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The Republic of Dhan wrote:Message from the Ministry of Infrastructure

Minister Fatema Yousef of The Republic of Dhan sends a message to the scientific board in charge of the Thorium reactor project. It reads as follows, "As another nation in the Asian continent that has technologies and interests in the pursuit of more sustainable nuclear power, it is within our interest to help you on this project. As such, we would like to send 200 million Baleers (10 Million USD) with further funding if results are made. We would like to send a group of scientists and engineers from our Academic System of government as well as a group of Dhanian construction workers so that we may better understand how to implement this kind of technology in our own nation. We do hope that this may lead to a more cooperative relationship between us in Asia. We await your acknowledgement."

Signed: Minister Fatema Yousef

Ministry of Economy and Commerce

- Department of Energy and Resources -

From: Directorate of program 098

We appreciate your intention to support the project and that we have clear ideas about the future of our planet.
We will be more than happy to welcome your delegation of scientists and workers for we also gladly accept the funding.
We hope this is only the beginning of a collaboration between our nations.
A rehearsed flight from Dhahan to Chengdu has already been booked for your guests.


Signed: Isabelle Chang director of the 098 program
And Sat Chei-Kyan director of the Energy and Resources department

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

SHUNTIAN — The Far Eastern Oil Company, the world's largest petrochemicals company, has formally launched its first wind project* as part of the First Five Year Plan that includes a 'green revolution'.

The 20MW onshore wind project, located near the Amur SSR, is developed by FEOC's clean-energy subsidiary. This marks the beginning of a wider energy transition strategy that promises to accelerate investment into "new energy, new economics, and new industries," including hydrogen, solar, wind and biomass. The company has also said it would construct a biofuel refinery near Shuntian as part of the country's aviation biofuels project, which would be capable of fuelling 50 planes per month within 4 years. With regards to other fuel sources, FEOC is already a leading hydrogen producer in the FEUSSR, with over 3,000,000 tonnes of annual production generated as a byproduct by its massive petrochemical facilities.

The company has laid down a plan to convert 12,000 of its 38,000 conventional gas stations into hybrid stations, which can provide conventional petrol fuel for cars, along with hydrogen and EV charging services. FEOC has furthermore embarked on a building spree as the FEUSSR becomes the world's largest EV market, reportedly investing over $500 million USP on the construction of 1,000 EV charging stations in rural localities within the Chosun SSR. FEOC has also made plans to assist in the Amur-Chosun Energy Export deal, having purchased a 22% stake in the Erkovetskaya coal-fired thermal power plant (which remains under construction), and revamping refineries across the Sakhalin SSR to increase daily oil output by 17.5% in 2 years.

* - with amendment

          ~~ Министерство иностранных дел СССР ~~

Topic: Official Request to Repatriate Ukrainian Gold from Orange-Bourgogne

Moscow — The Soviet Foreign Ministry, inspired by the courageous actions of Maratha-Empire, has decided to officially voice its repatriation claims from the British Government. Centuries ago, a Ukrainian noble transferred 200,000 gold pieces of gold (2 barrels) to a London Bank. The agreement was made that 80% of this gold plus the accruing 7.5% interest would belong to the Ukrainian people. This is known in the world as Gold of Polubotok. So far, the British Government has not only refused to transfer the gold and interest back, but they have gone as far as deny its existence - a pure theft to the Ukrainian people.

We are hereby requesting the amount of USD$50 billion as payment from the lost gold and interest. The real amount owed to the Ukrainian people is far too large to ask for. Since the gold was deposited in 1723, the interest would have shot up out of control. The Soviet Government is willing to officially forgo the gold and interest in exchange of the aforementioned amount.

Donau-Bundesreich wrote:Peoples Ministry of External Affairs
Volksministerium für Außenangelegenheiten/Népek Külügyminisztériuma


Diplomatic Reshuffle Announcement

Following recent events in Danubia, i have been appointed as the new peoples minister of external affairs and have been placed in charge of reforming and streamlining the diplomatic service. After a thorough review, Danubia has announced a total reshuffle of our diplomatic service; and will be recalling all current ambassadors and appointing new candidates in their place.

It is hoped that introducing new blood into our diplomatic service will help modernise and streamline Danubian diplomatic efforts, allowing our nation to better promote itself on the world stage and form closer, more mutually benefical bonds with our fellow nation-states. A list of new appointments has been published below:


- Krogis: Violeta Boroi

- Labyrnna: Emma Morgenstern

- Orange-Bourgogne: Karlo Jaković

- The 4th royal germanic reich: Michael Schuster

- Badeuria: Sandra Kosanović

- Alternate german democratic republic: Viktor Bachmann

- Holy Roman Republica: Sonia Moldovanu

- CCCP-: Juhász Beatrix

- The Hellenes League: Maria Neumann

- Uralia-: Lara Ostojić

- The Republic of Dhan: Karla Perić

- Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics: Szőke Diána

- Southwest China: Jónás Richárd

- Duma: Gita Kučerová

- Vashnal: Bálint Hajnalka

- Eulumia: Bogdán Alexander

- Esserix: Toni Kuhar

- Furstia: Lukács Benedek

- Infiny: Vasile Moldovanu

- Tumolia: Milan Tesarik

- -Greater Canada-: Melina von Stroheim

- Imperial Eagle: Alexander Hass

- Central America Federation: Petr Poláček

- Aozhou: Saša Leskovar



Comrade Tom Weichselbraun

Volksvorsitzender des Diplomatischen Dienstes
Volksminister für Außenhandel und Investitionen


(OOC: could people also send over their own ambassadors name so i can update the factbook, thanks :p

In name of the Tumolian Crown

It is his her Majesty's wish to sent Mr Godfried van Kastjeh tot Mürh former minister of the Interior to be the new ambassador to Donau-Bundesreich

Queen Kathelion II of Cape

Orange-Bourgogne wrote:Official statement — Marathan remarks
~ Department of State for External Affairs, Orange-Bourgogne

To the Government of the Maratha-Empire,

As you might have noticed from our policies since the latter half of the last century, the United Kingdom of Orange-Bourgogne does no longer favour any kind of imperialism. We find it ironic and hypocritical that you accuse the Avalon-regime of imperialism while your own nation is known as an Empire.

The Government does not deny that several atrocities were committed in the past, because they undoubtably were. However, that era is now gone by and we would like to keep it in the past. Our Government is willing to discuss ways in which we can compensate those who directly suffered from inhumane crimes caused by Orange-Bourgognians. What we will not do on the other hand, is "compensate" those who have not directly been affected at our watch.

Where it concerns the royal regalia of Orange-Bourgogne, they will not be returned. They are not only embedded in the history of your Empire, but in our nation as well. Relics looked after by the Orange-Bourgognian Museum and other similar institutions will be dealt with by these private bodies.

