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Beograd Danas


After about a month of hard debates inside Serbian Skupština, the parliamentary house has decided to support the cause of Prime Minister Adam Markovich and to approve his initiative of larger Serbian involvement in the EuroCorp project. As a resolution that Skupština has approved assumes, the number of troops which would be fully integrated into the EuroCorp would vary from between 10% and 25% of total troops resources, in both land and air troops. The official parliamentary committee has been elected to decide the exact troops to be involved in the project. Also, Prime Minister's Cabinet is now waiting for an official response from Brussels, to see the reaction and seek support.

Ruling social-democrats (SDP) as well as a key coalition partner democrats (DS) voted in favor of resolution, while leading opposition demo-christians (DHSS) and minor opposition conservatives (KPS) voted against it. In his speech after the approval of resolution, Prime Minister concluded that Serbia now positioned itself as one of the most progressive European nations, when it comes to the feeling of unity among member states.

"We did a historic job today. Among the first in Europe, we saw a great opportunity that joint military forces presents, and we decided to be firmly committed to that idea. I am proud to be a leader of this Government because of that commitment. Our children would praise us, and they will be proud over this day. Today, we agreed upon overcoming of traditional nationalistic prejudices that are revitalizing around Europe once again. Once again, we stand face to face with growing right-wing populism. If we do not stand together and unified, populists will cause a new round of wars. European idea was based upon defeating that kind of politics. For us, conflict is not an option, but the cooperation." - said Prime Minister Markovich.


On a same parliamentary session of Skupština, Prime Minister was asked by a fellow party colleague about Serbian agenda upon a USA-Balkans Summit, that would be organized on a June 10th. He said:

"I would like to thank my right honorable friend for this question.
A week ago today, all of the relevant Balkan nations expressed a joint wish to meet with US President Biden and Secretary of State Bloomberg. The wish for an productive Summit also came from the other side of the ocean. While I still can't specify a details, due to high security measures, I must say that we are seriously preparing for this Summit. It would be a chance for large return of USA to the Balkans, in terms of diplomatic influence and economic investments.
Agenda of this Government is clear, as it has always been. We are going to ask for the maximization of trade exchange between two geopolitical entities, USA and Balkans, on a fair basis. We believe that we have a lot to offer, from productive business atmosphere that our reforms has created, to the exact gods and products of our economy. We hope that other Balkan nations would take it similarly, as well as we hope that we will not miss this chance for making our ties once again strong, as they haven't been for last 30 years."

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National greece

      The Greek National

    Snap Elections Begins

President Prokopis Pavlopoulos announced the commencement of the snap elections this morning as many regions ready to vote for a new party. The centre-right party of New Democracy or ND for short are expected to win a needed majority to form a new parliament. Kyriakos Mitsotakis who is the current president of ND has been very vocal on passing reforms for the Greek economy, passing better educational reforms, and calling for Greek unity. Anti- Turkish protests across the country still remain strong as many advocates call for the new Prime Minister to respond accordingly on how Greece had been treated for many years by our neighbors to the east, and stand by a strong and unquestionable foreign policy. Currently, the polls are not updated, but later tonight we will have the full results of the new parliament.

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Cossacks ukraine

      UNIAN news

      The parliament passed the design of the new national flag and the Coat of Arms

      6th June 2019


    Yesterday, the parliament passed a new design of the Ukrainian flag.

    Yesterday, the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada Parliament approved the design of the new flag and the Ukrainian coat of arms, with 356 passes, 91 vetoes and 2 suspensions. The new flag today has replaced all the old flags in all official Ukrainian buildings and all Ukrainian embassies.

    The new flag is the flag of the Organization of the Ukrainian Nationalists, known as the OUN. It is a famous nationalist organization in Ukraine. Although it does not have any seats in the Ukrainian parliament, the political influence of this political organization still has a huge impact on the current politics of Ukraine. Especially in the western and northern parts of Ukraine, where most members live.

    The new flag cancelled the old colour old gold on the bottom, and the Coat of Arms replaced by a new one, adding a sword in the middle of the iconic Trident, representing the bravery of the Ukrainians martyr. At the same time, the new emblem is also a symbol of the Organization of the Ukrainian Nationalists.

    Many people think that this is the policy of President Yatsenyuk. His aim is to "integrate" the whole of Ukraine to reduce the sense of belonging of Ukrainian Russians to Russia and to erase the possibility of separation in eastern Ukraine in order to achieve the ultimate goal of allowing Ukraine to enter NATO and the EU.


      Слава Україні! Героям слава!

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Beograd Danas


At the end of May, as it has been case in multiple times up until now, Serbian rivers grow in level due to bad habits of trowing a trash into them, and cause a floods that damage the property of those who are responsible for blockade of river routes with agricultural waste. This year, the situation is very same, and so the question rose about the ability of Government to control the matter once for all. But, what is interesting, Opposition was mostly silent during the argue, and main exchange of arguments came on line of ruling coalition partners SDP and DS.

Minister of Education and Culture, and also DS leader, Martina Nastich-Stoitchich said that her party would vote against the Government's motion to provide a needed money for areas that are under a threat of flooding. She said that if the citizens themselves took more responsibility over where they throw their rubbish, their rivers would be clean and they would not have this problem from May to May. She insisted that Government should request aid from European Union funds, to make a defensive system from floods that would permanently prevent flooding of areas. She said that it is up to her Ministry of Education also to educate the people about the dangers that they cause to themselves with bad habits, but that such education was never praised nor planned by Government. At the end, she said that for now there is no reason for panic, because under threat are, from first to last, illegally built houses, which could never had been legalized on those areas because of the risks from floods, but they are built because of the large levels of corruption in Serbian bureaucracy.

Prime Minister, obviously hit by the criticism from a coalition partner's leader, responded immediately. First, he said, that it is not a right time for blaming the people because of their bad habits, when their lives and property are under threat. About the proposal to request money from European funds, he said that the Cabinet might discuss that proposal, but until the money come they have to do some exact job to protect the people. Up until the time when money from Brussels come, we would have to engage the Army to evacuate people from water, said Prime Minister. And when it comes to question of educating the people, he responded with counter-question of why Martina Nastich-Stoitchich, if she is so concerned with educating the people about eco-friendliness, hasn't provided that type of education during her eight years reign as a Prime Minister. At the end, he expressed a shock that there are MPs with such a low level of compassion for citizens and such a high level of political hypocrisy, and sat down back, supported by applauds of his fellow MPs.

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            Narau, The truth they don't want you to hear
            ABC News

On the 22nd of October last year, the unimaginable happened. A western democracy like Australia, who claims to yearn for independence and liberty, invaded a defenceless island that would have relied on Australia for help.

Former Australian President Oliver Wilson claimed that Nauru was entering an 'unavoidable collapse' and that he 'met with' Mr Waqa, former Nauru President, and 'an agreement was met.'

Although sceptical at first, the western world soon decided to trust Australia after New Zealand came to it's side.

