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Finally, after seven hours of travel, the presidential plane carrying the President and the Secretary of State on board reaches the shores of Japan on its way to Tokyo.
Suddenly the commander picks up the radio and says "here diplomatic flight Dumen 0389 under air control of Japan, we require authorization to enter your airspace"
In the rest of the plane there is silence, only the noise of the engines and the rumors coming from the cabin can be heard. President Zat, a middle-aged man with dark hair and wearing an elegant blue suit is sitting in a large armchair reading the newspaper and having a coffee, on the other side, reading fashion magazines, is the Secretary of State Anne Wu, a young woman with short black hair and also in an elegant dress.

Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics

Terre de inge inferni

State TV, CHNL 04.1>>

Story 1
Local Authorities discovered the gruesome and unfortunate deaths of an elderly woman and her two children. All of whom were found in an overnight lodging facility in Chelyabinsk (Oulo) on the evening of Monday, January 25th. Initial investigations into the incident points to a murder-suicide situation. Clues found include an illegal firearm at the scene of the crime, bullet casings that match firearm ballistics testing and the deceased in question within proximity of the gun at his time of death.

Story 2
A group of mental health experts from the University of Lower Infernia have expressed their concerns in the declining mental health of secondary and university students who precipitated in a far reaching socioeconomic study. The study highlights that the socioeconomic differences between the lower, middle, and upper classes in Infernia have been growing. This, of course, has impacted the young adults of the country the hardest, which has subsequently caused a hike in prescription antidepressants being issued by medical doctors. Suicide, smoking, alcohol and drug use have all been on the rise as well, this shows that the government austerity programs have unequivocally failed our young people.

Story 3
The CEO of Psychotherapy Center, Lower Vastaamo Health Corporation, has requested that its acquisition of the hacking-embroiled company be nullified. LVHC's purchase price maybe returned if the previous holding company agrees to terms.

Alternate german democratic republic

Ministerium für Auswärtige Angelegenheiten der DDR seeks increased cooperation wtih "inner-german" nations

In a press conference, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the German Democratic Republic has announced that the Obermann-Steinberg government, formed after the election in November 2020, will seek increased cooperation with the "inner-german" nations. For now, no other information was given, as most asked questions related to internal politics. However, when asked what exactly this means, the Foreign Minister stated: "that will still have to show".

Many conservative elements are unhappy with this change. They wish to remain with the "2005-Kurs" of minimal interaction with capitalist nations or even go back to the Honecker-era isolationist policies. In contrast, radical reformist elements criticise the unclearness of details of the new policy. The most open critics are the rebel groups "Aktion 89-94" which called the new foreign policy a "pathetic attempt to simulate reform while doing nothing" and the group "NeoDDR" which says that "the new foreign policy is a betrayal of our socialist values that made the DDR great. Instead of giving the Tyrants in the west our friendship we should give them a bullet to the head". The only rebel group supporting the new policy is the "Reichsfront Ost" which says that "The German people can only be strong and free when united".

Central America Federation and The 4th royal germanic reich

Terre de inge inferni

State TV, CHNL 04.1>>

Boxing fans are certainly in for a treat with a double header exhibition match up between reigning lightweight champion Vladimir Steger and challenger Igor Romanowski. The match thereafter will feature heavyweight champion Horace Yeltsin and former heavyweight champion, and his older brother "Yugo" Yeltsin.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Government of the Socialist Republic of Furstia extends an offer to the Governments of the Alternate german democratic republic and the People's Democratic Republic of Infernia (Terre de inge inferni), to normalize relations between our countries and exchange the corresponding diplomatic embassies.

If accepted, Mr. Martín Osinbajo and Ms. Lucía Akintan shall be designated as the Furstian ambassadors, respectively.

We await for your response.

Best regards,
Andrés Dorrego, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Office of the President

The President of Canada was in a horseback riding accident on the Presidential Ranch in Alberta. He is currently receiving medical care at Rockyview General Hospital in Calgary and is unconscious. Richard Calhoun who is the Vice President has taken the oath of office and will be the temporary President of Canada until President Andrew Collins is better.

