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            Foreign Relations and Internal Affairs, a snapshot

The zhongguo people republic:

Scott Morrison will move rapidly to mark the Pacific as his top ­strategic priority, making an early trip to the Solomon Islands next week to counter growing Chinese influence over Australia’s regional neighbours.

The visit comes as Beijing ramps up regional tensions with its attempts to lure the Solomons and other small island-states to sever ties with Taiwan, and US warnings that Chinese interference in the Pacific is leading to “the possibility of conflict”.

The Australian can reveal the President will use his first overseas trip since the election to visit new Solomons Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in Honiara on Sunday, before travelling to London for the 75th anniversary of D-Day and returning home via Singapore.

Mr Morrison, who has promised a fresh focus on Australia’s Pacific “step-up”, moved yesterday to elevate the importance of the region by appointing his ­factional ally and numbers man Alex Hawke to lead a frontbench ministry focused on the region.

He has emphasised his government’s strengthened commitment to the Indo-Pacific in conver­sations with regional counterparts since his election victory, including Japanese leader Shinzo Abe, Indonesian President Joko Widodo, Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama and Vanuatu Prime Minister Charlot Salwai. [Excerpt from "Morrison's Mission to Rebuff China," from The Australian]

Naru japan:

Australia seeks to build relations with Japan, including financial and militaristic collaboration and trade. Australia also views Japan as a strong ally in containing China, and seeks to move Australia's market towards Japan as opposed to the People's Republic of China.


Australia will be openning a Taiwanese embassy in Wodonga, and hopes to meet shortly with the Taiwanese President to discuss relations


Australia will not be sending physical troops to Sri Lanka, but will be sending $43.8 million. This money will be coming out of Australian aid to Palestinean territories, which it has stopped funding in January. This money will go towards rebuilding, but will ultimately be in the hands of the Federal Government to use as they wish.

The Australis Republic (Internal Affairs):

 Democratic Socialist MP Anthony Albanese from Sydney will be taking on the leadership position left behind by former leader Bill Shorten. Albanese is a strong democratic socialist, and hopes to make the DSP a more progressive party. He was unchallenged in the run for Opposition leader, and will hold the position until the next election. He proposes, among many things, stronger welfare, more money to unions, more funding on abortion and sex-change surgeries, Stronger alliance with China, stronger climate change policy, and to make Australia the most LGBTI friendly nation in the world.
Albury-Wodonga has considered the foundation of a federal territory similar to the United State's District of Colombia for Australia's capital. This comes after confusion with Albury-Wodonga being a border town. The territory will be decided on next week, and if it will go ahead will be debated over the course of this week.

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Tau falberis

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Poland begins an adaptive reuse project!

    | Warsaw, 27 May 2019. "We want to restore old,
    abandoned buildings and adaptively reuse them,"
    said Infrastructure and Development Minister Andrzej
    Adamczyk. Hundreds of construction equipment and
    thousands of workers from many Polish companies
    have assembled to partake in the project. Archi-
    tects, entrepreneurs, developers and builders who
    are involved in the project have made plans so that
    the finished products (restored buildings) will serve
    the need of the market, that it will be completely use-
    ful for its new purpose, and that it will be competi-
    tively priced. |

TRT Haber

Devlet Bahçeli steps down, Sinan Oğan selected as successor

Today during the MHP Assembly MHP Chairmen Devlet Bahçeli, Chairmen from 1997-2019, leading the party since the death of the 6th President and founder of the MHP Alparslan Türkeş. It was a historic moment when Devlet Bahçeli who led Turkey from 2008-2016, and was set to challenge President Meral Akşener in the upcoming election cycle, but due the health problems it was first reported by Habertürk to Bahçeli would be looking to step away from the politics. Today we saw that come to fruition, with him appointing Sinan Oğan as his replacement, to become the new face of the party and the face of the Turkish nationalist movement. Sinan Oğan, born in Iğdır to an Azeri family. He graduated from Marmara University in 1989, and worked as deputy dean at the Azerbaijan State Economic University. From 1994 to 1998 he also serverd as a representative for TIKA of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has won multiple awards throughout his career at home and abroad, receiving the Turkic World Service Award from Eurasia Economic Relations Association and Honor Award from Federation of Oghuz Tribe Cultural Associations. Afterwards he addressed the MHP for the first as the new Chairmen of the party.