Ten days later, after Australia annouced Nauru as it's territory, Conspiracy-theorist writer Jonas Taylor wrote on his website "Real Australia." The alleged article read:

    A weak ago, Australia anounsed that they got naroo, and its now fair dinkum aussie stuff now. Thay sed that thay got it becos naroo was lik gonna collapse or somthin lik that but idk. Anyway, 'real Australia' got news from an inside sause that Australia actualy used lik there arme and stuff and lik blew up a hol bunch of stuf. It was al like BANG BAGN BOOM and then wehn the pres guy cam out they all suronded him with guns and tanks and said "Yo dude sign this paper or wel shot u real bad" and he freekd and synd it up. It was real cool but u no wat that means. Australia has a heck a lot of explaynin to do. oof.

The website, usually ignored by a wide amount of the population, is often ignored. The website also claimed that Wilson was a lizard alien from Jupiter and that the Mexican government was using mind control to manipulate Perth fish-and-chip shops.

Within twenty minutes of the release, the website was shut down and Taylor was reported missing. Shortly, Wilson commented that there is "nothing odd, nothing dodgy" about Australia's intervention, and that it is all "Fake news."

Wilson claimed that Taylor's disappearance and the shutting down of his website is "as much as mystery to us as it is to you," and reminded Australia that the Nauruvian intervention was "under the request of Nauru, and not an invasion."

However, shocking new finds show this to be a lie. Covert files under the name "Operation Pacific" were found by MI6 agents last year, bu were not looked into. The files were given to the ABC upon reading them.

Avengers-class NSA Pacific and a number of other ships were sent to Nauru under the assumpsion of the Nauruvian government that they were coming to start closing down the Detention Centre on Nauru and move the illegal immigrants to Christmas Island.

On the morning of the 22nd of October, 2018, Australia drops two bombs on the northern part of the island, killing around 200 people. The Island's only main runway saw several large aircraft land before a naval invasion from the island's south.

Nauru had no way of defending itself, as it relied souly on Australia for military and most economic needs.

Australian vehicles drove around the island to parliament house, where then-President Waqa was held at gunpoint to sign Nauru over to Australia. Former President Oliver Wilson promised to improve Nauru's economy and infrastructure, and when the document was signed, the Nauru flag was replaced with the Australian. Reports say that "Highway to Hell" was played over the loudspeakers instead of the national anthem due to a technical problem, but that has not been proven.

In March, Australia annouced the openning of Nauru Joint Air Force and Naval Base (NJAFNB), which created 2,000 new jobs and increased revenue greatly for the island. Nauru has also seen significant improvements in health and wellbeing since the Australian take-over.

Unfortunetly, this is not the first time such has happened in the hands of Australian troops. In 2017, the ABC uncovered "The Afghan Files," a list of at least 10 incidents between 2009-2013 where Australian troops engaged in the unlawful killings of unarmed men, women, and children.

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These states of the american union

July 6, 2019
Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab
Washington D.C., USA
750 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005
Private Conference Room A, 2nd Floor

    Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab Restaurant, among the most elegant restaurants in all of DC and positioned on a historical landmark just down the street from the White House, was surprisingly filled with activity and guests. The sounds of glass clinking together and an ambiance filled with smooth jazz made the restaurant extremely special and luxury. Little did those who came just for an extravagant meal or to show off their beautiful dates know that on the second floor, the future of US foreign/defense policy was being crafted by a group of billionaires that refer to themselves as The Washingtonians. From the back door of the restaurant, a group of seven billionaires and the President of the United States Joe Biden. Using a private elevator to avoid public recognition, eight of the most powerful and influential men in the United States and the world would be escorted by Secret Service and private security to their conference room filled with seafood, prime rib, salads, fresh fruit, and aged red wine. With a lapel pin of the US flag but also the face of George Washington, the billionaires would take their assigned seats with the President at the head of the table and the Secretary of State Michael Bloomberg sitting directly to the left of President Biden.

    The billionaires in attendance would be: Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Charles Koch, David Koch, and Jeff Bezos. The billionaires, together in that room, collectively are worth $541,700,000,000; therefore, through their companies, institutes, stocks, and overall money, have bought their way toward becoming a Presidential shadow Cabinet and overarching oligarchic committee over the American Congress. With many laughs and genuine conversations about family, company projects, humanitarian intentions, and bashing of both left and right-wing politicians and policies, the group decided to hone in on foreign policy and affairs.

l David Koch l: "How's that whole Great israel thing going Biden?"

l Joe Biden l: "A pain in my ass. These Jewish lobbying firms are constantly calling the Oval Office or trying to get meetings with me and my staff. They are trying to paint me as the literal Antichrist yet it is their Prime Minister that gave us an ultimatum..."

l Bill Gates l: "Don't get me wrong...I love Israel and I love Tel Aviv and I have visited Jerusalem many times but man...the last thing you do is give the world's most powerful country an ultimatum, especially when you depend on that powerful country...just bad politics ya know."

    The group of billionaires would nod in agreement with Bill Gates.

l Warren Buffett l: "But let us look at this in the course of money and influence within the region. Yeah, the Netanyahu regime has become quite boastful and childishly pushed Washington away while pursuing their right-wing offense to you Koch Brothers...but do we really believe that we can fully trust the Arabs, especially like the Egyptian regime, who is persistent on wanting to become a de facto regional power. Can our interests really afford a setback and risk?"

l Joe Biden l: "Unfortunately, we have to learn and come to terms with a lot of things, including setbacks toward decades of policy, whether they were beneficial to us truly or not. With our recent decision on cutting back our support and tolerance of the Israeli regime, we have initiated a saving of upwards of around $30 Billion for over the next ten years, while simultaneously securing a multitude of military deals with the Arab countries as well as guaranteed recognition of a necessary presence and role of the United States within the Middle East. What more could we do or ask for?"

    The Billionaires, including Michael Bloomberg, would look at each other prior to looking at President Biden. The man worth the most, Jeff Bezos, would clear his throat after taking another sip of wine would make a suggestion without any hesitation.

l Jeff Bezos l: "Instigate war with Great israel through the Arabs. Quite frankly, we profit the most with and through war. We are not saying that the United States declare war against Israel...unless the Israelis were to target US personnel, assets, interests, and facilities."

l Joe Biden l: "woah...War? With Great israel...are you trying to get me impeached?"

l Jeff Bezos l: "With recent polls not just here in the United States but also around the world, primarily in countries such as Poland, Germany, and elsewhere indicate very little knowledge or awareness not just of the Holocaust but sheer lack of support for Israel. Not a matter of getting impeached but more so, stuffing your pockets with money and increasing your support between both the growing generational leftists here in the United States but also the right-wing offense to Koch in the United States as well as around the world."

l David Koch l: "This is why we are demanding and pushing for James Mattis to return not as Secretary of Defense but as Director of the CIA."

l Joe Biden l: "MATTIS?! Are you sh*tting me? The proclaimed patron saint of Quantico? This would be a complete volte-face..."

l Jeff Bezos l: "Calm it Joe. We are not saying immediately declare war on Israel nor instigate immediately a conflict with Israel. Over time. And yes Mattis. You need a strong man that wields authority and respect within the CIA to reconstruct it. The former President degraded and destroyed it internally but if we are going to assure success in dangerous areas such as the Middle East, then we need Mattis to expand the CIA and initiate increases in clandestine operations for our interests. All of us have something to gain from this."

l Joe Biden l: "I do not know if I ca...."

l Michael Bloomberg l: "If you don't do it then well we will seek your replacement actively. We got Trump out the way. Presidents are more replaceable then many, including yourself, may think otherwise. Besides, we already reached out to Mattis and he is awaiting your phone call and offer."

l Jeff Bezos l: "If you want to win the 2020 election, then I highly suggest you heed our advice and suggestions. If not then surely there are other Democrats and Republicans that would surely accept our money."