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

KALGAN — Following a deadly assault on the city of Kalgan, the PDF has vowed to "crush the insurrectionists and attackers", many of whom were revealed to be Boxer agents according to the MNP-PIS.

At least 19 were killed in several clashes between the PDF and Boxer insurgents across the country, after a large amount of raids occurred as part of joint operations between the MNP-NAD, MI-PIS, PSF, and PDF. PSF officials said that it would take some time to completely weed out the Boxer infiltrators, as security forces are reported to be finding it difficult to dislodge dozens of fighters who appear to be well armed and still occupying buildings in the peripheral mountains of the country.

Most of the population has resumed normalcy, but PDF officials believe as many as 2,000 are still trapped by the fighting. The PDF has warned that inaction would lead to more victims in this insurgency. Raids in over 50 cities have seen the arrests of over 1,200, most of whom were sentenced to death for treason and counter-revolutionary activity. Many are looking towards an eventual stabilisation of the country, and the recent arrests have bolstered confidence in long term prospects as many cite this to be the 'end of the last security challenge within the FEUSSR'.

As a means to reduce the overall level of borrowing and debt among local governments, the FEUSSR Executive Committee has formally scrapped GDP growth targets, instead choosing to focus on stabilising employment and controlling inflation as its main macroeconomic policy goals. An advisory panel to the Far Eastern Central Bank recent outlined a number of risks facing the FEUSSR's economy, with the main takeaway to be how GDP growth targets may worsen the debt risks among local governments by pressuring them to meet unrealistic growth goals. Despite this, however, many remain optimistic about future recovery prospects. The FEUSSR's constituent SSRs have set confident economic growth targets for next year, with the Shuntian Federal Republic releasing a growth target of 6% or above for next year. City authorities in Shencheng have also echoed the 6% goal, with the planning body in the Chosun SSR releasing a target of 4 to 5%. For other subdivisions, many speculate a growth rate of 4 to 6% depending on location.

From Jakarta to Tokyo, the Grand Chancellor's First Official Foreign State Visit

The weather across the vast majority of the archipelago nation is notorious for being severe, going to the extreme for whatever condition it may be, and today's equatorial thunderstorms were no exception to this rule. The Grand Chancellor's planned visit to Tokyo had been delayed due to the particularly nasty winds lashing the grounds of the nation with torrential rains, violent lighting strikes lighting up the skies in brief spurts of eerie colour. Thunder resounded across the landscapes and shook buildings; the violent nature of the storm was causing chaos in the Air Traffic Control towers of the nation's megacity capital, making landings all the more difficult and dangerous, leading to the temporary halting of outbound flights until conditions had cleared substantially enough for safer departures. Among the many aircraft that were grounded was the Grand Chancellor's flight aboard an Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger airliner commandeered by AirMalaya, Eulumia's largest Air Traffic company. She wasn't above riding a civilian transport to Tokyo, as it would reduce carbon emissions by omitting a private aircraft and she believed that a leader should be among the people of their nation. However, she and her delegation were seated in a cabin apart from most peoples due to security concerns; staring out the window of the massive airliner, she watched crews of people run around in the rain, their stature slightly lowered to keep themselves from falling over in the onslaught of winds and rain. She appreciated their efforts and noted how hardworking they were despite the weather conditions, truly remarkable she thought, the spirit of Eulumians everywhere.

Eventually the conditions lightened up enough for the Airbus A380 Tegas began to depart from Jakarta, soaring into the cloudy and stormy skies, disappearing from sight and eventually the screens of Jakarta as it was trsanferred over to the Air Traffic Control in Brunei, guiding the airliner towards its northbound destination: Tokyo. After a little over seven hours of flying over mostly open ocean, the Tegas entered Tokyo's Air Traffic Control Airspace, where it then identified itself and procured its landing location. The massive airliner began its approach as it soared over the Japanese islands, beginning its descent to the megacity; as it passed through lowlying clouds, the planes' wingtips leave condensation trails (contrails) in a gently curving arc as the Tegas began its descent to Narita International Airport. Unbeknownst the the Grand Chancellor, her AirMalaya flight flew directly overhead of the Japanese President's motorcade, thundering above as it prepared itself to land. Following the landing and disembarking processes, the Grand Chancellor and her delegation were met with representatives and security, guiding them to the destination where she would be meeting with the heads of state of Japan (Vashnal), The Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics, and Duma for the first time.

