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Orange-Bourgogne wrote:Official statement — events in the FEUSSR
~ Department of State for External Affairs, Orange-Bourgogne

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a raft of countermeasures to the UKOB's "heinous sanctions" to promote "revolutionary economic order", while simultaneously lambasting its British counterpart for supporting religious extremism by proxy within the FEUSSR. Both houses of legislature have voted to implement sanctions on the UKOB, effective immediately:

  • The FEUSSR shall withdraw all FDI from the UKOB, currently valued at $238.4 billion USP, and put it to better use elsewhere;

  • The FEUSSR will expropriate the UKOB's FDI within the country, currently valued at £26.3 billion;

  • The Anglican Church's operations within the country shall be sanctioned, with the Christian Confederation of the Far East to seize

  • Travel documents from the UKOB will be rendered null and void;

  • Donations made to institutions - such as the Church of England or British Museum - based in the UKOB are forbidden;

  • Universities and schools from the UKOB will be forbidden from promoting, creating, and displaying marketing material within the FEUSSR;

  • Outgoing student visas for international students studying in the UKOB will be revoked, with lost tuition to be made up for via the expropriated FDI funds;

  • The remainder of the expropriated FDI funds shall be used to sponsor the nation's pension plan;

  • The Jeju Island Travel Corridor will be halted temporarily until the situation blows over;

  • and the UKOB has been named a State Sponsor of Terrorism for its defense of the radical cults.

Canada Wonderland

Canada Wonderland has decided to build another amusement park in Niagara Falls, Canada. The amusement park will be the worlds largest amusement park. The new amusement park will be called Niagara Falls Park. Currently Walt Disney World is the worlds largest amusement park. Niagara Falls Park will become the new world’s largest amusement park overtaking Walt Disney World. It will also feature the most rollercoasters than any other theme park in the world.

A division of Vivartia

The famed Hellenic coffee house from Thessaloniki is expanding across the Hellenic League.

Currently sitting at 30 stores, we will be opening up 15 new locations across the Hellenic League with a focus on Bulgaria and Albania. Operators have already been selected, locations selected.

These locations will be up and running within the next 6 months (28 RL days).

Flocafé has also applied to open 3 locations in the United States (Imperial Eagle) in Indianapolis, Indiana, Columbus, Ohio, and Saginaw, Michigan as test markets for further expansion across the United States. Once approved, construction would begin along with hiring.

We are excited about this expansion to bring a Hellenic twist to coffee enjoyers experiences.

Flocafé remains dedicated to ethically sourced coffee and dairy products. We also remain committed to vegan offerings and non-dairy items as we focus on oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, and soy milk. Unlike other competitors, we will be offering fresh baked pastry items all day utilizing the freshest ingredients all locally sourced.

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

KUM-SOK CITY — The Kum-sok People's Court has sent the billionaire scion of Samsung back to prison, after a retrial for his involvement in a 2016 corruption scandal that spurred massive protests and ousted several ministers from the then-Viceroyalty of South Chosun. In this much-anticipated retrial, the Court found the scion guilty of bribing several officials to win government support for a 2015 merger between two Samsung affiliates. The deal helped strengthen his control over the country's largest business group.

The defendant, the vice-chairman of Samsung Electronics, heads one of the world's largest makers of computer chips and smartphones. Just last year, procurators separately indicted him on charges of stock price manipulation, breach of trust and auditing violations related to the 2015 merger. These criminal charges may not impede Samsung's advance on the corporate scene, however, as it comes off a robust business year, with its dual strength in parts and finished products enabling it to benefit from the economic recovery, and its heavy industry subsidiaries winning lucrative contracts from local authorities for economic projects within the Chosun SSR. Its semiconductor business also rebounded sharply after a sluggish business year, driven by robust demand for PCs and servers as security issues forced millions of people to stay and work at home. The company said earlier this month that its operating profit for the current quarter will likely rise by 26% from the same period a year earlier.

This also comes as the Federal Government begins to double down more on corporate entities across the country to ensure long-term financial health, by cutting down on the nation's overwork culture, ensuring tripartism in the labour market, market reforms, and now seeking harsher antitrust actions to ensure a competitive market.

The Federal Government has also tacitly pushed for a market upswing in the Chosun and Shencheng stock exchanges, as the Far Eastern Securities Journal said the A-share markets had the criteria and foundation for a healthy gain. Many planners say that the rally was needed to foster economic recovery, attract foreign investment and compete with other markets, as our Dear Leader invited dozens of company executives, investors and industry consortium leaders to the listing of COMAFE, following the debut of its Aircraft Industrial Park in Shencheng. The company surged on its stock debut, tripling its value in the midst of what could spin into a bull market as the company went public for the first time. Its shares surged as much as 128%, handing COMAFE a $281 billion USP market capitalisation on a day.

Domestic appetite for stocks has increased amid signs of a bull market with COMAFE going public, with the CCSPI and SSE indexes rising to a two-year high this week, and trading values surging to their highest in two years. A continued recovery in the national economy and optimism about further policy loosening is stoking the buying spree. However, Samsung's stocks dipped by 4% after news of the imprisonment hit headlines, while Chosun Aerospace Industries saw its trading values increase by 2%.

心の変化 - A Change of Heart - Part I

President Akiya was walking to the podium to make a speech that has been planned for months now. She was going to speak on the upcoming changes that occur in a little over a year. She began her speech with everyone on the grounds and on the television watching. Unbeknownst to everyone, a sniper sat 1,500 meters away, trained on the complex at which she was speaking. With the sniper rifle in hand, Taikan Koyanagi waited for his moment to become part of something larger than himself.

In the distance, the echoing of Komi's voice could be heard. Koyanagi was listening to her speak. He didn't want to do anything too early. The speech that President Komi was giving was planned to last at least fifteen minutes, to Koyanagi has enough time before he had to do his job. "Kono yo ni owara senakereba naranakatta no wa zan'nendesu." he said to himself. As he said that, he started loading the bullets into the rifle. "Ichi ni san, over and done." he said aiming his rifle after he finished loading the bullets. "Umaku ikeba, koreha fukusu no dangan o hitsuyo to shimasen." he said as he moved to look down the scope. He found himself looking at the top of the building at which she was speaking and started to aim downwards.

As he aimed downwards, his sights fell on a guard that was looking into the crowd. He watched the guard for a second as the guard looked up towards the buildings. The guard looked towards Koyanagi but shifted his gaze to other buildings and back to the crowds. Koyanagi felt a shiver down his spine. "Watashi wa kore o norikoeru hitsuyo ga arimasu." he whispered to himself. He shifted his aim around to find Komi and finally landed on her forehead. He watched as she spoke and pointed into the crowd. He waited as she was speaking.