"My brothers and sisters, we honour the great service our leader Devlet Bahçeli, and Alparslan Türkeş have done before us. And we must recognize that they will always hold a special place in our hearts because of it. The advancement of the Idealist movement. The Idealist Clubs must flourish across not just Turkey, but the Turkic world. They must flourish across the world where ever Turks may live. We must stand behind the Turkic ideals that have gotten the Turkish Republic this far, and we must continue to fight with those ideals in heart to further the Turkic people. Away from the false song of a European Union, away from the false song of American greed, away from the false song of NATO. It is time that Turkic World comes together as One State, One Race, One Army. Together the Turkic World lead us into a new golden age! One where the Turkic people stand above the rest, above the forgotten, above the weak, the defeated. The MHP for too long has been vilified by the European Union, by our own media and by our schools. We will no longer let this slide by, we will no longer stay quite! Everyone will speak up against the injustice that has taken place against the MHP, one that has set to destroy our image above all, cast pride of our nation as nothing more than worship of a defunct empire. We worship the grounds our ancestors died to defend, we worship the very spirit of our ancestors as they marched from Central Asia all the way to the Battle of Malazgirt where the Turkic Race marched through the gates of Anatolia and changed the course of human history forever. We worship the spirit of the the great man who conquered İstanbul at the age of 21. We worship the spirit of our ancestors who sent the ANZACs back in coffins for daring to strip the Turkic Race of its blood right. We worship the footsteps of our Eternal President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, in a never ending fight against the non Turkic peoples for our survival. We fight on this modern battle field with the same conviction as the heros who fought besides Ertuğrul, Osman, Süleyman, Mehmet, Murat, Mustafa Kemal, and so many other Turks whose scarifies are why we stand free today. It is why us, the Turkic Race, must stand as one people. One great people that have dominated the world since the dawn of time. Our great people must unite before it is too late. We must remember one thing, for all of Turkic history one thing has been true. Tengri! Biz! Menen!" (God is with us)

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The sixth french-republic

2019 European Parliament election results

Held on the 29 May, the French People have decided who they chose to represent them in the European Arena. The National Rally and the newly formed coalition of REM–MoDem–Agir–MR have taken 23 seats each; The French Green Party was able to take 13 seats, placing just behind the two larger parties; The Republic-Centrist Coalition has won just 8 seats; While La France insoumise and the Socialist Coalition each winning 6 seats.

Jean-Marie Le Pen spoke out in regards to election results, calling it a victory for the French Republic.

    "It is almost impossible to imagine the great French state ruled by non-European entities, but alas we have submitted ourselves to the will of those from beyond this continent, though the tides have changed and we must now act as a republic in defense of Europe."

This new change comes in response to a new wave of French Nationalism, led by figures like Marine Le Pen, François-Xavier Bellamy and even Emmanuel Macron. Though each figure have varying ideals of French Nationalism, they all stand by the virtues of liberty under the French Republic. Marine Le Pen and François-Xavier Bellamy both are in favour of reuniting metropolitan France with it's former African colonies as a united entity under Paris. Le Pen stating that it is the responsibility of the French people to reach out to those that share our language, and help them to bring prestige to the Francophone world. Bellamy also shares the sentiments of a reunited French Empire, but has gone further to state that he seeks Quebec to unify with France; Stating that, he felt France has been undermined for too long, and that the French state is in dire need to revitalisation. Macron to a degree also believes in stronger ties with the former French colonies, but does not believe in full annexation, instead hoping to create stronger bonds with its former colonies. But all three share the idea of a Francophone world that rivals that of the Anglophones, in terms of prestige and influence.

With the new mostly unanimous Gaullist ideals, Marie Le Pen stated that her party will be ensuring to strive for European values, as envisioned by France.

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Luvindanaon Maritime Research Development Programme

In attempts of better understanding the Mariana trench, the Luvindanaon government in cooperation with the National University of Luvindanao and the University of Singapore is seeking to send several dive studies to the very bottom of the Mariana trench to conduct a thorough analysis of the deepest parts of the worlds surface. Professor Stephen Li of the university of Singapore said that there are likely to be countless new species of fish and crustaceans to be discovered. He also stated of that understanding the oceans could better our abilities to preserve and protect it. The Luvindanaon Navy has offered to help aid in the research by providing vessels, but the University of Luvindanao and Singapore have both requested that Military participation to remain minimal as not to incite a debate amongst the academic community, nor to allow the military to take advantage of the developments for any form of warfare. Professor Stephen Li stated that the Mariana Trench should remain out of the reach of any military activities as it is an extremely fragile and alien habitat.