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These states of the american union

June 6, 2019
Oval Office, White House
Presidential Announcement Concerning Sri Lanka
Initiation of US Intentions for Intervention

In the oval office, multiple media cameras, journalists, and reporters gathered around the desk of President Biden, who was reading over his speech and sipping tea. Behind the sea of reporters would be Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, the Koch Brothers, and newly appointed Director of the CIA James Mattis wearing the US flag lapel pin and the Washingtonian lapel pin. After a few moments, President Biden gave a nod to indicate that he is ready to make his announcement. Underneath his desk, Biden's leg would begin to bounce uncontrollably from his nervousness knowing that he is about to put the United States in an intervention.

l President Biden l:
"My fellow Americans and our allies around the world, I sit here at this very moment in solidarity with those who are currently suffering at the ungodly and tormenting instability of Izham. As the continual turmoil plagues Sri Lanka, the probability of this conflict escalating and destabilizing major international trade routes have become more of a reality than alternate possibility. The people of Sri Lanka continue to suffer from the operations of MOSL as they have occupied the capital city of Colombo and wreak havoc upon a once peaceful country. With this reality, the United States, as the sole superpower of the world, have a responsibility to protect the innocent and to end all sources of evil, instability, and unwarranted bloodshed. This is why I, President Joe Biden, has authorized the mobilization of Carrier Strike Group Five: USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76), USS Antietam (CG-54) and USS Shiloh (CG-67), Destroyer Squadron 15: USS Curtis Wilbur (DDG-54), USS John S. McCain (DDG-56), USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62), USS Stethem (DDG-63), USS Benfold (DDG 65), USS McCampbell (DDG-85) and USS Mustin (DDG-89), and 7th Carrier Fleet flagship USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19) toward Izham to provide assistance in the operations against evil and instability. The United States shall work closely with the Sri Lankan Armed Forces as well as the sovereign government of Sri Lanka to provide assistance, logistics, and friendship during such times of turmoil, anxiety, and sorrow. The United States does not wish for Sri Lanka to suffer any more than it already has. We must be diligent and strive with perseverance. Thank you. God Bless America. God Bless Sri Lanka."

As President Joe Biden continued to make his speech from the teleprompter, the US 7th Fleet begun to make their way from Guam toward the Strait of Malacca and then the Bay of Bengal to initiate initial operations against MOSL and other potential groups that are against the legitimate Sri Lankan government.

Aircrafts on the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76):

    15 x Boeing F-15SE Silent Eagle Multi-role fighter/strike fighters
    15 x F/A-18D Hornet Multirole fighters
    20 x AV-8B/+ Harrier II
    10 x F-5F/N Tiger II Light Attack Fighters
    20 x F-16 Fighting Falcon Fighter Aircraft
    5 x F-35C Lightning II Carrier-based Fighter aircraft
    4 x F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
    1 x B-2 Spirit Stealth strategic heavy bomber

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    Nippon News Network
    June 6thh, 2019

      Japan Moves Towards Collective Defense

    As of May 16th when the referendum vote was concluded, local governments reported that 60% of the vote voted in favor of returning Japan to it's pre-WWII stance in terms of military defense. This historic change comes after many years after Shinzo Abe has pushed for this agenda. The approval from parliament and from the people, the Prime Minister repealed Article 9 with a new amendment repealing said article with a new one. Shortly after the referendum the Minister of Defense Takeshi Iwaya announced that the official name of the Japan Self-Defense Force will be renamed to Japan Defense Forces. The country now has the right to seek offensive tactics within military conflicts which lawmakers assume may violate some aspects of the Security Treaty Between the United States and Japan. Regardless the Japanese Foreign Minister's Office has stated that given that Japan will not how it's own armed forces, it may have have to revisit some policies that may reflect the pacifist stance in Japan's foreign policy.

      Japan eyes legislation to regulate global IT giants

    The Japanese government plans to submit a bill to the Diet next year to regulate global and domestic information technology giants amid concerns some are stifling fair competition on the back of overwhelming market shares. The bill to enhance transparency in business transactions of tech firms will be presented to the ordinary Diet session to be convened in January, according to a draft economic growth strategy shown to a governmental panel. The cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expected to adopt the strategy later this month. The draft says major IT firms, referred to as "platformers" in Japan as they provide digital infrastructure or platforms for the sale of products and services, could disadvantage smaller business partners by unilaterally forcing on them contract terms and rules, and having them shoulder excessive costs. Bearing in mind U.S. tech giants, including Google LLC, Apple Inc, Facebook Inc and Inc, collectively known as GAFA, the envisioned legislation will oblige such IT firms to make contract terms public and explain the reasons when they refuse business deals, the draft says.

    Besides the regulations on IT firms, the draft growth strategy also calls on companies to hire employees until age 70 as part of efforts to address a serious labor crunch amid Japan's rapidly graying population. Many companies in Japan currently set retirement age at 60 but employees are legally allowed to work until 65 if they desire and employers are obliged to rehire them. The draft strategy presents seven options for companies regarding the employment of seniors, including abolishing the retirement age, lifting it to 70, and providing support for retired employees to find new jobs, start their own businesses or work freelance. The draft policy package also includes a plan to secure public transportation in depopulated areas amid a lack of taxi drivers, such as expanding ride-sharing services involving private cars that are currently banned in most parts of the country. It also aims to relax rules on taxi use and enable customers to share taxi rides with strangers, according to the draft.

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Austrian National News Network
Österreichische Nationale Nachrichten
June 6th, 2019


President Attends World War 2 Memorial In Vienna

On June 6, 1944, more than 160,000 Allied troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of heavily-fortified French coastline, to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, France. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower called the operation a crusade in which, “we will accept nothing less than full victory.” More than 5,000 Ships and 13,000 aircraft supported the D-Day invasion, and by day’s end, the Allies gained a foot-hold in Continental Europe. The cost in lives on D-Day was high. More than 9,000 Allied Soldiers were killed or wounded, but their sacrifice allowed more than 100,000 Soldiers to begin the slow, hard slog across Europe, to defeat Adolf Hitler’s crack troops.

