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Mehmed republic

Office of President Altan

A meeting between Archon Legeas and President Altan has been cancelled over the recent allegations from the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign affairs for suggesting that the Mehmed Republic is targeting Hellenic citizens for crimes on the border.

This allegation is completely false and is a flat lie. Crimes occurring on the border are caused by individuals on both sides of the border who take advantage of various open border agreements. The Hellenic League itself has done the same with Mehmed citizens, and several are currently detained.

This is another example of Hellenic lies and abuse in the Anatolian world.

Central America Federation and The 4th royal germanic reich

Office of the President of Canada

The Canadian President has sent several gifts to the leader of Japan. The gift is a desk made out of spruce, maple, and pine. The Canadian President has also sent 10 maple trees and a Newfoundland Dog as a sign of friendship. The Canadian President has also sent a hockey puck, stick, and a jersey as a sign of friendship.

The Canadian President has also appointed John Kelly as the ambassador to Japan.

Furstia wrote:TO: King George Is. Antarctic Research Base (USA), South Shetland Islands.
FROM: Justiniano Rosso Antarctic Research Base, Furstian Antarctic Territory
Subject: Precautionary evacuation

The American antarctic research personnel, as well as the accompanying military pilots, are welcome to take temporary refuge in the Justiniano Russo research base until the dangers of a tidal wave, a tsunami, or aftershocks that could weaken the structure of their own camp have completely subsided.

We await for their safe arrival.

Kehinde Benítez, Chief of the Justiniano Rosso Antarctic Research Base

The two transport helicopters have arrives safely and will for the time being until it is safe to return to King George Island, aid in any research their Furstian counterparts are conducting as they have brought their data just in case our own research base was destroyed.

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

NARO SPACE CENTER — In a great victory for the Asian peoples, the Asia-1 rocket was formally launched into space as part of a scheduled test launch, as the Asian Satnav System (ASS) finally comes into fruition.

The ASS-1 satellite is an experimental regional navigation system, each having a launch weight of 1000 kg. Unlike other satnav systems which use medium Earth orbit satellites, ASS-1 was delivered in geostationary orbit. This means that the entire ASS constellation does not require a lot of satellites to function correctly, thereby cutting down on costs, but it also limits the coverage to areas on Earth where the satellites are visible. This constellation will be fully complete when the ASS-2, ASS-3, and ASS-4 satellites are launched into geostationary orbit, permitting the AU to service an area from longitude 70° E to 140° E and from latitude 5° N to 55° N. The Ministry of Posts and Communications reports that the resolution of the ASS system was as low as 0.5 metres, with a calibrated accuracy of 20 meters (100 meters if uncalibrated).

Altogether, ASS-1 through ASS-4 will be the first constellation of the ASS project, codenamed "GAIA". The second satellite will have a scheduled launch in 2 months, while the third one will have a scheduled launch in 5. The last satellite in the GAIA constellation will be launched in 8 months. The second constellation, codenamed "TITAN", will see launches in the next 4 years, and include satellites ASS-5 through ASS-35. Technical expertise has been brought onboard from Vashnal, as the ASS project becomes a fully-fledged project of the Asian Union. JAXA, the Japanese space agency, has pledged its efforts to this project. This will be the AU's inaugural scientific undertaking, which will show to the world the power of a resolute, united Asia.

Long Live Pan-Asianism!
Long Live the Asian Union!

Eulumia, Duma

Central America Federation, Duma, and The 4th royal germanic reich

Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries (IHI) Nationalized

In an attempt to bolster Japan's place amongst Asia, a deal was made with Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries to be integrated in the same fashion that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was nationalized 2 years and 3 months ago. Unlike Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, however, IHI will not be used to create full ground assault vehicles such as tanks and armored personnel carriers. The focus as mentioned in the agreement to become nationalized is that IHI will focus on the development of jet engines for jets of the Grand Air Force of Japan and will develop ships for the Grand Navy of Japan. The IHI Space Division will also be nationalized to help with future missions overseen by the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency.


Terre de inge inferni has been cleared to RP.