Tokyo Meeting

Each delegation that came to Tokyo to speak with President Komi was escorted to the Akasuka Palace. Upon their arrival, each head of state was escorted into the Dai Kaigijitsu (Grand Meeting Room). They were met with guards who offered their personalized katanas. The heads of state were then escorted to a table where President Komi was seated. On their arrival, she stood to greet them with a bow. "It is an honor to welcome you all to Tokyo, here in the Dai Kaigijitsu of the Akasuka Palace. Please, have a seat." she said.

Tokyo Meeting

Comrade Chae Kum-sok takes a seat. "Good health to you, President Komi. Thank you for your hospitality. As I stand here tonight, emotive and delightful and brimming over with the great joy of all our people, I am afraid that I don't know what to say first. The fact that we have defended all our people from the harmful epidemic disease sweeping the whole world that is Western imperialism - well, that deserves some merit. We are all Asian here, united by the common element that we are people of the East.

"The West thrives off ignorance. Their news outlets tell the people what they want to hear, instead of what they need to hear. Think about it historically - who were the countries that truly helped us? Who were the countries that barred Asiatic immigration? Who were the countries that conquered, subjugated, and then discriminated against us? How did they justify this? By forcing us to play ball in accordance to the rules of the West. Words like 'democracy', 'rights', 'freedoms'. All are nothing but buzzwords to justify Western encroachment on our values. They call our values 'antiquated'. 'Exotic'. 'Barbaric'. Then, they use it to justify pushing us further down.

"We are one peoples. Yes, disunited by the fact that we are different sovereign nations with different ideas, but one peoples nonetheless. We have a shared destiny. However, staying disunited will only allow the West to pick us apart like dogs, carving another continent for their own. We already saw the consequence of disunity with the Jeju Affair. The Whites now soil our sacred land with their colonial flags. Is that acceptable to us?

"For long, we have been looked down at as a Yellow Peril. It is time to reverse this trend. We must stand united and draw our red lines to protect the dignity of Asia and her peoples."

Zachod galicia

Galician General Elections Approach

Preparations for the 2021 General Election are now underway as both the Galician Presidency and the Senate are up for re-election.

The Galician National Party (Galicyjska Partia Narodowa - GPN) has been dominant in the electoral process for the last few decades; sweeping both the senate and presidency in every election since Urban Moraczewski was first elected in 1981 after he founded the party earlier that year, and leaving the formerly dominant Liberal Democratic Party (PLD) and Christian Union Party (CPZ) as minor voices in Galician Democracy.

However, recent events have lead to falling approval ratings and growing opposition against the ruling GPN as allegations of corruption and authoritarianism take hold, especially as an economic crisis starts to hit the nation as decades of extreme protectionism and diplomatic isolationism under the Moraczewski regime have taken its toll on the Galician People.

These events have ultimately lead to a collapse of the old establishment opposition, who many believe have failed in their job to oppose GPN policy and protect the people. In their place a new party movement has risen in the form of The Galician Popular Front (Galicyjski Popularny Przód - GPP). The party was formed by trade unionist and civil rights activist Dr. Róża Narutowicz who was inspired by the rise of the Danubian Left over the past decade and hopes to bring that message of hope and progress to the people of Galicia.

The GPP is standing on a strong anti-establishment message of populism, democratic socialism and civil rights, most notably for the LGBTQ+ Community and the nations widespread Niemiecki and Węgierski minorities. The Party is also rumoured to have a favourable opinion of the ICC alliance, and many of its members believe expanded cooperation with the alliance.

Many pollsters have shown that the Popular Front have a very strong chance of sweeping the upcoming election and finally ending a long era of a far-right nationalist rule over the Galician People, with students, socialists, liberals and minority groups alike all uniting under Dr. Narutowicz message.