"Issho ni, kono kuni no fashizumudearu yogore o uchi makashimasu!" said President Komi over the loudspeakers. Hearing this, Koyanagi aimed lower from her head to her chest. "Haji. Hyo Tezuka!" said Koyanagi. He took a deep breath as President Komi raised up her arms in an expression of her speech that he was giving. He gripped the trigger as he held his breath, and pulled.

The sound of the gun echoed, bouncing off the buildings. Screams could be heard from the complex in which she was speaking. Guards could be seen scrambling and running towards the podium. A guard moved the podium and President Komi could be seen lying there, a growing red spot on her white dress. She laid there, motionless. Koyanagi didn't know if she was truly dead or not, but that was not for him to worry about. He was hired to shoot Komi, not to promise a kill. He was hired to send a message and the message was sent.

He then quickly rose from his position and dismantled the gun back into the briefcase. He then put a suit on and walked out in a hurry, in an attempt to blend in with the crowd. He made it to the staircase and promptly went downwards to the bottom floor. Unknown to Koyanagi, a latch on the briefcase came undone. As he was hurrying to exit the building in an attempt to not look suspicious, he bumped into a security guard. That bump caused the other latch to give way which lead to the gun spilling out onto the floor. Koyanagi looked down at the gun. The guard did the same. The guard then quickly looked back at Koyanagi. Koyanagi dropped the case and started to run. The guard started chasing after him yelling "Yameru!"

Koyanagi once again bumped into a security guard, but this time fell to the ground. The guard that initially was chasing him caught up and pointed a gun at him. "Keisatsu o yobu!" said the first guard to the second. In seeing the gun, the first guard, Miyazaki Yakumo, knew exactly what was going on.

Yakumo pieced together the loud boom and what he saw on the television once he was the gun fall out of the case in various pieces. "Kuso yaro!" he sneered. Koyanagi laid on the ground with his hands raised as Yakumo pointed his gun at him. The other guard, Kazushige Waki, laid the phone down and then nodded at Yakumo. The only unknown at the moment was the condition of Komi.

  • Kono yo ni owara senakereba naranakatta no wa zan'nendesu. - A shame that is had to end this way.

  • Ichi ni san - One two three

  • Umaku ikeba, koreha fukusu no dangan o hitsuyo to shimasen. - Hopefully this won't take more than one bullet.

  • Watashi wa kore o norikoeru hitsuyo ga arimasu. - I need to get this over with.

  • Issho ni, kono kuni no fashizumudearu yogore o uchi makashimasu! - Together, we will vanquish the stain that his fascism in this nation!

  • Haji. Hyo Tezuka! - Shame. Hail, Tezuka!

  • Yameru! - Stop!

  • Keisatsu o yobu! - Call the police!

  • Kuso yaro! - Bastard!

Office of the Archon
A statement regarding Prime Minister Komi of Japan (Vashnal)

“We are deeply saddened by the atrocity that occurred in Japan today on Prime Minister Komi. While we do not know her current condition, she is in our thoughts and we hope for the best for Japan and it’s people.

We ask that peace be given a chance during this tumultuous time, and that Takeshi Tezuka and the Japanese Purity Party be given a chance to help in those efforts to bring together Japan and its people. All political parties in Japan must work on unification and build towards a spirit of the people that they can rally behind. I hope for the best for Japan.”

Tumolia wrote:Office of the Crowning Committee.
To: The head of state of Eulumia

To all Heads of State ,

It is the intention of King Timulon III and Crown Princess Kathelion to invite you all to the Crowning of Crown Princess Kathelion to be the new Queen of Tumolia.
The ceremony will take place at the Kathelio cathedral on the 20th of January.
As by the royal protocol rule of 1982 it is the wish of the monarch that no ruling monarchs attend the ceremony and instead a royal delegation be sent.
Ruling non-royal heads of state are free to attend.

Udel Matthews,
Chair of the Crowing Committee

To: Crowning Committee of Tumolia
From: The Office of the Grand Chancellor of Eulumia
Re: Princess Kathelion's Coronation

Chairman Udel Matthews,

The Grand Chancellor of Eulumia is most pleased to hear of this cordial invitation and offers her sincerest congratulations to Princess Kathelion of Tumolia. The Grand Chancellor herself with an accompanying delegation are scheduled to depart Jakarta immediately, en route for Kathelio; the arrival time is predicted to be around 21:35, January 19th local time. Jakarta trusts reasonable accommodations of security, an escort, and satisfactory residence will be provided by the most generous Tumolian hosts to ensure the safety of the Eulumian delegation. We here in Jakarta are grateful from Kathelio reaching out a hand of friendship by offering the Grand Chancellor to bear witness to the coronation of the next Tumolian Monarch. We look forwards to seeing you soon.

Warm regards.

Vasan Amedda
Vice Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Eulumia

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

YIMAN — Local authorities in the Ussuri SSR and Dongbei SSR have signed an MOU on the construction of the Trans-Ussuri Bridge Project, which would link the cities of Hulin and Yiman (伊曼) through a 9.3 km-long elevated highway. The bridge will span 1.4 km in length, and would greatly reduce travel times between both sides of the Amur and Ussuri.

Currently, there is one one road connection linking the Amur and Ussuri SSRs with the Dongbei SSR, which goes through the Ussuri-Chosun-Dongbei tripoint. It could take days and hundreds of kilometers to ford the river through the long (and only) way, save for aeroplane. This new crossing point will be beneficial for the trans-regional economy by reducing travel times, permitting goods from both peripheral SSRs to reach the heartland. With both governments agreeing to start construction in 6 months, the project will cost $1 billion USP and will be formally completed in 3 years.

The bridge, which will be made with segmental span-by-span construction, match cast box girders, pre-stressed concrete, and longitudinal post-tensioning tendons, it will be capable of hosting 4 lanes of traffic. Adding to the aesthetics are H-shaped columns which support the superstructure, coupled with contracts from local artists to paint the bridge with colourful graffiti works. The bridge then ends and is connected to pre-existing highway networks through an elevated highway.

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons has announced it will start offering poutine, salmon jerky, waffles, pancakes, French toast, biscuits and gravey, Saskatoon berry pie, apple pie, blueberry pie, coffeecake, and lobster rolls at its locations.