Romanovskaya, Central America Federation, Duma, and Terre de inge inferni







The recent policy shift of the Eulumian Government, particularly marked by their inclusion in the newly formed multinational organization known as the Asian Union, has led DIAA to reevaluate the current state of affairs in that corner of the globe.

Preliminary observations carried out by other operatives have shown certain aspects which coincide with the prevalence of a strategy with its primary focus in the military sphere.

To ensure the protection of all its personnel and to avoid any potential conflicts of interest, MINSEGES relays the following order to all assets under the command of A-EMBJAK-EUL.


Operation "Krakatoa" has concluded.
Complete withdrawal of assets must occur during the following week. 

Complete debriefing and results analysis will occur in two weeks at CG.

Fin Sumario.

Peoples Ministry of External Affairs
Volksministerium für Außenangelegenheiten/Népek Külügyminisztériuma

To the Foreign Ministry of Terre de inge inferni

We are interested in establishing formal diplomatic connections with the People's Democratic Republic of Infernia, in the form of a mutual establishment of embassies between Petropavlovsk and Budapest.

We have nominated Comrade Carol Milosovici for the position of Danubian Ambassador to Infernia, and should you accept we will inform him to make preparations to leave for Petropavlovsk as soon as possible.

We look forward to your response.


Comrade Tom Weichselbraun
Volksvorsitzender des Diplomatischen Dienstes
Volksminister für Außenhandel und Investitionen


Central America Federation, Duma, and Terre de inge inferni

Post self-deleted by The 4th royal germanic reich.

The Krogis government thanks appointments of ambassadors to our nation from The 4th royal germanic reich and Donau-Bundesreich which we accept your ambassadors graciously. On the agenda for coming month will be financial security and cyber security. Prime Minister Arason is concerned with activities of nations influencing other nations for the benefit of political gain or advocation of overthrow governments to establish new one that favor them. The information is classified but we are aware of this danger that must be put out there via the government of Krogis.

Terre de inge inferni

Donau-Bundesreich wrote:Peoples Ministry of External Affairs
Volksministerium für Außenangelegenheiten/Népek Külügyminisztériuma

To the Foreign Ministry of Terre de inge inferni

We are interested in establishing formal diplomatic connections with the People's Democratic Republic of Infernia, in the form of a mutual establishment of embassies between Petropavlovsk and Budapest.

We have nominated Comrade Carol Milosovici for the position of Danubian Ambassador to Infernia, and should you accept we will inform him to make preparations to leave for Petropavlovsk as soon as possible.

We look forward to your response.


Comrade Tom Weichselbraun
Volksvorsitzender des Diplomatischen Dienstes
Volksminister für Außenhandel und Investitionen


Letter Heading
GREETINGS (Comrade Tom Weichselbraun),

We would be elated to form cooperative relations; however, we must inform you that the name of the governing body's Capitol resides in Petropovloski, not Petropavlovsk. We apologize for the confusion that the poor translations have caused. We shall host Carol Milosovici as soon as an embassy address has been established, and we hope that Budapest will host Mlle. Nastiya Kostitsyn with likewise warmth and hospitality.


Foreign Ministry of Infernia

Terre de inge inferni


>>Mle. Premier Svenska Petra speaking at Infernia Speaks (State TV), CHNL 04.1>> "the only way to keep an unhappy populace on their toes is to engage in a domestic policy of neutrality chaos. Currently, for those who care to know, we've managed to detain a handful of people who've been accused of harboring Anti-Infernian propaganda on their property. These seven individuals, as seen here (camera pans right, showing seven men and women handcuffed and sitting on a bench) will stand trail for harboring illegal content and subversion of the state policy. Others who know of individuals such as these are encouraged to come forward and provide information to your local Cabinet Head. Have a good evening."

King Pedro Invites all the leaders of the region to an elaborate party. this is a wonderful opportunity to see our culture

San Pablo de la Braganza wrote:King Pedro Invites all the leaders of the region to an elaborate party. this is a wonderful opportunity to see our culture


Hello, welcome to Geopolity! Please, read our Regional Index. In there you will find the Regional Map, the Rules and the Application you must fill in and submit in order to be accepted as an official member of our community and start roleplaying. If you have any questions, contact the Regional Administration through telegrams or the Regional Discord Channel. Thank you!

