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      Coalition Formed

        Prime Minister Sanchez and leader of the Ciudadanos or Citizens Party Albert Rivera have meet in the Prime Minister's Office to discuss a coalition agreement between their two parties. Both the PSOE and Ciudadanos gained seats in the 2019 General Elections last month, both parties managed to flip a significant amount of seats with 38 for the PSOE and 25 for the Ciudadanos. Both leaders have outlined their determination for unity as the Catalan separatist grows anxious of strong unity against their claims. No official word from the President of the Catalonian Government, nor their constituencies on the matter, but it's suspected that they will continue to push for Catalonia Independence despite it being in it's slowest momentum as of right now. With a new coalition government in place, Sanchez will move forward with his plans to continue with reforms for the Spanish economy, introduce more educational reforms, and continue the path to renewable energy since 61% of the country still uses non-renewable resources.

            A call to silence leads to an era of violence

President Ariyanayagam Chandranehru and Prime Minister Veerasingham Anandasangaree have made a depserate plea for Sri Lankans to step up and do their part in preserving peace.

The Sri Lankan Armed Forces have been sent to aid the LTTE, with Chandranehru claiming that the MOSL were 'a Sri Lankan ISIL.' Chandranehru and Anandasangaree will be asking TNA politians to step in until the next election, whenever that is called.

Chandranehru has called out MOSL as 'bloodthirsty b*st*rds' that deserve 'a death as severe as the ones they have delivered,' and has called on his supporters to 'stop the disease' spreading.

Anandasangaree has requested that international peacekeeping forces join the Sri Lankan government in silencing the MOSL before a civil war 'worse than the last one tenfold' breaks out.

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New Capital City, Government Should Not Rely on Private Sector

CNN Indonesia | Saturday, 18/05/2019 14:00 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - The government is urged not to rely too much on private financing in building new capitals. In fact, the government does not need to prepare the capital city development budget as long as the planning is still not detailed.General Chairman of the Indonesian Planner Expert Bernardus Djonoputro said that building a new city is not new in Indonesia. Previously, there were several areas which were examples, namely Sofifi in North Maluku, Soreang in West Java, and Cibinong in Bogor Regency. However, building a capital city certainly has its own requirements. According to him, the capital city is a symbol of a country. Then, the capital city must be a barometer for the order of other cities in Indonesia. Therefore, the planning must be taken seriously. At present, Bernardus sees the planning of the capital city still not yet mature, but the government has dared to put up a budget. So far, the government only plans to build a new city without regard to its relationship with other cities. In addition, the government also does not yet know the vision to be achieved through the new capital city. For example, if the new capital city wants to support Indonesia as a big economic power, of course city planning must consider the development of facilities that can achieve that goal. However, until now the government has not yet confirmed the location of the new capital city. This immature planning certainly should not be followed by budget estimates."What does this government's vision really mean? If you still don't know, this plan means that it is still in the initial stages and should not discuss the budget first," Bernardus explained on Friday (5/17).

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Beograd Danas

Former leader of DHSS, who led the party until July 2018 party crisis, today re-organized party which was disintegrated and merged into KPS few months ago. After talks he had with MPS leader Sinisha Stoikovich and former DHSS leader Vladimir Batich, who was the one to decide to merge DHSS into KPS, Chaslav Krstich today on a press conference announced the re-formation of DHSS. He said:

"Serbia needs DHSS. Serbia needs a party capable to maintain and preserve ideas of progressive conservatism and to position itself on liberal right wing, and stand there with pride. For too long, KPS thought that they have a monopoly on right wing. But this is not only the question of ideology, but a question of practical decisions. Leadership of KPS in previous period made too much mistakes and failed to respond to what SDP is doing in Serbia today. That is why majority of rebellious MPs from Skupština decided to unify with MPs from MPS and to create a parliamentary group of DHSS. Since MPs are still coming with us, it is hard to say how many MPs does DHSS exactly has, but until first party congress we would publish exact numbers. I proposed writer Bane Crnojevich as a party ideologue and university professor Radomir Ljubichich as a party secretary general, while "new right lions" from former leadership of KPS - David Bojich and Viktor Obradovich would be proposed as a party vice-presidents. Elections on general congress of the party would be held during next week."

In the rest of journalist questions, Krstich turned to relations with other parties. In his answer, he made it clear that cooperation is possible with DS under rule of Martina Nastich-Stoitchich, but that he is disappointed in some people from that party, like actual President of Serbia Lazar B. Jerkov, whom he named "the main reason why SDP took political supremacy from his own party". Further, he explained that there is no way for DHSS to form a coalition with SDP, while KPS now "become irrelevant political force which has no chance to pass the census on any next elections".

      Nago TV
      News from All Haiti


        Haiti Improves to 2-0 in WBC

        Written by Ukichi Dez

        (San Juan, Puerto Rico) - Griffin Côte shut down Portugal National Team, throwing a complete game shutout and leading Showtime Baseball to a 14-0 victory on Tuesday.

        Showtime Baseball secured the victory thanks to eight runs in the second inning. Showtime Baseball offense in the inning was led by Mzeki Bou, Evan Poùgarde, and Alexander Aitchison, all driving in runs in the frame. Showtime Baseball got things started in the first inning. Showtime Baseball scored one run on a stolen base. Showtime Baseball put up eight runs in the second inning. Showtime Baseball big bats were led by Bou, Poùgarde, and Aitchison, all knocking in runs in the inning.

        A single by Hermenegildo Freitas in the second inning was a positive for Portugal National Team. Côte earned the win for Showtime Baseball. He allowed one hit and zero runs over four innings, striking out seven and walking one.

        Florencio Furtado took the loss for Portugal National Team. He allowed 12 hits and 13 runs over two innings, striking out one and walking zero.
        Showtime Baseball launched two home runs on the day. Bou had a homer in the second inning. Nelson Fortune went for the long ball in the third inning.

        Showtime Baseball racked up 13 hits. Fortune, Poùgarde, Johan Garcia, and Bou all collected multiple hits for Showtime Baseball. Fortune went 3-for-3 at the plate to lead Showtime Baseball in hits. Showtime Baseball was sure-handed and didn't commit a single error. Garcia made the most plays with seven.

        Hermenegildo Freitas led Portugal National Team with one hit in one at bats. Portugal National Team didn't commit a single error in the field. Victor Estrada had the most chances in the field with three.

        Johan Garcia had a busy day at the plate on Wednesday, smacking four hits in Showtime Baseball's 9-5 victory over Chinese Taipei. Garcia singled in the first, doubled in the second, homered in the fifth, and tripled in the sixth.