Thousands gathered in the city of Vienna, in memorial of those who fought for peace and the fallen souls on the beach of Normandy, 75 years ago today.The gatherer of the anniversary included veteran soldiers who fought in the battle, and various government officials, including President Norbert Hofer. President Hofer also delivered his speech on the event to fellow citizens of the nation.

"Today is history and you are part of it. 75 years ago, some of our brave soldiers participated in the battle. Some scarified their lives defending such corrupted reign of the Third Reich and its dictator. We are not here to glorify war or justify any sort of political ideology involved in the entire timeline of World War II, but to pay our respect towards the fallen soldiers on both sides. History is written by the victors. A person should not be judged by his or her political ideology or ethnic, but by their acts for their country. After years of national struggles, our fatherland today, remains as an independent state in Europe. We will consistently move ahead in the fields of economics and the safeguarding of peace, and finally never forget the lives and deaths brought by the horror of war."

-President Norbert Hofer, today at Vienna


-Österreich über alles, wenn es nur will!-

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Saudi Press Agency


After a week of investigation based upon a arguments that Afsharid Persia presented about possible Arab saudia selling of weapons to Turkmen tribes in Afghanistan and inspiring them to upraise, the regime of Arab saudia had passed the internal investigation in order to check is there any truth in accusations that were heard. The Commission, composed of top military officers and proven patriots, in a record time has gone trough the lists of armory of Saudi Armed Forces and checked the terrain from one military warehouse to another. After a three days of investigations, they really discovered that in two bases on the south of the nation (names are still kept in secret, due to delicate matter) a large amount of different weaponry was missing. They checked the cameras and found out that in previous month for six times a group of trucks came to military base, where they were loaded with weaponry, and left the base in unknown direction. Not a single visit of trucks was mentioned in a official record.

In all six situation, two colonels, whose names are also being kept in secret, were present, which was also proven on a video material. Identities of the truck drivers was not able to be recognized, while trucks were recorded without identification plates. After the situation was more analyzed, it came out that "two colonels", as press already calls them, were highly ranked officers in that military base, and so they were able to illegally trade with weaponry during their working hours. On a fourth day, their soldiers gave a testimony, which made it clear that they smuggled Saudi weapons in own economic interest. The investigation didn't proved any correlation between Saudi political officials, and it states that two colonels worked alone, in own economic interest, and without anyone but the present soldiers knowing about the smuggles. How does the smuggled weapons left Arab saudia and how was it sold to Turkmen tribes, was not a matter of this investigation, nor a concern of Saudi dynasty. For Riyadh regime, the only important thing is that there is no correlation between two colonels and Saudi officials.

Someday between the fourth day, when colonels were put in a prison, and present day, when this report is being written, two colonels were put on trial in front of Court, on a rapid process. On a first session of the Court, they admitted that they are guilty, and they were sentenced to death. They are believed to be beheaded on a very same day. This morning the Court published a report in which they explained a series of events during a previous week, of which public was not completely informed due to the fact of ongoing investigations. In a written report, the Court request an official apology from the regime of Afsharid Persia, due to unconscionable lies that were spread against the Al-Saud dynasty and the Government of Arab saudia, which are now all proven to be tendentious made-ups against the peace and stability in region.


Minister of Foreign Affairs of Arab saudia Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Assaf, this afternoon gave a comment about the decision made by a Government of Great israel, which has decided to withdraw from Israeli-Arab negotiations about Palestinian future. In a comment for the press, he said:

"The initial plans of Israeli Government were to enter the negotiations and make them absurd with unacceptable offers. Why? Because then, after Arabs would be forced to withdraw first, Israeli Government could send a diplomats to Washington and state that they gave their best in negotiations, but that Arabs are simply against peace in Palestine. When we realized what their plans were, we suggested to our Arab allies that we should stay on negotiating table no matter what, in order not to give Great israel legitimacy for violence that they were planning in Palestine with their proxy-installed paramilitary groups. And we did it, we successfully stood in negotiations about the future of our Palestinian brothers up until yesterday, when Israelis decided to withdraw from negotiations, after they saw that we have no intention to accept their absurd plans to give Palestinians what they already have. Faced with our strong desire not to withdraw from negotiations, while also a clear message that we would not accept their pointless offers of partly autonomy for unconnected Palestinian lands, which Palestinians already has, Israeli diplomats withdrew and left us with no chance for reaching a substantial compromise, acceptable for both sides. They now left us with nothing but concern for the fate of our Palestinian brothers. I want to make it clear that this time Arabs would defend Palestinians, if the violence happens, in order to extinct Palestinians from their territories, as that was the practice of the regime of Great israel in previous decade. We do not intend to invade Israel nor to provoke violence, but we would not tolerate any kind of violence to happen to our brothers."

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            Cox Peninsula Allied Defence Base
            near Wagait Beach, Northern Australia

The town of Wagait Beach, near the mouth of the Darwin Harbour and around 10km west of the city, has been part of a longterm project to create the largest military district in the southern Hemisphere. The project, which started in 2016, has created hundreds of thousands of jobs for people all over Northern Australia. The district, named "Beagle Gulf Military District"

At around 400km², Beagle Gulf Military District takes up almost the eintirity of Cox Peninsula. The district, however, is not strictly a base, but more a collection of bases, offices, accomomodation, training, and the like. The district's first major project, Cox Peninsula Allied Defence Base, was openned today by President Scott Morrison, Defence Minister Linda Reynolds, APA Australian Delegate Tony Abbott, and APA Defence Minister Christopher Pyne.

CPADB consists of accomodation for international and local troops, sporting and recreational facilities, an airfield, ports, and land for army exercises. The base also holds the APA Defence headquaters, as this base will be used by the APA for storage and training.

The wider district is expected to be complete fully by 2025.

Afsharid Persia and Kieitai

These states of the american union

June 7, 2019
West Wing, White House
The Oval Office
Washington D.C., USA
James Mattis Appointed Director of the CIA

In a seemingly stunning move to Americans by President Joe Biden, the appointment of James Mattis as Director of the CIA via live television became a monumental decision but also one of confusion. The majority of the confusion stems from the fact that Mattis was the Secretary of Defense for the Trump Presidency; however, looking into the political views of James Mattis, his entry into the Biden Administration as CIA Director is not all the shocking. It would be revealed by CNN and MSNBC that James Mattis is not a full Republican but rather an Independent that is non-partisan; therefore, a true military man that puts the national defense and integrity of the United States at the forefront of all decisions and policies. During the appointing of James Mattis in the Oval Office, Secretary of State Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates would be awaiting in the hallway in order to not be seen on public television; however, they knew that with Mattis as CIA Director and Bloomberg as SecState, their influences within foreign policy would be unmatched. After the ceremony and exiting of the media, James Mattis, Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett would have a glass of 10 year old Tennessee whiskey while unwinding from a long day.

l James Mattis l: "I thank you firmly for the opportunity to be CIA Director. I will not let you down. As you are seemingly stacking your administration with corporate democrats and independents, I believe that you are doing the right choice by not entertaining the generational commies. The first thing that I am doing is establishing the United States Special Operation Units, or USSOU. The USSOU will be operated under the umbrella of the CIA; however, it will establish a new network with the Joint Chiefs, Special Forces, and Department of Veteran Affairs. Think of it as a resurfaced paramilitary for covert/overt operations anywhere in the world. I have already spoke with my contacts in the US Armed Forces, especially the Marines, and it is possible to establish a force of approximately 350,000. That is remarkable. I will see to it. I will coordinate with SecState Bloomberg and SecDef Dempsey to put this into full motion."

