been asked to leave. China has been told that they have 'long overstayed their welcome' and have been requested to leave immediately.

As for Sri Lanka, Australia has redirected 71.4 million AUD to Tamil Eelam to help fund the LTTE and Government in Exile. Most of this money has been directed from Palestine. The 43.8 million dollars given to the territory has been sent to Tamil Eelam, with Australia annoucing it hopes to see the 'peaceful reunion' of the two nations and the 'reinstallment of the legitamete, peaceful, democratic government.'

Palestine now recieves no funding from Australia. Australian trade minister Simon Birmingham said that Australia 'doesn't fund terrorists' and is glad to see the money diverted to 'a real country.'

            Who is John Setka?
            Melbourne, Victoria

    Mr Setka has led the Victorian branch of the CFMEU since 2012
    He was the leader when illegal union blockades disrupted work on several CBD building sites being run by Grocon — action which later saw the union handed millions of dollars in fines
    He was one of the first on the scene of the 2014 fatal wall collapse in Melbourne, in which Grocon was found to have breached workplace safety law
    His 2017 threats to "expose" inspectors working for the building industry watchdog were referred to police
    He drew widespread condemnation the following year when he tweeted a photo of his children holding a sign with explicit language attacking the watchdog
    Mr Setka and his colleague Shaun Reardon were engaged in a stoush with construction supply company Boral, which resulted in blackmail charges being laid against the union pair last year, which were later dropped

            John Setka defies calls to quit CFMEU leadership after moves to expel him from Democratic Socialist Party
            ABC News

Victorian construction union boss John Setka has defied calls from both sides of politics to step down, after days of intense scrutiny over his position.

Democratic Socialist Party officials yesterday suspended the party membership of Mr Setka, who is the Victorian and Tasmanian secretary of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU).

Federal Democrat leader Anthony Albanese moved to expel Mr Setka from the Democratic Socialist Party after reports he disparaged the work of anti-violence campaigner Rosie Batty.

The report in The Age newspaper said he had told a union meeting that men had fewer rights because of Ms Batty's work.

"What was reported in relation to Rosie Batty was completely false," Mr Setka said at a defiant press conference in Melbourne today.

"There's no reason for me to resign," Mr Setka said.

"I'm staying as the secretary."

He said he did not denigrate Rosie Batty during his speech, but instead spoke about changes which had been made since a national commission into family violence.

The Victorian branch of the CFMEU elects its leaders through its members, who Mr Setka called his "bosses".

"As long as I am elected leader, one thing won't change: I will always put our members first," he said.

Pressure has been mounting on Mr Setka to stand down, with Democrat politicians joining President Scott Morrison in calling for his resignation.

Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) secretary Sally McManus, who has been under pressure to respond to the issue, released a short statement after Mr Setka's press conference.

She said she had heard what Mr Setka had to say and would meet with him on Thursday.

"I have arrived back in the country and have consulted with union leaders who are concerned by Mr Setka's words and actions which are not compatible with our values and have impacted on our movement," Ms McManus said.

    "I have heard what Mr Setka had to say today. I have sought a meeting with him tomorrow to discuss these matters. I will have more to say following this meeting."

Mr Setka is a heavyweight in the CFMEU, which has long-standing links to the Democratic Socialist Party and provides political donations on a state and federal level.

He said there appeared to be "some sort of push" inside his union to remove him.

"I've got a view of where the union should be in regards to the DSP, and some people probably don't share that view," he said.

    "So there's a lot of dirty politics at work here."

Mr Setka was flanked by his wife Emma Walters at the press conference, who said her family had been "dragged through the mud".

"We've both said and done things that we aren't proud of, but this is not an opportunity to get John Setka," Ms Walters said.

Following the press conference, Mr Setka was backed by Electrical Trades Union Victoria secretary Troy Gray, who called for Mr Albanese to end his bid to have Mr Setka removed from the party.

"Yesterday Anthony Albanese made disparaging remarks about Mr Setka and his alleged 'views'," Mr Gray said.

"Today we've learned they were based off of a complete fabrication and Albanese needs to withdraw."