Regarding your proposal to settle the dispute through the involvement of the United Assembly of Nations, Orange-Bourgogne is not a Member-State to the UAN, and as such we have no intention to resolve our disagreement on this matter in this manner — especially when we take into consideration the recent negligence of and disrespectful behaviour towards our own interests by that international organisation.

Finally, we do not give in threats of economic and other sanctions. Of course we urge you to refrain from imposing them, but we will not hesitate to issue countermeasures if so thought necessary.


The Rt. Hon. (Rupert Carrington) The Baron of Claremont
Minister of State of External Conflicts


Sanctions on Orange-Bourgogne

Due to the refusal of the British Government to even consider repatriating the diamonds and jewels that form part of the Royal Regalia, the Maratha Government is forced to set sanctions of the country until further notice. The Government of Maratha enjoys extreme support by the population to do this as this has become a patriotic effort to finally deliver justice after centuries of suffering. The following are the terms of the sanctions:

    - All financial assets held by British institutions in our nation are hereby frozen.
    - No vessel flying the British flag or registered in Orange-Bourgogne, military or civilian, is allowed to dock at Marathan ports.
    - No vessel flying the British flag or registered in Orange-Bourgogne, military or civilian, is allowed to navigate Marathan waters.
    - No aircraft, military or civilian, registered in the European country or traveling to/from the aforementioned country is allowed to fly in Marathan Airspace.
    - Any financial service provided by any OB Bank or financial entity to anyone in Maratha will be taxed at a rate of 50%
    - Any tea or coffee products to be exported to the European country will be taxed at a rate of 75%
    - Any debts owed by Marathan companies to OB Banks are hereby legally allowed to default of these debts without any financial impact within Maratha.

We regret to do these actions but the British Government must understand that to our people the need for repatriation is of utmost importance. We hope that we can begin to negotiate with British Government as soon as possible as we do not believe the British people should feel economic pains for the faulty decisions made by their Government.

The Government of Maratha also announces that it is officially supporting the claims set forth by the Government of CCCP-, Donau-Bundesreich and The Hellenes League. We believe that their claims, like ours, must be resolved. Not supporting their claims would be a hypocritical decision by us therefore we extend our support to them and hope they reciprocate.

Zachod galicia

Senate Election Poll Results

Galicyjska Partia Narodowa - GPN:
49% (-31%) / 59 (-38)

Galicyjski Popularny Przód - GPP:
47% (+47%) / 57 (+57)

Chrześcijańska Partia Związkowa - CPZ:
4% (-4%) / 6 (-4)

No Single Majority - GPN Largest Party

Presidential Election Poll Results

Urban Moraczewski (GPN) - 49% chance to win

Róża Narutowicz (GPP) - 49% chance to win

Jan Zasada (CPZ) - 2% chance to win

Presidential Election Tossup - To Close to Call

PLD stand down - GPP Continue to Grow

Following extremely poor polling in the runup to the upcoming general elections, the Partia Liberalno-Demokratyczna have announced that they will be stepping down from the election and their leader, Leo Olinski has issued a formal endorsement of Róża Narutowicz and her Galicyjski Popularny Przód in hopes that they'll finally be able to defeat the incumbent National Party and achieve success where the old Liberal Democratic Party had failed. Although some Liberal-Democratic voters are reluctant to get behind the Popular Fronts more Left-Wing Message and have instead moved to support the CPZ, a large amount of the party's support base have made a great push towards the Popular Front giving them a strong boost in national popularity.

The Popular Front continues to grow as they are now 2 seats away from eachother in the predicted senate total, and Róża Narutowiczs message have pushed her popularity to the vote where the two would be within 1000 votes from eachother if a poll were held today. Clashes in the street between GPN and GPP supporters have been reported all across the nation and many agree that this will be the most contentious election in the history of our short-lived republic.

Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics wrote:The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

SHUNTIAN — The Old Summer Palace

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

SHUNTIAN — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has formally backed the repatriation claims of CCCP-, with regards to the Gold of Polubotok. It has also announced official recognition of the claims sought by Imperial Eagle, -Greater Canada-, The Hellenes League, Donau-Bundesreich, Eulumia, and other nations across the world.

The MFA asserts that being an actual agreement, the UKOB has an obligation to return the gold, with accrued interest, or the $50 billion USD asked of by the USSR government, to its legitimate creditor. The FEUSSR also adds that the UKOB should also make a move to repatriate treasures belong to Maratha-Empire and other claimants, as well as provide damages and/or return looted goods from the 1860 ransacking of the Old Summer Palace.

The UKOB has caused an immeasurable amount of damage to the world's cultural diversity, history, and destiny by killing, looting, plundering, and hoarding cultural artefacts. In addition, the UKOB has violated customary international law* by “pillaging a town or place, even when taken by assault” - all of which are prohibited in the Lieber Code, the Brussels Declaration and the Oxford Manual, and constitutes a war crime in international armed conflicts. Of course, said imperialist nations do tend to take such international norms and laws with a grain of salt. How typical to the hegemonic imperialists of the UKOB!

The time has come to respond. The UKOB should do the right thing, instead of acting as a thieving hoarder.


          ~~ Министерство внешней торговли СССР ~~

Title: Labyrnna-Soviet Trade Pact

Moscow — The Soviet Ministry of Foreign Trade is honored to announce a historic trade agreement with Labyrnna, cementing stronger commercial ties with its European peers. This deal is the first one in more than a century between both nations. The Ministry commented that this fact alone proves an important advancement in relations with the Labyrnna Government. The comprehensive agreement sets tariffs to 0% on the following products:

    From Labyrnna:
    - Medicaments
    - Perfumes
    - Wines (oui)
    - Medical instruments
    - Cars

    From USSR:
    - Refined petroleum
    - LNG
    - Cars
    - Chemicals
    - Vodka (:putinsmirk:)

The trade deal will remain active for the next 5 years after which it can be renewed for another 5 years or renegotiated. The Soviet Ministry mentioned that they hoped this agreement would mark the beginning of prosperous commercial relations with the Labyrnnan nation. Strong economic ties would benefit the people of both countries and create the strong ties necessary to bring peace, stability and prosperity to the continent: As economic ties strengthen, the appetite for conflict decreases.

Central America Federation and The 4th royal germanic reich

Maratha-Empire wrote:Delhi:

Message to the UAN and Orange-Bourgogne

Imperialism is a stain that caused and causes pain to hundreds of million of people across the world. Our nation, the Maratha-Empire, was a victim of such imperialism at the hands of the British. Our lands were sacked, our treasures stolen, our people tortured and murdered. Today, those same imperialist powers talk of friendship and democracy. Yet they fail to see the irony of their actions. They imposed themselves onto others for their selfish economic gain.

