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Duma wrote:Central News Agency

Chinese companies invest in ports in The Republic of Dhan

After the investments in Infiny a group of Chinese companies will invest in the Middle Eastern country.
Investments will be concentrated in the port of Shahid Rajiaee, in the south of the country.
The ports handled 8.6 million tons of freight in the first two months of this year, about 90% of the total Dhanan maritime trade.
Exports of petroleum products from this southern port totaled over 1.79 million tons, an increase of 32.6% over the same period last year. In addition, 2.65 million tons of petroleum products were transported by cabotage and 13,347 tons were transited in the same period.
The largest container ship flying the Dhanan flag has also moored in the port.
A total of $ 3 billion will be invested in two key ports of the country's maritime trade.
The project involves the installation of 15 gantry cranes which will bring the total number to 60, the construction of a mechanized terminal for minerals for a price of 50 million dollars and will become the largest in the Persian Gulf and will significantly promote the Dhan mining sector.
It is expected that by the end of this year the port capacity will increase by 2.1 million TEU to reach 8 million TEU, and ships with a capacity of 18400 TEU will be able to access it.
The oil storage tanks will be expanded and the seabed will be dredged to reach a minimum depth of 15 meters to allow larger vessels to to be able to moor and will increase the competition at the port of Dubai will increase. (The Mashriq Khilafat)
The implementation and construction of production units in Shahid Rajaee port will make this port a center for value-added production and logistics center, which will upgrade the port level to the third generation and significantly reduce transportation and storage costs.

Other companies, outside the maritime sector, will invest together with local companies about 2.3 billion for the construction of some industrial sites, among the chinese companies include China Steel, Zijin Mining Group, Jiangxi Copper, among the Dhanan companies that will participate there are IMIDRO and Mobarakeh Steel Company.
Projects include: zinc, lead, manganese and copper factories, construction and development of industrial components and parts manufacturing units, development and integration of existing industrial units in the area, construction of an alumina refinery , as well as the construction of container production units.

Will also be invested 375 millions in the port of Bandar-e Emam Khomeyni.
4 multifunctional warehouses will be built for the storage of goods, storage tanks for petroleum products and a mechanized grain loading terminal and two production lines.
There are also gods to improve port infrastructure, including the overhaul of some port moorings, the overhaul of the port's internal railway lines, dredging operations of the Khoor Mousa access channel and the stabilization of dams for berths 1 to 6, as well as the lighting of the port area.
Opened in 1960 with two berths, the port is the second largest port in Dhan after Shahid Rajaee port.
The main financier of both projects (of the two ports) will be Chexim.

Port Investment

Minister Fatema Yousef has sent a gift basket of Dhanian sweets and goodies to the executive boards of the Chinese companies that have invested in the future of Dhanian ports. A statement from the Minister of Infrastructure on the governments opinion of foreign investment and the somewhat controversial step of The Republic's recent membership in the Asian Union to the Persian Free Radio,"In the aftermath of a civil war that I have, as well as many of you, have fought in, it is through the help of foreign actors to realize the dream that Allah is leading us towards. A cooperative organization like the Asian Union is a goal we fought for happening in front of us. How can we be apart from something we wished to accomplish? We still bear the responsibility of being the only Arab member nation in the Asian Union, so we must do our upmost to represent cooperation between our new found allies. We are not the only muslim nation to be a member. We are not the only nation in the Asian continent to join. We are the only Arabs. May we continue towards progress for a more united global peoples. A united future."

The investment from Chinese companies have led to the creation of many Dhanian jobs in construction and administration of Dhan's largest port.

Geopolity Events Administration wrote:Question of the Week

Does your nation have a colonial history, either as the coloniser or the colony? How has this impacted your nation's history?


Masr Al Youm newspaper

First Phase of Gypto Pharma City inaugurated today

April 10, Cairo - Interim President Ahmed Shawqi inaugurated the pharmaceutical city earlier this morning as Egypt looks to become a regional hub for medicine manufacturing. The first phase of the city, which covers an area of around 120,000 square meters, aims to create a system of high quality medicine manufacturing and meeting world standards, while creating jobs for the young, tech literate workforce of Egypt.

The new pharmaceutical city will work on manufacturing medicine for a wide range of diseases including hypertension, cardiovascular, kidney and brain diseases, neurological disorders, and vitamins. The manufacturing will be done across 160 lines that manufactures over 150 types of drugs, with the capacity to produce of 150 million packages of medicines per year. Gypto Pharma City has been developed with the very latest technology, including state-of-the-art automation and self-cleaning devices. All the facilities in the city will meet the highest standards.

The pharmaceutical city will produce drug types with special properties that the country has never manufactured before. The city will work with international partners that have huge expertise in the field to localize new technologies in medical production. The industry is expected to flourish soon and venture into producing pharmaceutical raw material within a few years.

"In 2019, we imported about 20% of all the medication consumed in Egypt. This costed the state somewhere around 47 million pounds. This new city, will help us reduce our import bill and will allow us to offer medication at a subsidized price to the various medical establishments around Egypt. The Egyptian citizen will be able to access the highest quality medicine, produced here in Egypt, for only a small price that he wouldn't otherwise." Said Shawqi as he inaugurated the city


The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

Department of Housing reins in housing prices

SHUNTIAN — The Department of Housing has ordered the leaders of multiple cities to rein in their overheated residential property markets in a move to cool down the housing market to make housing more affordable for the masses.

The Minister of Housing summoned top officials from the cities of Nantung, Shuntian, Kum-sok City, and Shencheng, and instructed them to to roll out cooling measures where needed to put home price under control and crack down on speculation to ensure a healthy market. Currently, a variety of policies, such as the Ministry of Agriculture's Great Vanguard Movement, the conversions of old coal-fired plants into public housing under Project 001, the provision of allowances to families with children, the construction of 1.1 million public housing units, and the Modular Social Housing Project have all moved to increase the supply of housing units to the public and driven down residential property prices by 4.8% across the board. However, the consistent demand by the people and the growing unsustainability of housing prices - especially in first-rate cities across the FEUSSR - has pushed the Department of Housing to find a more permanent solution.

To cool the residential market, the Department of Housing has introduced the Additional Property Stamp Duty (APSD), a federal tax that requires the FEUSSR's citizens, permanent residents, corporate entities, and foreign entities buying their second and subsequent properties to pay a stamp duty. This stamp duty is valued at 7% for an individual's second purchase of property within the nation, and increases in increments of 4% for each subsequent property purchased. The APSD cannot be paid for in installments, nor can it be paid for in loans, ensuring that prospective property buyers must have enough to cover the full amount, will not go into debt, and are fully aware of the high cost of such a financial undertaking.

The Seller's Stamp Duty (SSD) aims to cool the market by curbing the act of flipping property for profit. If left unmanaged, widespread property flipping could inflate property demand and prices, potentially contributing to a bubble. The SSD is paid by the property seller when one sells a property within three years of owning it, based on the current market price of a property upon a transaction. The SSD is charged at 12% for properties held within a year, 13% for properties held between 1-2 years, 15% for properties held between 2-3 years, and 17% for properties held between 3-4 years. Property acquisition in the case of a divorce or inheritance will be taxed at a lower rate, with rates of 9%, 10%, 12%, and 14% respectively.