James Mattis would smile at President Biden and pat him on the shoulder prior to walking out of the Oval Office and becoming rambunctious with the Washingtonians.


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    l President Borysław has announced that he will be visiting Vienna, Austria, taking the opportunity to meet with the President of Austria during the meeting. "Poland has a mission of friendship to all nations, and Austria is no different," quoted President Borysław. "We can look at the future of Polish-Austrian relations with optimism and with hope that they will be fruitful."l

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The-peoples republic of china


l Xi Jinping warns that resistance to globalisation, power politics are threatening world order l

    • Chinese president says Beijing will defend multilateralism, ‘insist on opening up’ and address challenges such as climate change

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday vowed that Beijing would play its role in defending multilateralism in trade, market opening and addressing global challenges such as climate change.

Speaking at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, Xi also warned that resistance to globalisation as well as rising hegemonism and power politics was threatening the existing world order.

“Humankind, once again, stands at a crossroads of history, and sustainable development is the golden key that can help to resolve the many issues confronting us today,” Xi said.

Xi said China was looking to build “beneficial cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual respect”.

In addition, he said China was willing to share its 5G technology with partners to create more opportunities for developing countries.

“[China] will insist on opening up and relax restrictions on market entry and build a fair market environment … [we] are willing to – on the basis of equality and mutual respect – cooperate [with our partners] and achieve a win-win outcome,” the Chinese leader said.

“[We] want to create more opportunities for developing countries and share the fruits of our research and development, including our 5G technology.”

Asked about Beijing’s position on international trade, Xi acknowledged that globalisation had its downsides but said they did not justify unilateralism.

“Of course, globalisation is also a double-edged sword. Some will benefit from moving the cheese and others will suffer. The question of [wealth] distribution … must be addressed by pressing ahead with globalisation,” Xi said.

Xi’s speech capped a three-day visit to Russia that included two summit meetings with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. On Wednesday, the two neighbouring nations issued a joint statement saying their bilateral relations had entered a new era.

It was Xi’s first appearance at the annual economic forum in St Petersburg, where boosting trade and investment ties, especially with China, was high on the agenda for Moscow amid an uncertain business climate and sanctions from the West since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.

In his opening speech, Putin slammed Washington over its recent trade restrictions on Chinese tech firm Huawei and called for the role of the US dollar in global trade to be revisited, saying it had become a weapon to “bully” other countries with.

“In some circles, this is even being called the first technological war of the dawning digital era,” the Russian president said.

“China’s Huawei now faces severe suppression by certain countries which have been trying to squeeze it out from the market,” Putin said.

“And in education … some universities are refusing to accept foreign students and rejecting them to take certain education programmes.”

He also called for the lifting of sanctions on Russia’s energy industry, a key pillar of the country’s economy, “because energy is relevant to the lives of millions of people”.

Xi also emphasised his close relationship with Putin.

Steve Tsang, director of the SOAS China Institute at the University of London, said the early stages of “decoupling” between the US and China had pushed Xi to strengthen relations with Russia.

But Tsang said that while Xi was seeking to reduce the country’s dependence on the West, the shift towards Russia would not drive a wedge between China and Europe.

“There is no real evidence that European countries or the EU are seeking to ‘isolate’ or ‘contain’ China,” he said. “Europeans and the EU are relatively relaxed about the Xi-Putin meeting, as there is so far no indication that Xi’s China will proactively support Russia in the adventures Putin has been pursuing in Europe,” he added.

Jyrki Kallio, a senior research fellow at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, said that despite the apparent warming between China and Russia, the two sides still harboured distrust from long-term historic conflicts, from border tensions to geostrategic rivalry for influence across the Asian continent.

“The two countries can find some common interests in voicing their dissatisfaction with the ‘Western dominated’ international order, including vetoes in the United Nations against any acts of interference in other countries’ internal affairs,” he said.

These states of the american union

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    Amplifying Danish Current Events to the World

    Prime Minister Speaks About Flywings

    Before the beginning of the weekly Question Time where representatives get to inquire the Prime Minister and his cabinet about several points of concerns and policies, Prime Minister Dahl was allotted a time to deliver a privilege speech regarding the situation in Sri Lanka.

      "Mister Speaker, last night I had the chance to speak with Brigadegeneral Obersgaard who is the commander of the Danish contingent in Sri Lanka (Izham) to which they have been doing medical operations for almost a week now. In our short conversation, General Obersgaard told me an account from one of our medical personnel stationed in Jinthupitiya and it's about the encounter he had with a young boy who approached him, begging to come to his house to help his mother who was suffering from seizure. Fortunately, the house was not far from the medical station therefore the mother was quickly treated and prevented any further complications. Now as he was about to return to the station, the boy again rushed to him again and handed a photo. It was a family photo of 6, two parents and four children with the boy being carried by his father. Asking the boy what to do with it, he replied with 'my papa and brothers, please find them all.' Apparently, it has been two weeks since he last saw them when they went to the northern district of the city to buy essentials and coincidentally, it was also the time when MOSL insurgents entered the same district where his father and brothers could've been. Knowing the limitations of their deployment wherein armed operations are prohibited, he simply accepted the boy's request and left. Mister Speaker, this account perfectly describes the essence of war. It's not about who flies the best fighter jet or who sails the largest ship, it's about who suffers the most and grieves the loudest. Denmark sent 210 brave souls to Sri Lanka to amplify the message of international solidarity. We may have a small military to resolve about every armed conflict in the world but let it be known that we are willing, and we should be Mister Speaker. This boy serves as my personal source of courage to actively reach out to countries for they yearn to have the same amount of liberty and living conditions as to what we currently have here in our country."

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Cossacks ukraine

      UNIAN news

      Intermarium once again popular in Ukrainian politics

      8th June 2019


    "Intermarium" should not be used for secure eastern Europe, but to use for against Russian aggression," said by President Yatsenyuk

    President Yatsenyuk participated in a talk show yesterday in his hometown, Chernivtsi. Except for answering questions about the parliament and some social topics. A few questions were asked by the audiences, about his point of view on "Intermarium", a plan to resist previous Soviet Union aggression, in the 1920s, which was proposed by the president of Poland, Józef Piłsudski.