Mr Setka was also backed by the national president of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), Chris Cain, who was at the meeting in which Mr Setka was accused of making disparaging remarks about Ms Batty.

Mr Cain said "false allegations" and "misinformation" were being peddled and called on the Opposition Leader to apologise.

The MUA is a member of the national CFMMEU, following a merger of the two unions.

Yesterday, Mr Albanese said the move to expel Mr Setka was due to a range of factors, including the reported comments about Ms Batty.

He also pointed to comments Mr Setka made about inspectors working for the Australian Building and Construction Commission, which drew widespread condemnation at the time.

"If people want to expel me from the Democratic Socialist Party over false accusations and over things I've never said, then so be it," Mr Setka said.

Earlier this year, Mr Setka was charged with using a carriage service to harass a woman.

Mr Albanese yesterday said the moves to remove him from the DSP were unrelated to those court proceedings.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said he would not weigh in on whether the CFMEU should dump Mr Setka, but confirmed he had removed the union leader from a government advisory board.

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The-peoples republic of china


HKSAR LegCo postpones discussion of law amendments due to riot, chief executive calls for peaceful expression of views

HONG KONG, June 12 (Xinhua) -- The Legislative Council (LegCo) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) postponed a meeting slated on Wednesday to discuss the amendments to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ordinance, as a riot broke out around the LegCo building.

HKSAR Chief Executive Carrie Lam strongly condemned the violence and called for the peaceful expression of different views.

The LegCo president "has decided that the (Legislative) Council meeting of June 12 will not be held today. Announcement will be made once the president determines the time of the meeting," the LegCo Secretariat announced Wednesday afternoon.

The meeting, originally scheduled at 11:00 a.m. local time, planned to discuss the Fugitive Offenders & Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill. The bill, tabled by the HKSAR government at the LegCo in April, aims to fill loopholes in HKSAR's existing legal framework concerning mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.

At about 8:00 a.m. local time, protesters gathering around LegCo Complex dashed to nearby roads and obstructed the traffic. They lifted up bricks on the pavement and demolished railings to form road barriers, causing severe traffic congestion.

The protesters also used violent acts to storm the LegCo Complex in the afternoon.

Codemning the protesters for starting a riot, HKSAR government's Commissioner of Police Stephen Lo said at a briefing in the afternoon that the police has been exercising restraint, but the protesters repeatedly charged the police cordon line, performing life-threatening acts including using sharpened iron poles and bricks to attack police officers.

The police strongly condemned the violent acts, and reiterated that any acts endangering public order and public safety will not be tolerated, said the police in a statement Wednesday.

"Police will take resolute actions to restore social order and protect public safety," said the statement.

Describing what happened as a "sad scene," Lam condemned the riot in a videotaped speech broadcast Wednesday evening.

"The riots which undermined social peace and disregarded laws and regulations cannot be tolerated by any civilized, law-based society. It is very clear that this is no longer a peaceful assembly, but a blatant and organized riot," Lam said.

"Hong Kong is a free, open and diverse society where people have different views on anything. But there is a bottom line for expressing opinions. If radical and violent means can be used to achieve the goal, these scenes will only become more and more fierce and will certainly bring harm to Hong Kong," she said.

"I appeal to all the people who love Hong Kong to stay away from violence," she said, adding that "I am convinced that Hong Kong, a civilized society, can solve any problem in a peaceful, rational and law-abiding manner for the sake of Hong Kong's overall interests."

The HKSAR government has repeatedly emphasized that amendments to the two ordinances will help protect the HKSAR's law-abiding general public and its business environment.

Cheung Kin-chung, chief secretary for administration of the HKSAR government, said Wednesday that the HKSAR government has intensively explained to different circles of the society in the past few months the aim and contents of the amendments, and has substantially strengthened the protection of human rights and of other issues related to the amendments in response to the views collected.

Meanwhile, various groups in the HKSAR have voiced support for the amendments. In an online petition initiated in April by a group of people from all walks of life in Hong Kong, over 900,000 people have taken part and signed their names in support of the amendments as of Wednesday evening.