The British Museum and the British Royal Jewels may be symbols of pride to the British people but they are symbols of subjugation, theft and destruction to billions across the world. The majority of artifacts from the Museum and the Royal Jewels were stolen and plundered during centuries of exploitation of the British Empire. We request an UAN meeting to resolve this and to repatriate the artifacts that belong to us.

If the government of Orange-Bourgogne refuses, our nation will be forced to impose severe economic sanctions and the complete ban of any British ship in our ports and waters. We invite our friends in the government of Eulumia to join our efforts as they too have been severely affected by such imperialism.

Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics wrote:The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

SHUNTIAN — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has formally backed the repatriation claims of CCCP-, with regards to the Gold of Polubotok.

The MFA asserts that being an actual agreement, the UKOB has an obligation to return the gold, with accrued interest, or the $50 billion USD asked of by the USSR government, to its legitimate creditor. The FEUSSR also adds that the UKOB should also make a move to repatriate treasures belong to Maratha-Empire and other claimants, as well as provide damages and/or return looted goods from the 1860 ransacking of the Old Summer Palace.

The UKOB has caused an immeasurable amount of damage to the world's cultural diversity, history, and destiny by killing, looting, plundering, and hoarding cultural artefacts. In addition, the UKOB has violated customary international law* by “pillaging a town or place, even when taken by assault” - all of which are prohibited in the Lieber Code, the Brussels Declaration and the Oxford Manual, and constitutes a war crime in international armed conflicts. Of course, said imperialist nations do tend to take such international norms and laws with a grain of salt. How typical to the hegemonic imperialists of the UKOB!

The time has come to respond. The UKOB should do the right thing, instead of acting as a thieving hoarder.


          ~~ Министерство иностранных дел СССР ~~

Topic: Support of the Claims made by Maratha-Empire and Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics

Moscow — The Soviet Foreign Ministry humbly thanks the support voiced by the Governments of Maratha-Empire and Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics to recover what we believe and see as treasures lost by the Ukrainian people in the Gold of Polubotok Affair. We hope that the Government of Orange-Bourgogne sits to negotiate with what appears to be a growing coalition of nations looking to finally exert global justice on the tragedies caused by the British Empire in the past. We are certain that London believes in diplomacy and peaceful discussion, so we are hopeful of finding some closure not only for our citizens but for billions across the world.

Likewise, the Soviet Foreign Ministry officially announces its support for the claims made by Maratha-Empire (Pludering of Indian Treasures) and by Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics (Sacking and Destruction of the Old Summer Palace). Both events undoubtedly have caused a lot of pain and resentment to many generations over time. There's has been uncalculatable and sorrowful destruction of valuable history and culture. This cannot be allowed to just stand nonchalantly in the pages of history. In order to assure a more friendlier and stable future, closure and repatriation is necessary to the victims of these events. We call on London to do the right thing and set a precedent that will be praised by the world community as a healing step towards resolution.

Government of Canada

The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs has decided to back the claims of The Hellenes League, Donau-Bundesreich, Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics,CCCP-, Eulumia, Imperial Eagle, and Maratha-Empire.

Orange-Bourgogne shall agree to return all the items to those nations and also the items Canadian Government listed that they want back. The Canadian Government has given Orange-Bourgogne a 3 day ultimatum to agree to return the items to those nations and also return the items that the Canadian government wants back. If they don’t agree in 3 days to return all the items, the Canadian government shall issue sanctions on Orange-Bourgogne.

The Hellenes League wrote:MINISTRY OF WAR

We are proud to announce the development of the next generation of fighter aircraft for the Hellenistic Air Force, the HF-X or as it will be commonly called, the TURAL Fighter Aircraft. It is an all weather air superiority aircraft with twin engines, and packed with modern instrumentation and weaponry to help our fighters dominate the modern air space.

Development will take 3 years (156 RL days), with cost of development being $50 billion dollars. Expected cost per unit is $100 million.

We will announce further developments regarding this project later on.

OOC: this development is based on the RL TAI-TF-X FIGHTER

Ministry of War
Hermes Aerospace Systems

After years of development and perfecting, the HF-X 5th generation fighter craft development has been completed.

It’s functionality and systems have been tested in extreme ways and it will continue to be tested as time goes on.

Officially, the HF-X will be known as the HAS-10 ἀετός Διός (aetos Dios) “Eagle of Zeus”. This 5th generation aircraft is the most dominant fighter craft that any air wing in Europe is currently fielding and will continue to be for some time. Stealth functionality, and its functionality for any combat situation and operation put it on the forefront as one the most advanced aircraft on the planet.

The first HAS-10’s will be rolling off the line in the next few months and we are excited to add them to our fleet.

Hermes Aerospace Systems will continue to help field and service the HAS-10 during the course of its lifetime.

We thank all who have been involved in this highly ambitious project. The Hellenic League is now stronger and more capable on the European and world stage.

Uralia- wrote:The Dissident / Диссидент

Famous homeless protestor found dead

An elderly, homeless man, real name unknown but familiar to the locals as the Isaac, was found dead on the streets this morning. Isaac had been protesting outside the People's Congress building (October Hall) for years in opposition to the authoritarian regime. but had ramped up the frequency and audacity with which he had done so since the "election" of Valeri Stepanovich six weeks ago. Isaac, the grandson of men who fought in the Russian Revolution alongside the Reds, continued the tradition of his forefathers as an ardent anarchist and opponent to the "Communist" regime. Even those who disagreed with the man mourn his death and acknowledge that the Government should answer for this -suspected- political murder, a practice the public considers long since out of date and entirely unacceptable.

As of now officials from the People's Congress nor from the Central Committee are yet to comment.

The Dissident / Диссидент

Protests grow as government fails to answer for Isaac's death

Protests outside October Hall have continued to grow after the Central Committee and the People's Congress failed to address the unexpected death of "Homeless man" Isaac, longtime protestor of the Government. The protestors include anarchist groups, liberal groups, and a large number of ordinary citizens who want justice.

The only official comment came from head of the Novosibirsk Director of Police who said they are looking into the issue but suspect suicide by drug use. This caused outrage, with those who knew Isaac claiming he wasn't only not a drug user but never even consumed alcohol.

Some have called for the Government to enshrine the right to free speech into law and increase transparency in law enforcement and the use of official powers, stating both are surefire ways to prevent another tragic incident like Isaac's death.

Ministry of Regional Development

By order of the Archon, we have established the Balkan Investment Council

This council will work specifically in the Balkan regions to identify areas of need, and recommend projects as well as issue funding.

They will also work closely with other Balkan nations, especially with Danubia (Donau-Bundesreich) to invest in the Balkans and work on unity in the region. Economic investment is vital for the long term economic growth of this region. If properly done we can transition focus away from Western Europe and return focus to The Balkans.

