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Regional discord is now available.

Welcome AncapistanNation to Greater Cyngland!

A late welcome to Huskerland, and a congratulation on AncapistanNation for becoming the second ever Delegate of Greater Cyngland!

Due to sections 5 and 9, I'll have to vote against the new GA proposal. What do you all think?

Welcome Khaskovo!

Patagonia argentina

Buenas tardes soy La Patagonia Argentina y vengo para saludar y conocer estas tierras

Patagonia argentina

y tengo una consulta si desearian un cartografo en la region para hacer mapas regionales culturales etc

Welcome to our new nations, Cyriannos, Yeson, and Patagonia Argentina.

Patagonia argentina wrote:y tengo una consulta si desearian un cartografo en la region para hacer mapas regionales culturales etc

It is a possibility if enough people are interested.

And thanks to the great nations of Groovy. May this embassy be the beginning of a great friendship.

Welcome Penguinium2

Residents, you will be recieving a very important telegram shortly. Stay tuned!

Black fenix empire, welcome!

Welcome to Kingdom of Ethiopia.

These barbaric acts by the LKE will not be tolerated.

LKE will pay for this

This region is now safe from foreign invaders, security has been put in place. Perhaps the Security Council should formally condemn the LKE?

Due to the security threat, the office of WA Delegate has been temporarily stripped of its powers.

To make up for this, a new office, Legitimate Delegate, will be granted to any Legitimate Greater Cyngland Delegate, which will include the typically associated powers of WA Delegate.

This will prevent any rogue barbarians from the region which shall not be named from subverting our democracy and taking power for themselves.

Eastern karakun

Welcome Eastern Karakun!

Eastern karakun

For the new regions who may have not recieved the telegram about the upcoming election on Monday, the position of Commissioner for Foreign Affairs is open. Message me if you'd like to be added to the ballot.

Welcome Minkersin!

Welcome Firstnation101!

Welcome Draldon!

Edit: sad!

Hello Terramliberium!

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