        Showtime Baseball grabbed an early lead. Showtime Baseball scored on a home run by Christian Autre in the first inning, a home run by Kensel Sanon in the second inning, a home run by Juan Perez in the second inning, and a double by Garcia in the second inning. In the bottom of the first inning, Showtime Baseball tied things up at two. Autre homered on a 0-1 count, scoring two runs.

        Showtime Baseball pulled away for good with four runs in the second inning. In the second Sanon homered on a 1-0 count, scoring two runs, Perez hit a solo homer, and Garcia doubled on a 0-2 count, scoring one run.

        Olgues Jean Enock took the win for Showtime Baseball. He surrendered four runs on seven hits over six innings, striking out nine. Je Suis threw one inning in relief out of the bullpen. Suis recorded the last three outs to earn the save for Showtime Baseball.

        Zhen H took the loss for Chinese Taipei. He went five and a third innings, allowing eight runs on 12 hits, striking out two and walking zero.
        Showtime Baseball launched five home runs on the day. Sanon had a dinger in the second inning. Perez had a homer in the second and sixth innings. Garcia had a long ball in the fifth inning. Autre went deep in the first inning.

        Showtime Baseball tallied 14 hits in the game. Garcia, Perez, Alexander Aitchison, and Autre all had multiple hits for Showtime Baseball. Garcia led Showtime Baseball with four hits in four at bats. Showtime Baseball was sure-handed and didn't commit a single error. Garcia made the most plays with ten.

        Chinese Taipei collected nine hits on the day. Tyeung S and Shi T all managed multiple hits for Chinese Taipei. Chinese Taipei didn't commit a single error in the field. Cao Tzi W had the most chances in the field with seven.

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            Abbott admits defeat
            Warringah, New South Wales

President Tony Abbott has lost his seat of Warringah, Sydney, during yesterday's election. He has held the seat for the last 25 years, with many saying that Abbott's stance on climate change is a main reason why he didn't win this election. Before the election, the National Republican Party nominated Scott Morrison from the Cook electorate, also in Sydney, to take over as President should Abbott not win his seat. He made the following speech in Warringah last night after the votes in his electorate were counted; [Words in square brackets are comments or cheers from the crowd]

    "Well first I want to say to all of you that tonight we've got good news, and yes, we've got a little bit of bad news, but the good news is much more important than the bad news. [F*ck yeah] The good news is that there is every chance that the National Republican Party has won this election. [*cheers from the crowd*][Tony! Tony! Tony!]
    This, This is a really extraordinary result, it is a stupendous result, it is a great result for Scott Morrison and the rest of the wider Republican team, and Scott Morrison will now quite rightly enter the Republican Pantheon forever. [*cheers from the crowd*][Tony! Tony! Tony!] So, [*cheers from the crowd*] So of course, it's disappointing for us here in Warringah, but what matters is what's best for the country, [yeah!] and what's best for the country isn't so much who wins or looses Warringah, but who forms or does not form a government in Albury-Wodonga, and tonight we can be extraordinarily confident, uh, more confident than we have ever had any right to expect that we will have continued, good, National Republican gpvernment. [*cheers from the crowd*]
    Now, I have to say that once we had the result in the wentworth by-election* uh, 6 months or so back, I always knew it was going to be tough here in Warringah. And I can't say that it doesn't hurt to loose, but I've decided back then, in December of last year, that if I have to loose, so be it, I'd rather be a looser than a quitter. [Yeah!][*cheers from the crowd*]
    And I do acknowlege the feirce and ultimately successful campaign, uh, that has been waged by my political opponents in this speech, uh I do congratulate Zali Steggall on what is a magnificant win for her and I [*boos arrise and contine*] hope she will have a long... No no no no no, [*boos stop*] and I hope that she will have a long and successful career as local member that the people of Warringah deserve. [*boos arrise and contine*] But I think we can see that there is [*boos stop*] something of a real allignment of politics going on right around this country. It's clear that in what might be described as working seats, we are doing so much better. It's also clear that in at least some of what might be described as wealthy seats, we are doing it tough, and the green left is doing better. [yeah] But the truth is, if you believe that the most important thing is to raise people up, if you believe that the most important thing is to give people a better life, the fact that so many people in seats that might be thought of as doing it tough are now looking to our party for leadership [yeah] is a great tribute [*cheers from the crowd*] and a great treat to our party and to our government [*cheers contine and get louder*]
    Over the next, over the next [*clapping and cheers stop*] few days and weeks I expect there will be a great deal of analysis of the part that cliamte change did or did not play in the Warringah outcome. And let me just say this as my first word, if not necessarily my last word, on this subject. [*crowd laughs*] Where climate change is a moral issue, we Republicans do it tough, but where climate change is an economic issue, as the results of tonight shows, we do very, very, well. [*cheers from the crowd*][We love you Tony!]
    Now it's often said, it's often said that all public lives end badly, but I'm certainly not going to let one bad day spoil 25 great years. [*cheers from the crowd*][Tony! Tony! Tony!]
    I'm incredibly proud of all that I've done. Obviously, there are some things, with the wisdom of hindsight, might have been done differently and better. [*Crowd laughs*] But I've got to say, I can look back on the last 25 years, and I do look back on the last 25 years with imense pride and satisfaction [Yeah!][*cheers begin*][unintelligable]... of the fact that I am [*cheers stop*] one of just four people in history who has led our party from opposition into government in Albury-Wodonga [*cheers begin*] and I hope that the [*cheers stop*] Morrison government has such a long life that there is a long time until there is a fifth.[*cheers from the crowd*]
    Finally, and some thank yous. I don't believe that the Warringah campaign could have done more or could have done better. [yeah!] I think that every aspect of our campaign was as good as it humanly could have been, under the circumstances. [yeah!] I want to thank Peter O'hanlon [*cheers begin*] for his outstanding job as director. I thank Michelle Moffitt for her job as deputy, and I thank Rodger Crawford, a really great Australian, for coming into the team as my [unintelligable]. I thank my [*cheers stops*] staff. I could not have had a better, more loyal, more professional staff, particually Sam Jackson Hope [*Cheers begin*] [unintelligable]. I thank my family [*cheering stops*]. Margie, you have been a wonderfully supportive spouce [*cheers begin*][unintelligable][Tony! Tony! Tony!]I... I I I thank [*Chant stops, cheering stops*] I thank my children, two of whom can't be here tonight, but one of whom did a wonderful job of winning votes [*Cheers begin*] up at Lambert High School today. And I thank my mum, we are all what our parents make us, so thanks mum! And I, [*cheers stop*] and I thank my sisters, all three of whom where booth captians today, so [*cheers begin*] for the first time ever, politics as finally [*cheers stop*] become a family business [*crowd laughs*] just as I bail out of it. Finally [*laughs stop*] I do want to say a great thank you to the people of Warringah. I could not have acheived anything in public life, but with the support that the people of Warringah have given me over 25 great years, uh, My public life, I will imagine, will go on, my life, as memorable as Warringah will know it. [When will you be back?] But Warringah is the place I live, It's the place I will continue to serve, and I look forward to many, many more years living, working, and serving in the greatest part, of the greatest city, of the greatest country on earth, Thanks you. [*cheers as Abbott leaves the stage*]"

*Refering to the removal of Oliver Wilson in December 2018

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      Will the coalition be enough?