Though the Luvindanaon Navy has been restricted, they are still cooperating with the new Development Programme. There is a goal to set up a permanent underwater complex in the Philippine Sea, where scientific research can be conducted on a regular level. Unlike most underwater research structures, the Luvindanaon Maritime Research Development Programme wants to construct a large complex to house researchers and visitors, alongside appropriate technology to conduct proper research.

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Post self-deleted by Boznia-hersegovina.

The maghreb union of tunisia and algeria

Algerian foreign policy

The Algerian government has long been an advocate for Arab cooperation and so they now have officially decided to join the alliance of the Arab League states and adopts the Arab dinar of the The arab-federation as the currency of the Algerian Tunisian union. The Maghreb unions government hopes to form strong ties with all nations in the Arab League and seeks joint protection, power and prosperity for all Arab Nations.

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The north african wattan

The Cairo Times

Investments Into the Military and Education

Today we witnessed the signing of a great initiative by our great president that will help strengthen our country. This bill was passed by parliament yesterday and official.y became a law when signed by our president today.

Military Investments
The first part of the bill calls for the army to immediately divert 10% of all money spent on purchasing weapons to investments in the country's domestic weapon production. This will help stimulate our economy and will allow our military by allowing us to obtain weapons cheaper and on demand. Our days of relying on imperialist countries for our weapons and protection are numbered. The military will also divert 5% of the funds each year until eventually 100% of our great army's weapons are manufactured domestically.

Education Investments
The other part of the bill implements a new education tax that will be paid back to the people through improvements in education with a focus on colleges. The tax will be a 1% sales tax. The goal of this initiative is to provide scholarships for our many brilliant students that cannot afford to go to college. We have many students that go through our already free high school system while placing at the top of their class that end up not going to college because they cannot afford it. This bill will fund those student's education in return for their guarantee to work in the country for at least 5 years to limit the number of students that study in our universities and then go work outside the country. This is an investment into our economy and will make sure the country has a larger pool of educated workers.

The maghreb union of tunisia and algeria

Algerian purge

The government realizes it's military and civil departments (ministers etc.) are full of incompetent and corrupt men so it initiates a great scouring and purge of its government departments and military officers. This results in many corrupt and incompetent men being accused of treason or dismissed from their positions and so the government instead promotes and assigns positions based on merit. This action is taken with the backing of other Arab league states. However some say that the action had an underlining motive as the purge primarily targeted men against pan-Arabism and the recent joining of the Arab league and those in favour of it were quickly appointed or promoted. Whilst ideological differences in government were removed the purge still had great economic and military benefits to the state as the army quickly gained new competent and loyal leaders and the government's corruption levels wen't down massively and everything was run smoother. This move would allow the government to gain the funds to embark on many other moves and improve the military in the future. This action takes 3 weeks to fully root out the corrupt and incompetent officials (and ones not loyal to the regime and ideology).

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    |El País - Madrid |
    Todas las noticias


      Socialist Party wins the European elections in Spain

        The map of Spanish political forces in the European Parliament is being redrawn. The Socialist Party (PSOE) won the elections on Sunday with 33% of the vote, pushing down the Popular Party (PP) from the leading position it had held since 2014. The percentage of votes secured by the Spanish Socialists, with acting Foreign Minister Josep Borrell at the helm, was somewhat higher than what the PSOE obtained at the snap general election of April 28. The PSOE’s improved results coincide with the collapse of Germany’s Social Democrats, awarding the Spanish representatives a greater role in leading the S&D group in Strasbourg. The PSOE made significant gains, going from 13 to 20 seats, which could make it the biggest member of the S&D group since Spain joined the EU in 1986. Italy’s Democratic Party has come close with 19 seats, although the final vote count is not yet in. “We are going to be the first social-democratic delegation in the European Parliament,” said acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez at a public appearance in Madrid shortly after midnight. “It is a source of pride, it is an opportunity, but it is also an enormous responsibility.”

        Turnout was much higher than in 2014: 64%, up from 46%. Participation was strong due partly to the fact that the European vote coincided with municipal and, in some cases, regional elections in Spain. Borrell, who made a brief appearance on Sunday night to thank Spaniards for going out to vote, could now be in the running for an influential position in Brussels. The sharing out of posts will start to be discussed on Wednesday at an informal meeting of heads of state and government in Brussels. The PP, which had until now had the highest number of MEPs in Strasbourg of all Spanish parties, has dropped from 16 to 12, representing 20% of the vote. This is still higher than the figure that had been forecast, and an improvement from the 16.7% that Spain’s mainstream conservatives earned on April 28.This suggests that some of the traditional voters who switched to Vox at the general elections may have returned to the PP on Sunday. Its candidate, Dolors Montserrat, noted that the European People’s Party (EPP) remains the most-voted group in the European Parliament, with 24% support. “We are part of that great family,” she said.