Canadian Goose Company

The Canadian Goose Company has built 3 stores in FEUSSR. The stores are located in Kum City, Shuntian, and Shencheng.

Central America Federation and Terre de inge inferni


As you can see, voting has come to a close, and it seemed pretty decisive. So we now have a new flag! Keep in mind that we do not have to keep this one for 6 years too, so if it comes up again, we would be happy to have a contest for a flag again in the future! Thank you all for voting. :)

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

NĀFA — Kuaishou Technology, the world’s second-largest short-video platform, plans to raise $5.4 billion USD in the Ryukyu Autonomous Kingdom Stock Exchange's inaugural initial public offering. The stock exchange, conceptualised as a result of growing investor demand, was formally established today as well, meaning that investors in the FEUSSR have their pick of 3 stock exchanges when it comes to buying and selling equities.

The company is attempting to market 365 million shares to a range of investors, with a price range of $105 to $115 USP per share. The price range of the company's IPO dramatically rose after the announcement due to strong early demand from institutional investors. Shares are expected to be traded one week from now. This IPO would value the company at over $61 billion USD, making it more valuable than rival Nasdaq-listed Bilibili and streaming site iQiyi. Many are also eager to see the sale go ahead, as it would lift market sentiments nationwide and pave the way for subsequent offers in the Ryukyu Stock Exchange (RAKEX). Shencheng-based Bilibili is expected to pursue a secondary offering in the RAKEX sometime in the future.

Meanwhile, the Department of Transit has also announced that it would provide grants for the development and test trials on waste vegetable oil and jatropha-based biofuels.

Currently, aviation biofuels are considered by some to be the primary means by which the aviation industry can reduce its carbon footprint. NASA has determined that 50% aviation biofuel mixture can cut air pollution caused by air traffic by 50–70%. Previously in 2011, Qing Airlines flew the nation's first flight using aviation biofuels. The flight was conducted using locally grown jatropha oil, which lasted 2 hours above Shuntian, and used 50% biofuel in 1 engine. In 2015, the first commercial biofuel flight was conducted, carrying 156 passengers from Shencheng to Shuntian. The fuel was a blend of approximately 50% waste vegetable oil biofuel mixed with conventional petroleum jet fuel.

Under the new grants, $200 million USP of funding grants will be funnelled to various institutions, with the aim of cultivating jatropha and waste vegetable oil biofuels for aviation use. Two COMAFE ARJ21 regional airliners in lease with Beihaidao Air System, each of which will be powered by jatropha and WVO biofuels respectively, will also make local flights within the Ryukyu Autonomous Kingdom in an effort to cut down on aerial emissions. The airline has also filed a listing within RAKEX, with the aim of raising $500 million USP in funds.

Central America Federation and Terre de inge inferni

University of Alberta

The Canadian Federal Government and the Alberta government has given 25 million dollars to the University of Alberta to start a cloning program. The cloning program will first clone dogs and chickens and then cows. One of the main goals of the cloning program is to clone the woolly mammoth. University of Alberta will extract woolly mammoth bones in Yukon and Northwest Territories under permafrost. They will try to find intact DNA cells of the woolly mammoth.

Avalanche in Canada

A avalanche has buried a ski resort in the Canadian Rockies. Approximately 30 to 50 people are buried in the avalanche. The Canadian Army, local governments, and the Canadian Mounted Police has deployed units to the avalanche area. The Canadian Army has deployed 400 Canadian Troops and 3 Huey Helicopters. The Canadian Mounted Police has deployed 100 federal officers and 2 Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil Helicopters.