Orange-Bourgogne wrote:Official correspondence
To: Johnny Leite, Head Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Union Between Scandinavians
From: Department of State for External Affairs, Orange-Bourgogne
Subject: Diplomatic missions
Classification: Public

Scandinavian Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Diplomatic Endeavours
Response to Previous Correspondence from the United Kingdom of Orange-Bourgogne

We are more than happy to welcome Julia Foster née Byron as your representative to our nation. All travel expenses and accommodation expenses will be covered at our personal expense; we welcome her with open arms. In return, we have elected to send Wilhelm Ulf Enquist-Jansson as our returning ambassador to His Majesty's Court. Wilhelm is a capable politician with a degree in law, and has been a part of our foreign affairs team for many years, even previously serving an ambassador role elsewhere.

We hope this relationship will be fruitful.

Johnny Leite, Head Minister of the Scandinavian Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Diplomatic Endeavours and MP to the Norwegian Parliament for Kongsberg's 4th District

Al-Arabiya News
The Caliphate launches $1.3 trillion private sector investment push

Dubai | 11 April : The Sultan of Dubayy of the Mashriq Caliphate has said oil firm MARCO and petrochemical firm MABIC will lead investments of $1.3 trillion by the country’s private sector under an economic diversification programme.

The move, announced on Saturday, aims to mobilise the Arab state’s private sector to help wean the economy off its reliance on oil exports, which still account for more than half the state’s income, and develop new sectors to help create jobs for millions of Mashriqis.

The programme is part of $3.2 trillion worth of investments planned, Sultan of Dubai said in televised remarks. That also includes $800bn from the Public Investment Fund (PIF) and $1.1 trillion under a new Mashriq investment strategy, of which some $533bn would be foreign investment.

The total amount would rise to $7.2 trillion with government spending and domestic consumption.

“The new Shareek (Partner) programme will help the private sector create hundreds of thousands of new jobs and will boost the contribution of the private sector to [gross domestic product] by up to 65 percent by the completion of 5 years,” the Sultan has said said.

The Sultan said the government has asked the biggest participating firms to lower their dividends to raise capital spending.

“That will lead to growth of the company so stakeholders will own more money. In exchange, the Mashriq government will help them with regulations, more subsidies and other incentives.” The prince said dividends for those owning shares in MARCO, which listed on the local bourse in 2019, would remain stable.

Finance Minister Mohammed al-Bakhran told the Al-Arabiya news agency that 24 companies, most of them being publicly listed firms, would invest $533bn by 2025 and another $800bn by 2030. PIF is a shareholder in most of them, he added.

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

MNP-NAD seize $4.6 billion USP in dirty money

NANHWEI — MNP-NAD officers seized $4.6 billion USP in dirty money in a recent bust against known criminal groups, stemming from a longstanding campaign to investigate and cleanse the FEUSSR of organised criminal activities.

The bust involved 9 coordinated raids into various locations in the Nanhwei planned city, 38 people arrests, and a massive $4.6 billion USP haul through laundered money and illicit criminal proceeds from overseas. Meanwhile, local people's courts ordered the freezing of some $35 million USP in assets.

The $4.6 billion was stored in the form of properties, including 6 tracts of greyfield land and 18 storage lockers. Inside the lockers were car components, pieces of art, bullion, and sports equipment, along with physical cash bills. 14 luxury cars were impounded in a nearby garage, as were 6 yachts and a private helicopter.

A local MNP-NAD spokesperson said that transnational rackets were altering their money-laundering activities in response to the MNP-NAD's intense campaign. Besides from using offshore companies and shell companies to funnel ill-gotten gains out of the FEUSSR, criminals are now making use of money changers to launder large sums of cash through layers of transfers involving stocks, foreign currencies, and other commodities. This has led to the opening of over 60 MNP-NAD investigations into various vendors, both physical and digital, for making over 8,000 suspicious financial transactions involving millions over the last year alone.

Other tricks involve the stashing of cash inside imported materials, such as electric water heaters or food parcels. According to a deputy director for the MNP-NAD's Nanhwei branch, the sudden diversification in smuggling tactics is a boon for the MNP-NAD, as it indicates that "criminal groups are growing desperate". To better combat money-laundering activities, the MNP-NAD will increase its manpower for its financial investigation group by 60 extra investigators, and double the size of its forensic auditing team. The new resources enabled the MNP-NAD to look into the financial aspects of crimes detected by other agencies to see if a bigger syndicate was involved.

The Hellenes League wrote:Hermes Aerospace Systems

Hermes Aerospace Systems has won a contract to supply 150 “Light Fast Attack Craft” to the Indochinese Navy (Vashnal)

The craft being utilized is the 2020 NC 33. It is a popular
pleasure craft, however in this case it was a suitable candidate for a redesign to fit the military concept that Japan was looking for.

For protection, the glass surrounding the cabin will be replaced with a polycarbonate plastic resistant up to 7.62mm Rifle Lead Core Full Metal Jacket, Military Ball (.308 Caliber) automatic fire and semi-auto.

The hull will also be reinforced to withstand the same impact. Slat armor will be placed in specific points to help add protection to RPG attacks.

Inside the main cabin the boat operator and an assistant will have at hand computers providing up to date information that will be needed as they navigate. It will keep them in constant connection to the main force. We will be working with the Japanese Navy for operational software to be added on. Room will be made by removing the dinette for computer imagery.

Below deck will be a storage area for additional ammunition, food, medical supplies and other operational needs. The bed will be reduced in size but will also include additional storage underneath. This bed is intended to be utilized in medical emergencies. The kitchenette will be replaced by additional storage.

The seating in the rear of the boat will be removed, instead replaced with storage boxes for weapons, ammo, and other operational needs. Hand rails will be installed as members of the unit can hold on during maneuvers or to provide a steady aim.

In terms of weapon points, in the rear of the boat we will be placing two mounted points, one being a M134 Minigun deck mount capable of 3,000 rounds per minute and a MK19 grenade launcher

Additionally in the front you will find another deck mounted M134 Minigun.

This vessel will be able to hold 4-6 sailors and marines and will prove to be a dominant player on and off the coast in different tactical situations.

For 150 boats, this contract has come to and the new figure for the boats will be $60,000,000 or ¥6,212,040,000.

IMK value is €498,000,000

Delivery is expected in 1 1/2 years (78 RL days)

Hermes Aerospace-Hellenic Shipyard Builders

The 150 Light Fast Attack Craft have been completed and will be delivered within the week to the Indochinese Navy.

The vessels are now called the Model FC-33 for “Fast Craft”, and are prepared to operate in the waters of Indochina (Vashnal), perfectly suited for its environment.

We are especially proud of the speed of development and production of the craft, a unique vessel in its own right.

Anti-Trade Union Act Extended / พระราชบัญญัติต่อต้านสหภาพแรงงานขยายออกไป

The ATUA, known by its full name: Anti-Trade Union Act, was passed by the United Assembly of the Confederation back in 2001 under Chairman Krom-Luang I. This act prevents the establishment of trade unions in the Confederation. The act was set to expire this year and was to be brought to the United Assembly of the Confederation once more to decided whether the ban on trade unions should stay or if the ban should be modified or lifted. With a motion to extend being accepted, and with 320 FOR and 223 AGAINST, the ATUA has been extended for another twenty years. The only thing that would make this act nullified and voided would be an executive action from the Chairman of the Confederation. Chairman Khan I signed off on the extension, this meaning that the chance for an executive action against the act is slim to none.