Kennedy Wong, the convener of the group, said the number of signatures collected shows that the HKSAR government's proposal for amendments has been supported by the mainstream public opinion in Hong Kong.

The general public expects the HKSAR government to complete the amendments as scheduled, block legal loopholes, uphold the rule of law and justice, and prevent Hong Kong from becoming a "safe haven for fugitives," Wong said.

Some organizations in the HKSAR also launched protests against intervention by foreign countries or external parties in the issue.

Members of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, one of the major political groups in the HKSAR, protested U.S. interference in the HKSAR's internal affairs in front of the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong.

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Cossacks ukraine

      UNIAN news

      Denmark PM visits Ukraine on 11th and 12th June

      13th June 2019


    Danish Prime Minister Kristian Dahl visited Ukraine for 2 days.

    On the 11th and 12th of June, Danish Prime Minister Kristian Dahl held a state-visit to Ukraine for discussing investments and co-operation in and between Paragos and Ukraine. President Arseniy Yatsenyuk welcomed his visit to Ukraine and met with Kristian Dahl on the 11th June, after Kristian Dahl arrived at Kyiv Boryspil International Airport. The military bands play both national anthems, Shche ne vmerla Ukraina and Der er et yndigt land. President Yatsenyuk shook hands with Kristian Dahl after they met each other. During the discussion between President Yatsenyuk and the Danish Prime Minister, both had agreed to sign an agreement of over 150 million UAH, for investments in reconstructing infrastructure, transportation upgrades, clean energy-upgraded industries and environmental protection. However, it's still unknown that did both leaders had talked about the current situations between Ukraine and Russia.

    Danish Prime Minister Kristian Dahl also visited Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian's parliament, and given out a speech to the members of Verkhovna Rada. He praises the motivation of Ukrainian pushing a dictatorship state towards a democratic and transparent nation, he also mentioned Ukrainian hero Stephan Bandera, "A hero of Ukrainian and a martyr of resisting communism dictatorship." Said by Kristian Dahl.

    At the night of that day, Kristian Dahl was also invited to an inter-party dinner, with President Yatsenyuk, the Batkivshchyna Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko, Svoboda Party's leader and former president Oleh Tyahnybok and Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko. They had talked about the current politics in Europe and in Ukraine and in Denmark. The Ukrainian government had booked a president suite for Kristian Dahl in Kyiv.

    In the 12th June, Kristian Dahl flew to Lyiv in the early morning. The locals have welcomed him passionately. He met with the Mayor of Lyiv Andriy Sadovyi and had lunch with him, discussing the point of view in Western Ukraine. Kristian Dahl also visited Lychakiv Cemetery to pray Stephan Bandera. At 6 PM, Kristian Dahl flew back to Denmark from Lyiv Airport.

    Analysis pointed out that the state visit is not only the other chance of integration between EU nations and Ukraine but also showing to the international, that Ukraine is getting closer and closer to the EU and western Europe, another step move away from the influence of the Russian government, and there's maybe more and more state visit to Ukraine.


      Слава Україні! Героям слава!

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            Brother shot on border was on counter-terror radar for 'at least two years'
            Albury-Wodonga, NSW/VIC border || THE AGE ||

One of two brothers shot by police at a rural campground on the Victoria-NSW border has been a person of interest to counter-terror investigators for at least two years, police have revealed.

The brothers, aged 19 and 30, who have only been in Victoria for a matter of weeks, were shot by police after a violent confrontation at the campground on the Murray River on Wednesday afternoon.

The men are from a family of four brothers and police believe the 30-year-old man, who was in prison as recently as last year and high on a counter-terror watchlist, had indoctrinated two of his three siblings, Victoria's counter-terror boss Ross Guenther said.

The two brothers who had set up camp were known to have "fundamental and rigid beliefs", while the older man also harboured a hatred for police.

"The older brother made a commitment to this form of Islam several years ago, he sought to impact that thinking onto his brothers. That's occurred over a time period of several years," Mr Guenther said.

"That older individual in our terminology would be at the threat level that is very high.

"We have over 100 people that we monitor at various levels. He was definitely one of those on that list."