        After the PSOE and the Citizens Party agreed to form a new government as a coalition, the opposition within the Congress of Deputies still remain in the majority. Some are worried the PSOE will face a hard challenge getting legislation passed such as economic and educational reforms. The President of the Congress of Deputies who is has been president since 2016 and a member of the People's Party stated she will step down from her position effective June 1st on basis of uncertainty and the current Vice President will resume that position. The current Vice President Ignacio Prendes an MP for the Citizens Party will resume her position. It's unknown whether or not this means the coalition government is willing to play fair with the opposition leader since Pablo Cosado of the PP holds that position. He had promised to bring matters with great foreign policy significance to the socialist government especially on matters that regards to the Spanish enclaves in North Africa and whether or not Spain should leave the North Atlantic Treaty Organization following Bulgaria's departure for the newly recognized EuroCorp alliance instead.

          European Elections: Spain hoping to become 3rd Leading Power

        In this context of uncertainty, Spain may have found its window of opportunity to become a leading country when setting the agenda and addressing the challenges of the future of the EU. The political instability in the United Kingdom and Italy, the influence that the Spanish parties will have in the European Parliament after the elections, and the fact that most of the Spanish population is strongly pro-European, can be key to boost the role of Spain in the EU in the coming years. The departure of the United Kingdom from the EU will leave a significant power vacuum, that is certain. The most logical option to fill the void would be Italy, as it is the next greater power after Germany and France. However, the current Government coalition between the populist 5 Star Movement and the far-right League party changes everything. Italy has become a 'rebel country', not only it does not want to comply with the economic guidelines from Brussels and refuses to accept the immigration policies proposed by the Council, but also has become one of the main eurosceptic voices in the EU. In contrast, Spain has just celebrated early elections, after which the socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has come out reinforced to form a more stable government (is yet to be seen whether in coalition with the anti-austerity party Unidas Podemos). Although Spain has usually kept a low profile regarding the EU sphere, it seems that there has been an 'awakening' to occupy the rightful place. The first sign came last year with the race for the position of vice-president of the European Central Bank, which now is occupied by Luis De Guindos, former Minister of Economy, Industry, and Competitiveness of Spain.

        For its part, Sánchez has lately made some statements underlining his intention to turn Spain into a leading country in the EU. "Spain must play a decisive role in the future European Commission," pointed out at the EU summit in Sibiu (Romania) last week. In this meeting, the Spanish Executive presented a paper with its proposals for the Strategic Agenda 2019-2024. In the document, Spain advocates not to reduce the EU budget after Brexit and to deepen the "social dimension" of the EU to gain legitimacy. It also gives great importance to climate, demanding along with seven other member States that at least 25% of EU spending be allocated to projects to combat climate change. In economic matters, the Government stands up for deepening the Economic and Monetary Union. Specifically, Spain wants to complete the Banking Union, create a European Unemployment Insurance, and establish a qualified majority system in tax matters. This is all very significant, especially since Spain has usually preferred to go unnoticed and adapt to the majority position of the Council instead of presenting its own road map, so the paper has a great symbolism regarding the Spanish change of attitude.

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    | Repretel - CD. Guatemala |
    Central American national and international news

Leaving CELAC?
During a press conference in the National place president Nayib Bukele announced the country's interest of leaving the CELAC. He expressed that this decision will have to go through a referendum scheduled for the end of the year, if the referendum goes in favor the country will start its sovereign decision and process to leave the organization.

    "Central America will start it's process to whether or not to leave the Community of Latin America and Carribean states CELAC (Comunidad de Estados Latino Americano y Caribeños). The organization has not done little to all for some countries involved in the organization. We view the organization as failing and not helping eachother to improve in problems that many countries are facing at the same time. It is not clear if Central America will or will not leave for sure but this will fall to a referendum that will be scheduled by the end of the year."

Some in the country have expressed their concerns about this decision and have warned that this action will not go well for relations with other Latin American countries.

Luvindanao a new popular destination
Luvindanao is becoming a popular tourist destination for Central Americans as many have booked the asian country for their next destination for thier vacations and even the holidays. With rising relations between both countries many have seen this as an opportunity to experience something different. The government of Central America seeks to work futher with the Luvindanaon Government in the tourism industry in which hopes to benefit both countries in that sector.

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- Abbott has lost his Warringah Seat to an Independent
- Scott Morrison from Cook was preselected before elections to take over the Presidency should Abbott not win his seat
- Votes are still being counted. 74 NRP, 66 DSP, 1 GRN, 5 Other, 76 to win, 5 seats in doubt
- Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has stepped down as DSP leader
- Expected 'unloosable' DSP victory
- NRP are often called the Coalition as Nationals and Republicans didn't merge until 1991

            THE AUSTRALIAN:: Federal Election 2019: Scott Morrison, Coalition pull off shock victory
            By Sid Maher, NSW editor

Scott Morrison has declared “I have always believed in miracles’’ as he pulled off one of the biggest electoral recoveries in modern history and retained government for the Coalition.

Emphatic swings to the government in Queensland and Tasmania dashed Bill Shorten’s hopes of becoming President, forcing his resignation as Democrat leader.

With 59.2 per cent of the vote counted, the Coalition appeared to have won 74 seats to Democrat's 66 seats but had a path to a majority government as it held leads in three seats that remained too close to call. The government needs 76 seats to have a majority in its own right in the 151 seat House of Representatives.

Independents and the Greens had won six seats and five seats remained in doubt.

Shortly after 11.30pm Mr Shorten addressed the party faithful in Melbourne after calling the President and conceding defeat.

“I know that you are all hurting, and I am too,’’ Mr Shorten said. He announced he would not be a candidate at the next DSP leadership ballot but would remain in parliament.

“It is obvious that the Democrats will not be able to form the next government and so in the national interest a short while ago I called Scott Morrison to congratulate him and I wish Jenny and their daughters all the very best and, above all, I wished Scott Morrison good fortune and good courage in the service of our great nation. The national interest required no less.