President Moraczewski has openly denounced the Popular Front, calling them a band of traitors and communists who seek to destroy the Galician culture and way of life so that it may be tainted by the heathen, despicable Germans and Hungarians. He has even called into question Dr. Narutowicz citizenship, claiming that she is an Infinian Spy and has made public calls demanding her birth certificate become public so that the entire nation can see the truth.

After decades of suffering under the GPN however, this message has fallen on deaf ears for much of the Galician Populace and more and more people are now looking to alternatives to a status quo that is looking less desirable than ever before.

Mehmed republic

June 12th, 1914

irregular bands of armed Turks storm the village at night coming from three angles.

They push through the town and break into several homes, shooting the ethnic Greeks living in them. With no regard for women, or children, or men, and age, they go from home to home. Women are forced to share beds with the perpetrators.

By morning Greek residents are fleeing the town as the band of men continue the slaughter. By the middle of the day, on June 13th, it’s estimated over 100 Greeks are dead.

The rest of the ethnic Greeks have fled to the nearby harbor to escape by boat. In the hectic situation some drown when they try to swim away from the town.

On June 17th, the Ottoman Government sends regular troops to the town to re-establish order in Phocea. Instead these soldiers also participated in the murder and looting of the town.

The day before, a Hellenic merchant ship close to shore noticed the swarm of people on the shore, and came to the rescue. More Hellenic merchant ships arrived and transported survivors to the nearby island of Lesbos. This estimated number of people who were rescued is between 5,000 to 6,000.

By June 18th, Phocea was devoid of any ethnic Greeks, who had all fled or been killed. The population of the county of Phocea before the massacre had been around 24,000. After the massacre and forced migration of ethnic Greeks that population dropped to 4,000.

Modern Day

A man by the name of Un Avan walks with his girlfriend, Sofia Loriade. They walk to the Kavala Cafe & wine house, a nice cafe on the shore of the Aegean.

They wave to a man outside of the Aydin Market. This community in Phocea today is one that is close and have grown over the past century.

A car drives past, and slows down. Un Avan looks at the slowed down car but looks away soon after paying no mind to it.

Un & Sofia continue their path down the road. Hand in hand. A gentle breeze pushes past her hair. Her skin is olive and soft. Un looks at her in astonishment. They met at university last semester in a government & civics class. Since they met, they have been near inseparable, becoming best friends.

Sofia looks at Un. His smile and the one little dimple that forms on the left side of his face is one of her favorite things about him. Her parents had been upset about Un, but she didn’t care. It’s 2021 now and they will have to move past it.

They never saw the car turn back around. They were lost in each other and lost in a dream. They found each other. And now the world has lost them. The explosion from the car killed them instantly. Windows up and down the street shattered and the smoke filled the blue sky.

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

SHUNTIAN — Over 270 have been sentenced to death today in a ruling by the Shuntian People's Court, all of whom were religious cultists and Boxer rebels.

The trial included 182 defendants who were part of the Shincheonji Cult implicated in the attack on the Soviet of the Union's assembly hall several months ago, with 92 defendants identified as Boxer rebels who had been conspiring to commit crimes with human damages. All were sentenced to be shot. A further 128,000 have been indicted on crimes against the state, with the indicted including a variety of Boxer rebels and religious cultists.

For many, these trials will invoke death, as the accused play prominent roles in destabilising and harming the safety of the general public. However, death sentences are being meted out in lesser intensities, according to statistics from the PSF; 4,283 were sentenced to death 2 months ago, followed by 2,312 a month ago, and 823 this month. Out of the 500,000 or so who were arrested, most were simply sentenced to penal servitude and exiled to the Ussuri and Amur SSRs, where they engage in afforestation campaigns and help plant shrubbery. Most will also be moved to carry their sentences out in the Gobi Mongolic SSR, where there is an ongoing project to hold back the desertification of the region. The Ministry of Agriculture has assumed administrative duties over 200,000 of the convicted, pressing them to make use of manual seeding to plant succulents in areas that are more arid for the good of the Union.