The 30-year-old brother had previously travelled to Bangladesh to marry before returning to Australia, Mr Guenther said.

The men had travelled in NSW and Queensland, before recently moving to the Wodonga area.

On Wednesday afternoon, counter-terror detectives spotted the pair "by chance" at a service station in Barnawartha North, about 20 kilometres west of Albury-Wodonga, and called on local police to help stop the duo at the nearby Richardsons Bend campground.

Mr Guenther said at the campground, one police car was rammed before the brothers allegedly emerged from their vehicle, one carrying a knife and the other a tomahawk.

The older brother charged police and was shot. Police tried to negotiate with the teenager for a number of minutes and used a Taser and capsicum spray before he also allegedly lunged at officers and was shot.

The 30-year-old brother has previously spent time in Victoria, but a more significant period in NSW, Mr Guenther said.

He was in prison in NSW last year for crimes not related to terrorism, and has previously been linked to a bikie gang in South Australia.

Mr Guenther said it was too early to say whether the 30-year-old was associated with any terrorist organisations.

The older brother was flown from Albury to The Alfred hospital in Melbourne on Wednesday night. Both men were in a critical but stable condition in hospital on Thursday morning.

Police are now investigating whether the brothers had taken up residence at the camping ground in an attempt to "get off the grid", Mr Guenther said.

"Perhaps they felt they were under too much spotlight," he said.

Victoria's Chief Police Commissioner Graham Ashton said counter-terrorism police had been trying to speak to the pair after learning they had recently relocated to Wodonga. One was wanted, he said, on an old warrant.

"In attempting to speak to them that this confrontation occurred," he said.

Mr Ashton said the officers involved in the confrontation were wearing body cameras and Victoria Police's Professional Standards Command would be reviewing the footage, with oversight from the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said the brothers had been "all over the country", including Queensland and South Australia.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Clive Rust, who is based in Albury-Wodonga, could not say how many officers fired their weapons.

Mr Rust emphasised it was "standard procedure" and there was no ongoing terror investigation or threat to the public.

"We're treating this as a violent attack on police members and not a terrorism incident," he said.

"They were making routine inquiries in order to touch base with them, talk to them, assess them and make a judgment on whether they posed any risk. It was purely a chance meeting that they identified their car at a service station.

"The matter's being investigated by the homicide squad with Professional Services Command oversight and obviously the links and any motivation – all the details of the investigation – will eventually come to light, hopefully."

No police were injured but they would receive pyschological support, Mr Rust said.

"We've got all our normal welfare support services and the Police Association and we will be very, very wary of making sure we look after them," he said.

"The work that the police do every day is risky and with situations involving radicalisation, terrorism, ice, drugs, people with mental health issues, confrontations, family violence – it's risky work our members do and they do a wonderful job."

Mr Guenther also praised the police involved.

"They would’ve left the office yesterday morning not thinking they would be confronting this situation," he said.

Police Association secretary Wayne Gatt said it did not matter if members were in Melbourne or Barnawartha, the threat to their safety was confronting.

"Incidents like this stay with them, whether it be at the forefront of their mind, or in its recesses, it doesn’t leave them," Mr Gatt said.

"Our members place themselves between violence and the community. They don’t expect praise in exchange for that, just a level of respect and understanding."

A person near the scene in Barnawartha North described a swarm of police around the usually sleepy township on Wednesday afternoon.

"I saw police cars and honestly they were going every way – they were going one way and then going the other way," the person said.

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      ...THỜI ĐẠI...


l Construction of suspension monorail systems announced. l

    Earlier today, Phan Thiên, the Director of Vietnam Railways announced that the company has had planned the construction of suspension monorail systems in Saigon and Hanoi, Vietnam's two largest cities, which will begin on the 15th of June, 2019. "The approximate total length of the monorail is 12.4 kilometers, 7.4 kilometers in Ho Chi Minh City and 5 kilometers in Hanoi, with a projected price of 770 billion dongs ($33 million) per kilometer," explained Phan Thiên. In total, the price is approximately 343 million dollars, or 8 trillion dongs. Vietnam Railways also announced that it will be ordering monorail cars from US manufacturing companies.