        Three other Spanish parties have earned representation in the European Parliament. One of them is Ciudadanos (Citizens), which earned seven MEPs (up from two) and 12% of the vote. Its candidate Luis Garicano cited French President Emmanuel Macron as his main support in Europe and said: “We’re going to Europe to change things and work hard.” The leftist Unidas Podemos alliance managed six seats, but this falls far short of the six and five representatives that United Left and Podemos secured, respectively, when they ran separately in 2014. “We were expecting better results, but compared with other countries where the left is fragmented, we have resisted well,” said the group’s top candidate, María Eugenia Rodríguez Palop. “We have enough popular support to carry out the changes we want. We are the only force that can act as a bulwark against the Europe of cuts.” And the far-right Vox party entered the European chamber for the first time, earning 6% of the vote and three MEPs at the Sunday elections. This is somewhat less than had been forecast, and down from the 10% that it secured at the general election, when the party entered the national parliament for the first time. “We are going to develop and reinforce Europe on the basis of respect for nations and concord,” said its candidate Jorge Buxadé.

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National greece



    Greece’s Tsipras calls snap election after EU poll drubbing

    Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras called a snap general election after his leftist Syriza party suffered a severe beating in Sunday’s European and regional elections. Preliminary results showed that Syriza has won only about 24 percent of the vote in the European Parliament election, while the opposition New Democracy party won 33 percent. Tsipras, who swept to power on an anti-austerity platform in 2015, admitted that the “outcome was not up to our expectations.” Earlier in the evening, ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis had called for a general election, saying that Greece is undergoing a wholesale changing of the order in European and regional polls that were held simultaneously on Sunday. Economic and nationalist issues played a major role in the run-up to the elections. In his campaign, Mitsotakis had pledged to offer tax breaks to property owners and cut families financial slack and to restore the Greek presence within the Mediterranean and the world. Mistsotakis also claims that the people of Greece will use these elections to use their voice within the European Union.

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The Kabul Times
"لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱلله

Tensions among Turkmen ethnic groups growing; Kabul, Afghanistan

The signing of the Afghan-Persian union saw the agreement to allow the Afsharid Persia Armed Forces (APAF) access to Afghanistan to help combat capability of the Afghan National Army. The entry of APAF soldiers was welcomed under the Ghani administration, along with various ethnic groups throughout the region. However, in recent days, tensions have been growing in the North-Western provinces of Afghanistan, where the Turkmen ethnic group is concentrated. Protests have erupted with clashes with the Afghan National Police and the now assisting APAF forces. Protesters are calling for an armed rebellion against the Afghan government and an end to "Iranianization." The now armed militias further blame the APAF as forces that are being used to oppress their heritage and culture. As of now, most protests are considered peaceful, however many are turning to the blade to fight away Afghan forces.

"I call upon all citizens of Afghanistan to sit down and have civil discussion. We are one nation, no matter our ethnic groups or religion. We are one people, we cannot let ourselves fall to warlordism once again." President Ghani gave a speech today at the Presidential Palace in Kabul calling for the militias to stand down and instead pursue peaceful dialogue. Ambassadors and Generals from Afsharid Persia have been called in with meetings with high ranking generals in the ANA.

An additional ANA Kandak has been sent to the northern provinces to prevent further violence and escalation. So far 6 soldiers of the ANA have been killed, with 13 protesters dead and 23 detained awaiting trials.

This story is currently unfolding, as further news is revealed The Kabul Times will update the article.

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    | A nationwide election has been held in 26 May 2019
    to determine which parties shall represent the Poles in
    the EU Parliament. After three counts and recounts of
    the votes (64.81%), here are the final results: |

    • National Revival of Poland 74.3%

    • Law and Justice 14.22%

    • Agreement 8.5%

    • United Poland 2.98%

(OOC: Is that right?)