Zachod galicia

Battle of Szewczyk Square

The Far-Right Neo-Fascist Organization, known as the Galicyjskie Bractwo Patriotów, clashed with Anti-Fascist Protestors in the city of Katowice today as Incumbent President Urban Moraczewski held a rally at the city's infamous Szewczyk Square to promote his campaign in the upcoming election against the newly formed Popular Front.

The Galicyjskie Bractwo Patriotów, or the Galician Patriotic Brotherhood, are a well known far-right militant organization with strong ideals of Polish Nationalism and a hardline anti-hungarian, anti-galician and anti-"other" rhetoric. The group believes that galicia should rejoin the polish state and that the Hungarian and german minorities in the nation are illegal settlers, who should be displaced and eliminated in order to preserve the "Polish spirit". The GBP have long been vocal supporters of Urban Moraczewski since his early days, and although Moraczewski has denied any official affiliation or support of the group (especially in regards to their more radical ideas), he has certainly not stayed clear of revelling in that support leading many to believe that official links between the two may exist.

The group supposedly has historical ties to the old Camp of National Unity from the 1940s and believes that Poland was only conquered by the Germans because they were "weak" and only through a reclamation of national pride and polish militarism can the polish people reclaim the glory of the old kingdom and commonwealth. The group has been widely condemned as terrorists, traitors and Nazi worshipers, even by more conservative politicians and activists within Galicia, but they have remained a strong force in Galician Politics since the formation of the republic.

The city of Katowice has become a stronghold for the Popular Front and has acted as the headquarters of the party throughout the campaign. As with many rallies, there was a sizable counter protest against the incumbent president; launched by left-wing activists, anti-fascist organizations, local minority rights groups from all over the Silesian state. However, in a rather extraordinary circumstance members of the GPB had become aware of this protest beforehand and had gathered en-masse to disrupt the counter protests and "protect their leader from the "enemies of Poland". The Anti-Moraczewski protestors quickly organized to defend themselves from the fascists, leading to a large clash between the groups, with gunfire reported throughout the city and numerous (both involved in the battle or innocent bystanders) were killed or seriously injured.

After hours of fighting the GBP were forced into a mass retreat from the city, leading to anti-fascist forces celebrating in the square throughout the night. This is the first time the GBP have been so publicly shamed and defeated by a rival protest and their actions have seemingly fired a new wave of anti-establishment ideas in the Galician Populace with many more now singing up to support the Popular Front, especially as more and more question whether the above claims that
Moraczewski may have ties to the group rise as the security detail of his rally made no attempt to stop the GBP and many even joined in with them, while the same security detail attacked and harrassed the anti-fascists even before the fighting began.

The election now draws ever closer, with only a couple of weeks away until the Galician people go to the polls.

Infiny, Central America Federation, and The 4th royal germanic reich


State Opening of the Imperial Duma

The winter break for the Imperial Duma had drawn to a close, and following tradition the next sitting of the national parliament will be officially opened by the reigning monarch. The day begins in cold weather outside Parliament, as patient police officers redirect commuters around the cordoned-off streets, while sleek black Cadillacs and BMWs transport the nations various political figures to the parliament building. The members of the Imperial Duma make their way inside to the chamber, chatting amongst themselves creating a relatively relaxed atmosphere.

Outside, the familiar sight of the state car of the Princess, a ZiL 4112R, pulled into view as it made its way down Petrogradsky Prospekt, flanked by police motorcycles. As it pulled up, we saw a resumption of a rather new tradition. Instead of the valets opening the door for both the Princess and the Prince, the Princes door would be opened, and he would then get out and walk around to open the door for the Princess. He would hold her hand as she stepped out of the vehicle, and the Princely couple then turned to wave to onlookers before making their way inside the Parliament Building.

Inside the Imperial Duma chamber, there is silence as all the members remain standing. The doors to the chamber open as the Princely couple walk inside, making their way up the center of the chamber to take their seats at their respective thrones. Only when the Princess gives permission do the members of the Imperial Duma sit down. The Princess then rises and begins to make her speech.

"Members of the Imperial Duma,

It is with great pleasure I am able to welcome you back to this chamber. I have been informed by my government will use the opportunity of a strengthening economy to deliver security for working people and will continue to keep the public finances under control so that Romanovskaya continues to live within its means, and to continue the move to a higher wage and keep welfare to a minimum to ensure we create an environment in which work is rewarded.

My government has reassured me that they plan to ensure the state will not burden itself with projects which could otherwise be done by private enterprise. They promise this will continue to allow my government to lower the tax burden on working people further, ensuring Romanovans enjoy a freedom from taxation which is unrivaled across the globe. This freedom will give working people great prosperity and the freedom to spend their wages and salaries as they see fit.

My government has also committed to playing an active and peaceful role on the world stage. Achieving peace with all nations of the world is of the utmost importance regardless of political or cultural differences. It is however also important we stand in solidarity with those who face unfair persecution around the world because of their ethnicity or religion."

The Princess concluded her speech and then sat down. The Prime Minister then made her way to the center of the chamber, bowing before the Princely couple and then walking to a podium in which she was greeted by Metropolis Vladimir, head of the Metropolis of Vyborg and All Romanovskaya. She placed her hand on a Bible and recited the Oath of Allegience:

"I, Daria Alexeyevna Shchegolyayeva, swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Serene Highness Princess Zephyrine of Romanovskaya, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God."

Once the formalities were completed, the Imperial Duma was officially opened. The Princely made their way out of the chamber and back into their car for the trip home. The members of the Imperial Duma set straight to work, engaging is the usual legislating and debating that occurs there. The main topic will be the details of the National Budget which is due to be released in the next week.

Infiny, Duma, Uralia-, and Empitasqulus

Novaya rossiyskaya imperiya wrote:
          ~~ Министерство обороны СССР ~~

Cyberwarfare Forces: Syktyvkar Supercomputing Center and Military Base

Syktyvkar — To begin the consolidation of most cyberwarfare operations and assets under the newly created Cyberwarfare Forces (Силы кибервойны СССР), the Soviet Defense Ministry will build a new supercomputing center in the outskirts of the city of Syktyvkar. Even though this center won't house much of the cyber assets of the military, it will serve as one of the main "bases" of the new separate troop branch. It will also serve as one of the locations that will train the future soldiers that will form part of this new branch.

The center will sit on 2 square miles (1280 acres or 518 hectares) of land owned by the Defense Ministry, located northward of Syktyvkar. The center itself has an area of 200 acres (81 ha) where all the necessary buildings to operate the supercomputer will be built. This includes but is not limited to power substations, water storages, fuel tanks, power buildings, chiller plants, cooling towers, administration buildings and of course data halls. Syktyvkar acts as great location for this facility not only because of its remoteness but also because of its average temperatures throughout the year. The average temperature in the area is of between -17.8°C (-0°F) and -10.8°C (12.6°F) during the coldest month (January) and an average low of 12.4°C (54.3°F) and an average high of 23.2°C (73.8°F) during the warmest month (July). All in all, this means significantly lower cooling needs and maintenance costs in this area of operation. At the same time, this translates to lower energy needs and costs.