Summer Olympiad I: Athens

The Summer Games are getting closer! They start on April 15, 2021, so that means that the final day to turn in your five events your nation specializes in is tomorrow: Monday, April 12, 2021. The following is the posting schedule for the Summer Games:

Week 1:
Cycling BMX, Cycling Mountain Bike ,Cycling Road, Cycling Track, Fencing, Football (Soccer), Golf, Judo, Karate, Modern Pentathlon, Sailing, Skateboarding, Surfing, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Triathlon, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Wrestling Freestyle, Wrestling Greco-Roman

Week 2:
Boxing, Breaking, Canoe Slalom, Canoe Sprint, Diving, Equestrian / Dressage, Equestrian Eventing, Equestrian Jumping, Golf, Gymnastics Artistic, Gymnastics Rythmic, Handball, Hockey, Marathon Swimming, Rowing, Rugby, Shooting, Sport Climbing, Swimming, Tennis, Trampoline, Water Polo

There will be two posts (not including the "Opening Ceremony" post) that will list the results of each event. Due to the amount of events per post, only the medal placements will be posted for each event. Gold medals will be worth 5 points, silver medals worth 3, and bronze medals worth 1. The nation with the most points will be declared the overall winner of the Athens Summer Olympics (but it doesn't carry anything more than the title itself).

With this being said, to partake in the games, you MUST send in the five events that your nation specializes in. Once you send in the list, your nation will partake in ALL the events, but you have a higher chance of getting a medal in the events you choose as your specializations. The list, however, does not guarantee that you will receive any medal in any event! These lists will be accepted until:

11:59PM USCDT, Monday, April 12, 2021
5:59PM UTC, Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Thank you all for your cooperation and may the best Olympian win!

The event list can be found here.

Central News Agency

CPC Corporation will build a series of hydrogen fueling stations in the city of Lüda, Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics.
The stations will aim to supply the buses, which will be produced and supplied free of charge by China Motors.
CPC has already tested this type of vehicle in Guangxi, Jiangxi and Guangdong with great success, and plans to build at least another 1000 stations in China within the next 5 years.
Currently the two companies are also experimenting with hydrogen-powered trains.
At EAFRD the first line of hydrogen buses supplied by China Motors will be activated within 8 months, the group said.


Geely Technology Group has signed an agreement with the Ganzhou Municipal Government and the Ganzhou Technology and Economic Development Zone Management Committee to build a battery manufacturing base in Ganzhou, a prefecture-level city in the Chinese province of Jiangxi.

The company said through that it plans to plow 30 billion yuan ($ 4.612 billion) into a power battery manufacturing factory in Ganzhou with a projected capacity of 42 GWh annually. The project will be carried out in two phases. The first phase involves an investment of 8.5 billion yuan (1.307 billion dollars) and an area of ​​approximately 333,000 square meters, with an annual capacity of 12 GWh. The other 30GWh of capacity will be built for the second phase which covers approximately 667,000 square meters

China aims to increase annual sales of new energy vehicles (NEVs) to 6 million units by 2025, the annual battery capacity in China is expected to be increased up to 400 GWh to meet NEV's needs.

To support the development of the NEV business, Geely is working on the construction of its own battery manufacturing plants. In December 2020, Geely Technology Group and Farasis Energy reached an agreement to jointly invest and create a lithium-ion battery joint venture that deals with the research and development, manufacture and sale of cells, battery modules and battery packs. Under the agreement, both sides will leverage their respective technologies and R&D and manufacturing resources related to NEVs to co-promote capacity building of power batteries.

The Hellenes League wrote:
two weeks before

"Theodra. Please get your ass downstairs, we are going to be late!" Rea, her Mom yells up the stairs.

Theodora looks over at her phone, and it says 5:00 AM. She shakes her head. For once I am on leave and I cant even be allowed to sleep in...
She gets up, and stretches. Outside her window birds begin to chirp. she slips on her morning wear and ties up her hair in a bun.
Walking down the stairs she is greeted by her Dad.

"Oh...messy hair day today? It's not even noon. You look like those American girls." Thomas laughs and Theodora rolls her eyes.

Her mother, Rea, makes coffee and sets it down in front of Theodora. Her brother Theadoros walks in with just a pair of boxers and a t-shirt on.

"Seriously, puts some pants on dude."
Theadoros mocks her after saying this and grabs his own cup of coffee.
Theadoros grabs a remote and flips on the tv, scrolls through some channels before settling on the news. On screen is the Basileus Dimitrios Atredai climbing out of the cockpit of a HAS-10 plane.

"Oh hey its Dimitrios!" Thomas looks at the TV, also sipping his own coffee. "When will someone tell them that he is not the only Atredai flying those new planes! My little girl is flying them as well."

"Dad, I just do my job, like everyone else...Dimitrios is the Basileus. The cool one of the family." She quietly responds.

Later that afternoon

Theodora's phone buzzes with a text from Penelope. The text has a link to a resort in Santorini...Kivotos Santorini hotel

Penelope: We need to go here. adults only. no kids, exclusive...just us
Theodora: why?
Penelope: you. are. stressed.
Theodora: yes...okay maybe. idk.
Penelope: So...lets go. your on leave for the next 6 weeks. Let Dimitrios fly the plane. wont meet someone up in the air
Theodora: Please dont be my Mom

Theodora pauses for a few minutes thinking...I do need a break...She opens her phone back up and schedules the trip.

The next day

" will be fine, it is for one week. Why are you freaking out?"

Her Mom looks at her and begins to yell more "Because are on leave to see US!"

Theodora stands up from a chair and remains as calm as she can be. Her fists are clenched and she is holding on.

"Mom...I'm 27. Yes I am here to see you all but I need my friends as much as need my family. I need to just relax. I haven't relaxed since...since..." She trails off, but her Mom speaks up "Not since you joined the Air Force, I know, I know. and sweetheart, I am proud...I just see you as my little girl and it is so difficult to see you keep going off to war." Her Mom walks over and pours some wine into a glass.

"I...I know that it was hard for you to see me do that. You told me I can do whatever I want with my life. But this time I am not going to war. Its a holiday. But Mom... I could be an Archeologist or a Diplomat or even a...I have no idea what else. " She looks at her Mom and smiles, her Mom smiles back.

"Or a banker?" Mom jokingly says

"Oh God...a banker. But...Mom. I chose this. I'm a pilot. A fighter pilot. Since I saw Dimitrios fly those F-16s as a kid and I knew I had to do it. Its my life." She sat down next to her Mom, who had poured her a glass of wine as well.

"I know...I miss you is all. But...fine, go enjoy your holiday, okay?" Her Mom finishes her glass and leans over to hug Theodora.

"Thank you Mom. I miss you too. I will be gone for a week, and I will return home, plus we don't leave for another week. Now, pour me another glass?"

First day of the trip

"I will venmo you for my portion of the trip, I promise!" Penelope is pouring herself a glass of Mimosa.

"Good we drinking now. Nice." Theodora sips on her water. She looks online at what the hotel offers and gets excited. "I want to get a massage first every single day. and perhaps we try a bar tonight?"

"Sounds like a plan. Though I am going to scope out some cuties...I need something to do at night as well!" Penelope winks playfully.

Theodora rolls her eyes and smiles. do not get your hopes again...

The rest of the evening involved massages, mimosa, pool time and more drinks. The resort is an adults only resort, and very exclusive. With a breathtaking view of the Aegean, near bottomless cups of mimosa and wine, and endless relaxation.

The next morning

Theodora makes her way to the lobby to grab some extra towels. She looks over and in walks Dmitri Romanoff. She goes wide eyed, looks down and grabs her towels. She hurries off to her room.

"It was him? Are you sure?" Penelope excitedly says.

"Yes...dammit. It was him." Theodora pours another glass of wine.