Central America Federation, Duma, and Terre de inge inferni

Breaking news: President Emilia Greco has been arrested for undermining the Republic and expressing anti Roman sentiment. And according to the Roman constitution the leader of the Republic has the power to replace the president as see as fit. And following this mass protests broke out in Gaius. As the president was a popular leader in the country, we will keep you posted when new information comes out thank you

Eastern Record / Восточный рекорд

Construction on the upgrade to the West Siberian Railway, the Uralian part of the former Trans-Siberian Railway, is to begin later next month. The costs of the high speed railway, estimated to be in the hundreds of billions, will be spread out over at least a decade according to government sources. It will begin with the connection between Yekaterinburg and Tyumen - a relatively short part of the line. The immediate success and benefit of this section will define the approach to the rest of the project over the coming years.

心の変化 - A Change of Heart - Part III

A Toyota Century G60 pulls up to the front of the Presidential Hospital as President Komi walks out. She is joined by her aide, Saori Kurata, and her guard, Masazumi Nakasone. The all descend the steps towards the motorcade that is waiting for them. As they get closer to the car, Nakasone rushes over to open the door for Komi. As she starts to get in, Nakasone offers a hand to help her inside the car. She waved off his attempt at help. "I am a strong woman that has just survived a bullet to the heart. I think I can get into a car by myself. Thank you, though." she said. Nakasone nodded. "Apologies, ma'am." he responded as he waited for Saori to enter the car with Komi. Once Saori was in, Nakasone shut the car door and quickly worked his way to another vehicle in the motorcade. Once he was in place, the motorcade set off.

As they were driving along, Komi began to ask questions to get back up to speed with what was happening in the world and in Japan itself. "Saori, tell me, has there been any word on Tezuka?" she asked. Saori shook her head. "No, ma'am. Authorities are still attempting to locate him. Your assassin, or failed assassin, also killed himself while in custody. Apparently someone gave him a spoon while he was on suicide watch. We're currently screening every single guard that was with him or was near him around the time he died." she explained. Komi nodded. "Tezuka will be harder to find without his hired assassin here to give us clues and answers. We'll find him. He's somewhere here in Japan." said Komi. Saori stared for a moment. "Are you sure about that, ma'am?" she asked.

Komi nodded. "Tezuka isn't that stupid. He knows we're looking for him and he knows he'll be spotted if he tries to leave Japan. He's hiding somewhere and I feel that he's closer than we think. We may not be looking in the right places. However, I cannot pursue one man in my own time so I'll leave it to the federal authorities. They have their orders and they should be able to work it out." said Komi. "Anything besides stuff about the people who tried to kill me?" asked Komi. Saori thought for a second. "Yes, ma'am. A meeting was requested from you in Tokyo. The request comes from the leaders of the FEUSSR, Duma, and Eulumia. They have all mentioned something about an 'Asian Union' they are proposing. They were attempting to have the meeting somewhere else, but decided to meet in Tokyo since you can't travel outside of Japan for the time being. We attempted to send a representative but they were adamant about speaking to you, ma'am." explained Saori.

Komi thought to herself as she looked out of her window. "Is everything alright, ma'am?" asked Saori. "Yes, everything is alright." said Komi as she turned her gaze towards Saori. She nodded. "It is an honor to welcome them to Tokyo. The FEUSSR is different from those who stole Hokkaido and Okinawa from the Japanese so they aren't trying to use us for any other gain. Duma and Eulumia are allies of ours and if they trust the FEUSSR in this meeting and union they propose, I trust them as well." said Komi. She looked out of her window again. "Prepare ceremonial katanas for them. I want their name in both Japanese and their native language inscribed on the blade. I want the flag of their nation inscribed on its pommel, and I want the name of their nation to be on the sheath of the blade. If they were all willing to wait for me to leave the hospital to have this meeting, these gifts are the least I can do." continued Komi.

"What are we going to do with the katanas?" asked Saori. Komi looked back towards Saori. "We'll do the guardian's tradition. A guard will stand at their chair with the unsheathed blade and will promptly sheath it and present it to their respective leader. Simple." explained Komi with a chuckle. Saori chuckled with her. "When are they due to arrive?" asked Komi. Saori started flipping through her schedule. "It appears they're due to arrive any time in the next two weeks. They are waiting on confirmation from you." said Saori. Komi nodded to her. "Give them my confirmation then." she said.