The supercomputer, nicknamed Barguzin-I (in honor of the Barguzin Sable), will be one of the most powerful in the world. It can perform at one (1) exaFLOPS, or a billion-billion calculations per secondthe threshold for coveted “exascale” status. Currently, as of October 2020, the fatest supercomputer in the world is Japan's Fugaku at 415 petaFLOPS. For reference, a petaFLOP is 10^15 while an exaFLOP is 10^18. The Barguzin-I will have a high-performance computing service platform integrating supercomputing with cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence (AI). The supercomputer can be used for data analysis, hacking operations (both defensive and offensive) and for predicting the development of armed conflicts and how best to efficiently respond to them. When not in use by the military, the supercomputer will be used to analyze and generate weather forecasts for the country, run massive and complicated scientific analyses, climate research, oil and gas exploration, and molecular modeling, among others. As a whole, this new powerful supercomputer will not only strengthen Soviet capabilities but also positively contribute to Soviet society at large.

As for the training facilities of this new complex, the Defense Ministry envisions a set of buildings designed specifically for the successful development of incoming personnel. Even though these soldiers won't train to fight on a physical battlefield, the Ministry will still require a certain degree of physical fitness and mental fortitude. Facilities will be build to develop the academic potential of each cadet in an ample range of areas, including language, mathematics, cyber engineering and programing. In this academic effort, the Ministry will coordinate and cooperate with major Soviet universities to effectively implement this plan. Additionally, this complex will serve as the main training center for the cyber special forces, the Arditi (Ардити).

The cost of the computing center itself is set to be USD$2 billion and will take 2 years to complete. The larger military base will cost USD$250 million and 1 year to complete. The project as a whole will remain secret in order to not compromise the security details of the complex. The Soviet Defense Ministry will begin to plan the construction of direct "highways" of fiber optic lines from the location to Moscow, Leningrad and other major cities in order to connect the base to the cyber world through physical lines - in addition to satellite connections.


          ~~ Министерство обороны СССР ~~

Cyberwarfare Forces: Completion of the Syktyvkar Supercomputing Center and Military Base

Moscow — The Soviet Defense Ministry has announced the full completion of the Syktyvkar Supercomputing Center and Military Base. This event marks the construction of the first major base of operations and training of the Cyberwarfare Forces, helping the Soviet Armed Forces not only stay at the forefront of cyberwarfare but continue to cement its reputation as one of the major players in the field. As one of the first facilities of its kind in the world, the security detail is strong with strict security clearances to even enter the military base (let alone, the supercomputing center itself). The Kremlin has applauded the efforts of the Ministry and the unstoppable dedication of the workers to bring this project to fruition. URA!

The 4th royal germanic reich

Do you call this great?!

After the attempted January revolution by socialists supported by the Communist Party and Socialist Party many germans are unhappy by the governments late reaction, 3 Major Factories burned to the ground, 50 Mix use Buildings damaged or was on fire, and 1 Mall raided by Nazis. A socialist major in the socialist party said "The Socialists revolutionaries were doing their own thing the nazis saw this as a chance to destroy our beautiful nation, I was not in the streets demading for equality with them but Im sure that those disgusting neo-nazis saw this as a chance to terrorise our people". 10 people were killed in the mall raid with 7 more injured. But the damage is not done yet today on 3pm 20,000-90,000 socialists, communists, and other Ideology supporters like fascists, anarchists, members of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP), German Freedom Party, and technocratic supporters. Even with different thoghts they all wanted to end the so called "greater" reich by storming the Reichstag, 5 people were killed and 40 people injured, the rioters successfully stormed into the parliament building but as soon as that re-enforcements of the police, military, and special forces have entered the and arrested 300 people so far, storming the Reichstag and damaging the building is a crime. The German Federal Investigation Service (GFIS) is tracking down the rest of the people that have raided the building and must pay a fine of ranging from 800 Marks-20thousand Marks depending on financial status. A technocratic supporter says "Do you call this great? This 'greater reich' so great?! the taxes are high for us and low for the rich! Our politicians are just old farts or young extremists we need a reform...a reform where the best get to control the nation, the state of our nation is not great at all in fact the germanic reich was better than this! The 4th reich is the last reich!"

Germany's population angers as the goverment turns more foolish, some say the kaiser does not have a say in the parliament no more, the kaiser is seen as a progressive uniting man but it seems that he is now shadowed and blocked by the chancellor. Chancellor Marvin Deutschmann's ratings went in a massive low after the Reichstag raid. Lower Saxony is seeming to leave the confederation after their governor saying "What has happened to our glorious nation!? this is nothing now but anarchy, my people are considering to leave this confederation...and I cannot ignore my people." It seems the 4th reich has ruled for 21 years now the people want change.

These two days will be known as the January Revolution but...we will see who will win in the February revolution

Part of scenic Highway 1 near Big Sur collapses following winter storm

A large section of Highway 1 near Big Sur collapses early yesterday after heavy rains and melted snow for a stalled winter storm caused what is known as a slip out. A slip out occurs when the soil on either side of the road is so saturated nothing can hold it. The closure of the road was announce by Caltrans, which earlier closed up to 40 miles of Highway 1 between Fullers Lookout and the San Luis Obispo County line as a precaution due to the threat of mudslides. “We wanted to have the closure in place just in case evacuations become mandatory,” said Caltrans spokesman Jim Shivers. Evacuation orders were never issued for the portion of the highway that collapsed." Due to the weather, repairs will take some time but shouldn't take no longer than at least 2 weeks due to the common practices learned from Japanese road repair crews, who are well-known to the Department of Transportation for their speedy repairs, such as repairing a road damaged in the 2011 earthquake in a matter of days. This speedy and safe repair practice was implemented in a massive reform of the DoT back in 2016 and has shown great results following the massive infrastructure upgrades and expansion projects around the nation. The closed portions of Highway 1 will remain closed until the threat of mudslides has passed as those sections are along the Dolan Burn Scar, which greatly weakened the soil along those parts.

Central America Federation, The 4th royal germanic reich, and Uralia-


Galilead has been cleared to RP.


God’s Eye News

Galilea - Today, President Manfred Wiater and the Watchtower have declared sovereignty of the Republic to the UAN, and has become a member. Galilead is opening interest in trade relations with neighbouring nations.

