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Beograd Danas
July 23rd, 2019.


After neo-liberal Prime Minister Adam Marković have named neo-liberal banker Ognjen Majstorović for his new Finance Minister, in a Cabinet that consists of SDP which is hardly divided by former neo-communists and fresh neo-liberals and DS which is traditionally pro-welfare but currently led by long standing neo-liberal party leader Martina Nastić-Stojičić, it looks that neo-liberals have slowly overtook power in Serbian governing cirlces. Still, opposition from within both SDP and DS is pretty strong, and both party elites are still swearing upon collectivistic vows because that is what traditionally passes among Serbian voters.

Suddenly, optimistic speeches made by President Lazar B. Jerkov about larger welfare, more social equality, larger progressive taxes, and larger public education and healthcare programs than ever before, are looking like a fairy-tale coming from the political past and pre-2010 era. Before 2010, in an era lasting since 1997, while Filip Mitenović was President, welfare state was pushed to it's limits by enlargerments of different social packages. After his retirement in 2010 and general elections when Martina Nastić-Stojičić took Prime Minister office, all that was cut. Since then, Serbian politics is strongly divided between pro and against welfare. Currently, it looks like the ball is in the presidential field, since he's the only one who can stand up against rising neo-liberal tendencies from Government and Skupština. The fact is that Third Constitution is pretty ambiguous about powers of the President, but press is speculating that he's powerful enough to confront both Prime Minister and his own party leader, or get impeached by very them and their allies in Skupština.

Statement from the Chancellor of the Rhineland

July 22, 2019

My heart goes out to those who have lost their lives in Saint Michaels Massacre. Canada, and indeed the citizens of Canada have been delt a brutual and unjust blow at the hands of savage domestic terrorists.

The Government of Canada has my full support, and the support of the Reichstag, and people of the Rhineland in the wake of this horrific tragedy. The Quebecois Sepratists are wrong, Canada is a strong Federal Democracy, and in Democracies we settle political disputes with peaceful protest and the ballot box, not with violence and certianly not with terrorism.

The Rhineland has stood with our Canadian Friends since the 1949, and we will continue to stand with them now.


Hinrich Reichart
Federal Chancellor of the Rhineish Confederation


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