Tim Hortons has decided to build Tim Hortons in the following locations:

Illinois: 10 in Chicago, 2 in Springfield, 1 in Rockford, 2 in Peoria, 1 in Bloomington, 1 in Decatur, 1 in Marion, 1 in Quincy, 1 in Harrisburg, 1 in Effingham, 1 in Mt Vernon, 1 in Carbondale, 1 in Moline, 1 in Jacksonville, 1 in Danville, 1 in Mattoon, 1 in Marshall, 1 in Peru, 1 in Rochelle, 1 in Kankakee, 1 in Litchfield, 1 in Galesburg, and 1 in Champaign.

Wisconsin: 4 in Milwaukee, 2 in Kenosha, 2 in Greenbay, 1 in Appleton, 1 in Oshkosh WI, 3 in Madison, 1 in Sheboygan, 1 in Marinette, 1 in La Crosse, 1 in Tomah, 1 in Wausau, 1 in Eau Claire, 1 in Stevens Point, 1 in Manitowoc, 1 in Janesville, 1 in Fond du Lac, 1 in Racine, 1 in Ashland, 1 in Eau Claire, 1 in Menominee, 1 in Black River Falls, 1 in Coloma, 1 in Portage, 1 in and 1 in Wisconsin Dells.

Minnesota: 8 in Minneapolis, 3 in St Cloud, 4 in St Paul, 3 in Duluth, 2 in Bemidji, 1 in Rochester, 1 in Winona, 1 Austin, 1 in Spring Valley, 1 in Marshall, 1 in Alexandria, 1 in Fergus Falls, 1 in Willmar, 1 in Mankato, 1 in Red Wing, 1 in Thief River Falls, 1 in Warrod, 1 in Roseau, 1 in Spring Valley, 1 in St Charles, 1 in Owatonna, 1 in Faribault, 1 in Kasson, 1 in Albert Lea.

North Dakota: 2 in Fargo, 2 in Bismarck, 2 in Grand Forks, 1 in Valley City, 1 in Jamestown, 2 in Minot, 1 in Steele, 1 in Valley City, 1 in Dickinson, 1 in Beach, and 1 in Hillsboro

South Dakota: 2 in Sioux Falls, 1 in Mitchell, 1 in Chamberlain, 2 in Rapid City, 1 in Wall, 1 in Kadoka, 1 in Murdo, 1 in Vivian, 1 in Presho, 1 in Kennebec, 1 in Reliance, 1 in Kimball, 1 in Plankinton, 1 in Brookings, and 1 in Watertown.

Indiana: 6 in Indianapolis, 5 in South Bend, 4 in Elkhart, 5 in Fort Wayne, 2 in Lafayette, 2 in Kokomo, 4 in Jeffersonville Area, 2 in Auburn, 1 in Angola, 1 in Goshen, 1 in Huntington, 1 in Anderson, 2 in Muncie, 1 in Marion, 1 in Peru, 2 in Logansport, 2 in Caramel, 1 in Terre Haute, 1 in Columbus, 1 in Washington, 1 in Petersburg, 1 in Oakland Citt, 5 in Evansville, 1 in Scottsburg, 1 in Seymour, 1 in Greenburg, 1 in Shelbyville, 1 in New Castle, 1 in Richmond, 1 in Crown Point, 2 in Merrillville, 1 in Valparaiso, 1 in Michigan City, 1 in Oakland City, 2 in Bloomington, and 1 in Vincennes.

Massachusetts: 20 in Boston Area, 5 in Quincy, 1 in Plymouth, 5 in Braintree, 5 in Brockton, 1 in Chatham, 1 in Hyannis, 6 in New Bedford, 6 in Fall River, 6 in Worcester, 8 in Springfield, 3 in Pittsfield, 2 in Taunton, 3 in Lowell, 4 in Salem, 1 in Northampton, 1 in Greenfield, 2 in Fitchburg, 2 in Leominster, 1 in Gardner, 4 in Framingham, 1 in Webster, 1 in Sturbridge, 1 in Southbridge, 1 in Oxford, 1 in Athol, 1 in Deerfield, 1 in Greenfield, 1 in Lee, and 1 in Lenox.

Rhode Island: 13 in Providence, 2 in Newport, 4 in Warwick, 1 in Westerfly, 3 in Cranston, 5 in Pawtucket, 2 in Woonsocket, and 4 in Pawtucket

Connecticut: 8 in Hartford, 7 in New Haven, 6 in Bridgeport, 3 in Stamford, 2 in Danbury, 3 in Waterbury, 2 in Middleton, 2 in New Britain, 2 in Bristol, 4 in New London, 1 in Old Saybroom, 1 in Enfield, 2 in Torrington, 3 in Norwalk, 2 in Fairfield, 1 in Willimantic, 1 in Danielson, 1 in Putnam, 1 in Plainfield, and 2 in Norwich.

New Hampshire: 7 in Manchester, 4 in Nashua, 4 in Concord, 1 in Keene, 1 in Tilton, 1 in Laconia, 1 in Lebanon, and 1 in Londonderry.

Iowa: 5 in Davenport, 1 in Clinton, 2 in Dubuque, 4 in Iowa City, 5 in Cedar Rapids, 2 in Waterloo, 1 in Marshalltown, 1 in Newton, 6 in Des Moines, 1 in Burlington, 1 in Mt Pleasant, 1 in Ottumwa, 1 in Oskaloosa, 1 in Pella, 1 in Osceola, 1 in Avoca, 1 in Fort Dodge, 1 in Mason City, 1 in Dyersville, 1 in Decorah, 1 in Newton, 3 in Sioux City, and 1 in Ames.

Nebraska: 6 in Omaha, 3 in Lincoln, 1 in York, 1 in Columbus, 1 in Norfolk, 2 in Grand Island, 1 in Hastings, 2 in Kearney, 1 in Cozad, 1 in North Platte, 1 in Ogallala, 1 in Sidney, 1 in Kimball, 1 in Scottsbluff, 1 in Alliance, and 1 in Broken Bow

Colorado: 1 in Julesburg, 10 in Denver, 3 in Aspen, 1 in Sterling, 1 in Burlington, 1 in Limon, 1 in Seibert, 4 in Aurora, 3 in Fort Collins, 3 in Loveland, 2 in Greeley, 2 in Boulder, 6 in Colorado Springs, 1 in Brush, 3 in Pueblo, 3 in Grand Junction, 1 in Avon, 1 in Glenwood Springs, 1 in Breckenridge, and 1 in Keystone

Wyoming: 2 in Cheyenne, 2 in Casper, 1 in Wheatland, 1 in Douglas, 1 in Laramie, 1 in Rawlins, 1 in Jackson, 1 in Rocksprings, 1 in Evanston, 1 in Pine Bluffs, 1 in Buffalo, 1 in Gillette, 1 in Moorcroft, 1 in Sundance, 1 in Sheridan, 1 in Powell, 1 in Yellowstone, 1 in Cody, 1 in Greybull, and 1 in Pinedale.