In other news,

    Banknote design contest! Artists, university students,
    and senior high school students have been asked to
    submit their own version of złoty banknotes as the
    National Bank of Poland has decided to replace its
    current banknotes. The contest is held by the National
    Bank of Poland.
    (27 May 2019)

    Banana protests! In response to the initial decision
    to remove from display at the National Museum in
    Warsaw the 1973 video "Consumer Art" by artist
    Natalia LL, which shows a woman eating a banana,
    dozens of Poles posted pictures of themselves with
    bananas on social media with the hashtag #bananaselfie.
    (28 May 2019)

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Islamic State of Afghanistan wrote:The Kabul Times
"لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱلله

Tensions among Turkmen ethnic groups growing; Kabul, Afghanistan

The signing of the Afghan-Persian union saw the agreement to allow the Afsharid Persia Armed Forces (APAF) access to Afghanistan to help combat capability of the Afghan National Army. The entry of APAF soldiers was welcomed under the Ghani administration, along with various ethnic groups throughout the region. However, in recent days, tensions have been growing in the North-Western provinces of Afghanistan, where the Turkmen ethnic group is concentrated. Protests have erupted with clashes with the Afghan National Police and the now assisting APAF forces. Protesters are calling for an armed rebellion against the Afghan government and an end to "Iranianization." The now armed militias further blame the APAF as forces that are being used to oppress their heritage and culture. As of now, most protests are considered peaceful, however many are turning to the blade to fight away Afghan forces.

"I call upon all citizens of Afghanistan to sit down and have civil discussion. We are one nation, no matter our ethnic groups or religion. We are one people, we cannot let ourselves fall to warlordism once again." President Ghani gave a speech today at the Presidential Palace in Kabul calling for the militias to stand down and instead pursue peaceful dialogue. Ambassadors and Generals from Afsharid Persia have been called in with meetings with high ranking generals in the ANA.

An additional ANA Kandak has been sent to the northern provinces to prevent further violence and escalation. So far 6 soldiers of the ANA have been killed, with 13 protesters dead and 23 detained awaiting trials.

This story is currently unfolding, as further news is revealed The Kabul Times will update the article.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Statement regarding Afghan aggression on its Turkmen population

The Afghan governments choice to permit the use of violence against its Turkmen population is simply unacceptable, furthermore the actions of the Persian government against the Turkmen has been acceptable once more and puts into question the Persian Armed Forces cooperation with the Turkish Armed Forces in the past decades. The Turkish Republic is calling for an immediate halt to the actions of the Afghan and Persian governments, and for them to reconsider their actions against the Turkmen before the situation gets out of hand.

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Post by Protora suppressed by The Turkish-State.

Hello everyone

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    | Warsaw, 29 May 2019. "We want to expand our air
    force using US technology," said Minister of Defense
    Antoni Macierewicz. "But since we're looking for
    cheaper solutions, we've made an agreement with
    Japan." According to the Japanese government, their
    air self-defense force's arsenal of F-4 Phantom IIs are
    to be replaced. Poland involves itself by purchasing
    50 of their F-4s which will be upgraded and employed
    by the Polish Defense Air Force. |


    Amplifying Danish Current Events to the World

    Venstre Joins Government Coalition

      Venstre Chairman former Prime Minister Lars Rasmussen recently announced that his party will re-enter the government coalition that is headed by the DPP as a supporting party rather than as a full member of the coalition. This is after he and Prime Minister Kristian Dahl had a meeting which a deal came into fruition wherein in exchange for the Venstre's support, the Dahl administration will continue some of his [Rasmussen] administration's domestic policies and programs, including the ban on full-face veils which has been in effect since last year. The remnants of the Venstre, after losing 21 seats in the last general elections had previously expressed their preference in favor of joining the DPP-majority government than the opposition which is still headed by the Social Democrats. This, therefore, mimics the composition of the Folketing during Rasmussen's Premiership with no party jumping to and from the government and opposition sections. Analysts suggest that Venstre's entry to the government coalition is too expected given their incompatibility to work with the Opposition and the deal between Rasmussen and Dahl is rather redundant given the core policies of the DPP which are slightly similar to Venstre's. What this means for the DPP is that they are able to gain more supporters in the Folketing, dominating it more which will be further strengthened if the Speaker is from the DPP as well, whose elections will follow after the Queen's Sovereign Speech, the ceremonial prerequisite before the parliamentary calendar begins.