“This has been a tough campaign, toxic at times, but now that the contest is over all of us have a responsibility to respect the result, to respect the wishes of the Australian people to bring our nation together.”

Mr Shorten said he was proud the Democrats had argued “what was right, not what was easy’’ and that it had campaigned on a positive vision.

“We were up front and clear about the reforms that both sides of politics have ignored for decades,’’ Mr Shorten said.

Mr Morrison, addressing ecstatic Republican supporters in Sydney, said: “I have always believed in miracles.’’

“I am standing with the three biggest miracles in my life tonight,’’ he said as he stood with his wife Jenny and two girls. “And tonight we have been delivered another one. How good is Australia? And how good are Australians? This is the best country in the world in which to live and it’s those Australians that we have been working for in the past five-and-a-half years.’’

Mr Morrison said it was “the quiet Australians who have won a great victory tonight. Because it’s always been about them.’’ He said the victory was not about him or the National Republican Party. “Tonight it about every single Australian who depends on their government to put them first.”

He said the government would get back to work just as Gladys Berejiklian got back to work in NSW.

Of the seats in doubt, the National Republican Party held leads in Chisholm in Victoria and Macquarie in NSW and was swapping the lead in Wentworth with sitting independent Kerryn Phelps.

If those leads hold, the Coalition would win power in its own right with a bare majority of 76 seats in the 151 seat House of Representatives.

The result marks a dramatic turnaround for the government after Oliver Wilson was dumped as President last December, sparking a collapse in support among voters and the eventual loss of its majority after the Republicans were defeated in last year’s Wentworth by-election

Mr Morrison will now have unrivalled authority in the new government while Mr Shorten has suffered a devastating setback that will spark a leadership ballot.

Queensland emphatically rejected the Democrat’s campaign with a 4.5 per cent swing to the government.

The Coalition won the seat of Longman north of Brisbane and Herbert around Townsville, the latter fuelled by anger at delays to approvals for the Adani coalmine. The marginal central Queensland seats of Capricornia and Flynn swung heavily behind the government.

In NSW the government snatched the western Sydney seat of Lindsay from the Coalition but lost the seat of Gilmore to the Democrats.

Tony Abbott, the former President lost his seat of Warringah to the independent Zali Steggall after a strong campaign against him by climate change activists including GetUp.

Former independent Rob Oakeshott failed to take the seat of Cowper from the NRP and Kerryn Phelps was leading last night in a tight race with Republican Dave Sharma.

The Republicans were leading Democrats 50.65 per cent to 49.35 per cent in Macquarie last night which would put the government on the verge of victory in the seat and another gain from the DSP.

In Victoria, the sweep Democrats had been hoping for failed to eventuate and it achieved a swing of just 1.7 per cent.

It won the former Republican seats of Corangamite and Dunkley, which had become nominally Democrat after a redistribution. But it failed to win Casey and the Republicans’ vote in La Trobe improved.

In Chisholm, which was won by Julia Banks in 2016, who subsequently quit and turned independent in the fallout over Oliver Wilson's dumping and contested Flinders, the Republicans were leading last night by 50.36 per cent to Democrats' 49.64 per cent.

The Republicans won the seats of Bass and Braddon in Tasmania from the Democrats.

South Australia and Western Australian appeared set to remain unchanged in counting last night.

Last night the government was also holding a narrow lead in Boothby in South Australia but it remained too close to call.

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Police Arrest Hoax Spreaders 'People Power' Videos in Medan

CNN Indonesia | Sunday, 18/05/2019 20:37 WIB

Medan, CNN Indonesia - North Sumatra Regional Police arrested a man named Janri Pakpahan (30) resident of Jalan Tangguk Utama, Blok 3 Griya Martubung, Medan Labuhan. This man spread hoax videos related to the demonstration of 'people power' which was reportedly starting to take place in the city of Medan. "The perpetrators were secured by the Special Criminal Investigation Directorate (Ditreskrimsus) at 11:30 this West Indonesia Time," said Head of North Sumatra Police Public Relations Division, Commissioner Tatan Dirsan Atmaja, Saturday (18/5).

Tatan said the perpetrators uploaded a video on Janry Cool's Youtube account. He wrote the title of the video in the form of people power in the city of Medan has begun to take action. He also invited Warganet to pray together for the peace of the NKRI. In the video, a mass of convoys was riding on motorbikes while yelling at Prabowo's presidential yells."The video was posted by the perpetrator on May 16, 2019, even though in fact on that date there were no demonstrations in the city of Medan," he said. For this reason, said Tatan, the police will deny Janri with Article 14 paragraph 2 of the Republic of Indonesia Law No. 1 of 1946 concerning Criminal Law Regulations. Meanwhile for evidence, said Tatan, one of the Oppo F1S cellphone units, KTP and SIM cards was secured.

"For motives, the perpetrators invoked prayers for the peace of the country and nation after the election. Even though the hoax content made by the perpetrators could issue confusion among the people," he said. Previously, member of the Steering Committee of the National Winning Body (BPN) Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno, Amien Rais asked the supporters of the 02 presidential candidate to support the term people power. Amien asked the public to no longer use the term people power but change it as the People's Sovereignty Movement. A number of supporters of Prabowo-Sandi called the action of the People's Sovereignty will take place for three days in the Bawaslu and the General Election Commission (KPU). The peak of the action will fall on May 22 with the KPU as the location of the demonstration.

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The arab-federation

        18TH MAY 2019



      | HADI SALAH | Traitors ! All of you !

      | Salah slams his fists against his desk, the rest of the congress watches in shock |

      | LU'AY AL ARTASHI | Mr Salah ! You have broken your duty to the party, you must leave and resign from the congress !

      | HADI SALAH | You have betrayed the Arab People !

      | HEIQAL HOMZI | If we are to go , we demand that the entire Jund Movement resign with us !

      | Members of the Jund Movement who are present rise up and clap—shouting "We stand with our leader Homzi !" |

      | AZEM AL SHEHBANDER | Curse the Hizb Al Istiqlal and curse the Barakat Cabinet ! This accusations presented by you are false, it is disgusting that the whole party act upon them !

      | Decorum breaks down completely, droves of congressmen walk out of the building |

      | HEIQAL HOMZI | These forced resignations are an attempted power-grab by Ali Barakat and his collaborationist traitors !

      | ALI BARAKAT | If you and your faction will not resign, I shall offer the humiliation of expulsion !

      | Present Jundists erupt in fury and hurl insults at the Prime Minister |

      | ALI BARAKAT | Out ! Out ! Out you parasites !