“There is no greater honour in removing the terrorist organisations that have plagued the old nation of Poland,” the newly elected president and founder the republic stated, “allowing God’s grace to let our new holy republic to flourish alongside other great nations at our borders.” He and the other nine members of the Watchtower are beginning talks with other European nations to discuss trade relations.

When asked if the other nations would disapprove of Poland’s loss of sovereignty, the leader gracefully responded that “[a]lthough it is a shame that Poland has fallen, the great Republic has risen in its place.” The news reporter was then fairly punished for this offence.

The other smaller councils and citizens have voiced their overwhelming applauding words to God and the Watchtower.

Under his eye.

Peoples Ministry of External Affairs
Volksministerium für Außenangelegenheiten/Népek Külügyminisztériuma

To the External/Foreign Ministry of Galilead

We are interested in establishing formal diplomatic connections with the Republic of Galilead, in the form of a mutual establishment of embassies between Galilea and Budapest. We have nominated Albert Wachowicz for the position of Danubian Ambassador to Galilead,

Should you accept, we will inform Comrade Wachowicz to make preparations to leave for Galilea as soon as possible.

We look forward to your response.


Comrade Tom Weichselbraun
Volksvorsitzender des Diplomatischen Dienstes
Volksminister für Außenhandel und Investitionen

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

SHUNTIAN — Projects to construct 5 Hualong One reactors, a solar farm, and 10 DHR-400 reactors undertaken by the Qing administration have finally succeeded, as the Ministry of Works formally announced their completion this morning.

The projects will be capable of increasing the energy share occupied by alternative sources of energy, while also succeeding in increasing employment and economic activity within their respective areas. However, during the project, the aridity of the Gobi Desert and safety risks associated within inland areas forced the 5 Hualong One reactors to be relocated to the coastal city of Jinxi, where it will help bolster the city's cutdown on emissions.



萬國公報: A Review of the Times
.....Feb 2021 - Issue No. 1,839..reeeeeeeeeeeeejhdfkshfjkdshkfdhkfhskfhkhewiufhjkdshkjfeeeeeeeeeeeee...Founded by Rev Young J. Allen, Est. 1868
Brought to you by the People's Media Agency


By meatlickercitizen9

KUM CITY – The Ministry of Works has unveiled an ambitious urban regeneration project for Kum City named the 'New City Plan', meant to supplement the nationwide Five Year Plan in spurring economic growth and long term potential. Multiple projects, including a new international airport, are commissioned in this grand project which is expected to be fully complete in 10 years. It will also be one of the largest public works projects to be undertaken within the Chosun SSR, having received backing from the local People's Government and the Federal Government.

A New Airport

    The new design for the Kum Jing-In International Airport, viewed from above

    The exterior design for the Sphere complex.
    With a greater centralisation of revolutionary power at Kum City, greater emphasis has been placed on improving the region's travel infrastructure to an international level. Currently, the only international airport serving the area is the Pingyang International Airportm, located in Sunan District, which dates back to Qing times. Pingyang airport, generally considered to be too small and outdated, was deemed to be 'inadequate' to meet future travel demand. As such, the Supreme Leader had commissioned the designing and construction of a new airport, to be located on a 30 km˛ tract of land near the Ryeokpo Train Station just south of Kum City proper. The new airport has been named the 'Kum Jing-In International Airport' in celebration of our Beloved Leader's revolutionary victory against the Qing. Costing an estimated $15 billion USD in total, the airport will be opened in 5 years, just in time to commemorate the end of the FEUSSR's First Five Year Plan.

    The new airport's design (right) is based on the anatomy of a bird, and consists of three terminals, located at the bird's wings and tail. Designated T Left, T Right, and T Tail, the airport has a total annual handling capacity of 80 million passengers. All three terminals are directly connected via an underground automated people mover system, although airside passengers can freely move between the terminals without going through immigration. All terminals are mainly made of glass, with big transparent spaces that also incorporate "natural" features and "warm" tone to balance the sterile feel of glass and steel. Each terminal has 8 aerobridge gates, with the exception of T Tail which only hosts 6 aerobridges. All gates can handle the Airbus A380. All three terminals are integrated into one singular building, making it one of the world's largest single-building airport terminal. Terminals T Tail and T Right are meant to support domestic flights, while T Left supports international flights. The airport is serviced by 7 runways, 6 for civilian use and 1 for military purposes. All are 3 kilometres in length, and the Terminal T Left is supplemented by 8 helipads for helicopter trips. Transit between helipad and the main terminal building is done through a shuttle bus. With internet and games facilities, prayer rooms, various lounge areas, children's play areas, 24-hour napping areas, showers and spa facilities, gyms, and pool amenities, the terminals are capable of providing a wide array of services to cater to its patrons. There are also six interior water gardens, each with a different theme, as well as comprehensive dining and entertainment options. Commercial revenues can be sourced from duty-free shopping, with the most popular items being liquor and tobacco, perfume and cosmetics, and luxury goods.

    The Bird's Head, which serves as the official entry and exit point of the airport, is connected to a roadway directly. Passengers can use road infrastructure to travel directly onto the Kum City-Yuanshanji Highway, or drive to the nearby Ryeokpo Train Station. As seen in the photograph, the Head presides over a circular pitch, which can be converted into a stadium with a maximum seating capacity of 7,000. The stadium, named the Airport World Stadium, measures by 110 x 110 metres. The Head also brings travellers to the nearby 'Sphere' Complex, a multipurpose entertainment and retail complex which combines experiences of nature, culture, education and recreation to provide an unforgettable experience. The neofuturistic complex, with a gross floor area of 300,000 square meters, includes a transport lounge that integrates ticketing, boarding pass collection, and baggage transfer services in a single location, as well as early check-in facilities.

    The Sphere houses both local and international retail brands, with 10 large 2-storey stores for global brands, a 13-screen cinema with a seating capacity of 900, 3 food courts with 100 unique food vendors in total, and 2 supermarkets with produce from all across the world. The Sphere also hosts 1,000 outlets within its 20 storey structure; over 500 visitors can be housed in an integrated hotel - the Spheretel - along with an Airport Experience Studio, which boats interactive displays that allow visitors a behind-the-scenes look of how the airport is run. With an inbuilt virtual reality entertainment system, the Airport Experience Studio can even simulate empty tours of the facility via VR, as well as a view on how the building was constructed from the builders perspective. An internal urban park is also included, which spans 18,000 square meters in size. Held inside a greenhouse, it spans 3 storeys, and includes landscaped gardens, topiaries, several statues, ornate yards, and some aquatic gardens. It also holds an amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 240, which can be booked to host cultural and leisure activities.