"The same super handsome royal prince of Romanovskaya? The same one you DM'd and he read it?"

Penelope begins to chuckle. Theodora grabs her hair and looks down. Yes it was him. The same guy that she DM'd 4 years ago when she was drunk. And he read it. No response but Dmitri read the message.

"I need a drink. A strong one."

Theodora gets dressed to look a little more presentable. Penelope gets undressed and goes to the pool for an evening swim.

That night

At a dimly lit bar with a view of the Aegean, Theodora sips her whiskey. She rubs the rim of the glass with her thumb lost in thought. She stares out into the dark abyss and then looks up at the stars.

"Your Basileus was up there, circling the globe." Dmitri says staring up at the sky.

Theodora chokes on her drink, coughing as it goes down the wrong pipe.

"Whiskey? It is good...but Vodka is better. How are you doing...what is your name again?" Dmitri proceeds to order two whiskeys.

"Theodora. My name is Theodora. Thank you for the drink by the way." Theodora nervously says.

"Ah yes Theodora! I only knew you by your username. Bold move to do that. And you are very welcome."

Theodora blushes. "Listen, I was drunk when I did that. I did not mean to-" Dmitri cut her off.

"It is fine! I promise, as long as you can promise that I am the only Prince you have DM'd! Now tell you wish to also go to
space?" Dmitri pauses and looks at Theodora.

"Yes...yes I have. It's been a dream of mine. To float with no weight, to be that much closer to other stars and other planets. it would be...magical" Theodora looks over at Dmitri.

In his eyes is a sparkle. A hint at something more. Perhaps its the alcohol. Perhaps its the warm air and the anxiety.

"Lets go to the tender, put her tab on mine. We are taking this bottle of...Estate Argyros VinSanto...yes the rare white wine blend. Yes thank you. Now, lets go!"

The two of them walk down to the beach, each taking turns pulling drinks off of the bottle. They talk, and the nervousness of Theodora starts to melt away until they get to the beach.

"Let us float!" Dmitri says with a bit of a slur.

Theodora nervously smiles. "Dmitri...I don't have a swimsuit."

Dmitri smiles. "neither do I. But it is just us."

Theodora thinks to herself. A once in a lifetime opportunity...she needs to loosen up some.

She slides the straps of her top off and removes her top, down to her undergarments. Dmitri does the same, and the two of them walk into the water and begin to float. They continue to share the wine.

Theodora looks at Dmitri and says in Russian "I am having a nice night for once."

Dmitri is caught off guard but responds back in his native tongue. "Good, as am I. It is a life of meeting after meeting, be here, do that. What is it that makes you stressed?"

"My family. My hopes. My self." Theodora takes a long pull from the bottle.

"Well we have that in common, not just royalty, but stressing ourselves."

The two of them continue to float. They stare at the sky, and listen to the gentle sound of the water. The rolling of the sea brings them to a focus despite the alcohol.

"Theodora...can we do this tomorrow night? Perhaps with less alcohol. I have meetings tomorrow but maybe we can see each other tomorrow, if you wish?" Dmitri says a bit nervously.

She is caught off guard herself, but smiles. "Yes, that would be great. I will DM you a time and place to meet?"

The two of them laugh, and float for another while. The wine is gone, and they make their way back to the beach, sharing another laugh and talking just a little more about their careers, and gravity in space.

Dmitri walks her back to her room, says his goodbye until tomorrow evening. Theodora smiles and thanks him, and slips into her room, only to be faced by Penelope.

"Theodora...oh my God. was that Dmitri? Tell me all about it!"

Dmitri proceeds back to his room and enters it, going to his bed to lie down. He closes his eyes to sleep, and smiles, anticipating a dream about Theodora.


The next day, Prince Dmitri spent much of the morning out on his hotel rooms private balcony, taking in the beautiful surroundings as he also engaged in a few phone calls with a number of business associates. His mind would often drift back to thinking about the previous night with Theodora, making him eager to meet her again. As he sat for lunch, his phone beeps. Its a message from Theodora asking to meet up at a restaurant on the island at 6pm. Dmitri, with a smile on his face responds and confirms he will be there.

At 5:50pm, Prince Dmitri had arrived at the restaurant deliberately early, as for him it is considered bad manners to leave a lady waiting. He was dressed in smart-casual attire consisting of tan trousers, a white shirt and a blue jacket. A few minutes after he arrived, Theodora shows up. Dmitri stands and greets Theodora by taking her hand and kissing it. "Theodora you look simply stunning this evening." Dmitri shows Theodora to their table and they then order their food.

As they wait Dmitri says: "I want to thank you for treating me to such a fun evening last night. I won't hide the fact it has been a while since I have spent some relaxed quality time with a beautiful lady like yourself. It got me thinking how much I have neglected that side of my life while I focused on other things like my career. Now that I am 30, and if I can say so being quite successful, maybe I should focus on other things in life a little bit more. So thank you for enlightning me."

The couple tucked into their dinners, as well an enjoyed some fine wine. They exchanged pleasantries for the rest of evening, the bond between them growing stronger. As they finished their meals, Dmitri leaned forward. "Theodora, this evening has been simply wonderful. I would hate for it to end so soon, so perhaps you would like to return to my hotel room for a more private drink?"

Theodora agrees and the couple get into a taxi which takes them back to the hotel. They get back just in time to watch the sunset from the balcony. Dmitri pours Theodora a whiskey, while pouring himself a vodka. He sits with her looking out at the beautiful sunset. "Theodora, it pains me to say that this will be my last night here in Santorini. I must fly back to Vyborg in the morning and resume my duties. While I love my homeland, I can't help but feel there will be something missing once I return."

Prince Dmitri turns and looks into Theodoras eyes as he holds her hand. "What I am about to ask you sounds crazy, and it probably is. After all we have only been with eachother for two days. But Theodora you have had such an effect on me, the thought of saying goodbye so soon is simply unbearable. Theodora, I want you to come to Vyborg with me, tomorrow. I know its a crazy chance, but I feel this will be a chance worth taking. What do you think?..."

Hello everyone! I'm here to deliver this week's edition of the League's Chronicle

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Mogadishu International Airport, Mogadishu

"Welcome to Infiny, your Excellency. We wish we could have welcomed you under more fortunate circumstances. We need to escort you to a safe place right away, is there any objection against our immediate departure?"

"No objection."

"You will be escorted to Villa Deyimada, where your every immediate need will be provided. You shall meet with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Xitan Minenko, tomorrow morning first thing in the morning, 8.30AM. Please make sure that you are adequately prepared."

"I understand, madam. Please lead the way."
Villa Somaliya, Mogadishu

The Prime Minister sat on her desk, curious how to proceed with this strange situation. Regardless of how the situation could unfold, it would be a lot better to discuss it with the Arabian Caliph. The relation between Infiny and the Caliphate were newborn, and the difference between the two nations would make the situation inherently fragile. A diplomatic incident over the Islamic regime in Yemen was the last thing she wanted, nor needed. She took up the phone, and called the Caliph of The Mashriq Khilafat.