      | HEIQAL HOMZI | Consider us out of your doomed coalition ! The Jund shall act independently of your rotten institutions !

      | As a final act of protest Homzi, Al Shehbander and Salah walk out being closely followed by their supporters and sympathizers |


    |El País - Madrid |
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      EuroCorp or NATO: How Will Spain Respond

        A debate in parliament spark major controversy this afternoon since the Citizens Party mps have introduced discussion to formally withdraw Spain from the Atlantic Council in Brussels. This comes after Bulgaria has done so and will be more determined for within the EuroCorp, which is a voluntary alliance set to represent European interest and foreign interest in the world. Citizens mps have criticized the alliance as "old news" as they believe that the country can no longer rely it's security of the United States (the leading country in NATO) due to it's isolationist foreign policy agenda. Also as well stating they do not need Donald Trump to be the one to control the country's defense protocol. Currently Spain hold no high command positions within the NATO Command Structure, making it easier for Spain to withdraw. The move to withdraw saw much push back from the Peoples Party, where the opposition leader Pablo Cosado said withdrawing from the Atlantic Council would put Spain in an awkward position in terms of international standing.

        NATO seems to be fracturing seemingly inevitable following Bulgaria's withdraw and with the United States blaming Germany for not upholding the 2% military spending rule. Although no law has been introduced to appeal to the ratification of Spain joining NATO, the PSOE has remained quiet on the issue. Much speculation has been called on how the government will respond to this new development.

Beograd Danas

Prime Minister Adam Markovich today gave speech in Skupština, in presence of President of Serbia Lazar B. Jerkov and all relevant parties MPs. This is a first Skupština session after DHSS parliamentary group establishing, and it passed in hard exchange of statements between Prime Minister Markovich and new Leader of the Opposition Chaslav Krstich. Since EU request from all member states to give their opinion over the size of their participation in EuroCorp, the question of Serbian participation in project became one of the major political subjects and it soon came to Skupština debate. President Jerkov requested to hear a clear resolution from Skupština, in order to give a clear response to EU representatives. In that manner, the debate finally started today and it is certain that it would probably last up until mid-June, when final decision would be publicly known.

Prime Minister Markovich opened debate with following:

"Mr. Speaker,

For our Government, the question of our national participation in EuroCorp project, a project that is on ontological level of being planned as old as EU itself, is primary not the question of our withdraw from NATO, but a question of sovereignty of our continental values and way of life. We strongly believe, as we always had, that our cooperation with our overseas allies from both World Wars is essential for entire Europe, but that kind of cooperation should not prevent us to do job here at home - to reorganize our troops into a force which was a dream of our fathers who had built EU as we know it. So, here I stand today, asking this honorable house of our national democracy to give my Cabinet a largest possible support in our efforts to give a largest possible support to the EuroCorp idea. We believe, as I am sure that a majority of MPs here also does, that it is a strict interest of small EU nations to unify as much of their troops, in order to be able to respond to modern crises. We saw, and we continue to see, a large opposition to this idea from within. That is usual - people are always skeptic, but it is certain that sooner or later entire population of EU would realize the exact benefit of joint security strategy. So, when I ask you to support our Government's efforts, I ask you to support a vision of modern and prosperous nation, a nation that is European leader when it comes to progressiveness of ideas, and to let us be the example for others in EU when it comes to the way of participation in this great project which EuroCorp is.

Thank you Mr. Speaker, for giving me a chance to explain the position of my Cabinet once for all."

Leader of the Opposition and new-founded Demo-christian party of Serbia (DHSS), Chaslav Krstich replied:

"Mr. Speaker,

What Prime Minister just said all sounds true when it comes to his optimism and well-imagination, except one thing - the reality. He proved once again how capable he is of promoting the visionary ideals, but he also proved how incapable he is when it comes to the realization of reality in our country. That is not unusual, because we see the same incapability when we look at results of his economic policies, of so-called "reforms" that left our people without basic income, left them without basic welfare protection, many more even without job and housing, but I am sure that there would be enough time to talk more about this, because that is not a subject today.
Today, we are faced with two separate pressures, which are one against other. First one is a hard pressure from over the Atlantic, from Washington. Our Government is one of those that were heavily criticized by Trump administration, for not fulfilling our duties to NATO. With all due respect Mr. Speaker, if we are not capable of fulfilling our duties, I strongly believe that it is better for us to follow the Bulgarian example and withdraw from NATO, and not to let Americans making us look ridiculous. Our Government failed to give an effective response and promised to get us in order with NATO standards in next 3 years. All of us here knows that Prime Minister was not so honest when he gave the promise. As I said - if we are not able to contribute, we should withdraw. We are not the first ones to do that, nor the last ones.
On the other hand, Mr. Speaker, the situation with EuroCorp looks even funnier. I am against playing the role of servant, but I must say that I would rather accept the requested terms and conditions towards Donald Trump, an economic patriot and a great man of our time worth of trust, than to be a servant of Brussels bureaucracy, which has lost all of it's legitimacy to the people of EU. For practical reasons, DHSS would principally vote against the resolution, and so we call the rest of the opposition.
Thank you."

After this, the debate continued, as it would continue in next weeks.

            Election Anger

What was supposed to be a land-slid victory for the Democratic Socialist Party has instead seen a 74-65 win to the National Republican Party, with key issues like climate change and gay rights failing to lead to a win for the Democrats. Many Australians, including various Australian Celebrities and others.

"The Project" host Meshel Laurie took to twitter to say that "Australians are dumb, mean-spiritied, and greedy," while author and social commentator Jane Caro commented that "Australia decided to be a backwards country" and that she wishes she "was a New Zealander."

ABC presenter Phillip Adams tweeted "“Australia has given its malevolent, ignorant and corrupt version of the Trump administration a third term,” while Muslim broadcaster Yassmin Abdel-Magied replied that this is going to be a "long three years" for Australia. An indigenous Twitter poster tweeted in agreement, “If you feel disappointed, imagine how our elders feel. This is not unexpected for blackfellas."

Many other celebrities have threated to move to New Zealand as a result of the election, with Radio Broadcaster Mike Carlton commenting "F***. Fifty years ago, Dems lost the 1969 Don’s Party election. History repeats itself: first a tragedy, then as farce”

This comes after Scott Morrison stated that the National Republican Party will "not consider [LGBTI rights/Gay Marriage] at all" and that the gays will have to wait "at least three years" before anything happens. The NRP have made it clear that marriage in Australia under the NRP will be strongly defined as between one man and one woman.

Scott Morrison has refused to comment on Climate Change. He stated that Climate Change is "not our biggest problem" and "not our fault."