Urban Renewal

    Urban renewal has become a key component of the New City Plan, with planning authorities targeting 5 neighbourhoods (shown in the coloured zones) for regeneration. By doing so, city authorities hope to spearhead the development of green-and-smart buildings and innovative urban design, which the city lacks due to years of disrepair. Many buildings within the city are from the last century, and the need for renewal is dire. As such, over 14,000 buildings highlighted within the city's designated renewal zones will be renovated, with construction to occur in phases and last for 7 years to minimise city disruption.

    The 14,000 buildings will be renovated with the use of different technologies and features. Some notable features will include the full integration of solar power generation devices with the building, placed on the roof, skylight, façade, blinds and car park shelters. The annual energy production from these device totals 490,000kWh, and can be used readily by local residents or users. This also has the added benefit of cutting down on energy demand, lessening pressure on the city's power infrastructure and promoting more energy independence. Another trait are the building's bioclimatic designs, which make use of natural ventilation and reduce the need for energy-intensive air-conditioning. Passive systems are included, such as automated vents, the removal of false ceilings, automated external sun shades, and so on. This is to offer its occupants a comfortable environment and reduce power consumption via the use of air-conditioning systems, helping once more to propel the city to a more environmentally friendly direction. The Department of Housing has put forward $5 billion USD in funds for this very project.

    The Square of the Far East, a new 1+ km˛ city square which - upon completion - will become the world's third largest public square in area. The area highlighted in red below is the location of the new square, which will also see the relocation of many iconic buildings to elsewhere. The MFA office, Grand People's Study House, Chosun Central History Museum, and FEUP Party Headquarters will be relocated to different locations around the city, as to spread out government functions. The $210 million USD project will be flanked by a small waterfront promenade, and will feature a wide range of public facilities including rest gardens, sitting-out areas, an insect house, cycling lanes, a jogging trail with fitness stations, and serve as a large urban park.

Coloured zones indicate areas which will be renewed as part of the New City Plan.

A mockup of one of the newer 'green' buildings to be constructed as part of the urban renewal project.

The FEUSSR's Premier Green City

    As part of the New City Plan, Kum City will become the FEUSSR's premier green city. It is planned to incorporate environmentally friendly elements by reducing waste, tumbling emissions, fostering recycling, expediting the use of renewable energy, and boosting housing density while expanding open space and encouraging the development of sustainable local businesses. Local planning authorities will make use of innovative technologies to address urban challenges to enhance city planning, help improve quality of life, pursue projects to enhance the city's attractiveness to global business and talents, and move to inspire continuous and sustainable economic development within the region.

    The Green City initiative will include efforts in promoting energy saving within local communities, as well as the adoption of demand-side management measures to reduce overall power demand. In association with the Chosun Electric Power Corporation (CEPCO), this project will include the revamping of the city's pre-existing power infrastructure with new elements to construct a 'smart grid'. Borrowing from ideas in other cities, CEPCO will be tasked with installing a larger number of sensors across the city to track traffic, energy consumption and air quality, as well as renovating bus stops to incorporate solar powered information systems. It also aims to automate substation operations, making use of remote control and operation technologies to reduce outage time and costs, while also implementing a system of smart meters in residential areas to provide locals with instant access to their most recent electricity consumption information. Lighting systems in public housing estates will also be replaced with LED bulbs, which use at least 75% less energy than their other counterparts.

    Another part of this initiative includes the installation of green roofs onto over 5,000 publicly-owned buildings. These installations serve several purposes for the city, such as absorbing rainwater, providing insulation, providing a more aesthetically pleasing landscape, and mitigating the heat island effect. To further cut down on water use, a new treated sewage effluent reuse system will be installed to increase the treatment capacity of the existing sewage treatment works. This new sewage treatment standard treat sewage effluent to tertiary a level, chlorinate it, and then reuse the liquids to facilitate toilet flushing. By doing so, water use can be cut down substantially, while simultaneously reducing the amount of sewage load that needs to be disposed of.

    Other measures to help actualise a green city include extensive road side tree planting, building new water gardens at 50 spots in the city, constructing green walls in public transit stops, and increasing greenery in public squares and school campuses. The city is also piloting a recycling deposit-return system for metal cans, glass bottles, and recyclable PET bottles for drink beverages. The system, which is citywide and compatible in all stores (one can buy cans or bottles in one store and return them in another), dictates that all drink beverages held within the 3 aforementioned containers must have their containers included in the city's approved recycling system. The deposit for containers up to 1 litre is $0.5 USP, and $1.5 USP for containers over 1 litre. The containers are then moved to a recycling plant, where they can be melted down to be reused.

Inside the Chosun stock exchange.

FUSHAN– SK Group, one of the largest chaebols of the country, will launch a series of initial public offerings of its group companies this year as confidence in the markets gradually stabilises.

SK's pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor materials, and security services companies have applied for listings, with approvals set to occur later this year. SK operates in a wide variety of fields, and with over 125 subsidiaries, the company has become one of the Chosun SSR's largest conglomerates, essentially becoming a household name across Asia. Some of the subsidiaries that have applied for listings include SK Bioscience, an up-and-coming business that engages in contract manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals which is particularly known for its vaccine culture technology. The company, which anticipates many future orders for vaccines, has made its recent IPO in a bid to raise funds to expand its production facilities to fulfil growing demand. Another subsidiary, a battery materials company known as SK IE Technology, applied for a preliminary review of its listing. SK IE produces separation membranes for lithium-ion batteries, as well as film materials used in organic light-emitting diode panels, and is planning on boosting production due to increased shipments of electric vehicles and OLED panels. SK Siltron, a company that produces silicon wafers, is also frequently mentioned.

Behind the successive listings of SK's subsidiaries is the company's major success after it listed and sold off a quarter of its holdings on pharmaceuticals company SK Biopharmaceuticals, earning $278 million USD in total. There were so many individual buyers that the company's stock reached its maximum possible daily gain for two days straight after listing. Its price rose to 5.5 times the public offering price. The sudden jumps in stock activity have left the company with a market cap of abou $10.7 billion USD, with the company gaining billions more in valuation profits on its shares. Now, many companies wish to buy into this streak of success by listing themselves onto the market.

Along with these SK subsidiary companies, ADT Caps, a security services provider, and 11Street, a midsize online retailer, are also preparing to go public this year. Kuaishou's IPO at the Ryukyu Stock Exchange set a new record, with retail traders overbuying the stock Linkby 1,200 times, eventually raising $5.4 billion USD in its IPO.


Photograph of a nuclear power plant.

SHUNTIAN – Leaked documents by the Department of State Resources show a buildup in uranium enrichment capabilities near the city of LinkOktyabrsky, as well as Linkthe Ningbian Nuclear Scientific Research Center, as some experts speculate at the potential future increase of the FEUSSR's nuclear enrichment capabilities.