    "Many politicians in eastern Europe nowadays already abandoned the idea of Intermarium." President Yatsenyuk said, "In the 1920s, the whole eastern Europe united together to defend against the Soviet communist aggression under the order of Stalin. Yes, Soviet already dissolved in the 1990s, thank god, and the threat still exists under Putin's Russia." He accused the Lukashenko's regime in Belarus, "This will be what happens if we don't establish Intermarium. At that time, not only Belarus but the whole eastern Europe will be a puppet of Russia."

    An audience questions him the importance of Intermarium if there are NATO and EU. "NATO or EU doesn't mean that we can leave the whole of eastern Europe's safety to them." He said, "Although the United States Government or the EU will surely protect us if anything goes wrong in Eastern Europe, they can, of course, ignore us." He said, "That is the reason why we need Intermarium, to protect the whole Eastern Europe, even when the NATO nor the EU ignore us and let us being isolated."

    UNIAN notes: Intermarium (Polish: Międzymorze, Polish pronunciation: [mʲɛnd͡zɨˈmɔʐɛ]; Ukrainian: Міжмор'я, Belarusian: Міжмор’е) was a geopolitical project conceived by politicians in successor states of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in several iterations, some of which anticipated the inclusion as well of other, neighboring states. The proposed multinational polity would have extended across territories lying between the Baltic and Black Seas, hence the Latinate name Intermarium, meaning "Between-Seas".


      Слава Україні! Героям слава!

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Austrian National News Network
Österreichische Nationale Nachrichten
June 6th, 2019


Kieitai wrote:

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    l President Borysław has announced that he will be visiting Vienna, Austria, taking the opportunity to meet with the President of Austria during the meeting. "Poland has a mission of friendship to all nations, and Austria is no different," quoted President Borysław. "We can look at the future of Polish-Austrian relations with optimism and with hope that they will be fruitful."l

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Austrian State Welcomes Polish Presidental State Visit

Following the announcement from Kieitai, president of the Republic of Poland, Mr.Borysław's request for a state visit to the Austrian capital city of Vienna, the Austrian state welcomes its visitors with open arms.

Miss Karin Kneissl, the ministry of foreign affairs of the Austrian Republic, discussed the proposed meeting with the Polish President last night via telephone. Though the brief details of the meeting have not been publicly announced, it is certain that the state visit, mentioned, would be an opportunity for both nations not just for economic deals and partnership, but also a chance for both countries to foster their international relationships. The 2 countries have suffered similar historical fates , from the beginning of the Second War World to the end of the cold war. As not long after Austria was annexed by the Third Reich through the events of Anschluss , the nation of the Polish Republic was also invaded by the military of the newly formed National Socialist German State, sparking the start of the second world war. Thus, the Austrian state officials are looking forward to the ongoing discussions regarding the state visit by the Polish president.


Parents Welcome Government's New Civil Laws

The Federal Ministry of Health (Bundesministerium für Gesundheit) passed its legislation on the ban on electric cigarettes yesterday in the headquarters of Vienna, after several weeks of debates and votes. Parents throughout the nation welcome the new approach on the crack down on the hazardous trend.

Electric cigarettes, also known as vaping, is a trend which gained its popularity in the pass few years throughout cities and nations around the globe. It was initially designed for smokers to cut the habit and their additions on smoking real cigarettes. However, as its popularity raised among the smoking community, the trend was eventually introduced to non-smokers, including the younger generations. Thus, various governments of states from different nations have proposed stricter laws on the new trend, including Austria.

Walter Pöltner, Ministry of Social Affairs who was reposeful of the newly passed legislation, delivered his personal speech following the pass of the proposal.

"There is no denial that the new trend of electric cigarettes is harming our next generation of the republic. A new approach on this matter ought to be carried out by the state, to which it is just a matter of time. Some might argue the stance on the mentioned recreational drug is too harsh and it is a violation on civil rights. However, in sake of the health and future career for our generations of youth, I must insist that the ban on the hazardous trend is a must, and thereby fully agree its dangers outweigh its benefits. Therefore, it is a good news for not only the current generations of the Austrian citizens, but also a breakthrough for the future generations of the third Republic.''

Mr Walter Pöltner, the Ministry of Social Affairs, today at Vienna


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Cossacks ukraine wrote:
      UNIAN news

      Intermarium once again popular in Ukrainian politics

      8th June 2019


    "Intermarium" should not be used for secure eastern Europe, but to use for against Russian aggression," said by President Yatsenyuk

    President Yatsenyuk participated in a talk show yesterday in his hometown, Chernivtsi. Except for answering questions about the parliament and some social topics. A few questions were asked by the audiences, about his point of view on "Intermarium", a plan to resist previous Soviet Union aggression, in the 1920s, which was proposed by the president of Poland, Józef Piłsudski.

    "Many politicians in eastern Europe nowadays already abandoned the idea of Intermarium." President Yatsenyuk said, "In the 1920s, the whole eastern Europe united together to defend against the Soviet communist aggression under the order of Stalin. Yes, Soviet already dissolved in the 1990s, thank god, and the threat still exists under Putin's Russia." He accused the Lukashenko's regime in Belarus, "This will be what happens if we don't establish Intermarium. At that time, not only Belarus but the whole eastern Europe will be a puppet of Russia."

    An audience questions him the importance of Intermarium if there are NATO and EU. "NATO or EU doesn't mean that we can leave the whole of eastern Europe's safety to them." He said, "Although the United States Government or the EU will surely protect us if anything goes wrong in Eastern Europe, they can, of course, ignore us." He said, "That is the reason why we need Intermarium, to protect the whole Eastern Europe, even when the NATO nor the EU ignore us and let us being isolated."

    UNIAN notes: Intermarium (Polish: Międzymorze, Polish pronunciation: [mʲɛnd͡zɨˈmɔʐɛ]; Ukrainian: Міжмор'я, Belarusian: Міжмор’е) was a geopolitical project conceived by politicians in successor states of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in several iterations, some of which anticipated the inclusion as well of other, neighboring states. The proposed multinational polity would have extended across territories lying between the Baltic and Black Seas, hence the Latinate name Intermarium, meaning "Between-Seas".


      Слава Україні! Героям слава!

Address by President Boryasław Olszowy to the government of Ukraine. l TEXT l "In my opinion, Ukraine is too concerned with national security that it has taken extreme measures to ensure the safety of its nation, neglecting the impact it brings to its own citizens and other people. Now, they are raising their concern to the regional level. — Ukraine should express their concerns to other nations, not influence them with those concerns. — Intermarium is, perhaps one of the most ambitious plans of our times. The chances of establishing Intermarium in a world that seems to be leaning right would be unlikely, and making a bigger target would push Russia to bigger efforts."