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The arab-federation

        19TH MAY 2019



      | HEIQAL HOMZI | Tomorrow we will be in Amman . . .

      | Homzi abruptly closes his suitcase |

      | HEIQAL HOMZI | Out of the reach of Ali Barakat and his regime of decadence ! The Jund Movement shall have freedom in its own destiny once again !

      | HADI SALAH | It is the people of the Bilad Al Urdun who shall welcome the revolution !

      | Shehbander who is deep in thought interrupts in a sudden burst of amazement |

      | AZEM AL SHEHBANDER | Heiqal ! Hadi ! The elections ! The Jordanian people shall stand with us in the polls . . . first Jordan then Iraq !

      | The others nod in approval |

      | HEIQAL HOMZI | Then we have work to do . . .

      | Homzi pauses suddenly in thought and slows his tone |

      | HEIQAL HOMZI | Barakat . . . that foolish man ! By expelling us he has given our party the attention it needs to discredit his authority . . . we shall declare a political march from Baghdad to Amman !

      | HADI SALAH | Continue . . .


The Kabul Times
"لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱلله"


Today President Ashraf Ghani and Prime Minister Alborz Nahavandi signed a joint security and economic treaty that signifies a new union between the two nations. The treaty was announced after hours of deliberation between the two leaders. The treaty includes Persian soldiers to deploy in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the United States just months prior. Ashraf Ghani gave a speech to the nation of Afghanistan moments ago citing the ineffectiveness of the western powers to fight the Taliban.

"Our problems must be solved regionally, not internationally. It has been proven time and time again that the west cannot save our nation, but rather we must look to our brothers in Persia to aid us in the fight against Islamic radicalism!" "Our allies in Tehran have promised to invest in local infrastructure! We will build more roads, we will build more hospitals, we will decrease unemployment and corruption!" "Together, Afghanistan will once again become the forefront of innovation and religion in the Middle East!" "Our Persian brothers have agreed to aid the Afghan National Army in conventional ground warfare and training centers." "Along with this treaty, we will open trade between our two brother nations."

A union between Afghanistan and Iran was criticized by various of Ghani's opponents for working with a Shia Muslim nation. However, international reporters have praised the new union for increased cooperation between the two religious sects of Islam. The official claim from the Afghan government stated that "Although our new friends in Tehran are Shia, it changes nothing between us. We are all Muslims, we all pray to Allah (SWT) and we all accept Muhammad as his final messenger" "Slight differences in interpretation of the Holy Quran should not divide us, for we are all brothers."

The news of the pact was announced days after the Arab economic unification, drawing questions on whether it was a counter to rising Arab influence in the region. The government of Afghanistan had declined the statement, and the Persian government has not yet responded. The United States and the EU have not yet commented on the development. The Ghani administration claimed that this is the first step in a project set to increase Afghanistan's sovereignty and international influence.

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The Draft State Budget 2020, the Government Suggests the Economy to Grow 5.3-5.6 Percent

CNN Indonesia | Monday, 20/05/2019 12:12 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - The government conveyed the macro economic framework and the main points of fiscal policy for the Draft State Budget (RAPBN) 2020 to the House of Representatives (DPR) at the Plenary Meeting on Monday (20/5). In its delivery, the government set economic growth in the range of 5.3 percent to 5.6 percent.Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said the growth target was made with consideration; Indonesia will still face various economic challenges next year. The challenge, in particular, will come from the shadow of the global economic slowdown.

Even so, according to him, Indonesia still has the momentum of economic growth from within the country. The momentum is reflected in the realization of economic growth which grew 5.07 percent in the first three months of this year.In that period, the momentum of economic growth came from the growth of household consumption which was still stable at around 5 percent, low inflation, and government spending. The country's treasurer saw that the momentum could still be obtained by Indonesia until the end of the year.In addition, there are also growth contributions from export and investment indicators that are being encouraged by the government through various policies. "By considering this potential, the government proposes economic growth of 5.3 percent to 5.6 percent," he said at the plenary meeting.

The economic growth target is higher than this year's target of 5.3 percent and 2018 realization of 5.17 percent. While the inflation indicator is targeted to be in the range of 2 percent to 4 percent or slightly lower than this year's target of 3.5 percent.Then the three-month SPN interest rate was 5.0-5.6 percent. The SPN rate is wider than this year which is 5.3 percent.For the rupiah exchange rate, during the next year the government sets a range of Rp14-15 thousand per US dollar. The target is slightly lower than this year which amounted to IDR 15 thousand per US dollar.

Furthermore, the Indonesian Crude Oils Price (ICP) was US $ 60-70 per barrel. The ICP target is also wider than this year at US $ 70 per barrel.While oil and gas lifting is targeted at 695-840 thousand barrels per day. Then, gas lifting is 1,191-1,300 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day.The lifting target is both higher than this year, each of which is 775 thousand barrels per day and 1,250 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day.

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Military on standby in case of torrential rain disasters

TAIPEI (CNA) — The Ministry of National Defense (MND) said on May 20 it has put nearly 40,000 soldiers on standby in the event of disasters caused by a weather front that was bringing torrential rain to most of the country.

The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) earlier in the day issued an extremely rain warning for northern Taiwan and a heavy rain alert for central and southern parts of the country.

Flood warnings were also issued for Keelung, Taipei and Taoyuan, according to the Water Resources Agency (WRA).

The Ministry of National Defense (MND) said that early Monday morning, it had set up a disaster response center in preparation for any rescue and relief operations as a result of the heavy rains and had placed 39,000 soldiers on standby.

In addition, the MND said, it had deployed 22 military units, comprising its 135 special forces in total, at 18 locations around the country that are prone to landslides and flooding.

Some of those areas are the mountainous Wulai District in Taipei, and Fuxing Township in Taoyuan, according to the MND.

A total of 2,300 ground vehicles, 11 aircraft, and 107 rubber rafts are also on standby in the event of flooding or other damage from the torrential rains, the ministry said.

Republic of China (Taiwan) becomes first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage

TAIPEI (CNA) — Republic of China (Taiwan) made history on May 17 as the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage, after most lawmakers of the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) voted to pass a Cabinet-sponsored bill that gives gay couples the right to get married.

The bill, titled Enforcement Act of Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 748, cleared the legislative floor at 3:30 p.m. on Friday.

The new law will take effect May 24, allowing two persons of the same gender, aged 18 or older, to register a marriage, with at least two witnesses signing the registration document.

Either partner in the marriage will be allowed to adopt the biological children of the other, under the law. However, non-biological children who had been adopted by one partner before the marriage cannot be adopted by the other partner, it states.