Satellite photos show the construction of an enrichment facility in Oktyabrsky designated as 'Plant 001', as well as intensified aerial traffic from the Ningbian Nuclear Center to the Amur SSR. Although leaked memos indicate the facility would not be ready for operation until 3 years, and would only complete its first enrichment batch after 4, this nonetheless marks a dramatic turning point in national policy for the FEUSSR. The facility, which uses sixth-generation centrifuge units, has two enrichment buildings with an estimated capacity of about 0.6 million SWU/ year. In addition, a new fuel reprocessing facility that recovers uranium and plutonium from spent fuel using the PUREX process was also commissioned, according to leaked invoices and receipts, serving as an extension to the Ningbian Nuclear Center.

The country currently has ample infrastructure in the form of a large body of nuclear experts and scientists, as well as nuclear reactors and other facilities which are capable of enriching nuclear fuel. That being said, most of the enriched material is only reactor-grade - weapons-grade fissile material has yet to be explored in any meaningful capacity for decades. That, however, is bound to change soon. Some have alluded the recent actions to a potential decision by the Supreme Leader to pursue a domestic nuclear-weapons program as a means to safeguard the country's sovereignty and increase the FEUSSR's diplomatic credibility.

This in of itself is not likely to indicate the beginnings of a nuclear weapons programme. The FEUSSR still has a wide array of issues to work on, most of which require time. The DSE has commented on the recent projects, stating that the new constructs are meant to consolidate the nation's access to enriched reactor fuel. That being said, when viewed in light of the FEUSSR's increasingly militaristic approach to foreign policy through the Chollima Doctrine, it is highly probable that this becomes a formative move towards one - a catalyst that would drive forward the desire for a nuclear weapons programme in the future.

Brought to you by the People's Media Agency. It is the duty of us all to foster strong families.

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Can i test now

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The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

KUM-SOK — While hosting a seminar for a group of students in the CAIST, Supreme Leader Kum Jing-In said the following in a moving speech to the audience:

    Dear friends, brothers, comrades, and cousins,

    The past year was marked by tremendous hardship faced by all the Asian peoples. Our country had just begun to recover from a deep recession and a civil war years ago when it was cast into a revolution. The people of Asia then fought against counterrevolutionary insurgents in a campaign that would kill hundreds. The city of Haichow remains broken after years of slow reconstruction. Our diplomatic credibility across the world remains to be seen. Chungmu is in crisis.

    The past year also bore witness to the enormous resolve and courage of people in our nation. Humanity encountered a new Asian order with the founding of the Asian Union. A new nation joined the ranks of the UAN, entering its hallowed halls with pride. The nation's economic outlook is bright in the coming years. We are all convinced that we have bypassed the wall of ice and snow, and are instead now journeying towards a warm, lush garden of plenty. There is no doubt that we, as a pan-Asianist state, will prevail over our hardships and emerge even stronger from this cold winter. I am so happy that I cannot find words to express my feelings.

    I also extend noble respects to the revolutionary martyrs, both sung and unsung, who sacrificed their precious lives in the sacred Great People's Revolution for achieving the liberation of their countrymen, and the freedom and happiness of their fellow people. We cannot think of our country today without remembering the sweat and blood shed by the revolutionary generation. We will remember them for ever.

    History is moving forward and the world will not go back to what it was in the past. Every choice and move we make today will shape the world of the future. It is important that we properly address the four major tasks facing people of our times.

    We, the People, call for the nations of the world to abandon ideological prejudice and jointly follow a path of peaceful coexistence. No two leaves in the world are identical. Each country is unique, and brings to the world its own history, culture, and social system. There is no "right" or "wrong" system in this world - only what works and what doesn't. The best criteria to determine this is whether a country is compatible with what is being proposed, and that it fits its particular situation, enjoys the people’s support, serves to deliver better lives, and contributes to their constituent's progress. Humanity's differences are what makes us human - there can be no civilization without diversity. Diversity in itself is no cause for alarm. What does ring the alarm is arrogance, prejudice and hatred. What rings a bell is the attempt by some to impose their own views of the world upon others. We should act based on expanding common ground and mutual learning, while ignoring the chasms of differences we have with one another. Our differences should not make or break relationships - our commonalities should.

    We must be committed to cooperation instead of conflict. National differences should not be an excuse for throwing the first punch. All should respect and accommodate differences, avoid meddling or commenting on other countries’ internal affairs, and work based on mutual consultation and dialogue. History and reality have made it clear, time and again, that the misguided approach of chauvinism and arrogance would eventually hurt all countries’ interests and undermine everyone’s well-being. The world is not a zero-sum game. We should adhere to mutual respect and accommodation.

    Meanwhile, the FEUSSR will continue to promote sustainable development. We plan on transforming and improving our industrial structure and energy mix at a faster pace while promoting a green, low-carbon way of life and production. Our goals to implement circular economies, biofuels, and alternative means of energy generation will go ahead. Meeting these targets will require tremendous hard work from us, yet we believe that when the interests of the entire humanity are at stake, we must step forward, take action, and get the job done. We perform this as a concrete action to defend our shared planet and realise sustainable development across the nation.

    We will also continue to advance science, technology and innovation. Science, technology and innovation is a key engine for human progress, a powerful weapon in tackling many global challenges, and the only way for us to foster a new development paradigm and achieve high-quality development. We will invest more in the fields of STEM, enhance intellectual property protection, and foster an innovation-driven, higher-quality growth engine.

    The tasks facing us are gigantic and difficulties stand in our way.

    However, our revolutionary cause is sure to emerge victorious as we advance under the great banner of Mogpyo-Juche. Let all of us strive for greater victory in the new year, filled with high ambition and unwavering confidence and firmly united behind the Union with a devoted heart.

Furstia, Romanovskaya, Central America Federation, Duma, and 2 othersEmpitasqulus, and Galilead

Zachod galicia

Election Day - Galician Federation

The long awaited general election has finally come as Galicians head to the polls to cast their vote for the Presidency and their local senate representatives. The Polls between the two parties are almost neck and neck as for the first time in decades the incumbent Galicyjska Partia Narodowa has a real competitor in the rising popularity of the Galicyjski Popularny Przód.

President Urban Moraczewski was seen today outside the voting station in his hometown of Pińczów just outside of Kielce in the Republika Świętokrzyska. He greeted his supporters and claimed that tradition and order would win the day and that the vile traitors of the Popular Front would never reside in Wawel.

Dr Róża Narutowicz was also seen in her own Polling booth at central Kraków, proudly announcing her vote for the Popular Front outside of Wewel Castle (the official residence of the Galician President) and declared her hope that liberty and progress would finally come to Galicia.

It is clear that no matter the result this will be an incredibly contentious election, with Urban having hinted that he will not concede if the results do not go in his favour. However, even if the GPN were to still hold power by the end of tomorrow, it is clear that the Popular Front will be a thorn in his side for years to come.

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