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Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc will visit Iraq-Jordan.

    The Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Nguyễn Xuân Phúc, will be visiting Baghdad. During his three day visit (15 to 17 June, 2019), he will meet the Prime Minister of Iraq Jordan, Ali Bakarat, on a state visit.

    Prime Minister Nguyễn's flight will depart from Nội Bài Airport to Baghdad Int'l tomorrow, and the meeting will be held on Sunday.

      "The development of relations between Vietnam and the Arab world is crucial. The Arabs are one of the major players of the world and thus an essential diplomatic objective for Vietnam. Their importance as a diplomatic objective is indubitable. So we'll begin our work of restoring and consolidating relations with the Arab World, starting from Iraq-Jordan, with whom we've maintained diplomatic contact since the 1960s," explained Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc.

The arab-federation

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            Operation Lifesaver

Australia has made the move to begin 'Operation Lifesaver.' Operation Lifesaver was proposed by Zoos Victoria last year after seeing the steadying of Panda populations in China. Australia has decided that, as well as promoting overseas conservation efforts for endangered Australian species, Australia will be gifting it's allies with Tasmanian devils, Greater Bilby, Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagles, Gilbert's potoroos, and Northern Qualls. These animals range from critically endangered to endangered, and is hoping that the operation will encourage conservation of Australian animals and build diplomatic relations.

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The maghreb union of tunisia and algeria

New Infrastructure system

The Maghreb union has always endeared to better their country and so with additional revenues thanks to previous undertakings by the government they will be building rail connecting all cities with a population over 100,000. So connecting 44 cities with normal rail and the 4 biggest cities with high speed rail. Furthermore those 4 cities will be getting their own metros.
In addition many new highways (between cities), roads, bridges, tunnels, pipelines, power lines etc. Will be built to once again better connect the country internally helping rural areas a lot as well as the economy via easy transport of goods and people. To help fund this the Union has implemented a 5% income and business tax to be removed at the end of the 5 year period of construction. While the money may be more then what is needed it may help fund future projects the state wishes to undertake.

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    Yleisradio - Vikslandian Broadcasting Company

Lauantai — 15.06.2019


Muurmanni Nuclear Research Center Operational

MUURMANNI, KUOLA - Work on the Muurmanni Nuclear Research Center began all the way back in the early 1960s by the Järvenpää cabinet, but it never finished due to shifting priorities of the subsequent administrations. Officially the plan was to tap into the developing nuclear power and research markets, while under the table talks with Sweden had borne fruit to co-operate together on a nuclear program that the Swedes had already begun in the 1950s. It never came to be, however, and since the 1980s the Research Center has laid dormant in the hinterlands outside Muurmanni in the Kuola Peninsula.

With the ascension of Susanna Korpela to the Office of the President, the government owned VTT Nuclear Research Agency was given control of the center and instructed to begin work on making it operational. With help from the French Areva and Oreno energy companies, the center is today marking it's first day of operations after a 10 month refurbishment period. Parts of the north wing, which is going to be researching and developing small modular reactors, are still under construction. They are expected to be operational within the next two months.

The center will focus on research surrounding the methods and engineering of the disposal of nuclear waste, as well as reactor safety. It is already equipped with state of the art hot cells, radiological and metallography labs, and microscopy, making it one of the most advanced nuclear research centers in the world.


"Kiev Duo" Sentenced by Äänislinna Court

ÄÄNISLINNA, AUNUS - The Äänislinna court has today held a trial regarding the very publicized situation surrounding what the media calls the "Kiev Duo", two Vikslandian nationals who traveled to Ukraine in late 2016 and joined an Ukrainian state-sanctioned paramilitary organization as fighters, and sentenced them both to 11 years of imprisonment for treason, petty war crime, and incitement to hatred. One of the sentenced agreed to serve his sentence in a labor camp, cutting it by 40%.