The China Democratic Socialist Party (CDSP) caucus had submitted a motion to amend Article 20 of the Cabinet’s bill to make possible the adoption of one partner’s non-biological children by the other, but it was not put to a vote after lawmakers passed the Cabinet’s version of the article on adoptions.

On the issue of same-sex transnational marriages, lawmakers voted 84-6 against a CDSP motion to amend the Cabinet’s bill to allow transnational same-sex couples from any country to get married in Taiwan.

The CDSP motion sought to exempt such couples from regulations stipulated in the Act Governing the Choice of Law in Civil Matters Involving Foreign Elements, which state that the marriage of a transnational couple is governed by the laws of their respective countries.

Under that act, even with the legalization of same-sex marriage in the Republic of China (Taiwan), a Chinese national would not be able to enter into a legally recognized union with a partner from a country where gay marriage is not legal.

The existence of the ROC is undeniable: President Chou

TAIPEI (CNA) — President Chou I-kwang on May 14 emphasized the importance of ensuring Taiwan island remains an independent and sovereign country called the Republic of China (ROC).

The nation is called the Republic of China and sometimes Chinese Taipei or 'Taiwan', said Chou in a radio interview when answering questions from the host about Tsai's recent controversial remarks that there is only Taiwan as an independent state and that the People's Republic of China doesn't hold rightful claims as to the sole government.

Asked if he agreed with such comments, Chou said the existence of the Republic of China is an undeniable fact, noting that he is interested to see if Beijing accepts Tsai's comments and hopes the international community heard them.

Tsai, chairwoman of Taiwanese Independence Movement, known internationally as TaiMovement, is vying for the nomination of the minor opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as its candidate in the presidential election in January 2020.

Last week when asked by the media about Chou's stance on cross-strait relations, the President said he supports the KMT's position on the “1992 Consensus,” wherein both sides acknowledge there is only one China but are free to interpret the meaning of one China.

The “two-nation” comment sparked criticisms from the KMT-led blue camp, with former President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) and former

Taipei Mayor Eric Chu (朱立倫) both observing that the “one China” in the “1992 Consensus” formula refers to the ROC.

The consensus, which says both sides are part of one China, with each side free to define what China means, can never be interpreted to mean “one China, one Taiwan” nor “two Chinas,” said both Ma and Chu at separate events.

Chu is also one of the KMT’s five presidential aspirants.

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Beograd Danas

Around 3am this night, a ground collapsed in Kriva Feja mine of lead and zinc, trapping 21 mine workers on the depth of around one and a half thousand meters. Entire town of Kriva Feja, on southern part of Serbia, known for it mine activity, was awaken with alarm sirens. Director of mine and other leading figures were immediately informed about what has happened, and rescue action started. Around 6am, first information started to come from the radio station of trapped mine workers, who informed rescuers that they are all still alive, but with not much oxygen left for breathing and with several injured people. Radio contact is still permanently active, but families are not allowed to contact trapped workers, in order to prevent possible media chaos this may cause. Also, identities and health situation of those several injured workers are still kept secret, in order to prevent media speculations.

In meantime, Prime Minister was informed about the entire event, and he immediately informed the press. On a press conference, he said:

"I feel the humane need to inform the public that terrible event occurred during the night. In a Kriva Feja mine, 2nd ground sector, on a far south of our nation, an accident happened early this morning and trapped 21 mine workers deep under ground. It is believed that ground collapsed as a result of inappropriate usage of dynamites, but that information is still not officially confirmed. First information that I got says that they are all still alive, but with not much oxygen left. That presents a large problem to their lives and because of that, I decided to send our experts down there, to help a rescue. Terrain is also a large problem, due to the fact that Kriva Feja is a small mine town located on Besna Kobila mountain, but we are defined to resolve this problem effectively and to prevent all life coasts possible. An hour ago, I signed the decision to transport all help needed with military helicopters, which is a usage that Constitution allows us to perform, because we are facing an emergency situation. Currently, about five hundred people are involved in entire action of rescue, each one of them performing a specific duty with humane responsibility.

No one of us can imagine what those people are currently passing trough, if they are still alive in this moment. No one of us can imagine what their families, their wives and children are currently facing. The pain of unpredictable time that is still passing with them still sitting in the dark under ground is the greatest trauma those people ever felt in their lives. That is why we are so determined to save each one of them. With God's help and every single man involved doing his best, I reasonably hope that we would finish this rescue action successfully in next 48 hours, because that is how much time experts gives to mine workers, according to the info they sent up about the situation with oxygen. When I have some more information, I would address the public."

Latest reports are saying that there is no danger of some further ground collapses, that could kill those under ground. No matter the fact, rescue teams are forced to work slowly, because any kind of mistake may cost lives. On the other hand, the pressure of the time limit makes entire situation more tense. All this opens the question of security standards in Serbian mines. This is not the first incident in last 20 years, and those incident took around 150-200 lives. Largest one was a collapse in Majdanpek mine in 2009, when 40 workers died directly from ground collapse. Because of that, multiple times question of closing of mines and investing into other energetic means was opened, but also closed because mine industry provide salaries for large number of Serbs in rural areas. Previous Government of Martina Nastich-Stoitchich tried to close mines with highest risk for worker's lives, but entire thing finished in large strike against the decision. Government of Vojislav Koprivica promised a new Law to standardize a conditions in mines, but his cabinet fell before doing so. Current Government of Prime Minister Adam Markovich hasn't done anything yet, nor opened the question at all.

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    | Repretal News |
    Central American national and international news

Military exercise begin
Thunder wasn't the only thing heard in various parts of the country today morning, artillery fire can be heard around Central America as the announced military exercise begins. Hundreds of personnel from the army (ECA), air force (FACA), and navy (FNCA) participate in the 5 day exercise which take place in various locations of the country. President Nayib Bukele, minister of the National Defence Gen. Luis Miguel Ralda Moreno, and other officials of the MINDEF (ministry of the national defence) spectate troops land in Puerto Quetzal through the harsh rains which have been affecting the country during the week. During his stay in Puerto Quetzal President Nayib Bukele explained the reason for these military exercises.

    We are doing exercises to see the current state of the Armed forces, my government sees the importance of the Armed forces and want to improve it during my term. It is time for us to forget about the conflict we had in the 60s, 70s, and 80s which is now more than 30 years ago and not make it an excuse on why we cant improve our military. It is time for our military to advance and keep advancing for the greater good of our country.

Puerto Quetzal was not the only location of the exercise, remote mountainous areas of Honduras and Nicaragua became perfect areas for artillery, airborne, and vehicular practice. These exercises are expected to last 5 days for the evaluation made by the MINDEF officials.