"Your Highness, it is an honor to be speaking to you. I hope you will forgive me for not spending too much time on a lengthy formal introduction, because the matter in Yemen that we have to discuss is grave. I am certain you are aware that the former president, Mr. Al-Harazi, has appealed to asylum in Infiny. As of now, we have assured him a temporary location to stay, where he is safe until further consideration. Before we proceed with his request of asylum, I would like to discuss the matter with you. I am certain the violence in Yemen is causing issues in the Caliphate, as indicated by the situation at the border. Tell me - what is your view on the situation? |"

Department of Defense

The Department of Defense will be constructing a armored vehicle plant in Windsor, Ontario. It will be capable of constructing modern day tanks, reconnaissance vehicles, armored fighting vehicles/infantry fighting vehicles, amphibious armored vehicles, and armored personnel carriers. It will be a joint venture between Textron Marine and Land Systems and the Government of Canada. The Construction costs will be about 50 million USD and it will take one year to construct. The Canadian Government will pay for 25 million and Textron Marine and Land Systems will pay for the other 25 million. The Armored Vehicle Plant will be called F. F. Worthington Armored Vehicle Plant.

Husky Energy

Husky Energy has announced it has purchased the Texas Gas Station Chain called Buc-ee’s for around 60 million USD. Husky Energy will be planning to expand the gas station chain.


As Maratha looks to expand its industrial output the Union Government decided to incentivize the expansion of the shipbuilding industry in the country. To this end, companies will get many benefits to encourage the construction of new shipyards along the coasts of Maratha. As a very large nation the country is uniquely positioned to become one of the largest shipbuilders in the world and certainly the largest in the Indian Ocean.

Shipbuilding companies will receive a 15% tax cut on any tax obligations to the state for the next 10 years. These companies can push this discount to 50% if they divert at least 50% of their net income (EBITDA) towards capital investments. These capital investments should focus on the modernization of existing shipyards, the expansion and the construction of new ones. The companies can push the discount to 75% if at least 75% of their net income is diverted to the same end. Each year, this number will reset, encouraging companies to continue their capital expenditures year after year instead of having just a one-time investment.

The Maratha Government invites the allies in the ICC and other commercial partners across the world to invest in Maratha. The tax incentive will also apply to foreign shipbuilding companies that open and/or expand operations in the country.

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New research report states Nanomicelles solely made of Macromolecules could help treat Pancreatic Tumor

A recent paper report put forward by Dr. William Barker at Augusta University in Georgia, has proposed a new method for treating pancreatic tumor that involves using nanomicelles entirely made of macromolecules. Barker, working with other researchers from Texas and an international team in California reported that in eukaryotic organisms, host dense peptides (HDPs) form a part of their innate immunity. It supports the host in defending against attacks by microbes by disrupting the integrity of the cellular membrane.

Taking a cue from HDPs, the researchers designed membrane-disruptive macromolecules using the two most common structural characteristics (cationic and amphipathic) of HDPs to achieve similar membrane-disrupting function to enable efficient removal of drug-resistant cancer cells. Repeated treatment delays the onset of drug resistance, indicating the potential for overcoming the problem of cancer resistance.

Despite these benefits, membrane-disruptive macromolecules often fail to differentiate between normal and cancerous cells. It is highly difficult to find ways to make membrane-disruptive macromolecules selectively active to cancerous cells and not normal cells.

As part of this study, the team employed an acid-sensitive, membrane-disruptive micelle, called M-14K, as the model for such nanoparticles. This long-circulating nanoparticle exhibited acid-activated cytotoxicity indiscriminately to both fibroblast and cancerous cells, which is achieved by acid-activatable disruption of the integrity of the cellular membrane.

The capability of such nanoparticles to intrude into the stromal barrier and remove the sheltered cancer cells was confirmed both in vivo using mouse models bearing BxPC-3 tumors and in vitro using three-dimensional (3D) cell spheroids. Most significantly, the researchers performed animal experiments and identified considerable inhibition of the expression of extracellular matrix components, conversion of the tumor tissue into a less dense structure, and remodeling of the stroma, without fostering tumor metastasis.

Removal of cancerous cells and remodeling of stroma can be simultaneously achieved by using acid-responsive nanoparticles entirely made of membrane-disruptive macromolecules. This method could pave a new way for developing efficacious drugs that can suppress the growth and metastasis of the pancreatic tumor. Dense stromal barriers that shelter cancerous cells mainly make pancreatic tumors difficult to cure. Here, the penetration of drugs is impaired. The penetration of therapeutics is boosted by using an adjuvant before using gemcitabine for stroma remodeling. However, this extensively investigated approach might increase the risk of tumor metastasis and the resistance of tumor cells to drugs. The researchers will conduct more test into the idea before they release more data in regards future trials.

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萬國公報: A Review of the Times
.....Mar 2021 - Issue No. 1,842..reeeeeeeeeeeeejhdfkshfjkdshkfdhkfhskfhkhewiufhjkdshkjfeeeeeeeeeeeee...Founded by Rev Young J. Allen, Est. 1868

In Depth: A View of the People (Edition 2)
By meatlickercitizen9

SHUNTIAN – What's up, readers, and welcome to another edition of 'A View of the People', where we ask fellow citizens what they think of certain issues. Wonder if there are any changes since our last edition on certain views? Ever curious about the racial self-identity of the FEUSSR's citizens has evolved over the years? Are there changes in working trends? I posed these questions to over 400,000 people in all 1st level subdivisions across the country, and this is what I found out.

We are often asked about how we collect responses, and I'm glad to answer that as well. Generally, my staff and I rely on respondents’ self-identification. For instance, if we ask you: “What is your present religion, if any?”, we might get a variety of answers, from "Taoist" to "Manchu Shamanism" to "Shinto". For religions where there are distinct sects, such as Christianity, those who describe themselves as “Catholic” or “Roman Catholic” are categorised as Catholics. Those who describe themselves as "Methodist" or "Lutheran" are categorised as Protestants. So on and so forth. Some other questions may be based on personal like or dislike. In those cases, we tell respondents to simply select either option based on personal feelings and opinions.

The FEUSSR's Likes and Dislikes

Around the country, people are divided in their opinions of different countries on the globe. Attitudes are ranked in descending order, with the most favourably viewed to the least favourably viewed.

* Note: the 'Favour' and 'Oppose' percentages may not add up to 100%. That's because there are people who pick "no opinion" or "neutral" when it comes to rating countries. Likewise, the 'Oppose' percentages are not ranked in descending order.





Change (%)

Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics



































-Greater Canada-








The Hellenes League



Holy Roman Republica



Central America Federation






Imperial Eagle
















Social Trends

The population of the FEUSSR is diverse. Its members have varied histories in the nation – most have been living within the FEUSSR's boundaries for centuries, if not a millennia, while others are recently arrived immigrants. The FEUSSR's population as a whole has nuanced ethnic and racial identities reflecting intermarriage and internal migration, with rich and vibrant communities of Manchus, Han, Daurs, Koreans, Ainu, and so on. As a result, there are key distinctions in demographic and economic characteristics between different segments of the FEUSSR's population, highlighting its diverse multitude of backgrounds.

At the same time, the FEUSSR's population’s national self-identification is changing. Almost 3 quarters of the population consider themselves part of the FEUSSR and identify with it as such, instead of identifying with their ethnic groups. Only around 12% of the population disagrees, while the remainder either identify as both (such as "FEUSSR Japanese") or feel no preference at all. Out of the 12%, over 80% are part of the Manchu ethnic group, and out of that group, 60% are either directly or indirectly related to the Manchu noble clans that have administered the Qing Dynasty since 1644. The ethnic groups most likely to identify with the FEUSSR over their individual demographics are the Han (94%), Koreans (92%), Ainu (89%), Russians (84%), and Mongolians (80%).