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            China Overstayed Welcome
            Sydney, New South Wales

China has overstayed their welcome in Sydney, says strident China critic and factional rival Concetta Fierravanti-Wells. Fierravanti-Wells originally stated that China's unannouced arrival in Sydney on the 30th anniversary was a sign that Australia has seeked 'refuge in appeasement' in it's relationship with China.

President Scott Morrison, who knew of the arrival, was under the assuption that the Chinese ships were leaving the Sydney ports yesterday afternoon. However, eighteen hours have passed and the ships, and 730 crew, are still in Sydney.

Former Joint Intelligence ­Organisation chief Paul Dibb has called China 'oppressive' and 'a nasty authoritarian power with a dreadful human rights record,' but has said Morrison has handled the events very well so far, having not said any 'provocative and foolish things' about the regime.

Morrison has told the Chinese taskforce that they have 'overstayed their welcome' and requested that they leave 'as soon as possible, or at least by midday today.'

Australia is expected to take a harder stance against the totalitarian regime, particularly over it's baby formula crisis, the South China Sea and China's oppressive progressive expansionism.

            Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands- Introduction
            Coral Sea Islands Territory

Founded in 2004 on the uninhabited islands of the Australian overseas territories of the Coral Sea Islands, the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands was set up after the Australian Government failed to reconise gay marriage in Australia.

The initiative for the founding of a gay kingdom was taken during the Brisbane Gay and Lesbian Pride Festival in 2003. Gay activists believed that change in the marriage law, in particular the government’s plan to amend the marriage act so as to prevent homosexual couples who were married overseas to have their relationship recognised, had taken from homosexual people the right to be treated equally, “whether it be marriage, superannuation, hospital visits, adoption or IVF treatments”.

Based on the law of “Unjust Enrichment” (“If something is unjustly taken compensation must be made.”) and with reference to international law, which states “Oppressed people of overseas territories have a right to self government and self determination”, the activists claimed “territorial compensation” by establishing an independent gay state, claiming The Coral Sea Islands as its territory.

On 14 June 2004, after sailing on a ship named the Gayflower (a reference to the Mayflower), the activists raised the gay rainbow pride flag on Cato Island, and declared the Coral Sea Islands an independent gay and lesbian state.

A memorial plaque on the north eastern tip of Cato Island commemorates this historic event and reads:

    "On the 14th day of June 2004, at this highest point in the Coral Sea, Emperor Dale Parker Anderson raised the gay rainbow flag and claimed the islands of the Coral Sea in his name as homeland for the gay and lesbian peoples of the world. God Save our King!"

Coinciding with the decision to secede from Australian sovereignty, the kingdom's founders drafted a declaration of independence. The declaration began,

    “Homosexual people have honestly endeavoured everywhere to merge ourselves in the social life of surrounding communities and to be treated equally. We are not permitted to do so. In vain we are loyal patriots, our loyalty in some places running to extremes; in vain do we make the same sacrifices of life and property as our fellow citizens; in vain do we strive to increase the fame of our native land in science and art, or her wealth by trade and commerce. In countries where we have lived for centuries, we are still cried down as strangers.... In the world as it is now and for an indefinite period.... I think we shall not be left in peace."

Stated to have been inspired by its American counterpart, the kingdom's Declaration of Independence also stated: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The activists founded a camp site on Cato Island which they named "Heaven" after the famous gay nightclub in London as the claimed capital, and "I Am What I Am" was set as the Kingdom's national anthem.

The leader of the protesters, Dale Parker Anderson, was elected Administrator of the territory and then "declared emperor" of the kingdom upon its independence, becoming Dale R.

In a scheme similar to Israel's Law of Return, a person was automatically granted permanent resident status and immediately eligible for citizenship in the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands simply by being gay or lesbian.

The kingdom issued its first stamps in July 2006 "with the aim of creating a high and distinctive reputation amongst the philatelic fraternity". The kingdom's website stated that tourism, fishing and philatelic sales were its only economic activities. However, swimming, reef walking, lagoon snorkelling, bird-watching, seashell-collecting, and shipwreck-exploring were all gay government-sanctioned non-economic activities.

            Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands- War on Australia
            Coral Sea Islands Territory

With Pride Month well underway, GLKCSI has expressed it's anger to Australia's 'oppressive totalitarian regime,' calling the nation 'evil homophobes' who 'will never enter heaven.' It is unclear if they were refering to their capital or real heaven. The islands have 'declared war' on Australia, causing havoc on the mainland and getting violent with police officers and members of the public who do not conform to their views and values.

A young couple in Cairns were sent to hospital with serious injuries after being told 'hetrosexuality is the biggest threat to freedom.' Queensland premier and Queensland Democratic Socialist leader Annastacia Palaszczuk has supported the kingdom, saying 'sometimes you need to literally slap sense into some people' and has harshly critisized the President, calling him out in saying that she 'wasn't surprised' to see 'this level of hatred from a Christian.'

The Federal government has sent in AFP to arrest and contain these violent individuals. In a press conference, the President annouced that he 'loves gays,' but what he has said is final.

    "When I was elected President, I said that I will not legalise gay marriage or the like under my leadership. I said that, and I was voted President. I love gays, I love everyone, because that is what God has called all of mankind to do. Because we disagree does not mean we should get violent, and when people do, we must respond appropiately. Australia recognises marriage as the union between one man and one woman, just as the Bible says. The left weaponises equality, and if they allowed gay marriage, we would see more of what happened today. It's not nice, but it's true. People who think that they are oppressed, even if they aren't, will do anything to get into power, and oppress their oppressors tenfold. It's not nice, but it's true."

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            Fall of Colombo - Part 2

This week, MOSL made it's way to Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte and the house of Sri Lankan parliament.

A riot near the parliament grounds was squashed by the MOSL, who shot down and killed at least 30 innocent civilians.

Diyawanna Lake has been stained red with blood after countless militant and civilian lives were lost at the hands of MOSL and the Sri Lankan government. Asanka Nandasiri and MOSL entered the city through the north, and navigated through civilian streets, shoving out anyone who stood in their way. A few houses were armed by LTTE, who used the houses as fortifications to fire upon MOSL as they drove past. Those houses were usually bombed by passing MOSL trucks.

Once in Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, President Ariyanayagam Chandranehru and Prime Minister Veerasingham Anandasangaree were taken hostage by MOSL and sent out of the city. MOSL stormed the Sri Lankan parliament building, causing the second massacre inside the building in three months. Nandasiri claimed that his aims for the second Parliament massacre was to 'paint the walls with unpure blood,' alluding to the Tamil National Alliance and other Tamil party members of minor parties.

Nandasiri entered the chamber were parliament was sitting before he and 10 other members shot everyone inside. The chamber was then doused in petrolum and set alight. Fire fighters were able to contain the fire to the centre and southern side of the building. Sri Lankan Speaker of Parliament Karu Jayasuriya, who has the power to designate a President or Prime Minister during dire circumstances such as these. Jayasuriya named Chandranehru President and Anandasangaree Prime Minister.