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    |El País - Madrid |
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      King and Queen to Land in Guatemala City

        His Majesty King Felipe VI of Spain will be making his official visit to the country for the first time since his father Juan Carlos II visited the country in 2011. The two countries have had a checkered passed considering that the country had fought for independence in the 19th century and on the 2nd February 1980, Spain severed diplomatic relations with Guatemala over the incident at the embassy and the threat on its diplomatic staff. This was due to the burning of the Spanish Embassy within the country by the Committee for Peasant Unity, who were an indigenous Guatemalan labor organization. The two countries did not restore diplomatic relations until 1984. His Majesty will meet with the president of the central american alliance to speak on matters of cultural unity, economics and so forth.

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            What is love?
            Baby don't hurt me, Don't hurt me, No more
            Nah, It's in Melbourne

Religious Freedoms and the Coal Industry are by far the biggest winners of this election. However, with that, there are loosers. What was predicted to be a landslide DSP victory ended up being a 'miracle' for the National Republicans, who have clearly stated that gay marriage, transgender surgeries, and the like will not be allowed in Australia under a Republican government. And, seeing as this is the Republican's third term, it isn't looking good for the LGBTI community.

The Australian Greens' only seat, the electorate of Melbourne, was home to the first of potentially many LGBTI protests. Around 2,500 protesters marched from the corner of Lonsdale and Elizabeth street, west to Spencer street, south to Flinders street, east to Spring street, and north to the Victorian Parliament Building.

Protesters carried LGBTI flags, wearing shirts that said 'Love is Love,' and waving posters calling out the Federal goverment as evil and oppressive. Victorian premier Daniel Andrews marched with the protesters, saying he is 'ashamed on how evil people can be.'

The Republicans have pointed out that Australia is a religious nation, and many religions, such as Christianity and Islam, do not allow for homosexual marriage.

Disgraced former extreme right senator Fraser Anning called transgender a 'severe mental disorder' and gay marriage a 'montrosity of marriage and love.' Both the Republican and Democratic parties have denouced his actions, with Scott Morrison calling him a 'disgraceful, hate-filled, neo-nazi idiot,' and called to the LBGTI community to reinforce his point, stating that he loves the LGBTI community, but will not allow for them to marry as it is not 'God's plan for mankind.'

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Jokowi Requests Anies' Permit to Continue the Village Project

CNN Indonesia | Tuesday, 21/05/2019 14:39 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has his own reasons for choosing the Deret Village, Jalan Tanah Tinggi I, Johar Baru, Central Jakarta, as the location of the speech after the General Election Commission (KPU) completed the vote recapitulation of presidential and legislative elections in 2019 elections. Jokowi claimed that he wanted to simultaneously review the location of Deret Village which he built while still serving as the governor of DKI Jakarta for the period 2012-2017."Yes, while looking at the first village we built," Jokowi said in Kampung Deret, Johar Baru, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (21/5). When building Kampung Deret in 2013, Jokowi still served as governor of DKI Jakarta. He was paired with Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok. He then advanced in the 2014 presidential election and was elected with Jusuf Kalla. Jokowi admitted that while talking to the community before giving a speech, they wanted the development of the Kampung Deret to continue. He also agreed to continue the development of the Village Series.

Jokowi said that he would ask permission from DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan to continue the development of Kampung Deret, in Johar Baru. "I have agreed, I would like to ask permission to the governor later. This is (the development of the Village Village)," he said. Dolianto, one of the residents of Kampung Deret, said he was happy with Jokowi's presence. He mentioned Jokowi was the one who built Kampung Deret as his work program while serving as governor of DKI Jakarta. According to Dolianto, there are currently only 24 houses built in Kampung Deret."Because this house was built when Jokowi was governor. There were only 24 houses," he told at the location. CNN Indonesia monitoring in the field, Kampung Deret is on Jalan Tanah Tinggi I, Johar Baru, Central Jakarta. The location is next to the railroad tracks opposite Senen Station. Kampung Deret consists of houses that stand in line from the front of Jalan Tanah Tinggi I. The house is dominated by turquoise green. Houses in this village have been permanently established.

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            Events Worsen (Over the last week)

President Ariyanayagam Chandranehru and Prime Minister Veerasingham Anandasangaree have seized total control over Sri Lanka's government after the opposition, the United National Party, was blamed for the attack on the TNA HQ early last week. Changdranehru has replaced the empty 120 seats with TNA members who where previously in opposition and other Tamil policians, many of which are members of the LTTE.

The Sri Lankan Military has merged with the LTTE, and Chandranehru has abused political powers to form what many would describe as a dictatorship. He shares his role with Anandasangaree, and denies that such extreme measures have been taken. In reaction to Danish travel advisories, Chandranehru has stated that he is willing to co-operate with international governments to aid the evacuation of foreign tourists.

The TNA has recently passed several acts, including the "Sri Lankan Saftey Act," which calls for all sinhalese to be removed from positions of power due to their 'obvious threat to peace in Sri Lanka.'

Persia News Agency - Kabul

Persian Troops begin entering Islamic State of Afghanistan as part of Tehran-Kabul Agreement

Following the exiting of American troops from Afghanistan, Tehran and Kabul signed a cooperation pact that will fill the void left by American troops in Afghanistan by Persian troops. Major General Qassem Suleimani has already traveled to Kabul to oversee the arrival of Persian troops and discuss with Afghan officials.

"We will do anything we can to help our Afghan brethren in their time of need. The Americans didn't care for this land, nor its people. They plundered the land and destroyed everything in their path. However, I want to assure the people of Afghanistan that they are in good hands now. No longer will your families be killed by soldiers during your marriages. No longer will your soccer stadiums be used for executions. No longer will your wealth be plundered by Western troops. We were once one nation, united under one flag. And now, although we are separate, we will move forward together as one people with one goal, and that is the return of the Middle East to its inhabitants. Inshallah, we will help our Afghan brothers back on their feet and help them reclaim their rightful place among the community of nations." said the Major General during a press conference in Kabul.

Persian troops will also oversee training of Afghan troops in counter-terrorism exercises. Many have speculated that the arrival of Persian troops in the country could mean the end of the Taliban once and for all, despite talks between the Afghan Government and the Taliban in Qatar. No official comment regarding the Taliban has been made by Tehran.

The deal will also see heavy Persian investment into Afghanistan, especially in regards to modern infrastructure and education. Persian companies have already lined up ready to make inroads into the Central Asian country, with the mobile carrier Irancell already close to a deal.

The two countries have long shared a close relation, with both of them being involved with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO).

May 21st, 2019 - Kabul, Afghanistan

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