The number of adults with a postsecondary education qualification has risen in recent years by 4.2 percentile points. However, there were differences in educational attainment among different geographical locations within the FEUSSR. 70% of the population in the Chosun SSR, or 54,053,703 people, have a post-secondary diploma. In the Zhili SSR, Liangjiang SSR, Shuntian FR, and Dongbei SSR, the same is true for 44% of the population (197,075,723 out of 447,899,370 people). The Beihaidao SSR and Ryukyu Autonomous Kingdom register numbers at 60.4% - or 4,069,850 people - while 54% of the population (2,576,223 people) within the Sakhalin, Amur, Ussuri, and Nanqiandao SSRs have a tertiary qualification. 129,228 member of the population for the Gobi Mongolic SSR have a post-secondary education, or 12.57% - the lowest of the FEUSSR's territories.




Change (%)

Do you predominantly identify with
the FEUSSR over your ethnic group?




Do you have a post-secondary
diploma, qualification, or degree?













Yes; always

Yes; often (%)

Yes; sometimes (%)

Indifferent (%)

No; not often (%)

No; rarely (%)

No; never (%)




Our Boys in Blue

Police work has always been hard. In a national survey amongst members of the MOI-PIS, MOI-PSF, MNP-PIS, and MNP-NAD, our officers say it is still a hard thing to do, but many are optimistic and confident due to newer technologies, techniques, and equipment that grant them a higher chance of success. This wide-ranging survey, one of the largest ever conducted since the founding of the FEUSSR, draws on the thoughts of 2,000 uniformed officers from 100 locations.


Yes; always

Yes; often (%)

Yes; sometimes (%)

Indifferent (%)

No; not often (%)

No; rarely (%)

No; never (%)

Are you proud of the work you do?








Are you frustrated with your occupation?








Is the FEUSSR's judicial system is fair?








Are you ingratiated in the community you work at?








Are you confident in national leadership?








Do you feel adequately equipped to
discharge your duty?








A look inside the nation’s law enforcement community reveals that most officers are satisfied with their agencies as a workplace and remain strongly committed to making their agency successful. 82% of officers report high levels of confidence in national leadership, and 85% in the fairness of the judicial system. Most officers also began taking on a more nuanced view of their role, viewing themselves not as protectors of society, but also role models and teachers who engage in community policing meaningfully, with a majority of 77% saying that they feel ingratiated in the communities they work at. 75% say their work nearly always or often makes them feel proud, although a significant portion (49%) also acknowledge that job-induced frustrations do exist.

MOI/MNP interactions with the public are diverse, and can range from a simple greeting to moments of high stress where the potential for injury and death is high. Most officers of all backgrounds report that they feel adequately equipped to discharge their duties and handle their jobs – almost 80% said yes, marking a dramatic improvement in law enforcement capabilities across the board. This confidence is attributed to personal ratings for training and procurement by local agencies and departments, with a general consensus being that most law enforcement departments have excelled when it comes to equipping their officers with the right tools to perform their job. Gaps by department size are also prevalent, with smaller departments (100 officers or fewer) leaning towards indifference or even negatives, while larger departments consistently give their leadership higher ratings.




Have you fought with a suspect before?



Have you ever discharged your firearm in the line of duty?



While physical confrontations are not frequent occurrences for most members of the MOI and MNP, they are not infrequent either. That being said, only around 10% of all officers say that they have physically fought with a suspect during the line of duty. During those fights, around 99% of officers report the use of non-ballistic means, such as batons, stun guns, and other means to subdue their opponents. However, there remain a tiny minority (1%) who have found the need to discharge their firearms in the line of duty. Among that 1%, over 90% are members of SWAT units, or MNP-NAD units who usually partake in high-risk operations such as drug busts and raids.

Other key findings:

  • Male officers are only about 0.1 times as likely as female officers to fire their weapon while on duty.

  • 76% of officers say they have patrolled on foot continuously for 40 minutes or more in the past month; 16% have done this, but at shorter durations of time, while the remaining 8% say they have not done this.

  • 52% of MOI-PSF officers believe that the MNP should completely take over all anti-narcotics functions, and 66% of MNP officers believe the same.

  • The share of sworn officers who are women or ethnic minorities has increased slowly in recent decades, from 32% in 2000 to 49% at present day.

  • 69% officers say that they have befriended some or most of the people in their patrol areas.

  • 42% of MNP-NAD officers endorse rehabilitation over punitive measures to cut down on the occurrence of narcotics-related offences. 52% believe that harsher punishment should be used as a deterrent against narcotics-related offences.

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The Hellenes League wrote:Selenia II

A statement from the INTERCOSMOS Program

The second mission of the Intercosmos Lunar Program, Selenia II launches today. This mission takes the ICC to Oceanus Procellarum, the Ocean of Storms.

We will be sending the rover “filía” (φιλία) meaning “friendship”, to signify the friendship that the ICC member nations have with each other and the world. Filía will be exploring a crater on the eastern edge of Oceanus Procellarum, known as Copernicus. The probe will make landfall directly in the crater to examine it as the site of the manned Selenia IV mission.

The probe will also be taking samples of the rocks and material within the crater for later collection by the cosmonaut team arriving later. We anticipate breathtaking views within the crater and will be sharing images once they are available to us.

Later the next morning...

3...2...1...lift off. We have lift off the Energia rocket carrying the Luna-Lunokhod 3, with Filía onboard to the Copernicus crater in Oceanus Procellarum, the ocean of storms.

the rocket twists and turns to its new direction. Once outside of the atmosphere it enters its next stage and begins its journey to the Moon to begin a new age of exploration.


The Filía rover has landed successfully in Copernicus Crater and is currently undergoing testing of equipment before maneuvering to various points of interest within the crater. It will be taking samples within the crater for later collection by a team of cosmonauts in the Selenia IV mission.

Images of inside the crater will be released at a later date, with images of the landers orbit before landfall being released within the next few days.

This is a momentous achievement for the INTERCOSMOS team, contributing to the success of the Selenia Program and to advancing space based novels and wonders as we develop the worlds most advanced Space Program, showing the great feats we are able to achieve.

Additionally we hope to contribute to mankind’s understanding in the cosmos and our position within it.

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

Internal Security Act signed into law

KUM CITY — The Internal Security Act was signed into law by the Executive Committee of the Supreme Soviet today, while simultaneously ending the state of emergency that has followed the passing of the Supreme Decree. The Constitution of the FEUSSR has been formally restored, and People's Media Law will be repudiated to end the People's Media Agency's monopoly on all forms of mass media.

The The Internal Security Act (ISA) of the FEUSSR is a statute that grants the executive power to enforce preventive detention, prevent subversion, suppress organized violence against persons and property, and do other things incidental to the internal security of FEUSSR. It was authorised and signed unanimously by the Executive Committee.

The ISA empowers the Minister of Investigations to take action against unauthorised political or paramilitary organizations and associations. It is a criminal offence to be a member or adherent of any association of persons who are organized, trained or equipped to enable them to be employed in usurping the functions of the MOI, MNP, or of the PDF, or for the purpose of enabling them to be employed for the use or display of physical force in promoting any political or other objective. It is a crime for a person to be present at or to attend any meeting or assembly organized for the participants to train or drill themselves or to be trained or drilled in the use of arms, or for the purpose of practising military exercises, movements, or evolutions. It is also a crime to train or drill other people in these manners or to take part in the control or management of an association whose members are so trained. The prohibition does not apply to members of the PDF, PSF, MNP, PIS, a legally constituted volunteer or local force, a visiting force lawfully present in the country, or any organization or association exempted by the PDF, PSF, MNP, or PIS. Violations will be punished through a range of punishments based on magnitude and severity, ranging from a minimum $150,000 USP fine to 20 years imprisonment.