    Denmark Lifts Travel Warning on Sri Lanka

      A month after Denmark enforced a State of Restricted Travel towards Sri Lanka (Izham) following the series of political violence that poses a threat to incoming Danish tourists into the country, the Foreign Ministry finally lifted the order in search for 'other ways to handle the situation'. Minister #placeholder# recently signed and enacted Ministerial Order #935 which completely nullifies the earlier Ministerial Order #857 which put the State of Restricted Travel to Sri Lanka in the first place. The order restores the status quo between Denmark and Sri Lanka before the enactment of Order #857 and removes any form of travel restrictions that were put in place on airlines and travel companies. The Foreign Ministry also orders the Danish delegation in Colombo to 'resume normal operations' removing the 6-hour policy where the embassy only opens from 11 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon as a sign of confidence.

      With that, Minister #placeholder# wishes to discuss several agendas with the Sri Lankan ambassador to which he did not disclose during the announcement though it is likely that it will be regarding Danish security and humanitarian intervention to expedite the resolution.

Arab saudia

Saudi Press Agency


After the latest exchange of fire came out between Turkish officials and Afghanistan Government over the question of Turkmen tribes uprising against Persian penetration into their territories, the official guardians of Sunni religious knowledge - the ulamas, condemned Turkish policy over status of Turkmen people in Afghanistan. In a video message, Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh said following about Turkish leadership:

"Shame on you, our misguided brothers!
The lie stands behind you, and the grave stands before you!
No matter what you say about your care for our Turkmen brothers, everyone knows how fictional it is. Turkmen tribes would not survive from your sweet words. All good Muslims, including them, knows that you betrayed Turkmens when you decided not to do anything. That goes against all fellow Muslim brothers and our holy beliefs! We feel the greatest pain when we look how separated Muslims still are, but your movement would be a just caused and should be supported by the rest of the Islamic world! Arabs are generous, but they will never forget you such a dirty move, if you don't do anything to help Turkmens. If you decide to intervene, the Muslims should unite once again against the sheitans from over the Gulf (Persians), but if you stay silent, the Allah would justify you!"

After this message was published, King Salman felt a need to go public and explain an official Saudi position over this question, in order not to provoke a radical interpretations. In his statement, he was much more rational, calling for everyone to calm down, sit and accept the reality.

"Our ulama, may Allah give them long lives, from times to times make their messages far too emotional. We need to understand their position, as ones who are gifted with duty of guarding the highest knowledge, but in order to lead an productive diplomatic policy, we need to be more calm. We do not need to interfere the Turkish internal matters at the moment, because that move is not a wise move. But we need to warn them on how dangerous it may be to offer a hand to sheitan, because the sheitan knows how to misguide a man. And not to do anything over the Turkmen situation in Afghanistan would be a clear hand to the sheitan. We need to sit and talk, and to accept the reality with everyone needed, because that is what modern days are offering to us."

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TRT World

Prime Minister Enveroğlu denounces Saudi Ulema

During his multi day trip to the State of Israel, Prime Minister Enveroğlu responded to the condemnation of Turkey by the Ulema of Saudi Arabia. He responded to this while visiting Turkey's embassy in the capital of Israel, Jerusalem. The address was done from the roof of the embassy, facing towards the holy buildings of the old city. The response was published on the Prime Ministers social media.

"Brothers? What brotherhood? The idea of brotherhood should not, and can not be based on religious lines. The nations of Turkey and Korea are brothers, that like many nations who claim to be brothers are not based on religious lines. The premodern world that the Ulema have forced on the people of Saudi Arabia is unforgivable to begin with, and to have the audacity to suggest a brotherhood between Saudi Arabia and Turkey is simply ignorant. The only betrayal that has taken place is that of the Ulema, and their copycats across the Muslim World who have turned Islam into a weapon. Who have weaponized our beautiful religion, who have wished to rule through the worlds of the prophet. To place themselves on the level as Allah in order to push forward a movement to strip half of humanity of its rights. To treat our mothers, sisters, daughters as nothing more than trash. Then to want to kill anyone in your society who are LGBTG+, unfortunately the Ulema has poisoned generations of Saudis who could have led their people to greatness. But one day someone will rise in Saudi Arabia who will lead its nations to modern standards, and to a brighter future than before. We stand in support of those individuals who live under the evil grip of the Ulema who share the same spirit of revolution that the Turks have held since the end of the Great War. Now those people, those who fight for their rights against the oppression of Ulema lead Islamist governments are our brothers. Those in the Muslim world who fight for change, who fight for reform, who fight to better our religion and its followers. The Turks took the first step in 1923, the Muslim world followed behind us, we will no longer stand by and watch our brothers struggle against grip of the Ulema!"