Both of these individuals were active in social media and posted pictures about their time on the front, with some of the first ones confirming their presence in the Battle of Svitlodarsk in late December. Their presence in Eastern Ukraine was furthermore confirmed by statements from their relatives, who had been in occasional contact with the duo. The state prosecutor also presented new evidence, including pictures, recordings and written statements, that showcased the duo's involvement in war crimes during their stay in Ukraine.

The duo was detained and arrested earlier this year in the Syväri border crossing by the Vikslandian Border Guard, and then interviewed by the Valtiollinen Turvallisuuspoliisi (VATU, National Security Police). Afterwards they were taken into the Äänislinna Prison to await their court hearing.

The judge dismissed the state prosecutor's claims for aggravated war crimes due to a lack of evidence, and instead sentenced the duo for petty war crimes.

The state prosecutor released a statement afterwards saying that she was "pleased with the outcome of the trial, although [she is] still convinced that the accused took part in aggravated war crimes during their stay in Ukraine", and that the state prosecutor's office will not attempt a re-trial to pin the aggravated war crimes on the sentenced.


The Flag Day of the Defence Forces Brings Thousands Out to Watch

ROVANIEMI, LAPPI - The birthday of the national hero and ex-president of Vikslandia, Carl Gustaf Mannerheim, was again celebrated last week as the Flag Day of the Defence Forces brought out thousands to watch two parades, one in Viipuri and one in Rovaniemi, as well as a display of firepower outside of Vienanlinna. The Conscript Band of the Vikslandian Defence Forces also began their summer tour of Vikslandian cities, starting with Viipuri.

The day began with the the Minister of Defence, Jussi Niinistö, and the Commander of the Defence Forces, General Aapo Turpeinen, laying a wreath at the heroes' grave in the Malmi Graveyard in Helsinki. The laying of the wreath was followed by a three-volley salute and a short speech by the Minister of Defence. In it, he commemorated the actions of the veterans in the wars that Vikslandia has endured throughout it's history, and reaffirmed the government's stance that a strong military is a necessity. A number of veterans from the Punakapina (Red Insurrection) as well as the Talvisota (Winter War) were present during the event.

Troops and materiel totalling around one thousand persons and 49 vehicles from the Army, Navy and Air Force, National Defence University, Lapland Border Guard District and veterans' and national defence organisations took part in the parade accompanied by Air Force and Army aircraft in the sky in Rovaniemi. The Lapin Lennosto (Lapland Air Command) was responsible for the parade arrangements, assisted by the Jääkäriprikaati (Jaeger Brigade).

A similar amount of troops and vehicles took part in the parade in Viipuri, with Kannaksenprikaati (Isthmus Brigade) being responsible for the parade arrangements. Two notable things during the parade were the EPSA 15 Anti-Insurgency Vehicles that the Vikslandian Rapid Deployment Force has been training with, as well as the newly purchased ITO 18 (S-300PMU-2) from Russia.

Lastly, the Sissiprikaati (Ranger Brigade) and Vienanprikaati (Viena Brigade) held a public display of firepower in the outskirts of Vienanlinna in the province of Viena. The exercise included an prepared ambush of a mechanized force by the Sissiprikaati (Ranger Brigade), and a mechanized assault of a defensive position with fire support by the Vienanprikaati (Viena Brigade). Afterwards, the public was allowed to inspect the weapons, equipment and vehicles used by the Vienanprikaati (Viena Brigade) in a static display.

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            Planning Operation Ratnapura

Eelam war experts believe that the war could be over within a few days, with the LTTE launching an attack on Colombo today and Ratnapura on Wednesday.

The Colombo attack will take place tonight, and will take a similar form to MOSL's inital raiding of the city. Forces there will battle to seize control over the city while guerrilla tactics will be used in Sinhali's north. On Wednesday, Eelam and American [These states of the american union] will launch an air raid on the Sinhali capital of Ratnapura before land forces raid the city and de jure government building. LTTE forces hope to capture Nandasiri alive.

Naval forces from Egypt [The north african wattan] and Australia [The Australis Republic] are expected to protect the southern seas of Sinhali, and Dainish [Paragos] peacekeeping forces in Colombo, which are currently protected by their own military and ex-Sri Lankan Army units, will contiune their duties. Australian Anzac-class Frigate NSA Parramatta is expected to arrive to aid NSA India in protecting international trade routes after the rise in tensions between Eelam and Sinhali.