The Ministry of Investigations, acting through the Minister of Investigations, is empowered to prohibit any uniform or dress to be worn in public by members or adherents of a political or paramilitary association involved in the activities mentioned in the previous paragraph, or any uniform or dress indicating an association with a political organization or with the promotion of a political object. Wearing such a uniform or dress in contravention of the ISA is an offence, punishable by a $50,000 USP fine. In addition, if a MOI-PSF, MOI-PIS, or MNP-NAD Superintendent 1st class (or higher) considers it to be in the national interest to do, the officer can prohibit the manufacture, sale, use, wearing, display or possession of any flag, banner, badge, emblem, device, uniform or distinctive dress or any part thereof that can be or is likely to be used in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the FEUSSR, or to promote or foster a purpose prejudicial to or incompatible with peace, welfare, or good order in the FEUSSR. Violations constitute an offence, punishable by a $100,000 USP fine, on top of a $5,000 USP fine for each violating item.

The ISA also allows for preventive detention, conferring on any Minister of an executive-level Ministries, the Grand Secretaries, or the Supreme Leader a discretionary power to arrest and detain without trial for 14 days, when necessary, in order to prevent a person from acting in any manner prejudicial to the security of the FEUSSR or any part thereof, or to the maintenance of public order or essential services therein. Such essential services were defined as services relating to water, electricity, fuels, munitions, public health, fire, prisons, minerals, post, telephony, telegraphy, radiocommunication (including broadcasting and television), ports, docks, harbours, public transport, and the bulk distribution of the aforementioned, which lends jurisdiction to the 9 executive-level Ministries. Alternatively, in lieu of detention for the purposes mentioned above, restrictions such as curfews, requiring the reporting of movements, barring access to certain facilities, prohibiting the person from speaking at public meetings, prohibiting the person from taking part in political activities, and travelling beyond the FEUSSR or a part of the country for up to 1 year (subject to renewal) may be imposed.

Before a person can be detained under the ISA for the allocated 14 days, the Ministers, Grand Secretaries, or the Supreme Leader must be satisfied that such detention is necessary. Upon the fulfilment of this condition, a detention order is supplied which empowers the relevant law enforcement agencies to arrest and detain any person pending enquiries without a warrant. Within the 14 day timeframe, the detainee is permitted to have an appeal hearing against the order to an ISA Release Board, which is required to hear and consider the detainee's appeals. The ISA Release Boards are chaired by a random High Court judge, and has 3 other members appointed by consultation with a local Governor or Praetor. The Board has the powers of a court with regards to summoning witnesses, subpoenas, and so on. Upon a convocation and hearing from the Board, the Board evaluates the evidence of the appeal and either recommends the release of the detainee, recommends the continued detention, or recommends criminal charges to be levied. Non-citizens detained under the ISA do not have a right to make an appeal to the ISA Release Board, but are permitted to make a written appeal to the executive who authored the detention order within two months of detention. In both cases, the executive who authored the detention order can make any decision after consulting with the ISARB, be it for or against the ISARB's recommendations; the decision is final and cannot be called into question in any court.

Upon written prerogative by the Minister of Investigations and petitioning from the executive who authored the detention order, a detained individual under the ISA can be detained for up to two years, and this can be extended by prerogative of the Supreme Leader for further periods of up to two years at a time. The Minister is also empowered with discretion to suspend a detention order, but also has the authority to revoke the suspension at any time, which reactivates the detention order. Detention orders must be reviewed at least once every 12 months by an ISARB, which thereafter makes its recommendation to the executive who authored the detention order. If an advisory board recommends the release of a detainee and the executive in charge disagrees, the Supreme Leader may exercise personal discretion. To ensure fairness in the administration of preventative detention, a judicial review is made in which a High Court scrutinizes the executive's decisions and orders to ensure that they conform with the law. If the decisions and orders are not authorized by statute or if they have been made in contravention of the law, the Court automatically invalidates the order. Similarly, if any exercise of power through this statute contravenes the Constitution, it can be declared invalid.

The People's Publishing Authority, the body responsible for printing presses and publications under the Ministry of Posts and Communications, is authorized to ban documents and publications that are subversive or otherwise undesirable. The Deputy Head (or higher) of the PPA, or the Deputy Minister (or higher) of Posts and Communications, may prohibit (absolutely or conditionally) the printing, publication, sale, issue, circulation or possession of a document or publication that contains any incitement to violence, counsels disobedience to the law or to any lawful order, is likely to lead to a breach of the peace, is likely to promote feelings of hostility between different races or classes of the population, or is prejudicial to the national interest, public order or security of the FEUSSR. Such a prohibition order can extend to any past or future issue of a periodical publication, and to other publications which have been issued or appear to have been issued by the same publishing house, agency or other source which issued the prohibited publication. The source of the prohibited publication can lodge an objection to a order within a month of the date when the order is published to a local Consul, whose decision on the matter is binding, yet tentative to the Supreme Court or the Supreme Leader.

It is a criminal offence to print, publish, sell, issue, circulate, reproduce, or possess a prohibited publication or an extract from it; it is also an offense to import, abet the importation of, or have in one's possession any imported prohibited publication. This is punishable by a $5,000 USP fine for each violating item, or 2 day's imprisonment for each violating item. Likewise, a crime is committed if any person posts or distributes any document which contains an incitement to violence, counsels disobedience to the law or a lawful order, or is likely to lead to a breach of the peace, again punishable by a $7,000 USP fine for each violating item, or 2 day's imprisonment for each violating item. The distribution of false documents and reports, or the making of false statements which is likely to cause public alarm orally, in writing, or in any printed or digital publication is punishable by a $150,000 USP fine, or 20 month's imprisonment.

Finally, it is an offence to carry or have in one's possession or under one's control a subversive document. A document is deemed to be subversive if, in whole or in part, it has a tendency to excite organised violence against persons or property in the FEUSSR; to support, propagate or advocate any act prejudicial to the security of FEUSSR or the maintenance or restoration of public order therein or inciting to violence therein or counselling disobedience to the law thereof or to any lawful order therein; or to invite, request or demand support for or on account of any collection, subscription, contribution or donation, whether in money or in kind, for the direct or indirect benefit or use of persons who intend to act or are about to act, or have acted, in a manner prejudicial to the security of FEUSSR or to the maintenance of public order therein, or who incite to violence therein or counsel disobedience to the law thereof or any lawful order therein. A document that purports to be a subversive document is presumed to be one until the contrary has been proved, and if it is proved to be positive, the accused is deemed to have known the contents of the document. This constitutes a criminal offense under the ISA, and is punishable by 5 month's imprisonment. Likewise, an obligation is placed upon any person who receives a subversive document to deliver it to a police officer without delay.

Under the ISA, it will also be an offence to carry, or have in one's possession or under one's control in any area without lawful excuse, any firearm, ammunition or explosive without lawful authority. The penalty for the offence is 13 month's imprisonment. The onus is on the person charged to prove that he or she has a lawful excuse or authority for having the item, which only applies if the person is part of the MOI-PIS, MOI-PSF, MNP, PDF, Internal Troops, Militia, is licensed to have the item, is authorized without a licence to have the item by a Deputy Police Commissioner or higher, has been granted an exemption by a Deputy Police Commissioner or higher, or has the item in connection with the performance of his or her duty (i.e: security guards). However, even if any of the above situations applies to a person, the person will not have lawful authority if the person has the item for the intent of using it in a criminal manner, or in a manner prejudicial to public security or the maintenance of public order.