Saori nodded and kept flipping through her schedule. "Miss, there is one more thing. You were due to make a speech, but we feared for your safety since the last speech so we moved your speech back and decided to make it a live broadcast from your office. Nakasone, as your personal guard, saw it as the safest option. However, it is all up to you. The date will remain the same within your schedule, but you can host a public speech if you so wish." said Saori. Komi waved her hand. "My health is more important than my public image. I can do the broadcast. I'll do it after the upcoming meeting. Hopefully the speech will be more than just a report on my health." chuckled Komi.

A few minutes later, the motorcade arrived at the capital. Komi was escorted into the building and then promptly to her office. Saori and Nakasone joined her. "I would like it to be known that I appreciate what both of you have done for me these past two months. It was challenging and I probably shouldn't have survived. I, however, did survive. The attempt on my life has opened my eyes. Life is very precious and it can be gone before you even know it. I have a guaranteed year left as leader of this nation and I am going to make sure that nothing like what happened to me ever happens again. Are you both willing to see this through?" she asked, looking to both of them. Saori and Nakasone looked at each other and nodded. They turned their attention back to Komi. "Without question, ma'am." they said in unison. "Thank you." said Komi with a grin.

Chengdu Aircraft Industries signed a $ 1.2 billion contract to build and supply 20 5th generation type 3000 Dragon fighter jets. (In RL based on Chengdu J-20)
The fighter was conceived in 2016, but only today it is possible to produce it, above all for the desire not to import the engine but to develop it nationally and therefore the time needed to design it.
The cost of each vehicle is about 98 million dollars, in the future the Vtol version will also be available, which will however have a higher price, around 100 million.
It is a single seat multirole Stealth fighter. Chengdu Aircraft Industries, Singuard Corporation and NCSIST (National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology) collaborated in the development of the aircraft
The first delivery should take place within 1.5 years (78 days RL). The total cost of the program was approximately 50 billion (divided over 4 years).

-------------------------------------------------- -

To the members of the Asian Union
Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics

Architect Sao Tai-Chen offered to design the civil headquarters of the Asian Union.
The draft represents a 68-storey building with a height of 289 meters.
It will host the civilian delegations of the Alliance.

Re-establishment of the Imperial Re-establishment Party

After a merger with the Japanese Purity Party, members of the Imperial Re-establishment Party have reformed the party apart from the JPP. This was in response to the previous actions that were assumed to be set into motion by JPP Party Leader Takeshi Tezuka. Many have stated that they just wish for the re-establishment of the imperial crown since it was in Japan for a long time until Japan was made to drop the crown after World War II. They state that the violence that occurred against President Komi Akiya was something they could not tolerate and are relieved that President Komi is alive and well. With the help of the IRP, the JPP has been disbanded and is now banned from ballots across Japan for an indefinite amount of time. The IRP wishes to work with President Komi in attempts to meet their party's goal.

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

TOKYO — Comrades Chae Kum-sok, Han Sol-eum, and Eishō Kanagusuku have entered the Japanese capital of Tokyo, marking the first outbound state visit undertaken by the FEUSSR to its soon to-be ally.

This historic meeting will see the formal proclamation of the Asian Union, as well as the mutual embrace of the East in favour of the West. As Supreme Leader Kum Jing-In once said, the Asian world must "reject the West and embrace the East". The FEUSSR has reaffirmed its pledge to peaceful, harmonious, and generous co-existence with its Asian peers, while making a stand and drawing red lines to defend the integrity of Asia.

"Asia's integrity must be protected from the West. They have corrupted every vestige of our continent...spreading hedonistic materialism, religions of death and destruction, war...there is no room for the Imperialists in our sacred continent. The blood of the Asian peoples will be spilled to achieve total independence. The colonialists in Orange-Bourgogne shall never raise their wacky flag of death over the sacred Asian island that is Jeju. No man, nation, or alliance will ever think of sticking their hands into our continent. This is the way things ought to be.

For years, we have been looked down at as nothing but disposable labourers. Nothing but uncivilised savages. Seen as inferiors by the whites. That ends today. This alliance will bring the end to such prejudiced assumptions, and spearhead our rise once more."

Vashnal Eulumia Duma

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