The MI-PIS hopes that by helping restore the natural beauty of the Union, the radical cultists can be brought to fold in normal society, ditch their extremist ideologies, and learn to appreciate the State for what it is.


萬國公報: A Review of the Times
.....Jan 2021 - Issue No. 1,838..reeeeeeeeeeeeejhdfkshfjkdshkfdhkfhskfhkhewiufhjkdshkjfeeeeeeeeeeeee...Founded by Rev Young J. Allen, Est. 1868
Brought to you by the People's Media Agency

By meatlickercitizen9

SHUNTIAN – The Ministry of Agriculture has implemented a more comprehensive system to provide basic goods and services for the populace, after its Project 004 Megaproject attained success nationwide.

Project 004, operated by the Ministry of Agriculture, provided ration coupons as part of the social safety net for low-income citizens, similar to the American system of Food Stamps. Low-income citizens, as well as international students, were provided with a ration booklet including standard ration coupons, plus 'purchase' coupons in denominations of $1 USP, $5 USP, and $10 USP, to be torn out individually and used in single-use exchange. Each denominational coupon has a 1:1 exchange rate with the USP, and their exclusive use within state-run stores means that the monetary value will consistently circulate in a closed system, ensuring that the system operates at zero loss or gain. At the same time, they can access their ration booklets digitally through the use of a mobile application, where each digital coupon is binded to a physical coupon to facilitate single-use exchanges. These coupons were made redeemable over a network of state-run department stores operated by the Department of Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services, which sold food and other consumer goods from state-owned enterprises cheaply for low-income citizens. Holders of ration coupons can then redeem food, clothing, and other amenities rations with their standard ration coupons; they could also purchase other goods with their denominational coupons in department stores concurrently. While the ration coupons provide low-income citizens a guaranteed minimum subsistence, the denominational coupons also allowed them to purchase items outside of minimal subsistence and increase their purchasing power. As part of this project, the Department of Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services has planned to open over 3,000 of such stores across the nation over 6 years, and include services to serve the low-income population.

A New System

    A popular poll conducted by the Department across the nation questioned 300,000 on the efficacy of the programme. Over 84% responded positively, while only 9% did so negatively. Assessing this success, the Ministry of Agriculture has floated the programme with an additional $200 million USD of funding, and has extended the system across the nation's population as a system of nationwide social security. 100,000 new stores will be opened at a breakneck pace, making supply linkages with state-owned enterprises and farms. This new system, labelled as the 'Universal Basic Goods' (UBG) programme, will operate parallel to pre-existing welfare solutions as a means to increase disposable income and consuming power by the population.

    However, due to increase demand, this public distribution system will be drastically simplified across the board. Ration coupons will now be redeemable for a smaller selection of goods, such as a designated grain, flour, rice, food oil, a designated vegetable, eggs, and cloth. Depending on the harvest, they can also be used to redeem other foodstuffs, including different types of grain (maize, yams, potatoes, sorghum, etc.) and vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, etc.). Each month, all households will receive a physical ration booklet through a mailing address or a post office. The denominational 'Food Stamps' will remain solely for use within the low-income community, but has been extended to cover employees working in state enterprises (post, state factories, hospitals, schools, etc.) , along with students, civil servants, and public servants. Eligible people will receive their denominational 'Food Stamps' through the mail and digitally.

What's on offer here?

    In addition to widening the scope of this project, consumers using denominational coupons can now 'buy' more goods and services than before. Previously, denominational coupons can only be used to redeem extra food portions and clothes, but the Ministry of Agriculture has opened the doors for a wider variety of goods and services. These state-run department stores, which operate as de facto milk bars, will now offer cheap electronic devices such as tablets and phones, fast-food items like prepared foods and hamburgers, as well as snacks and drinks. For the rural populace, compost fertilisers can be redeemed cheaply. Clothing will also be on offer, as are household products. Furthermore, consumers can now redeem services: haircuts are on offer, as are seminars run by NGOs. On the other hand, plans to run a restaurant-esque operation with these stores have fallen through due to its complexity, and were shelved indefinitely.