Montana: 1 in Wilbaux, 1 in Glendive, 1 in Fairview, 1 in Sidney, 1 in Miles City, 1 in Forsyth, 1 in Crow Agency, 3 in Billings, 1 in Columbus, 1 in Big Timber, 1 in Livingston, 2 in Bozeman, 1 in Three Forks, 1 in Butte, 1 in Helena, 1 in Dillon, 1 in Great Falls, 1 in Shelby, 1 in Conrad, 1 in Harve, 1 in Malta, 1 in Wolf Point, 1 in Glasgow, 1 in Browning, 1 in Sweetgrass, 1 in Missoula, 1 in Deer Lodge, 1 in Kalispell, 1 in Eureka, 1 in St Regis, 1 in Pinehurst, and 1 in Bonners Ferry.

Idaho: 2 in Twin Falls, 3 in Boise, 1 in Pocatello, 1 in Idaho Falls, 1 in Nampa, 1 in Caldwell, 1 in Cascade, 1 in Stanley, 1 in Ketchum, 1 in Salmon, 1 Burley, 1 in Malad City, 1 in Coeur d’Alene, 1 in Kellogg, and 1 in Mountain Home.

Washington: 16 in Seattle, 9 in Tacoma, 6 in Olympia, 6 in Spokane, 2 in Everett, 1 in Burlington, 1 in Wenatchee, 1 in Ellensburg, 2 in Richland, 2 in Kennewick, 3 in Yakima, 1 in Ritzville, 1 in Moses Lake, 1 in Chehalis, 1 in Centralia, 2 in Longview, 2 in Castle Rock, 1 in Port Angeles, 1 in Shelton, 2 in Bremerton, 1 in Aberdeen, 1 in Elma, and 1 in Connell.

Oregon: 9 in Portland, 5 in Salem, 4 in Eugene, 1 in Astoria, 2 in Medford, 1 in Grants Pass, 1 in Rosebrug, 1 in Klamath Falls, 2 in Bend, 1 in Baker City, 1 in Ontario, 1 in La Grande, 1 in Hermiston, 1 in Pendleton, 1 in Arlington, 1 in The Dalles, 1 in Hood River, 1 in Albany, and 1 in Coos Bay.

California: 4 in Redding, 1 in Weed, 1 in Yreka, 1 in Crescent City, 1 in Eureka, 1 in Red Bluff, 1 in Chico, 1 in Yuba City, 10 in Sacramento, 14 in San Fransisco, 2 in Concord, 15 in San Jose, 2 in Stockton, 2 in Modesto, 2 in Elk Grove, 1 in Grass Valley, 1 in Willows, and 1 in Vacaville.

Neveda: 7 in Reno, 6 in Carson City, 1 in Winnemucca, 1 in Lovelock, and 2 in Elko.

Utah: 6 in Salt Lake City, 1 in Logan, 1 in Tremonton, and 3 in Ogden

Missouri: 6 in St Louis, 4 in Jefferson, 2 in Columbia, 2 in Springfield, 1 in Rolla, 10 in Kansas City, 1 in Joplin, 1 in Bethany, 3 in St Joseph, 1 in Eaglesville, 1 in Trenton, 1 in Kirksville, 3 in Wentzville, 1 in Fulton, 1 in Cape Girardeau, 1 in Sikeston, 1 in Perryville, 1 in Park Hills, 1 in Poplar Bluff, 1 in Eminence, 1 in West Plains, 1 in Doniphan, 2 in Branson, 1 in Ava, 1 in Sedalia, and 1 in Warrensburg.

Tim Hortons has decided to build a test locations in Miami, Houston, New Orleans, San Diego, Phoenix, and San Juan.

Disneyland announces construction of new theme parks

Disneyland has announced it will build two Disneyland’s in the following locations: Toronto and Calgary.

心の変化 - A Change of Heart - Part II

A faint beeping could be heard. The room seemed pitch black and there was a pounding noise, but nothing seemed to be making it. President Komi slowly opened her eyes, wincing at the brightness of the light shining down on her. She couldn't move her head without her headache getting worse. She looked around the area of the room that she could see and she caught the sight of Presidential Aide Saori Kurata. Kurata was speaking with a guard, but her sentence was cut short. She quickly ran over to the bedside of Komi. "Madam President!" she said in a surprised tone.

Komi blinked a few times in an attempt to focus on Kurata. "What happened to me?" asked Komi in a faint voice. "You were shot by a sniper during your speech at the National Complex. You've been unresponsive for three days." answered Kurata. Komi looked at Kurata with a face of disbelief. It wasn't the fact that she was shot from a sniper, she could look down her body and see where surgery was done. It was the fact that she's been unconcious for three days. She attempted to sit up, but was quickly pushed back down by a jarring pain shooting throughout her body. "Three days?" she asked in a faint, but confused tone. The guard that was speaking to Kurata, Masazumi Nakasone, spoke up. "Yes, ma'am. Three days." he said. Komi looked at the ceiling trying to think what happened.

It took a moment, but she remembered speaking and raising her arms. She couldn't recall what she was speaking about, but she could recall that her tone was becoming more ecstatic. She then remembers hearing a loud boom and then feeling a shooting pain in her chest. She also remembers falling down and hitting her head. Everything after that doesn't exist in her memory. She at least now knew why her head hurt so much, even after a few days.

"The surgery, how did it go?" she asked Kurata. Kurata looked towards Nakasone. Nakasone nodded. "The bullet went straight through you. It went through your heart. The doctors had to remove it and had to do a heart transplant. We weren't sure if you'd make it or not." said Kurata, looking downwards as she spoke. Komi looked at her and then looked up towards the ceiling again. "Nakasone, do you know who did this?" asked Komi. "Y-yes ma'am. We caught a man walking out of a tower moments after you were shot. Taikan Koyanagi was the man who shot you. We don't know much, but he keeps talking about Takeshi Tezuka." he noted. Komi gave a slight nod. "I should've known that snake wasn't going to let everything go so smoothly." said Komi in an angered tone.