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Nouvo ayiti

      Nago TV
      News from All Haiti


        Haiti Junior Squad (U-13) Wins Three in a Row

        Written by Ukichi Dez

        Chinese Taipei had trouble keeping up with the Haiti U-13 National Team in an 11-2 loss on Sunday. Chinese Taipei got things started in the first inning when Shi Z singled on a 0-1 count, scoring one run.

        The Haiti U-13 National Team pulled away for good with two runs in the second inning. In the second David M singled on a 0-1 count, scoring one run. The Haiti U-13 National Team scored seven runs in the sixth inning. Jovan H, Jamarco W, Dajuan S, and Demonde H all contributed in the big inning with RBIs.

        Demonde was credited with the victory for The Haiti U-13 National Team. He lasted six innings, allowing seven hits and two runs while striking out ten and walking one. Bo Qiu Y took the loss for Chinese Taipei. He allowed 14 hits and 11 runs over six innings, striking out nine.

        Fen Jie L led Chinese Taipei with two hits in three at-bats. Chinese Taipei was sure-handed and didn't commit a single error. Fen Jie made the most plays with nine. The Haiti U-13 National Team racked up 14 hits in the game. Demonde, David, Jamarco, Jovan, and Dajuan all managed multiple hits for the Haiti U-13 National Team. Demonde went 3-for-4 at the plate to lead the Haiti U-13 National Team in hits. The Haiti U-13 National Team didn't commit a single error in the field. Jamarco had ten chances in the field, the most on the team.

        It was a tough day on Tuesday for South Japan, who lost 10-2 to the Haitian U-13 National Team. The Haiti U-13 National Team scored four runs in the sixth inning. Haiti U-13 National Team bean scored its runs on a grand slam by Jovan H. Jamero M pitched the Haiti U-13 National Team to victory. He went three and two-thirds innings, allowing one run on zero hits and striking out ten. Tyrus S threw two and a third innings in relief out of the bullpen.

        Masamune T took the loss for Southern Japan. He allowed 11 hits and ten runs over six innings, striking out 11. Masamune, Takanobu T, and Seiji A each managed one hit to lead Southern Japan. Southern Japan was sure-handed in the field and didn't commit a single error. Takahiro K had the most chances in the field with 12.

        The Haiti U-13 National Team collected 11 hits. Jamero, Jovan, Jeron L, and Dajuan S each racked up multiple hits for Caribbean. Jamero went 3-for-3 at the plate to lead the Haiti U-13 National Team in hits.

        Korea stayed in it until the end, but the Haiti U-13 National Team pulled away late in a 12-7 victory on Friday. The Haiti U-13 National Team trailed 7-6 in the top of the sixth inning when Jeron L homered on a 1-0 count, scoring three runs. Despite the loss, Korea did collect 11 hits in the high-scoring affair. Unfortunately, the Haiti U-13 National Team had 17 hits on the way to victory.

        The Haiti U-13 National Team got things started in the first inning. Jamarco W homered on a 0-1 count, scoring two runs. In the bottom of the first inning, Korea tied things up at two. Korea scored one run when Tae-Woo N singled. Korea tallied three runs in the second inning. Seong-Jin S and Tae-Woo all contributed in the big inning with RBIs.

        Dajuan S was credited with the victory for the Haiti U-13 National Team. He went four innings, allowing seven runs on nine hits, striking out three and walking zero. Jeron threw two innings in relief out of the bullpen. Jeron recorded the last six outs to earn the save for the Haiti U-13 National Team.

        Jung-Ho R took the loss for Korea. He went one-third of an inning, allowing five runs on five hits and walking zero. Seong-Jin started the game for Korea. He lasted five and a third innings, allowing 12 hits and seven runs while striking out three and walking zero. Korea socked one home run on the day. Jung-Su C had a four-bagger in the third inning.