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National greece

The Independent Greek

    Opinion Article--OPed
    Pr. Adrian Vasilakis

    Greeks living abroad

The Greeks have a long history of living elsewhere besides mainland Greece, however we should focus on the main situation between Greece and Turkey. A significant number of Greeks and Greek Cypriots live under the Turkish government. It’s concerning how well the Turkish government has silenced the outcry for independence from the country of Cyprus. By the late 1960s, approximately 60,000 Turkish Cypriots had left their homes and moved into enclaves within the country, however history states that the Turks did not leave the country following the already Turkish occupation of the country. With this deep wound between our country’s history, we have seen little to no response from the Turkish government to better enhance relations with the Greek Cypriots living within that occupied country. Why stop at Cyprus? Let's take a look at Crete, the largest populated island out of all the Greek Islands, home to ancient Greek history such as In 1420 BC, the Minoan civilization was overrun by the Mycenaean civilization from mainland Greece. The oldest samples of writing in the Greek language, as identified by Michael Ventris were founded on this island. The Island is also home to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, which is the largest Greek Museum on Turkish soil? The Greek people are upset that their history and culture have been stripped from their country, and awarded to the Turkish government. Especially after what the Greeks have suffered genocide in the hands of enemy while these precious and irreplaceable artifacts are held hostage. The Greek people must rebuke this unfairness today, right now! We must not stand for the short end of the Turkish pride stick, that stick must be broken and served as justice for what they have done to our people for hundreds of years! We pray to God that he will deliver us our salvation by electing Kyriakos Mitsotakis as our new Prime Minister. We must make the Hellenic Republic greater again, for the sake of our heritage and people!

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TRT Haber

Massive MHP Rally outside Ayasofya in Istanbul on the 556th anniversary of the Conquest of İstanbul

İstanbul's historic Fatih Municipality was packed with over half a million reported to be in attendance for the new MHP Chairmen Sinan Oğan to address them on this historic day, across İstanbul today many posters were placed up by the cities parties commemorating this day, one of the greatest conquests in Turkish history. On the stage set up for the rally hung five flags, on the far right and far left hung the Turkish flag, in the centre a picture of Sinan Oğan with the MHP flag behind him. To his right the Eternal President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and on his left a picture of Mehmet the Conqueror with the Ottoman flag behind him. After making his way to the stage the Turkish anthem was played in a special Mehter beat, a reminder of the nations Ottoman past, afterwards he addressed the crowd.

"İstanbul, today is our greatest day. For an İstanbulite, today is the day that we can proudly say we are from the city that the Turks conquered under the Caeser of Rome! The Kayser-i Rûm, the Lord of the Two Lands and the Two Seas, Sultan Mehmet the Second. A leader whose very tactics and ideas brought the Turkish people victory under the brilliant leadership of our Eternal President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. İstanbul is the city the Turkish people rode boats through land to get into, a city that millions died to take throughout human history, but it became the city of the Turks. The gem of the Turkish World, the great city that will play host to the 2020 Summer Games, a city that holds the first UEFA championship of this millennium. İstanbul is the city on Seven Hills. The First Hill, the Turkic spirit. That unique ability that is only seen in the Turkic race to conquer all enemies. The Second Hill, the star. The star of the Turkic Race will forever shine bright, and prosper. The Third Hill, the Crescent. Let our martyrs be blessed for ever drip of blood they give for this heavenly nation. The Fourth Hill, the crimson banner. Let the banner soaked in generations of blood that we have given to survive be our shield. The Fifth Hill, our nomadic past. The weight that it caries through each and everyone one of us allows us to move forward, learn from their mistakes and successes to better ourselves. The Sixth Hill, Turkic Greatness. The Turkic Race has dominated every landmass that they have had a state in, and will continue to do so until the end of time. The final hill, the Seventh Hill is a quote. It is a quote from Fatih Sultan Mehmet himself, it reads 'It is hard to be a Turk, because you have to fight the world. But it is harder not to be a Turk, because then you would have to fight the Turks'. These words could never be truer today as two enemies have come to try and strike down the Turkic Race. To our south stands the Arabs, like caged animals waiting to be let out to wreak havoc on all. To our west stand the Greeks, a disgrace to their former selves. Obsessed with their defeat at the hands of every single nation that has torn through Greece. The Greek people have grown comfortable and greedy once more, looking to retake lands they lost to our brilliant Eternal President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Since the Turks arrived in 1071, ripping through Malazgirt into Anatolia, the Greek nations have been toppled dozens of times over. But do you what to know what separates us from the our neighbours to the west? Sympathy. When the Turks retook İzmir, our Eternal President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was given a choice. Step on the Greek flag while you entered the building, or trample over the flag like the Greeks had done when entering the occupation of the city began. Today this city is a sign of all this history all in one, a city that is an example to Europe and the rest of the World in what a modern city looks like. To what a global city looks like. İstanbul has always been the capital of the world, today still is the capital of the world, and will remain to be just that for generations to come. The world has called this city many things, but we are the lucky millions that get to call it one thing no one else can. Home."