Kurata looked at Nakasone and then back at Komi. "Ma'am?" she asked. Komi looked at Kurata and slowly turned her head towards her. "Takeshi Tezuka is a man who would do everything to get power in this nation. I know his plan. If he can win the parliamentary elections that are coming in a year or so, and his party can win a majority of the seats, they may enact emergency protocols that would allow Tezuka to be the sole leader of the nation. It would turn Japan into a fascist autocracy. He attempted to take Tokyo with that kind of rhetoric, but I beat him to it and became the mayor. I just didn't know he'd stoop so low." she said, looking past Kurata. Nakasone stepped closer and moved Kurata away for the moment. "Do you want us to hunt down Tezuka and arrest him?" he asked. Komi lightly shook her head. "No. That would be too suspicious. If we arrest him now without sufficient evidence, it would look like a political move. While some people may believe the connection is there, others may not. We cannot risk that. Do you have a confession from Koyanagi?" she asked.

Nakasone shook his head. "Then we have to wait. What's my expected recovery time?" asked Komi. "You'll be able to leave back to the National Complex in two months, but they don't expect you to be fully recovered until five months from now." explained Kurata. Komi nodded knowing that for the next two months, she'd be leading behind the face of her Vice President, Yasuhiro Shibuya. Komi raised her arm slightly and motioned for Nakasone to get closer. "You find the evidence you need to tie this to Tezuka and then we will hunt that bastard down. They messed up by not killing me when they had the chance. There will be no fascism in Japan once I'm recovered." she said. "None of this leaves this room. Find me the connection and find Tezuka." she continued, talking to both Nakasone and Kurata. Kurata and Nakasone bowed and left the room, leaving Komi in there alone for the time being. She closed her eyes tight and a tear ran down her right cheek. At that moment, Komi was set on what had to happen next.


Encrypted - to all Yihetuan unit commanders

    Undoubtedly, many will have heard that the PDF has brutally murdered our senior commander, Brigadier Chao Kungong. Martyred in the cause of defending our land's purity and nationalism, I shall assume absolute command over our movement, and lead us to success.

    Temporary losses notwithstanding, the Fists of Harmony and Justice will ultimately prevail, and thus any breakdown in allegiance to our ideology was not to be tolerated. This final victory, due to the superiority of our race, is inevitable. Kill the foreigners! Slaughter the followers of the foreign devils! Support the Qing, destroy the foreigners! Operation Crowning Glory will be the turning of the tide - it will be when we take back our country from the foreign devils!

    Our attacks shall be swift - retribution harsh. All units will abandon their posts. They shall blend into the cities. We shall retain lines of communication. In the name of the Movement, I shall mount a last stand with 500 of my closest, while the remaining 10,000 shall melt away to the countryside. Once we have infiltrated the cities, and once their military inevitably 'crushes' our martyrs in Gangnan, our infiltrator cells shall attack to kill. The heathens shall burn, and we shall succeed. Sabotage their trains, burn their trees, kill the enemy, and purge our country of the foreign devils!

    Long live our final victory!

- Holy Mother of the Yellow Lotus

Tim Hortons opens new locations
Tim Hortons has announced it will open 2 test locations. One in Shuntian and one in Kum City.

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

HAISHANWEI — In an inspection tour across the country's industrial facilities, Grand Marshal of the Revolution Kum Jing-In has announced a series of initiatives to further bolster the general health and welfare of the people, in line with the revolutionary spirit of our times.

One initiative includes a sugar tax, implemented on all drinks to crack down on high sugar levels in drinks. Companies are now taxed according to the sugar content of their goods. The American Heart Association's recommendations for sugar intake have a maximum consumption of 36 grams of added sugar per day, while a standard can of Coca Cola (12oz, 350mL) contains 39 grams of sugar, which is over the maximum consumption by a significant amount. Under the new tax:

  • Drinks with >10 grams of sugar for every 350mL will receive a value-added tax of 50%;

  • Drinks with >20 grams of sugar for every 350mL will receive a value-added tax of 100%;

  • and Drinks with >30 grams of sugar for every 350mL will receive a value-added tax of 200%.

Revenues from the taxes will be used to sponsor other public health programmes, including the subsidy of drug or smoking rehabilitation costs.

Early childhood development has been on the agenda lately, as top leadership acknowledges the importance of early childhood development as a key period for brain development. The authorities have said it would invest more into the nation's young population, who are "masters of the nation" who will "seize control of the future and better the nation dramatically". During the early years of life, a child’s brain develops rapidly and can be impacted depending on their experiences. Positive experiences like good nutrition, stimulation and a safe environment, help the development of a child’s brain. The Ministry of Education has highlighted the need for nutrition, health, learning, play, and child protection within the first five years of life to nurture and care for the nation's young. It has also called on the family unit, which has traditionally been a mainstay of East Asian culture, to play a supporting role in childcare, saying that families should be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to create stimulating, caring and safe home environments for the young, sharing responsibility for childcare alongside state service providers.

The Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health have collaborated to ensure that these tasks are carried out to the people's satisfaction and health. This includes a $15 billion USP plan to guarantee pre-natal health by ensuring that doctors can visit pregnant mothers at their homes on a weekly basis. Paid maternity leave has also been introduced, the costs of which are shared between the State and the employer on a 50-50 basis, up until the child’s first birthday. This period of time allows parents to care for their child in a healthy and friendly environment. During this period of time, joint educational activities with parents, organised once a month to train families to stimulate their children’s development in the home, will also occur as educators engage in home visits.

Over a period of 5 years, the Supreme Soviet will disburse $17 billion USD into the carrying out a plan for early childhood education, which will be entirely funded by the State through the Federal budget. Early childhood education is not compulsory, but it will remain free for all, high-quality in nature, and available to all children between zero and six years, either through an institutional or the non-institutional model. The institutional model includes a network of daycare centers across the country, staffed by educators and teaching assistants who have staggered work-times to care for children from 6am to 7pm. In these facilities, spaces and furniture are adapted to be safe for children, and all sanitary hygiene requirements are met strictly. Furthermore, children between the ages of five and six can attend preschool in designated classrooms, either in community centers, local schools, or daycare centres, where they will receive the first steps of formal education by qualified professionals. In these educational curricula, the young participate in activities that stimulate their development and learning, including socio-emotional development, physical education, knowledge of the world, numeracy, language, artistic expression, and play. The Ministry of Education has sought to directly handle all aspects of early childhood development, rather than subordinate it to a separate agency, showing the gravity of the matter by our Dear Leader's appreciation of its seriousness.

Meanwhile, the PDFGF has acquired 1,000 M1A1 Abrams MBTs from Imperial Eagle for $100 million USD. The 1,000 tanks will be placed in storage at the PDFARG, where they will be scrapped and recycled. A number of tanks will be kept in service for training purposes, while others will be studied for academic and research purposes.

The 4th royal germanic reich

The Hellenes League wrote:Ministry of Foreign Affairs

At the direction of Archon Pericles Legeas, we have submitted to the Hellenic Parliament a list of new ambassadors to represent The Hellenic League at various European nations.