        Korea totaled 11 hits in the game. Seong-Jin, Jung-Su, and Song-Jin K all managed multiple hits for Korea. Song-Jin, Jung-Su, and Seong-Jin each managed two hits to lead Korea. Korea was sure-handed and didn't commit a single error. Tae-Woo made the most plays with four. The Haiti U-13 National Team racked up 17 hits on the day. Jamarco, David M, Evander B, Jeron, Devain P, Tyrus S, and Dajuan each managed multiple hits for the Haiti U-13 National Team. The Haiti U-13 National Team didn't commit a single error in the field. Jamarco had five chances in the field, the most on the team.

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    " . . . ĐỘC LẬP – TỰ DO – HẠNH PHÚC . . . "

The-peoples republic of china

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Duterte Administration

With signing of the Sino-Vietnamese alliance, Luvindanao will be bolstering its relations with the Japanese and the APA to ensure that a balance of power is to remain, as both China and Vietnam have heavy claims on the South China Sea, possibly to leave Luvindanao in such a disadvantageous position that would see it losing any of its claim on the South China Sea. Luvindanao does not seek conflict or tension, but this alliance is more than provocative for us, a Western associated nation. The Duterte Administrations main foreign policy stands where it seeks to better relations with all the major powers. But we do sense that there is greater depth between this Sino-Vietnamese alliance.

    Prime Minister Rodrigo Duterte
    War is not an option, and we certainly have no intentions in fighting the Chinese. We share a region, and harmony is to be a top priority for all of us to continue flourishing. But with this new alliance, we're certainly put into the corner where we are going to get double teamed by China and Vietnam. We do not want that and I hope that they are not going to do that. But my first priority as leader of the nation, is to the Luvindanaon people. I must keep them safe and secure, and we will have to take precautions given the history of the region. I understand that this alliance is one for peace, but China is a giant nation, so powerful that when it moves it causes great waves. Luvindanao is a nation with great interests. We have to be careful when looking at this.

Q & A session with Foreign Minister Eko Ali

Is there fear with this new union of nations?

    No, there is no fear. The Chinese government has been in discussion with us and have said that they are willing to negotiate for peace in the region. This was just unexpected.

So in saying that this was unexpected. How will the government react?

    The issue with this is, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what they did. But the fact of the matter is, China has had tensions with many of its neighbours in the past. The government will not be reacting in a manner as a response, we will be acting in a way that ensures we are not put in a position that will cause is disadvantage.

Will that insurance of us not being put into disadvantage be a closer military alliance with the Americans?

    No, not at all. Our relationship with the United States is not dictated by the actions of our neighbours. As you might all be aware we're actually trying to branch out with our partnerships. We want to work more closely with Europe and other Asian countries. We also have the APA standing with us. Luvindanaon-American relations is close, and I believe that we're in a position that doesn't require us to further relations. The Americans have made promises of support for Luvindanao, we're absolutely hoping that the new administration will be willing to do the same. But we really don't want to get into the situation were we'll need that kind of American support. Prime Minister Duterte doesn't want war, and the country doesn't need war.

Does the government want to open dialogue with the Chinese in regards to this? Maybe to voice our concerns?

    Yes, we absolutely will open dialogue. China understands our position, and understands why we will have concerns. We want to maintain a working relationship and its absolutely a must that we keep discussions open. We will be initiating discussions with the Chinese soon. As for Vietnam, they are of little concern. We believe that we are on good terms with Vietnam, but if something is wrong and they want to open discussions, then we invite them to do so.

Could this lead to a great conflict in the area, between the APA and the China-Vietnam alliance?

    No, there isn't going to be a great conflict. Like I have said before Luvindanao is trying to really work with China here, and we feel that attempts for bettering relations is mutual. So you know, there isn't going to be a Cold War. We'll be maintaining cooperation between us and the Chinese and the Vietnamese. We will be discussing with the APA, Japan, and the United States, looking into avenues into how we can approach this without escalating conflict.

    Last question.

How is it looking for a Vietnamese membership into the APA?

    Well there has been little interest from the Vietnamese that I know of. But it's all up to the Membership Committee of the APA if an invitation will be sent out.

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