Held at gunpoint, there are no eyewitness accounts of what happened. However, Nandasiri claimed his Presidency over the Sri Lankan republic.

"Sri Lanka is now in my hands, and they will bow to my very command, and they will obey everything I say."

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            Australia to Protect Trade Routes
            Indian Ocean, south of Sri Lanka

NSA India, the first of three Visakhapatnam-class stealth guided missile destroyers sold to Australia early last year, will be sent to protect shipping lanes and vessels near South Sri Lanka, co-ordinating a combination of cargo, passanger, navy, and refuge ships in the area. The area is expected to become exceptionally busy over the next few weeks, so Australia has decided to step in to protect and secure surrounding oceans.

NSA India will also be tasked with sending back refuge ships leaving Sri Lanka after Australian intelligence found at least 20 ships over the past week leaving the island nation. NSA India will be acting alone, but may be joined by more Australian ships if needed. As Visakhapatnam-class destroyers are quite large, NSA India will be refueling and replenishing in Luvindanao ports instead of Christmas Island.

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The-peoples republic of china


| Where there are threats, there are defenses: Chinese defense minister on South China Sea |

BEIJING, Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe said here on Sunday that China's construction on its South China Sea islands and reefs is its legitimate right and is purely defensive in nature.

"The current situation in the South China Sea is improving towards greater stability. It is attributed to the common efforts of the countries in the region," Wei said. "However, there are always people trying to rake in profits by stirring up troubles in the region."

He said over 100,000 ships sail through the South China Sea each year, and "none has been threatened."

However, in recent years, some countries outside the region come to the South China Sea to flex muscles, in the name of freedom of navigation. "The large-scale force projection and offensive operations in the region are the most serious destabilizing and uncertain factors in the South China Sea," he said.

If there is chaos in the South China Sea, the regional countries are the ones who will bear the brunt, and China and the Associated Pacific Agreement (APA) countries have made progress in negotiating the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea, he added.

Wei noted that China's construction on its South China Sea islands and reefs is legitimate and defensive in nature. "It is the legitimate right of a sovereign state to carry out construction on its own territory. China built limited defense facilities on the islands and reefs for self-defense," he said.

"Where there are threats, there are defenses. In the face of heavily armed warships and military aircraft, how can we stay impervious and not build some defense facilities?" he asked.

He also refuted the saying of "militarization" of China's defensive construction on its South China Sea islands and reefs at the Q&A session. "Anyone who has some military sense would know it's not militarization," he said.

Wei is here to attend the 18th Shangri-La Dialogue from Friday to Sunday, and he gave a keynote speech on Sunday morning at a plenary session entitled "China and International Security Cooperation."

| "China is vital to the future of Australia": Australian shadow foreign minister |

BEIJING, Leader of the opposition in the Australian senate Penny Wong said on Wednesday that China is vital to the future of Australia.

In a speech to the Lowy Institute on Wednesday, Wong, who also serves as the shadow foreign minister, told her audience that despite the differences between the countries, "the China relationship is a critical relationship for Australia -- it is both complex and consequential."

"Democratic Socialist's approach to foreign policy will bring a more considered, disciplined and consistent approach to the management of Australia's relationship with China."

Wong described the current international climate as one of change and shifting power, emphasizing the need for cohesion and the embracing of diversity.

While she acknowledged that at times there might be differences of approach between the countries, engagement is crucial for understanding to be reached.

"In this next phase in the relationship, we believe that engagement remains in best interests of Australia and China," she said.

"We will be clear about where Australia and China's interests come together."

She called on all stakeholders, including government, business, industry and Australia's Chinese communities to lend their voice towards a "deeper engagement where our interests coincide and to manage difference constructively."

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            Thales Platypus AT-96
            Darwin, Northern Australia

Wings like a Sukhoi Su-27. The stealth of a F-35 Lightning II. Cockpit like a Shenyang J-31. Navigation system like the Panavia Tornado. Australia's very own armament and equipment. Over the past several years, Thales Australia has been looking at some of the most successful fourth and fifth generation jet fighters to design and build Australia's first multirole jetfighter. The Thales Platypus AT-96 has been influenced by the likes of Sukhoi, Lockheed-Martin, Panavia and Shenyang to design Australia's ideal fighter craft.

Passing the required tests, Defence Minister Linda Reynolds annouced that Australia is proud to annouce their newest Jet, introducing 75 of the jets into the Federal Air Force of Australia by the end of August, and for sale for the international community after September (with pre-order avaliable now).

The AT-96, better known as the Flying Platypus, has been in planning since 2014, with construction beginning early 2017. Three AT-96s made an appearance in Melbourne, Darwin, and Sydney today, flying over the cities to show off Australia's new arsenal.

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Austrian National News Network
Österreichische Nationale Nachrichten
June 6th, 2019


Harsher Laws Enacted After Civil Legislation

Following the pass of the new legislation regarding the ban on electric cigarettes in the nation, the state of Vienna announced more harsher laws regarding the violations committed regarding the newly outlawed trend.

It has been publicly announced that violations regarding the matter of electric cigarettes can face more serious punishments. The drug laws in Austria was considered and viewed as relatively more lenient towards its citizens compared to other countries in the European Union. Nevertheless, this view of foreigners and tourists coming visiting the nation is now altered following the enacted laws not long after the pass of legislation announced in the capital city of Vienna yesterday. According to the laws, violations committed by juveniles below the age of 20 would be sent to youth detentions run by the state, and adult violations can set from <€500 to jail sentence up to 6 months. Furthermore, the current smokers would be send to a total amount of 6 months of rehabilitation once upon registration.

According to news and politic critic Simon Henacker in Vienna, the reform currently carried out by the government is generally welcomed by the population of older generations. "Some might consider this as a violation to their personal rights , especially coming from the youth and younger generations in our society today, yet this is genuinely a large breakthrough in the aspects of public health, social safety and the future generations of our nation as a whole." Henacker replied to one of our reporters during an interview carried out early this afternoon, Vienna.

Georg Gruber, Austrian National News Network, today at Vienna


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            Andrews speaks up on LGBTI issue
            Melbourne, Victoria

With the issue on gay rights in Australia on the rise, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews allowed a Pride March through the city from parliament house to Federation Square, even though this was requested to be avoided by the federal government.

Andrews marched with the 1,000 people who joined the march, as well as Andrews allowing LGBTI flags to be risen on buildings and government offices. "Vote Yes" posters appeared around the city, with Andrews critizing the federal government for being 'homophobic rats.'

    "The Democratic Socialist Party believes in equality for everyone. No matter what gender, race, religion, sexuality, everyone should be treated the same. I am sick of our federal government, who have been putting off the issue of LGBTI rights since 2013. The National Republican Party are full of homophobic rats, they don't want to see any of what's happening here today. I think it's about time we stood up for these long-oppressed peoples, and let them be them! Be proud!"

The Federal Government has refused to comment.

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