The list is as follows:
Donau-Bundesreich: Dr. Rea Lazili
Labyrnna Alexis Nicolea
Badeuria Dimos Lamprelis
The 4th royal germanic reich: Aristoteles Christiades
Orange-Bourgogne: Haris Antonias
Romanovskaya: Katerina Gerotzi
CCCP-: Melina Georgeli
Krogis: Phoibe Panagili
Holy Roman Republica: Kassandra Lazopoulou

We seek to begin a new era of relations with our neighbors in Europe, and to look towards the future with eyes focused on peace.

German Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Aristoteles Christiades from The Hellenes League will be accepted with open arms to the Reich. An embassy will be built in Hannover to accompany your ambassador. I hope we can strengthen relations between our nations. Id also like to place an ambassador to represent Germany in your nation, he will be Elias Lauterbach.

Thank you, Cäsar Krämer Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Hellenes League wrote:Ministry of Foreign Affairs

At the direction of Archon Pericles Legeas, we have submitted to the Hellenic Parliament a list of new ambassadors to represent The Hellenic League at various European nations.

The list is as follows:
Romanovskaya: Katerina Gerotzi


Under the instruction of Minister Viktor Volkov, the Government of the Principality of Romanovskaya have decided to accept the appointment of Katerina Gerotzi as Ambassador from The Hellenes League. Minister Volkov will liaise with the Office of the Sovereign to arrange a date for Ambassador Gerotzi to present her credentials to H.S.H. Princess Zephyrine.

As we open a new chapter in Hellenic-Romanovan relations, we see fit to send an Ambassador to the Hellenes League to represent Romanovskaya on a permanent basis. After careful consideration, the Minister has appointed Mrs. Irina Saprykina to be the Romanovan Ambassador to the Hellenes League. We hope Mrs. Saprykina will be positively received.

The Hellenes League wrote:Ministry of Foreign Affairs

At the direction of Archon Pericles Legeas, we have submitted to the Hellenic Parliament a list of new ambassadors to represent The Hellenic League at various European nations.

The list is as follows:
Donau-Bundesreich: Dr. Rea Lazili
Labyrnna Alexis Nicolea
Badeuria Dimos Lamprelis
The 4th royal germanic reich: Aristoteles Christiades
Orange-Bourgogne: Haris Antonias
Romanovskaya: Katerina Gerotzi
CCCP-: Melina Georgeli
Krogis: Phoibe Panagili
Holy Roman Republica: Kassandra Lazopoulou

We seek to begin a new era of relations with our neighbors in Europe, and to look towards the future with eyes focused on peace.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The confederacy has embraced this offer with open arms, and will in return send Luca Van Houten to represent Badeuria.

Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics wrote:Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Aozhou, Orange-Bourgogne, Vashnal, Eulumia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the FEUSSR cordially invites trade representatives from the four aforementioned states to a secure online meeting regarding the future of trade in the Asia-Pacific region.

This proposed project would construct a longstanding commercial link between our respective nations, with the hopes of encouraging policies that establish trade, investment and other economic links. The economic benefits of increased connectivity are closely intertwined with geopolitical gains, as all nations stand to benefit from both aspects. The lack of connectivity between our nations is what limits trade, and by proxy, continued economic productivity and market competitiveness.

As such, the MFA proposes the APCEP, or the Asia-Pacific Closer Economic Pact, to remedy any shortcomings in our economic connections. The APCEP would cover areas such as multilateral trade in goods, trade in services, investment, economic and technical cooperation, intellectual property, competition, dispute settlement, e-commerce, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and other issues. The FEUSSR proposes, as part of the APCEP:

  • The formation of an Asia-Pacific Commercial Disputes Commission, staffed by judges and jurists from all 5 countries in equal proportion, that would oversee, mediate, and try any trade, investment, or commercial disputes between the 5 countries;

  • A common competition policy to ensure market stability;

  • Free movement of citizens of 1 of the 5 countries to the other, with permission for citizens of the 5 countries to reside and work in the other 4 countries with some restrictions;

  • Common export and import certifications to cut down on bureaucratic red tape, and permit grassroots exporters/importers to do business with relative ease and compete fairly;

  • Uniform postal protocols to encourage multilateral communications;

    Do note that all proposals are tentative and subject to amendment via negotiation.

    The MFA awaits your reply.

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, with permission from the Office of the President of Japan, agree to the aforementioned agreement in its entirety.

            ~~ Советские железные дороги (СЖД) ~~

    Soviet Railways: Moscow-Leningrad Rail Line

    Moscow — The country's railway company, Soviet Railways, has announced the construction of an important infrastructure project between the two largest cities of the Soviet Union. The Moscow-Leningrad Rail Line is a 656.6 Km (408 miles) double track that will connect Leningrad to Moscow and their respective industrial centers. The line is expected to have 4 stations, which will include a cargo and passenger sections on each, to allow for the transport of goods at one substation and the movement of people at the other, different substation.

    In addition to the double track, the 408-mile route will include full electrification and the construction of various service stops along the way to allow for the efficient maintenance of trains and the tracks themselves. In general, this project will create a line that is modern and equipped with the latest technology available in the world today. This lane will not necessarily replace existing lanes between the two cities but it will complement the existing infrastructure. As a result, greater capacity and reliability can be achieved. Wherever necessary, the line will increase from the 2 tracks to 3, 4 or however many are necessary to accommodate traffic. This is expected to happen near and at stations.

    The Moscow-Leningrad Rail Line is expected to cost USD$2.45 billion and take 2 years to complete. The corporation has announced that investors and technical expertise from the United States (Imperial Eagle) will participate in the project. The American side will finance the project with around USD$1.1025 billion for a stake of 45%. The technical expertise will help Soviet Railways in the planning and the construction techniques of the project. The corporation will operate the line with a for-profit nature and the American side will be entitles to profits equivalent to their stake in the project.


    The Canadian Federal Government has decided to legalize gambling. Gambling can be online or at casinos licensed by the state or federal government. Gambling can’t be done within 3,000 feet of a school and the maximum amount of money a casino/online can give is 1 billion dollars including taxes to one person each day. Here are the federal taxes for gambling earnings:
    1.00$ to 100$: 10%
    101$ to 1,000$: 20%
    1,001 to 10,000$: 25%
    10,001 to 50,000$: 30%
    50,001 to 250,000$: 35%
    250,000 to 3 million: 37%
    3.01 million to 1 billion: 45%

    The Canadian Government has also introduced a tax on soft drinks. The tax is 90 cents for 2 liters and above and 47 cents for anything below 2 liters. It’s excepted to bring in a revenue of 5 billion to 8 billion USD per year. The tax is introduced to help combat obesity.