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      "We progressively inspire the people!"

USD 2.1 billion from China for the Adaptive Reuse Project.

    | In the diplomatic visit to Beijing, President Borysław
    not only discussed matters of diplomacy, but also
    business with President Xi Jinping, particularly
    concerning the Adaptive Reuse Project. Chinese
    businesses have sent a total of 2.1 billion dollars as
    an investment to the project and to purchase three
    finished products (industrial complexes). This allows
    China to further expand its economic influence in
    Europe and serve the needs of the European market. |

The zhongguo people republic

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The Kabul Times
"لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱلله

Second Round of Intense Clashes Between Afghan Security Forces and Turkmen Militias

Just moments ago, tracers rounds could be seen flying overhead TKT reporters as the Afghan National Army attempts to retake makeshift checkpoints in Faryab Province, Afghanistan. APAF forces could be seen coordinating the assault along with ANA ground soldiers. The introduction of APAF soldiers has seen an increased amount of heavy weaponry being used during firefights. Such clashes are part of a greater series of riots and armed insurrection against the introduction of Persian troops in Afghanistan. These skirmishes have seen much international attention, and the scrutiny of the Muslim world. President Ashraf Ghani was reportedly livid after reading reports of the condemnation by the Arab saudia.

"The Government of Afghanistan is fighting a civil war! We will fight until every drop of blood is spilled. This is our Watan, this is OUR homeland! We must not listen to the corrupt nor shall we ever! Saudi Arabia is a stain on the face of Islam, with daily executions and it's extreme interpretation of Sharia Law. We as a nation are making great strides, Pashtun, Hazara, Uzbek, or Tajik, we all stand for the flag of Afghanistan! I call upon all able bodied Afghans to stand for their nation, to do what is right, to work with vigor until the national dream is accomplished. Reform must come from within, by Afghans for Afghans!"

Ashraf Ghani is reportedly meeting along with the Turkish Prime Minister tomorrow to begin meetings about the Turkmen Crisis. However, the conflict still rages on with militias further organizing and the ANA and ANP requiring additional backup from the APAF and Afghan Air Force. As of yet, the Persian government has not commented on the crisis.

This story is developing, as more news unfolds, we will update the article.

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    | Noticias Centroaméricanas |
    Central American national and international news

    New appointed ambassador to the UN
    President Nayib Bukele has appointed Egriselda Lopez as the new ambassador of Central America to the United Nations (UN) after the former Central American ambassador to the UN resigned for unknown reasons.

    Egriselda Lopez is a career diplomat and has extensive experiences in multileteral affairs, international negotiations, diplomacy and human in rights. Her academic training began in the University of El Salvador in international relations, then pursued a masters in international affairs at the Institute of International Studies and Development in Geneva.

    In 2005 she was assistant executive director of the Central American Foundation of Health (FUCAL), in 2007 she was part of the foriegn relations team and appointed ambassador to the Republic of Korea. In 2013 she was appointed as counselor of the permanent mission of Central America to the UN, in 2015 she was promoted to ministerial council.

    She currently works for the Geneva peace building platform, where she is incharge of elaborating a project on urban violence.

      "I believe that Central America must work even more in the international area and must be more active in international negotiations for what is agreed and made benefits Central America. We really don't have an international image, many dont see geographic strategic that Central America has along other things, and it's time for us to change that we are going to get more involved international wise, take the decision we have to take and do what we have to do.

      We will aslo work on the bitter relations we have with "certain countries", (thats if we even have some) i will give recommendations but the presidency and ministry of foreign affairs. Starting June 1st i will make an analysis about the relations with the certain countries to finally make the decision of government position towards that issue."

    Egriselda Lopez will officially start this position of ambassador to the UN on June 1st and is expected work immediately on the problems, negotiations, etc with the permanent mission of Central America to the UN.

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