Seized cocaine at the Port of Chefoo.


CHEFOO– Authorities seized millions of illicit narcotics and goods in a port seizure, following a pledge to crack down on transnational crime. Lately, the law enforcement community within the country has moved to curtail flows of illicit narcotics, as traffickers take advantage of expanding port facilities to ship heroin via maritime routes. In Michoacán, the La Familia cartel also illegally mines and exports minerals to the FEUSSR.

Raids were made at recipient addresses mentioned on parcels arriving from the United States, which carried over 3 kilograms of cannabis buds. Valued at about $700,000 USP, 8 were arrested in connection with the case. In another raid and seizure, the PSF uncovered a $40 million USP haul of ketamine which had been smuggled into Chefoo disguised as skincare cream. One man was arrested on the very same day for possessing and trafficking nearly 62 kilograms of the drug. According to the PSF, over 1,200 boxes were found, with the ketamine hidden in some of the boxes. Following a tip-off, officers raided a warehouse near the city's port, with the MNP adding that it was the biggest seizure of ketamine ever made this year. Elsewhere, the MNP seized $6 million USD worth of black market cigarettes in a major bust involving contraband tobacco in the city. A local police chief said that the contraband was stored onboard a fishing boat, and it was uncovered by an investigation into a triad gang that hawked illicit cigarettes on social media. Officers intercepted the fishing boat and arrested 2 men inside, aged 28 and 33. Both men are suspected triad members. The MNP said they were still investigating the source of the seized cigarettes.

As the MNP begins to crack down more harshly on organised crime, the PSF has said that thousands more officers will be joining its ranks in the coming months amid a recruitment drive. The Commissioner of the PSF in Shuntian said that an 1,300 additional officers are set to be recruited in the next financial year to reinforce law enforcement operations in Shuntian. For other cities such as Shencheng or Kum-sok, the increases are also similar, ranging from 1,300 to 1,500 new officers. Government statistics show that more than 90,000 people had applied to join the PSF in the last 12 months. In addition to increasing its manpower, the PSF has also said it could "integrate high tech solutions into crimefighting" by Linkresuming production for its ZM-87 laser device. The ZM-87, primarily intended to blind humans, was also reported to damage photo-electric elements in laser rangefinders, videocameras, and missile seekers, making it a worthwhile asset for the PSF. Production started in 1995 before stopping in 2000, but the PSF has said it would acquire 100 of these systems to help zap down intrusive drones and criminal surveillance systems.



KUM-SOK CITY – Relief swept across the country when Supreme Leader Kum Jing-In declared a "green revolution" in a speech to the masses in Kum-sok City. To the people, his victory lay on a proposed clean-energy-revolution platform. If the FEUSSR is able to turn into a solar and wind powerhouse as the Grand Marshal promises, it will drive down emissions and create jobs.

Widespread support for Supreme Leader Kum's initiative was found. Many say that this shift could help us create green jobs. President Kang Tae-wook of the Chosun SSR has committed to replacing coal and oil in Chosun with renewable energy, planning to change the landscape (figuratively and literally) with the power of solar and wind energy. As President Kang commented, "this will eclipse the phone and internet revolutions, allowing us to prevent fossil-fuel-driven climate change from destroying our planet." The Chosun SSR State Affairs Committee has proposed a special law to finance this green shift, a unique feature of which allows FEUSSR citizens across the country to invest directly in this process, while the Chosun People's Government and affiliated financial institutions cover and mitigate risks. Research shows solar and wind infrastructure projects have low risks and high rewards, so why not benefit the public directly?

The doctrine of Mogpyo-Juche calls for self-reliance - and this is one way to do it. Our nation will cut its costly pollution and electricity bills, and be able to end our reliance on imports of costly coal and LNG. The Chosun Development Bank, a state-owned financial institution, has said it would explore the transition towards green financing. Other banks, such as Fushan Bank and Xinhan Bank, have also made statements affirming this drift towards green financing.