    萬國公報: A Review of the Times
    .....Jan 2021 - Issue No. 1,836..reeeeeeeeeeeeejhdfkshfjkdshkfdhkfhskfhkhewiufhjkdshkjfeeeeeeeeeeeee...Founded by Rev Young J. Allen, Est. 1868
    Brought to you by the People's Media Agency

    Watching the Supreme Soviet: New Policies Everyone Should Look Out For
    By meatlickercitizen9

    KUM-SOK CITY – The Supreme Soviet's convocation session continues in Shuntian, being the highest decision making body to determine national policy. In the Leninist democratic centralism principle, decisions come top down — they are made by the higher body and endorsed by the lower and sent back up. Here are some policies that the people of the FEUSSR need to look out for in the coming months.


      The passing of the Ice Act by the Supreme Soviet officially marks the first time the FEUSSR will intervene on financial grounds against a sovereign nation, as the nation readies its financial arsenal to attack drug-related crimes.

      Foreign attempts at smuggling narcotics into and out of the FEUSSR and the former Qing is not an uncommon sight these days, which has led to the Ministry of Narcotics Protection releasing a comprehensive plan on combating illegal flows of people and narcotics into the country. The plan, which was presented to both houses of legislation, include the provisions of the Ice Act, along with several extra details which are expected to hamper the illegal flow of people. These include risk management plans, such as the funding of 500 rehabilitation facilities nationwide, and anti-drug use education from an early age for children - as well as reactive measures, including the death penalty for all drug smugglers, and government-mandated rehabilitation and therapy for drug users. Police have also been empowered to "raid, destroy, and kill" people and properties who distribute or manufacture illegal narcotics within the nation. The MNP has said that it plans a "comprehensive set of operations" aimed at crippling the capabilities of organised crime within the country, which has seen a green light by the PDF and the police.

      Individuals and businesses who pose a threat to the state's anti-narcotics measures and security will also be targeted in the bill. The entities involved may include various decriminalisation advocacy groups, law enforcement departments, and politicians supporting decriminalisation. The rifle barrel of the Ice Act has fallen on -Greater Canada-, whose Supreme Court has ruled that her Federal Laws upholding a ban on marijuana are unconstitutional. Consequently, the Ice Act has been invoked, targeting members of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition. These include the following entities: AIDS Vancouver Island, AIDS Coalition of Cape Breton, Avenue B Harm Reduction, Alliance for Healthier Communities in Ontario, L’Association Québécoise pour la promotion de la santé des personnes utilisatrices de drogues, AIDS New Brunswick, AIDS Committee of Newfoundland and Labrador, ANKORS – AIDS Network Kootenay Outreach and Support Society, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Boyle Street Community Services, Blood Ties, Chrysalis Society, Cool Aid Society, CACTUS Montréal, Canadian Treatment Action Council, Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Canadian Association of Nurses in HIV/AIDS Care, Canadian AIDS Society, Canadian Unitarians For Social Justice, the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, Turning Point Society of Central Alberta, Canadian Cancer Survivor Network, Direction 180, Dixon Hall Neighbourhood Services, Élixir, Educators for Sensible Drug Policy, Families for Addition Recovery, Federation of Community Social Services of BC, From Grief to Action, Grip Montréal, Groupe Harmonie, À Deux Mains, Health Providers Against Poverty, Harm Reduction Nurses Association, L’Association des intervenants en dépendance du Québec (AIDQ), Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (Canada), Living Positive Resource Centre, MAPS Canada, Moms Stop the Harm, mumsDU – Moms United and Mandated to Saving the Lives of Drug Users, Ontario Harm Reduction Network, Prairie Harm Reduction, Pacific Hepatitis C Network, Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre, PASAN, Peterborough Drug Strategy, Pivot Legal Society, Regional HIV/AIDS Connection, Streetworks, Street Saviors Outreach Society, Shelter House Thunder Bay, Spectre de rue, Sandy Hill CHC, Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, Watari Counselling & Support Services Society, and YouthCO HIV & Hep C Society. Such groups are forbidden from carrying out any business transactions with FEUSSR nationals, forbidden from entering FEUSSR territory, forbidden from boarding a FEUSSR transit vehicle, and furthermore can be imprisoned by MNP authorities for "promoting dangerous drugs for societal use".

      The MNP has also said it would not rule out sanctioning over 5,000 businesses across the province of British Columbia, including the Vancouver City Government, which has taken steps to actualise the decriminalisation of various narcotics.


      With the growing significance of digital commerce in the national economy, the Supreme Soviet has released new taxes on digital payments and transactions, aimed at filling government coffers for the public interest. The digital economy has expanded much faster than the rest of the economy over the past decade, making it a prime target for taxation. Securities regulators have previously said that the Federal Government should consider imposing a digital tax on tech companies to enable citizen-users to share the benefits they helped create for the internet platforms they use.

      Under the current tax system built for the traditional economy, tax is collected based on business operations. However, as a digital economy requires remote transactions online, it's easier for criminals to underpay or evade taxes. If the tax burden of digital-economy businesses is significantly lower than that of businesses in other industries, it compromises the principle of tax neutrality and brings negative consequences for economic integrity. This means that more developed regions of the country, which tend to make use of digital commerce, would be taxed less heavily than more underdeveloped regions which deal with traditional transanctions, aggravating imbalances among regions.

      The Supreme Soviet has tackled this issue by enacting a 1% levy on each transaction. Every time a transaction occurs online, a 1% flat rate is charged, which is directly wired to the government's coffers. In this first approach, the government stands to make an additional $10.59 billion in revenues per annum without having to worry about tax evasion, as the transaction itself is taxed instead of the business. The second approach to increase digital tax revenue would be to strengthen tax collection and management for digital economy businesses, as lost revenues primarily stems from insufficient coverage of tax collection and management for small businesses on these platforms, like online merchants. Now, the Supreme Soviet has issued a decree, ordering that "e-commerce operators shall fulfil their tax obligations and enjoy tax benefits in accordance with the law", which formally lays a legal foundation for e-commerce groups and merchants to be indicted should they fail to pay up their taxes.


      The Supreme Soviet has outlined its definitions of monopoly among third-party online payments for the first time, as it moves ahead with a plan to curb the market concentration in the world’s largest fintech market.
      Any nonbank service provider with 50% of the market share for online transactions, or two entities with a combined two-thirds share, could be subject to antitrust investigations. Three providers with three-quarters of the market would also set off the antitrust alarm. On the other hand, nonbank service providers with less than 10% market share will be excluded from antitrust probes by regulators.