The Hellenes League wrote:Ministry of Infrastructure Development
Bureau of Infrastructure Development
Halkidiki Initiative

The area of Kriaritsi is going to be subject to a large amount of growth over the coming years. Using tax and mortgage incentives, a new residential, commercial, and tourist development will be constructed over the next 4 years (208 RL days). Infrastructure in the area will be developed, and to connect it to existing road and highway networks.

This is being done to increase residential living spaces on Halkidiki, jobs and tourism to the region. The development of the region is viewed as vital for the long term growth of the country.

$250 million has been set aside for development of the project over the next 4 years. As previously mentioned, incentives and job development will bring new people to the area.

The project is to break ground next month.

Forgot to add this...

Bureau of Infrastructure Development
Halkidiki Initiative

The Kriaritsi Project has finalized, with finishing touches having been put in over the past week.

This major investment into the region will bring in new tourism, business development and residential areas capable of supporting a new community of Kriaritsi.

This project continues the overall goal of the Hellenic Central government to modernize sections of the country and to increase revenue driving projects.

Additional projects will be announced as part of a larger initiative in the region, and with the support of the Balkan Unity Canal (currently under construction) this area is anticipated to grow fast.

We welcome all who come to Kriaritsi and who wish to do business in the area.

Ministry of War

The Ministry of War can confirm that President Altan of the Ottoman Republic has been killed in an attack in Ankara last night.

The President was with Ottoman Units at a local camp visiting when Hellenic HAS-10 and F-16 units engaged targets in the area. Shortly after an SOM missile fired by a HAS Dory UAV engaged the site.

It’s believed 24 other Ottoman soldiers along with the President were also killed, with President Altman’s death being confirmed by Ottoman State News Media.

This event in no way alters the scope of strategic goals in the ongoing conflict, which we are nearly 9 months into.

As it stands:
Ottoman KIA: 8,580
Hellenic KIA: 1,892

No official report on Civilian casualties is available at this time.

Opening Day

The Montreal Maple Leaves have played against the Texas Rangers for opening day in baseball. The Montreal Maple Leaves were the home team playing at Ènergir Field against the Texas Rangers. For the opening ceremony President Andrew Collins parachuted onto the baseball field. The parachute was the Canadian flag. After President Collins parachuted he threw out the first pitch. The Montreal Maple Leaves won against the Texas Rangers with a score of 6 to 3.

Central News Agency

There is just over a year before Oliver Zat's mandate as President of the Republic is concluded.
5 years ago, the Democratic Progressive Party he led won with about 60% of the votes, the highest percentage achieved by the DPP with a turnout of 75%, one of the highest ever, albeit according to the latest polls do not seem to be able to match previous data.
In fact, the latest polls have a very similar value for the KMT and DPP, both hovering around 48%, so the upcoming elections could be a battle for last vote for the presidency of China, between the new face (not yet unveiled) of the DPP, after Zat said he will not be re-nominatedn and the well-known figure of the Kuomintang, Sun Zen, leader of the party for more than 4 years and previously mayor of Nanning.

OCC: about that...



Abbreviation: KMT
Leader: Sun Zen
Founded: 10 October 1919
Membership: 11,2 millions
Ideology: Conservative liberalism, Three Principles of the People, Chinese nationalism
Political position: Center-right
National affiliation: Pan-Blue Coalition

Democratic Progressive Party (ruling party)


Abbreviation: DPP
Leader: Cui Yijun
Founded: 28 September 1986
Membership: 9,9 millions
Ideology:Progressivism, Social liberalism, Social democracy
Political position: centre-left
National affiliation: Pan-Green Coalition

Chinese Youth Party


Abbreviation: YCP
Chairman: Ying Heng
Secretary General: Liang Ah
Founded: 2 December 1923
Membership: 3,77 millions
Ideology: national conservatism, Chinese nationalism, Anti-communism (historical)
Political position: right wing
National affiliation: neutral

Social Democratic Party


Abbreviation: SDP
Leader: Xiong Jie
Founded: 29 March 2000
Membership: 4,22 millions
Ideology: Social democracy
Political position: Centre-left
National affiliation: neutral

People First Party


Abbreviation: PFP
Leader: James Soong
Founded: 31 March 2000
Membership: 1,7 millions
Ideology: liberal conservatism, reformism
Political position: centre-right
National affiliation: Pan-Blue Coalition

New Power Party


Abbreviation: NPP
Leader: Quan Liang
Founded: 25 Jannuary 2015
Membership: 551,654
Ideology: progressivism, youth politics
Political position: centre left
National affiliation: neutral

China Pople's Party


Abbreviation: CPP
Leader: Anne Bo
Founded: 4 August 2019
Membership: 290,601
Ideology: big tend
Political position: centre
National affiliation: neurtal

Labor Party


Abbreviation: LP
Leader: Jia Huo
Founded: 29 March 1989
Membership: 123,700
Ideology: Socialsim, Chinese Unification
Political position: left-wing
National affiliation: neutral

Non-Partisan Solidarity Party


Abbreviation: NPSU
Leader: Xie Xieren
Founded: 16 June 2004
Membership: 139,874
Ideology: third way, conservative liberalism
Political position: centre - centre/right
National affiliation: Pan Blue Coalition

China Green Party


Abbreviation: CGP
Leader:Ding Ru
Founded: 25 Jannuary 1996
Membership: 13,500
Ideology: green politics
Political position: centre-left
National affiliation: neutral

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Infiny wrote:"Your Highness, it is an honor to be speaking to you. I hope you will forgive me for not spending too much time on a lengthy formal introduction, because the matter in Yemen that we have to discuss is grave. I am certain you are aware that the former president, Mr. Al-Harazi, has appealed to asylum in Infiny. As of now, we have assured him a temporary location to stay, where he is safe until further consideration. Before we proceed with his request of asylum, I would like to discuss the matter with you. I am certain the violence in Yemen is causing issues in the Caliphate, as indicated by the situation at the border. Tell me - what is your view on the situation? "

Royal State Palace, Jeddah

The Caliph is seated in his office in the Palace, reading about the recent developments in Yemen. The coup de etat in Yemen had been successful, and the rebels had been successful in establishing a new Yemeni state.
This reminded him of how the Nationalist front had seized power from the erstwhile Mohammaden Caliphate.
He was deep into nostalgia and reminiscing events from the freedom struggle, when suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted.

"Your Excellency, the Infinian Prime Minister wishes to talk to you. I would also like to report that Al-Harazi, former President of Socialist Yemen, has taken asylum in Infiniya."

Al-Harazi, huh? He had met him before. Not as a Caliph like he was now, though. He was still the Crown Prince of Hejaz when he first visited Yemen, and formally met him. For some reason, personally, he found his nature distasteful. He felt like someone who would run as soon as things went south. Now, he was forced to flee to Infiny, after his rule had failed to control the radicals.

"Although I believe matters of Arabia should stay in Arabia, cooperation between all parties involved is necessary right now for the sake of the Yemeni people."
"The Caliphate has no problem with the socialist leader seeking asylum in Infiny. Regarding the border, there have been no reports on any border transgressions, however, there have indeed been a few incidences of illegal in-migration from Yemen, primarily socialist supporters and such. They have been provided asylum in border camps for now.

"I believe a permanent solution to this can only be achieved through talks. I would like to invite a representative from Infiny, Mr. Al-Harazi, along with a representative from the new Yemeni state to Dubai.
I hope your esteemed nation will cooperate with ours in this regard. Please convey my message and regards to Mr. Al-Harazi."

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