Besides from facilitating this green shift on the financial side, the Chosun SSR government has set an offshore wind capacity of 12 GW in 10 years' time, pushing local power companies such as CEPCO toward this form of generation. CEPCO and the CDB have sponsored a project to construct a 700MW offshore wind farm in Duima Island, pooling together $1 billion USP for this effort. The two groups have said that the 700MW 'Duima Wind Farm' will begin operations in 5 years, helping meet 100% of the island's demand, with the remainder to be exported or transferred to the Chosun SSR. At the same time, Chosun will also build Linkthe world’s largest offshore wind farm off the metropolitan city of Weishan, with Chosun Hydro & Nuclear Power (CHNP) teaming up with Weishan-based renewable company Kumyang Industrial Development for this project. Both parties signed a MoU for the floating-type offshore wind project, and will gradually develop 1.5GW of offshore wind power in three 500MW complexes roughly 72km off the coast. Currently, CHNP is installing a weather gauge and surveying the area, with a plan to open the first of the three complexes in 5 years.

    "We should encourage all the members of society, with a high sense of pride and self-confidence that our culture, our way of life and our morality are the best, to give full play to the collectivist way of life and moral traits and actively create and fully enjoy the revolutionary and optimistic cultured way of life of Mogpyo-Juche. We should firmly defend the ideological and cultural position of our State by strictly guarding against any slightest expression of immoral and alien phenomena that poison the people spiritually and degenerate and debase society, improving ideological education and struggle and intensifying legal sanctions against them."

    ~Supreme Leader Kum Jing-In

Read dispatch


I'm new around here and this roleplay forum game, so what can I expect from here?
Have a nice day

Neu-australis wrote:Hello,
I'm new around here and this roleplay forum game, so what can I expect from here?
Have a nice day


Hello, welcome to Geopolity! We are essentially an alternate history, realistic, roleplay region, although the Regional Message Board isn't exactly the place to talk. So, you're cordially invited to our Regional Discord Channel, where you can meet our community and ask all the questions you like, or alternatively you can send a telegram to anyone belonging to the Regional Administration. Please, do read our Regional Index as well. In there you will find the Regional Map, the Rules and the Application you must fill in and submit in order to be accepted as an official member of our community and start roleplaying. Thank you!

Central America Federation and Neu-australis

Glad to be here, what a nice region to wander into...
Anyone want me to send a message to the next region I go to?

About me...

So, I wandered into your part of town, and you want to check me out. Well here is all I have...

What I have accomplished In NS:

  • I've been a raider

  • I've been the Vice-Delegate of 2 Large regions

  • I've made 5 forums

  • I have over 100 puppets *this is one of them*

  • I know the rules pretty well and have been account wiped once * and learned my lesson*

  • I plan on going to almost every region and listing every region I've been in!

If you have ANY Questions, you can TG me @ Elite leomonade!

Also, look at my other factbook!

Read factbook

Lemon 3 wrote:Glad to be here, what a nice region to wander into...
Anyone want me to send a message to the next region I go to?

Keep wearing masks, and they're invited to visit us if the alt-hist, realistic roleplay is their thing. Have fun in your journey through the NSverse.

Landfill - begone!

Waste is an enormous issue. Not just for resources lost or ineffectivity in production - it affects so many standards of living. It makes our cities and countrysides filthy and unpleasant. It takes an enormous toll on the environment that we collectively share. The global climate is not any individual nations' fault - but it is each nation's responsibility to introduce sweeping policy to make our earth habitable and pleasant for all. It is socially unacceptable that those fortunate enough can afford luxury positions, only to continue dumping waste on the unfortunate and destitute. That is not who we are as a nation. This is not how we treat our planet. Many innovations have been done throughout the world - and now, it's up to us to continue the charge into a better tomorrow.