      According to the Minister of Economic Development, "it is impossible for payment services to escape from this new regulatory environment. There are no giants or businesses that cannot be carved up, and no company can be a monopoly forever. We will not fall into the corporatist hole - markets must remain fair and equitable for all players.”

      The Supreme Soviet has allowed the Central Bank or the Republican Censors to flag any monopolistic or anticompetitive behaviour that breaches the principles of security, efficiency, credibility or fairness for rectification. These actions may include the suspensions of service, a veto of merger plans that produce monopolies, or a government-sanctioned breakup of the company. These regulations are aimed to encourage openness and competition in the markets. The new regulation also empowers Censors to conduct on-site inspections to payment service institutions.

    Real estate development continues across the FEUSSR as conflict winds down.


    SHENCHENG– Corporate defaults in the Liangjiang and Zhili SSR may set a record this year, when a trio of the Far Eastern Central Bank's debt limits kick in this month, cutting down on the ability for borrowers to use loans for debt repayment.

    It is estimated that around 20% of the country's biggest real estate developers including Sunac or Greenland Holdings will be barred from borrowing any more money from banks as a result of breaching the three red lines. These include liability-to-asset ratio excluding advanced receipts at 70%, a net debt-to-equity ratio at 100%; and cash to short-term debt ratio at 1 time, as outlined by the Ministry of Revenues during a financial symposium. If a developer crosses all three red lines, its total debt level would not be allowed to increase any more, meaning that developers cannot borrow more from banks or other financial institutions unless their existing debts are paid, or if its overall leverage improves.

    The Federal government, presiding over an economy in need of recovery, is cautiously keeping its eyes on debt to avoid a systemic risk to banks. Regulators are also anxious to avoid runaway debt from setting off the kind of global financial crisis that followed the US subprime loans defaults in 2008. At this point, cutting off the financial lifelines of borrowers could drive many debt issuers into defaults at a time of low consumer demand and uncertain job prospects amid an economic recovery that is just starting to be realized.

    A benefit for the debt cap could be to force property prices to drop, as developers could use discounts to attract buyers and generate cash to repay their debt. The nation's home prices have jumped nearly fivefold over the past two decades, making Shencheng and Shuntian more expensive than Los Angeles, Paris, New York and London. Many argue that this new policy could even be positive from an investment perspective in the long run, as the real estate sector will be less volatile going forward, and that permits for more confidence when it comes to purchasing stocks, bonds, and investments.


    An armoured convoy of K2 Panther MBTs in the Chosun Liberation Army.

    HAISHANWEI – In his first order to the PDF, Beloved Leader Kum Jing-In stressed the need for “full-time combat readiness”, and said the PDF must be ready for war "at all times" to safeguard national sovereignty and security.

    He said this as he presided over several military debriefings and training exercises. The PDF is expected to integrate itself with more high-tech technologies in its exercises and in combat, while moving to keep up with the latest developments in military technology. These include the use of computer simulations and online combat in drills, as well as the exploration of more opportunities to use newer digital systems in training. Brigadier General Chae Kum-sok said that "the PDF must increase the integration of new equipment, new forces and new combat realms into training and combat systems if we are to have a fighting chance on the world stage."

    The PDF also stepped up exercises and air force fly-by operations near the Sea of Japan, as its navy enters into a series of drills near the Tsushima Strait. “Our nation is indeed facing a great risk of war, and losers are the ones who get caught with their pants down." The Grand Marshal has also emphasised joint operations in combat, mentioning how the latest tests during the Red Revolution and the Counter-revolutionary War proved the PDF's abilities to fight together.

    The aforementioned exercises, named Exercise Gold Sword, focuses on cooperation between military branches and on the detection, tracking, and engagement of units at sea, in the air, and on land in response to a wide range of missions. Air operations included thousands of sorties as well as in-air refuelings and parachute deployments. Aircraft from Valiant Shield deployed on missions ranging from the Chosun Peninsula to the Nanqian Islands. The exercise involved 22,000 personnel, 280 aircraft, and 30 ships, including 3 carrier strike groups (CSG-1, 2, and 4).

      "All realms of the economy, education, defence, and culture must be developed from the Mogpyo-Juche-oriented strand of ideas, and we will never tolerate foreign ways, foreign fashions, and foreign ideas in the slightest. The minute we give into a foreign idea is the minute we reconcile with the notion of reliance on a foreign way. This stands in contradiction with the notion of revolutionary independence, and must be rectified. Our people have a bright, promising future ahead, but that can only be achieved if we are developing on the basis of independence, self-sufficiency and self-reliant defence, with the Union and the people achieving solid unity."

      ~Supreme Leader Kum Jing-In

    Read dispatch

    The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

    KUM-SOK — The Downfall of the Treacherous Cults

      The Internal Troops, public security organs, and PDF have arrested over 50,000 members from the Shincheonji, T'ongilgyo, the World Mission Society Church of God, the Victory Altar, and Eastern Lightning cults, as the Beloved Leader's campaign against evil counter-revolutionary cults ramps up in scale and intensity. Under the rule of our Supreme Leader Kum Jing-In, no cultist shall be allowed to terrorise the good people of East Asia with their fringe beliefs, many of which ask for total devotion and subservience to a false messiah, with the purpose of upturning pre-existing religious orders, and disrupting the social order of the nation.

      I met with members from the Ministry of Prisons, and they have told me that they plan to construct 20 detention facilities in the Sin-e Barɣu Baraɣun qosiɣu, with the purpose of hosting the 3 million or so members of these cults. The desolate wasteland, located on the edge of the unforgiving desert, is what the people gift to these traitors when they sell their souls and minds to the foreign reactionaries! No foreign man, woman, or child shall tell us what to believe! The only Gods are the ones who have stayed with us for thousands of years!

      Rise, my comrades, and rise in the millions! Rally around our Leader Kum Jing-In, rally around his government! He sees the way forward, and we must follow him faithfully. There is no room for betrayers, no room for objectors, no room for the cowards. Forward!

      I call on you, the humble citizen, to take up your arms! Your guns, your cleavers, your cudgels, and organise! Organise yourself into the Sentinels of Kumjingilism - the National Sentinels, I shall call it. Our people's militia will be strong enough to ride any counter-revolutionary wave. Our Great Leader, the PDF, and the Internal Troops are beset by hesitant traitors on all sides. We must help him! March to the squares, arrest the cultists as citizens, and execute them for the world to see!

      There is no room in our future for the corrupted!

      There is no room for the evil!

      There will never be room for the enemy of the people!

    - Editorial, contributed by Huang Duzhen

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