Today, Empress Valeria II spoke at the Imperial Federative Waste Management Corporation, aimed to reduce and ultimately eliminate landfils all across the Imperial Federation. Landfils are a significant problem in Infiny. In Rhapta alone, 4,252 tonnes of MSW per day are generated, and the vast majority is dumped in polluting landfils. Aimed at both the private sector and the public sector, the Empress has encouraged entrepreuners and government officials to tackle waste generation in the Imperial Federation. "Trash can be recycled on a grand scale, it can be burned for energy. Even various plastics can be recycled, which allows us to build a strong position in the international waste management economy."

Each of the 25 Federal States have said to commit to reducing landfill to at maximum 5% of total waste management over the course of 10 years. This will include both a push and pull strategy in the sense of financial incentives to donate clothes, reduce food waste, and legal action against an overuse of plastic and illegal dumping of trash. The government will launch a waste awareness campaign, as well as add mandatory sessions around sustainability, waste management, and what children themselves can do to limit their ecological footprint. Wth these measures, it is to hope that very soon, dump sites will become vast stretches of open land again, and the world will be a little more beautiful.


Maratha-Empire has been cleared to RP.

Office of the Archon

The Hellenic League welcomes a new change to government in Holy Roman Republica.

It’s new leaders must issue an apology for the lives lost in the HS Cyclades incident, and we also demand $3,000,000 (IMK 24,900,000) to be distributed between the families of those lives lost.

Furstia wrote:OOC:
Keep wearing masks, and they're invited to visit us if the alt-hist, realistic roleplay is their thing. Have fun in your journey through the NSverse.


Central America Federation and The 4th royal germanic reich

Peoples Ministry of External Affairs
Volksministerium für Außenangelegenheiten/Népek Külügyminisztériuma

To the Foreign Ministry of Maratha-Empire

We are interested in establishing formal diplomatic connections with the Marathan Confederacy, in the form of a mutual establishment of embassies between Dehli and Budapest.

We have nominated Comrade Laurin Mateschitz for the position of Danubian Ambassador to Maratha and should you accept we will inform him to make preparations to leave for Delhi as soon as possible.

We look forward to your response.


Comrade Tom Weichselbraun
Volksvorsitzender des Diplomatischen Dienstes
Volksminister für Außenangelegenheiten, Handel und Investitionen


Message to the UAN and Orange-Bourgogne

Imperialism is a stain that caused and causes pain to hundreds of million of people across the world. Our nation, the Maratha-Empire, was a victim of such imperialism at the hands of the British. Our lands were sacked, our treasures stolen, our people tortured and murdered. Today, those same imperialist powers talk of friendship and democracy. Yet they fail to see the irony of their actions. They imposed themselves onto others for their selfish economic gain.

The British Museum and the British Royal Jewels may be symbols of pride to the British people but they are symbols of subjugation, theft and destruction to billions across the world. The majority of artifacts from the Museum and the Royal Jewels were stolen and plundered during centuries of exploitation of the British Empire. We request an UAN meeting to resolve this and to repatriate the artifacts that belong to us.

If the government of Orange-Bourgogne refuses, our nation will be forced to impose severe economic sanctions and the complete ban of any British ship in our ports and waters. We invite our friends in the government of Eulumia to join our efforts as they too have been severely affected by such imperialism.

Zachod galicia


National Election Poll Results

Galicyjska Partia Narodowa - GPN:
50% (-30%) / 61 Seats (-36)

Galicyjski Popularny Przód - GPP:
42% (+42%) / 51 Seats (+51)

Partia Liberalno-Demokratyczna - PLD:
5% (-7%) / 6 Seats (-9)

Chrześcijańska Partia Związkowa - CPZ:
3% (-5%) / 4 Seats (-6)

Incumbent Urban Moraczewski Leads the Presidency
GPN Predicted Just Short of Senatorial Majority

Numerous Scandals and Public Discontent have begun to show impact as the formerly dominant Galician National Party now starts to see real competition with a chance of losing their senatoral majority even if they were to win the election.

The Newly Formed Popular Front has clearly created a popular message, taking many votes from former opposition parties and sweeping voters in cities, university towns and areas with significant amounts of minorities. Within the first week of polling they have already shown an impressive amount of support, and with the election approaching fast the party just needs a little push to put an end to the decades long Moraczewski Presidency.

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